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Ok, I'm... a little scared to ask because this fandom has a habit of making everything terrible/sad but... How does Goth manage to stay pretty cheery and seems to be such an adorable little cinnamon roll when his parents are both depressive downers who want to die???


It’s mainly because Goth spends most of his childhood with Reaper!Papyrus, not just for a VISIT- but for STAYING– #his parents mostly busy with their own things.

Plus even Geno & Reaper could hide their desspressive mood when their son is around, that’s just what most parents do ;w; even when these 2 aren’t actually an ideal one lol

Goth pretty much live a happy childhood- Only got traumatized once by reaper!Charaa– yeapp.. he’s even cool with his underfeller uncle.. so he’s good-

Diana Cavendish’s (genuine) smiling post

Times Diana has smiled (genuinely, not the mean/taunting smiles like in the first OVA) at her present age (not as a cute little baby at Chariot’s performances) that DO NOT involve Akko:

Episode 2, while trying to save the Memorial Tree. (That’s two screenshots, but one instance.)

This tiny little accomplished smile she does when dismounting her broom after breaking a speed record in episode 3.

Times Diana has smiled (genuinely) that DO involve Akko:

End of the 2nd OVA, only after she sees that Akko is safe.

End of episode 3, while acknowledging and praising Akko’s passion.

So far, these are the only times Diana has genuinely smiled at her present age.

As you can see, 2 times have been due to her own accomplishments. 2 times have been because of Akko.

Put another way, 50% of Diana Cavendish’s smiles thus far are directly and solely linked to Akko. 

Hnnnnn- ughhhh

H-homeworks….. Ugh… *cri*

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So I was on Shamchat and

This is a conversation between Naegi Makoto and byakuya togami.
byakuya togami: Hello
Naegi Makoto: Hello
Naegi Makoto: Togami i need money
Naegi Makoto: Pleas
byakuya togami: Well you don’t have any, so that’s too bad
Naegi Makoto: I need money to buy baked beans please i am poor i have only a nickel i must survive and feed my young
byakuya togami: Why dont u just bake Hifumi
Naegi Makoto: im broke not fuckign batshit insane
byakuya togami: Celestia has money. Maybe she’ll give you some. I’m not stupid
Naegi Makoto: U just told me to cook hifumi and u wont give me 2 dollars to buy baked beans whos the sttupid one
byakuya togami: Why would I give you anything?
Naegi Makoto: Celestia is a goth lolita i refuse to talk to her
Naegi Makoto: bevause
byakuya togami: And why do you talk to me?
Naegi Makoto: u said hello first can u read
byakuya togami: Whatever
Naegi Makoto: I just need bakedbeans
byakuya togami: If i give you 2 dollars
Naegi Makoto: Pleasde my son os dying
byakuya togami: What will you give me in return?
byakuya togami: Who is your son?
Naegi Makoto: I will give u the gratifying feeling of being a kind person for once in ur smelly life
Naegi Makoto: U clearly dont care about my son.
byakuya togami: Maybe if you offered something better I’d give you 5 dollars
Naegi Makoto: What do u wantfrom me
Naegi Makoto: im a mere plantationworker rtrying to survive
byakuya togami: Kyoko
Naegi Makoto: Why would i give u my wife for baked beans
byakuya togami: Because you’re poor
Naegi Makoto: And ur a four eyed thundercunt but im not complaining
Naegi Makoto: Maybe i will eat hifumi
byakuya togami: Better than baked beans, I’m guessing
byakuya togami: I would never eat something like that
byakuya togami: But I’m pretty sure Kyoko likes me
Naegi Makoto: Ur high class taste buds couldnt touch a single ramen noodle without burnin off ur tongue
Naegi Makoto: What makes u think kyoko likw u
byakuya togami: Kyoko isn’t a ramen noodle
byakuya togami: Because she told me
Naegi Makoto: R u deaf
Naegi Makoto: Or delusional
byakuya togami:
Naegi Makoto: Kyoko detected ur shitt attitude while u were in the womb i doubt thats trues
byakuya togami: I’m older than her
Naegi Makoto: Who has a son? Me
Naegi Makoto: Whos the mother ??????
byakuya togami: Me
Naegi Makoto: Uh
Naegi Makoto: waittfuck is thattwhy my son
Naegi Makoto: is Blonde
Naegi Makoto: Honestly fuck u togami u can have ur money and baked beans
byakuya togami: I told you Kyoko likes me
Naegi Makoto: MY SON ISNT MY SON???
byakuya togami: I’ve been trying to tell you
Naegi Makoto: well
Naegi Makoto: i guess i’ll eat
Naegi Makoto: makoto Junior
byakuya togami: That’s my son
byakuya togami: I’ll give you 5 dollars for MY wife
Naegi Makoto: Honetsly togami i shouldve just murderd u
Naegi Makoto: Holy shit i justwant some baked beans
byakuya togami: Good luck with that
byakuya togami: Do you want money or not?
Naegi Makoto: I hope u choke on hagakures dick
byakuya togami: Not likely
Naegi Makoto: Oh thats true.u wont choke lots of
Naegi Makoto: Practice
byakuya togami: I’d prefer yours
byakuya togami: Hagakure isn’t really my type
Naegi Makoto: Makoto junior is on the grill
byakuya togami: Yum
Naegi Makoto: Sorry my dick is in kyoko
byakuya togami: Sorry my dick is in kyoko
Naegi Makoto: Can i have 5 dollar
Naegi Makoto: Makoto junior is screaming
byakuya togami: Can I have a kiss
byakuya togami: Farewell, my son
Naegi Makoto: R u sayingh im gay
byakuya togami: No. I don’t think I said anything like that at all
byakuya togami: You’re gay?
Naegi Makoto: U aske to kiss me
Naegi Makoto: I come in here
Naegi Makoto: Just simplg
Naegi Makoto: Looking for baked beans
byakuya togami: Yeah I didnt say YOU were gay
byakuya togami: I didn’t ask assuming you’d say yes
Naegi Makoto: Then why u ask
byakuya togami: Baked beans aren’t even good
Naegi Makoto: Dont play these games
byakuya togami: Because I wanted to
byakuya togami: I prefer crepes
Naegi Makoto: u want To
Naegi Makoto: Kiss me ?
byakuya togami: Yes?
Naegi Makoto: Thatssgay
Naegi Makoto: But yes
byakuya togami: Yes?
byakuya togami: Did you just agree?
Naegi Makoto: Do i get the beans
byakuya togami: 20 dollars worth
Naegi Makoto: Oh shit u can eat my ass for 20 dollar
Naegi Makoto: Yes ill kiss u .
byakuya togami: You can have your beans, then
byakuya togami: What can I get for 50?
Naegi Makoto: Makoto juniors left eye
byakuya togami: I’ll stick with 20
byakuya togami: I prefer our son alive
Naegi Makoto: Hes already cooking
Naegi Makoto: Medium well
byakuya togami: I like my steak medium rare plus
Naegi Makoto: Why does it matter dont u have lots of kids
Naegi Makoto: U make fukawa pregnant whenever u walk within 50 feet of her
Naegi Makoto: Kiss me i need beans
byakuya togami: I don’t want her disgusting children
byakuya togami: The deal was for you to kiss me
byakuya togami: And I’ll give you the money
Naegi Makoto: Okay
byakuya togami: Thank you
Naegi Makoto: come here Byakuya im aa pro
byakuya togami: Are you implying that you’ve practiced with my wife?
Naegi Makoto: Getnur own
byakuya togami: I find it interesting that you’re willing to kiss me but you won’t let Kyoko
byakuya togami: Not that that would stop her
Naegi Makoto: she wouldnot cheet on me
Naegi Makoto: Cheat
byakuya togami: But you would?
byakuya togami: Hm
byakuya togami: Why don’t you have any money?
Naegi Makoto: Hard times
byakuya togami: I’m sorry, Makoto
Naegi Makoto: Makoto junior has stopped screaming
byakuya togami: Is he alright?
Naegi Makoto: No hes dead u dunce i fried hum
byakuya togami: You killed my son
byakuya togami: Give me your wife
Naegi Makoto: No
Naegi Makoto: KissMENYOU FOOL
byakuya togami: YOU kiss me
Naegi Makoto: *SMOOOCCH*
Naegi Makoto: Give me my fucking beans
byakuya togami: Fine
byakuya togami: Here’s 20 dollars
byakuya togami: It was nice doing business with you
Naegi Makoto: Thank u
Naegi Makoto: Finallg
Naegi Makoto: finallg
Naegi Makoto: FINALL
Naegi Makoto: Y
byakuya togami: That was all it took
Naegi Makoto: Nice kiss
Naegi Makoto: Ive always been gay for U togami
byakuya togami: I was about to say the same thing
byakuya togami: Oh
byakuya togami: What about Kyoko
Naegi Makoto: I dont blame her
Naegi Makoto: Is this wwhat its like to be fukawa
byakuya togami: I’ve always been a little gay for you, too, Makoto
byakuya togami: No
byakuya togami: It most certainly is not
byakuya togami: I despise her
Naegi Makoto: Okay im gonna go buy baked beans and have wet dreams now. Farewell byakuya sama
Naegi Makoto has left the conversation.

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Who does Elise not get "much attention" from. Lol. Is anyone even voting for Nat for the CSAs? Pretty much the entire fandom is behind Elise rn. Honestly, that vid was awkward and no one looked like they wanted to be there.

oh my god.

the entire reason people are pushing for elise to get the nomination is because the past two years natasha’s been the only one who’s been official nominated for something. and im not saying she didnt deserve it, because i do believe she did. however as the lead of the series, as the person who plays a character who sat in front of the camera and just delivered monologue after monologue. and she did this every single season w/o any official recognition from any awards shows.

the entire reason people are pushing for elise to get this one nomination is because we want her to finally get that official recognition she deserves.

so dont use this one instance (two if you’re counting the streamys which c*rmilla got robbed of entirely because Y’ALL split the vote b/c of drama) of everyone getting behind elise as her suddenly “getting attention.”

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do u or your followers know of any other sims community? because simblr is not very nice but i still wanna share content and edits, i know of sims amino but thats not really what im looking for

the only other one i know of was simstagram but when i was hangin around there it seemed like there was drama all the time so idk 

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Hey, so there was this Jikook moment during a concert where everyone got down on their knees and Jungkook was supposed to 'choose' one of them, but he immediately turned to Jimin. Do you know where I can find that? Thanksss :)))

Sorry this took so long to respond to. I made a post about this moment when it happened but my blog sucks and is disorganized so even I couldn’t find it. But here are two different views. It happened at their Epilogue in Nanjing concert during Attack on Bangtan. You see other members reach towards Jungkook and Jimin comes in late but Jungkook only reaches toward Jimin. Then quickly stops and turns to the fans…
Sorry Im on mobile right now. I’ll fix it later lol

amerraka said: I want to do something I want to write about–“write what you know” I have no interest in being or writing about a janitor etc. Why not have a job you want to write about and get experience and knowledge? The problem is I am interested in spies and international relations. I have a poli sci degree but no experience. How do I get there if at all? Im also interested in truth, justice, freedom. Fight for it in real life and in writing. Write your passion=better product

I wanted to respond to this comment from one of my posts, because I think it’s super important…

@amerraka, you’re conflating “write what you know” with “write what you have personally experienced.” That’s a mistake. “Write what you know” is only good advice in that you should be knowledgeable about the subjects you write about. But knowledge doesn’t have to come from experience–knowledge can come from research, too. It can come from: books, movies and TV shows, articles, blog posts, reference materials, interviews, etc. If you want to write spies and international relations, research those things and you can write about them regardless of what you do for a living. Most writers don’t actually have jobs that relate to what they write about. They research those things. You can do that, too. :)

Now, that’s not to say that you can’t get into a field that will give you experience about the things you want to write about. If you’re passionate about those things, you should pursue that career anyway. However, I wouldn’t suggest pursuing a career field just because you want to write about it. That’s what you want to write about right now–what about in five years? Or ten years? Or twenty years? Interests change, and what you want to write about will probably change, too. 

The WQA inbox is closed for a few days while I catch up on questions. If you have a question in the meantime, please see the master list or search the tags on the main site. :) <3

Thanatos Night Vol 2. Nia (Full Translation)

I really enjoyed Nia’s CD and i’m still not over it (♡´艸`) So I decided to translate the whole thing so more people could suffer enjoy it too…

Apologies in advance for any mistakes, CD translations are not my forte (/)u(\)

(Translation under the cut - Do not use/repost without permission)

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So I love UF Paps and all he's like my favorite but... He's like... 11 feet taller than me (I'm 4'11)… I can only reach up to like his legs Do you think I could get his reaction to this? A really short SO that just wants to be loved XD -smol Bella


- Bella sweetheart you make him feel bigger than he actually is, height wise and ego wise
- He’s probably going to poke fun at your height here and there
- But you’re his little S/o and he’s going to protect you by his life.
- With such a tiny little S/o he feels like he has to be your edgy knight in shining armor.
- You’re probably going to have to remind him that you’re not fragile and that you can defend yourself every once in a while because he gets in over his head about it.
- He will carry you EVERYWHERE
- Prepare yourself to be held 10+ feet above were your head would normally be when you stand.
- He won’t drop you but you might want to cling to his scarf-cape thing.
- You like sitting on his shoulders? He’s down.
- Piggyback rides? Definitely.
- He loves it but don’t tell him you know or he’ll be a blushing mess.
- Kisses would be weird for him because from his perspective all he can think is look at your tiny little face! You’ve got tiny little lips like what does he do?
- Hugs in the other hand wouldn’t be as bad, he doesn’t mind having to sit down to hug you or just pick you up for a second.
- Of course he’s not much for PDA so these kinds of things won’t happen too much (minus the carrying you thing. He loves to carry you).
- Did you read the cuddly prompt I did before? Think of that but with more confusion and concern for your well being. That’s what your cuddling would be like.
- Chaos

-A smol person supporting Mod Justice

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Okay im sorry this is so sudden but why is in every Hoseok ship he only active on Jihope? Like he usually the passive one on the other ship. I legit crying if Hoseok did anything on vhope ship side 😭😭😭 the only mutual thing I get so far is just from Sope. Im sorry for bad English.

(your english is perfectly fine, honey)

Hmm, I can’t know for sure, but I can guess. I will start an essay with why JiHope and Yoonseok work so well:

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so i knew that when i got the phone that it was only going to be held over my head, and i was fucking right. its “”“”“‘legally”“”“”“”“ in my stapf*thers name and so hes going to take away my phone bc im too exhausted to clean my room (let alone make it "spotless”) (one of his obsessions is having everything spotless without having to do any work,obviously i dont expect him to clean my room but literally he needs the ENTIRE HOUSE to be spotless or hes pissed off). like, my mum and him already took away my one day of the week where im ALMOST HAPPY, and now hes taking my phone, which id need anyways if i were to be able to clean (i listen to music while i clean, and they threw away my radio so i have nothing) im LITERALLY ready to die, i almost passed out in class three times in just one period. im so exhausted and making me have panic attacks and making me not be able to sleep arent helping lmao…..

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do you not like bc in general or only doctor strange? sorry if you've already answered this.

i don’t particularly care for him no, he’s such a boring actor, he plays the same thing over and over again, basically everyone he plays is this sort of pompous ‘i am smarter than you and i know it so I’m going to be obnoxious and condescending for the duration of this film bc i think this also makes me better than you’ type character and it’s dull. the only thing of his i actually enjoyed were the first 2 seasons of Sherlock. He’s just not an interesting actor to watch.

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Do you have any Les Mis fic recs??


my rarepair is enjy/courf so: kiss you kiss me by eirenical  – THIS HURT MY HEART TODAY AND MADE ME SAD… but the dynamic between them and ferre is done very well (plus there’s an alternate ending that ends happy with triumvirate)

ONCE I ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO SIT DOWN AND READ SOME MORE, I CAN ADD… most of them are e/r cause im weak, but also courf/ferre and ofc the triumvirate but i havent finished any of the reads yet– 

but maybe some followers have some theyd like to rec too!?