this is the only one im doing



Half body (~ down to hips) 25-30$ (depending on detail and difficulty of pose and such)

Full Body 30-35$ (same thing)

(for example this young lady in the picture would be 25$ half body and 30$ full body, anything more than that we can talk about)

will do: ocs, fan characters, characters from fandoms im familiar with (just ask if you’re not sure), animal traits (ie ears n tail n shit), ships (that im comfortable with)

will NOT do: furries, mecha, big muscley characters, complicated design, n/sfw 

(ask me if you’re not sure)


i will only do one additional character ;w; and itll add half of the price of whatever the first one is (ie. full body character for 30$, additional character would be 15$)


I need visual references for the character you want (doesn’t need to be fancy turn around ref sheets just something I can work with), if you want any specific color palette or pose you’ll also have to tell me that !


I do payment with paypal invoices!! I do payment 50/50 so i send you an invoice for half the price and do the sketch once you paid that, if you’re satisfied with the sketch I’ll send you the invoice for the rest and once that’s paid too I’ll finish it

my email is


Slot 1: filled

Slot 2: filled

Slot 3: empty

i’ll update this whenever i get one so click on the original post to see!

thank you for reading!! feel free to ask me anything else you need to know

My roommate is currently sleeping on my thighs n i dont have the heart to kick her off. So ima just ramble some hcs i have. Im on mobile so pardon any mistakes.

▪ Ignis and Cor are the only ones, beside actually medical practioners, Gladio trust with popping back in dislocated limbs or taking a bullet out of him. Prompto swore it was an accident, but we know that Prompto knew what he was doing.

▪ When theyre playing a game where choice matters, like Until Dawn, Noctis is the worst person to have around, because he just has to create chaos.
Prompto: should we shoot emily?
Ignis: as far as I know, we dont actually know if a bite turns her into a wendigo.
Gladio: and its not like iggy doesnt pay attention.
Ignis: youre damn ri-
Noctis: shoot her.
Prompto: DUDE. NO.
Noctis: SHOOT HER.
Gladio: SHUT UP

▪ Cor can wear stilettos and can easily outrun everybody. Thats the true reason why he’s Immortal.

▪ Cor and Ignis are the best drunks to have around. Ignis gets super competitive and aggressive while Cor is 10x more talkative.
Cor: you wont believe the shit me n your dad did back in the day.
Noctis: I dont want to know, please stop because I already stop listening.
Meanwhile, Ignis *swears* he has better aim than Prompto. Thus a game of beer pong has started. Prompto is just “noct please save me, Ignis is about to throw his daggers and hes been missing every other shot and this is his other shot.”

▪ Prompto isn’t a fan of liquor/drinking! Its not that he can’t handle it or anything, he just doesnt like drinking so he opts out to be the designated driver.

▪ Cor is a lightweight, because it makes me laugh at the irony. He thought over the years he would build a tolerance to it, but nah. Cor is just “i’ll drink at home so i can be foolish in peace.”

▪ flexible ignis?? Ignis being flexible and able to drop it low? Does it real slow? Pop, pop, pop that thing? Hes going to make your man go oh.

No one’s ever been able to answer this so I’m gonna ask it again:
Why do cishet aces want to be LGBT so bad? Why do you want to have that label on you? Because honestly, it fucking sucks. It might seem cool to be part of the “exclusive gay kids club” online, but outside of tumblr, LGBT people are stereotyped at best, and stalked and killed at worst. Sure, we have pride parades and gay bars, but we live in fear of being shot and killed just for being there. There are certain countries I can’t even enter for fear of being executed because of my orientation. I just don’t understand why you would want to be in a community that inherently puts you in danger.
Cishet aces and aros, you have a free pass from this kind of abuse. Why do you want to go through it?


Okay so here’s the situation.

there was only supposed to be one milo. there’s ever only been one milo.

tonight, two milos were born. twin milos. we named them both milo so the separation would be easier.

we can’t have two milos, the joke isn’t the same with two and it gets too complicated. one of the milos has to go.

i was going to murder milo’s mother, morgana wolff, but i can’t bring myself to do that anymore. she’ll move out, far away from sunset valley, with her own milo.

milo 2 is actually the milo that came first, so he should be the milo that stays. the og milo.

however, as soon as the new parents arrived home with their offspring, milo 1 did this to his mother:

milo 1 is strong. powerful. a god? perhaps. do i take this as a warning, or a prophecy? is milo 1 destined for greatness? or is he a devil among men, just like his father?

Im always surprised when songs pull off a little rhyme. I know they usually do and they think they’re supposed to but when it happens i feel a little betrayed. I listened to that first word and you only put it there so you could say the second one…

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im going to pursue a philosophy undergrad and i'm excited cause i get to study philosophy :D but nervous bc idk what i'm gonna do with it D:

Congrats on your pursuit of wisdom! It’s true that it’s not always clear what one can do with a philosophy degree, which can make pursuing one kinda scary, but I nevertheless strongly recommend it. Not only does it help equip us with the skills for critical thinking and navigating the complex and difficult obstacles life puts in our way, but it also sets us up to be surprisingly hirable in a variety of fields. It’s true that it will be difficult to pursue a career directly related to academic philosophy (particularly without some graduate degrees), but it can put you in a fantastic position for all sorts of other things in life. Most importantly, at least in my opinion, is that philosophy, better than any other discipline, helps teach us how to live well and virtuously. Existential Comics put it most succinctly when they tweeted: What can you do with a philosophy degree? Effectively criticize the ideology that says education is only for economic production, for one.

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For the writing request, some fluffy ZeRoyalChaos *hugs you to comfort you*

Ahhh Dragon I’m sorry this is like two weeks late! I didn’t have idea for this and honestly, I’m not sure if I’m proud of it but… here ya go

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hi im sorry to ask what might be a silly question but is "wypipo" aave? im a nonblack poc and ive only ever heard black ppl use the term, and another nonblack poc just replied to one of my posts using it so idk how to feel about it

1. If literally only black people are using it and it didn’t crop up until then what do you think. 

2. Y’all have got to stop using black people as your AAVE dictionaries 

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Cis people when they see some people don't support them are like : WAIT YOU DON'T LOVE US?! WHY?? THAT'S NOT FUNNY! Trans/non-binary/agenders when they see crap about them : Er... Alright... Not very funny... I can deal with it but yeah. Cis people : Omg grow up Nice AU by the way!! That's really cool to finally see other genders than only cis!!


cis ppl: why do you hate us?!????!!!??

haha but thanks man !! im trying to make a genderbend au better that that……other one….

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help my sketch looks 7000x better than my actual lineart HELP

Me Too omfg

Alright im about to try to explain something and it might not work sO

You could try drawing another, cleaner sketch over your first one, and sorta keep on doing that until you have something you could use as lineart?? But sometimes there is nothing you can do and you gotta accept that this thing is only ever gonna be a sketch ya feel


Sorry that this one is so short. Im also sorry for my failed attempt at “flirting”.
JJ×Simon ft. Josh

He hated to admit it but he was jealous. Jealous that Josh could make Simon laugh at times when he couldn’t. Every time his back was turned he would hear that adorable little giggle escape Simons lips. The giggle that he loved so much. From the man he adored.

Josh knew what he was doing was wrong. But he also knew it would be the only way to get them to admit that they love each other. For years they had been living together. For years Josh had to see them stare at eachother across the room. With sexual tension building.

Flirting was the only option for him. He knew it would get JJ jealous enough to say something. For days he had been lightly flirting woth Simon when JJ was in the room. Just enough so that JJ would notice, without Somon getting weirded out.

JJ had finally had enough of watching Josh flirt with his guy. Every day he would walk into a room and watch Josh flirt with Simon non-stop. It aggravated him more than anything. He knew he had to put an end to it. He did what he had to do.

One night while watching Josh flirt with Simon, he flipped. He walked straight up to Simon and did the unthinkable. He kissed him.

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This has gotta be French bc I only understand like one or two words lol, but I’m sure it says something like why did you do this to my turtle boy lmaooo . AND IM SORRY D: (I don’t speak french friend 😥)

here’s the animation project i did for illustration class! i know it’s not super impressive but given that i only had one weekend to complete it i’m pretty proud! i would be a lot happier with it if i’d had time to put more detail in her hair, and the collar of her sweater should move, but there’s no way in hell im going back unless my professor specifically tells me to OTZ

i have so much respect for people who do animation man the effort you gotta put in even for something simple like this is insane

i dont feel like im taken seriously and i mean, its all my fault for kinda just, letting people do w/e they want to me, but like, especially irl w some of my friends , bc i dont rly show negative emotions, when i do, i feel like no one rly takes me seriously. and it sucks. makes me never wanna show emotions again. 

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Okay SO acowar comes out march 2nd which is right in the middle of my final exams and then on the 8th I start my one week intensive class from 8:30am-4:00pm WHICH ME MEANS I ONLY HAVE TWO CHOICES 1) rush read the 4th-7th 2) wait until the 12th to read it HOLLY SHIT WHAT DO I DO????? I LEGIT GET BOOK ANXIETY WHEN I CANT READ SOMETHING DUE TO LIFE HAPPENING AND THAY MEANS IM GOING TO BE SO STRESSED I CANT DEAL p.s. R u planning on finishing Earning Her Trust before March 2nd? Me=slut4yourfics

Okay, so EHT will not be done by March 2nd. Not at all! And that’s a tough call about the book! It might be worth it to go radio silent until your exams/class is over. Or rush through it in between classes…. But stopping would be hard.