this is the only music video i care about

You all should at least give BAP a chance. Tired of idol groups from big 3??-BAP. Tired of the same hip-hop, sad boi concept??-BAP. Tired of same type of music genre??-BAP. “I care about idols who write, produce and choreograph their own songs.” BAP. “I want well-produced music videos with interesting plotlines”-BAP-One shot & Skydive. “I care about idols who are into charities and giving.”-BAP. “I only follow group who have strong bond.”-BAP “I like handsome, good looking, talented boys”-BAP ;)

Kpop & views

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m tired of seeing people only care about views and not watching the videos go enjoy their favorite artist .
There’s is this one girl I’m friends with that ONLY post about beating goals and getting their favorite group more views .
Yes I understand you want them to succeed but the views aren’t what it’s all about.
It’s about the love for music that you and the artist share , the wins or awards are rewards for doing well but once again, it’s not just about that .
Instead of trying to beat how many views a video can get the fastest , appreciate the new music , the meaning of the song , the story of the video & connect to it .
You’ll feel more love and understand deeper why they are your favorite group .

dirty laundry

“I don’t care about what you did, I just care about what we do”

FIRST OF ALL any music video involving Alex getting undressed is automatically an A+ in my book.

This song made me emotional. the influences from Stranger Things are made super obvious not only in the video but in the sound of the music.

I was expecting some upbeat poppy sound like Future Hearts or Kids in the Dark but I think it’s really fresh that their single has a lot more baggage to it. It’s not a feel good song. It’s a song about the way you deal with someone’s past (their “dirty laundry”) when you’re with them. I think it’s super powerful that ATL did this instead of some feel good poppy song you’d hear on the radio.

One thing I didn’t like is how the music video was pretty much all about Alex. I love him to death and I could stare at him for days, but in a music video I want representation from the other members too. We only briefly see Jack put his jacket on and Rian at the drums. Other than that, it’s pretty much all Alex. Maybe it’s symbolic of his relationship with Lisa, because the video does show them getting hitched with the actress in a wedding dress and all, so I have no doubt that he wanted to make a nod to the fact that HALF OF ATL are now married/getting married.

Overall, the sound is really good and refreshing, and I’ve only heard it once so far. I liked Take Cover a lot better but I know these boys have something huge planned for us now and I’m super excited about it. :)))

What are your thoughts?!

You know, anti-lifters will say soooo much about us, but at least I’m seeking help for my problems. What are you doing besides sitting on Tumblr belittling someone for something you don’t understand? I never asked for anyone’s approval, but I AM a human being. Most of you have blogs dedicated to basic human rights. Funny how you only care about someone’s life until they start doing things you disagree with. You don’t have to agree with shoplifting, but literally wishing death on those who do and saying the awful things many of you do makes you a thousand times more horrible than any lifter. I cannot for the life of me understand how some of you can say the things you do and actually feel justified doing so. My life is not less important because I steal from stores. Especially since most of you are hypocrites. You’ll illegally download music, movies, TV shows, video games, books, even programs like Photoshop which costs more than my MK bag, yet you’ll act so high and mighty when I go into a store and come out with an outfit, as if you’re not stealing yourself. Get over yourselves, honestly.

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No yeah I agree that it's weird about taking about his personal life but honestly none of their past music videos have been like this ya know? Like they're usually not serious and a good time so this is new. Yeah it's not a happy song but idk the fact that the girl looked really similar to Lisa makes me wonder but the part where he's like I don't care what you did only care about what we do could mean they've had their differences but that doesn't matter as long as they have each other?

i’m not 100% certain the song is about lisa tbh with you, like the music video doesn’t follow the same storyline as the song, i mean we all know that alex and lisa’s relationship has been a rollercoaster, i think it’s clear that they’re very happy now and honestly who knows what this song is about?? it could be about a previous relationship, it could be about his feelings years ago, who knows??? i mean they’ve always made very meaningful music and i kinda disagree i think a lot of their past songs are serious and talk about similar feelings, the sound is definitely new but the song - lyric wise - is very all time low. idk like coming up with theories is fun but i think at the same time, for me personally, talking about alex’s life and his and lisa’s relationship like we know anything is kinda strange because we really don’t tbh ((which i think is a good thing, as long as they’re happy then i’m glad, they have every right to be as private as they want - same goes for all the guys)) 

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Ramble abt Metallica cause I know it would make u happy

Am I a fan?: i was a superfan when i was 13 but i dont care anymore because all they care about is money and the only good album theyve had since 1991 was death magnetic

First Song I Heard By Them?: enter sandman

Favorite Song?: ride the lightning probably

Favorite Album?: the black album

Favorite Music Video?: through the never

Have any merch?: my aunt bought me 20 years worth of exclusive metallica club t shirts but i only wear this ride the lightning shirt my roommate bought me from hot topic

Seen them Live?: they were my first show, and most expensive, and i almost puked on them before they even got to the stage

Favorite Member?: dave mustaine because he got kicked out and decided to start a new band out of spite and his band is now second only to metallica cliff burton because he pioneered a whole new type of distorted/harmonic bass playing


don’t plenty of people think you’re cute? what’s so different about me saying it?

As soon as he hears the other’s voice Josuke takes a few steps back.

“You realize it’s only girls who call me cute right? Girls I don’t know. And people I don’t care to really know– so–…. So maybe you should be tellin’ people you know sort of well stuff like that?! Cause it gives them the wrong message!”

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What did Liam do to you to hate him? If it's only based on him being white then idk what to say. You can still like someone if they're not a POC

Whoever you are, leave me alone about Liam. I do not care about Liam. I am not interested in Liam at all. I do not care about his music. He annoys me. The only person I am here for Zayn. The most I will ever probably talk about Liam is when 1D and double standards come up or whenever his baby is born, I might reblog a cute video or pic of the baby or something (just like with Louis/ Freddie. I don’t give a damn about Louis and actually don’t like him at all, but Freddie is cute so I’ll reblog Freddie or something about Freddie). And I don’t need you to clarify that for me thanks. I’m well aware that I can like whites. But I don’t Stan anyone white or have a white fave at all. And I’m not gonna start with Liam and his blatant attempts to be “down” and Timberlake Light™ ass music. Now stop sending me shit about Liam. I do not care.

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I would like a match up please! I am 5’ 5”. I have long auburn hair and green eyes. Libra. INFJ/ISFJ. I am shy until you get to know me. I’ve been told I’m a great listener, funny, compassionate, creative, ambitious, and a good sense of humor. I’m passionate with my interests especially when someone shares the same ones as me. I am protective of the people I care about. I love to read, write, play video games, listen to music, and play music. Thank you!

Of course! Have a nice day! ╰(*´︶`*)╯

I ship you with Kozume Kenma!

I think you and Kenma would be cute together! Since you and him both have a love for games, that would probably be something you’d bond over quickly. Aside from the video game world, he might be shy, but he knows that he can trust you with anything. You’d be one of the only people he’d open up to;e knows that you’ll always listen to him. And, much to the amazement of his team, you can easily make him laugh!

He finds it cute whenever you step in to protect him from anyone’s teasing or pick him up from a party, or anything else he couldn’t really handle. He’s not used to anyone being protective of him (except Kuroo, sometimes), so he’s very thankful for you and is glad he has you. ♡

The entire 1989 era has consisted of Taylor sassing the media and I love it
  • Media: Taylor Swift can't dance.
  • Taylor Swift: *releases music video in which she dances like a dork and makes fun of herself*
  • Media: Taylor Swift dates too many men.
  • Taylor Swift: *writes song about how she dates too many men from the perspective of the psycho girl the media portrayed her as*
  • Media: Taylor Swift can't sing.
  • Taylor Swift: *wins ten Grammys*
  • Media: Taylor Swift only cares about money.
  • Taylor Swift: *sends fans gigantic packages with Christmas and Valentines Day presents, invites fans into her home to hang out with them, gives out advice on social networks, spends time with sick fans, donates millions to charities*
  • Media: Taylor Swift can't hold on to a guy longer than three months.
  • Taylor Swift: *is in relationship that has been going on for nearly one and a half years*

I was surfing through old SNSD videos (because procrastination is a bitch) and I ended up watching a short interview of Tiffany while she was performing her musical and promoting “The Boys” and the one thing that struck me the most is how much she truly loves and cares for what she does. One of the things Fany talked about during the interview was her decision to move from America to Korea. I feel like people can’t seem to grasp what a difficult thing that must have been for Tiffany. Tiffany made that decision because music was her only escape after her mother had passed away, and because of this, even though Tiffany knew she would have to go through it alone, even though Tiffany knew that her dream may not be successful, she chased that dream anyways. So you can tell me that Tiffany can’t sing, or she can’t dance. You can tell me that she’s too obnoxious or has a weird body, but you cannot tell me that she does not deserve to be where she is today, and that goes for the other members as well.

First Listen Review

So I’ll probably get sued for this but whatever here is what I remember:

During the songs they showed BTS clips from old music videos and the tour, besides for DMD and Perfect where they showed the real music videos.

Hey Angel: much more up beat than I thought, a jam. Also showed a Larry fist bump and I was the only one in the theater to care

If I Could Fly: Harry wrote it, I’m pretty sure this is the one Liam cried too.

End Of The Day: literally a jam, also sounded like 3 separate songs. First verse is so diff from the chorus and the third verse is even more different

Long Way Down: also really sad, kind of about fame? And the downfall of fame.

Olivia: is also a jam, very good.


Love You Goodbye: Louis introduced it, talked about how it’s about a relationship ending and having to see the person everyday. The whole theater went “oooooo” and instantly related it to Louis & Harry breaking up

I Want To Write You A Song: Literally maybe one of my favorite, very chill and sweet.

History: also one of my favorites, very Jack Johnson-y and a jam

Temporary Fix: SEX. Literally that’s it. raunchy and perfect. Booty call all the way

Walking In The Wind: Paul Simon meet one direction. It’s amazing hands down.

Wolves: grew on me, could prob be a single?

A.M: makes me feel so nostalgic, a song I need to hear live and they say the word ASSES

also, I think almost all the songs were gender neutral & @yslboner was in it.

EDIT: Never Enough is SO different than all of the other stuff, the start is kind of beach boys-y?? And the Lottie handing Harry a towel was actually during Long Way Down, and I don’t think that Love You Goodbye is about Larry I think it’s about Zayn.

I sat in class observing my classmates socialize. They were all talking about video games. How do they do that? How do they vocalize? It just seems so easy for them. 
It’s also because I think people view me as dumb, stupid and have nothing to give to any conversation. I actually don’t give anything. Who cares that I only play Skyrim cause I love to explore nature and the music is relaxing for me? They’d probably laugh at me. I don’t know how to vocalize my thoughts. I don’t think my thoughts are worth vocalizing. Someone sometime in my life made me feel like nothing I say is worth hearing. Yeah, I’m quiet and no one knows who I am, but maybe I’m more safe that way. No one can hurt me.

Also this “scary” youtube monetization thing with channel awesome? Not new, and not actually that hard to deal with nowadays.

So like, if you’re with a network and use clips/music edited to certain lengths, you will not get these kinds of claims. Since I joined with a network and figured out how to edit within reason, I have not received a single youtube claim for a new video. The only reason you’d get your account limited like that is if you got a strike, which you can avoid by being careful with how many disputes you have going at once.

Doug mentions in the video how it’s unprofessional to speak about behind the scenes things, that is unless it affects you or your money, and by you he means him. Would’ve been nice if he had our backs when all of those behind the scenes issues were going on, but if it affects OUR livelihoods it’s a whole different deal. “Youtube didn’t respond for three weeks!” Oh yeah? Well that was any time you tried to get ahold of Michaud, so cool business story dudes.

tldr; the channel awesome youtube “drama” is laughable and could’ve been avoided if they hadn’t fired everyone with business sense. No one should feel sorry for them.

Honestly I don’t wanna see shit that’s all “I feel so under appreciated as a fan” or “I’m so disappointed in them bc of this” like what???? A whole album dedicated to us wasn’t enough???? Another world tour only months after ROWYSO isn’t enough??? A music video made up of fans all across the globe??? Derpcon and derpcon 2.0??? Hundreds of tweets thanking us for our love and support??? That doesn’t matter??? All because an article in one magazine talked about their relationships and hookups like what ever, they’re all in their twenties or about to be, ofc that’s going to happen. Who cares if one article (which is clearly a fucking joke all around) says something that we don’t even know is true, bc lets be real any type of media outlet will twist words to get views. It doesn’t mean we don’t matter. Don’t act like they haven’t done shit for us or that they don’t put us first. Fuck that negative energy, I want no part in it.

Some loser: *something stupid about politics or groceries*
What I’m thinking: Why did Brendon post an announcement about the Hallelujah music video on the anniversary of the split? I mean obviously he doesn’t care about the split. He probably didn’t know it was the date either. But at least the Hallelujah music video was cute. Brendon looked so good in that red suit. Ryan looked good in the red rose vest too… Ugh but who cares the band is split up. Who cares right? The concept for the Hallelujah music video was cute. Brendon was running around and- huh, it’s weird Brendon was the only one in the video. I mean Kenny’s not an official member and Dallon doesn’t like being on camera, but it still would’ve been nice to see them. But that’s fine. I guess I just miss the music videos where all the members were in it. But good for Brendon for keeping the band going. And who cares about the split, right? Hahahahaha not me. All that matters is the Hallelujah music video was good and it was really cute :)
What I say: Yeah totally

Rihanna gave Sanam a star role on BBHMM based on a selfie. Then her life blew up. What has life and self care been like for Sanam?

It feels like it was eons ago when I was introduced to the world as Rihanna’s sidekick in a controversial music video. Really, it’s only been about three weeks. Since then, I’ve become somewhat of an internet sensation, started the process of moving across the country, held myself together through a breakup, kept my day job, and somehow still managed to find time to fill in my brows and put on lipstick every morning.

How Makeup Got Me Through My Darkest Moment. (We’re giving her a column!)


taylor stop

i love you and even way back when this site was misogynistic and mocking you and hating you for no reason i still had your back

but girl, you made a video about hating/fighting/killing katy perry and now you’re talking about how it’s bad to pit women against each other?

you talk about how women are treated but only invite your model friends [no celebrating every size] on stage and SHAME a black woman for calling out how the music industry treats black women. please learn about intersectionality.

you never show any care for social issues that don’t directly affect you and that’s what i call being a conservative

(ps you sued your fans and guitar teacher wtf do u not have enough money)

Everyone please stop getting mad at @taylorswift. I was at first but it was a business decision she made and we all need to respect that. She loves us and meant no harm to anyone by releasing the New Romantics music video on Apple Music. So please stop its not fair to get mad at her. Other artists to stuff like this all the time. Taylor treats us so well and respects and cares about all of us a lot. She loves you. Think about it: she’s the only one that invited fans TO HER HOUSE! she follows us on tumblr. she reblogs and likes our posts. she comments on our posts. she talks to us and helps us through rough times. No other artist does that. Taylor loves us all so much.

Dark Souls III

You guys know what this means, right?

This means tons of lore-digging and theories, new lovable NPCs, subtle connections to the other Dark Souls games that enhance our knowledge of these worlds, callbacks to previous weapons and characters and covenants…

This means bonfires, Patches, backstabs, parrying and riposte, weighty gameplay, dramatic music, bosses you’re stuck on for hours.

This means co-op and PvP in an active world, new metas, new Youtube videos with shitty dubstep in the background, probably tons of replay value, more Fashion Souls, more weapons, better customization.

And Miyazaki is at the helm. Dark Souls is my favorite video game of all time and this has the potential to be just as good. I don’t care if it’s too soon (it only seems that way because of Bloodborne), I can’t wait to hear more about this game.