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If the Stars Align - Chapter II

Summary: The Musketeers AU. Danger lurks around every corner in the French court and as a Musketeer in service of the royal family, Killian’s duty is to protect them from any and all threats. As his relationship with Queen Emma develops into something more than just friendship, threats against the queen escalate and put everything they hold dear into jeopardy.

Rating: M

Content warning for the story: violence, mature themes, minor character death.

Art by @hook-and-star-ink , @acaptainswaneternity and @seastarved. Follow this to check all the pieces currently published and give them some love!  

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AO3: ch2

The first event of the Parisian season is a glittering dance held in one of the Louvre’s magnificent ballrooms. The already luxurious ballroom is even more decorated tonight, with stark white tablecloths, embroidered in gold, and glittering glass sculptures as centrepieces on every table. Solid silver goblets are filled to the brim with wine and champagne, crystal serving-trays piled high with every kind of appetizer imaginable.

It’s the first real ball Killian has attended, and the extravagance is breathtaking.

This ball is held every year to welcome the queen back to Paris for the summer and is the first time in many months that all of the nobility are back together. Since Emma started taking her winter retreats a decade ago, it has become the fashion for the rich ladies of France to disappear for the cold months, only returning to the capital when the first signs of spring appear. Now, with all of them back together in time for the Parisian season, the excitement of everyone’s return to the capital is palpable in the animated chatter and laughs filling the ballroom.

The Musketeers are milling around, taking stock of exits, entrances, and the attendees. Killian’s watching them too, though his assignment is to guard the west doors to the ballroom until the royal family arrives, lest something happen or someone rushes at them as they enter.

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Miss Fisher and the Power of Rumours – the September trope

“Now, you know I’m not one to pry…”

It never ceases to amaze me, the range of fics that are made out of one single monthly trope. This “MFMM year of trope” challenges that @firesign23 started slightly by chance has given us so many awesome fics and clever variations.

My self-appointed job in trying to give an overview of them every month is a joy and also a challenge – how can I best group them together? This month’s trope, “Don’t Believe the Rumours”, proved to be a little hard to structure, but finally I decided to divide the fics in two halves – the ones focusing on rumours about Phryne and Jack as a couple, and those where the rumours are about something else. (Here is the full collection.)

I’ll start with the ones where the rumours are about Phryne and Jack as a scandalous couple.

First of all, @longlineoftvdetectives‘ brilliantly named “Fake News” is a lovely and very tongue in cheek fic about Phryne and Jack being blackmailed with a photo that shows them indulging in carnal pleasures together. The people around them don’t realize it’s a fake photo, and this gives hilarious moments between Phryne and Dot and Phryne and Aunt P. Mac, the woman of science and reason, helps Phryne figure it all out. There is also a delicious encounter with Jack over the scandalous photo, in full comic style, and to top it all up an even more glorious ending, including Aunt P and a new fake photo.

There is a lovely hint at wishing that the rumours and what the photo depicts would actually be true, which Mac delivers succinclty to stop their bantering: “Would you two please stop,” Mac interjected. “The photo is a fake. Neither one of you truly want it to be a fake, but there we are. There’s nothing I can do about that.”

The fanart image that in the fic “Fake News” becomes the blackmail picture. Originally made by @2bbornot2bb.

This theme is also present in @floating-in-the-blue/Yeoyou, “Believe the Rumours”, which is a short fic following Jack’s inner musings, where he rather wishes the rumours about him and Phryne were true: “If, however, hypothetically speaking, rumours got around that you were having a steamy affair with a beautiful woman – wouldn’t you want them to be true?” 

A related take is @phrynesboudoir/sassasam, “Rumour Has It”, where it’s not only a thought but also turns into action. It’s a lovely take on a first time, triggered by the rumours that claim they are already an item. ““Jack,” she whispered. “Come home with me. If the world is going to conjecture about us, why don’t we simply give them something to talk about.” They finally make a go for it, and it ends with lovely banter:

Mr Butler presented the morning paper as Jack and Phryne tucked into scrambled eggs and bacon in the dining room.
“Oh dear,” Phryne remarked. “It appears we made the papers again.”
“Already?” Jack replied.
“Rumour has it we slept together last night,” she said with a smile.
“Well, they’re wrong again,” Jack smirked, “because I don’t remember doing any sleeping.”

The rumours are of a slightly different kind in @earanie, “Heaven beside you, Hell within” (this is her first fic in this fandom – welcome!). This fic explores a contemplative Phryne, that has started to feel she might want to change from her normal casual attitude towards men to be something different with Jack. The rumours about her and Jack are closely followed by other rumours, about her own supposedly callous nature and how she would surely reject him, and they are part of what is triggering her realisation about her emotions.

@flashofthefuse,’s “Foul Whisperings” takes a humorous angle on the rumour trope (despite the title’s dramatic use of Macbeth). Phryne is upset at gossip that says that Jack has a hard time at work because of her. She barges in with a speed that leaves Jack entirely confused, and the fic starts gloriously with “She burst through his office door like—well, like Phryne Fisher”. Jack’s inner monologue is lovely:

He’d long since stopped caring what others thought of him. He’d always believed she was of the same mind. That being the case, ignoring it all had seemed the best policy.
That was only partly true, he admitted to himself. He never brought it up because to bring up the rumours might lead to an admission that there was some basis for them. He’d done very little to discourage her teasing and in fact had actively encouraged it in his quiet way.

Phryne’s agitation meets a stoic Jack, since the gossipers has gotten things completely wrong, and it takes some time for them to untange the mess. The misunderstandings and banter are wonderful and very energetic, and they end with Jack actually paying Phryne a compliment:

“You’re aware of the rumours?” She asked.
“Foul whisperings are abroad,” he said with mock dramatics.
“You’re not bothered?”
“Am I bothered that people suspect I’m involved in a torrid affair with a beautiful woman? I rather think it helps my reputation, in some manner, though I’m not sure what it says for yours,” he smirked.

Excellent scarf technique, Inspector.

@longlineoftvdetectives’ “Almost” is a poignant short take on Phryne, Jack and Rosie after the end scene in “Marked for Murder”, where Jack put his Abbortford scarf around Phryne’s neck. Phryne is inviting Jack over to Wardlow when Rosie comes by and asks him to come for dinner with her and her father, and Phryne acquiesces. There is so much emotion going on here, in all directions, and there is a specific hurt in Rosie that makes me ache for her, because the Abbortsford scarf in question once upon a time was a gift from her.

The fic also has an interesting ending: “It’s an open invitation, Jack,” she said plainly. “Dinner. Nightcap. I’m not going anywhere.” Then she drives away, Jack standing there watching her “ease the Hispano from its parking space, maneuvering easily across the open field, then smoothly accelerating as she reached the open road. He didn’t turn his gaze until she had receded completely into the distance.” This is both an interesting contrast to the end of season 3, where she does go away and he’s again standing there watching her, and to what will happen in the next episode, “Blood at the Wheel”, when he will try to go away from their partnership.

In @geenee27‘s “Improper”, the rumour has come to the ears of the Deputy Commissioner, who barges into Jack’s office, only to meet a composed Inspector standing by the shelves, schooling his expression "from one of ‘deer in the headlights’ to one of professional diffidence.” He questions Jack – “ you must realize that our office, our men, our force must be impeachable …. above reproach”– and although Jack seems to our eyes very close to cracking, he manages to keep his composure and assure his boss that everything is in order:

“I understand one of your civilian consultants is a very beautiful lady detective.”
Here we go. Jack didn’t even blanch and said evenly. “A very intelligent and resourceful detective who has provided invaluable information in solving some of our cases. “ The DC continued to study him closely.
“There is nothing improper about our investigations or association.”

As the Deputy Commissioner has gone, I will let you guess who comes out of hiding, in a rather dishevelled state, to tease Jack about this near hit.

Also in @omgimsarahtoo‘s “Just a Little Light Crime” the rumours about the detectives prove to be true, but possible to deny. The fic entails a delightful long distance telephone call between Phryne and her mother after Phryne has gone back to Melbourne. Margaret is wondering about a rumour that Phryne and Jack had been up to no good at a party in London. Phryne is very skilled at denying this (” She’d had plenty of practice— which just made her inability to lie convincingly to Jack more frustrating”) and even manages to not let her mother know they’re a couple. The vision of Phryne and Jack colluding in how to keep up appearances while they very much are an item is such light-hearted fun, as is Phryne right up lying to her mother while Jack is standing beside her kissing her on the top of her head (such a lovely image). Though I for one sure want to know what happens the day Margaret realises Phryne has been hiding this from her. Even if she likes Jack, “To be honest, I was rather hoping that the rumor was true. I rather like your inspector; he has a steadying influence on you. You could do far worse” she would probably not like that Phryne didn’t tell her when Jack was a guest there for such a long time…

@ollyjayonline’s “They Say” is using the trope in a very clever way, and I won’t be able to talk about it without spoiling it, apologies for that! Here is a nameless man sitting in his home when a woman enters, talking derisively about “that Fisher woman”. As readers, we first cannot be sure if this is Jack having another woman who is antagonistic to Phryne, or if it just seems that way and it’s not even Jack – but after a while, we come to the conclusion this is actually Phryne, surprising Jack by coming home from her flight quicker than expected, and the talking about “what people say” is just an ingenious surface of pretended indifference while the emotions are swirling around beneath it. 

She offers what people might say about her, and he counters with what idle tongues might be saying about him, and it’s all a hidden declaration of love and desire – it’s wonderfully done.

It takes a long time before Jack even looks up to watch her:

Toying with her glass, she asked, “Do you think she’ll come here?”
He closed his book, “Now, why would she do that?” He put the book on the small table and picked up his whiskey again. His eyes passed over her. In black trousers with a dark top and almost no make up; the overall effect was understated elegance, which was a look he admired very much.
“You know why. Do you think she’ll come here?”
“I don’t think of her at all,” he said.

The contrast between what they say and what they do make the piece very fun to read, and it fits perfectly with Phryne’s and Jack’s way of communicating: “That woman is just scandalous. You should stay away from her.” / “Yes, you’re right.“ He put down his glass and held out his hand. "Come here?”

The other half is the stories where the rumours are not primarily about Phryne and Jack as a couple. 

Here we find @loopyhoopyfrood, “Birds of a Feather”, a oneshot that outlines a completely different AU for Miss Fisher – setting up a scene that plays with identities and roles in an interesting way, giving us a version of Phryne and Jack that I think noone expected. @zannadubs23, “Axiom Tilt” is a story coming from the August trope, and has chapter 6 designated for this month’s trope. We’re here in the middle of the story where Phryne is suspiciously off, behaving oddly, and the reader doesn’t know exactly why, but has a bad feeling in her stomach. The case is hard to be sure of – who of the characters are manipulative and bad, who are just affected by that but themselves not as bad as it sounds? How much is Phryne off, and how much does it only seem like it? In chapter 6, Jack is trying to make sense of the case and sort out which of the rumours are true and which are planted. Is the doctor or the nurse the bad guy? There seems to be more than one thing that’s wrong here, and we’ll have to wait some more for the answers.

Jack comes to Phryne’s kitchen, but for a very different reason this time.

In @firesign23, “A Hundred Days of Sorrow”, the rumours are not so much existing, as being feared. The story uses the trope beautifully by letting the rumours and the damaging effect of them form a backdrop to the story. Jack followed Phryne to England, but the relationship was destroyed by something that has to do with rumours, or more correctly fear of rumours, of how their relationship might be interpreted by others. We meet them months after this happened, when both are back in Melbourne and they’re not speaking to each other. We only get glimpses its of what happened through their interactions and dialogue – thus making us have to put together small bits of information. This means the rumour part is not only a theme in the fic but also in its structure, and it’s beautifully done.

Jack comes to Phryne – disturbing her in the middle of a tryst with a lover, and the all-knowing Mr B knows she would want to prioritize a Jack in need and thus interrupts her evening – because he has been accused of murder and needs her help. Phryne takes his case, and both the awkwardness between them and the moments of being in sync in spite of everything are lovely. The layers of the present and the past and what could have been are heart clenching:

He turned as she entered the kitchen, carrying two tumblers and a decanter of whiskey—for an instant he was in her flat in London, that first night when he’d been utterly exhausted by travel and lovemaking and she’d brought the whiskey to bed, laughing as they’d sipped from the bottle like teenagers stealing their parents’ liquor supply. He closed his eyes, feeling a small smile tug at the corner of his lips despite himself.

And when they speak on the phone, her voice “was warm and kind and so Phryne he couldn’t help but love her all over again”:

“I should… I was heading to bed,” he fumbled. “I’ll drop the manuscript off when I have a chance, though.”
“I’ll look forward to it.”
The worst part was, he knew she meant it; it just wasn’t enough.

Phryne needs to work through how the evidence that points at Jack are false, and she also inadvertedly happens to send him into a trap, where he is kidnapped – and later she is too. It seems the case give them one last chance of really going to the bottom of their feelings for each other (if they only survive it). The story isn’t finished yet, so exactly what happened between them we don’t know yet, only that it broke their burgeoning romance, and neither do we know if it’ll be possible to fix it – but we do know that none of them really wants to be without the other.

Quailitea, “Of All the Unlikely Things”, is a fic about rumours and gossip from Prudence Stanley’s point of view, lovingly explored. I adore the fic already from the note: “What is a devoted, if exasperated, aunt to do?” In this story, Prudence hears all kinds of gossip about her niece, and she is not scandalized but rather plays with it – “she harrumphed to the hilt at every insinuation, while maybe, once or twice, ‘accidentally’ influencing a few of the more fabulous stories”. This is not rumours about Phryne and Jack, but about Phryne doing all kinds of spectacular things. Finally she also meets “That persistent Inspector” and thinks that “for once, she might just surprise her niece, rather than the other way around” – and so in a very delightful way she helps to send him after her.

What was meant as a second chapter to this fic turned into a full story of its own, Quailitea’s “Those Things Done For Love” (and hopefully, there can be even more coming in this series?). It’s a delicious take on the rumour trope – again, not playing with rumours of Phryne and Jack, but in other ways. Jack is travelling by boat to England, and while on board he realises he seems like an enigma to the other passengers, and happen to embrace it – kind of offering himself up as an object of gossip to make the journey more entertaining for the other passengers, especially a young woman, Clarissa Selverton, who likes to read mysteries: “it dawned on him that he was pure enigma to these people. Convention-defying, mysterious and apparently rich – he was… basically, Miss Fisher. A warm crawl of absurd amusement came over him, and he heard himself replying archly, with a Fisherine nonchalance”. And later, when talking about false identites, he spikes her interest with a comment like “The last time I needed an assumed persona, I created an Archibald Jones, but he has a record of breaking and entering now, so I can’t use him anymore.”

It’s a delight to follow their interactions and her interest, and the way he does it also as a kindness – trust Jack Robinson to find a way to help, right? – and also how she finally realizes there really isn’t a riddle, asking him “Are you making fun of me, Mr Robinson?”. And Jack giving her the advice to bascially be like Phryne is a wonderful touch. It’s a lovely story, and then ending with a proper reunion too – seen from the outside and with a splash of Aunt P, which makes it even better.

In @whopooh, “Five Times Mrs Robinson Comes To Stay (And One Time She Says Goodbye)”, the rumours are not so predominant, but they’re something that’s there in the air in different respects. The fic captures – rather light-heartedly and humorously – five times when Jack has surprise visits by his mother, Mrs Robinson. There are several dimensions of the rumours: his mother realising there is a lady detective in his life, Phryne hearing about Jack having a visitor – and a visitor who gives him lunch boxes, no less – and trying to sleuth the meaning of this worrying fact, and Phryne at one time accidentally barging in on Mrs Robinson instead of on her son. The story gives an outside perspective on the development of Phryne’s and Jack’s relationship and also gives to Jack a clever mother who is not easy to fool.

@scruggzi,’s “With Such a Wistful Eye”, finally, is such a deep and beautiful and emotional take on the rumour trope – and again the rumour is not about Phryne and Jack as a couple. In the midst of their relationship, Jack tells Phryne about a man, Alex, he might have fallen in love with during the war, and the fic grows into a thorough exploration of so many things: of a Jack that also has feelings for men, of life during war and finding an emotional connection during that horrible time, of Jack feeling like he was cheating on Rosie because of this, of him coming back to the normal life after war and about this other man being destroyed by war, and of the relationship with Phryne being so deep and so non-judgemental that he can tell her about this part of his life without fear of recrimination. The rumour part is set during the war, when some of the men suspect Jack and Alex of having a too close friendship, and the exploration of dutybound and careful Jack realising he has this side in him, and how to deal with it, is simply stunning. There is also so much said about war, started already in the first line of the retrospect, “Lance Corporal Robinson had been a soldier for longer than he had been a husband”, and about the downfall of Jack’s and Rosie’s marriage, something Alex talks about from his perspective: “You can’t live a whole life for other people, Jack,” he had told him once.  / “Clearly, Alex, you are not a married man,” he had responded dryly”.

The way the story is mixing the retrospect in itself and the act if narrating it – and Phryne’s way of listening and understanding being such an important part of the telling – is beautiful and means this very much becomes a story about the two of them and the strength of their bond, even though it mainly is about a long lost love of Jack’s. The parallels between Phryne and Alex are interesting to see, and the hidden climax of Jack’s wartime relationship – hidden because he isn’t sure whether it happened or not – is poignant and emotional, beautiful and filled with guilt: “I don’t think I wanted it to have happened. I didn’t want to be that kind of man. Rosie, she deserved better.” It’s a very reasonable thing for Jack to think, and also makes the way Phryne listens to him – making him say out loud for the first time the words that he actually fell in love with Alex – stand out in the story. It’s a beautiful way of making a story about old love become a way to strengthen their present love, and to give Jack many new nuances.

Finally,  two fics that have only begun and I’m not sure where to put it in my structure above, as the real depths and breadths of gossip are yet to be revealed. Comeaftermejackrobinson and @missingmissfisher’s “Truth’s Shoes” is set in the midst of the episode “Death defying feats”, after the first dinner between the detectives were cancelled due to the Baron’s arrival, Dot receives a letter, disappears and seems to have been kidnapped. At the same time, Jack has been dining out with another woman which meant he wasn’t there when the others were searching for Dot. This causes Bert’s anger and makes Phryne wonder what is so different for her with Jack compared to other men. Where the story will go, we’ll probably see rather soon. Also @rositalg’s “Portrait of the Artist” is in the beginning, and has given us a wonderful fight between Phryne and Jack, where Jack is angry with Phryne for putting herself in danger, and when he finds that she has been arrested he lets her sit in the cell, where she meets Elsie Tizzard. Phryne tells her cell mate that Jack is angry with her, and Elsie is loyal with her favourite copper:

“Revenge? Jack Robinson?!” Elsie shook her head emphatically. “Nah. He’s got a heart of gold.”

“You’d be surprised.” Phryne countered, glaring down the hall once more. “A raid, of all the things!” She tsked her luck. “I foolishly stayed behind, because everyone in the Victoria Police Force knows that I’m not a threat. Well, that I’d never use my skills against them at least.” She corrected herself. “It’s not my fault that I am better at my job and RAIDED THE DRUG DEN FIRST.” She shouted down the hall at her captors.

Phryne manages to get out by playing her best card, her close aquaintance with the Commissioner, and she and Jack are called to him to try to figure out their collaboration. The fic gives an interesting reason for Phryne knowing the Commissioner, stemming back all the way to the investigation into Janey’s disappearance. "“Tea?” He asked the pair. / “The usual, please.” Phryne smiled and the Commissioner’s heart visibly melted a little.” There has only been two chapters so far, and as with “Truth’s Shoes” I suspect we will be given more details about the rumour trope in the coming chapters.

That’s all for the September trope. The October trope has already been announced, it’s “Breaking the Fourth Wall” and the post about it is here. I’m very much looking forward to what will come out of it!

Fic Rec List 3 of 3 tonight

Since my original post was too long, I had to break it up into 3 posts tonight. Hopefully this works. The whole thing is the definitive list of all my favorite fics. On a scale of 1-10, all of these are rated 11 or higher. A single asterisk next to a fic is a desert island fic that I couldn’t do without. A double asterisk is a #1 all time favorite fic that I reread regularly. All links, Tumblr handle (if I know it), ao3 and/or ff profile, links to fics on ao3 and/or ff, are included.  So settle in for some fabulous reading from this EXTREMELY long list. 

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Guinevere: “I just wish I could remember what happened. Experiences make us who we are and just suddenly they are gone. It’s the cruelest theft I can think of.”
Mary MargaretI’m sure Emma had a reason for taking away our memories. Maybe it was a good one… but just, don’t worry. The one thing I’ve learned all the times I’ve been cursed is that the important things remain. They bleed through.
Guinevere“Perhaps, but I’m more concerned about why this is happening. If you’re right and your Emma had good reason to take our memories I wonder if that’s because they were too horrible to live with. Deep down inside that’s how I feel. Like something went very, very wrong.”

This exchange between Mary Margaret and Guinevere from the Season 5 deleted scenes contains so many of the concepts that explain the show it deserves its own post.

Memory loss
Throughout the series many characters experience memory loss. It’s a huge part of the story because Emma has actually lost the memories of her past - her real past. It seems like the flashbacks we have seen are new memories created by the curse. Remember in season one where all the Storybrooke characters didn’t remember who they were and they had been given new memories? 

Emma: “For decades people have been walking around in a haze not aging with screwed up memories stuck in a cursed town that kept them oblivious.”

As Rumplestiltskin would say: “Irony is everywhere when you know the future.” That was foreshadowing for what was about to happen to Emma. Except in season one, we were the all-knowing, the omniscient audience. Remember that? That was fun. We knew what was going on and the characters didn’t. Or at least we thought we did. We were and are experiencing the opposite. We are experiencing the curse from within. We are seeing the new memories being created in real time, but we are not being told it is happening. We have no idea our memories aren’t real. We have to figure it out from context. We are cursed. Just like Emma.  

Bleeding through
Mary Margaret points out that in spite of the memory loss, the important things would still somehow bleed through. This underlines the importance of the subtext on this show. There are so many subjects that are touched upon, but never really addressed. There are consent issues, there is abuse. There are dark undertones that never really break through the surface and into the text. There are the subjects that keep coming back. Car crashes, abandonment, accidental killing, conversion therapy, lost love. There’s dialogue that takes on new meaning. There are many queer relationships that were clearly there but again unaddressed like Mulan & Aurora, Regina & Maleficent, Emma & Lilly and of course Emma and Regina. These are the important things that keep bleeding through. The experiences of Emma Swan before she became the Savior. Her real memories and feelings.

Red: “Regina thought she was punishing us by erasing who we were but I think she underestimated how much crap we wanted to forget.”

Something horrible to forget
Guinevere explains exactly why Emma might have a good reason to erase their memories. They were too horrible to live with. Emma’s real story is much darker than we have been told in text. It is by looking at the themes that are bleeding through we have a sense of what may have happened. We know that Emma is specifically running away from memories that started when she was fourteen years old. 

Hordor: She’s a fine, strong girl. She’ll make a fine soldier.
Father: It’s a mistake – she’s turning fourteen. Only fourteen!

The age of fourteen is repeated throughout the show. Children were drafted into the ogre wars at the age of fourteen. Interestingly some describe the archetype of the ogre as a representation of an abusive father figure. Emma’s inner ogre wars started at fourteen.

Mr. Gold: Come with me to Storybrooke. There’s magic there. I can turn the clock back. Make you fourteen again. We can start over.
Neal: Fourteen? I don’t want to be fourteen, again. Are you… Are you insane?
Mr. Gold: I can’t make up for the lost time, but I can take away the memories. Bae…

Rumplestiltskin literally proposes to take the painful memories away and to start over if Neal goes back to Storybrooke. Actions speak louder than words, because the offer is declined, but the characters eventually…. all go back to Storybrooke.

Mary Margaret: Emma. That’s you. You must be…
Emma: Thirteen, maybe fourteen. All this time in this foster home or whatever that place was, it’s gone.

Once again the age of fourteen comes up and at this point Emma admits that she doesn’t remember anything about the foster home we have video footage of.

Second chance
There is another appeal for Emma specifically. With her old memories out of the way she has the chance to relive her teen years with her new parents, Snow & Charming. 

As people have been pointing out, the Emma Swan we met in season one would not let a man like Hook into her life because she would have encountered predatory men like him before. She would probably also be aware of her own sexuality. An Emma Swan who lost every experience and every memory from the time she was fourteen, however, would also have lost her life lessons and everything she knew about herself. She would be vulnerable and liable to make the same mistakes again.

Experiences make us who we are
Guinevere calling the memory loss the cruelest theft she can think of is so relevant because above anything else losing her memories has left Emma exposed again. To pain she’d already lived through. Before this experience, she had no idea what impact not having parents had on her life. It has given her the opportunity to see her old memories in another light. She has perspective now. Even if she’d grown up with her parents, there would still have been predators in the world. She still would have needed to learn to stand up for herself. She also learned something about the challenges having parents posed. The pressure to compromise yourself to please parents who love you must have been foreign to her before this.

Emma: “The fighting and the pain, it’s what makes me me. I’m good with that.”

While her new life with her parents might have been better in some ways, the life she did lead wasn’t in vain. It was her life. You can’t pick and choose. If you lose the horrible memories, you lose the knowledge they brought. You lose a part of yourself. She’s better equipped to see the value of her old life now. The season 6 winter finale was a summary - an exaggeration if you will - of the main lessons she learned throughout the seasons. While Princess Emma may have been completely repressed, it was just a more extreme version of the repressed Emma we have been seeing. What we’ve witnessed is that she is finally becoming aware of it. She is starting to accept the person she became, which will hopefully give her the strength to fully face the demons that she was running from.

“Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing” – Swan Queen and why it’s endgame.

I have been watching Once Upon a Time for around a year and a half. Since starting it, I’ve rewatched it countless times and for one reason only, Swan Queen. To me, and many others, Emma and Regina’s development is the main core of the show. After the best hiatus swen have ever had, I thought it was fitting to create a masterpost and tell/show everyone why The Evil Queen and The Savior are endgame. Brave yourselves, it’s going to be a long one.

I knew we were witnessing something special between these two characters right from their first meeting in the pilot episode. For starters, every gay/bisexual woman knows that theres nothing better than shipping a blonde and brunette, so there’s that. But, all jokes aside, one thing that these women do constantly is talk with their eyes. As an actor myself, one of the first things you learn in training is how important eye communication is. Eyes are the window into a characters soul, eye contact with another character can determine the relationship between them. Half of the time, acting is all about the eyes. So to start off this post, heres our two favourite ladies speaking volumes with the way they look at each other in Season 1.

Ah the first time they meet. They haven’t even spoken two words to each other yet, but notice Emma licking her lips and Regina looking her up and down. The chemistry is undeniable. And so it starts.

Look how Regina never breaks eye contact with Emma. Acting 101 with Lana Parrilla.

Another moment from the pilot. Now I know we would all look like this if we saw Regina Mills approaching us, but Emma doesn’t do the best job of hiding her attrction. I mean just look at her face, it screams ‘holy shit she’s hot af’

Do you remember the whole ‘if you fancied someone in school, you’d push them over in the playground because you don’t know how to deal with your feelings’ analogy? Emma and Regina don’t know how to be nice to each other just yet (YET being the operative word), so cue the sexual tension, longing looks and angst.

One of my favourite early SQ moments just because of Emma’s eyebrow raise. ‘That’s all I’m getting? Oh really well time will tell my friend’. I LOVE SUBTEXT.

It’s all in the eyes, guys, seriously. Why else would Emma get so flustered and pour hot chocolate over herself? It’s cause of Regina Mills, thats why.

This moment is iconic. ICONIC. IT’S ALL IN THE EYES. Even now, when speaking with my fellow swen, this moment is something we all look forward to when we’re re-watching the show. To those who don’t even watch the show and look at this moment without context, it honestly looks like Regina is leaning in for a kiss. It’s even mentioned quite regularly in a lot of sq fanfics. The almost-mine-kiss is nothing short of super gay. And we also see the first time Regina ask for help and turn to someone else when she doesn’t know what to do. And of course, that would be Emma.

Regina is dreaming in this scene, but what does she dream about? Emma coming for her. Coincidence? I think not.

Ok so before I get to the most important exchanging of looks between these two, can I just point out that they really aren’t subtle, at all. Over the seasons, the looks between them escalate from angst and lust to the looks of two women who really do care a lot about each other. But more on that later. For now let’s talk about this.

Sometimes I remember this moment just as I go about my daily life and just think ‘If Emma Swan doesn’t want to bang Regina Mills on her kitchen worktop then I don’t know what the fuck Lana and Jen are playing at’. Seriously, that’s all I have to say about this look.

And that concludes the ‘way too much eye sex and tension in season one’ section of this post. Lets move on to something that is one of the main reasons as to why I think Emma and Regina belong together.


Funny you should say that, Daniel, dear. It could be argued against but magic is the main theme of this show. True love creates the purest magic, it can transcend realms, defeat the strongest of evil and save lives. Mix together light and dark magic and what do you get, Emma and Regina performing the strongest magic. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

We first witness the connection between their powers in the season two premiere. Regina’s struggling to create the portal to the Enchanted Forest until Emma’s touch finally opens it. Right then, I knew they would be making magic throughout the rest of the seasons. Was I wrong? Duh. 

Look at her face, man. You can see the realisation on her face, Emma can use magic, I can use magic, we can create magic together. Yes she’s surprised, but how would you react if you just found out the person you’re lusting after has powers just like you, eh?

Oh I’m so proud of how far these two have come. Even Henry notices it, he knows the potential of his two Moms creating magic together. Then Regina’s face. Again, I can’t stress it enough, it’s all in the eyes. Don’t forget that Regina has so much experience and knowledge about magic, she’ll know that true love is the strongest magic of all, she’ll know that her and Emma’s combined magic is special. SHE KNOWS. Which is why she doesn’t even bother protesting against it when Emma offers to help. Emma knows too, why else would she suggest it? Their magic destroys the trigger and saves the town. What else do I need to say?

Oh the Neverland arc was so important for the development of Swan Queen magic. Who is the biggest supporter of Emma’s magic? Who teaches her to embrace her powers and use them for good? Who can relate to her and show her that having magic makes you special and you should use it your advantage? REGINA MILLS.

There she goes again, believing in Emma Swan. Damn, Regina. You really do care for Emma don’t you, you little shit.

And then it becomes second nature to these two to work together and defeat evil. All it takes is a nod from the other to start up ‘operation lets make magic together’. Also notice the colours of their magic, look familiar? Well of course.


Swan Mills Family

Now we get on to probably the most important part of this post. Family is a huge theme in this show, HUGE. And what is the biggest connection between Emma and Regina? Henry Mills. Their son. All the way through the show, both Emma and Regina have tried to give Henry his best chance, they love their son more than anything else and thats pretty clear to see. Although, to me, the most important thing to notice is the development between this little trio. First we see Regina and Emma fighting over his affections, screaming at each other that he is ‘MY SON’ etc etc. But eventually we see them work together to do the best for their son. I mean, they share a child. How important is that? The answer is VERY. 

Emma and Regina put their differences aside and looked further than petty arguments to notice what they share. They’re both loving and caring mothers to the same boy. Emma backs up Regina in front of Henry, and Regina does the same. Look at how Emma and Regina look at each other whilst in the company of their son. ‘Look at her being a great Mother to our son’ I MEAN COME ON NOW. They’re a family. If that isn’t enough evidence to see Swan Queen as canon, then I don’t know what more you need. But, just keep on reading.

Remember when Adam Horowitz, the creator of this god damn show, tweeted this and then deleted it?

I wonder why he did that, was it to distract us away from the obvious colour choices worn by Emma, Regina and Henry? Well, it didn’t work. Costume is super important when portraying a character so it’s quite fitting that the Swan Mills Family seem to have colour co-ordinated wardrobe, that they share.

Look at the colour parallel(!!!)

I don’t own these gifs so credit to whoever created them, but holy hell doesn’t this speak for itself??? Also, we were treated to season five spoilers recently. One of which was a scene between Regina and Emma. Guess who was wearing a Red blazer – matching the colour of Emma’s infamous red leather jacket? That’s right.

They do enjoy sharing clothes too

Another important factor in all of this is the way Mary Margaret notices. I’m pretty sure she’s certain SOMETHING is happening between her daughter and Regina. Whether it’s scripted or an acting choice by Ginny herself, I don’t know, but it definitely adds fuel to the fire. Take a look for yourselves.

Every look exchanged in these gifs is when Emma is around Regina, talking about her, or wanting to help her. The last one is by far my favourite. Subtext orgy I’m telling ya. ‘Well, we didn’t want to come but your love sick lady wanted to check up on you’. Amazing.


Ok this is going to be a big section, because the entire show is FILLED with paralells left right and centre. Sometimes I lose faith in the writing of this show, but then parallels suckh me back in and I’m like GOD DAMN THIS SHOW IS GOOD. Here’s the key moments that are paralleled with Swan Queen directly. Enjoy.

I suppose having a knack for seeing through people’s barriers is something that runs in the family, am I right?

COLOURS ARE IMPORTANT. Guess what happens a few episodes later?

Can I just…

Anyway, moving on.

Wish for home, wish for family, and that’s what you get.

WOOP there it is

Save the one you love and fight for them. Also, notice the costume choice here as well. Like I said, no coincidence. At all.

I’m sorry to say that this won’t be the only mention of sacrifice between these two, but this is so super important I can’t stress that enough. They don’t want the other to risk their lives for them. They don’t feel worthy. But they do it anyway. I’m sure you know why by now.

Bringing each other back to reality and showing them they’re better than violence. So married.

Probably the most significant and important parallels of the entire show, never mind my otp. I remember watching the episode where we are first introduced to Lily. I was with my best friend, someone who has never seen an episode of Once before. After the episode had finished, I asked her what she thought about it and she said ‘Well it’s pretty obvious Emma is into both brunettes really, is she gay?’ And that was all I needed to hear to be honest. The links between Emma and Lily and Emma and Regina is so so SO obvious. Emma and Lily started off as best friends then turned into enemies, Emma and regina started of as enemies and are surely becoming best friends. But still, the lesbian subtext surrounding these characters is a big as my gay radar.

As well as the obvious growing relationship in the show, the interviews/tweets/conventions that the actors and crew take part in are just as important. No-one knows their character better than the actors, and I think we can all agree that Lana in particular knows her character so well. Jen does too. They speak on behalf of their characters, their show and they really are the best people to ask sometimes. So here’s a list of evidence that supports my argument that Swan Queen is endgame, but also shows the representation Swan Queen finally deserves.


Madame Mayor and Sherriff Swan, The Evil Queen and The Saviour, Emma Swan and Regina Mills. They were always the basis for this show, and they have the strongest development.

Granny is the co-captain of our ship.

Oh Josh.

Never ever forget that this tweet exists.

And now lets move onto interviews from the actors/creators … I consider these the most important, because Swan Queen.

Now why would you put this voiceover on the scene where Emma is happy to see Regina enter the Diner because she invited her there.

The conventions this year have been an absolute blessing for the Swan Queen fandom but this is by far my favourite moment from them all. Lana herself has said that helping Emma was an ACT OF LOVE I mean do I really need to elaborate on that? I shouldn’t have to.


I’m pretty sure that there will be some negative attention on this post, some of it relating to the fact that ‘EMMA AND REGINA ARE STRAIGHT THO!!11!!1!1’ Let me stop you right there.

It’s been confirmed at Dragon Con a few days ago that Regina is indeed bisexual, here’s the link to the interview where Kristin says so.

Heres some more evidence of Regina being hella bisexual, as if you even need it.

However explaining Emma’s bisexuality needs more detail but this post explains it perfectly.

Also, whilst we’re at it, read this theory on the Dreamcatchers. Just do it.


With both of them having such troubled pasts, it’s pretty obvious that trust is important to both of them. That’s why it makes it all the more iconic when they tell each other that they can trust in them to do the right thing.

Low key wanting to bang each other is something that these two are experts on. The amount of times their words can be mistaken for sex talk when taken out of context is actually laughable. Heres just a few examples.

I decided to be a bit mean and leave all the important, and most obvious, Swan Queen moments towards the end of this post. Enjoy it loves. 

Emma is the first thing that comes to Regina’s mind after she collapses, she’s the one that she wants.

For the first time in her life, someone is there for Regina and protecting her, hence why the surprised look on Regina’s face. Emma is her saviour.

LOOK AT HOW EMMA LOOKS AT REGINA WHEN SHE WALKS IN .. This whole episode is a gift from God. Emma notices Regina, Emma wants her there, Emma notices her leaving. Emma always notices her wife.

Emma is Regina’s biggest cheerleader, no doubt about it

The look that Regina gives Emma is so sincere and genuine, she’s super happy to have Emma back.

Nervous Emma is nervous to hold Reginas hand. She’s hesitating for a reason. She knows that her and Regina make magic together, she knows that. I’m surprised she didn’t rub her palm on her trousers because she doesn’t want her wife to feel about sweaty she makes her.

They care enough about each other, they want the other person to be safe.

Regina giving Emma a happy ending at the end of season 3a is super important. All the way through season one, Regina wanted to run Emma out of town and now she’s wanting to give her everything she’s ever dreamed of. And do you know why, because she fucking loves her. Look at how they’re looking at each other. It’s all in the EYES.

Cue romantic zoom

Regina sticking by her wife, because she knows she’s better than Golds plan to turn her dark. Choosing the saviour over everything else is something she’s good for.

Regina taught Emma magic, she knows she’s special, that she’s worthy. So when Regina finds out that Snow and Charming are allowing her to rid herself of her magic, this reaction speaks volumes. Amazing.

Frozen parallels with Swan Queen was the best thing about 4a. Despite the history between her and Regina, Emma still wants the best for Regina. And also, remember when Regina said ‘the next time a happy ending knocks on my I’ll be ready’. Look who does…

This scene is super important though. Emma is trying so hard for her wife’s affections and looks like a child on Christmas morning when she gets what she wants. No two characters relate to each other as much as Emma and Regina. That’s a fact.

What even is this, seriously. The more romantic zooms between these two, the more longing looks they share, the more I’m convinced they’re married.

Regina protecting Emma. Again.

I’m pretty sure Adam and Eddy wouldn’t have edited this moment like this unless they wanted us all to think that Emma Swan is super jealous of Robin touching her wife.

Helping each other, backing each other up, being each others cheerleaders. These two have to foundation for a great fucking relationship and nothing can tell me otherwise.

(And now they can get super drunk together and have sex)

Yin and Yang. Honestly.

Yes, fate does push us, it pushes to the people we belong to be with. That’s why you adopted the Savior’s son.

Emma needs Regina. Regina needs Emma. After so many times that Regina didn’t want Emma around. This is the biggest development of character and relationship in the entire show.

THIS is the moment what Lana was talking about. Regina brings Emma back from darkness and makes her realise the good inside her. It’s an act of love. Lana has spoken.

The first time Regina meets Emma in an alternate universe, she has no idea who she is. She has no clue and yet she understands her, she boinds with her, she listens to her. ENDGAME

Right. I’m so sorry that I’ve left the best/worst Swan Queen moment until the end of this post. But it is the most important development throughout the entire show. First, lets recap what happened in episode 1.08 where Emma saves Regina from the fire.

Emma: Seriously? You’re complaining about how I saved your life?
Regina: (fire engines approach the scene) The firemen are here. It’s not like we were really in danger. Emma: (starts walking away) Fine. Next time I’ll just… I’ll just… Ah, you know what? (turning to face Regina) Next time, I’ll do the same thing. And the time after that because that is what decent human beings do. That’s what good people do.

Next time, she did do the same thing. She sacrificed her happiness, her life, her light magic, for the sake of Regina. She put herself into danger, she put her life into the hands of others, she risked her mental health, she risked her relationships with other people. She gave her entire soul to the darkness just so Regina didn’t have to go through the horror and torment again. She gave everything. Her family didn’t want to, but she did it anyway. Her beared didn’t want to, she did it anyway. She didn’t have to, she did it. Regina didn’t wat to, but she sacrificed everything for the sake of the woman she evidently loves.

Emma and Regina have come such a long way since the start of the show. Their relationship is one of the most genuine, beautiful and legitimate I’ve ever seen on a TV show. They share a son, they are a family. They save each other, they back each other up, they make magic together, they see the best in each other, they want each other to be happy. They belong together.

This post is why Swan Queen is endgame. We will get there one day, we will get what we deserve, what the show deserves. What Emma and Regina deserve. Hang in there, Swen. It’s happening.

Disclaimer: All gifs and pictures aren’t mine, credit goes to the creators. Thanks to sarahpaulsonsfuckinglisp for finding things I couldn’t. All opinions are my own

What if Emma died instead of Killian?

Ok, so when Killian dies in the season 5 winter finale, I rewatched that part on youtube because I had literally nothing else to watch that was Captain Swan-based. I made a long-winded explanation on why this couple was one of my favorites. Then I pointed out how different things would have been if Emma was the one who died. If you’re interested in having your heart ripped out, KEEP READING!

So you go through all the events of season 5a up until the scene where Nimue has Emma trapped and is trying to kill her family. Killian pulls the Dark Ones into Excalibur and is begging Emma to kill him. But , instead of her doing it, she reacts just like she did in the season 4 finale when the darkness tried to attack Regina. He tells her that he wants her to remember him as strong and brave because he thinks he’s going to die. Instead, Emma says she will because that’s the man he’s worked so hard to be and wants him to live that way. She kisses him and stabs herself (I know that Excalibur is a long sword, but it’s possible). He screams (because there’s no way he wouldn’t scream), and catches her. She dies in his arms. Everyone is torn apart. Her parents are devastated because their only daughter is dead. Henry would be sobbing because his mother is gone. Regina and Robin are trying so hard to keep themselves together and everyone else. 

Killian is just holding her and crying, begging her to come back. She’s turned back into her normal Emma self, hair gone from white to gold, black replaced with her signature red leather jacket. They have to pull him away when the coroner arrives to take her body. He refuses to leave her, but they make him. Where Emma cried, he goes back to The Jolly Roger and breaks down. He yells and throws things against the wall. He lost everything. Emma made a sacrifice for him again. And if he hadn’t been such an ass, she would be alive. It’s his fault. It’s his fault. It’s his fault!

He makes his way to The Swan House, their house, and finds what would have been their room. There’s a picture of the two of them. Maybe it’s from some random day, maybe after a battle, but it’s of them. He’s hugging her from behind, arms wrapped tightly around her waist, kissing her cheek. Emma is laughing, holding his arms. They’re together and in love and alive. He sits down and finally, finally, cries. He cries until he can’t anymore. Then he hears the same buzzing Emma did. He knows what it means. 

He finds the Crocodile and threatens him unless Rumplestiltskin helps him find Emma. He explains his plan to the rest of the group. He explains that he wants to share his heart with Emma. Mary Margaret asks him how he thought about that. He says that he knows she and Charming share a heart. Emma already holds his and has almost since the day they met. He will share his heart with her because he loves her.

Cut to the beginning of the spring season, Emma is in the tunnel with Megara. She tells Meg to find Killian and tell her her name. Meg escapes and Emma is captured by Hades. Hades is more than happy to have the savior with him. He offers her the same deal as Killian. Emma tells him to shove it. Hercules and Megara get help from Killian rather than Emma. Then Killian is racing to find Emma and Hades appears in front of the group. He holds up her red jacket, torn and blood stained. Killian threatens to kill him if he does anything to hurt her. Hades just laughs and disappears. 

He finds Milah and they are able to reconcile and he tells her about Emma. How much he cares for her. Milah offers to help him and dies still. But Emma and Hook are reunited. Emma is hurt and bleeding and in pain, but she’s safe. She’s with him again. They’re safe. They get back to her family and there are all sorts of tears and hugs and kisses. Whole nine yards. Everything is fairly similar from that point on, but it’s Emma that can’t leave. neither can Killian because his name is on a grave. Liam’s story is more about Emma being selfish and pushing Hook into the darkness after he fought it for so long. Emma, instead of taking it laying down, shouts that she was doing it to save him. She died because she realizes how much pain she put him through. How much he struggled with his darkness. But she died for him. To give him a chance. Because when it finally came down to it, he fought back for her. Killian and Emma fight still, but when the truth comes out, he tells her he’s sorry. He’s lived in his brother’s shadow for so long that he forgets she sees him as his own man. And loves him as such. 

Then comes the most crushing scene. You know which one I’m talking about when the ambrosia turns out to be a red herring (You know if you listen really close in that scene, you can hear my heart breaking)

So Hades tells them about the ambrosia. Hook has to weight his heart. He knows he loves Emma, but he’s scared that it might not be true love. He’s scared because Emma’s heart is so good and pure and light while his is filled with darkness and hate. So the test happens. His instinct, after centuries of being alone, is to get his heart. But he chooses Emma.

This would have been more satisfying and heart warming. He chooses her. He loves her so much that he was willing to sacrifice his heart for her. For the first time in her life, someone chooses her not because of what she can do, but because he loves her. She’s enough for him. Then ambrosia is destroyed. Emma feels more defeated than she ever had. It’s more than being promised something and it turns out to be false. It just hits her that she’s been fighting for so long. And she’s so tired of fighting. Killian wants to keep going. he wants her to keep hope, but they get to the elevator. (This part will be written more like a fic)

Emma looks at Killian, who pulls her along by the hand. His hand is warm and she can feel his heart beat in his fingers. At least she thinks it’s his heartbeat. One thing’s for certain. It’s not her own. He tugs her towards the elevator,” Come on, love. We’ll tell the others and figure out a new pl-”

“Killian…” Emma stops. Her hand slides out of his, but he’s quick to grab it again,” We aren’t going to find anything up there.”

“Don’t say that. Things always work out. We might have to search a little longer-”

Emma squeezes his hand,” Killian. I don’t think we will. I know that you came down here for me, but why should we get our hopes up when they’re just going to get crushed.”

“No,” He pulls her towards him, releasing her hand to touch her face. Green eyes meeting blue. He shakes his head,” No. I won’t leave you here.”

“That’s what got us here in the first place. I couldn’t let you go in Camelot. Maybe if I had…” She can’t finish. Either way one of them would have been down here. One of them would be alive and alone.

“I can’t leave you here,” he says.

“I know. But you have to. Don’t make my mistake. Let me go.” Her voice is cracking and she’s close to crying. She’s itching to put her walls up and cut off these awful feelings. She’s can’t do that to him, though. He’s already seen her at her worst. Killian knows by the look in her eyes that she’s made up her mind. He pulls her close. She’s not as warm as she once was, but she’s his. She’s his forever,” I need you to promise me something.”

“Anything,” He moves back so he can look at her. He hopes he gets time to memorize it.

“I know you’re going to struggle with the darkness again. I know losing Milah made you seek revenge. But you are not that man anymore. I don’t want you to seek revenge for me. I don’t want you to think you have to be a villain to survive.”

“Aye, lass,” His own voice breaks,” I can do that. But I need you to promise me something in return.”

“Anything,” She repeats him.

“Move on. You have earned a blessed eternal life countless times,” she smiles a little hearing this,” Don’t wait for me. I would never be able to live with myself if I was your unfinished business.”

“I can do that,” She promises,”I need one more thing”

“What is it, love?” He asks.

“Take care of my family for me. Please. They…I can’t say goodbye. Not to my father, not to Henry-”

“So why me?”

“Because we’ve said goodbye so many times. It never gets easier. I can’t imagine saying it to them.” 

“Aye, lass. I’ll look after them,” He embraces her again. Inhaling her cinnamon shampoo, his one good hand entangled in her long blonde curls. He could hold her like this forever. He could stay in this spot, forever. But she’s already pulling away. She shuffles him backward so he steps onto the elevator.He stops her as she pulls the gate down. He stares into her eyes, crying.

“I love you,” She moves to kiss him through the bars.

“I love you too,” The kiss is wetter than usual. They’re both crying. Being strong isn’t the priority. They’re more concerned with being with the other person. Their true love. This kiss is their last so they make it count. She pulls the gate down, holding his hand and his hook. As the elevator moves up, without her, she kisses his hand and hook. Holding on until she can’t. Once it’s gone, when he’s gone, she falls to her knees and cries. What did she just do?(End of that scene)

So Killian goes back and has to force everyone to leave. They do, even though none of them really want to. Back on the Living world, everyone has to deal with her death and Hades’s impending attack. Hook has been a balancing act since returning, but he’s keeping it together because he promised her. Everyone is concerned because he’s not exactly letting himself feel anything. When Charming and Snow point it out, he loses it, just like Emma did,” I CAN’T! I BLOODY PROMISED HER THAT I WOULDN’T SUCCUMB INTO THE DARKNESS AND DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW BLOODY HARD THAT IS?! KNOWING THE MAN THAT PROMISED US WE COULD BE TOGETHER, AND SHE’S STILL IN THE DAMN UNDERWORLD! I TOLD HER TO MOVE ON AND I KNOW SHE HASN’T! I WILL GRIEVE HER WHEN I CAN DO SO AND NOT BREAK MY PROMISE TO HER!”

In the underworld, Emma yells at Arthur, telling him that the first time someone chooses her, she has to let him go. And she can’t let him go because goddamn it, as tired as she is of fighting, she won’t stop fighting for him. Not while he’s in danger. Not while her family is still in danger. They defeat Hades (and lose Robin).

Hook goes to Emma’s grave. He puts down Liam’s ring. The one he gave her in Camelot. He tells her what happened. Then says as happy as he is the threat is gone, he hates that she’s gone. He has tears rolling down his face as he tells her how much he misses her. How much it hurts to wake up and she’s not there. How his heart breaks when he wakes up and remembers she’s gone. He goes to Robin’s grave to pay his respects. He stands next to Regina. They have a better understanding of each other. Both of them losing their true loves. 

Emma walks into the light and finds Zeus. Zeus tells her how they’ve been watching her. How her heroics and selflessness has inspired them. He tells her that it’s time to go to where she belongs.

Hook stands by Robin’s grave and feels the same surge of power that Emma had. Then he hears her. Just one word,” Killian?”

“Emma,” He rushes to her and kisses her like he’ll never get the chance again. They’re together again and the rest of the finale is just the same, but Emma is the one who came back. 


Basically, I think the biggest change would be two things. One, Killian would be fighting his darkness again. It would be a great thing to see. Second, Emma Swan realizing that she is loved and she has found her home with her family and Hook. Let me know what you think!

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any good Captain Swan fics?

Actually yes! You’ve come across a major bookworm. I’ve been reading CS fics non stop lately. And I prefer to read quality fics where Captain Swan is written well, and their interaction makes sense regarding these characters. 

Firstly though I want to direct your attention to some awesome writers on tumblr. They write a lot one shots and short fics directly on their blogs that you simply can’t get enough of. It would be hard to list all the fics so I’ll just direct you to their blogs. There are a lot of great writers though I’m only going to name a few. Some write chapter fics as well but when you need a good short story to make your day I always find I can read their stories. (they are in no order in particular)

i—still—do, emmaducklingswan , captainswanapproved , firstbeanstalk , lady-silverblood ,  hooks-and-hero-ness , bemusedbicycle , paradisdesbilles , lovingcaptainswan , hookslovelyswan , hookedonforest

Now as for Chapter Fics. Here’s some I’d say are worth checking out.


Fics I highly recommend:

A Dash of Cinnamon

AU: Emma discovers a small, privately-run coffee shop in Storybrooke — in the end, it’s no longer about the cinnamon sprinkles or the mochas, but about a particular one-handed barista, and a boy with a storybook.

A Modern Day Courtship

A collection of drabbles highlighting Emma and Killian’s struggle to navigate through 21st century dating. Drabbles will not necessarily be in chronological order. Ch. 6: a ‘morning after’ fic, Emma has to clear up a misunderstanding between her and Hook over the phrase ‘walk of shame’.

Broken Souls Mend Hearts 

Captain Swan AU. Cora let’s the curse take Killian, and her action changes the course of events in Storybrooke, forever changing their lives. A lot will stay to canon to Seasons 1-3 so far with exceptions made to accommodate Killian being cursed to Storybrooke as well as original scenes with Killian and others. Yes, it’s been done before, but I wanted to write my own spin on it.

Castles in the Sand

She’s the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, princess of the realm. He’s the nephew of King Triton, ruler of the sea. They were never supposed to know about each other, let alone meet. But they did and now they’re in deeper than either of them ever planned. Together, Emma and Killian will have to face what it means to be a princess and a merman with or without one another


AU. Professor Killian Jones, a mysterious Irish scholar, and Emma Nolan, a college sophomore from a sleepy little town in Maine, cross paths at Boston College. Neither of them could have imagined what would happen next. *** COMPLETE ***

Dream of Me

AU set when Emma and Snow return home. Gold knows Cora is coming, and his plan to defeat her once and for all involves putting Emma under A sleeping curse…What will happen when Killian comes to town only to discover his swan is asleep- indefinitely?

Heartbeat Slowing Down

AU; Hook delays the curse. 20 years later, the Enchanted Forest is falling into turmoil, but all Emma wants is chance to end the death threats and figure out why magic is suddenly manifesting inside of her. Opportunity arrives when she strikes a deal with Hook, but inevitable changes are coming and Emma begins to see that while the curse may be escapable, the final battle isn’t.

Holiday Dysfunction, Honest Intention, Love, & Other Things

Henry wants to dress up as Captain Hook for Halloween, Emma is avoiding Hook, and Hook is chasing Emma…Mary-Margaret wants a Thanksgiving with everyone and do we mean EVERYONE and David is beginning to hate every holiday. Hook gives Henry relationship advice involving mistletoe around Christmas and will Regina and Neal find someone to share a New Year’s kiss with? CapSwan FIC!

Round and Round 

Emma is a princess in the Enchanted Forest. Killian works in the kitchens. They are best friends and Emma is desperately trying to convince herself that’s all she feels towards him. Lieutenant Duckling (Young!Emma/Killian) AU.

Screaming in the Dark

Killian Jones is a werewolf seeking revenge against the hunter that murdered his mate, but Emma Swan stands in his way. Plot-divergence . werewolf!Killian x Emma

Screw Destiny

“There’s no way I [kissed you] because I thought that…that you were…” She motioned toward him, the words like lead on her tongue. “That you were my…you and me…were…my…” Killian rolled his eyes. “True love, darling.” “Shh!” Emma snapped. Set after events of 2x11. KillianxEmma. Humor/drama/Romance. 

The Fluffy Problem

Post-Tallahassee. Cora takes her revenge on Hook and he is forced to run to the hero team for help. Good thing Emma is a cat person.

The Princess Bride

As the Enchanted Forest teeters on the verge of war, the reluctant Princess Emma is devastated by the loss of her true love, kidnapped by a mercenary & his henchmen, rescued by a pirate, forced to marry a prince, & rescued once again by the very crew who took her. Foiling their plans & jumping into their story is Killian, Emma’s true love and a good friend to a dangerous pirate.

The Swan-Feather Cloak

After breaking a curse cast by Rumplestiltskin, Princess Emma runs away from the palace in search of vengeance. Hiding her face under her cloak made of swan-feathers, she finds her way onto a pirate ship with a Captain that has a similar mission to her. Captain Swan.

Two Pink Lines

A Captain Swan series based around Emma’s pregnancy with Killian Jones’ child, spanning from positive pregnancy test to birth.

Under the Horizon 

One push, one mistake, and Emma found herself on the deck of Jolly Roger, only 300 years ago. And the only way for her to get back is to find her true love, which, at the moment, seems impossible. With Hook furious and grieving over Milah’s very recent death, Emma’s left to pick up the pieces of his broken heart, that is, if she wants to get home. Set after 3x06. Captain Swan

Walking on Water

AU: The war against the ogres is heating up, and Princess Emma has been dispatched to meet with a powerful nobleman whose magic powers might help win the battle. But her journey is interrupted when she is abducted by pirate captain Killian Jones, who has vowed vengeance against the Evil Queen, who he believes is responsible for his brother’s death.


Captain Hook decides not to wait until the curse is broken to reach the land without magic, his early arrival to our world will change everything, because the handsome pirate will appear in Emma’s life earlier than expected, long before Emma gets to Storybrook. Captainswan. AU.

White Light on a Black Sea

A Captain Swan story with a Black Sails twist. Princess Emma is on her way to her wedding when her ship is attacked by the Jolly Roger. Captured by ruthless pirates and miles from home, she is subject to the mercy of the handsome and dangerous Captain Hook. These aren’t the fairytale pirates you know. Will contain very mature themes. Dark!Hook/Princess Emma

Other Greats:

(yeah just like me) she was a victim of the nigh

Prompted from fyesemmaandhook on tumblr. —- Emma’s getting married in the morning to someone she’s never met — some prince from some rich, powerful kingdom on the other side of the continent — and so she needs to make tonight last. And the foreign pirate who’d shown up to rob her blind at her engagement ball will help her do just that. Captain Swan. Shamelessly, gleefully AU.

10 Things I Hate About Killian Jones

AU: Everyone wants Ruby and the new transfer student, Victor, is no exception. The problem is that she’s not allowed to date until her older sister, Emma Swan, dates, too. In an elaborate scheme to get the girl, Mary Margaret and Victor enlist the help of the only guy in school up for the challenge: Killian Jones. (Snowing, Frankenwolf, and hopefully a little Rumbelle at the end

372 Days

It took Killian Jones 372 days to find her and 7 days to make Emma Swan remember who she was. (General T rating but M Rating for Chapter 6)

A Change in the Wind 

Unlike the end of “Broken” where Emma and Mary Margaret fall through the Mad Hatter’s hat and end up next to Mulan and Aurora, Emma lands somewhere else entirely. She lands right next to a pirate ship being captained by the one and only Hook. This story will follow some plots of the show, but not all of them. Captain Swan. 

a little too much of that poison, baby 

How bad can it be to have a little fun with the charming man offering a drink and a wink? The answer? Very bad.

A Thwarted Hook

…version of Emma and Hook’s journey to love. Starts after Hook stabs Gold & Emma knocks him out. Hook with a concussion, Emma taking care of him and starting to care for him. Partially follows canon (but without the neal love stuff) to adventures in Neverland.

Across Time And Space 

Seventeen year old Emma Swan unwittingly and accidentally falls through a mysterious portal that lands her in the middle of the ocean, only to be saved by a young, dashing lieutenant, and to be brought aboard the Jewel of The Realm. Will she be able to find her home? And if she does… Will she still want to go? Lieutenant Duckling with eventual progression to Captain Swan.

Dinner And A Movie

Emma and Henry include Hook in their Disney Movie Marathon.

Forget Me Not 

When Emma abandoned Hook at the top of the beanstalk she had no idea just what path that decision might lead her down… straight to Neverland apparently. Never trust a Pirate Captain, especially when your survival might depend on it. Follows on from the Tallahassee episode 2x6. AU as of 2x8.

I See Sparks

AU! Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian are both to be engaged, but there’s a slight problem. They both hate each other. Two weeks on a ship with one another may be just the thing they need to get something to spark between them.

I’ll Ask For The Sea 

Fed up with the future her royal status holds for her, Princess Emma runs away and ends up in the port town of Tortuga. She grows up there, working as a barmaid with her friend Ruby, but a chance encounter with a charming pirate sets into motion events she never could’ve imagined and reminds her that she can’t run from who she is forever.

it was my destiny to love (and say goodbye)

Prompt: Emma gives up her happy ending in exchange of everybody else’s, who go back to the Enchanted Forest and have no memory of her - until Killian starts dreaming of a strange, yet familiar woman.


Emma really should have known better than to accept a gift from Captain Hook, especially a magical one. He really should have known better than to underestimate her. Captain Swan. Rated M for violence and later chapters.

Love Through the Looking Glass

The curse backfired when Regina cast it. It didn’t work, fully. The curse kept them in the E.F., while Emma was sent to the land without magic to grow up completely alone. The catch is when Emma turns 28, the Enchanted forest will be no more, unless they can get Emma back to the Enchanted Forest. They need the only man that has ever been to the land w/o magic. Capt. Hook.

Modern World 101 for pirates 

Emma is trying to be a good teacher but Killian is being a really naughty student. A/N: This is, hopefully, going to be a series of Hook meets world ficklest.

Movie Night

Since returning from Neverland, Henry’s been looking for a way to keep occupied that presents minimal threats. He finds his answer in an enormous box of video cassettes from Neal’s place, and an old tv up in Emma’s room. Many of the tapes are the old Disney classics, and who better to snuggle up and watch them with than the characters themselves?

O Mistress Mine 

Dark!Hook AU: For twelve years the kingdom has been ruled by the ruthless King Killian I. For years no light has shined until the endangered Emma Swan falls into his life and when she does, she brings a storm of emotions tumbling back into his black heart. Intrigued by her unique effect on him, he takes her under his protection, as his mistress.

one jump ahead 

They say he’s the king of the street rats, that when you fall in with him, you’ll never go hungry again, that he has a harem of women from all over the world who will trek for miles and miles to share his bed. Emma doesn’t really know about that harem thing, but the “never go hungry again” bit is enough to catch her interest after (at least most of) a life on the street. CS AU.

Red Rebellion

Based in the future. [Peter Pan x OC] [Captain Swan] Emma and Killian’s rebellious daughter is paid a visit by a very intrigued Peter Pan. (I own no rights to the characters of Once Upon a Time.)

Second Star to the Right 

AU Captain Swan. Based on the path of the Tarot’s Major Arcana. Every journey starts with a single step. Emma never left Killian up the beanstalk, instead, they went back to Storybrooke together. Now Emma’s finding herself increasingly drawn to the infuriating pirate captain, and a series of events that neither one of them could have predicted has been set into motion.

Smuggled Princess

AU: The Curse never happens, Emma grows up in fairytale land, as a teenager she rebels and runs away, hiding on a pirate ship to get away. Takes place after Liam died so Killian is a newly self-proclaimed pirate and ship captain Lieutenant Duckling-esque A/N: Deviations from canon because, you know, it’s an Alternate Universe story - Rated M in later chapters


Stardust AU - Regina casts a spell that drops a star from the heavens, a lonely soul in the darkness of the forest. Rated M for violence and adult themes.

Stay With Me

Killian has lost the will to live. Emma walks into his life and turns everything upside down.

Straight On ‘Til Morning

Emma wanted nothing more than to get home to her son. It was simple. Get the compass, ditch the pirate, find her happily ever after with Henry. But in a world with unwanted magic and a pirate who can’t keep out of her head, things are never as simple as they seem. When the magic of a bean goes wrong, will she learn to accept Hook’s help in order to get back to Henry? CS.

Take Me Back to the Start

He tells her a story…a story she might just believe. Captain Swan post 3x11. NOW COMPLETE!

Teach Me How To Love Again

Captain Swan AU. Snow goes through the wardrobe with Emma. Cora sends Killian along with the curse, altering the events in Storybrooke as we know them. A lot of this story will stay true to the canon of the first three seasons, but with accommodations for new story lines, and lots of new original scenes. Reviews are magical. Enjoy.

The End Has Only Begun 

A wish on a blue star, an unexpected arrival, and the beginning of a journey that would save a whole kingdom. AU. Killian is Emma’s boyfriend in Boston at the start of the series.

The Lost Boys

AU: He’s the charming, out of control frontman of one of the most successful bands in the world. She’s a hard-working rising actress. Sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s real and what’s make-believe when fame’s in the game.

The Path That Moonbeams Make

Emma likes to sleep with her window open. She never quite realized who she’d be inviting in. All things considered, however, Captain Hook showing up in her bedroom after midnight is hardly the worst of his offenses. Emma knows how to handle Hook. (AU post “Welcome to Storybrooke”. Unapologetically Captain Swan.)

The Swan Princess

Only a vow of everlasting love can break the spell.

Two Princes

Inspired by the song. AU: Princess Emma was raised by her birth parents, but a curse on her 16th birthday sends her to Neverland. There, she spends years running from the Lost Boys and Pan before meeting Captain Hook. Hook takes the Lost Girl into his protection, eventually helping her return to her realm, where King David rewards the pirate with a title.


Emma didn’t get sick often, but when she did she really got sick. Who can help when she can’t help herself? Captain Swan


Killian, Percival, the Fisher King, the Grail, Excalibur, the Savior

This post is an offshoot from the one I made earlier about the Savior’s birthplace being Agrabah.

Just as a disclaimer, I’m not a religious person, I’m not religiously inclined in the least, I don’t believe in a lot much to my parents’ dismay, and my answer to everything is the Big Bang, because the Big Bang, and also pragmatism. But I do know enough to recognize symbolism when I see it, so of course, research time, and down the rabbit hole.

If you’re not into the religious connotations from season 5 with regard to Killian’s death and subsequent resurrection, which is a word I’ve been impossibly gun shy about using, even though that’s exactly what happened in episode 5x21, if you’re not into the Arthurian Legends and anything to do with religious symbolism/imagery then this post isn’t for you.

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Fluffy Fridays: Ch. 1: Happy Friday Guy

Happy Friday Guy

It began quite by accident.  After one too many rums down in The Village on Thursday night, Killian Jones struck up a (far too drunken) conversation with his best mate, David Nolan on the way back to the off-campus apartment they shared.

“No way, mate!” Killian slurred.  “No way you’ll get off your sorry arse and pursue the lovely Mary Margaret. I’ll be forced to endure your pining for the rest of eternity.”

“I’ll have you know,” David said, staggering slightly, “that my arse is anything but sorry!  And as far as Mary Margaret goes, I’ll ask her out the next time I see her, or my name’s not Navid Dolan!”

“Uh-huh,” Killian hummed in amusement.  His mate couldn’t hold his liquor worth a damn.  He really was a danger to himself.  “Sure you will.  I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Damn straight you will,” David said, nodding vigorously.  “I’ll show you!”

“Um-hm,” Killian hummed again.

“Wanna make a bet?” David asked.

“Why not, mate?” Killian answered.  “What did you have in mind?”

David shot him look.  “If I haven’t secured a date with Mary Margaret by noon tomorrow, I’ll pay your rent for six months.”

“And if you do succeed, what debt must I pay?”

David grinned.  “If I succeed, you dress up like a pirate—complete with coat and hook—and run through campus wishing everyone a happy Friday.  You gotta do this at least six weeks in a row!”

Figuring David was drunk enough he wouldn’t remember the conversation come the morning, Killian agreed to the terms.

And so, the next day, when his mate smugly approached him with a glowing Mary Margaret on his arm, Happy Friday Guy was born.

As superhero origin stories go, he supposed it could have been worse.


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Bullet Points: A Savior’s Work is Never Done

The Savior–part 1

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. “Many years ago”. Heh. I think A&E have finally realized if they try to put an exact number on this kind of thing it just sets off another round of ‘WTF is up with this timeline?’ that they’d apparently rather avoid. 

Probably for the best.

2.  This open is very reminiscent of the Merlin open. They do they love a majestic chase to kick things off. Can’t complain. So do I.

3.  Really nice shot with the shadow of the magic carpet appearing behind the galloping horse. It creates the idea not only of being pursued but of being pursued by someone with extraordinary capabilities. Helps the viewer feel the rider’s desperation. Well done.

4.  As always the music here works perfectly with the action on the screen. Lots of shows have good soundtracks but OUAT’s is especially good. It really helps pull the viewer in and in this case get their heart rate up.

5. Great shot with the view over the edge of the carpet. Really nice job letting the general audience who hadn’t already seen this scene as a tease, and maybe didn’t even know what was coming up, in on what was going on.

6.  The lighting on this show is always very telling and it looks like S6 is gonna be no different. The bright light outside filtering through the lattice to the darkened room immediately sets the scene and shows the stark contrast between the two locations. 

And our first view of Aladdin has him completely in shadow. 


But still … nice lighting.

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onceuponageeek  asked:

so if you are taking prompts. i had this dream last night based off of the emma/dagger spoilers. Basically emma sacrificed herself for regina and after she dropped to the ground, regina broke out of robins grip ran to emma where they had a whole little scene thinking emmas dead that ended with regina waking her up with true loves kiss.

Thanks for the Prompt!  I hope you like this.  According to spoilers it would seem that Emma disappears, but let’s say that she doesn’t and is instead (as in the prompt/dream above) laying on the street.  I think this would be a very nice way to end the season and have established Swan Queen for Season 5!


SQ Prompt:  Soul Meets Soul in a Long-Awaited Kiss

It was only a matter minutes that Emma had the dagger in her upward stretched hands, summoning all the darkness to leave Regina and take her instead.  The former evil queen fell to the ground when the evil that was sucking all the light and hope from her frame moved from her to the savior.

“She has worked too hard and come too far for her happy ending!”  Regina heard as she was commanding oxygen to fill her lungs and right her breathing.  She saw Emma clutching the Dark One’s dagger above her head and she watched in horror as Emma was engulfed by the dark thick swirling smoke.  No!  What is she doing?

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Where Once Upon A Time went wrong: part 2

There can be darkness without the characters losing their light. I personally find a story has more depth as its world and circumstances grow darker. Darkness can even be attractive to the characters at some point. But romanticizing every villain, destroying redemption, and darkening the heroes does not enable the story to grow. Where is the good in trying to add drama by twisting the beloved heroes? These heroes can be flawed, yes. But to make them first boring and then self-righteous and willing to lie to their only daughter? That is not beautiful storytelling. This right here is saying, “start a hero, and you won’t stay good for long or if you remain good, you’ll be sacrificed for no reason.” 

They destroyed one hero by killing Neal. He was a beautifully flawed hero whose story was centered around sacrifice and forgiveness. His arc was layered and intertwined with several characters. Rumplestiltskin was already a deep character, and the chance to see his relationship grow with his son would have been beautiful. Here are two struggling souls who are trying to do the right thing, one succeeding more than the other. They could have come to an understanding amidst their years of separation and hurt. Neal could have learned that if he ever wanted Emma to understand and forgive him, he would have to be able to forgive his father. And not just in one hug after almost losing the other. There was plenty of room to grow in these relationships. Rumple was so close to leaving his darkness behind. Although he came close to giving into the temptation regarding Henry as his undoing, he instead faced his worst fear to save his grandson. He was opening up to focusing on those he loved. I mean, he literally gave his life to save his son, Belle, and everyone else. That’s a pretty powerful moment in his redemption arc. So here is an antihero figure and a hero figure ruined.

But why stop there? Because villains need happy endings, heroes cannot stay heroes, the writers seem to convey. Snow and Charming had their fair share of troubles in season one, and it showed that they were not perfect. David, wanting to be with the woman to whom he gave his heart and promised to be with for the rest of his life (his cursed self just didn’t know it) made some pretty major mistakes. And in trying to do what he thought was right, he ended up hurting both Snow and Katherine. Later, he keeps that he’s poisoned from Snow, out of desire to protect his family. In the Enchanted Forest, he was mostly a classic hero-type although he does get prideful and vengeful. In the Enchanted Forest, Snow at a point considered killing. Later, in Storybrooke, she did kill out of defense. The certain situation was quite shady, but it was done in defense. Amidst these troubles and temptations, Snow and Charming maintained a very strong, trusting, and beautiful relationship. They often come clean when they are wrong and they are most concerned about their family and their people. They constantly encourage people to have hope and faith. Though sometimes doubtful, they want to give people a second chance. Regarding this, they were majorly kind to Regina, who had tried to kill them and their family on numerous accounts. 

Emma certainly wasn’t perfect. She begins the first season with walls up, and it takes Henry and Mary Margaret/Snow to break them down. She was hurt from her rough past, especially because she thought the one person she loved had lied the whole time and that their relationship was a scam. She had major trust issues but she was slowly learning to open up to her son and her parents. She made some rash decisions but her heart was always in the right place. She yelled at Regina and was sometimes a bit out of hand, regarding the Henry issue. But never has Emma been dark. She was emotionally traumatized in Neverland during which her son was captured and she thought Neal, who she had just confessed she loved, was dead. In this time, she had a lot of self doubt and she uttered some harsh words to her loved ones. She has been amidst darkness and has even lost hope sometimes, but she never lost the light. There was goodness in her and she just wanted to protect and be with those she loved. She was true hero, as were her parents and Neal, and they earned this status. They remained good despite struggles and hurt.

This is why I loved this show. The characters were flawed and relatable, and they had complex relationships. They were also good and pure. They overcame struggles, and there was so much symbolism of light and dark. One of my favorite moments is “Love is weakness. No, it’s strength.” This here is what the show was about. “The Miller’s Daughter” was a great episode that showed two very different relationships of Rumple’s, a twisted one with Cora, and a beautiful one with Belle. Also in this episode there is a scene with Neal and Rumple in which Rumple finally confesses to him his deep regret and desire to say “I’m sorry and I love you.” This is not a villain. He is working towards becoming a better man. That said, he still has work to do to earn others’ complete trust. Where Once Upon A Time really went wrong was in ruining Rumple and Belle’s wedding. This was supposed to be a pivotal moment in his redemption arc, because in marrying Belle that means he was able to forgive and love himself. He was being entirely selfless, putting Belle first. But the writers decided to add drama by having him deceive Belle and then marry her on a lie. How terrible of a decision this was. His character really has not been good since 3x11 when he sacrificed himself.

I love when villains redeem themselves, but I hate when they are falsely elevated to the title of hero. We cannot just celebrate one good deed of a villain. When he is the only one who knows there is a cure for poison on a dark and unknown island, saving someone is the right thing to do. Expecting praise or a reward in a kiss from a woman you had recently harmed is not a hero’s attribute. Or if said pirate was told an old friend (who he completely betrayed for entirely selfish reasons) was alive, it is his duty to inform those he loves. And when this pirate relentlessly pursues a woman, who is emotionally traumatized at first and then later dealing with conflicting feelings, and she tells him NO several times, he is certainly not a hero. He does not apologize to those he has tried to kill more than once: Belle. Or show any remorse for recent foul actions. And then after losing the woman he (suddenly) was in love with, he returns to villainy when arriving back in the enchanted forest. He should not be applauded as man of the year for turning in his ship (a good deed, yes) to go back to the person of his desires…once again, purely selfish. This pirate can still become a hero but he has not proved himself one, so he should not be considered one.

As the show stands now, relationships are tainted. Snow and Charming are written to be bumbling self-righteous fools, Emma is an emotional wreck who (despite having trust issues) is an a relationship with an untrustworthy and incredibly forceful person, Rumbelle has been obliterated. The potential for Regina and Robin Hood was destroyed when they brought Marian back, followed by Robin being an unfaithful husband sleeping with another woman while his wife was frozen. Dark and light are now mixed as heroes seem stupid and villains are attractive and pitied. If they want their happy ending, they will do the right thing and not give up when things are rough. That is what the heroes do and it is what earns them their happy ending.
So these are the many reasons why I am not a current Oncer. I am an avid fan of the first 55 episodes. And I will love my characters for who they are up to that point.

Why SQ is based on facts (meta)

Some time ago, I noticed a parallel between two scenes where Rumple/Emma are tempted by darkness and pulled out of it by Belle/Regina. I made a post about it, and it also gave me the idea to study more closely this trope all through the series. I was hoping it would give me some solid ground to defend my position about SQ being my OTP, and I wasn’t disappointed by what I found.  
I rewatched the whole series and listed all of the scenes where a character wants to give in to darkness (or at least is tempted to make a selfish/cowardly decision) and finally chooses not to, because someone else convinces them to change their mind. I think it’s particularly relevant, in terms of character development, to know who is the person who brings out the best in a character when he or she is at its lowest point. So here are some facts. I will keep Emma and Regina for the end, because I have to prove my point first, but if you’re patient enough to bear with me and read all of this long stuff, I promise it all leads to SwanQueen.  


There are two moments when Snow  is helped into choosing goodness over darkness.  
In episode 1x16 (FTL), she has drunk a potion to forget everything about Charming, and she goes on a revenge trip. She wants to kill the Evil Queen with an enchanted arrow, but Charming convinces her not to by taking the arrow and explaining to her that he’s ready to die if it means keeping the darkness out of her heart.  She kisses him right after that, and her memory is returned.
In episode 3x02, Regina makes an offer to Snow : she can have peace in exile if she doesn’t fight for the kingdom, which might be considered selfish. The whole episode shows us that Charming does whatever he can to convince her that she can’t give up, that she has to fight for her people instead of choosing the easy way out. And eventually she agrees with him.


Agreed, in episode 2x07, when David almost shoots Albert Spencer after he framed him, Ruby is here and she says : « don’t ». But she doesn’t insist, so it seems to me that he makes the decision to spare him mostly by himself. And also, we have to notice that at this time, Mary Margaret and Emma are still in FTL. So, Ruby is the closest person to David actually present in Storybrooke.
In episode 4x17, Mary Margaret is the one who convinces David not to destroy the page of the storybook in which the author is trapped, and to tell Emma the truth, even if it means she’s going to hate them.


In episode 2x11, when Gold has the possibility of killing Hook on the deck of his ship, Belle persuades him to spare his arch nemesis. This scene is, in my opinion, quite symbolic of their relationship : Belle always tries to lead him towards light and goodness. Baelfire tries that too. He’s not really successful in the short term, so there’s no precise scene to analyse, but all his efforts lead to his father sacrificing his life to save him from Pan.


The only moment when we can see Cora giving up on one of her schemes is in episode 2x09. She has planned to pretend she’s dead in order to kill Regina by surprise, but when she hears her daughter tell her that she’s her weakness because she loves her, Cora changes her plans.


In episode 4x11, the words and memories of her sister Gerda, written in a letter and transmitted by Anna (who looks a lot like her mother), convince Ingrid to let go of her desire to destroy everyone. She sacrifices herself because she’s overwhelmed by the love and acceptance of the family she so much desired. Her sisters are clearly shown to be the most important persons for her, and she has no love interest or child that we know of.


Ok I know everyone won’t agree with me here, but what I see going on with Hook in this kind of scenes actually comes out of favour to SwanQueen.
It seems to me that generally speaking, Hook tries to do his best, because he wants to be worthy of Emma or at least to be loved by her. Although, there’s only one precise scene where he’s comfronted to the tempation to make a selfish choice and is talked out of it by someone.
In episode 2x22, when he has the last magical bean, Emma gives him this big speech about him being part of the team, asking him to help them. At first, he sails away, but eventually, he comes back to help.  
I think we can all agree on the fact that she’s the most important person in his life, even if he’s not as important to her.

PARTIAL CONCLUSION : In EVERY CASE, the person who leads a character towards the light, when they are tempted to give in to their inner darkness, is the most important person in their life (Snow for Charming and vice versa, Regina for Cora, Emma for Hook, her sisters for Ingrid, Belle and Bae for Gold). Now, let’s see what happens when it’s about Regina or Emma.


When it comes to Regina, Henry is (almost) always the one to keep her from going dark :
- in 2x01, when she pins David to a wall and is about to kill him, after Emma and MM have been sucked into the hat.
- in 2x02, when she kind of kidnaps Henry, but in the end lets him go live with David.
- in 2x09, when she stops the curse on the portal, which would have killed Emma and MM. Actually, I don’t know if this one counts, because she doesn’t want to kill them, she’s just afraid of her mother and trying to do the best thing to protect Henry. Anyway.
- in 2x17, when she’s about to cast a love curse on him/kill MM.
But in one scene, it’s actually Emma who talks Regina out of doing something too evil. In Neverland (episode 3x09), Regina is ready to torture the Lost Boys in order to have some informations on Henry’s whereabouts. Emma asks her not to, and Regina agrees. It’s a small scene, but I think it’s important because it shows trust, a trust related to the fact – in my opinion – that earlier in the season Emma has stood against MM when Regina wanted to use a Lost Boy’s heart to talk to Henry. Emma has shown that she’s able to make difficult decisions in desperate situations, and Regina values that.


In episode 1x21, Emma tries to run away with Henry. She feels really lost, she doesn’t know what’s best for her son, so as her mother states, she reverts to her old ways. Henry takes drastic measures to keep her from living Storybrooke, and Mary Margaret literally scolds her about it, saying she’s being selfish. The purpose of this scene is to help shifting their relationship from friendly to filial, just before the finale. MM is the most important person in her life at this point, besides Henry. His desperate attempt to talk Emma out of living town with him, along with the accident he provokes, plays a huge part in her final decision, and so does her conversation with MM.  
I haven’t found any other scene in which Emma is tempted to make the wrong choice and talked out of it by someone else, except in episode 4x20… Do I have to talk about episode 4x20 ? Ok if you really insist.
During season 4B, Regina states several times that she intents to protect Emma’s heart from darkness, and it becomes a reality in « Lily », first when she keeps her from punching the guy in the hallway, and mostly when she talks her out of killing Lily in cold blood. It’s possible that Hook also plays a small part in Emma’s decision : before she lives Storybrooke, he asks her to resist the darkness, to think about her life and family. But the writers chose to make Regina the one who is actually here when Emma is on the verge of giving in to her dark impulses.
In my opinion, she’s been protecting Emma’s light for a long time. In Neverland (episode 3x05), when MM is concerned after Emma decided to take the Lost Boy’s heart, Regina explains : « She didn’t, I did, that’s what I’m here for. One happy family. » (actually, she looks directly at Emma while saying the last part).
So, who can keep Emma away from darkness ? Her mother and her son, at first, and then Regina. 

Just to be clear, I’m not saying that any of this make their relationship a romantic one (even if personnally, I think it is). But I see a pattern here. Why would Emma or Regina be treated differently than any other character ? Like I said, there are only one or two persons able to bring out the best out of every character at defining moments. And it’s always the most important person in their life at said point of the show. I don’t see why the same logic wouldn’t apply when it comes to the two ladies. So what I’m saying is, the most important persons in Regina’s life are Henry, and Emma. And the most important persons in Emma’s life are her mother, her son, and Regina. Hook would like to be the one who protects Emma’s light (« I hope I am », he says in episode 4x21), but I don’t think he is, not as much as Regina, anyway. Or that’s not what the writers have chosen to show us so far.

NB : I didn’t take into account some scenes including secondary characters, because they are linked to the story only by their relationship with one of the main characters. But to be exhaustive, here is the list:
- Emma plays a great part in convincing Sean to be a father for Ashley’s baby, in episode 1x04. She also convinces Michael Tillman to take care of his two kids, in episode 1x09. She thus proves herself as the savior.
-Henry, in the mines (episode 1x05) gives Archie the courage to stand up against Regina. He thus proves himself as the truest believer. 

Feel free to tell me if I have forgotten any, or if you disagree on anything !

JENNIFER MORRISON AT OZ COMIC CON: Detailed recap including panels from both Saturday and Sunday plus details on the dinner I attended with Jen ♡

(Aka the story of how I became friends with Jennifer Morrison)

*First picture taken Saturday morning, second taken Sunday evening

Last weekend, 5th and 6th July 2014, I was fortunate enough to attend Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, Australia and meet Jennifer Morrison. I also was one of the lucky 10 people who attended the intimate dinner function with her on the Saturday night – which was virtually indescribable and an experience I will never forget.

I know a lot of people have been asking for details and the like so this post will contain a rundown of my entire weekend – from the first day of OZCC (including my photo experience and a detailed recap of the panel with as many direct quotes as I could transcribe), to the dinner on Saturday night with Jen and finally to the second and last day of OZCC (again including photo and autograph interactions with Jen and another detailed recap of her panel with again, as much direct quotes as I could transcribe). I know I previously tweeted a few quotes from Saturday’s panel related to Captain Swan, but for those of you who wanted more than the 160 characters and the context, I’ve elaborated in more detail here! (And of course there are plenty of other quotes that aren’t CS related, I covered pretty much all the questions Jen answered)

I’ve spent about a week writing this on and off and putting together all of my notes from the weekend, so a heads up that this is in fact very long so I’ll put most of it under the cut. Note that the quotes in bold are direct from Jennifer Morrison (as accurately as I could transcribe in a hurry) and please do not repost/steal any of my photos included in the post. Lastly, if you’re going to take quotes from here, please do remember to credit me (a link to this post is fine! or if it’s on twitter a mention to my twitter handle @xoalana6ox!) – I don’t mind sharing with all of you, but this did take me a long time to put together so I would really appreciate you taking a minute to add credit!

Now that all of that’s out of the way, let’s start with my very very early wake up on Saturday morning!

SATURDAY 5th JULY – Oz Comic Con: Day 1

Despite having gone to bed at just around 2am after finishing putting together the book for Jen, I got up promptly at 4:30am fighting off any fatigue and running purely off the adrenaline provided by the fact that I was going to meet Jennifer Morrison today.

I arrived with my friend, Emma, at 6:30am and joined the line that, despite the doors not opening for another two and a half hours, had already started to form. The two hours passed surprisingly fast as I met some of my friends on Twitter for the first time and was later joined by my friend Courts and her friend Emma.

Wristbands on and the queue slowly inching closer to the building, nerves started to build and group strategies to get to the token booth as quickly as possible were formed (Jen’s photo session was the first and so began at 9:30). Sure enough the doors opened and the chaos was unleashed. I’d never previously been to a Comic Con before so it was definitely an experience for the books as we ran across the building, dodging stalls and attempting not to lose anyone in the crowd. But it all worked out as we got the tokens we wanted and waited towards the front of the photo line, waiting for Jen to come out.

We caught a glimpse of her from the line before she disappeared behind the black curtain of the photo tent which was enough to put us all in fits of ‘what-on-earth-am-I-going-to-say’ and ‘how-am-I-even-going-to-speak.’

I definitely had my moment of being star-struck the second I was within close proximity of Jen. She, of course, looked absolutely beautiful, wearing a white dress designed by Lublu Kira Plastinina. In all honestly, most of the memory of that first interaction is completely blurred – although it likely consisted of me mumbling unintelligible things. I do, however, remember telling her that I would see her at the dinner tonight to which she replied with an enthusiastic smile saying that she was “looking forward to seeing and talking to me more tonight.”

After having some time to process that I had in fact just met Jennifer Morrison and that she’d had her arm around me for the full minute of taking that photo, we headed over just over an hour before her panel to start lining up so we could get could seats.

Despite the occasional rain we had to endure, the wait was definitely worth it because not only did we end up with second row seats, but I also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people in line who I’m pleased to now call my friends. (I even had a couple of people recognising me by my tumblr/twitter name once I’d told them who then proceeded to tell me that they watch and love my videos which overwhelmed and shocked me because I never even considered anyone recognising me outside of the internet!)

After everyone was seated, Jen came out with her Starbucks in hand – of course! – full of smiles and waves and was welcomes by a swarm of cheers.  The panel began with someone asking Jen to describe Lana, Jared and Ginny in one word.

“Lana, committed. Jared, loveable.” And then after a long pause of pondering: “Ginny, the-absolute-best-friend-slash-tv-mother-most-wonderful-human-I’ve-ever-met.”

She was then asked about Season 4 and what she could tell us about the upcoming season. She responded by saying she couldn’t say too much after only having read the first script but that we will see the backstory of all the Frozen characters and how similar characters reflect those relationships as well: “I think sometimes we’re going to see bits of Elsa in Emma – the fact that they both have magic and they both don’t know how to use it, they didn’t ask for it.”

She spoke about the back story she’d built for herself for the character of Emma and how she’d done a lot of research and read many memoirs of children who had grown up in foster-care which really informed the way she portrays Emma. She gave the example of how she always portrays Emma as having a hearty appetitive which stems from the fact that she may not always have had much to eat growing up the way she did. 

She was asked a question about her superpower and why it works on characters like Regina and not so much on characters such as Hook, which Jen didn’t really fully understand, but they key part of that response that I took note of to share was that she said her superpower works best when she is not emotionally invested: “I do think she’s attracted to Hook so her quote unquote superpower doesn’t necessarily work as well when her emotions are involved.”

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A magnificent year for grandes dames like Judi Dench and Maggie Smith

Many of our leading actresses are turning 80 – but age has not withered their box office appeal or ability to tread the boards

By Michael Thornton

7:10AM BST 29 Aug 2014

‘When I was seventeen,” as Frank Sinatra used to sing soulfully, “it was a very good year.” What is it about certain years that usher in a high percentage of extraordinarily charismatic babies destined to amaze and electrify us with their talents, and staying power?

In 1934, was there some magic glitter-dust in the air? If so, it must have been very widely disseminated, for that year has provided us with a thriving generation of spectacular octogenarians, most with eerie links banding them together.

Perhaps it was nature’s reaction to Adolf Hitler becoming the Führer of Germany that August? In answer to his screaming harangues, Hollywood produced the six-year-old Shirley Temple as the most popular star in the world.

By courtesy of 1934, the year of their arrival, two of the greatest actresses in the English language, Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith, are about to clock up their 80th birthdays without a sign of faltering, in spite of both being challenged in recent years by health problems: Dame Judi through macular degeneration, which now requires helpers to read scripts to her, and Dame Maggie with breast cancer.

Great actresses do not always co-exist in perfect harmony. But “Mags’’ and ’'Jude’’ have always been the greatest of friends. They have also worked together, memorably and felicitously, without stealing each other’s light or thunder, adding their lustre to a number of remarkable films, including E M Forster’s A Room with A View, Tea with Mussolini, and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the sequel to which, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, is on its way to our screens.

Our most prolific playwright, Alan Bennett, who has created material for Dame Maggie in A Bed Among the Lentils, part of his Talking Heads season, and on stage in The Lady in the Van, and for Dame Judi in Two in Torquay, part of Bennett’s Triple Bill, arrived at his own 80th in May.

An equally distinguished British dramatist, Sir Ronald Harwood, who wrote the play Quartet, in the film version of which Maggie Smith starred in 2012, with Hollywood’s Dustin Hoffman making his directorial debut, also arrives at 80 in November.

Both Smith and Dench are blunt, down-to-earth, no-nonsense characters, not given to prevarication. Who but Dame Maggie, on inspecting bras in Fortnum and Mason in the company of the late Kenneth Williams, would have shrieked aloud: “How much? Cheaper to have ’em off!”.

But Dame Judi, a Quaker, and a piercingly forthright M in the Bond films, does not take kindly to being described as a national treasure: “I don’t like that very much, I’m afraid. That sounds pretty dusty to me. It’s Alan Bennett and I behind glass in some forgotten old cupboard. I don’t like it at all.”

A third great English actress, Dame Eileen Atkins, the equal of Dench and Smith in terms of talent and forthright style, clocked up her 80th birthday in June. She is a close friend of Dame Maggie, and I saw them together on stage in Edward Albee’s A Delicate Balance, in which Atkins displayed nerves of steel. At the climax of one scene, her bracelet suddenly broke, showering the stage with bouncing pearls. Many an actress would have been disconcerted by this mishap, but Atkins kept her cool as impeccably as the character she portrays as Martin Clunes’s aunt, Dr Ruth Ellingham, in television’s Doc Martin. Shading her eyes, as if warding off tiresome sunlight, she bent down and calmly picked up the pearls one by one, receiving a round of admiring applause from the audience.

Atkins, of course, is associated in the public mind with another of this year’s octogenarians, Jean Marsh, who was her co-creator and the star of the massively successful television series Upstairs, Downstairs, in which Marsh brilliantly played the central role of the housemaid Rose Buck. The recent attempt to revive Upstairs, Downstairs was an unhappy experience for both ladies. Atkins disliked the scripts, and it was widely felt that her character, the redoubtable Maud, Lady Holland, was a not very skilful attempt to upstage Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess of Grantham in the rival series Downton Abbey.

Atkins withdrew from Upstairs at the end of the first series, and the domineering Maud had to be killed off. This reportedly upset Jean Marsh, who had returned to her original role as Rose, and who suffered a stroke. The revival was axed, and there were suggestions that, for a time, the long and close friendship of Atkins and Marsh was under some strain.

Another of this year’s thriving octogenarians is the Scottish character actress Annette Crosbie, the long-suffering Margaret Meldrew in One Foot in the Grave, and the retired schoolteacher Jessie in the film Calendar Girls. In 1975, she played Queen Victoria in the ITV period drama Edward the Seventh in which she co-starred with Timothy West, who will be 80 in October, and who, in spite of the recent decline in health of his actress wife, Prunella Scales, is still working at full throttle as Stan Carter, the father of the host of the Queen Vic in EastEnders.

Sylvia Syms, the star of countless films since her first, as Dame Anna Neagle’s troubled offspring in My Teenage Daughter, in 1956, was 80 in January. She continues to work, and memorably portrayed the late Queen Mother to Dame Helen Mirren’s Elizabeth II in The Queen, in 2006. But she says: “People who see me in all these films on television think I must have earned a fortune. The truth is very different. For Ice Cold in Alex, I received the glorious sum of £30 a week!” When they filmed Victim, in 1961, Syms was the only British female star brave enough to play opposite Dirk Bogarde as the wife of a homosexual barrister.

This year ushers in a galaxy of 80-year-old superstars. They include Shirley MacLaine, Dame Maggie Smith’s American protagonist in Downton Abbey; Richard Chamberlain, who came to fame as television’s dashing Dr Kildare, but was compelled by studio pressure to remain a closet gay until he bravely came out in his autobiography, Shattered Love, in 2003; Barry Humphries, creator of the immortal Dame Edna Everage; John Standing, still such a fine actor that few people know that he is a baronet; the original ’'sex kitten’’, Brigitte Bardot; and Sophia Loren, who arrives at her 80th birthday on September 20 with her lustrous Italian beauty remarkably unscathed.

But this amazing bunch of survivors have more than longevity going for them. There was a time, not that long ago, when a film like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, about an establishment that caters for troubled senior citizens, would have been regarded by film financiers and distributors as “uncommercial” and “not box office”. Yet it earned a cool $135 million worldwide. Now we await the sequel, in which Smith and Dench are joined by the 65-year-old Richard Gere, once the heart-throb hero of Pretty Woman. A further blockbuster is anticipated.

Suddenly it is cool, and no longer unfashionable, to be old. The ancient cinematic bastions of ageism are being systematically dismantled.

The later lyrics of Sinatra’s song – “But now the days grow short, I’m in the autumn of the year. And now I think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs” – are being spectacularly rewritten by Dames Judi, Maggie, Eileen and their magnificent band of indestructible contemporaries.