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Hi ! First I wanted to thank you all for the amazing work and information you're always providing, you guys rock 😊 Also I wanted to ask you if we'll get any Caryl interaction this season ? After all the promo we got I started the season hopeful and now I'm a bit frustrated lol my only silver lining is the good amount of Carol we've had so far compared to last year. Anyway I hope you're having a great day and thanks in advance for your answer! Take care 💪🖤

With all the studio filming this year, it’s been really hard to follow exactly what’s going on. They were interviewed together during the filming of 810, so I’m hoping we see them together in that episode. 

Thanks for sticking with us even when there’s not a lot of spoilers this season. If we hear anything more that we can confirm, we’ll definitely post. :) 

- dark sister

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So i dragged my sister and dad into supernatural, and my dad is lowkey a huge drowley shipper.. When Dean asked a bit about the empty last episode my dad said "It's because he wants Crowley back!" like.. my poor dad... he has to deal with fictional grief now :(

Oh nooo D:

I do think it’s great how the show hooks us all in one way or another… my casual viewer BFF who watches with me has only ever identified Drowley out of the show and was so pleased to make comments about it like that every time something came up even vaguely related :P I don’t think people are going to forget it soon even Crowley is gone… I think he’d like that legacy :<

Moffat Era Rewatch: The Girl Who Waited

The Doctor and Rory race to save Amy, but arrive a little too late… 

Warning: Spoilers Sweetie

  • Powered by a great script by Tom MacRae and a tour de force performance from Karen Gillan, this is my second favourite episode of the season, after ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ and almost certain in my top ten of NuWho episodes. 
  • Rory’s in plaid again proving that dead men do indeed wear plaid. 
  • The Doctor’s loathing of Twitter has only become more understandable post-Trump. 
  • I’ve seen Amy get a lot of flack for not asking which button to push, but who amongst us hasn’t pushed the wrong button without thinking?
  • “Good question. Bit sinister. What’s the answer to not get us killed?”
  • This was the first episode directed by Nick Hurran, who would go on to direct ‘The God Complex’, ’Asylum of the Daleks’, ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ and ‘The Day of the Doctor’. He also directed a couple episodes of Sherlock.
  • “Small act of vandalism. No one’ll mind. Ah, that’ll be the small act of vandalism alarm.”
  • “Glasses are cool.”
  • Clom has a Disneyland. Clom!  
  • Amy Pond 1 - 0 Handbots  
  • Pity the gardener who had to trim those hedges. 
  • Amy Pond 2 - 0 Handbots 
  • “Bit of alien.” How does he know that it’s alien? Has Rory never seen any contemporary art? Almost all of it is out of this world.  
  • Amy Pond 3 - 0 Handbots
  • I’m not usually a fan of aging makeup because majority of the time it is really bad and unconvincing, but this is not one of those times.
  • Can we stop and take a moment to appreciate the majesty that is Amelia Jessica Pond? She’s alone and trapped in an alien hospital that is trying to kill her every second she is there with nothing more than her phone for 36 years and not only does she survive, she thrives. She becomes this samurai wielding tech genius who builds sonic probes and reprograms computers to do her bidding. She is simply amazing. 
  • “Hey, I don’t care that you got old. I care that we didn’t grow old together.” *Shipper awwwwing*
  • Hello, Robot Rory. 
  • Amy fiddling with the lipstick is a nice little moment.  
  • I like how Moffat era companions, the Ponds specifically, were allowed many opportunities to be legitimately pissed off at the Doctor. He pretty much fucked up Amy and Rory’s entire lives and they had every right to be angry with him. 
  • Amy Pond 4 - 0 Handbots
  • “You being here is wrong. For a single day, an hour, let alone a lifetime.” 
  • I wish we’d got to see Rory with that ridiculous haircut. 
  • “Then there’s other people, and you meet them and think, not bad, they’re okay. And then you get to know them, and their face just sort of becomes them, like their personality’s written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful. Rory’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met.” *Shipper incomprehensible sobbing*
  • “I am going to pull time apart for you.” *Shipper complete inability to function*
  • I think Robot Rory ships it. 
  • “Yes. It could do it.” Rule 1.
  • “It’s hardly rocket science. It’s just quantum physics.”
  • Might just be the first time the day has been saved by someone doing the Macarena.
  • I would not have wanted to play hockey against Amy. She is brutal.  
  • What’s better than one Amy Pond kicking robot ass? Two Amy Ponds kicking robot ass. 
  • Amy Pond 5 - 0 Handbots
  • First time the Mona Lisa has been used as a deadly weapon. 
  • There he is. There’s the bastard who didn’t mind bashing in caveman brains. 
  • “”I love you.” “I love you, too. Don’t let me in. Tell Amy, your Amy, I’m giving her the days. The days with you. The days to come.” *Shipper epic sobbing*
  • Amy Pond 5 - 1 Handbots *sniff*
  • “Where is she?” Have to say I greatly prefer Time Lord guilt to Time Lord angst.  

 Next Time: The God Complex

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Am I the only one that thinks Lydia’s style wasn’t that great in season 6? The lush dresses were good, the butterfly jumper seemed really weird for Lydia, she didn’t have any braids, and it was just a weird fashion season for her. Even season 5 was hit or miss. But especially that butterfly sweater outfit. LYDIA WOULD NEVERRR.

Thanks for your message! I partly agree with you.

Some outfits were on point, like mossimo black tank is such a simple item, but paired with that two-tone leather jacket and skinny jeans and boots, she looked super hot!

I also liked the blush leather jacket one, old F21 skirt with emerald moto jacket and two-tone satchel was really cute and well put together :3

I have to agree for Lush dresses, burgundy mock neck one is one of my personal favourites and I wear it very often.

Also, I would have loved to see some new braids for Lydia, we all know she rocks it!

Of course there were outfits which I didn’t really like in Season 6, frayed trousers with blue Made top and leather jacket seemed a bit odd to me, but of course someone might’ve thought it was pretty cool.

Regarding the butterfly caridgan, I think she could wear it considering her other many animal printed sweaters and tops, but I mostly get annoyed that wardrobe dep. put Lydia in navy/black tights for outfits that make no sense to me. Some of the examples: 1. H&M mint dress with your mentioned cardi - this outfit gives me like Spring/Summer vibes and it would look much better if she didn’t wear tights; 2. Sanctuary dress which is such a pretty patchwork style and there was literally no need to wear dark tights with such a Summery dress. (tbh I wouldn’t pair that cardi too, but that’s just me) Some of the other outfits in previous seasons had similar thing going on as well. Also the annoying thing about shoes - as good it us for our wallets to reuse the shoes for whole 10 episodes each season, it kinda gets boring and with some outfits it just looks so meh. Many of our followers remember how annoyed I was with Aqua pull on boots when they first appeared xD
Which brings me to my most disliked Teen Wolf Season not only outfit, but writing wise as well - Season 4. This season was such a drag, especially after a brilliant and powerful Season 3. We were all so hyped and thought that the show would keep getting better, and instead we got this. I enjoy owning Lydia’s 354353 shade green cardigans, but at some point it was just weird ))
In conclusion, there were some hit and miss outfits, including in Season 6. I think they were trying to mellow it down with simple looks (also budget). Tbh I’m just so sad sometimes, when I browse online stores and suddenly I have a thought “Oh this looks something that Lydia would wear, maybe it will be in the new season!” and then I remember :/

study hacks for college/uni

So you’re struggling to study efficiently away from home? Finding yourself getting distracted easily? Having difficulty creating a study schedule in this new environment? I know finals season is coming soon for university students, so I thought I’d share my personal study hacks that helped me during college! 

  • Find the least popular library: while the fancy main libraries have great appeal, the truth is sometimes you really only need a desk, a comfy chair, an outlet, and some peace and quiet
  • Go higher up for quieter floors: usually the higher you go, the quieter and more serious the floor
  • Always pack the essentials: during finals week, finding a good study spot is a commodity, so make sure you can stay as long as humanly possible and bring supplies: laptop, chargers (phone and laptop), water bottle, snacks, layers (including a huge comfy sweater that can double as a pillow), headphones, notes, pens and highlighters, and blank paper
  • Don’t be afraid of caffeine pills: caffeine pills can sound scary, but that venti coffee at Starbucks also has a shit ton of caffeine. Opt to finding caffeine pills that are each 100 mg (the amount in 1 cup of coffee), and save ~$50-100 on buying coffee all the time
  • Find (only) 1-2 good friends and make a regular study group: even if you guys don’t share classes, it’s nice to have people who are reliable, quiet, and fun to be around when studying. Also, libraries allow small groups to rent private study rooms which are clutch af
  • Use the Pomodoro method with a timer or app: this is wonderful for people who have difficulty focusing. Set an alarm for 25 minutes, and block all forms of electronic distraction from that time. The idea is to have 25 minutes of pure work with a 5 minute break to do whatever you want afterwards, and this helps train you to maximize your ability to focus and minimize brain fatigue
  • Empty classrooms and lecture halls on weekends = substitute library: on the weekends, college campuses are super dead. I’ve found that lecture halls and classrooms are deserted (and usually unlocked) during these times, which make for great quiet places to study
  • Listen to music WITHOUT lyrics while you study: you’ll be less likely to be sucked in to the music and distracted
  • Wear pajama or workout clothes: just trust me on this one
  • Have a few achievable goals for the day and know when to stop: college burnout is real, so remember that college is a marathon, not a race

here’s a montage of the grunkles being bad influences/guardians on the kids, requested here by anonymous!

Why I Think Momo is Kickass and You should too

So with the emergence of the anime becoming more and more popular, of course the fan base is growing and growing, I would even say to heights like seen in Fairy Tail, Naruto, etc.

 However, with the series getting more popular, you are stuck with more….negative opinions about the characters that in my mind are sometimes just not necessary.

 Now, this blog is normally Ochako and Kacchako and I intend to mostly keep it that way but lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of negative posts towards Momo and frankly, I’m heavily displeased by this, especially since she’s one of the most well portrayed girls in the series and it’s really heartbreaking on my end to see posts that essentially dismiss her for more shallow reasons that don’t need to be here.

 I mean to start this off, are we going to simply forget that she came into UA on a recommendation and was a student that made even All Might shook when asked why Iida was the winner of the exercise

or how, even though the class didn’t know her, she was still voted to be Assistant Class President? 

 or how she was able to act calm and rational during the USJ villain fight?

 or how she still managed to get the top grade in the midterm exams and didn’t get it to her head but actually acted BENEVOTELY and helped her classmates who asked her for help?

or how it was HER plan that got Todoroki and her to win the exam that they were fighting in?

 But ya know, because of her BODY, we’re going to ignore that right? We’re going to ignore how amazing and how smart she is simply because of her body.  

I won’t lie guys, I’ve heard people complaining about her quirk and even saying how bad her quirk is designed when it’s like??? It actually makes a lot of sense why it’s like that since she does create large objects like shields, spears, A FREAKING CANON, like it makes sense for her to need to use fat call throughout her body to be able to achieve that look.

Which brings me to talk about her costume. Oh boy, this is the one that when I first entered the fandom, no one really said anything but now that the series is more popular, everyone has become experts on body proportions and quirk designs and apparently fashion design since her costume isn’t good enough for her.

I mean look at the costume design that Horikoshi put in for her and how he planned that all out for her

At some point, yes I understand, Horikoshi is a pervert, sometimes his intentions aren’t the best, I get that. But consider this, even though he had the ability to make Ochako’s and Tsuyu’s costumes completely perverted, he chose against that. He had the perfect opportunity to indulge in that yet he didn’t. What I love about Horikoshi is that he thinks about the practicality of the quirks and designs the costumes based on that as well taking into consideration the character’s personality and what they would want.

 So guys, at some point, reality check moment: Momo is comfortable with her body enough to wear a costume that she deemed necessary for the usage of her quirk. And she chose that design for that outfit and has not said a word about this entire series. She even had an opportunity to create it to be more closed and she chose not to. MOMO CHOSE HER OUTFIT AND VIEWS IT GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER HERO WORK.

 In this moment too, I would like to share what even Midnight said during Episode 34 at the very beginning.

So another reality check: The only people who are saying it’s sexual are the people who are sexualizing her to begin with. Instead of viewing it as more of a practical thing that is designed for her quirk (which involves utilizing her fat cells and creating stuff through her skin), people begin to view as sexual and are condemning her for having a revealing costume. Which, to me personally, I find ironic since tumblr is filled with campaigns of free the nipple and the stopping of sexualization of breasts and female anatomy, yet look what’s happening here. People are taking her costume and saying she’s being sexualized for choosing a design that would give her optimal openness to use her quirk.

 I mean look at how she used it in the Aizawa fight

 Having that navel cavity helped her out immensely during this fight and she was able to create the alloy material in a much faster way with having access to areas where most of her fat is stored.

Which, I also heard people commenting on how Momo’s body doesn’t make sense and how skinny she is in comparison to her boobs (which I’ve seen that in real life, it’s not uncommon), but if you see in this spread

She actually isn’t the skinniest person in the world. Keep in mind that while she does use her fat cells to make stuff, she does also consume A LOT OF FOOD TOO to keep up with the level of activity too so she does get chubby sometimes so it’s a wrong assumption to think she has this INCRDIBLY PERFECT BODY WITH NO FAT when she does! Which only makes it only more natural and real!

Honestly, her entire arc in the beginning of the manga (or at least up into this exam point) has been so powerful, so realistic, and so amazingly well done.

I mean to consider, very similarly to Bakugou, while we haven’t gotten much of her backstory, given how she behaved in Season 1, we can have a somewhat assumption that she came from a great home and was well praised for her quirk. Obviously, her quirk isn’t one with a talent, she had to work immensely for it, but she must have been placed into situations where she was elevated and praised for how powerful her quirk is (like she was put in situations where she was able to be able to use her quirk to the fullest and not have much backfired).

Even Aizawa says this during their fight

Which does imply this isn’t a constant state she’s always been in, it’s one that has been gained since the sports festival (hence why the arguments that she should be shouldn’t be self confident are wrong). 

Yet, with coming to UA and being in a hero course, after participating in the festival, well she starts to crumble and kind of doubt her abilities against the others

 Like it starts off with her not getting a high ranking on the race

 Then she mentioned the issue with the cavalry battle later on but definitely the heavy hitter for Momo was her fight with Tokoyami where she was left in shambles since she wasn’t able to make much on an impact on the fight itself (which this was amplified more in the anime than the manga itself).

Originally posted by fadingsoulss

Thus really bringing down her confidence. And now a lot of people screamed about how misogynist her hero training was and how demeaning it was which leads to 2 issues that some people forget about.

 1.     That there are multiple sides to being a hero. It’s not always the cookie cutter “fight villains, rescue people, rinse and repeat”. Even famous people in our society, even though their job is to act/sing/etc, they still go out and do publicity work and that’s what they do. It’s a part of being well known and using your abilities outside of the field you are in.

2.     This was all part of Momo developing. This was just another way to bring Momo down a couple more notches. It’s a bit cruel and hard but this was a way for Horikoshi to get her  out of her mindset and be exposed to something where her confidence could be lowered. Guaranteed if she was put into an actual hero training internship, she wouldn’t have been lowered as much as she did.

 Which could lead the argument that it wasn’t necessary to have any of that stuff happen to her but consider, would she have gotten in this state if she didn’t have those things happen and accumulate?

And would she have gotten her confidence back from Todoroki/Aizawa and execute an amazing plan without that encouragement from those moments?

Probably not.

 Ok this post is beginning to get way to long so I’m going to stop here before I go on and on and on about Momo. As much as Ochako is my best girl and I will forever sacrifice myself to her, even I have to admit Momo is utterly amazing and I only talked about what happened in the first 65 chapters. I didn’t even brush on how amazing she was during the invasion of the villains or how she managed to be a huge help in the rescue of Bakugou or even how kickass she was during the license exam (which she helped my princess Ochako and that pleased me so much). Momo is just more than the simple sexual object people are complaining her to be as, she’s an incredibly smart and amazing woman and Horikoshi put so much thought into her, more than what any of us could ever imagine. I am truly excited to see more of what she can do in the future and I hope she gains more fans since she truly deserves it.


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whats so great about lotor?

i can’t tell if this ask is genuine or passive-aggressive but either way you gave me an opportunity to yell about lotor so here i go

  • analytical, cunning and manipulative
  • reads people like books and has his way with words
  • adjusts his behaviour, body language and even choice of words depending on who he’s talking to like bitch i do that too
  • aj locascio’s voice
    • no seriously. his v o i c e
  • made his Big Entrance in a gladiator arena in front of thousands of galra and just waited for the right moment to make his Dramatic Reveal why is he so extra
    • gained the empire’s faith in one (1) carefully planned-out speech even though his ideals are vastly different from zarkon’s
  • charismatic and charming
  • fangs
  • acknowledges his enemy’s strengths just as much as their weaknesses. he doesn’t look down on people unless they’ve given him a valid reason to do so
  • knows how to exploit his opponent’s weak points but also how to use their strengths to his advantage
    • throk’s fiery spirit led to lotor provoking him so he couldn’t focus
    • keith’s determination to track lotor quickly turned into lotor playing the paladins against themselves
  • actually explains his plans and intentions in detail when questioned by his subordinates
  • does the dirty work himself instead of having others do it for him
  • UNLESS said others are his enemies
    • “we’ll just wait right here until team voltron get their asses back and THEN snatch the comet ore right from under their rusty robot nose. genius”
  • lectures throk in the middle of battling him and gives him genuine advice like i bet he does this with every opponent
    • “your technique is flawless”
    • “you should probably work on your personality tho”
    • “wait a sec i gotta - no, you’re doing it wrong let me show you -”
  • let’s not forget
    • “well played, paladin”
  • he’s cute as shit
  • the “let’s invite our guest aboard” facial expression
  • claws!!!!!!
  • Oh No I’m Handcuffed Better BREAK MY BONES
  • ripped a dude’s arm off in order to be able to dramatically throw it at haggar’s feet 
  • season 3 episode 6 “Tailing a Comet” 22:45
  • Daddy Issues™ 
  • Mommy Issues™ 
  • i s s u e s ™ 
  • is pretty self-analytical and doesn’t overestimate himself, he’s aware of his own limits and knows when he’s lost a fight
    • fuck you dad i’m gonna fly into the fucking SUN that’ll show you
  • saved keith’s ass
    • seriously i owe him for that one
  • [busts in 5 minutes early without starbucks] “yeah so paladins listen the Fuck up i know the entire universe wants me dead right now and we’ve had our differences in the past but - no LISTEN -”
  • he’s literally the meme of the grinning cat that’s being pointed knives at by 47 people
  • he looked so tired and sad after escaping his ex-team it broke my fucking heart man
  • prince lotor was neglected by his parents, exiled, betrayed by the only people he genuinely cared for and now it’s literally him against the universe


So we all know Hopper’s daughter right? We get that flash back of her, and we see she wears pigtails as seen below

Well, in the next flash back scene, we see that once she losses her hair, Hopper makes her hair ties into a little bracelet he wears on his right wrist

Well, he clearly cherishes this bracelet because other than his watch and hat, this is the only sort of accessory we see him wear, and he always has it on, in any scene where his jacket is off, you can see it in season 1 and 2

Well, now let’s jump to everyone’s favourite scene from the finale of season 2: the snowball dance. It’s a great scene full of love and reasons to make you cry, but due to a little detail, you’ll be crying for a new reason. During the milleven slow dance, if you look at her wrist, eleven has a new accessory

Guys…ITS THE BRACELET!!! remember that this scene is after hopper finds out that Jane is officially his child now, meaning that Hopper has a child again and can finally move on from the heartbreak of loosing his daughter, so hE GIVES EL THE BRACELET! I CANT HANDLE THIS CUTE ASS SHOW WITH ITS LITTLE DETAILS ANYMORE!!


Cat Grant Appreciation Week | day 7: free day

the hero’s support

- And you’ve been a critic, you’ve been a cheerleader and some say that you are a friend.
- Well, I would like to think so.

Omg, woah, Hi everyone! Idunno how to start here, so lets talk about the picture.

This is the last piece I did past year, was for a zine that at the end never came out, and I saved it for the beggining of 2nd season.

I know it started while ago, but today I finally saw the first chapter (let me say It was GREAT)

This is a very special piece for me,hope you enjoy it and a bit of my love while I was working on this reachs you.

Sorry for keeping myself so away of this fandom. This year was exhausting, the worst year emotionally and the most stressing I had in a long time.

And the only thing I really wanted was to… enjoy season 2 peacefully when it comes out, but the spoilers, OH MAN the spoilers where everywhere!!! So I took a step back, and now I’m ready to enjoy the chapters without knowing almost anything from them, and that pleases me a lot : >

Be prepared, because now I’m back for real, and fully inspired by the new chapters.

So, no more boring words

Ladybug and Chat Noir, is SO GOOD to see you again!

Hope we have a new great season together ^^

Random facts I learned about Tom this season that i didn’t expect to learn

  • He uses terms like “spicy” and “metal”
  • He likes blackened marshmallows
  • He dots his I’s with x’s
  • He makes jokes when he’s nervous
  • He has a pitchfork on his arm??!?!!
  • He’s a really great dancer
  • His parents love him so much, so defensive of him
  • He’s actually half-demon
  • He buys pre-ripped shirts, but he also “modifies ” other clothes and rips them up as well.
  • His prince status is the only thing keeping the mewmans from outright shunning him.
  • Not into politics
  • Still freaking powerful for a half-demon
  • Likes cuddling and is totally lovey dovey, affectionate bf
  • First name is in fact, Thomas
  • Will wear sunglasses at night purposely for a grand entrance
  • Him and his Family are always fashionably late
  • Might have a tail or wings considering his mother?
  • Totally unphased about cultist rituals and being chained to a table

guess what I’ve been watching~         it’s Camp camp

this show is great, I highly recommend it

and OF COURSE my favs are the most depressed 10-year old, who deserves all the love in the world and a crazy cult leader        David’s my fav too 

I can thank the one and only @konoira for making me binge watch the entire two seasons in one night. Also, go check out their art, it’s amazing!

some people have said it’s hypocritical of keith to leave the team when he went off on pidge for wanting to leave in season 1, but these are two very different situations

pidge was vital to the team in season 1, they couldn’t form voltron without her - but now, they have five paladins and are capable of forming voltron without keith, objectively speaking keith is superfluous

he knows shiro is the better leader so he willingly gives up his role as black paladin (a role he was never fully comfortable with anyway), he knows that lance is a great paladin and keith taking back red would leave lance out of the team, keith knows about lance’s insecurities, and that definitely plays into his decision to leave

he goes to the blade because it’s the only connection he has to his past, and because he’s the kind of person who has to have something to fight for, he doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines, he doesn’t want to feel lost again - so he goes with the blade of marmora because he believes that’s the place he’ll be most useful

keith sees himself as expendable, and that fits well with the blade’s ideology, but because he’s spent so much time with team voltron, he no longer sees others as expendable - especially not the people he cares about

tl;dr he’s just a lost boy who’s trying his best

🍂Balancing Autumn Tarot Spread🍂

I love Autumn so I thought I would make a little spread to help us transition with the falling leaves. As we head into this beautiful season it’s a great time to pull out your fave deck of Tarot, Oracle or whatever cards you have lying around and check in!

  1. Breath in.  What are you breathing in?  In other words, where are you getting your energies in life, specifically this fall season. This card may point to balances or imbalances in your life, it could be a toxic person, a bad habit, or maybe you’re breathing in only positive energy.
  2. Breath out. What are you breathing out?  What are you shedding and undoing – what are you letting go of this fall to help you progress and find peace and happiness?
  3.  Harvesting. What are you harvesting this season? Notice what you’ve grown! This card can represent that which has grown beautifully in your life, or maybe how beautifully you’ve grown. Or it can represent anything that needs to be cut away.
  4. Gratitude. What do you need to be grateful for at this time? Where could you be more grateful? What are the wonderful things in your life you don’t notice enough? It’s good to take a note of this, maybe leave a post it not or photo on your wall to remind you to be grateful this winter!
  5.  Grounding. How can you ground your energy at this time? How are you going to stay grounded now that there will be less opportunities to roll around in dirt and wiggle your toes in the grass?
  6. Harvesting Gifts. What can you do to share with those around you? What can you do to be more generous or helpful in the community during these cold months? 

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Any tips for writing the character's personalities and speech? Thank you.

Here’s a piece of unflavored base dialogue vs how it would sound from each of the main 3:

Hello. Thank you for coming to meet me here. I have something important to tell you. First, let’s order something. [order]. Anyway, we have to stop seeing each other. It makes me very sad and I wish it didn’t have to be this way. But what can I do? Choose you over [important life choice]? I can’t do that. I’m sorry, but this is goodbye.

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