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20 Mar 2017

I know I said I learned my lesson last time… but I’m also a strong believer in second chances. Which is why I’ve decided to replace all the Camembert in the house… with skim-milk mozzarella cheese sticks.

Suffer, you sentient bobble-headed incarnation of abject humiliation.

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I will never let go of the vmin soulmate thing and "Let’s keep going forever, I only have you."

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Look, tomco is good, but only as a bromance, I just don't see them as a couple, I'm sorry, I like the bromance they have but yeah I don't think a lot of people want to see something like that...well not yet

Only as a bromance?

Dude, you don’t have to ship them. But you can’t really come here and tell me it’s only good as a friendship and state that as pure fact.

They’ve had plenty of moments that do imply romance.

Not to mention this:

Bromance:  a close but nonsexual relationship between two men.

“If i was nonsexually getting close with you Marco…..If i was (Because for some reason Tom needs to reassure himself here), you would know it.”

Tom, what in the world are you talking about ? XDD

(I mean either they mean that or something else by “Bromancing” and no matter which way it sounds, it comes out like Tom is trying to imply something romantic )

Tom and Marco do make good friends, but they have couple potential. Tom’s a hopeless romantic and clearly very loyal, as well as accepting of people. Marco’s insecurities would unlikely bother him. and Marco’s lack of fear and compassion for Tom and what he’s going through is really sweet.

You could imagine Marco taking his hand to reassure him, and telling him that at least he’ll always have him to support him and help him even when things go wrong.

You don’t think alot of people want Tomco to happen? Tomco is a pretty big ship in the fandom….

My followers, If you would like to see tomco happen, put some notes on this post.

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I love your blog and your Animorphs analyses! I was wondering, what are your favorite two-person relationships (platonic or otherwise) in the team? Or if you'd like to talk about how you see each and every character pair in the team, I'd be really interested in your thoughts - but if you'd rather not get that lengthy, I'd love just to hear about your favorite dynamics. :)

Let’s talk about Rachel and Jake.  Let’s talk about how it is so easy to forget that Jake is the baby of his family whereas Rachel’s the oldest child in hers until you run into all the moments where they act like a big sister and little brother to one another.  About the fact that Rachel never lets anyone tell her what to do unless it’s Jake, because he’s the only person alive she trusts more than herself.  About Jake freely admitting time and again that he never would have made it through the war without Rachel’s support.  About Rachel turning down the chance to end the war and save herself because the life of this one guy who is friend and family and compatriot to her is too high a price to pay.  

Let’s talk about the number of times Jake compares Rachel to a superhero: Storm, Rogue, Wonder Woman.  About Rachel telling Marco that she hopes Jake would make the decision about whether to kill a family member for her, because she trusts his judgment more than her own.  About the fact that, as far as I can tell, the only time Rachel drops the “L” word is when Visser Four insists that she won’t kill him and she says “oh, but I can… you killed someone I love” (MM3).  About how well these two trust and know each other literally from the first minute they find themselves running from hork-bajir-controllers through the construction site.  About Jake still going to visit Rachel every day after her death because she’s the only one who would understand all the terrible things he’s done.

Their friendship (siblingship? bromance?) is so awesome specifically because it’s built on the understanding that neither one of them is a particularly good person, but that these two are willing to use that grittiness to stand between Cassie-Marco-Tobias-Ax and the harshest realities of the war.  It’s not just about the fact that Rachel assumes responsibility for David because she feels like she can take on that burden if and only if it will spare Cassie from doing the same (#22, #48).  It’s not just Jake insisting on always, always putting a good face on his own summation of the mission no matter how much he hates himself at the time (#25, #36, #16).  It’s also about these two literally being the first into battle and the last to retreat time after time (#41, #36, #2, #53, half the books in the series) because they are the only ones who can laugh off fatal wounds and keep going for the hell of it.  Cassie and Ax are each in their own way idealists.  Tobias and Marco might be more cynical, but they’re also both more emotionally vulnerable.  Jake and Rachel see their darkest selves reflected in one another—Rachel’s the only one who knows that Jake’s addicted to the power, just like Jake’s the only one who realizes that so much of Rachel’s rage is driven by arrogance—and use those demons to do what they must to protect their friends.  

Not only that, but while Jake is so concerned with protecting the team as a whole, Rachel is the only one who protects Jake.  When facing David in the shopping mall (#22), when attacking Ax for challenging Jake (#18), when struggling to shield him from Visser Three and being trapped in morph (#2), when threatening to kill Tom to keep him away from Jake (#53), Rachel is the one who ensures that anyone who hurts her cousin is going to thoroughly regret it.

A rundown of my favorite moments between them, in no particular order:

On my way out of math class, Jake came sidling up next to me. “Meeting later, okay?… The church tower, where we were the other day.”
“Okay, but it’s a long walk.”
He turned around to face me, walking backward and grinning. “So don’t walk,” he said. (#2)

  • I love how, even after surviving one god-awful battle where both Jake’s brother and Rachel’s soon-to-be-boyfriend were casualties, these two are still riding the high of being able to morph so much that they still swagger around like they’re invincible.  They’re both total adrenaline junkies well before the war begins (Rachel showing off with dangerous vaults, Jake climbing abandoned cranes) and the chance to fall out of the sky at 200 miles per hour without going splat on the ground is a dream come true for them both.  

Tom flinched. Too late! The baseball bat came down hard on his gun hand.  "Ahhh!“ he yelled. The ray gun clattered down the steps. The bat came up fast, caught Tom in the face. Then, one! Two! Three!
Three stiff, hard blows and Tom was down, curled in a ball, groaning, eyes rolling, blood gushing from his nose and ear.
I stared at my cousin. Rachel was breathing hard. But her outfit, hair, and makeup had remained perfect. (MM4)

  • Rachel showing up out of NOWHERE and saving Jake’s sorry butt will forever be one of my favorite moments in the whole series, because she has no clue what’s going on.  She just sees her cousin hurting his little brother and intervenes with maximal force.  Jake and Rachel die in this book without ever figuring out what yeerks are, who Ax is, or how bad the war has gotten, but they also go down fighting.  Even without information, even without their ultimate super-weapon, if they see a wrong then they will pick up whatever weapon comes to hand and start trying to fight back.  

<Rachel! Explain to David that he needs to knock it off!> I snapped.
Rachel was on all fours. She half rose up to a sort of bear crouch. She reached out with her left paw and swung hard. She connected with David’s snarling, snapping jaw. David staggered. (#21)

  • This moment is not, perhaps, particularly flattering toward either of the Berensons.  Jake is ordering Rachel to physically harm a kid their own age in order to enforce his leadership, and Rachel is obeying without question or even any need for clarification about what Jake means.  However, it also shows just how much these two trust each other and grasp that sometimes any means will justify the end of saving one’s team’s lives.  

“Okay, fine, Rachel. You want to do this, fine. I think you’re the bravest member of the group. I think in a bad fight I’d rather have you with me than anyone else. But yeah, Rachel, I think there’s something pretty dark down inside you. I think you’re the only one of us who would be disappointed if all this ended tomorrow… It’s what makes you so brave. It’s what makes you so dangerous to the Yeerks… I feel like this war is to you like booze is to an alcoholic. Like I don’t know what will happen to you if it all ends someday. What are you going to do? Go back to being the world’s greatest shopper? Go back to gymnastics and getting good grades?”
I laughed harshly. “You worry about me? What do you think you’re going to do? Jake, you’re a leader now. You make life-and-death decisions. All the time. You’ve learned to do that. And,” I added bitterly, “you’ve learned to use people. You use them for their strengths and their weaknesses. Worry about me? Like when all this is over you’ll go back to being a mediocre basketball player and a decent student? You’re not even in high school yet and you’re the most wanted person in the Yeerk Empire. Visser Three would trade his Blade ship for your head on a stick… Maybe I do kind of get off on it all. But I still know where the line is. And I won’t cross it. I am not some kind of nut. I know what I’m doing.”
Jake nodded. “I know you do. But everyone draws their own line. Cassie’s is in one place. Marco’s is somewhere else. Yours is in another. Mine .. .” He made a failed attempt at a smile. “For example, see, I used to think my line was drawn at using my friend, my cousin, to do my dirty work. Guess that turned out not to be true. Sorry, Rachel.”
I have no idea why I did what happened next. Because I’m really not that kind of person. But I hugged Jake. And he hugged me back. (#22)

  • Jake and Rachel are fairly terrible people, as I mentioned before.  They enjoy the war, they miss it when they’re not fighting it, and they thrill in the power it gives them.  But they also know right from wrong. They know that they’re not like other kids their age, and they’ve already accrued irreparable damage to their morals standards by the time they are at the point of debating how to kill one of their teammates.  They also recognize that they are in this together, and that they are willing to get their own hands dirty if it keeps their friends’ clean.

I explained what I wanted her to do.
<You’re sure, Jake?> she asked solemnly when I had finished. <Because if you tell me “Go!” I’ll follow your orders. You know what that means.><Yeah, Rachel, I know what it means.>
Still she hesitated. <It won’t be the Yeerk, Jake. It’ll be Tom. It’ll be him.
<I know that,> I said. <And I … if it happens, if it comes down that way, I don’t have a plan for getting you out. You’d be on your own.>
<That’s how I like it.>… Rachel said, <Okay, Jake. You’re right. And you’re right to use me for this. Not exactly something I’m proud of, maybe, but later, you know, if — don’t be blaming yourself, okay?>  She angled her eagle’s wings to take the wind, and flew away. (#53)

  • Jake asks Rachel to kill her cousin and then get herself killed in turn… and she responds with compassion.  Jake is right that she is the only one capable of completing this mission, as she freely admits herself, but she also understands that he’s the only one capable of making this decision.  The situation sucks all around, and they can’t do a thing to change that fact, so Rachel’s right: the only thing for it is to go forward, and not to let Jake blame himself.  Of course, that doesn’t exactly work… But we all appreciate her trying.  

I stopped walking. I looked at Jake. “How do you do this? How do you make decisions that may get people killed? How do you live with that?”
“It’s a war,” he said. “We do what we have to do because we’re forced to do it, right? Someday it will all be over. Someday the Andalites will come. Or the Yeerks will decide we’re not worth it. Someday we’ll win.”
“Maybe. But how do you make decisions that get your friends hurt? That maybe someday will get us killed? How do you keep it from getting inside your head and just eating away at you?”
Then I saw something strange on his face. For just a fleeting moment it was the face of a terrified kid on the edge of tears. It shocked me. I knew what I was seeing. It was my face when I’d realized the old man had died. My face when I thought I’d lost Cassie forever.  But then the mask came down. And he was Jake again. “I don’t think about it,” he lied. (#37)

  • No comment necessary.
ok so calm down and let me follow some other people in breaking it down

jb said : 남자 둘이서 오는 곳은 아니야 / (a cafe) isn’t a place where two guys meet alone

— take this as you will, but they both seemed awkward and cafes are typically where couples go in korea for dates or 소개팅 (blind dates). so take it as you will.

youngjae said : 너와 함께 오고 싶었어 ~ / I wanted to come here together with you ~

— this is a cheesy joke. youngjae was being really sincere-looking and probably has fun making jb uncomfortable for obvious reasons

jb then said : 아…..그런 맨트 하지마…때리고 같은데 하지마 / oh god…..dont make a comment like that…i think imma hit you dont say that

— while reacting to the cheesy joke, he said something that many people say in reply to cheesy jokes. “i’ll hit you” doesn’t mean “i’ll beat you up” in a serious sense. in translation it may seem like a bully-like thing to say in america, but in korea thats just how these jokes roll. i say it all the time with my korean friends and my cousins and even my mother.

take it as you will but for everyone who has been going overboard with the negativity, just please understand you’re dealing with a culture that is very different from the western part of the world. jumping to conclusions is a dangerous thing, and while your opinions are valid — just be careful about what you say.

they’re two guys on television, on a show called bromance (aka an english/western term). LGBTQ+ issues are way more fucking serious than “oppa” saying “imma hit u dont say that” to a cheesily romantic comment

korea ( along with east asia, but i only have experience of being korean so i wont speak for china or japan ) has a strong sense of homophobia, there are movies about how being gay is a stigma of sorts, there are scary stories of kids getting bullied because other kids think they’re gay. there is only one small place ( i believe in incheon?? ) where there are open gay clubs. ONE. ONE AREA IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY.

listen, my parents do not support gay marriage. i argue with them so fucking much about it because they think america had “lost their prestige” whaTEVER THE FUCK THAT MEANS. but they think lower of america because of the gay marriage.

its fucked up. but that’s how korea works. you can say its wrong and you dont have to agree with it. because i say its wrong and i dont agree with it.m all the fucking time and i’m korean.

but don’t look at your oppa and think he’s the most perfect human being on earth. jb may or may not be homophobic. WHO KNOWS bc i dont fuckin know i dont know the guy. but whether you agree or not doesnt mean sending DEATH THREATS I MEAN HELLO THATS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS????? theyre two guys on tv and maybe jb doesnt want people to get the wrong idea because of the setting and the bromance and the situation

the social issue of gay people in korea is a SERIOUS matter and it cannot be determined by a single moment of dialogue in a show called bromance.

please don’t make this a homophobia argument if this is your example. trust me, people write books about this shit because it’s so serious. i dont even care about what jb said

i’m pissed about the reactions and the audacity people have to act like they know exactly what it’s like to be a queer person in a fucking conservative country that had to have help from america to become a democracy after the korean war aka only 60 years ago.

im sorry but if you don’t even know anything about the topic don’t go sending death threats or sending hate to people who are explaining the situation or to the guy who filmed this like three weeks ago

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*kicks Allen out of the room* I'LL LET YA BACK IN IN A SEC *cough cough* ok you... the rest of you 2Ps, what do you think of the guy I just temporarily booted out of here? (I'm just curious for some reason)

((Okay! I’ve been meaning to do something like this… eventually.))

Relations: 2P!America / Allen Jones

2P!China: They have a very friendly and boyish relationship. They get along well, mostly by telling stupid guy jokes, playing pranks on their friends, and acting like immature teenagers together. Zao, though, really looks up to Allen and sees him as his best friend. He thinks Allen’s really cool and fun, compared to his other friends. Allen wouldn’t have met Zao if he didn’t start off as his drug dealer. However, seeing how addicted Zao was made him less into drugs. Still, they’re “bros for life”, even if Allen hardly admits how close they are and/or pretends Zao annoys him.

2P!England: He loves, loves, loves Allen with all his heart. He “mother-smothers” him all the time, such as adjusting his hair or clothing and promptly getting swatted away. He always wants to make sure he’s happy and in good health. He low-key brags about being his friend, always coos over him, and sometimes watches him with a dreamy look in his eyes. Allen occasionally gets annoyed with Oliver’s affection, but he sees him as one of his only true, loyal friends. Oliver’s the type of friend who hugs him every time he sees him. So, he’s content with being a close friend, but deep down, he very much wishes it could be more.

2P!France: He sees Allen as an acquaintance, but that’s only because it takes a while for him to warm up to people. Most others – including Allen – would see Francois as a distant friend. So, Allen sees him as such, and is comfortable chatting with him, inviting him to parties, or even smoking with him. Francois doesn’t mind his company, and he sees him as a strong kid who speaks his mind and can totally fend for himself out there; traits that Francois admires about him.

2P!Russia: Allen likes him. He thinks Ion’s “chill.” Ion, in return, thinks Allen’s a good leader but a little noisy and too easily angered. He doesn’t like to see him get in fights or shouting matches, so he’s usually the one to hold him back or tell him “you’re going to regret this.” Allen doesn’t mind; he sees Ion as one of his few “sane” friends (read: responsible). Ion’s the type of friend Allen would go to when he’s at a breaking point and/ or desperately needs someone to talk to. Sure, Ion’s not one of his friends he hangs out with to laugh or have a good time, but he damn well knows Ion’s a true friend who gives great advice.

2P!Italy: To put it in short, they despise each other. They can be in the same room without getting into a fight, yes, but not unless one of them provokes the other. It’s best they stay away from each other. They’re both considered “leaders” among their groups, so they’re very competitive around each other. They naturally don’t get along. Luciano hates Allen’s conceited and loud personality, while Allen hates Luciano’s stuck-up and two-faced personality. They’re both strong, and they’ll work together only if it’s absolutely necessary.

2P!Germany: “Brother from another mother” and “Bros before hoes” are common phrases they say around each other. Like Zao and Allen, he and Lutz are buddies who do stupid shit together, get at girls together, and drink together. They can be themselves around each other, and they often vent about stuff together. They have similar lifestyles and they can both relate to the other. They have the most fun at parties or bars, and sometimes they get a little too energetic and spontaneous together, which Luciano absolutely can’t stand.

2P!Japan: They’re friends in a weird way. They’re not close, but they’re not strangers either. They’re the type of friends who talk when no other friends are around, or the type of friends who rarely or never hang out after school. Kuro finds Allen idiotic but entertaining, and maybe just a little bit admirable. Allen thinks Kuro’s cool, composed, and kind of strange but interesting. He doesn’t feel this way about anyone else, really. They have the capability to become closer friends but not unless one of them actually tries.

2P!Canada: Some would think Matt puts up with him because he has to, but the truth is, he secretly likes “dealing” with Allen. It brings some spice to Matt’s occasionally dull life. He’s usually the one to put him in line, but that doesn’t mean Allen never pushes him over the edge. Meaning, make him angry. Allen knows it’s not good to piss off Matt so he rarely argues back with him; everyone knows a heated fight between Matt and Allen would get terrifyingly ugly. “But you’re my only real bro,” Allen always says. “I love you man.” Their relationship is complicated, but they’re really the only ones they can truly trust.

2P!Romano: They. Love. Each. Other. So. Much. Over 9,000 level bromance here. They can be sassy together, they can be classic Mean Girls together, they can be gossip trash and people-watch for hours. By people watch, it’s usually them insulting strangers, of course. Allen adores how Flavio accepts him no matter his high standards, and Flavio just loves himself a dorky and fabulous Allen. They may have a lot of fun together, but Allen still feels he can’t share most of his secrets with him, no matter how close they are.

2P!Austria: “You’re so creepy; I love you.” would be a good way to describe Allen’s half of their relationship. They’re not precisely friends, but Allen admires him and the things he can do. Whenever he sees him, he experiences a desire to be his friend, which usually results in him fanboying over Roland’s black magic and Roland brushing him off like, “I know I’m amazing, thank you very much you lil’ sugar cube.~” Roland doesn’t hold much interest in Allen. Roland would much rather be friends with people like Gilen, Flavio, Oliver, or Kuro.

2P!Prussia: He’s either invisible or ignored by Allen, which is totally fine by him because he’s kinda scared of him anyway. He finds him very intimidating and he wonders where he gets all that confidence. At times, he wishes he could be like him, but then he remembers how mean and rude Allen can be. So, Gilen usually just avoids him, even though there isn’t a need to seeing as Allen doesn’t ever notice him. Most of the time, Gilen’s either with Roland or Lutz anyway.

Fic: Kane/Toews versus Seguin/Benn bromance competition

Here are over 4000 words from a fic I’m trying to write. It’s the Kazer versus Bennguin bromance competition idea I’ve mentioned in the past. Spoilers for the ending are included below, so don’t read past Day 16 if you want it to be a surprise. I’d love feedback about including more Tom Wilson/Mike Latta, and also let me know if you have other Kane/Toews or Benn/Seguin ideas you’d like to see included. 

I know that I want to add more with their teammates (including reactions to the competition); I also want to add stuff from the All-Star weekend (most of this was written before that happened). Finally, I want to include more interactions between the couples beyond the competition aspect.

A couple of other things I’d like feedback about:

Would it be better to remove any mention of their girlfriends? I tend to write things based on real life, but do some readers prefer an AU where the girlfriends don’t exist? (I currently have three mentions of them.)

Is switching points of view too confusing? There probably isn’t a way to do it otherwise, though…


Patrick is getting ready for bed when he receives an unexpected text from Segs.

Tyler: remember the brownie bromance tweet I told u about? 

Patrick: …i think?

T: how some fans put together all the pics of us and basically said we should be together?

P: oh yeah

T: something similar happened again

P: mhm?

T: but youre involved

P: wtf r u saying someone wants us to bang? eww

T: haha no… so some fan on twitter sent me this link comparing nhl bromances, saying im copying u n tazer with my benn bromance

P: haha

T: but i was thinking we totally should lol

P: what do u mean?

T: it would blow their fucking minds if we did try to one up each other

P: …

T: cmon kaner whats the harm? it’ll be fun

P: id have to check with Jonny

T: you scared youd lose to us?? the big established bromance falling to the new guys?

P: fuck you, no,we’ll totally kick your asses. though what kinds of things did you have inmind? Jonny’s gf already thinks we’re banging. if we go too far she might breakup with him

T: and thats a problem?

P: hahahahahaha good point

T: great part of jamie being single

P: okay, ill convince Jonny. you start, we’ll do something to top it

T: kay dude


Day 1

Segs post-game interview:

“Being traded to Dallas was the best thing that could have happened to me, both professionally and personally.”

“Personally? Could you expand?”

Tyler fakes getting distracted, purposefully looking over and smiling at Jamie.


“Oh, uh, sorry, thought Jamie was trying to get my attention for something. Isn’t he great? I’m so glad I got the chance to work with him. Meeting at that All-Star Draft, who would have thought three years later we’d be so close?” Tyler smirks, licking his lips.


Day 2

Chris Kuc @ChrisKuc

According to @88PKane he knew even at 13 that Jonny would play an important role in his life. #Blackhawks

Mark Lazerus @MarkLazerus

.@88PKane says: “I knew, back in the Junior Flyers when we were 13, that Jonny would be important to my life.” #TheyAreAdorable

Chris Kuc @ChrisKuc

Toews overhears as walks past, says they talked about dreams of playing together in NHL during Junior Flyers summer tournament #Blackhawks

Mark Lazerus @MarkLazerus

Toews: “We actually talked about wanting to play on the same NHL team. We knew our chemistry at 13 would only grow.” #TheyAreAdorable



HOLY FUCK HOLY FUCK they ship themselves more than anyone!!!!!!

#kazer #Patrick Kane #Jonathan Toews #everyone ships them #but not more than #they ship themselves


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Straight People + Shipping
  • Man/woman friendship: OMG OTP SHIP SO HARD WOW.
  • Man/woman friendship that has literally said it is completely platonic (or at least one-sided platonic): GET OUT OF DENIAL.
  • One man and one woman who have never met ever: Just get together already. Doesn't matter that you've never met each other, you belong together.
  • Man who used to date woman and now goes around killing people that the woman cares about and/or works with: OTP GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY.
  • Man/man friendship: Haha, bromance.
  • or
  • Man/man friendship: JUST HAVE SEX ALREADY FUCK.
  • Man/man kiss: Haha, only *character A* really wanted that, *character B* just went along with it but didn't want it.
  • Woman/woman friendship: Platonic friendship is wonderful, isn't it?
  • Woman/woman friendship with super obvious crushing/heart eyes/lack of personal space: Such platonic. <3 Friendships. :D
  • Woman/woman kiss: Wow look at that platonic kiss on the lips. #FriendshipGoals

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BTS short reaction to when they realized that you make a really scary and naughty face when they're on a bromance. (Just like a perv fangirl)

Here you go~ And there will be another post tonight. I hope it will be the long reaction, but if I can’t get that done then I’ll do the next short reaction~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would stop what he was doing with the member he was with, only to turn and ask what your favorite “ship” was; who did you think looked cutest together? He’d pretend to be offended if he wasn’t a part of your favorite pairing, but he’d honestly just use it to tease you later no matter who it was.

Yoongi didn’t typically initiate that sort of stuff, so he’d push away whoever was trying to cling to him the moment he saw your weird expression. He’d roll his eyes at you, deciding it would be best to just ignore your reaction rather than call attention to it.

Hoseok, after seeing your reaction to it, would continue to hug all over whatever member he’d chosen to get close to that day, laughing now that he knew how you would react. As long as it was entertaining to you, then it was entertaining to him.

Namjoon would pull away from whoever was trying to be cutesy with him, sighing at both the other member for getting so close to him and at you for reacting so strangely. He’d call the both of you weird before walking off and returning to whatever he needed to do.

Jimin, once he saw the face you were pulling at his interaction with his band mate, would call attention to it, pointing it out to the boy he was already hanging all over. He got closer to the boy, calling you weird and picking fun at you while trying to increase your reaction, as he found it really funny.

Taehyung would continue whatever he was doing that had made you react the way you did, pretending to ignore your reaction as he did so. He acted as if it wasn’t a big deal, but he got even closer to his band mate as subtly as he could, hoping it would increase your reaction.

Jungkook would back away from his hyung, or push them away if they were the one initiating the skinship, when he saw your reaction. He wouldn’t quite know how to react to you, but he eventually just started laughing awkwardly in embarrassment as he physically left the situation.

I’m literally going mad and I’m not kidding. There were times when I didn’t have any problems over shows, movies or characters but then it came and I saw Sherlock (BBC) and in that moment it all began. I immediately fell in love with this show and wanted more and more. But not just because it was funny and thrilling, but because there were these two:

Originally posted by rosegoldsherlock

And well at the beginning I didn’t think there was some obsession growing inside my brain. I just like them and wanted them to be together…. more than just friends. And that was how it all began. Since then I’ve watched many shows and movies where I chose my OTPs, which were perfectly straight (malexfemale), hoping that one day they would be together. And most of the times they were. But then something again happened with me and instead of wanting this to happen: 

Originally posted by samstevenat

I wanted this to happen: 

Originally posted by letitrado

And that was the ship that made me read fanfictions. I can honestly say that this one ship in particular started my obsession, which is horrible because most of the people rather ship Stucky then Stony, but I wanted to be somehow different I guess. So I read multiple fanfictions about them and still I can’t say I’ve had enough of them. They’ve become one of my OTPs. But then it seemed that everything was fine again. I started to watch other shows like Arrow for example and it took me some time to find my OTP even in this show, because at first I wanted this to happen:

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And then when they made clear that wasn’t going to happen at all I opened my eyes to something new. And you don’t have to super intelligent to know what I mean: 

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And this is one of the hardest honestly because not everyone can say which one of their OTPs they love most above everything else. Well, I think I could say that at the time. Olicity was my all the time favorite OTP and even my family didn’t see me going so crazy over two characters being together before. I’ve read countless fanfictions about them, hoping that one day they would be together and my dreams indeed came true, but then again something strange happened. The Flash happened and instead of shipping Westallen or Snowbarry like any other ordinary girl I begin to enjoy these two:

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And this is really crazy, because I immediately wanted to read fanfictions about them, because what else I could do? But considering shipping them together as couple is not so popular there are not many fanfictions about them and the ones I found were 90% oneshots. I hate oneshots, because I need longer stories, I need build-up, so this was the one ship that made me write my first fanfiction about TV show characters, so at least in some way I could enjoy them being together. Did it help me? Well I have no idea, to be honest. They certainly made me even more crazy then before. But then another malexmale ship came when I saw one movie: 

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And now I can say I’m done, because I realized that for some reason it doesn’t matter how cool they make malexfemale relationship I would never enjoy it like I enjoy malexmale relationship. I don’t know why considering I am knew to all of this, but I feel this way. And now when I see fangirls going all crazy over malexfemale ship, that they are not together and something like that, I can’t help and just melancholically smile that my OTPs are never going to be together, because my OTPs are malexmale and in the movies or shows they are straight, so there is no chance. So who has it hard now? Because I chose to ship them and they will never be together and there is nothing I can do about it, then just read fanfictions or write them. But even so, I will never be able to have that feeling I used to have when my OTPs became cannon. That feeling was always priceless, because many people were saying that they would never be together and I still believed. Now it all makes me a little sad, that even when I find normal ship it is only a matter of time before I switch to malexmale ship. And I don’t know why I needed to post it on here. I just felt like writing about my emotions and depressions was a good idea. Maybe no one will read this and maybe someone will and somehow say something to put me down for even thinking about such things. But even so I needed to write about it. At some point it made me feel better. 

Villainspe Gold potential

I just discovered Villainspe AU and it’s awesome! Expect for one thing. The fact that Gold isn’t a villain. I mean come on! I’m I the only who sees the potential in Gold being a villain! He would so fucking fun! As matter of fact don’t even put him on Team Rocket  put him on Team Rocket put him on Team Skull! I mean it’s kinda meant for him. It’s the cool villain team and Gold is cool af. Him and Gladion could have a very similar relationship to him and Silver in the manga. And last but not least Gold and Guzma bromance. Make it happen world!

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Natsume yuujinchou?? natsume's beauty, natsume's grace

- Favorite character: NATSUME I LOVE NATSUME WITH ALL OF MY BEING;;; nyanko sensei is also bae so are tanuma and taki and the fujiwaras and–
- Least favorite character: not feelin matoba
- How long did it take to watch/catch up: i think i only found this gem when the 5th season was airing so i BINGED the first 4 seasons in a matter of days
- Favorite OST related to the anime: okay have you all seen the opening for natsume yuujinchou roku… i physically can’t skip it;;; it’s so aesthetically beautiful with the music i cry
- Pairing(s) I like: natsume/tanuma T___T bromance goals
- Pairing(s) I hate: mmm probably natsume/matoba

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For your pairing prompt, #20 and #33 for Gen/the MoW and Gen/Costis? Doesn't matter which is which, but bromance only for both please. (Especially Gen and the MoW because ew.)

Sorry this took a bit, but I hope you enjoy them!


“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you,” Costis admitted to his king, who was currently stretched out in a state of unconsciousness. There was a bruise blossoming on his forehead. It kept catching Costis’ eye whenever he glanced down.

“Why, Costis,” said the king, who had actually woken up a few minutes ago, scaring poor Costis so badly he nearly fell off the roof they were perched on. “That almost sounded like affection.”

“It wasn’t,” the guard grumbled. Eugenides laughed, then groaned, then muttered a small string of curses.

“Alright, Thief-in-Training, try to avoid knocking me out on the way back down.”


Eugenides had taken to sulking in the rafters lately. It made his father cringe just thinking about it.

The Minister of War was not afraid of heights. Married to the woman he was, it would have been rather impractical. But watching his seven-year-old son, who was so small and so cocky and so brilliant but careless, run along beams and jump across rafters made him ill.

He watched as Gen stood on his 6 inch wide beam, 50 feet off the ground, and prepared to leap to the next one, a good ten feet away.

“Please, don’t,” he whispered. Gen jumped.

He watched as Eugenides screamed through the courtyard, as he threw his sword, as he tore up his inscription notice, as he made a vow to the gods.

“I’m going to the next Thief of Eddis,” Gen declared.

Please, don’t, the Minister thought.

He watched as the plan formed in Gen’s mind, as the Thief prepared to find Hamiathes’s gift for his Queen.

He watched his son slip away in the dead of night, going to Sounis.

“Please, don’t,” he said, too late.

He watched as his son slept, his one hand clenching around his sheets, as his forehead beaded with sweat, as tears slipped from his closed eyes.

“Please, don’t,” Gen begged. “Just kill me.”

The Minister of War bowed his head over Eugenides’ ruined arm, and cried.

jason and nico being so stupidly close and intimate, always hanging all over each other and holding hands and shit, that everyone thinks they’re dating :’>

like literally everyone legitimately thinks jason and piper must have broken up (and neither of them said anything so maybe it’s still a sore subject so no one else is bringing it up either??) and that jason’s just with nico now. and piper’s totally aware of it but A) she’s confident enough in her relationship that she doesn’t feel threatened by the misunderstanding and B) it’s honestly hilarious so she’s just waiting for jason and nico to catch on

(and they have literally no idea, they just hang out all the time and jason treats nico like a human teddy bear and nico tries to act like he hates it but he actually loves it and the truth of that matter is literally a secret to absolutely no one but him)