this is the only bromance that matters

Straight People + Shipping
  • Man/woman friendship: OMG OTP SHIP SO HARD WOW.
  • Man/woman friendship that has literally said it is completely platonic (or at least one-sided platonic): GET OUT OF DENIAL.
  • One man and one woman who have never met ever: Just get together already. Doesn't matter that you've never met each other, you belong together.
  • Man who used to date woman and now goes around killing people that the woman cares about and/or works with: OTP GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY.
  • Man/man friendship: Haha, bromance.
  • or
  • Man/man friendship: JUST HAVE SEX ALREADY FUCK.
  • Man/man kiss: Haha, only *character A* really wanted that, *character B* just went along with it but didn't want it.
  • Woman/woman friendship: Platonic friendship is wonderful, isn't it?
  • Woman/woman friendship with super obvious crushing/heart eyes/lack of personal space: Such platonic. <3 Friendships. :D
  • Woman/woman kiss: Wow look at that platonic kiss on the lips. #FriendshipGoals