this is the one thing that has stuck with me for years


((this is one of a few superhero aus me and Dudemun have done. Danny is a former Justice Teen* member who broke off from the group due to having unstable powers. His powers are gradually making him go progressively more crazy, but they also prevent him from dying, so he’s been 14ish for like, 10 years, which is why he left the group because he was tired of being with kids and not treated as an adult (despite not being able to mature much either). He travels around the country as a renegade, he has a fake name in the social services as a foster youth, but half the time he travels homeless. If he uses too much of his powers, he falls into long periods of sleep. His powers include most of the ghost stuff, as well as green illusions and other such things. Eventually he wouldn’t be able to turn back into his human form and would be stuck in ghost form forever.))

Too Young - Draco Malfoy Imagine

Request: Can you do a thing where Draco is protective over you because you’re his best friend and boys like you?


Rating: PG

Warning(s): Not Really… Unless me loving this one too much counts..


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We’ve friends for years, Draco and I. People see him as cold and Prejudice, but I know better. I know his family and I know his situation. I can read every thought that goes through his head like it’s scrawled onto a piece of parchment and stuck to his shirt like a ‘hello, my name is’ sticker.

He’s always been a huge part of my life. In fact, I can’t remember a time when he wasn’t there by my side through thick and thin, and believe me, there has been a lot of thin. He’s always been there to comfort me when I’m hurt or upset or confused. Mainly because he’s two years older than me and also because he’s like a big brother, minus the arguments and resentment. 

He’s always looked at me as his little friend, even though I’m approaching 16 and I bloody well look it. I started noticing the way people looked at me differently when I started styling my hair, wearing a bit of make up, and occasionally wearing nicer clothes on the weekends. Draco thinks of it as me experimenting with what the world has to offer, but I think of it as me blossoming into what I have to offer. 

I’ve had various crushes over the years, including a tiny one on Saint Potter, but it was short lived and kept hidden from Draco because he would be livid. I’ve never had a boyfriend though. Partly because I was never really all too pretty and partly because I’ve always been close to Draco, and nobody wants to risk making him mad by preying on his non-biological baby sister.

Draco and I walk down the hall after Potions, laughing quietly at each other’s bad jokes and punching each other playfully. Our path is blocked by a group of 4 or 5 boys around Draco’s age, the one in the middle of the teenage boy pyramid smirking, making my lips turn into a slightly horrified frown.

“Hey there, Y/N.” Says the oh-so-confident one. He looks very attractive and his voice is smooth. He seems like a guy a lot of girls would fawn over. A real school cutie, but not interesting to me. 

“Hey there, whoever you are.” I reply, making the other guys snicker lightly. Draco suddenly straightens up, now standing taller than the guy who has dared to talk to me in front of him. 

“What do you want, knob head?” Draco sneers, stepping a tiny bit forward, his hand subtly guiding me behind him. I grab his wrist, holding it gently, him knowing it as a sign that he needn’t worry. It’s like our secret code for ‘I got this’.

The ‘knob head’’s eyes dart down quickly, eyeing my slightly showing cleavage, making me shift uncomfortably. 

“HEY! You keep your eyes off of her you filthy creep. She’s only a girl you disgusting wanker! I suggest you get as far away from here as humanely possible and make sure I never see your pug face again or I will personally neuter you.” Draco threatens. I just roll my eyes and sigh as all five of them scramble, rushing as fast as they can down the long corridor. 

Draco turns back to me and ignores my unimpressed glare as he removes his black jacket and wraps it around my shoulders, making sure it covers my chest. I huff and he just cocks an eyebrow.

“What is it now?” He asks sarcastically. I look to the side, staring out the large window.

“You need to stop treating me like a little kid. I’m almost 16 bloody years old, and I’m flattered that boys are starting to take an interest in me!” I outburst. He just looks down angrily.

“You’re still too young for boys to be ogling you like that! You deserve a man, and not a hormonal teenage boy who only wants your body. There’s plenty of time for that, but you’re still young, and I’m trying to protect you from letting them hurt you!” He shouts, making me shiver. He never raises his voice at me. Ever. 

“Have you ever considered that maybe I’m not a stupid little girl and maybe I can take care of myself?” I yell. I pull off his jacket and push it into his arms before turning on my heel and stomping off toward the Library, hoping that he won’t follow me. 

1 Hour Later

I sit in the Library, the whole place silent as everyone is at dinner. I just sit there, replaying the argument in my head. 

Maybe he’s right.

No. You are a strong woman and you don’t need him to protect you.

My thoughts are interrupted by someone clearing their throat. I look up to see Draco standing there looking rather.. guilty. 

“Look, Y/N. I’m sorry that I offended you. I know that you can handle yourself, but you’ve always been my sweet, innocent little Y/N and I couldn’t bare it if someone took that away from you and I hadn’t done anything to stop it. I just want you to stay my tiny, adorable best friend. I’m not ready to grow up, and I’m certainly not ready for you to either.” He confesses. I feel a tear escape my eyes and roll down my rosy cheek. 

He brings his hand up and wipes it away with his thumb, smiling warmly. “And look, I’m the one who made you cry at the end of today.” He says glumly before getting up again and turning toward the door, ready to leave me alone, but I suddenly jump at him, grabbing his wrist. He turns back to me and I lunge into his arms, nuzzling my face in his chest, like I always do when I’m upset.

“I get it, Draco. And I promise, I’ll always be your sweet little best friend. That won’t change no matter how old we get. Just please never stop trying to protect me. It means more than you know.” I mutter, his arms that are already wrapped tightly around my waist tightening even more. 

“Never. I will never, ever stop being here to keep you safe.”


My dad is a zoologist, (PhD from Duke University, really smart dude but REALLY WEIRD,) and he’s always got some wild, vaguely gross story to share, but this one in particular has stuck with me for years.

This actually comes from one of my dad’s fellow grad students - whose name dad can’t remember just now, but he promises he’ll get back to me when he does - who spent an amount of time in Hawaii. Now, Hawaii has some really weird, unique biological stuff going on, and apparently one of these things is after it rains, everything gets covered in frogs. Hundreds and hundreds of frogs everywhere, including all over the streets. Given that there are so dang many of these frogs, most vehicles just sort of…. plow over them. After the rain stops and the sun beats down on the street for a few hours, what you wind up with is hundreds and hundreds of dried, flattened frogs.

So naturally, when grad student comes across this, he pulls out a plastic bag and fills it with the frog flakes. (If you have to ask why, you’ve never known a bio major. They just…. do things.) So dude collects frog flakes, throws the bag in the back of his pickup truck, and continues on his planned errand to go grocery shopping. When he comes out from the store?

The frogs are gone.

The grocery bag filled with several hundred flattened, sun-dried frogs has been stolen.

Now, I mean, clearly whoever stole it saw ‘shopping bag’ and didn’t think much past that, willing to take whatever they scored. But I gotta wonder how frog-thief felt when they examined the contents later like. Not just disappointment that it wasn’t anything good but utter bafflement, because who in their right mind has a bag of hundreds of flattened frogs in the back of their nice pickup. What was your day like, Frog-Thief.

SSS - A Thing to be Achieved

So I started this crossover story last year with Everlark in the plot from Water for Elephants, (which I looooove), and, NGL, it’s my least popular story! I just don’t think anyone knows about, so my SSS today is from the next chapter, and of course it gives me the opportunity to show what @loving-mellark can do in 15 minutes or less. She’s amazeballs. You can find the first two chapters here, and I am working on the last two when I get stuck on Lost and Found.

If hunger hadn’t woken me, the searing pain in my ribs certainly would have. I couldn’t tell what time of day it was, since the space had no window, something that had bothered me since I’d inhabited the dank room. I could only guess by the persistent growling of my stomach that it was afternoon.

The sudden urge to relieve myself hit, making me groan. If being still hurt like hell, then any movement at all would be excruciating. A deep breath filled my lungs as I summoned the nerve to sit up. I thought the easiest way was to roll onto my side, which immediately stole the breath I’d just inhaled.

It seemed like an eternity before I made it to the bucket in the far corner, wincing and cursing with every step. I stayed hunched, leaning heavily on the wall since standing up straight was an even worse option than getting out of bed.

I had just made it back to my cot when Katniss knocked on the door. “Peeta? Are you awake?” her voice was soft and muffled from the other side, but unmistakable in its melodic quality.

Project for the evening.  This dress has been languishing with the other costumes for six years because the zipper I first put in got stuck so badly the one and only time I wore it that I had to be cut out.  I’ve set 15 grommets and 15 to go.  Things like this are a huge reminder of how my wrists, like the rest of me, aren’t as young as they used to be.

Here’s the whole dress, by the way:

23 Things I Learned From Experience

Because school’s about to start, I made a list of some of the lessons life has taught me. Some of these are things I might have read or heard that just really stuck with me, but most of them come from painful experience. Here are the things I’d come to realize after a year of drastic change and learning:

1) Friendships come and go, especially in highschool. People will change a lot, and so will you.

2) Choose your friends wisely.

3) If the people you try to make friends with argue, make you feel bad, or generally make you feel uncomfortable, get out of the friendship quickly.

4) Sometimes, friends come together by a certain need. Once that need is fulfilled, you both go your separate ways, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

5) If no one comforts you, comfort yourself. If no one can uplift you, uplift yourself. You are the only definite person who will be there your whole life, and to survive, you must support yourself.

6) If you aren’t getting where you want to be, work hard. If you still aren’t getting there, take a step back and look for what you’re doing wrong.

7) Don’t ever change, unless it’s for the better.

8) Planning takes time, but failing takes even more.

9) In the real world, there is no good or evil, only different sides with different opinions.

10) It’s okay to look back, just make sure you’re still moving forward.

11) If you learn to find happiness in small things, you’ll find that happiness is everywhere.

12) Do things at your own pace, not at the pace people expect you too.

13) Sometimes, to do good, you have to break some good rules.

14) No matter what happens, you are not alone.

15) Telling someone that “you know their pain” or that “others have had worse pain” is like stabbing yourself because you saw them get shot. We have two different types of pain, and looking at yours does nothing to help mine.

16) If there’s something in your life that’s dragging you down, remove it like a wound: gentle and slow.

17) If you trip in the middle of the road, pick yourself up and don’t get discouraged. As long as you keep going, you’ll get there.

18) If you feel physically sick, take care of yourself. If you feel mentally sick, take care of yourself too.

19) Walk through every open door.

20) Live a life worth writing about.

21) Never be afraid of making friends with anyone.

22) You are the protagonist in your own story. You are also, possibly, the antagonist, kind stranger and even love interest in someone else’s story.

23) Everything’s going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

I hope you all have a great school year, and remember, I love you, and you should love you too :)

Things that have happened so far in Ireland:

  • walked past a pub full of people singing off-key across the street from a group of people praying with rosaries at 4pm on a Tuesday.
  • made friends with a 16-year-old dog that travels to all the archeological dig sites he can
  • pet a very angry looking cow
  • got stuck climbing up a crumbling 17th-century castle and needed 2 germans and a french man to help get me down
  • contracted/still have a terrible flu with congestion
  • drank a nice pint of Guinness to clear up said congestion, as advised by two drunk middle aged Irish women (it partially worked)
  • ate potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner one day
  • slept on a laundry room floor
  • ended up on a bus for 4 hours with a pre-teen spanish school trip
  • traveled to tescos 6 times in a week because they were the only place with a wifi connection
  • sat at the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, despite our tour guide threatening to beat us with a selfie stick if we did so. 

Despite everything, it’s been a lovely trip when I wasn’t achingly tired, wet or cold! Irish people I’ve met have been incredibly kind (and very sarcastic). 

like, one of the most frustrating things about the way autistic people are perceived is that people just don’t expect us to have any agency?? 

like there’s this one incident that’s always stuck out in my mind, where shortly after finding out about my diagnosis (like ten years after the diagnosis itself bc my parents didn’t tell me about it for my entire childhood lmao but that’s an entirely different rant) i went to a bookstore to try and find books about being autistic so i could understand what it really meant because no one had ever really sat me down and fucking told me, and when i got to the relevant section it was just shelf after shelf of “what to do if your child has autism” “autism mom resource book” “how to deal with your autistic child” and like. all of the books were about us, how to deal with us (like we’re such a massive fucking burden), but there weren’t any for us. the entire section was just book after book, written by and for “autism moms” about how their child’s diagnosis affects them. like fuck off?? i went in looking for a book to help me discover the autistic community and who i am and what this means for me as a person, and all i could find were guidebooks telling parents how to deal with the massive unwanted burden of having someone like me as a child lmao

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And has any of that stuff ever worked for you? Orrrrrrr have you never talked to someone you liked ?

I have to say, the only time I’m ever confident in myself is when I’m on the field, I’m still useless at talking to people I like. You’d think for a ninety- eight year old “heart throb”-so I’m told- that I’d be more used to it but… I’m not. That’s one of the things that stuck with me, just being useless at talking people who I may like. Just fake it till you make it.- Steve

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The story so far, Part 10...

Wrinklefucker is still a great name for that iron hammer.

I will say the only other thing we know about the LOHAC is that the denizen can survive in lava. We saw Dave’s bro fighting it, and it was in the lava. It also looked like some large octopus, so I’m only guessing that it lives in the lava. I could be wrong.

… This whole thing of @hexstuck telling me that I’m the Seer of Space in our player group is really starting to freak me out. This passage confirmed my theory that Skaia uses Sburb as the defense system to catch the meteors coming from the Veil. 

And it possibly confirmed my theory that this has happened at least one other time, millions of years ago, on Earth.

“It can deviate from this model,” huh? 

That’s it. I have to ask the question.

Does that mean that, “depending on the actions of the players,” the dark kingdom can be defeated?

It has been almost two weeks since I last updated this blog and I am very much missing it. I have been out and about lately and if you have been following me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you’d know why. I have new things in store to share with you guys and I am so excited to tell you all about it! For the past ten days, I’ve been to ten different places. It was a tiring journey but a very enjoyable one, nonetheless. But before I am going to post my new adventures, I would like to update this blog first because I’m still stuck on editing the photos and composing their contents.

I went out of scope last week. I had my 10-day vacation and it was the funnest, most exciting vacay I have ever had yet! After three long years, my best friends and I finally got together again!



      “Well – we can’t always be scary, can we? Besides, that best of Queen album has been stuck in my head since 2009!” She was a terrible ghost. Well, in terms of scaring people. The ones who didn’t deserve a good scare, anyway. “Scaramoosh.”

           The medium quickly finds an excuse to escape from the conversation with the living being to turn to the new ghost.  As if Aidan weren’t bad enough; now they’ve got more ghosts using them as a captive audience for karaoke practice.

            ❛ I suppose there are worse things to have stuck in your head. But couldn’t you have waited five minutes for me to finish that conversation? It might’ve been important. ❜  It wasn’t, but it’s the principle of the thing.

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So about a year ago, my bf and I (who lived together) broke up. We ended up having a 3 way with one of his guy friends. We have gotten back together and broke up a few times. Within those few times (while broken up) Ive slept with someone else. NBD. Well he has cheated on me plenty of times while together. (Not sex, that I know of..) He thinks that I owe him a 3 way with a girl. And brings up what Ive done. I say no way. Im not sure how to feel. Im afraid he keeps cheating, but I love him.

You don’t owe him a thing and if he’s stuck in that mentality then you deserve better


I’d say I don’t know what I expected, but sure I do. I expected an intense, hyper-focus month of devotion and worship. And hey, it started out real good, so why not expect that to keep going? It was supposed to be month of creation and devotion, finished off with a super-special birthday present to myself in the form of a devotional tattoo.

But let’s be real here, this is Loki and me, so what I mean to say is, I don’t know why I didn’t expect exactly what I’ve gotten.

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Tag Game

I was tagged by @ashtotes for this one :)

RULES: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better!
Nickname? E, EMac, Cheez
Height? 5′10"
Time right now? 2:12 pm PST
Last thing you googled? Lisa Simpson that’s a false analogy gif
Song stuck in your head? “Playing Dead” by Christian Lee Hutson
Last movie you watched? Ghostbusters (the new one)
Last TV show you watched? Law and Order Criminal Intent
What are you watching right now? See above
What are you wearing right now? Brown cargo cropped pants and a blue old navy t-shirt (what?!? I’m watching tv, not walking down a runway! 😉)
When did you create your blog? Just had my 5 year birthday not long ago
What kind of stuff do you post? Jai Courtney and Jai Courtney characters. Reblog a lot of Jai Courtney and Jai Courtney characters pics, fics, one shots, etc. You get the idea.
Do you get asks on a daily basis? No, but when I do, I love them :)
Why did you choose your url? Because it was related to a blog I briefly had. Well, it still exists, I just don’t post on it very often. The name comes from a place I was sitting at emotionally a number of years ago after being laid off from a job and realizing I wasn’t living up to society’s expectations of where I should be at for my age at the time. Now I just don’t care. 😂😂😂
I tag: anyone that wants to participate

My Tumblr is 4 years old today. When I first made it I thought I wouldn’t use it or it would just be for writing but it ended up turning into a CSI blog. I loved those four years and as of late, Tumblr has changed. Things people like have changed, things people said they would never do they’ve done. It used to be a place where people like me could escape and know there were people all over also going through the same struggles. Progress is good don’t get me wrong but I kinda wish the Tumblr I knew 4 years ago was a still here. It’s like being a senior and watching freshmen do dumb things and being unable to stop them but still having to go to the same school. If you’ve stuck with me for this long through all my crazy rants and changes then thank you. You are one of a kind. I should also say that my blog is still CSI based among a few other things that include….

All my other tv shows like Bones, NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc
Elisabeth Shue
Marg Helgenberger
Jorja Fox
The rest of the cast of CSI and their future endeavors
Occasional political and social issues
Food porn
Random funny shit

So thanks again for joining and sticking with the madness.

to my precious wife, who for two years has some how stuck around with me to fix the shit the writers have bestowed upon us. i know things have changed, && we struggled for a bit but i still love you dearly. you have become such a fixture in my life && a reason why this blog still exists. your ability to write felicity has always captured me in ways that no one else managed to ever do, you are who i look to when things just don’t make sense. we might not always be on the same page, but we’re always gonna be torn from the same book, my soulmate. i hope you had && are still having the best kind of day.

                                                h a p p y 2 4 t h b i r t h d a y.