this is the one hairstyle that will kill me for sure


Okay so couple weeks ago I watched the movie butterfly effect and with the last highlight reel I’m basically sure about this theory.

So, for the ones who have not seen the movie it goes like this (I strongly recommend you watch the movie though);

A boy named Evan, goes through hard times during his childhood and his teenage years. But he cannot remember these key moments in his life he blacks out and wakes up after everything is done. He starts writing down everything in his journals so he can keep track of everything.

Later in his life he realizes that he has the power to go back in time and undone his and his friends’ mistakes. He does this by looking through his journals and recalling the memories he must go back to. He goes back dozens of times but every time he undoes something, another one goes wrong. In a surprising turn, he finds out his dad had the same abilities and his dad did the same in his lifetime by looking at the PHOTOS he took. YES photos. Does it sound familiar? Because it should. Who do we see always taking vids and pics throughout the whole HYYH + WINGS eras?

Jin is Evan in their story, trying to save the boys over and over again, trying to make everything right. See also, how exhausted Jin looks in the end of the most recent highlight reel. He’s been trying to save these boys for so long.

‘Coincidentally’ one of the times Evan uses this ability in the movie is when the girl he loves commits suicide and he goes back to save her. Which we see Jin do in Highlight Reel 3. Whenever Evan goes back in time and changes something their lives change, things disappear, the way their lives go change, but there are always reoccurring scenes. Throughout HYYH and Wings there are scenes we see too often but always in different settings. Almost like these things happen but in parallel universes. The parallel universes that Jin creates every time he goes back in time to save the boys. Few of them are;

Taehyung with wall painting and graffiti

Taehyung getting arrested

Yoongi with his fire obsession and his piano

Jimin with water

Hoseok with pills

Jimin / Hoseok in hospitals

Jimin drowning / in or around bathtubs

Namjoon with a lollipop

Namjoon with phone boxes

And of course, the obvious; couples

The never-ending connections between Jungkook/Yoongi, Jimin/Hoseok and Namjoon/Taehyung which not so surprisingly leaves out Jin, because he’s the one trying to save them.

In MVs there are a lot of scenes implying the butterfly effect itself for instance

In highlight reel Jin said: “Yesterdays many encounters and goodbyes existed for this moment. Every alley and crossroad I walked through were all meant to lead me to this place.” Saying that every little thing done in the past led him to the place he is now, which is basically the definition of butterfly effect.

Or for instance in I Need U Japanese Version MV when Jungkook burns the flower in his hand, the camera instantly cuts to the photo of the same flower behind Yoongi starting burn as well, meaning Jungkook’s actions affect Yoongi’s life.

There are a lot of butterfly imagery in the MVs as well. Not even mentioning there’s a song called Butterfly and one of the album’s name is WINGS.

So, let’s talk about hyyh1 and hyyh2. My theory is that HYYH2 could be a different reliving of HYYH1 where Jin had to go back in time because well, our boys fucked up. With Taehyung killing his father/ brother, Hoseok swallowing those pills, Jungkook getting in a car crash, Yoongi burning himself in his hotel room and Jimin drowning himself. HYYH2 with Run MV is Jin’s another attempt so save these 6 boys. Also at the end of BS&T Japanese Version we see Jin going to the place Namjoon works and saying, “Long time, no see” where Namjoon is startled to see Jin. This could also contribute to the theory that after everything went downhills in BS&T jap verse, Jin fighting with Taehyung included, Jin had to try again.

I believe their hairstyles and colors as well as their clothing style changes between I Need U and Run eras to imply a different universe, but we can never be sure.

I want to note that in Run MV where the boys are vandalizing the cars in the tunnel Jin is the only one sitting in the car not doing anything and when they start to run he’s the one who gets them out of trouble, he’s the one who’s waiting to save them. 

If we tie things with the Korean version BS&T MV it explains the duality of the universes. Jin sees another dimension through the mirror in the end of BS&T which could be tied to HYYH era as every time Jin tries to save the boys he creates another universe. BS&T also shows the evil temptations the boys are facing and Jin once again sacrificing himself and saving the boys.

Also coming to the Highlight Reels, to me, as the whole story is still connected to the book Demian by Hermann Hesse, the girls represent their Beatrices. In the book, Sinclair thought he had fallen for a girl he saw in a park and named Beatrice. He thought about her as the days went on and finally decided to paint a picture of her. As he painted he realized what he was drawing resembled no longer a girl but the face of a young man. He finished the painting only to realize he had drawn Demian. Because Demian was the one he was longing for. The pairings Jimin/Jhope, Jungkook/Yoongi and Taehyung/Namjoon are Sinclair and Demian to each other.

the demian connections were also said by @/angelakiss_tale on twitter so kudos to them for making me realize.

I’ll add things as I connect the dots, I’ve still yet to understand all the individual stories told in Highlight Reels. Especially Jihope+the girl story dumbfounded me.

Knight in Shining Armor (Steve Harrington x Female Reader)

Requested by: @cometoceantrenches ( Okie since you take requests, is it okay if you write smth with our boi Steve where the reader drops off their younger sister at the Snow Ball the same time Steve drops off Dustin but Steve offers to take the reader home but they end up at a cafe or smth and talk abt the crazy stuff that happened (fighting the demodogs and all that) and end up confessing to each other?? im sorry if its long af, you just write rlly well *ugly cries*)

Summary: While waiting for the Snow Ball to end, Steve and you catch up at a local cafe where they recount the events of the demo-dogs, and then conversation becomes personal.

Word Count: 3013

Warnings: fluffy af and some smooches. Also get’s a bit emotional towards the end. lets also assume he’s always ooc to me

Note: if there is another gif that kills me it’s also this one!  I kind of just a little went overboard and it’s pretty long but I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! Enjoy!!!

Minor Spoilers of Season 2!!

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“Do I look okay?” your sister Jen asked for the 100th time from the backseat of your mother’s car. You rolled your eyes, not even bothering to look at her.

“You look great, Jen,” you replied.

“You didn’t even look!” she cried.

For perhaps the third time you spun yourself around to take a look at your sister who was all dolled up and ready for the Snow ball.

“You look beautiful, now stop asking and stop touching your hair,” you slapped her hand away lightly, she flinched and grumbled. You knew she had a crush on one of the boys there, she just wouldn’t tell you who it was. But by how nervous she was, and how she was acting, you knew what was bothering her.

“Hey…whoever this boy you’re crushing over…he’s gonna think you’re the most beautiful girl in the room okay? And he’s going to ask you to dance,” you said, fixing her hair for her. Jen blushed.

“And if he doesn’t?”

You scoffed, “Then he’s a damn idiot, and you’re too good for him,” Jen let out a laugh. Your mother glanced at you two before pulling up in front of the school, behind another car who was dropping off their kid.

Unfortunately for you, your mother had wanted you to stick around the parking lot all night and wait for the Snow ball to end. Also, it was really, really cold out there. But, you didn’t want your mom to worry over Jen all night, so you agreed to stay. You would find something to do, even if that included freezing to death.

Death. Hah. That word honestly didn’t even faze you that much anymore, not after what had occurred in the past month. Images of alien like dog creatures Dustin had called ‘Demo-dogs’ flashed through your mind, especially of the one he called ‘Dart’ who nearly chewed your face off. And then there was that girl with the slicked back hair who everyone seemed to recognize except for you and Steve. Apparently, she had superpowers and helped close the gate and saved the world or something. You honestly didn’t know what to believe, or even do with all this newfound information.

You guessed life would just go on eventually, and somehow you’d manage to live past it.

You stood next to your sister, both of you waving good-bye to your mother, who yelled, “Have a good time and be safe!” before driving off and out of the drop-off zone. Jen sighed, flattening down her light pink dress.

“Are you really going to stay out here all night?” Jen asked as you both walked towards the entrance, you shrugged.

“It’ll be fun- staying out here all by myself in the freezing cold in order to avoid my past middle school teachers trying to catch up with me,” Jen laughed, stopping in front of the entrance and turning to face you.

“Are you sure I look okay, (y/n)?”

You glared slightly at her, pretty sure she’s just taking in the compliments, but you just smiled and held a thumbs up. Jen was about to speak before her eyes caught something behind you. Her cheeks suddenly turned the same color as her dress. You raised a brow, and turned around, seeing who had made her all flustered.

“Dustin?” you asked, the younger boy was surprised to see you here, but not as surprised as you when you saw how much his hair looked super familiar.

“What are you doing here, (y/n)?” he asked, you tore your eyes from his hair and pointed behind you.

“Just dropping off Jen-” but when you turned around, she was gone and already in the gym. You blinked, huffing slightly as you realized that Dustin was the boy she was so keen on. You laughed lightly, thinking that it was the cutest thing ever.

Your mind went back to Dustin’s hairstyle the moment you looked back at him.

“Okay- tell me right now…is Steve your role model or something?” You asked, jokingly. Dustin gave you an annoyed look before you chuckled, “You look great kiddo, now go in there and for the love of god find Jen and ask her to dance,” you winked. Dustin furrowed his eyebrows.

“Wait- what? really?”

You clicked your tongue before your eyes went to the car Dustin had gotten out of. Your jaw dropped when you instantly recognized it as Steve’s. Dustin noticed your excitement and gave a smug smile.

“He’s staying because he saw you and is hoping you’ll go over there to talk or something,” he said nonchalantly, you side-glanced Dustin, seeing him look at the car and wave. You can just feel Steve’s glare on the kid. You merely laughed it off.

“Don’t you have a ball to attend, kid?” you asked, Dustin cursed softly and walked into the entrance, muttering something about asking Jen to dance, a cheeky grin on his face. You shook your head, crossing your arms against your chest before turning and starting to walk over to Steve’s car.

You leaned down to his open window, a toothy grin and asked, “Is that you Steve? My knight in shining armor?” Steve smiled at the sight of you, and waved your comment off.

“Yeah, the one and only,” he responded, knowing you were referring to when he saved you from losing your face to some demo-dog, “Are you going to head home?”

You shook your head.

“Gotta stay here until it ends and make sure Jen is still alive after or something,” you shrugged, Steve laughed.

“Oh no- that’s not okay,” he said, “As your knight in shining armor, I’m going to save you from freezing to death…” he reached over and opened the car door, his other hand still resting on the wheel. You put your hand over your heart.

“Wow…what a gentlemen,” you commented as you climbed into his car, Steve shrugged, eyes still resting on you. You didn’t notice the way he stared at you, like Dustin had noticed when Steve pulled up and saw you.

“That’s what I am, didn’t you know?”

You just hummed, hugging your arms closer to you. Steve noticed, eying your shivering form before an idea popped in his mind.

“Wanna go get a warm drink or something?” he asked, you tilted your head in thought.

“Warm drink? You mean like coffee?” you asked, a playful glint in your eyes.Steve stared at you for a moment, before realizing how stupid he must sound.

“I said that…” he muttered. You snickered, but nodded.

“Yeah, I could go for a warm drink…” Steve cracked a smile, eyes still lingering on yours before starting his car. When he looked away as he began to drive out of the parking lot, you looked at the side of his face, thinking you saw a shade of pink on his cheeks…but it was too dark.

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Meta Post: How did Shiro get his scar?

So a few days ago I did a post about Shiro’s prosthetic arm and the response was amazing! Many of you also showed interest in me doing one on Shiro’s scar as well, so here we are. This one took me a lot longer to make because it’s not as cut-and-dry as the arm. There’s a lot of variables and speculation. We can’t really know for sure what DID happen, but we can most likely deduce what DIDN’T happen. (WARNING–I’m going to discuss some graphic stuff, blood/gore/injuries, etc. So be aware.)

In this post we’ll go through the possibilities and see which ones are the most likely to occur. There will be one numbered point per general option, and I will narrow them down to the ones I think could happen. I would love for you to share your thoughts on the matter! At one point most of us, myself included, assumed Shiro got the scar on his face during battle, so this brings us to the first option:

1. The scar is the result of a sword or other blade swipe during battle

Let’s take a look at what would have to happen for this option to be the case. There’s an easy way to visualize this in 10 seconds or less.

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One Blink or Two

Title: One Blink or Two

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,710

Warning: The feelings are going to hit you like a freight train

A/N: I woke up from a nap and in 4.5 hours I cranked it out and just had to publish it. Sorry for any errors. Enjoy!!

Summary: You are an emergency room nurse receiving a patient from a local care facility. All you’ve been told is that he is a 29 year old male in an unresponsive coma for the last 3 years, and about 20 minutes ago his heart started to race uncontrollably. As the rest of your staff work on getting him transferred to the hospital gurney, start an IV, and getting him hooked up to the heart monitor, you speak with one of the paramedics that brought him in.

Day 1

“Alright, tell me what you know.”

“29 year old male named Dean Winchester. Was in a car accident with his father and brother three years ago. Car versus semi, and he’s the only one to make it. He’s been in a non-responsive coma this entire time. He has a feeding tube, but can breath normally on his own. A nurse said she went in to give him a bed bath and his heart just ‘went nuts’.”

You could tell by the tone of his voice he was leaving something out. “And? What else?”

“Unofficially, that nurse is a bitch. She is one of the meanest people I’ve ever met and we hate having to deal with her when we go there. Knowing her she probably shook him around and roughed him up.”

“Lovely.” You gave him a tight smile and moved back to your patient.

“Dean, my name is Y/N. I’m going to be taking care of you okay.”

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;great romances of the 21st century (m)

pairing kim seokjin x reader, highschool! Jin 
genre/warnings drama, fluff, smut, comedy 
words 12,799

:: summary in which you must tutor the most arrogant and pretentious jerk that ever existed, who can’t seem to concentrate on anything other than football, working out and girls… but then something changes and you find yourself thinking – maybe Kim Seokjin isn’t so bad after all?

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A Friend Like Me.

Request from @the-lazy-leprechaun: Could I maybe request a fic where Bucky has finally cut his hair since he is now part of the Avengers and the reader offers to help him shave his beard if he guides the reader through it step by step? Like really fluffy!!!

Note: This was totally cute to write out. I remembered the request slightly wrong though when I got into this and accidentally had Bucky asking the reader to do it for him rather than the reader offering buuuuuut I think it makes it extra fluffy so I hope you don’t mind :)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,135

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Originally posted by seabasschino

A chorus of cat whistles filled the room unexpectedly and dragged you out of the book you were reading for a few brief seconds, not enough to want to turn around and find out the reason behind it but enough so that you lost your place on that page and groaned to yourself. Even after years of working with The Avengers you were still the complete opposite of the majority of them – whereas they liked to socialise with one another during their downtime you were more than happy to just pick up a book and lose yourself in a whole other world.

You glanced over the page again and found the last line you had read and was about to start again when you felt someone jump over the back of the sofa you had nestled yourself onto and land heavily beside you. The cold feeling of metal brushing up against the bare flesh of your arm told you who it was before you had even looked up from your page.

“So come on then [y/n] what do you think?”


It was the only response you offered him as your eyes scanned the words before you. Pride and Prejudice is an absolute classic, one you had fallen in love with back in your college days, and no one was going to interrupt your reading of it….not if they wanted to have a peaceful life.

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Genre: fluff
Wordcount: 645  
Summary:  “I’ve never been great at drinking, I think. And Crowley, Snow, I think I’m a little drunk on you.”                                                 


I’ve never been great at drinking. I think it has something to do with the vampirism and my body just absorbing everything a lot quicker than regular people would. Snow is worse, however.

He’s just had his second shot of Vodka, and his cheeks are already flushed, eyes glinting. And he would probably kill me if he knew that most of the time I still call him Snow in my head.

I feel a warm flutter every time I look at him now. He’s half sitting, half sprawling on the grubby, old sofa that Penny brought to their London flat, and he’s listening to one of her stories about her trip to America that she has just returned from. Micah is sitting next to her, one of his hands absently resting on her plump thigh. He’s a nice bloke; quiet, with lovely dark skin and a pretty smile. They’re beaming, the two of them. I wonder if Simon and I beam like that, too.

Penny’s story is something about Florida and merewolves and alligators. I think it’s supposed to be funny, but I don’t really listen to it. My head feels fuzzy.

For a moment, I think back to my fifth year at Watford; the endless nights spent down in the catacombs. Back when Simon and I were still sworn enemies and all my dreams were of blood and gore and tears. And some sad wanking I wasn’t particularly proud of. Back when I thought that one day, I’d have to die at the hands of the chosen one. Or worse: kill him.

I would drink on those nights. I smuggled bottles of expensive brandy that father kept away in our family home cellar, where they’d collect a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. And then I’d sit there, next to my mother’s grave, casting “There’s light at the end of the tunnel!” just to brighten the crypt a little and grimacing at the irony of those words.

The first time I drank, I got wasted. In hindsight, I probably should have known that mixing roastbeef, rats’ blood, and brandy wasn’t going to end well. It was vile. Even for me.

I scoffed back then, wiping my mouth and trying not to breath in too deeply, staring at the glimmer slowly swirling under the ceiling, then at the drained rats. There’s light at the end of the tunnel” , I’d think. My ass!

In some of those nights, I’d crawl back into bed just before sunrise and lay there, listening to Snow’s slow, steady breaths, whilst my bed started spinning and my face felt numb.

I’d watch him; how the sun would slowly creep up on him through our windows (the idiot would never shut them, just to take the piss), and it would paint his mess of a hairstyle golden, red and orange. You’re burning me , I’d think. You’re the only fire I can’t figure out how to handle .

He’s still burning me now, even without his magic. Here in his living room, listening to Penny. And he’s laughing and grinning and just beaming .

Later into the evening, I kiss him on his forehead. Maybe on his cheeks and his nose and lips, too, just because I’m that weak. Or maybe just because I like kissing him there. He’s kissing me, too. And doing that nice thing with his chin, smoothing the hair off my neck and brushing his hands over my arms.

I’ve never been great at drinking, I think. And Crowley, Snow, I think I’m a little drunk on you.

The room is dark, but I see his face in front of me; so clear and bright that I’m almost sure that there has to be a little bit of magic left inside him. He’s incandescent.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel , I think, and I kiss him once more.

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[FANACCT] 170611 KNK “해달별" Fansign Experience at 제일라아트홀 (Fanboy)

Hi again! 

I’m here with my fanaccount for KNK’s fansign during their “해달별" promotions.

This was a notably important fansign for me because I’m pretty sure this is my last fansign event before I leave Korea on the 22nd…

I’m so sad. ㅠㅠ

Anyway, it was a really awesome event and I’m glad I got to see my favorite group up close and personal again.

I did a video about their fansign before during “U” era too.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

KNK’s fansigns are getting more competitive nowadays, with fans buying more than 10 albums to have a chance to get in. I originally bought 9 albums, but after seeing a fan next to me at the CD store buy 10, I bought 3 more, totaling up to 12 albums overall. And I got in!

On the day of the fansign, I found the building where it was held and headed to the B2 floor. Some fans were waiting to get in, but the staircase and entrance was rather narrow. I showed my Alien Registration Card to verify my identification (though a passport works just as well) and the staff told me to pick a card that was on the table. The assorted cards were all face-down, and this was to determine my seat number. I got number 63. 

I took my seat, but the rows of chairs were all close together and narrow too, not allowing much room. This was a noticeable inconvenience when fans had to squeeze past each other in the rows. I spent a huge amount of time before coming to prepare a fanletter for my bias Seungjun, so I had to write down all the post-its for the members that I would put in my album.

Soon the members appeared and the fansign went underway. They looked so handsome as always, but they look especially good with the suits in this era aghhhh. 

Sorry that my picture’s quality isn’t too good, but this is how the fansign was conducted. The order was: Jihun→Inseong→Seungjun→Youjin→Heejun

MEMBER INTERACTIONS (with pictures and gifs!)

I’ll fast-forward to the interactions I had with each member. I’m sorry that I forgot some things that happened, but in the thick of the moment, it’s hard to process and take in everything that happened (for me). Luckily, I met someone at the fansign that was kind enough to take a video of me when I went through this great experience. I was really nervous again, because they’re my favorite group and this was my last time, so I was even more anxious. 


So leader Jihun was first this time around~ Actually he was rather quiet today as well; when I met him at a fansign last year, he was rather soft-spoken too. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I pointed to the questions I had brought for him on the post-its and told him I was a part of an international KNK fan group on Facebook, and I gathered some questions other Tinkerbells wanted to know about KNK. He was listening and then all of a sudden, said, “Ah. International,” in English. THAT WAS FREAKING CUTE AHH. He was really handsome up-close, though. He looked mature and cool when he was in thinking mode, but then he lapsed into squishy mode when he smiled and it was just adorable.

He really thought deeply about the questions I wrote. I guess he had to think a lot about how to answer them. But another factor was that time was really limited and the staff members were quite strict so they moved our albums to the next member by force, cutting our time short. 

Blue post-it note:
Q: Which member is really the closest to Jihun-hyung…?
A: I’m close with all but umm… Heejun?!
Jihun had some trouble answering this question but dang, I didn’t expect him to think so seriously about it. ㅠㅠ I’m sorry if I had to make you pick a favorite! I know you all love each other LOL. 

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Where do you draw the inspiration when you make the choreography (for KNK)?
A: There’s just times when suddenly… Ttak! 
I forgot what other little things we said after he answered those, but I had to move on. I gave him high-fives as a farewell and moved over to… Inseong!


Next was my second bias, Inseong. I greeted him by saying, “Inseonggie hyung~” hahaha because he’s just a fun, cool guy. He grinned and asked, “Hyung?” I SWEAR THIS WAS SO REMINISCENT WHEN I FIRST MET HIM in person when he asked me, “Am I hyung?” LOL. But he is just killing the visual game nowadays. He looked especially handsome today. He asked me where I’m from and I told him America, more specifically Hawaii. 

Bottom post-it note:
Q: Is there a place you really want to visit (vacation-wise)?
A: Hawaii

That’s probably why he cleverly wrote his answer as “Hawaii” for my question, but I’m not complaining! Inseong is really easy to talk to. 
I told him that his hairstyle for this concept suits him very well and that he looks really handsome. He was really happy to hear a compliment and ahhh he was just an excited hamster. I assured him that he was already handsome but now, even more. I basically complimented him a lot because he deserves more love and attention!!

Top post-it note:
Q: The most difficult point of this promotion…?

A: Live…!?

He explained that singing live was one of the toughest parts of promotions. I asked why, and he said it’s because he has to sing rather high. I understand him because him singing the chorus in “해달별" while dancing pretty vigorously looked really tiring… But he pulled it off! I told him he was really good and that he’s doing well. I feel like he was insecure a little about his performance as a vocalist and how well he does and I wanted to reassure him. It was time to move on so I told him bye~ Inseong really does have a warm heart and he’s such a nice person please give him lots of affection and reassurance


*sigh* I really can’t express how great and caring Seungjun is. I can tell he truly loves and adores his fans, and it shows from the way he treats them. He said my name like, “Junior?” in a cute tone and I said cutely too, “Seungjunnie-hyung~” AHAHAHAHA. He immediately looked at my questions and more antics ensued.

Blue post-it note:
Q: POKEMON or DIGIMON, you can only choose one
A: *marks Pokemon* but went the extra mile to show his UNCONDITIONAL PREFERENCE FOR DIGIMON LIKE WHAT THE NOOOOOOO

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Is there a member you want to live with for the rest of your life?
A: Inseong Jihun

At first, he took a look at the blue note and I reiterated, “You can only choose one!” Without hesitation, he answered, “Digimon!” I was like WHAT THE HECK, NO YOU CAN’T CHOOSE DIGIMON OVER POKEMON OMGG.

He was so firm, he was like, “Digimon~” in a cute tone and I told him, “Why??” He seemed a bit sympathetic and marked Pokemon, but said, “Digimon~” again and decorated a box around the word Digimon. DANG IT SEUNGJUN. I was like OTL because I came dressed in a Squirtle hoodie because I thought he loved Pokemon more but that happened. I mockingly complained, “I came dressed like this too…” Seungjun chuckled and then proceeded to gently grab my arm and draw a little heart on the Squirtle patch design on my hoodie!!!

SJ: *in a Korean accent* Hearteu~
I internally died at this cute action like I AM NEVER WASHING THIS HOODIE AGAIN LOL

I also made sure to give him the letter I worked on. He then looked at my second post-it, which he thought about for a moment. At first, Seungjun wrote Inseong, so I asked him why. He said because Inseong is funny. BUT THEN LAST MINUTE Seungjun scratches out Inseong’s name and writes Jihun AND HE DIDN’T EVEN GIVE A REASON WHY LOL. So that made think like HMMMMM this ship really sails itself huh… Now I had to tell him that this was pretty much my last chance to see them…

Me: Actually, on the 22nd, I’m leaving Korea, so this is my last chance to see you guys. I’m really glad I got to see you guys often while I was here.
SJ: *in a cute pleading voice* Don’t go~ (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)
Me: I don’t wanna leave either!

And then this happened.

OMG I was so flustered when he asked when I’ll be back with that cheeky smile that I accidentally lapsed into English hahahaha. He probably didn’t understand what I said, but I had to move on ㅠㅠ!! Wait for me Seungjun, I’ll be back!! I really want to cry now… Hahahaha. And it ended cutely because I kept shaking his hand, and then…

Thank goodness. He is the best and he’s always so sweet!!


Okay I’m going to start off my account of Youjin because right when I got to him, he asked me, “Are you a fan of Seungjun?” BWAHAHAHA he called me out!! I told him that I liked all the members but yeah, Seungjun was my fave… If he noticed that, then wow… 

And then it was like another round of deja vu because I told him I was from Hawaii and that he should come, and he replied, “I want to go too!” LIKE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT WE SAID LAST YEAR AT THE FIRST FANSIGN LOL.

He looked over my questions and I told him they were from other international fans. He got super excited over the Overwatch question and his inner fanboy came out. 

Yellow post-it note:
Q: Which heroes (do you use) when you play Overwatch?
A: Roadhog, Reinhardt, and… the last part was a bit illegible but I think he wrote the name of a Korean Overwatch player named 후아유. [If anyone wants to help me out with deciphering that, it’d be much appreciated~]

He was so happy when talking about his mains for OW, but I had to tell him that I actually didn’t know the game at all loooool. I wish I could’ve nerded out with him but idk ㅋㅋㅋ He even asked me, “Isn’t Overwatch quite popular in America?” lmaooo which is true but yeah, I’m clueless.

Blue post-it note:
Q: What are you most afraid of??
A: Bugs! 1인칭 horror game.

So Youjin seems to be the least fearful in the group so I also wanted to know what scares him. He wrote “bugs” and I couldn’t believe like this guy didn’t flinch for the ghost prank or a VR zombie slashing him but he’s afraid of insects??



But Youjin is a cool chill guy who loves gaming so hit him up yo


Heejun, Heejun, Heejun. You never know how he’ll be like. I heard from a friend that he’s different every time which is kinda true. The first time I met him, he was comical but on the quiet side, and we were kinda awkward… BUT THIS TIME WAS JUST OMG LOL.
He spoke some English to me even though I was talking to him in Korean which was cute. He said things like, “Where are you from?” and “Really?” Soooo silly. I complimented him on his English pronunciation and I DIDN’T NOTICE THIS UNTIL MY FRIEND SHOWED ME THE FOOTAGE SHE TOOK AND-

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Heejun’s also quite chill but he’s so funny agh.

Yellow post-it note: 
Q: Is there a concept you want to try?
A: BTS’ Blood, Sweat, Tears 
hOLY SHIZ IS IT WEIRD THAT I CAN ALREADY IMAGINE HEEJUN IN THAT KIND OF CONCEPT? he already bares his chest sometimes like omfg and I can totally see him pulling it off like shiz I AM READY

Blue post-it note:
Q: Heejun-ah~ Please write down your favorite color!!
A: Black, gray
Heejun forgot because he even asked himself out loud, “Which colors do I like?” I told him, “Why don’t you know??” HAHAHA. 

I told him I was l was leaving soon and he just replied, “When will you be back?” LOL. IDK, I wish I knew, then I wouldn’t have to leave y’all ㅠㅠ I told him bye and he was like, “bye bye!!!” 

Later on, the members picked random seat numbers from a box and the chosen fans could take a selca with them. SO LUCKYY. I WASN’T CHOSEN BUT UGH IT’S OKKK. 

Then they played 공기, which is a Korean bean game similar to Jacks. Jihun got really competitive and he almost kicked the stage LMAOOOO. Seungjun was really bad at it and he ended up last. Youjin was first, followed by Inseong, Heejun and finally Jihun secured a place by a hair. Seungjun’s punishment was dancing to their title track with aegyo LOOOOOL he tried his best but he looked so awkward omg

And that was it.
My last fansign with them.

I love them so much, because they’re all so wholesome and show their personalities unabashedly. All of them are SO DIFFERENT and the dynamics are just so interesting and charming. 

SORRY I cut it a little at the end but I have to go to class ㅠㅠ I’ll tweak this a bit later maybe but I hope y’all enjoyed this!!!!

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Everything was incredibly beautiful. The walls were lined with pure white lace, a roll of white fabric lined the center aisle, roses sitting on small pillars decorated the room. Everyone dressed in their best suits and dresses, light mingling in the air as people found their seats.

One year of hard work brought out this beauty and yet.

“I can’t do this.” You stared at Seungkwan’s reflection in the mirror, the horror on his face coming to light. You stood up from your seat, bunching up the ends of your dress, “I cannot get married today, you can tell him. Say, I’m sorry and that it just isn’t the right time. Okay.” Your words were spoken hastily as you tried to get passed him.

“No no no. You can’t leave!” Seungkwan holds your shoulders back, preventing you from moving, “You’re just getting cold feet. You’re nervous, it’s a whole new chapter.” Seungkwan sits you down, “Here, just sit, relax, have some wine, but don’t spill!” He places the glass in your hand, backing away slowly as to make sure you wouldn’t make a run for it. Closing the door securely behind him upon his exit, he runs into Seungcheol.

“Hey how’s y/n.”

Dramatically, Seungkwan clutches onto Seungcheol, “Code Red!”

Soonyoung fixes the bowtie around his neck, his fingers pull at the sides as he grins at himself in the mirror, “She always said she liked bowties, do you think she’d kill me that I switched the regular tie to a bowtie.”

Wonwoo is seated behind him, idly playing on his phone, “Would she really yell at you in the middle of the ceremony.”

Jeonghan snorts, sitting across from Wonwoo mimicking the boy’s action and playing on his phone, “It’s like you don’t know women.” Jeonghan notices the drop in Soonyoung’s face, “But you’ll be fine, she’ll love it.” When Soonyoung’s face brightens, Jeonghan turns back to Wonwoo, mouthing a ‘no’ with a shake of his head.

The thump of the door and the appearance of a hastily Seungkwan grabs their attention. Seeing Soonyoung, Seungkwan smiles brightly, clinging to the doorknob as he leans in and speaks in a seemingly calm voice despite the lively entrance.

“Um, the bride would like the assistance of Jeonghan please.”

Jeonghan sighs, stuffing his phone in his pocket, “It’s like I’m handling this whole wedding alone.” Jeonghan glares when he hears Wonwoo and Soonyoung laugh behind him.

Jeonghan expected the problem to be a hair one, he was in fact the one who helped choose your hairstyle. Perhaps you were experiencing difficulties with a part of the hair, or maybe the hairpin was out of place. Thanks to Jeonghan’s many help in the wedding planning, he took pride in the fact that you and Soonyoung actually fought over whether he could be a bridesman or a groomsman.

“Y/n~” He sings but abruptly stops upon being greeted by the mess of a scene.

On the floor is a spilled wine glass and furniture has been shuffled about. The window is propped open, the wind pushing the curtains aside, your hands are placed on the windowsill, your head just outside of the window. Seungcheol’s arm is wrapped around your waist as he tries to pull you away. There’s screaming from Seungcheol and from you.

“There.” Jeonghan takes his hands away from your hair after setting the pin back into its place. He grins at you from the mirror and you give a small smile. His hands move to rest on your shoulders, “Feeling better now? You’re just a little nervous that’s all, don’t worry.”

You nod slightly, “Definitely.” You grasp his hand, “Thanks.”

Soonyoung slouches in one of the comfy seats of his grooms room. His finger lightly tapping upon his lip, “Do you think, when I get married, that we’re never gonna see each other again.”

Minghao squints his eyes at the groom, “We all work together.”

Soonyoung leans forward, “But you know, they always say that a married man never has time to see his friends.”

Minghao shakes his head, leaning back in his seat and closing his eyes at his friend’s rambling and repeating in his head ‘it’s his wedding day’

The door to the room breaks open once more, and brings a disheveled Mingyu. He catches his breath and scans the room, “The bride would like to see Joshua and Jun please.”

The two males sitting in the corner lift their heads from their phones. Quite frankly they didn’t know as to why they were being called, they both knew they hadn’t any hand in the wedding planning. So they follow the hastily boy to the bride’s room, and the scene that unfolds is impressive.

Furniture is now toppled upside down, your shoes have been abandoned on the floor. Somehow a mirror has broken and pieces of the glass have fallen onto the ground. Chan is furiously trying to clean up the wine mess, Seokmin is sweeping up the glass, Seungcheol is trying to reason with you as he grabs your shoes for you to put on. Jeonghan is watching the scene, as if he himself had just walked in. Seungkwan stands in the corner, debating who he should help. And you, you’ve trapped yourself behind a couch and halfway from the window.

“Okay.” Joshua let’s out upon finally getting you to settle into a seat.

“Yeah.” Jun, speechless, is holding onto your hand as he sits next to you.

You smile, laughing, “This is, oh my god, this is just so embarrassing. You know, i’ve wanted this for such a long time, and I shouldn’t be so nervous.” Everyone in the room nods, “I’m really sorry.”

Soonyoung looks upon his empty room. It’d been almost twenty minutes now since Jihoon and Minghao were requested out, and he just realized he hasn’t seen Seungkwan, Jeonghan, or Seungcheol for over an hour. The ceremony was to start in fifteen minutes, why wasn’t any of his groomsmen waiting with him.

“You need to get out of the bathroom honey!” Jeonghan tries using his sweet talking voice as a way to draw you out.

“Why isn’t there any window!” You screech from inside.

“Probably because so many women have tried to escape.” Jihoon pounds on the door.

“Wait a minute.” The whole room pauses at Seungcheol’s voice. Using his finger he counts the number of heads in the bride’s room, “twelve. Who’s with Soonyong!”

“What’s going on.” Soonyoung steps into the room.

All heads are turned at the groom. He examines the unfolded scene. Furniture has been moved up against the wall, some stacked in front of the window. A large wine spill is marked on the floor and he spots a broken mirror with chips of glass broken off. The room falls silent with various eye contact between the twelve men.

“Where’s y/n?”

“Bathroom?” Chan answers questioningly as if he didn’t know if he should have answered at all.

The men move away as he approaches the door. The doorknob jiggles in his hand as he realizes it’s locked, “Y/n?”

You sit inside the bathroom with a defeated sigh, “Soonyoung?”

Unknowingly, the twelve boys have left the room, leaving only you and Soonyoung. He politely knocks on the door with his knuckles, “Are you gonna come out?”

You laugh with a sniffle, “I’m scared.”

“Of what? Marrying me?”

A sigh leaves your lips, “Yes.”

Soonyoung leans his head against the door, “I should be the one to be scared of marrying you. You make the bed every morning, I mean who does that.”

“Normal people Soonyoung!” You laugh when you hear his.

“And you make coffee at literally six o’clock in the morning when I don’t even have pants on. And when I’m really tired, sometimes you just bring a wet cloth to wipe my face so I don’t have to get up and wash it.” A heavily sigh leaves his lips, “You’re so weirdly perfect sometimes that it scares me.”

The lock on the door clicks. Soonyoung takes a small step backwards as the door opens to reveal you. His breath hitches at your beauty, the dress hugs outlines your figure that he loves so dearly. He’s almost afraid he’s going to attack you in that moment.

Soonyoung grins, leaning forward to press his lips upon your forehead, “Shall we get married in about five minutes?”

You hum, “I’d like that.”

He notices your eyes soften, your hands reaching up to grasp the ends of the bowtie, “You’re wearing a bowtie. I’ve always liked bowties”

Frances Midford and comic relief in Kuroshitsuji

Guess you didn’t see that one coming, lol

Friendly reminder in advance that it’s only my opinion and you don’t have to agree. However if you don’t, no need to get aggressive because, guess what? I don’t answer violent arguments. :)

Also very lengthy post ahead.

Comic relief has always been a part of Kuroshitsuji since the very beginning, after all we know how Yana loves her jokes and it also helps to cope with the darker side of the story. However for every comical touch that we see too often, it’s natural to wonder if making us laugh is all that Yana has in mind when she draws these moments.
A few examples…

  • Elizabeth’s strength whenever she almost strangles Ciel or when she KO’ed Edward with just one punch -> considering how she fought on the Campania, one might wonder if it’s just a joke.
  • Lau being an air-headed opium dealer haha -> there have been several theories explaining that he could be betraying Ciel before the end (my fav is this one by rationalkuroshitsuji)
  • Ciel apparently never growing up -> how many people wondered if that wasn’t a hint for the 2CT or other theories about him? => CANON now that his absolutely similar twin is back (Yana confirmed they are the same height).
  • And one of my favorite, the Undertaker asking for laugh as payment for his information, I’m sure we all smiled once -> we now know he is a Shinigami because he killed himself, so laughing and having fun are probably feelings he discovered post mortem and that’s actually really sad.  

So it’s hard to really draw a limit between comic relief and small hints meaning more serious business, which is why Frances Midford’s character is quite complicated to theorize about, because she’s one of the best examples of “comic relief” in Kuroshitsuji. I’ll try though.

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Lifeguard Au

My lame explanation for not posting on Tumblr. I only work 3 days a week, but I covered 3 shifts on top of my 3 full shifts.

“I’m here to relieve you.”
Lance doesn’t take his eyes off the ocean.
Shiro coughs into his hand, before he speaks up again.
“I said, I’m here to relieve you kid.”
“Go home Shiro, you’re still sick.”
He coughs harshly into his hand to support lance’s accusation.

“Yeah, well Hunks got it worse which is why I can’t have one of my guard open and close for 2 days straight.”
“It’s been 3 and I’m sure another day won’t kill me.”
“…but it does make the scene unsafe. I can’t trust my lifeguard to make the best judgement after 3 shifts in a row.”
Lance turns to face Shiro
“…and I can’t trust my supervisor to make the best decisions when he is still recovering from pneumonia.”
Their staring contest is short lived when Shiro turn his head to cough.
Lance takes this opportunity to hold his grounds.
“It doesn’t matter Shiro, I won’t be alone. The new lifeguard you hired starts today, and the last thing we want is for him to think this station is a living pétri dish.”
“New lifeguard?”
Lance looked agaped.
He loved Shiro, he became a lifeguard specifically to work with his team on the south side, and he could proudly admit that he learned everything he knew from him. So he knew the fuzzy memory was a side effect of his illness.
“Shiro. I’ve got this. Get some rest and I’ll handle the New guy and I’ll show him the run down too.”
The expression on the older boys face shows that he’s got a headache over this entire scenario, but he trust Lance’s advice and decided to head home after all.

He wouldn’t Leave Lance if he didn’t trust him. The boys worked with him for years now, and he has definitely made an impact on the community. The district had even offered him a station on the North Shore with a team of his own.
The North shore was just as gnarly as the South side, but they had sun kissed babes straight out of a magazine, so Shiro knows that Lance could leave anytime if he wanted.
“Thanks Lance, I appreciate this and lance…
Lance looks at Shiro with utmost respect and focus.
”…don’t push yourself. I don’t want another guard down.“

“Yes Sir.”

When Shiro is off the beach and out of sight, Lance can’t help but sigh. Hes down right exhausted, and he’s pretty sure he’s going to catch whatever his coworkers got. If he can just stay on his feet until Shiro is fully recovered, and for Hunk to get over the worse than Lance can crash and burn without any worry about who’s watching the beach.

He’s been working on this beach since he was a sophomore in High school. It was just a part time job for quick cash, but after his first rescue he fell in love with his job.

The beach always brings in tourist, But he is always friendly with the locals.
“Hey Pidge.”
He says while he walks the beach.
Pidge is a bright young boy who always sits and reads on the beach. Lance is pretty sure he has never seen him swim in all years that he worked as a Lifeguard, but he is never quick to Judge.

“Hey Lance, you here again?” Pidge asked with raised brows.
“I practically live here.” He laughs before it dies into a harsh cough.
“You okay? Your looking…” he stops to find the right words.
“You look pale.”
“Well I missed my classes today to be here, and Both my co-workers are patient zero. Your the genius you tell me.”

Pidge just grins.
“I don’t know if I’m a genius, but southside swells are coming in, and you don’t have to be a genius to know what that means.”

“The princess.” Lance whispers.

“Who’s the princess?” Lance turns to the unfamiliar voice. It’s his duty to be paying attention to the beach, so it catches him off guard that someone has been standing behind him, listening in.

“Only the greatest Surfer in this galaxy.”
Pidge scoffs.

“Oh.” The boy doesn’t say much more, but he’s wearing a red shirt with yellow shorts, and it only takes Lance a couple more glances to realize he’s the new Lifeguard Shiro hired.

“You must be Keith.” Lance puts his hand out to greet him formally.

“Yeah, but you’re not Shiro.”
“Lance actually. You’ll be shadowing me today, and hopefully Shiro will be back tomorrow to finish all the paperwork.”

The ebony hair boy just nods in agreement. He’s surprisingly quiet,and Lance can’t help but stare at his mullet.

“You look like you came out of an 80’s film with that hairstyle, you can tie it back can’t you?”
Pidge bubbles in laughter.

Keith on the other hand is self consciously touching his hair.

“I guess, if I need too?”
Lance just Waves off the conversation.

“Sorry Pidge, but we’ve got training to cover.”
“Feel better.”
Lance just Waves him off.

Keith follows closely behind Lance, as he moves towards the yellow station.
“Not to have listened in on a conversation that isn’t mine but who’s “Princess?” Keith asked, hoping to star small talk.

“You must be knew here.”
“Yeah, maybe like a month now?” He thinks.

“Princess Allura, she’s a professional surfer. She’s been traveling, catching waves around the world, but she’s grew up here.”
“Wow, thats cool to have a celebrity come to this beach.”

Lance just smiles.
“You’ve got a lot to learn.”

Keith doesn’t say much, just tilts his head to one side.
“Are you familiar with currents?”
Lance asked, to keep the conversation going but he know, the new guy has to know if Shiro hired him.
“Yeah, There was an earthquake a few weeks ago from Japan, I heard it was going to affect the Southside.”

“We call those Southside swells.”
Keith again just nods.
“Allura is in town, and she’s here for the surf, if you follow her twitter, then you would already know that, which means any of her local followers are probably going to be here to watch, or try to surf.”

“Which means…”
“A lot of amateur show offs who are going to need our help.”

Lance continues to go through the training regimen, and the protocols
“I think that’s everything, and if you have questions you can ask me.” Lance coughs.
“Are you okay?”
Lance just sighed in his own exhaustion.
“Yup, don’t worry I’ll be fine.”
“Do we normally have shifts by ourselves?” Keith asked.
Hes been extremely careful to give Lance and the beach his full attention, but now that he’s open to ask, he can’t help but let all his concerns and nerves bubble out.
“Your the only Lifeguard here, and we’ve been at it for a couple hours now, aren’t we suppose to be working at least in pairs?”

Lance knew the question would eventually come up, but he’s so tired of talking already and he can feel his throats get raw
“Matt went off to College, which is why we were hiring, unfortunately Shiro and Hunk our other guards are both out sick.” Lance explains after clearing his throat..

“Are you sick?”
The questions is curt, but it takes Lance by surprise.
“What! No… I, I’ve covered shifts all week I’m just tired.

The expression on Keith’s face is knowing, but he doesn’t voice it.

They manage to keep the area safe for most of the morning. Everyone once in a while, Lance tells Keith to announce when the shore breaks are unsafe over speakers, but everyone manages to follow direction.

It’s almost a boring morning, but Lance can’t help but be grateful. He doesn’t want to get in the water today, he’s already shivering under his uniform, even with the sun out.

“Are you sure your okay?”
“I’ll manage.”
“I know I’m new but I can…”

Lance shoots up from his slouched position.
He’s running on the hot sand, and he’s in the water almost instantly.

Keith Just stand awkwardly in the station watching as Lance pulls a little girl into his arms, slowly letting the waves bring him back in, head never letting the girls head bob under the water.

By the time the Keith is on the beach, Lance is already talked by with the girls parents.

“Is, um… Is she okay.”

Lance is drenches in sea water looking at Keith incredulously.

“Perfect. No thanks to you.”
He spits as he walks back to grab a towel.

“Are you okay?”
Keith asked handing him a dry towel.

“Stop. Let’s get this straight new guy. Stop, asking if I’m okay. I get that your new, but you need to stop worrying about and keep your eyes on this beach.”
Lance tell Keith between wet soggy coughs.
“We have a perfect record this year for no incidents that require any medical attention, and I trust Shiro wouldn’t hire an idiot so I need you to help us keep that record clear. Focus on the beach and the swimmers, not me.”

“… You look hot.”
An embarrassing blush runs across Lance’s cheeks.

Keith presses a hand on Lance’s forehead.
Then slides the back of his hand to the blush on lance’s face.

“I’m right, you have a fever.”

kaavyawriting  asked:

Historian!Bilbo accidentally traveling back to King Thorin's time, millennia ago.


When Bilbo opens his eyes, his vision is washed with gray that throbs in time with the ache in his head. He moans softly and burrows deeper into his pillow, grimacing as the grass scratches his cheek.

“What did I drink…”

“I dunno about that, lad, but ye might want to worry about somethin’ else for a bit.”

The unfamiliar voice, with a deep Dwarven accent, makes Bilbo’s eyes fly open. He scrambles to sit up and flails, startled to find that his hands are bound with heavy rope. He gapes down at his hands, then carefully sits up, wary that he has fallen into some strange sort of trap. He looks up and stops. Stares.

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venoa  asked:

So some people think that it was real ciel stiffening up when rachel suggests they stay home, that he didn't seem to be too bothered by o!ciel not wanting to come along to the boat trip. that r!ciel is just pretending to be nice to o!ciel and doesn't truly like him. What is your opinion on that? Because i'm pretty sure ciel was the one who froze up because he didn't want to be a bother and ruin their boat trip. And r!ciel reluctantly agreeing bc he saw how much it bothered o!ciel. (All shaking)

Hi, sorry for my late reply!

Ahhhh, yes, this panel caused confusion in the JP fandom, too!

I did a quick survey on twitter yesterday about this very question and it seems about one half of the people (42%) think it’s our Ciel biting his lips and the other half (58%) believe it’s real Ciel.

I for one think that this child was real Ciel because I find it a bit suspicious that Yana didn’t draw the eyes and thus made it difficult for us to figure out his facial expression and his emotion. If it were supposed to be our Ciel, I’d think Yana would have just drawn his sad eyes.

One could still argue that this is our Ciel because the bangs go from right to left (which is usually our Ciel’s hairstyle)

but then, in the next panel our Ciel’s bangs look like this (very confusing)

so you can’t really tell them apart based on their bangs this time.

Anyway, I’ll just trust my gut feeling and for now I, too, say that this child is real Ciel who is slightly annoyed that the boat trip got cancelled!

However, I do not agree that real Ciel didn’t truly like his brother! People who know me for some time might know, but I’m an avid supporter of the “yandere real Ciel theory (i.e. RC loved his little brother in a very twisted way)”, so I do believe he loved his little brother. I mean, if he secretly hated his brother and just pretended to be a nice person, what’s the point in continuing acting in this extremely desperate situation?? D:

It is often said that people reveal their true nature in times of crisis, but in real Ciel’s case he didn’t show any hatred towards our Ciel, but instead kept supporting and comforting him until he was killed by the cultists. So I believe real Ciel truly liked our Ciel (and still likes him)!

anonymous asked:

Could you please talk about trans boy Adrien? That would be amazing


hello i said i was going to bed but that’s a LIE because trans boy adrien. infinitely more important than sleep

  • the first person he tells is chloe
  • they’re painting each other’s nails and chloe’s first response is “if you tell me i need to redo these nails because they’re pink i am literally never speaking to you again i spent almost an hour on this gradient pattern” 
  • chloe is the most aggressively supportive person and that’s honestly just what adrien needs
  • she buys him his first binder before he’s out to anyone else and he tries it on in her room 
  • “how does it feel?”
  • “really weird” 
  • *deadpan* “no way what a surprise”
  • they spend several hours goofing around with hairstyles and trying to figure out what would fit adrien best
  • he’s always kind of preferred short hair and he’s finally got the chance
  • he’s still not out though so he just gets it cut into a bob (gabriel flips out) and chloe cuts her hair to her shoulders because solidarity against the man aka gabriel agreste
  • chloe also helps adrien try out a few names although they can’t really find any they like all that much
  • to each their own but i personally think that gabriel would’ve been super supportive when adrien came out to him 
  • like it’s not even a question gabriel just automatically starts switching things over to what adrien wants/needs/is comfortable with
  • what kind of clothes he wants to wear in shoots, what kind of makeup, what kind of hairstyle, etc
  • it’s the most control adrien’s had over his modeling career in literally his entire life
  • it’s kind of overwhelming but not in a bad way more of a ‘oh my god my father is giving me attention’ kind of way
  • gabriel is the one who suggests the name adrien because it was adrien’s mom’s first choice of baby name
  • like first first like the first name following the sentence let’s start thinking about baby names 
  • adrien starts modeling things that are a lot more gender neutral 
  • he gets more binders and nathalie is like a hawk making sure he’s taking them off and stretching when he has them on for long periods of time
  • she will actually drag him away if he’s wearing one while exercising she is very serious about adrien’s health 
  • when adrien comes out to the public it’s in a single article that he had complete editing capabilities over
  • adrien mostly stays away from social media just because it’s easier than having to have someone monitor an account but chloe is all over it so she sends him screenshots of positive responses and messages of support
  • (he saves all of them in a folder for bad days) 
  • once he’s out, he starts modeling clothing for men and boys
  • and by that i mean the clothing is in the men and boys sections of magazines because like hell you could take skirts and puffy dresses away from adrien
  • he’s very vocal about being trans especially because he knows he has privilege 
  • adrien being trans is another reason gabriel is against public school because he wasn’t sure how it would be handled
  • yeah but that’s cool and it’s handled very well and all his classmates are very supportive and all that 
  • and something adrien really likes about school is that for the most part he’s just adrien? he’s not like the trans model™️
  • cause mostly people just let him model but there will always be questions in interviews about what’s it like being one of the few mainstream trans models and sometimes it gets a little tiring 
  • the first thing he thinks when he first transforms into chat noir is ‘nat is going to kill me’ because he can’t tell if his binder is on under all this spandex and there’s no way he’s allowed to be running around like this in a binder
  • he’s surprised by how chill plagg is about the whole thing and plagg is literally like “kid. i’ve been around for 5000 years. i’ve seen everything. there’s nothing strange about this”
  • sometimes when he’s not feeling great about his body he’ll put on the biggest sweatshirt he can find and curl up with video games (any zelda is his first go to) 
  • ok listen adrien joining the school gay straight alliance and going over marinette’s to make rainbow cookies and making a mess of the kitchen this is very important
Jungkook Smut

Title: Mine forever

Genre:18+  S M U T (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!) and a little bit of fluff? angst too.

words: idk lol

Part: 1 2

Plot: Reader x Jungkook. You break up with Jungkook, yoongi mistakenly invites you over for the annual company end of the year dinner.


‘Hey Y/N, are you alright?’

You run into namjoon as you storm out of Jungkook’s room, crying. You head straight to the front door without looking back or answering his question, secretly thankful that you none of the other boys are around to question you further.

‘Jungkook what’s wrong with Y/N?, she just ran out of here crying, is there something going on?’ He asks the obviously bewildered jungkook, who is still sitting on his bed trying to process the whole situation. Namjoon sits beside him hoping to get an answer…


he watches the younger one intently, eyebrows raised in concern.

‘she broke up with me hyung. its my fault…my’s…it’s all messed up, I guess I kept her waiting for too long..its all my fault…’

‘hey’ Namjoon pats the younger boy on his back. ‘it’s okay, its not your fault, I can understand why she needed you by her side but this is work right? you can’t just neglect that’

Jungkook nods his head absentmindedly. His head spinning trying to connect the dots of when you actually stated to fall out of love with him, he remembered you instructing him not to call you during the tour, he remembered you crying  multiple times when face timing, one thing that stands out to him throughout everything was you reassuring him that you were okay. You seemed okay when you visited earlier, even kissed him. was that all for show? was that all an act to make the breakup less dramatic? 

‘jungkook, you know we are all here for you right? you can always talk to us when you feel like it’ Namjoon says after watching the younger boy blank out for a few minutes.

‘hyung’, Jungkook turns his body to face the older boy, ‘is this why you guys never get into serious relationships, because it’s literally impossible to be committed with our schedule?’

‘no jungkook, for me I guess I was never interested, I never found anyone’

Jungkook let out a deep sigh. ‘I shouldn’t have done this in the first place’ he buried his face in both palms ‘I hurt Y/N really badly’


      It has been 2 weeks since you broke up with Jungkook for good and life isn’t as rosy as you want it to be. Everything reminds you of him, from the coffee shops you both went for dates and his favorite pumpkin spice latte, the winter weather reminded you of your first date with him, he had given you his jacket that looked like a dress on you because your small frame, his sneaky glances at you and shy smile after being caught by you, his overwhelming compliments…if only he wasn’t an idol  you sighed. 

    Over the course of 2 weeks you have received too many messages from Jungkook to count. You never replied to any of them, it killed you inside out to see him apologize for something that he had no control over. You wanted to leave town and never come back or go to where there was no internet or tv or civilization in general. You can’t help but see Jungkook everywhere, he is on your phone, your tv, the radio, the internet and you are going crazy because everytime you see or hear him your heart stops but you reassure yourself that its for the good of both of you.

‘hey y/n will you be able to attend our company end of the year party at the house later this week?’

you watch your body break out in  goosebumps as you read yoongi’s text message.

questions flood your brain as you decide your reply, do they know about you and jungkook? are they doing this on purpose? how does jungkook feel about this? does he even know about this? you wanted to break it off with him for good even though he is still the love of your life and it kills you not being able to see or talk to him and although you will like to  apologize and go back to him, you have already ignored him for 2 weeks and there was no going back after doing so much damage. but you love the guys and you have made up your mind that no matter what happens between you and jungkook, you will still be friends with them.


you replied yoongi


     Its the day of the party and you are still confused about your outfit. multiple clothes are on your bed after hours and hours of deliberation, throughout the search for the perfect outfit, one thought  that never left your mind was jungkook. You think about his favorite color and his comments about your hairstyle and make up and how he prefers your hair down as opposed to your usual ponytail, his favorite perfume -wait- what am I doing? you thought, but you brush aside the thought, convincing yourself that jungkook is not the reason why you are wearing your turquoise dress and wearing your hair down.

    The door to the dorm opened to reveal a confused Namjoon but you don’t know why he seems confused but you let yourself in anyway.

‘heyyyy y/n’ he says in a high pitched voice heavily laced with forced enthusiasm.

and you immediately get the message -they know- but why did they invite you if they are going to act awkward?

‘hey Namjoon’

you watch him scratch his head as he nods at you.

‘hey y/n, welcome’ Jimin walked towards you with open arms, enveloping you in a hug to further confuse you -he doesn’t know?

You look around at the familiar living room as nostalgia washed through you although it has only been 3 weeks since your last visit. you quickly shake yourself out of your daydream as you walk towards the noisy dinning and kitchen area.

‘heyyyy Y/N’ jhope is the first one to notice you ‘hey hope’ you smile at him as your eyes dart around to catch a glimpse of jungkook somewhere, anywhere.

‘yoo ra, you can’t do that!!!, okay rock paper scissors to determine the loser who gets to do all the dishes tonight’

your eyes widen at the familiar voice.

‘no kookie, you always win at that and you know it, lets flip a coin, heads for the winner, tail for the loser’ a female voice yells back at jungkook.


Your eyes widen as both parties approached the dinning room from the kitchen, both carrying dishes.

Immediately your eyes meets his you freeze, the room eerily turn silent as gazes are being exchanged between you, jungkook and the girl-Yoo-ra- the other boys seem to be silently expecting something as well, but jungkook breaks the staring contest and walks toward the large oval table to drop his dishes.

‘hi jungkook’

 you break the silence, he merely return your greeting with a brief glance and a nod before going into the kitchen. Your heart felt a sharp pang at the cold treatment but you brush it off fairly quickly.

‘Where is Taehyung?’ you ask no one in particular but the boys are still in daze from what just happened, well except  Namjoon who quickly excuses himself and pulls yoongi away with him.


‘what just happened back there?’

yoongi finally asks after locking the door to his room behind him, fully facing namjoon.

‘what was that out there?’ he asks again

‘well y/n and jungkook broke up the last time she was here. Namjoon says.

‘they did? you could have told me earlier, I invited her because I didnt know that information’ yoongi replies.

they both sigh in unison. 

‘well its going to be a long night isn’t it?’ namjoon mutters and the older boy nods in agreement.

‘jungkook must be pissed off, I mean I thought we didn’t see her here because she went home for christmas or something. my god! why does Jungkook have to be so secretive? yoongi sighs deeply

‘yea I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t run into her crying on her way out, apparently she broke up with him because she couldn’t handle him being away from her any longer’ 

‘well damn! this is not good’ 

‘you’re telling me’

‘we can’t tell her to go home now can we, namjoon?’

‘obviously not, I’m good with her, I mean she’s our friend but I’m just worried that things might escalate a bit..’

‘what do you suggest?’ yoongi chews on his lower lip in concentration.

‘i don’t know, keep them away from each other?..look hyung, they are not kids I think they should be matured enough to handle this’


  ‘okay everyone! lets hear a word of appreciation from Bang PD-nim’ Jin yells to bring the table to order. 

‘Thank you, uhh first of welcome to everyone here, you guys are the reason…’

all the words he was saying are being blocked out from your ears as you watch Jungkook on the other end of the table with yoo ra seemingly laughing at some inside joke. Your heart can’t help but hurt at what you picture to be jungkook and you. H e seemed to had wanted to be as far from you as possible, you are even more hurt that each time you make eye contact he just continues on like its nothing. It took him 2 weeks to get over you and get another girlfriend, it hurt you more because you have no right to be upset after cruelly breaking his heart and not looking back or contacting him for a little less than a month. did you mean that little to him that it only took 3 weeks to get over you? he was treating you less that a stranger, literally not acknowledging your presence. You felt a knot in your stomach as heat rose up to your cheeks.

‘Nice dress, beautiful’

you are startled by the velvety deep voice that whispered in your ear.


you whispered, smiling. 

‘You look good’ he winked at you.

‘shhh listen to bang PD’ you whispered ‘thanks Tae’ your eyes immediately descends on  jungkook again.

     Soon, everyone was done eating and are playing games around the table. You discreetly get up to grab a drink while you watched them yell, laugh and hit each other. For some reasons, you don’t feel like  joining the game because you are too distracted by Jungkook even though he barely acknowledges your presence. You can feel how careful namjoon and yoongi are around you, they suddenly aren’t as free anymore, they sneak glances at you when they think you aren’t watching. Suddenly everyone is distant and it makes you sad because you love them very much, the idea of breaking up with jungkook and still being friends with the boys will not work and you just started to realize it.

‘its a mistletoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ 

you were brought out of your thoughts by manager sejin.

‘yoo ra and jungkook, you have been caught!’ Jimin squealed happily. And before you know it the whole room was filled with chanting ‘kiss, kiss, kiss’

Everyone seem to have forgotten that you were there.

‘eww’ yoo ra and jungkook both chorused as they tried to make everyone stop but the little crowd was too determined to make it happen. You didn’t wait to see it as you quietly walked away to the kitchen, tears stinging your eyes. It finally dawned on you that Jungkook was no longer yours. You let out a sigh as you were finally alone with your thoughts in the dimly lit kitchen pantry.

Take a deep breath-deep breaths-deep breaths- you chanted with your eyes closed but it wasn’t working, images of jungkook kissing yoo-ra began replaying in your head.

‘are you okay there?’ 

you opened your eyes to see Taehyung.

‘yes, I’m okay’ you whispered

‘so why are you here when everyone is at the dinning table?’

‘I just..I just needed some alone time really, actually I think I should go home now, its pretty la…’

he sweeps you into his arms before you could finish your statement.

‘its jungkook isn’t it?’

At the mention of his name, every emotion you had tried to suppress all through the dinner was let lose. you sobbed uncontrollably into taehyung’s chest as he held on to you tightly.

‘my god, y/n’

‘how did you know Tae?’

‘I overheard yoongi hyung and namjoon hyung talking about it today’

A few minutes later you tear yourself away from Taehyung.

‘better?’ he asks and you nodded

‘you seem like you don’t want to talk about it’

‘there’s no point beating a dead horse now is there?’

this time taehyung nodded in  agreement.

‘I wanna go home Tae’

‘but you can’t right now y/n, there’s a severe snow storm out there, you live a bit far away so I would advise you to stay for now’

‘how can I? I’m uncomfortable here Tae, I don’t belong here anymore’ you looked up to Taehyung’s face, clearly hurt from your statement.

‘so do you only come here for jungkook? aren’t we all friends?’

‘but I got to know you guys because of him in the first place and its tearing me apart to watch yoongi and namjoon so awkward around me, and…and I can’t keep watching jungkook and his new girlfriend’

Taehyung snickered  ‘Jungkook’s girlfriend?’ he smiled  ‘yoo ra is his cousin and that little mistletoe trick out there was a joke y/n’

‘oh thank goodness’ you sighed and taehyung raised an eyebrow, you could guess his next question.

‘so why did you break up with him if you still have feelings?’ he watches you intently as you avert your gaze from him.

‘ don’t have to answer that y/n if you don’t want to’

you nod, ‘hey Tae, I should get going’



‘you are staying here tonight y/n, its too risky for you to drive home in this weather’ 

you stared at namjoon desperately looking for excuses to come up with.

‘umm but, wait, there’s no room for me to sleep in, manager sejin will be in the guest room’ you countered confidently.

‘why don’t you sleep in Jungkook’s room? him and yoo ra can stay in the living room anyway, they don’t sleep at night’ jin contributed absentmindedly, obviously forgetting the impact of his suggestion. 

‘hyung’ Taehyung muttered

Your gaze immediately shifted to jungkook who didn’t seem to care as he busied himself scraping off leftover cake crumbs and shoving them in his mouth.

‘hey jungkook, is that okay? can y/n stay in your room for tonight?’ yoongi asked 

‘sure’ jungkook replied hastily, still engrossed in his cake eating act.

Everyone’s gazes traveled from you to jungkook and back to you in silence.


    Coming over to their dorm was a terrible idea, sleeping over in Jungkook’s bed was an even worse idea, if only you could turn back the hands of time.

 It was already past 11pm, the house was quiet, you had taken a shower and you had remained in your towel, staring out the window, watching as the snow piled up in heaps on the ground, you could hear the whistling of the fast winds as it blew the snow against the walls and trees but heaven knows that you would rather be in that storm than in jungkook’s room.

You remember that you still have some clothes in his drawer, if he hasn’t thrown them out. you closed the curtain and went to his closet to search through his clothes for yours.

‘what do you think you are doing?’

the familiar voice sent cold shivers down your spine. You were too engrossed in your thoughts that you didn’t hear the door open.


you stood there, staring at him, mouth opened wide to say something but you were unable to form words. He was jungkook, just jungkook with his ordinary round neck Tee shirt and grey sweat pants but something about him had changed, you have never heard him speak in such low, cold and chilling voice.

‘what are you doing going through my things?’ his jaw twitched in anger, you were glued to the same spot, still in his towel wrapped around you. It took a few minutes of both of you staring at each other before your defenses kicked in.

‘Now you acknowledge me?’ you scoff.

he squints in disbelief, then laughs it off, turning his back and heading for the door,-there it was again, failing to acknowledge you-your heart dropped at the realization that jungkook does not consider you worthy enough to hold a conversation.

‘jungkook please don’t walk away from me’ your voice obviously shaken from frustration

‘what do you want from me y/n?’

‘can we just talk for a moment please?’

‘no, y/n i don’t want to talk right now’ he dropped his hands from the door knob and turned to you, ‘as a matter of fact, I don’t ever want to talk, I have done all the talking I need to do for the past 2 weeks, you don’t just walk in here and tell me what to do’ he yelled.

‘don’t raise your voice at me jungkook, please’ you sobbed 

‘i didn’t mean to do that y/n, I’m only here to grab my extra blanket, I should get going now, goodnight’

‘I’m sorry jungkook, will you please listen to me?’

he sighed, throws the blanket and his phone on the bed and walks towards you, you wanted to turn around and run away but it was just jungkook, he won’t hurt you right? He towered over you and placed his hand on your bare shoulders, you shivered at his touch but he didn’t seem to be bothered ‘listen, you don’t have to say anything’ his voice softened. ‘after giving it a thought, I realized that you were right all along, there’s no need to subject ourselves to such despair in the first place, you’re hurting, I’m hurting, its a fact that we can’t make each other happy so ending it was a good idea.

you used that opportunity to walk into his already open arms, wrapping yours around his waist, you could feel his body stiffen at your sudden action, both his arms dropped to his sides as you continued the one sided hug.

‘that was my previous thought  jungkook but I realized I was wrong, I can handle not seeing you for a couple of months but I won’t be able to live if I can’t see you forever. I love you jungkook, I love you so much’ you sobbed. ‘jungkook please…I miss you so much, everything reminds me of you, I think about you everyday, I can’t continue torturing myself’ his body was stiff and he wasn’t returning the hug but wouldn’t push you away either, you tighten your grip on his waist and you could feel his stiff body begin to soften gradually.

‘so why did you leave me baby?

your heart soared at the sound of your pet name. This is the jungkook you know, not the one that ignored and yelled at you. Relief washed over you as you sobbed against his chest.

‘so what do you want baby?’

you smiled through your tears as you looked up to his face, his features soft, his eyes not leaving yours as you reveled in his doting look. You pressed your body to him again.

‘call me that again’

‘what? baby?’ 

you nodded

‘baby’ he whispered and you could tell he was smiling. ‘so what do you want?’

‘you. I want you jungkook’

‘can you handle me?’ he chuckled

‘Yes jungkook, I want you, I can handle you and I’m sorry’ you reached up on your tiptoe and pressed a kiss to his jaw. You whimpered as he suddenly grabbed your waist and held you in place as he captured your lips with his. It was soft at first, then he was whispering ‘i miss you’ in between kisses and then he’s deepening the kiss. He lifts you off the ground and you hooked your legs around his waist for support. He carries you to his bed and rested his entire weight on you as he kissed you hungrily while you responded in kind. 

It didn’t dawn on you that you were wearing nothing underneath the towel wrapped around you until he broke the kiss. Panting heavily, you noticed as jungkook’s eyes trailed down your neck to your exposed breasts. The towel had been undone during your make out session.  you quickly scrambled to cover up but he stopped you.

‘don’t hide from me, baby’

you slowly nodded in embarrassment turning your gaze away from him, face flushed. You had forgotten that the towel was small and had barely covered your butt and because you were laying on your back with jungkook on top of you, your legs were parted, also revealing your core. His eyes had trailed down and he had focused on pink core for a few seconds before looking back at you. Your hands flew to cover your face in embarrassment, mumbling some inaudible words that sounded like oh my god but jungkook just smiled. 

‘look at me’ he whispered. You slowly uncovered your face to meet a boyish grin on his face.

‘jungkook’ you whine, attempting to cover your face again but he was faster, pinning both arms down over your head. 

you watch his boyish smile slowly disappear as he dipped down to taste your nipple. ‘so beautiful’ he whispered as he took it in his mouth, sucking lightly. A light whimper escaped from your mouth as you arched up against him for more action. He got your message and applied more pressure. One arm pinned your arms down while the other massaged your other nipple. by the time he was done with your nipples, your back was completely arched against him, it only went back down when he came up to kiss you. His mouth left yours after a while and he peppered light kisses all over your face.

‘did you plan this baby?’ he said between kisses ‘..did you plan to seduce me by wearing that little towel that barely covered your butt?’ you gasped against his lips. ‘…well your plan worked baby’

‘jung…kook’  his name came out in a breathy moan and you quickly clasped your hand over your lips, for fear of being too loud since everyone was home.

Jungkook chuckled at the action and placed a quick peck on your jaw.

‘you know, baby, you are not going to be able to do that much longer, I’m going to make you scream my name all night, gotta make everyone know that you are mine’

‘jungkook’ you gasp

he lifts himself up slightly, revealing the wetness in front of his grey sweat pants in the are that had been in contact with your core. ‘you made such a mess already baby, I haven’t even touched you yet’ he smirked. You closed your eyes and clasped your knees together in embarrassment.

‘open up for me baby, let me taste you’ he said, forcing your knees apart, you give in and spread your legs for him, still closing your eyes. You could feel his cold breath in your inner thigh, it made you shiver. In a few seconds he starts pressing light kisses in your inner thigh, just avoiding your lips.

‘god you smell so good baby’ he said between kisses. Your lips still clasped shut by your hands while all the sound you could make was labored breathing sounds. but soon, your hands were flying to his hair as he took your clit in his mouth, sucking lightly. Your threw your head back at the feeling as you cried out his name,he probably said something and laughed but you were too far away in cloud 9 to hear anything.

you were moaning his name loudly and clearly, you were too out of it to care if anyone hears you. He alternated between sucking, kissing and licking you, occasionally slurping because of how wet you are. He held your hips down to stop you from bucking into his face , your hands went from grabbing  his hair to  the sheets to your hair, body wreathing in pleasure as he drew you closer and closer to your high. Suddenly he stops just right as you were close and you whined in frustration. ‘…jungkook’

He kneels on the bed and takes off shirt and you stare in amazement at his toned abs, your eyes travel down and you almost gasp at his mapped out bulge in the grey sweat pants. In a second he is leaning down and kissing you and you could taste yourself on his lips.

‘see, I told you you won’t be able to keep quiet’ he smirked and grinded his hips into yours. A low moan escape your lips as you feel his bulge rub on your core. ‘You like that baby?’, you moan in approval and he did it again this time, deliberately making you moan into his neck. ‘You want me baby?’

‘yes …yes’ you moan

‘I’m gonna make you feel so good baby’ with that he lifts himself off you, his bulge even more obvious. The thought of him stretching you out made you clench in anticipation while he kicked off his sweat pants and grabbed a silver packet   from his drawer.

The next thing you know, he is on top of you again, looking into your eyes as he slides the rubber on his length.

‘Jungkook…wait, please’

‘whats wrong baby?’ his brows furrowed in concern

you looked away nervously swallowing ‘it’s my..umm, I have never..uh’

jungkook smiles and placed a light kiss on your forehead ‘I know baby, I won’t hurt you, I promise’ he pulled back and studied your face. ‘you trust me right?’

you nodded and closed your eyes in anticipation.

‘open up for me baby’ he said before his lips returned to yours. You obeyed. Your fingers grabbed onto the sheets as he slides the head of his cock up and down your pussy, basking in its wetness, before entering you slowly.

You tore your mouth away from his and cried out at the uncomfortable feeling, you instantly clenched preventing him from entering further ‘are you okay baby?’he asked and you nodded. 

‘you’re sure I can continue?’

you nodded not able to form words.

‘then relax baby, I can’t go on if you don’t let me’

then he is kissing you, distracting you from the discomfort, slowly he starts to enter you making you moan against his mouth.

‘shit baby, don’t clench yet, I won’t last if you do that, you’re already so tight, my god’

He stilled for a moment, kissing you deeply then he starts thrusting slowly, your eyes are closed but you can feel his eyes on you, carefully studying your face for the tinniest reaction.

You gasp as his movements quickly reversed your discomfort into pleasure.


and that was his clue to fully lean into you, burying his face in the curve of your neck.

‘that’s it baby’

His deliberately slow, long strokes had you reveling in the way he filled you up deliciously. He had the perfect angle slightly thrusting upward and grazing that spot that made you see stars over and over again with utmost precision. You spread your legs even more, your nails digging crescents on his shoulders. His name was the only thing you remembered and that was the only thing that came out of your mouth as he fucked you slowly into the mattress, enjoying how tightly you clung to him.

‘god baby, you take my cock so well’

you opened your mouth to say something but a loud moan came out instead and some words. ‘Please’ was the only audible word out of everything you said.

‘please what? tell me what you want baby so I can fuck you right..god you are so tight’

His newly increased pace had you screaming, sounds of skin slapping against skin, squelching, the headboard hitting the wall and his low growls filled the room. You couldn’t help but clench uncontrollably around him as you reached your high, clinging onto him as your legs shook, he fucked you through your high until you begged him to stop, your head is spinning from the pleasure as he peppered light kisses on your face.

‘we are not done yet baby, I want to take you from behind?’

‘jungkook’ you gasped

‘lay on your stomach for me baby’ he ordered as he pulled out with a low pop sound ‘god you are so tight’

 he slips his hands under you and lightly pushed up your butt, ‘stick up your butt a bit baby, yes thats it’ he says as he put his body on you, slightly supporting himself with his elbows so that he is not entirely resting on you.

He entered you slowly, and you both moan, he gave you a little time to adjust before pulling out to just his tip and slamming back in to bury his cock deep into you. His thrusts were deep and fast hitting you in the right spot right from the beginning. This angle was different from the first time, it had you almost in tears at how deep he was, before you knew it, you were clenching around him.

‘god baby, you are gonna cum for me aren’t you?

you didn’t have the strength to hold up your butt for him anymore so you slump into the bed and he followed you only to grab your waist and pull you up so that you are on all fours, his pace not faltering as he did that.

Soon his thrust became erratic, ‘fuck baby’ he growled as he tossed his head back still slamming into you  even as his orgasm crept up on him, his eyes shut as he cums. ‘Y/N!’ he groaned before collapsing onto your back, panting as he waited for both of you to calm down before slowly pulling his cock out of you. He gets up, walks to the bathroom where he took off the used condom and came back with a warm towel to wipe you clean. He returns the towel and  lays beside you scoops you in his arms.

‘hey’ he whispered, brushing loose hair sticking to your face. He slowly planted light kisses on your closed eyes, you opened them slowly when he pulled away.

‘promise you will be mine forever?’ he smiled

you nodded ‘I love you jungkook’ you whispered tiredly and leaned into him.

Jungkook’s phone beeps on the bedside table and he quickly grabbed it to check his messages.

‘are you guys done? I need to sleep.’

he chuckled at yoongi’s text and dropped the phone, cuddling you tighter before drifting to sleep.


Thanks for liking the first part guys, I hope this was good enough? 

btw how many times did jungkook say ‘baby?’ lol


Characters: daughter!reader, daddy!sam

Warnings: bullying, angst, fluff

Word count: 2077

Summary: you accidentally reveal to your father, Sam, that you’re being bullied at school when you ask him if he believes you are a freak.

You didn’t mind they way you lived, there were the ups and downs but you mostly enjoyed it. It was nice to travel around a lot with your family, your only family being Sam and Dean. You would hunt together, you were all protective of each other and you kept close tabs on each other.

You also loved the time you spent together when you weren’t hunting. You and Dean had a prank war, you asked Sam to join to but he was still pissed about the hair removal cream Dean had put in his shampoo before so he decided he wasn’t going to be a part of it. Then there was when you would all stop off at diners and grab dinner together, sometimes talking about the big problems going on at that time or just about the monster you were hunting that week.

However, on a random occasion there would be times where you would just talk like a family. They would tell you embarrassing stories of each other when they were little and make you laugh, Sam would tell you about his memories with Jess because you never got to meet her and you only knew your mother through your fathers memories.

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Chato teared his gaze away from Harley, who apparently didn’t care about changing her clothes in front of everyone. He took his own clothes and started dressing, only for loud crack taking his attention… well, his and everybody else apparently. The source of the crack and many other sounds was behind heavy metal doors, which opened showing four guards who were struggling with a… girl. Short girl with (h/c) hair which were cut short and were standing in every possible direction. She was kicking and punching whenever she got free from guards hands. She only stopped when Rick pushed button on his monitor, which caused her to stopped from any move and look at him with death wish in her eyes.

“Whatever shit you did to me, you have to take it out right now, you got it, you shit eater?!” She was ready to attack him, he knew it just by looking at the muscles of her hands, which were clearly visible because of her sleeveless prison uniform.

“Whatever you want to do, I’m not recommending it. You have a bomb in your neck, and with only one move of my hand I can blow your head off.”

“Let me ques, you like blowing?” Rick growled at her, but didn’t say anything. Harley laughed, along with Digger and Crock, but he tried to ignore them, showing girl in the direction of crates.

“Shut up and take your stuff.” She mocked him, but said nothing, getting to crate with her stuff and opening it.

Chato watched her, while she, just like Harley, wasn’t paying attention at people surrounding her and took of her prison suit, leaving herself in only her underwear. His eyes widened at the sight of big black pentagram tattooed on her chest, along with the whole lot of different symbols on the other parts of her body, front and back. She started putting her clothes on, which were tight, black shorts, showing her (s/c) legs, followed with oversized shirt with AC/DC logo and dirty trainers. When she was done, she ruffled her hair a little more and pulled a little yin-yang amulet out of the crate and putted it around her neck. Then she looked up, right into his eyes. He quickly looked down, not knowing why he felt flushed all of a sudden. When he looked up again he saw her with Harley, who was happily chatting with her… More likely Harley was chatting while other girl was just searching through her things.

“Shit!” Chato looked around at the monsters surrounding them. He furrowed his brow, not wanting to use his powers. Hearing something like explosion he looked to the girl, who Rick was referring to as a ‘psycho’. She was surrounded by the dead bodies of monsters, and the pile was only growing. He furrowed his brow seeing how freely she was using her powers. Looking from one enemy to another, she was just closing her hands in fists which ended with the monsters heads or other parts of their body exploding. It was magnificent and terrifying at the same moment.

“Boom, headshot!” She 'shoot’ one of them by only making fake gun with her hand.

When everything ended, she crouched next to the pile of the dead bodies and started to search through them.

“You were incredible!” Harley jumped on her back, hugging her with crazy smile on her face. “How did you do that?”
“I’m just fabulous.” She flicked elder woman on the forehead and stood up, looking at Chato. “You on the other hand didn’t do anything.”

“Trust me, you wouldn’t like me getting out of hand.” She raised her eyebrow, not saying anything. After a while she just smiled, standing next to him, watching Floyd fighting with Rick.

“They are like children.” Chato only nodded, looking at her profile. She was shorter than him, much shorter. He couldn’t ques how old she was, but her hairstyle was definitely making her look younger than she originally is. “If you want, take a photo. I don’t like the way you are burning holes in my head.” He quickly looked away, at the team.

“You want to see some!” Chato showed Floyd aside and raised his hands, burning every single one monster in front of the team. (y/n)’s jaw dropped slightly seeing all of the flame and destruction it brings. Her breath cached in her throat and heart rate started to raise. When he was done, he looked deadly at Floyd. “Was that enough for you?”

“That was great!” Harley hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek. When she left him and walked away with the rest of the team, (y/n) leaned on the railing behind her with big smile on her face. He raised his eyebrow at her face.

“It was fine… I think…” She stood straight and bopped him in the nose. “But I would LOVE to see you loosing control.” He rolled his eyes.

“You are crazy.”

“Didn’t you know? Crazy is new sexy.” She bumped her waist at his. “Come on, before they start to think that I am murdering you.”

“You murdering me?”

“I can be pretty scary you know?” She slapped him on the but and walked away, leaving him in shock clearly seen on his face.

What just happened?

(y/n) walked into the bar as the last and sat next to Chato after taking whole bottle of vodka.

“You are not actually gonna drink that all by yourself, are you?” She opened the bottle and took a swing from it while looking Floyd right into the eyes.

“I do, why?” She didn’t even winced at the taste of her drink. Floyd didn’t say anything more, waving at Harley to pour him more whiskey.

When Chato started telling how he killed his family, (y/n) looked at the half empty bottle in her hands, listening closely to his story, looking once a while at the fiery figure dancing on the palm of his hand.

“What about you?” She looked up at Digger hearing his question.

“Well, they couldn’t put you in the fokin Bella Reve, just because you are crazy.”
“I’m not crazy.”
“Aussie is right with this one. You are bastante loco.” She rolled her eyes and started to spin bottle in her hands, making it full again. Chato’s jaw dropped.

“I can manipulate matter, you know? Like every atom in the universe is at my command, no matter if I touched it or not. Pretty nuts, don’t you think? But my older brother? Oh, he was even better. He was like totally my opposite. If he would want, he could destroy anything he touched. The two of us and his girlfriend… We were just rolling through the country, stealing only as much to live, and have some savings for the future. It wasn’t that difficult, because Zeth, my brother’s girlfriend could have hack every electric equipment that she could touch. We were the best.” She took swing from her bottle and looked at them. “But nothing can stay perfect, ain’t it? Something went wrong and before we knew that, police was driving right in our direction. So I took my brother and told him to run, that I will cover them and then we will see each other in our private little Eldorado.” She smiled and sighed. “When they disappeared, I just gave up. With the amount of money that I had with me? It was stupid not to take me to jail. When they found out that I’m metahuman, they thrown me to Bella Reve.” She finished and putted bottle at the bar.

“But… Why did you stayed behind?”

“Zeth was pregnant back then. I don’t know if she even knew it at that point. But I knew the moment I saw her, you know, with my powers and stuff. I didn’t want to risk that anything could happened to them, or the baby. So I choose the first thing that got to my mind at the moment.”

“And that’s your sob story?”

“I couldn’t call it like that. I just made a choice, to make sure that at least they will be safe. I never really cared about myself, beside I love to kick shit out of the every guard that try to ever touch me.” She smiled and once again reached for the bottle. “When this will end, I’m gonna find them and who knows, maybe I will get a hug?” Chato looked at her with… something in his eyes, she couldn’t define what it is, but she liked it. She patted him on the hand, smiling which caused him to smile slightly.

“By the way, what’s your name?” She looked at Harley. “You never told us, and Rick called you psycho, but I don’t think it’s your supervillain name.” The girl laughed, letting go of Chato’s hand.

“Well, my name is (y/n) (y/l/n), but my 'supervillain name’, as you called it, is Bubbles.” They all looked at her as if she was crazy. “What? It’s grate! Can you imagine someone screaming after you, after you fought them and screaming it? Harley, imagine Bat saying it with this straight expression of his.”

“So you called yourself that, only because it would sound funnily?”

“Floyd, there is no possible way angrily say Bubbles. And that’s why I choose it.”

“Chato!” (y/n) get from behing Floyd and run to him and that big monster. She slides and got to man, hugging him in the same moment bomb exploded. Everything went in slow motion in that moment. Chato opened his eyes and looked at her in the moment she used her power to move the power from explosion through them and right at the monster above them, shielding Chato and herself from harm. Those few seconds felt like a millennium to the both of them. She was hugging him so close to herself that they almost melted together, while he was just looking at her, not believing what is going on.

When explosion ended, (y/n) looked from the whole and raised her hand, only for Harley to catch it and pulled her up, hugging her with all her force.

“You are alive!”

“And you are hugging me too hard!”

“Good. It’s your punishment for scaring me! How could you do that?! I though I lost my closest friend!”

“Yeah…” She looked behind her at Chato, who was couching. He looked at her in shock, still trying to wrap his mind around the fact that he is alive. “OK, less hugging and more fighting we still have bitch… I mean witch to defeat.”

“Hey, you saved me.” (y/n) looked from her now blank computer screen at Chato. Amanda Waller arranged for the team to have day room, if they wanted to meet. And (y/n) got a laptop to have a chat on skype with her brother.

“Yeah, you are quick, it was a week.” She closed her computer and putted it away, looking at the man who sat next to her.

“I still couldn’t believe it, you know? I though that it was end for me, but you? You literally risked your own life just to save me.”

“Well, what can I say? I loco, ain’t I?” He laughed at her, really laughed.

“Don’t you ever try to speak Spanish again.”
“You have my word.” They was looking at each other for a while before he bowed his head and kissed her. It was quick, and totally unexpected for her, but hell, it was hot. Like literally… hot… “Ow, you burned my lip.” She flicked him in the forehead.

“Sorry. I got nervous.” He blushed and tried to take her hands from her lips to look at the burn.

“You stupid ass.” She wanted to hit him, but he cached her hand and kissed her again. “And what was that?”
“I kissed it better.”

“Kiss better my ass.”

“I would, but I don’t know if guards will not arrive at the wrong moment.” She flicked him in the forehead and stood up, bending down to get her laptop from the coffee table. She quickly straightened up when she felt him smacking her but.

“Chato Santana!”

“Bubbles.” He winked at her. She laughed and quickly left the day room, stopping in the doorway to look at him and winked at which he smiled.

Well, it’s going to be fun.

kaibutsushidousha  asked:

We know Saihara's favorite character was Kirigiri and Shirogane was Junko, but have you tried to guess who the rest of the cast's favs were based on how they built their own characters?

This is a really fun ask that I’ve had sitting here for a while now, because it’s really, really interesting to think about.

Most of what I have is just speculation of course, and personal feelings about which characters they must have liked based on similarities, so I’ll try my best! You already mentioned Saihara and Tsumugi, and both of those are on-point obviously, so I’ll just handle all the other characters.

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