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Crawling Chaos - Part One - Void Stiles

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Void Stiles/Reader

Word Count: 3,496

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female receiving), Fingering, Riddles

Notes: My first Void smut? My first Void smut. Not sure how well this will really go tbh because I don’t think I’m good at portraying Void. But let me know for sure if you do like it. This idea has been in my mind for a few weeks now, and all because I was listening to one certain anime opening at work called Koi wa Chaos no Shimobenari. It kind of gave me the idea for what to do with this, even though it has NOTHING to do with the song. Also, side note, i did use Google Translate for one small thing in here. Don’t blame me if it is wrong.

Part 2  Part 3

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Okay??? But??? Beauty and the Beast???

I just got done watching Beauty and the Beast, the new remake, with @icarus-will-rise and… wow… I think there were times I cut off the circulation in his hand I loved it so much

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
As usual, spoilers. This will be tagged as such tho.

• THE. CHOREOGRAPHY. AT. THE. BEGINNING. As a dancer, this was what made me instantly love the movie, like IT’S HISTORICALLY ACCURATE AND BEAUTIFUL AND??? WHY??? I LOVE IT SO MUCH
• C O S T U M I N G. I especially loved at the end that some of the servants still had face paint on their faces, like “oh yeah, that’s still there, it’s not like they’ve magically had their human faces cleaned while they’re not human or anything”
• speaking of the end, “Turn back into a clock. TURN BACK INTO A CLOCK.”
• and when the piano turned back he had no teeth? I approve
• also speaking of the end, HOT DAMN, Dan Stevens’ growl when Emma Watson asks him to grow a beard… like… damn… even @icarus-will-rise agrees that was hawt
• THE TRANSITIONS FROM THE HUMANIZED OBJECTS INTO NORMAL OBJECTS MADE ME CRY. Cogsworth not being able to talk, Mrs. Potts’ face disappearing, Chip’s dish shattering (I GOT SO SCARED), Lumiere and Plumette, the dog with his legs up, just, AH
• Okay, unpopular opinion here, I didn’t love the songs all THAT much. The originals are better. Emma and Dan definitely did a great job recreating the songs and all, but I think we can all agree the original “Beauty and the Beast” by Angela Lansbury smashes the new one to pieces, right?
• However, on that note, the new songs were pretty good and fit right into the soundtrack in everything from background music to lyrics. Evermore was good, but the one in the movie was def better than the credits one, I mean, come ON, guys.
• Okay, back to the movie–
• LeFou.
• L E F O U.
• Props to the casting director for ALL of his/her choices (Emma Watson could not have made a better Belle if she spent DECADES preparing for this role), but OH MY GOD JOSH GAD AS LEFOU.
• I don’t know WHO saw Olaf in Frozen and went, “This snowman would make a great gay sidekick for Gaston”, but whoever did, I love them.
• Speaking of LeFou, he went through some GREAT character development. From being completely obsessed with Gaston at the beginning (telling the Bimbettes they didn’t have a chance, talking to an imaginary Gaston in the mirror, calming Gaston down with thoughts of the war <which was HILARIOUS btw>, winking during “Gaston”) to actually having a backbone after they tie Maurice up in the woods (you can see him begin to shift his alignment, and lose his love for Gaston, there) to finally being like “yeah, screw this, Gaston wouldn’t save me from a falling talking piano with key teeth missiles, I'mma help the talking teapot spraying my fellow villagers instead”. I LOVED LeFou.
• You know who else loved LeFou? THE DRAG QUEEN. I know he’s either Tom, Dick, or Stanley, and @icarus-will-rise and I think it would be pretty ironic if he was Dick. I’ll have to check when it comes out on DVD since I wasn’t really paying attention, and by GOD I loved that little hint that they ended up together during the dance at the end.
• Anyway, back to the plot
• Those wolves were TERRIFYING
• Also, I don’t know about you guys, but instantly when I saw the beggar lady I was like “she’s gonna be important”. It was when she rescued Maurice I knew she was the enchantress in disguise, don’t ask me how, I just knew. They wouldn’t put a character in there randomly unless she was essential to the storyline, so I guess that’s why I guessed that.
• …did I mention LeFou was by far my favorite?
• But Emma Watson came in as a close second. By GOD, she was a great Belle. Her reaction to that library was tbh exactly how I would’ve reacted.
• Like I said, casting was spot-on amazing.
• You could FEEL the angst radiating off of Beast.
• Maurice was great, not as kooky as the original but I like him better as a sad artist.
• ^By the way, Belle’s parents’ backstory had me in tears. The plague representation was so accurate and answered SO many questions of mine.
• Also, Gaston was really good
• He actually tried to woo Belle a little instead of being like “I’m so great, you should totally marry me just for my looks and charm and hunting skills and my luxurious hair”
• He gave her flowers, sorta kinda pretended to be interested in her books, and seemed genuinely interested in saving her when the townsfolk were being mean so at the beginning I was sorta like “gee, why’s Belle being so rude and shit”, which was the only reason I didn’t like the change in Gaston’s behavior
• Then he started being a dick to her dad and I was like “whoops never mind”
• Umm,,, the fight against the villagers was really great?? Mrs. Potts seeing her husband (who was the citizen with the most sense, let’s be honest here) and falling from the chandelier, the boiling tea, THE DRAG QUEENS, Chip being a badass smol, Lumiere’s fireworks display, Plumette dusting people’s faces and the piano being heroic by trying to cover the door? It was A+
• Also “GRANDMOTHER?!?!?1?????!!??!!”
• Le Fou… the gay is strong with this one…
• Basically, I loved Beauty and the Beast’s live action remake, 10/10 would watch again.

• My only problem is her dress, really. My only GIANT problem, that is.
• They didn’t include the dog in “Beauty and the Beast” (the song), but fine, I’ll forgive that
• My major problem is that dress
• Okay, fine, it’s got the appliqués, but WHERE IS THE NECKLINE
• We demand the truth
• (Side note: what is it with Emma Watson’s dresses being inaccurate in movies because this is now the second one???)

The Storm Happened...

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Sam, John

Warnings: arguing, angst

Word count: 1703

Summary: After keeping it bottled up for so long, you finally tell the boys and your father, John, about how you feel about him leaving you when you were little.

Life on the road was different to what you grew up knowing. Before you were involved in the supernatural world, you lived in a small village with your mother; it was just you and her in your small house. You had no brothers or sisters, you had an absent father most of your life- that was until he decided he had time for you. When she died, you were forced into the world of evil. You were involved with the monsters and the apocalypse and everything in between. This life, honestly, sucked; but it wasn’t like you had any other choice.

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Spring Day

Originally posted by s0mewhereweaknessis0urstrength

Request: Could you maybe write some newtxdeaf reader?? Like maybe what living in the newtcase would be like, if he learns sign language or something along those lines? thank you!

Request: Maybe an imagine where the reader is deaf?

A/N: I really like this request! Thank you so much! I was really nervous about writing it because I wanted to make it as loving and realistic as possible; I really hope I did it some justice! xx

You wake up with a gentle touch on your face and as you flutter your eyes open you’re met with soft hazel eyes.

“Good Morning,” Newt mouths and you grin in return. “Good Morning,” you sign back weakly, as your tired limbs lazily move in front of you.

Biting his lip softly, Newt curls up his fingers and taps on his mouth a number of times, slowly. “Breakfast?” he mouths, and you nod back slowly. “Please.” you sign back.

As Newt bends down to give you a soft peck on your forehead and stands up, you can’t help but smile to yourself and close your eyes. Living in silence used to be a nightmare for you, you often felt like you were living inside a bubble.

Always able to see but never participate.

Of course, you were thankful for what you had, but your heart always seemed to break just a tiny bit whenever you would see children laughing or someone walking with their headphones in, head bobbing to the beat of the song.

You had been deaf for as long as you could remember and although it wasn’t easy to learn both sign language and english it kept you occupied enough to not notice what you were missing out on.

Everything really changed when you met Newt, in fact, you could recall it as easily as if it was yesterday.

Being alone was always a preference of yours really, it never bothered you to be out by yourself, truth be told, that was exactly how you would entertain yourself.

Although it’s true you couldn’t hear, you were fully convinced that sounds were nothing but a distraction at times. There were loads of things you could do if one simply observed- and because that’s all you did, you were the absolute best at it.

Your thoughts were proven correct when you felt someone bump into you.

Immediately, you retreated and turned, only to come face to face with one of the softest faces you had ever seen. “Sorry,” you saw the man say and in return you shyly smiled before looking down.

It was only seconds later before you looked back up, but by the time you did, the man was already ten steps ahead of you; walking calmly away.

However just as you were about to go off on your merry way, you felt your foot step on something hard, and as you looked down, your eyes focused on what looked like a fancy wooden stick. You bent down and carefully picked up the strange object, perplexed by its magnificent structure.

Seconds passed by before you connected two and two together and before you knew it, you were running after the strange man with soft eyes. You couldn’t help but nearly run into him as you approached him, causing him to widen his eyes in alarm.

You saw him mutter something that was just way too quick for you to decipher as he steadied you, but in reply you merely held up the wooden stick, causing his eyes to widen the size of dinner plates.

“Where did you get this?” you saw him ask and you signed in reply- but as soon as your hands started moving, his eyes met yours with a worried expression. “I’m sorry.”  you saw him say and your hopes fell.

Your eyes lit up as an idea popped into your head and slowly you pointed towards the stick and then quickly to the floor, you bit your lip hoping he understood. “I dropped it?” he asked and you nodded furiously, happy that he understood what you were trying to say.

You couldn’t help but sigh to yourself as he walked away slowly after thanking you numerous times, but before you could walk away, you saw him turn to look at you before turning away quickly once his eyes met yours.

Flush coated your cheeks as your hand found its way to your chest only to realize that your heart was practically skipping beats. Shaking your head, you decided that you had enough adventure for one day and began your way home.

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Routine Part Four (Lin x Reader)

Prompt List||Request Something||Masterlist

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)

requested: yes

Prompts Used:

75) “I’m sorry that I slapped you across your stupid face.” “Are you really sorry though?” “No, and it’s probably going to happen again.”

Summary: What to Avoid When Writing a Musical

Warnings: a lot of swearing, teen!lin being a total asshole (the peak of jerk teen!lin so far), reader not dealing with his bs

Words: 3175

People who want to be tagged (for some reason that will never make sense to me): @yayhamletnonstop, @old-manmiranda, @sharkastic-issues, @fangirlwithasweettooth, @nesthemonster, @defenestrate-yourself-please, @randomfruitsofhappiness, @always-blame-jefferson, @itsjaynebird, @just-a-random-fandom-24, @unknown1200, @theselfishllama, @chloehamiltonn, @love-doesnt-discriminate

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Originally posted by alexanderhamllton

“Hey, Y/n! I have a question!” Lin runs up to you and starts talking as you start to walk home after school on a Wednesday. “So, for this whole ‘what to avoid thing’, what topics are we going to use?”

“Oh, I have a whole list, but it’s at my house.” You point to the dirt path that leads to your neighborhood. It’s the you take every day.

“Oh. Okay, that’s fine I can wait until I come over later. See you then!” He starts to walk in the opposite direction. You mull over a thought in your head, and before you know it, it tumbles out of your mouth. 

“Why don’t you just walk home with me? I m-mean if you don’t want to or if you have something else to do, t-then you can come at the normal time-” You start muttering random things, in the hopes of redeeming yourself from something potentially very awkward, while looking at anything but him.

“Hey, hey!” He tries to stop you, but you don’t recognize it so you continue to mumble words under your breath. “whoa whoa WHOA!” He chuckles at your nonsensical rambling, which cause you to stop. 

“Stop talking for two seconds, please? I mean, I know you like speech but geez.” You glare at him, about to yell a response at him before he cuts you off once again. “Uh-buh-buh. No more talking. You talk way too much. Anyways, I’ll walk home with you, but you might have to wait here while I go to the creative writing room to get my project from my teacher.”

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Cat Grant Appreciation Week - day 1: Favourite Scene. 

Yes, this is probably everyone’s favourite supercat scene, and I could chose a less obvious one, or a more Cat-centric one. But for me, this was a moment to fall in love with Calista completely. Truthfully, most of my fave Cat scenes are her being her meanest and snarkiest, using that killer comic timing to great effect. But this is the scene I love the most, based entirely on this small moment.

She had a plan, she was certain that her suspicions about Kara were correct. She was powerful and exacting in her execution, in getting Kara to pull that wall down. And yet for a brief second, when Cat realises she is right, she is the one who becomes vulnerable and overwhelmed by the truth of Kara. The snarky one-upmanship and self-congratulating is nowhere. Not here, not until she gathers herself together again. I love this moment, because she aimed to strip Kara bare, and yet we see Cat shaken by it and a little lost. If only for a second. 

Serious Post™ ahead, folks.

I want to discuss the importance of UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis), specifically in the angelkin community.

“Unverified personal gnosis (often abbreviated UPG) is the phenomenological concept that an individual’s spiritual insights (or gnosis) may be valid for them without being generalizable to the experience of others. It is primarily a neologism used in polytheistic reconstructionism, to differentiate it from ancient sources of spiritual practices.” (Wikipedia)

Many of us in the angelkin community are really forthcoming with memories and general information we’ve learned as time has gone on, which is amazing. However, I’ve noticed some issues with this. Many of these memories are taken as fact, for some reason. Leaving those who don’t share your exact same experience out, feeling invalid.

Leading by example, I’ll share my personal UPG.

I’m Sariel, Command of God. One of the (original) Seven Archangels, alongside Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Ramiel, and Raguel. I was a Watcher who was heavily involved in the creation of the Nephilim. I was punished for my crimes against creation, booted from my Archangel position, and sent into exile. I harbored no regrets for my creations. Eventually, I was permitted to come home, though it certainly was not easy.

I remember fighting alongside Michael on the battlefield in the moments before the Fall.

I remember being tried by the (new) Seven in front of the heavenly hosts for my crimes as a Watcher.

I remember a lot of things.

That is my UPG. That is my experience, my truth, and it can’t be verified. Furthermore, I recognize that not everyone will share this experience. And that’s okay!

We have this tendency as a community of needing to share all of the same memories. And I’m here to say that it’s okay if you don’t.

Your UPG is valid. Your truth is yours only, and it’s absolutely valid.

You experienced hardcore stuff? Rad.
You remember angel snowball fights? Awesome.
You don’t remember anything? Cool.

It’s awesome that we sometimes share memories! Revel in those moments! But we need to remember that it’s okay if we don’t all share the same memories. That no one experience is inherently correct or incorrect, simply because we think so.

Serious Post™ over.
Go team.


Keanu Reeves Says Whoa

It’s the question that drives us. It’s the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did. How many times does Keanu Reeves say “whoa,” and what movies does he say it in?
When we first searched for the truth, it seemed like it would lie in a simple search of the web. The results were contradictory. Sites like IGN claimed he says it in 6 of his movies, while Looper, another website, claimed that it was a myth altogether and that he only says “whoa” in 4 of his films. They both couldn’t be correct, so we decided to find the answer the only way we knew possible: by watching every single one of Keanu Reeves’s movies.

Unfortunately, no one can be told how many times Keanu Reeves says “whoa” in his movies. You have to see it for yourself.

We Intertwined: Ch. 8

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 7 | AO3 | Chapter 9
Word Count: 1,719

It was well into the evening when Raine finally called Ignis. It was late enough that Gladio insisted that they all go out for drinks. And so that was how Ignis found himself in the middle of a crowded bar, nursing a rapidly warming beer, watching as Raine and Gladio knocked back one shot after another.

What they were drinking, he did not know, but the smell of it alone reminded him of the cleaning products that he used to keep under the sink in Noctis’ apartment.

Noctis was laughing at a story that Gladio was telling, and Prompto was taking tons of photos to document their first real night out in a long time. The five of them sat in a booth, with Raine squished between Prompto and Gladio, and Ignis on the opposite side seated next to Noctis.

He watched the scene unfold before him as Raine and Gladio clinked the small glasses again before wincing as the alcohol burned their throats on the way down.

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Combeferre probably let Feuilly come in without much fight because he was surprised; he had expected, of course, to see one of his friends before the day was over- he’d been too sharp earlier, and too fast to leave, for them not to have understood he was genuinely upset over their behaviours, but he’d thought Enjolras or Courfeyrac would come, or perhaps Prouvaire. Not Feuilly.

Now they stood awkwardly in the middle of Combeferre’s kitchen, as Combeferre tried to remember when he had last used his tea cups, and where they might be hiding now. Feuilly looked pensive, his head bent down, his hands pressing his hat, almost nervously. Combeferre kept waiting for his annoyance to come back - but Feuilly had been the only one not to speak against that women’s group, earlier - though, Combeferre tried to remember, he hadn’t spoken in its favour either.

“You said good things,” said Feuilly at last. “About those women, and their obvious interest in our cause.”

“I said the truth, no more,” corrected Combeferre. “It pains me to think that my dearest of friends, who are so far ahead in so many things, cannot seem to understand this.”

“They might learn, with you as a teacher,” said Feuilly. He looked preoccupied and hopeful all at once. Combeferre stared a moment.

“Do you… Agree with me, Feuilly? About women being able to join our group, or at the very least work with us?”

There was a pause, and then Feuilly looked right back at him, and offered him a guarded smile.

“Do you, Combeferre?” He asked instead. “Do you truly? I have known men before who defended women’s rights as you do, but felt immediately uncomfortable when those same women tried to speak for themselves and took actions on their own.”

“I dare hope,” said Combeferre, “that I am better than those men. And if I happen not to be, I want to think that the women i know will be able to tell me.”

Feuilly’s smile grew bigger, and gentler. He took a step forwards, then stopped, breathed out slowly, and put his hat on the table, reaching for his waistcoat with trembling fingers.

“I trust you,” he said, slowly. “And If you must know, I agree with you more than most, about women joining the cause.”

Combefeferre froze, opened his mouth, and then closed it again when Feuilly added, quietly, as he took off his waistcoat, revealing for the first time underneath a white shirt, and the hint of curves that shouldn’t have been there-

“My friend, I must tell you a secret I’ve been keeping for a very, very long time now…”

thekinderbeast  asked:

I saw a documentary recently, in which they said, Iceland became Christian basically because Denmark became Christian and imprisoned every Iceland not der on it's soil, sending an ultimatum to Iceland, that they would execute them, if Iceland wouldn't convert. A heathen law man, respected by Christians and Heathens alike, was in the end asked to decide. After some days he decided that Iceland should become Christian by name but in private every Icelander was free to do whatever. Can you confirm?

Sæl vinur,
(Hello friend,)

For the most part, yes, but also not exactly, because we should add a dash of ‘it’s complicated’ just to be safe. Allow me to briefly retell the story:

All of the parts are correct, but the interpretation of all those parts together is up for some debate. After all, documentaries are not exempt from having a bias, and not in the sense of having an agenda, but just because it is simply human nature to have certain inclinations. I suppose it is better to say that the documentary may have made some claims or assumptions that could be seen from various perspectives, and every interpretation is but one perspective out of many. I am finding myself being carried away in a moment of philosophical contemplation, so I digress (my apologies, but, in my defense, those are things we ought to think and talk about).

Anyway, Iceland was indeed pressured by Norway and not exactly Denmark. To be more specific, though, it was King Olaf Tryggvason who truly pressured the Icelanders, especially after his missionary, Thangbrand, returned from there with little success in 999.(1.) After this, the king not only imprisoned Icelanders as hostages (not a ton, mind you), but he also closed off Norwegian ports to Icelandic merchants.(2.) Now this was a big deal. Iceland was an island, after all, which meant that many goods needed to be imported. I would argue that it was not only the pressure from executing hostages that placed an ‘ultimatum’ on Iceland, but the economic strangling that King Olaf placed around their necks.

Yet, there were hostages, and they were the often the “sons and daughters of prominent Icelandic pagans.”(3.) Furthermore, King Olaf did threaten to “maim or kill [them] unless Iceland accepted Christianity.”(4.) Yet, this, as I mentioned above, was not the only force creating pressure. Believe it or not, there were already Christian Icelanders, some of which were fairly prominent, too.(5.) Why would they need to care about someone else’s family members? Unless they had some sort of bonds through kinship, they didn’t. 

There was something else on the line here, though. An aspect of Iceland’s foreign policy was to maintain a good relationship with Norway for two reasons: family and economic ties.(6.) Many Icelanders, whether pagan or Christian, had family in Norway, and therefore would prosper from continued positive relations. Furthermore, as already mentioned, Norway was Iceland’s major trading partner, and a falling through would be devastating on the economic front.

As for the “heathen law man,” his name was Thorgeir Thorkelsson, a chieftain (goði) from the farm of Ljósavatn in the Northern Quarter.(7) Most of what the documentary seems to have said pans out to be true, although his motives are, you guessed it, up for debate. Various accounts do agree, though, that he was indeed the Lawspeaker to make this decision.(8.) Here is an account from Njal’s Saga:

“Thorgeir lay for a whole day with a cloak spread over his head, and no one spoke to him. The next day people went to the Law Rock; Thorgeir asked for silence and spoke: ‘It appears to me that our affairs will be hopeless if we don’t all have the same law, for if the law is split then peace will be split, and we can’t live with that. Now I want to ask the heathens and the Christians whether they are willing to accept the law that I proclaim.’” 

They all assented to this. Thorgeir said that he wanted oaths from them and pledges that they would stick by them. They assented to this, and he took pledges from them.

‘This will be the foundation of our law,’ he said, ‘that all men in this land are to be Christians and believe in one God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and give up all worship of false idols, the exposure of children, and the eating of horse meat. Three years’ outlawry will be the penalty for open violations, but if these things are practiced in secret, there shall be no punishment.’

All of these heathen practices were forbidden a few years later, so that they could neither be practiced openly nor in secret.” (9.)

He was indeed a heathen, and he did, as illustrated above, for some unknown reason, deem that Iceland should adopt Christianity. It is also true that heathen practices were allowed afterwards, but not indefinitely. In Ari Thorgeirsson’s Íslendingabók, he says this about what happened afterwards:

“And he (Thorgeir Thorkelsson) brought his speech to a close in such a way that both sides agreed that everyone should have the same law, the one he decided to proclaim. It was then proclaimed in the laws that all people should be Christian, and that those in this country who had not yet been baptised should receive baptism; but the old laws should stand as regards the exposure of children and the eating of horse-flesh. People had the right to sacrifice in secret, if they wished, but it would be punishable by the lesser outlawry if witnesses were produced. And a few years later, these heathen provisions were abolished, like the others.” (10.)

So, given that account, people were “free to do whatever,” but only during this period of transition. Now, we may enter the realm of reasonable probability, but that, of course, comes with its limitations. Still, we can assume that it was quite possible that people still remained heathen for quite some time, yet this would have been difficult, mainly due to social pressures. It may have been more likely that some families retained their heathen traditions in somewhat of a hybrid religious state, in which they worshipped both Christ and the old gods. This was actually not unheard of. In Landnámabók, the Icelandic Book of Settlements, a man named Helgi the Lean is described as such:

“Helgi’s faith was very much mixed: he believed in Christ but invoked Thor when it came to voyages and difficult times.” (11.)

My final judgement is to say that this documentary was correct, of course, but not an ‘absolute truth’ on the matter. Besides there not being such a thing as an ‘absolute truth’, especially in regards to history, the documentary only provided one telling of a complicated tale; there were quite a few complications likely not discussed in the documentary. 

After all, there was more going on behind the scenes back when King Olaf was taking hostages. Furthermore, although Thorgeir allowed heathens to continue practice, this was only a temporary condition. Yet, even so, we do not truly know the reality that was in place. All we have are generalized accounts that tell us the ideal or legal standpoints. Let us not forget, either, that these very sources were written by the ‘winning’ party. As I said when I began this post, we all have a bias, whether we like it or not. There is no shame in this, but it must be known to properly handle the sources that we are given.

My advice, then, is to understand that documentaries, and even many works of academia, often only grant you one version of the story. Even the version I have told above leaves out certain details that honestly need consideration. Still, the documentary was not wrong, but there are always many levels of intricacy that truly need consideration before we can fully understand any given situation. 

Anyway, I truly am grateful that you asked this question. It was a pleasure to respond to it, and I do hope that you and many other prospers from my insights.

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With kindness and respect,)


1. Jesse L. Byock, Viking Age Iceland. (London: Penguin Books, 2001), 299.

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Flipping Forks

Here is a true story. In my former life, I arranged food for 40-50 people every Sunday night. Imagine a dented plastic table decorated with rogue Sharpie scribbles, two-liters, pizza, and if everyone was kind to me, Little Debbie cakes. It was about as sexy and appetizing as it sounds.

At the beginning of the line was a cutlery tray. It looked like:

Some of you see this tray and your brain screams: THE UTENSILS ARE FACING OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS.

I know this because every week my adult volunteers dutifully fixed this fork crisis, ecstasy and satisfaction on their faces until the tray looked like:

Ah! Order restored. The Earth was off-axis, but we are returning to proper position and the apocalyptic freezing or frying of humanity is abated. Whew. Close call. Thank God for fork flippers.

This is also a true story. One day I said, “STOP FLIPPING THE FORKS.” (They stopped. I rarely all-caps yell.)

Why stop these correctors of chaos?

What if I told you the 40-50 partakers of unflipped forks were mostly middle school boys? And then I asked the question: do you believe a single middle school boy cared about the direction of forks?

In 9 years of setting Sunday dinner forty-five times a year, they never did.

Here is truer story. Some of you are wasting time and emotional energy flipping forks for middle school boys. (If you’re thinking middle school boys might be a metaphor, you’re correct.)

I’ve taught fork flipping as it relates to time management and goal setting. (I’ve written about time management here.) But over the years, I applied the fork flipping theory to emotional investments too.

Here’s my best truth. People flip emotional forks for audiences that will never appreciate the effort. I’ve done it myself. Too many times to count. 

Here are four things I’ve learned.

1. Audience is key.

If I’d been arranging dinner for a crowd of ladies in their twilight years (you know the ones–they drive Cadillac’s and kick ass at bridge), not only would I have flipped the forks, I’d have borrowed sterling silver. That audience cares about those details. So think about the recipient of your generous actions and ask, will this matter to them? Am I actually doing this for me? Is it emotionally efficient?

2. The problem is not your effort.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with flipping forks. The effort can be a beautiful offering of selflessness, but don’t forget that emotional energy is finite.

3. Identify those who deserve your best emotional efforts.

There are those who deserve flipped forks. Folks who will notice your efforts and appreciate them properly, but we often burn out giving emotional energy to those who won’t appreciate us and deplete energy for those who will. I recently said to a friend, why would you punish someone who wants to help you to help someone who wants to punish you? That’s the sentiment here as well.

4. Identify those who do not deserve your best emotional efforts.

There is a very good chance you have said of someone, “I give and give and nothing ever satisfies him/her.” Perhaps…and I’m just spitballing here…you don’t owe that audience your spectacular efforts.

(It’s fine to choose another effort. My middle school boys didn’t notice forks, but when I invented a game called Blender Wars…well, that was a different story.)

*No middle school boys were injured in the writing of this post. **Some middle school boys threw up after Blender Wars.

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I just wanted to tell you you draw the best Mccree, and if you have anymore tips on how to draw him? (I have trouble drawing him) Have a nice day!

mmwell! i only have tips on how i imagine him (which isn’t to say it’s more correct than anyone else’s take, ofc), but sorta..? things to think about is:

-well ok i lied one thing is objectively truth: his skin colour is as dark as pharah’s in canon and although blizzard doesn’t respect that, i think it’s our duty as fanartists to do so-he’s a brown man, and it’s horrible to see other fanartists ignore that.
-lots lots lots of hair. facial hair, neck hair, BACK HAIR…
-he’s very soft but that softness is mostly on his body, his facial features, cheekbones and brow are pretty sharp EXCEPT his face SHAPE under his beard which is kinda rounded and flat.
-his eyes are seemingly almost always hooded or squinting like a man in a western standoff. they almost always look tired.
-he’s got pretty thick eyebrows that are furrowed more often than not
-his hands? very thick and big. sausagey fingers.
-he almost never stands straight, always leaning over in some way
-he always keeps his hands busy, either fiddling w his gun or hooked in his belt, u wont see mccree’s arms limp on his side.
-when he talks he tilts his head a lot and makes many gestures.
-large nostrils
-most of his gestures while talking are very exaggerated as well. not comically per se, but just, when he laughs, it’s kinda booming, when something bums him out, he makes a show of
-his smile is BIG

The moment I realized I became Sally Jackson:True story

So I work at a candy stand in the mall on weekends for gas money.

There are lots of people who steal from the candy stand.

To prevent this I make nice with all the mall rent a cops. Make sure to make them up a bag of candy every weekend.

There is one named Julius.

Julius I noticed only eats blue candy.

I go through all the candy only picking out blue candy for him. Blue gummy sharks, only the blue sour patch kids, picking out blue gummy bears, and if course the blue raspberry sour belts.

I’ve called him Percy for a month.

He has yet to correct me.

Stars in the Night: Chapter 13

WoooOoOOO. My secrets are out. Welp. 


I’m seriously just guessing that there are going to be about 2 chapters left. Unless of course I come across some crazy idea that deserves more plot. Haha. I keep things short and simple. Which is why my fics are always slightly more than 1,000 words (low key pulling out my hair because of it hahaha). Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

Trigger warning maybe? Because Ardyns a creepo. 

Tagging the squad: @themissimmortal, @cupnoodle-queen​, @nifwrites​ <3

Word Count: 1,372

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When the Stars and the Night become one, the truth shall be unveiled.

Stella stared blankly at the woman that now laid claim to be her mother. Her real, biological, mother. She couldn’t dare to comprehend the news that Gentiana announced so nonchalantly.

Stella hadn’t thought much of her real parents. Olivia, her adoptive mother, was her family. She didn’t need to concern herself with the parents that deserted her so long ago. Though, she never held an animosity toward her real parents, she thought harboring such bitter thoughts over people she had never met.  

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In your reply to someone else's ask you said that J cheating with a woman doesn't make any sense. I think it makes a lot of sense if it's S's sister (either real or imagined). J's subconscious probably recognizes a lot of S's mannerisms in her & she comes as close to actually being S as J can allow himself, without having to admit he's attracted to a man: She comes without a penis, which is the only way J will allow himself to desire S. Internalized homophobia played tricks on me like that too.

(referencing this post)

Hmm. You may be correct, Nonny. John is a bit repressed in his sexuality, possibly is closeted and trying to accept that part of himself.

I concede that your read of John’s character in T6T / TLD is a valid one as well. Although I DO believe that there is very little that is true about both episodes, and I like to think that John was having an emotional affair with Sherlock, LOL. I know that’s probably not the truth, but I can have headcanons.

How to Know You’re an INFJ

Or not.

First thing:
Do the letters match up with your personality? It seems basic but there are a decent amount of “INFJs” I’ve come across that seem very ISFJ or even INTJ to me. Are you introverted? Are you intuitive? Are you a feeler? Are you a judger?

So we’ve established that you think the letters match up. Are you SURE?

Introverted Intuition is supposed to be your dominant function. Now check and see. Does the following criteria match?

  • You see interconnected patterns and without even trying, intuit the implications behind those patterns.
  • For example: Shae says she thinks that every interview she has could be a potential audition. This means that her life must revolve around acting in every way; everything she does could be noticed and picked up on by casting directors or agents. That explains her ever-changing behavior and why I am certain that she will have to marry some sort of average-minded, big-hearted guy; she’s so smart and deceptive that it’d take a pure-hearted man who really loves her to tolerate her. But I know she’ll never be happy. How could she be?
  • In centuries past, INFJs served as oracles or fortune-tellers because they were so incredibly gifted with the ability to read people and predict how their lives would turn out. The pattern to them was evident; they weren’t able to explain the pattern, per se; it’s intuitive to them. However, they could explain the result, and that’s what got them their positions.
  • INFJs are serious, mysterious, focused, and driven.

Next is extroverted feeling. This means that introverted intuition is like a “lens” for it. This is what differentiates INFJs from INTJs, primarily. Does the following criteria match?

  • You understand the emotions and feelings of others and empathize with them. You are a shoulder to cry on. You believe that individuality can be seconded for greater harmony, for a greater cause, or a greater goal.
  • For example: Zach has been through a lot lately. I wonder if he’s okay? Something tells me he’s not. …I knew it, it looks like he’s been doing risky things lately. I ought to help him or offer advice since he matters a lot to me.
  • Another example: I really don’t like socializing for this long, but everyone else in the group seems to be having a great time. If I left now, I might ruin the atmosphere. I’ll wait a bit longer and see if anyone else leaves.
  • INFJs are nurturers who believe in long-term success in terms of emotions and healthy-standing; in other words, when they help you, they give you advice because they believe it will help you not only now, but down the road. Their lessons are meaningful and have been thought-through and felt-through. They are saying what is best for you and your future when they help you.
  • INFJs are compassionate, will lend a helping-hand, understand human emotions, and see into the hearts of others.

Third is introverted thinking. This function serves the INFJ in that all of their thoughts and feelings about their lives are sorted into an internal database to categorize and sort their findings and experiences.

  • You have found objective truths about humans and human nature (and other topics) and have certain ways of understanding the different types of them in your mind. While you might not be able to explain it all that well, it helps you when helping others or even on individual projects, and that’s what matters.
  • For example: All of my family members act in the ways I’ve realized because of one factor. This factor goes along with another that I have seen before. The only explanation is that they produce the same outcome. I will have to remember this for future situations. This observation will be to my advantage in times to come.
  • INFJs, despite being feelers, have a strong logical side that can, at times, override their emotional side. Since this function is not dominant or auxiliary, it can really surface in times of stress or sadness or anger in the form of biting criticism, cold truths, and a belief that their observations are always correct because “there’s evidence!”
  • INFJs are thoughtful, intricate, mentally organized, and logical.

At the tail-end of the function stack of the INFJ is extroverted sensing. This function is not apparent in the everyday INFJ personality; it surfaces only when “triggered” (lmao) by external stimuli, and tends to be most prevalent when the INFJ is distressed.

  • You are attracted to aesthetics, nature, and observing the patterns of everyday life. While you are not the type to go out and engage yourself in strenuous physical activity, you have a respect for those who do, and those who put themselves “out there” without second thought.
  • For example: Nature is wonderful. I’d like to sit by the window with hot cocoa and watch as the snow falls down. Maybe take a few pictures. I get so cooped up within my own mind, it’s nice to see the wonders of the outside world at times.
  • INFJs, despite primarily thinking and feeling all inside their minds, do have an underlying desire to see the world and appreciate the present moment. It is usually suppressed by their dominant and auxiliary functions, but, when relaxed and content, this inferior function may surface and the INFJ may decide to go out and enjoy the world from time to time.
  • INFJs are inspired by nature, appreciate those who are immersed in the present, and wish to see what the world has to offer.


  • INFJs are focused more on other people’s emotions than their own.
  • INFPs are focused more on their own emotions than other people’s.
  • INFJs are drawn to analysis, production, and underlying beauty.
  • INFPs are drawn to understanding their emotions,  abstract ideas, and concepts.
  • INFJs do not fall in love easily. They are capable of sizing someone up in an instant and deeming them worthy or unworthy of their time in a matter of seconds. In addition, on the rare occasion that they do find someone worthy, it takes effort, time, and patience to win over the heart of an INFJ. Even then, in a flash, an INFJ will cut someone out of their life if they do something the INFJ does not approve of. Prone to overthinking and even “stalker-ish” behavior when it comes to love.
  • INFPs do fall in love easily. They are not as quick to judge as their INFJ counterparts, and may find themselves enchanted with someone within the first few encounters. It takes time for them to act on their feelings, but they may have them for a significant amount of time after only a few interactions with someone. Prone to obsessive behavior/idealization/romanticization when it comes to love.
  • INFPs are drawn to fantasy things that are unrealistic, that would never exist in the actual world.
  • INFJs are drawn to mystical things that could exist in the world, but may be “unseen” by the majority of people.


  • ENFJs exhibit more self-confidence and individuality than INFJs, who, at times, doubt their purpose or who they are.
  • ENFJs are more sensitive and will be more open about how they are feeling.
  • INFJs are more quiet and withdrawn, so that no one really knows how they are feeling.
  • ENFJs are more focused on motivating others, inspiring others, and bringing peace to social situations.
  • INFJs are more focused on self-reflection, analyzing feelings of others, and will have more logical tendencies.
  • ENFJs have wide circles of friends.
  • INFJs have a VERY FEW close friends.
  • ENFJs encourage outward warmth and participation among themselves and others.
  • INFJs encourage depth of relationships and intimacy with few loved ones.
  • In short, ENFJs are, on the surface, closer to ESFJs, and INFJs are, on the surface, closer to INTJs or sometimes INFPs


  • INTJs are focused on factual information, studying, and objective analysis of problems.
  • INFJs are focused on understanding the underlying meaning of life, understanding and observing people, and working their way through problems with their heart and head.
  • When analyzing people, INTJ will know exactly how that person thinks and feels and be able to explain why very quickly and with solid logical evidence, whereas the INFJ will just know and won’t be able to explain it quite so well. However, the INFJ is far more likely to act based on their observations of how people are thinking or feeling (Fe), whereas INTJs will end their actions at their analysis and keep on doing their thing (Fi).
  • Both INFJs and INTJs are capable of being sarcastic, but INTJ will be far more sardonic, where are the INFJ is more likely to sugarcoat harsh words.
  • Even when they don’t want to talk to you, INFJs will be more approachable than their INTJ counterparts, who will blatantly ignore you if they do not wish to speak with you.
  • INTJs will make jokes about how stupid people are to their face on a regular basis.
  • INFJs, even when extremely irritated, are not likely to do this (though they may make the joke within the person’s earshot when remarkably pissed off)
  • INFJs will spend more time considering the consequences of and observing a problem.
  • INTJs will spend more time solving and fixing the problem.
  • INFJs are more likely to store helpful information within their minds for later use.
  • INTJs are more likely to use that information as quickly as possible to their advantage.


PLEASE let me know if I’m missing any key information! As an ENTP, I’m not an expert on INFJs and I’d be totally open to taking suggestions on this. Thanks for reading, I hope it helps some of you!

AU - Villain / Virus Genos

  • Name: Genos
  • Alias: Virus
  • Rank: Class-S Villain
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Goal: The complete destruction of the Hero Association.

In a world where a grievous injury prevented Saitama from completing his training, Genos had no reason to join the Hero Association. A stroke of luck had him tracking down the laboratory where the Mad Cyborg was developed, and although there was no trace of him, Genos learned that the owner of the lab was a supposed hero by the name of Metal Knight.

Perturbed by the revelation, but willing to give a member of the Hero Association the benefit of the doubt, Genos confronted Metal Knight to learn the truth behind the tragic incident that had wiped his village and his family from existence. The Mad Cyborg had been a failure, the hero admitted, one that had already been corrected and which wouldn’t happen again. The apprehension the meeting caused wasn’t enough of a warning for the calamity that would occur.

Genos’s attempt at finding the righteous truth had done nothing but set Metal Knight’s sights on him and his creator. It didn’t take more than a few weeks for the cyborg to inadvertently lead him to Doctor Kuseno. The lethal raid happened a few days later, and for the second time in his life, Genos lost everything.

Forlorn, enraged, Genos exposed all of Metal Knight’s crimes to the Association, only to discover that they’d already known. They had known, and they had done nothing to punish him. And now they were asking him to keep things quiet.

That was the  day Genos lost hope in justice and the concept of heroes. It was the day Virus was born.

He had to overcome his dislike of complicated machinery and learn to repair himself. He fought, adapted, survived, even if it meant stealing other people’s technology and becoming increasingly more machine than man. There was no other choice: he had to become strong enough to destroy Metal Knight and expose the truth. Strong enough to destroy the Hero Association, by any means necessary.

“Heroes don’t exist. They never did.”

AU concept-thingy.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Series AU

/ Part 1 / / Part 2 / Part 3 /

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested:  Please PLEASE! Do more who’s your Daddy!!!!! It’s interesting AF!,  “Who’s Your Daddy?” Was so good!!! I can’t wait for a part four. If you are writing one of course. Have a good day!,  When’s the next part to who’s your daddy? No pressure tho, take your time,  Are you going to make another who your daddy? Its really good and I wanted to know if you make another one. Thanks😘😘

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Warnings: Swearing, pregnant!reader, daddy!gladers

Summary: The creators sent up a new greenie instead of supplies…they weren’t expecting a girl. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s pregnant with a note rested upon her bulging belly. Once the note is read, and the girl wakes up…all hell will break loose.  Who is she? Why is she there? Who is the father of her baby?

“Why the hell are we even discussing this? She has to go!” 

“Last time I checked, Gally, your name was on that shucking list as well. So if you do turn out to be the father, I don’t think casting your own child away will be good on your conscience, wouldn’t you agree?” 

The room had been discussing this since the crack of dawn. Some voting that Y/n be fed to the grievers, while others want her to stay. The suspense of knowing is quite entertaining to some. Back and forth, back and forth, some changing their votes while others still remain resistant of letting her stay. 

“So we’re just gonna let some random chick barge in here, in the way of our food and supplies, just to find out who fucked her and got her pregnant? Do either of you even recognize her shucking face at all?!” 

Thomas rolls his eyes, standing up from his spot on the ground. “Come on, Gally, you’re not even being fair anymore. Of course we’re not going to recognize her face, we don’t even recognize our own! Can you please, for one minute, stop thinking like a meathead and think like a human!”

It was silent after that, Gally glaring down at Thomas, but not saying another word. Sitting back in his spot, his rubs his face in frustration. “I’m scared, alright? I’m just…” 

Frypan pats him on the shoulder, Alby nodding along to his fear. “I can imagine so, but so is Y/n. She’s probably more terrified than all of us combined. I understand some of you want her gone, but that’s not our decision-”

“Then whose is it, huh? We’re going to hand over our lives to these shanks who names just happen to be on a piece of paper, and a pregnant girl?”

“You got any better ideas that doesn’t involve the death of this poor girl, and an innocent child? Because, if so, I am all ears.” Alby crosses his arms, only for the boy to close his mouth and look at the floor. “Thought so. I think we’ve all come to an agreement on this finally. Y/n stays.” 

Looks of relief flashed over both Newt and Minho’s faces, as well as most of the gladers who wanted to stay. Thomas letting out an exhale he didn’t know he was holding, and Gally already getting ready to leave in a huff. Frypan was hot on his trail, as long with the builders, while everyone else started filing out. Once everyone had left, and there was no one left but most of the keepers, Alby sighs. 

“I didn’t want to say this in front of them, because I knew it would only spark up more discussion. But…there’s only so long we can last without food and supplies. You all are aware of that, correct?” Nodding that they understood, he continues. “Which mean…you all only have a certain amount of time to figure this out before…before we have no more options.”

“Wait…you don’t mean…” Newt starts, studying his face to find any hint of a joke, but found none. “Are you kidding me? Just because we go hungry for a few weeks, a child has to die? What kind of shucked up logic is that?!”

“Newt, we don’t have a choice. Slowly everyone will start to go hostile, and we can’t afford to have our order and way of life just crash into total chaos. I’m sorry. But, if you all don’t find out the truth soon…I’m afraid Y/n will have to go. So…try not to get too attached.” He orders, while heading for the exit.

“You say that like you don’t believe we’ll figure this out in time.” Minho points out, Alby only continuing to walk without responding to his comment. That only meant that his accusation was correct. Sighing heavily, Minho sits down on one of the benches, running his fingers through his hair. “Well…that’s reassuring.” 

“This whole thing is a mess. I mean, none of this makes any sense. Why us? Why now?” Thomas asks, getting no response in particular. Looking at the Brit, he raises his eyebrow at his sudden quietness. “Newt? You alright?”

With a dry laugh, he shrugs, turning his attention to the two. “This is complete and utter bullshit.”

“What are you talking about, shank?”

“I want to know which one of us was bloody dumb enough to do this. To break the rules, and just…” Shaking his head at the situation, Newt turns back around and starts limping for the exit. “You guys should get ready for the run. I’m going to get Y/n.” 

Minho and Thomas exchange looks for the second-in-command’s words, and the already tired expression on his face. Suddenly, they glared at each other, asking the same question Newt did. 

“Sounds like something you’d do, Tommy-boy.” 

“Oh, fuck off.” 

Y/n didn’t sleep a wink last night, how could she? Her world was crashing down on top of her like a million bricks, as if the ceiling had collapsed onto her. That, and also the contact moving of the baby kept her up. Her mind continued to drift over to the life that grew inside of her, small smiles forming on her face due to the thoughts of what her baby is…boy or a girl? Y/n hoped for a girl, so she wouldn’t feel alone and awkward with all the boys that surrounded her. Was she the only girl? She didn’t know. And that was the final thing that kept her up at night. 

The sound of the door opening startled her a little bit, but her racing heart calmed down once she heard the familiar foreign voice from yesterday. 

“Love, are you awake?” He whispered cautiously, peeking his head through the curtain the med-jacks had set up for her, just for privacy. She smiled softly at the boy, him returning the smile once he saw that you indeed were wide awake. His eyes also caught the short movements coming from her stomach, widening slightly in curiosity. “How are you feeling?”   

She takes a deep breath, patting her stomach gently. “Could be better, I guess.”

“How better?”

“I guess I would like to sit up now.” Within a second, Newt limped to her side as quick as he could. Going behind her, he helped Y/n lift from the bed slowly, allowing her feet to swing over and touch the ground once again. Holding onto his hand for support, she was finally able to stand again, giving her aching back a chance of rest. “Thank you.” 

“No problem.” He smiles softly, realizing that he was still holding her hand. Since Y/n didn’t make an effort to pull away, he decided to stay that way. Her hand felt…warming in his. As if it oddly belonged. Shaking his head at the thought, he gestured to the outside. “Are you ready?”

Taking a look out the door, Y/n gulped. She didn’t see a lot from where she stood…but she knew they were all outside. All of them. Taking a deep breath, she feels Newt squeeze her hand reassuringly. 

“Don’t worry. I promise you that you are safe, love. No one is going to make you feel anything, but comfort and security. They’ll have to go through Alby and myself.” 

Giving her one more smile, Y/n slowly clings to his arm. Taking in one more large breath, she nods. 

“I’m ready.”