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Is love the answer because it permits us experience the joy and connection humans long and yearn for, or because it truly is, in the realest way, the one answer to suffering which the world is desperately looking for and in this way IS the one Truth?

I believe both statements to be correct.

When a teacher says “practice love and compassion” all too often it is taken as symbolic or even a cliche. After all why love? Why kindness? Why compassion?

Do these things not make us weak in the face of aggression? Is not kindness often seen as weakness by evil people?

Compassion and loving kindness do not weaken us. We may defend ourselves in the face of an aggressor who would harm us. We use only the force necessary to neutralize the aggression be it from an army or an individual. We do not relish violence. We do not seek revenge in a defeated enemy. We treat the defeated with mercy and kindness. Not because they deserve it but because it ennobles us.

Love heals. Generosity leads to a shared bounty. Kindness begets kindness.

This why they all, Zoroaster, the Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, Rishabhanatha, Guru Nanak and many others taught kindness, love, and compassion.

Love is more than an emotion. It is a force of the universe which acts in the hearts of beings with free will and moral choices.


Taniyan’s interview from PASH! magazine August 2016 issue!

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Enjolras/Grantaire: The fault of the fallen angel

He is darkness.

                       Or so he says…

And I am light.

                      Compared to him perhaps.

But I am not a god.


He thinks that I am the Way and the Truth,

When really I am but the fallen angel

Trying to pick himself back up.

It is not my fault if others follow the dying light.


It is not my fault.


He thinks that I am serious,

Whilst he is the only one capable of being chaotic.

But I am only serious when I have to be.

He does not see.


He does not see that if he would let me

I would drink of his frivolity.

I would bathe in his brashness and soak in his cynicism.


If he would let me.

If I could correct him.


If I am light,

It is only because he fans the flame.

Would that I were allowed

To go out and disappear

into the darkness of his shadow

  Evolution, has a more profound meaning(spiritual), than when explained solely from a material point of view. Not that the latter is untrue, but rather that its only a partial truth which is not always seen in its correct relationship with the universe. Redemption, is the means for restoring the proper relationship between the human and the Source Energy. It is an inner process more than an outer one. When applied to the Soul, redemptive processes do not necessarily imply any inherent change of nature. It is the removal of false and illusory alliances.
  Evolution has more to do with leading out from the potential into the actual, while redemption is more concerned with leading out of the actual into the ideal. The Soul cannot freely and consciously exercise its potential lordship over Nature until it is liberated from the limitations imposed upon it by Nature’s conditions, and no longer entangled in Matter. 

-The Path of Knowledge, by Jnana Marga

for lyannas


Imagine it, Ben whispers to her at Harrenhall, squiring for the Sword of the Morning!

Ser Arthur Dayne is the most beautiful man Lyanna has ever seen, strong enough to wield his exquisite greatsword and bear his fine white armour as though they are no burdens at all, with long fingers wound around a lavender leather hilt, and violet eyes that miss nothing at all.

Not even her.


It is not the Prince who finds her, as so many would assume if asked. 

Oh, true enough, it is the Prince who promises to pardon her if the King ever discovers the truth of her actions, but it is Ser Arthur who finds her, almost smiling and fully amused, she thinks. He helps her hide the accursed shield high up in a tree, where it might not be found so easily, and offers her corrections on her hold, and her position in the saddle.

“Small corrections only,” he assures her, curious eyes twinkling like starlight, “especially for one so unpracticed.”


The Prince offers her many honours, as a reward for her valour in the list, but there is only one thing she desires. 

Well, two, but one is for Robert Baratheon to be a man he is not capable of being, and so she seeks out Ser Arthur and asks that he speak to the Prince on her behalf. 

Imagine it, Ben whispers to her as she waits, a memory more potent than his presence beside her, squiring for the Sword of the Morning!


Father comes all the way from Winterfell when a disapproving Brandon sends him word of the gracious offer Ser Arthur has made to her. Reasons are made up and dismissed as easily as a gown, lies fitting her as lightly as fine satin slippers, for to share the truth is to risk it reaching the King’s ear, as inconvenient truths are wont to do.

Father agrees, grudgingly, after a lengthy conversation with Ser Arthur to which she is not privy, and she cannot remember ever being so happy.


He treats her with honour, but also as he would treat any other squire -she must care for his armour and weapons, help him dress and fetch his meals, and he works her harder in the practice yard than any other knight works his squires, but she supposes that is only fair. She has so much work to catch up on, after all, that it makes sense that she work harder.

He does not ask her to draw water for his baths which the other squires complain of constantly, and she quickly notices that there are several knights and squires in King’s Landing with whom she is not permitted to spar, even under Ser Arthur’s supervision. 

She does not question this.


Her brother and her betrothed come to visit her in King’s Landing, and she is more sure than ever that Robert is ill suited as a husband for her.

He laughs at her - other men have laughed at her, of course they have, for she is a woman, and short in stature, but none of them are bound to protect her honour! None of them are to be her companion until the end of her days, or his, whichever comes first!

She says as much to Ned, who looks uncomfortable and assures her that Robert will be better when they are wed, and to Ser Arthur, who frowns and mutters something about the difference of Dorne.


She notices Ser Arthur’s long fingers again, this time not around Dawn’s long hilt, but instead around her own wrist.

“This private audience the Prince has asked for,” he says, “will bring you only pain. I could forbid you from attending, my little squire, but I know that doing so would only make you more determined to go. So instead, I will ask - please, for the friendship I believe has grown between us, do not go.”

Thrilled and flattered and amazed that one such as Ser Arthur considers her a friend, Lyanna instead works twice as hard at her training drills that night.


His eyes twinkle like starlight when they dance at the feast to celebrate the birth of Prince Aegon, and she tries not to be thrilled by that, too.


She is named a dame, not a ser, and flirts with Arthur Dayne as an equal. 

He is beautiful, and good, and she knows him better than she does any other man and still trusts his nature, and so she flirts, idly, and is stunned when he flirts back. 

“My vows forbid me from taking a wife or fathering children,” he teases her, dressed all in bright white linens and silks under soft purple leather, all of which dips low over his firm chest in the Dornish style, “but they say nothing of remaining chaste, madam.”


She does wed Robert, eventually, once she is finished adventuring and finished with court and finished with the war to place the Prince on his father’s throne. Robert is cowed by the war, where he did not acquit himself as well as he had boasted he would, and the new humility suits him.

Lyanna even comes to be fond of him, but cannot help but think of Arthur Dayne’s sword with a sweet wistfulness, when compared with Robert’s hammer.

Margar leiðir til.

Komiði sæl og blessuð, vinir,

Today I bring you all a verse (probably not a terribly good one) with fairly loose form and meter (only some alliteration and possibly misused Icelandic, in some regards). The general meaning is that people often believe that their way is the only way, when in truth there are many paths that can be taken. 

No one person has the completely correct answer, and everything exists within variation and diversity. Everything is fine tuned to suit an individual or a small group, but disaster (that is, sorrow) occurs when one group forces their ways upon another. No matter who may seem “right” or “wrong” in any given perspective, one way can never fully prevail, for diversity and difference will always linger. Progress is a slow thing, and it cannot be obtained with force. It often takes generations of learning and discussing before things can change for the better.

Anyway, enough of the philosophical ramble. I hope you enjoyed this poem!

Skál og ferð vel!

The surest way of misunderstanding revelation is to take it literally, to imagine that God spoke to the prophet on a long-distance telephone. Yet most of us succumb to such fancy, forgetting the cardinal sin in thinking about ultimate issues is literal-mindedness. The error literal-mindedness is in assuming that things and words have only one meaning. The truth is that things and words stand for different meanings in different situations…. Is it correct to insist that Biblical words must be understood exclusively according to one literal meaning? It often seems as if the intention of the prophets was to be understood not in one way, on one level, but in many ways, on many levels, according to the situation in which we find ourselves. And if such was their intention, we must not restrict our understanding to one meaning.
From Jewish philosopher and rabbi Abraham Heschel’s God in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism

There is no other species on Earth that does science. It is, so far, entirely a human invention, evolved by natural selection in the cerebral cortex for one simple reason: it works. It is not perfect. It can be misused. It is only a tool. But it is by far the best tool we have, self-correcting, ongoing, applicable to everything. It has two rules. First: there are no sacred truths; all assumptions must be critically examined; arguments from authority are worthless. Second: whatever is inconsistent with the facts must be discarded or revised.

-Carl Sagan, Cosmos, Who Speaks for Earth? (pg. 276)

Don’t ever, ever, /ever/ try to convince a person with delusions that their delusions are not the truth. It’s gaslighting.

Gaslighting causes someone to question and doubt their perception of reality, which is incredibly harmful. Not only do they doubt what you gaslit them about, they start to doubt everything. Unreality is one of the scariest things, and it’s damn hard to snap out of it.

Just because their perception of reality is not “correct” does not mean you get to gaslight them. Reality is subjective - the common perception is no more valid than the uncommon perception.

My delusions are not hurting anyone. It’s fine to help steer us from taking actions that harm ourselves or others, so long as you provide an alternative and are not abusive towards us in doing this. But what I believe does not harm others.

He was originally a capable lawyer. What is justice? What is truth? Troubled by this ultimate question he became justice and truth…He desperately struggled to reach the meaning of truth, and became scales of one’s personal truth. Every night in the hotel’s courtroom he judges trivial cases.

Disclaimer: My “translations” are only approximate. They’re based on Google translate and liberal use of a Japanese to English dictionary. Proper translations and alternate interpretations are welcome!

Notes: I don’t know if saying that he became justice and truth is exactly correct but it’s the closest I could figure out. “自分こそが正義であり” which has a lot of “to be” related words and then an indication of self I think? And people becoming abstract things isn’t exactly unusual for Gregory Horror Show. “One’s personal truth” means, as far as I can tell, the truth that is unique for a particular person. I guess that’s why trying to choose the moral option doesn’t always work, because Judgement Boy will read what you will really do. Also the last part translates more literally to something like “conducts deliberations of” but come on we all know they’re judgements.

anti sj blogger hits a pedestrian with their car
  • emotional SJW, triggered and offended: sweet lord sjwesus why. i'm so much pain right now i need immediate medical attention
  • Defender of Logic: So, you’re basing your entire argument off of illogical FEELINGS and you expect me to believe that you’re opinion is the only correct one? Pathetic. You have ABSOLUTELY NO LOGICAL BASIS for your claim
  • thought police: this isn’t an argument i’m litersly bleeding to death in front of you i’m actually going to die if someone doesn't drives me to a hospital oh my godwha tthe fuck is wrong with you
  • Crusader of Truth and Reason: Typical SJW, unable to even come up with a Decent counterargument, and instead resorting to personal attacks and Ad Hominem. Heh. It looks as though I've won.

Things I’ve learned about dealing with someone with dementia and/or  memory issues. 

1.  Smile and answer the question like it’s the first time they’ve asked. Even if it’s the fourteenth or fortieth. 

2.  Erase the phrase “Don’t you remember?” or any reiteration of it from your vocabulary. 

3.  Unless it’s causing a problem, don’t correct any fabrication or misstatement of facts. They are filling in the blanks with false memories and they think it’s true.  Telling them the truth, no matter how logical or rational you are, will only upset them further. 

4.  Listen for intention not the words they say. They may call you by a different name, mix up the days of the week, or conflate three people into one, but asking if you want egg salad for dinner is what they want to know. Answer that and let the rest go. 

5.  Sometimes they just want someone to say “I love you.”  When they tell a story or complain or get frustrated, you don’t always have to solve it. In fact, jumping in and solving it makes them feel inadequate and useless. Give them a hug and tell them you care instead. 

6.  Give them things to do. Sitting around thinking about all the things they don’t remember only heightens depression and anxiety.  Let them wash the dishes and don’t mention if they put them away in the wrong places. Let them make egg salad and then eat some of it. 

7.  You have to be willing to change too.  Just because you’ve always put the cans in alphabetical order doesn’t mean you have to get angry and storm about when they put them up randomly. 

8.  There’s often a method to their forgetting. My mother calls me Linda all the time; that’s her sister, the one everyone says I look like. I just accept it and answer to that name because when she looks at me she doesn’t know if she’s seeing her daughter or her sister. 

It’s not only about teaching ourselves to love our features or to teach our little girls to love their skin color, features or hair texture but about teaching our little boys to respect black women in all her essence, to teach them to not be afraid to correct and call out those who humiliate and hate black women. It is important to teach little boys to not only be allies but protectors and uplifters of their own race. Again, we always focus on ourselfves, and our our education. But the truth is White Supremacy comes after our children way more than they do us. They know that the young our impressionable, and after we’re gone, they’ll be the ones here. Our Children, through TV shows, through wrong history taught in schools, and through other media and methods are hurt by white supremacy and are affected mentally by it way more than we are. We always try and focus on ourselves and teaching our own age groups. As soon as we’re able to teach, we also need to focus on those younger, and way younger than us.

“People and their unshakable convictions is something that still continues to amaze me, I confess!
Life is too round to be able to say with any conviction NEVER, a small pea where everyone knows or will know a day. Who ever has done what years ago claimed full of conviction that never would?
Over time I stopped to use and believe in absolute truths and increasingly thinking about life with a global perspective (which is not always easy, I confess).
We are so focused on the US that it is sometimes difficult to get looking at the world through different eyes. Try above all realize that perhaps there is always an explanation for everything and that is not necessarily our the only correct one. People have their reasons and most of the time would not be our reasons in the same situation.
For these reasons and others, never seduced me too closed and dogmatic religions or too precise sciences in essence. Life is even a Pandora’s box and no one can say never with the certainty of a joyful awakening the next day.
I feel I am a more tolerant person now than a few years ago, and I know for sure that life has taught me to NEVER say NEVER. ”

Helen Lester

Publication No. 8994DF

I don’t know, but there’s something that squicks me to say that there is a link to being abusive and having a pd. And I guess that is mostly rooted in having pds that are stigmatized for being awful and abusive, in my eyes it just endangers us further. I mean, I get it, these pds such as NPD and BPD and etc can have some nasty symptoms to them that do hurt others. The truth hurts I guess. 

It might also be the fact that a lot of people who cast down hate usually are the ones who say “think about the people who have to deal with you!” as if the only thing that makes you up is your personality disorder when that’s not the case. It’s correct that it is a lot more challenging relationships wise when someone has a pd because there’s always those chances, but there’s always those chances in any relationship regardless of whether or not one or both of them have a pd.

I just. Don’t think it’s correct to say that there’s a link between the two. That doesn’t mean anyone with a pd is off the hook when it does come to being abusive, but blaming someone because of their pd and their symptoms doesn’t strike me as right either. Can symptoms influence actions? Yes, that’s always a big possibility. But, I just don’t know. It’s a complicated topic, mainly because it’s not really a concrete answer. In hindsight it may be a mix of the two, pds can very well influence someone, but often times when “narcissistic abuse” or “borderline abuse” is brought up, it’s also not correct. You can be abusive and neurodivergent, like how you can be neurotypical and abusive. It doesn’t seem right to say you are abusive because of being neurodivergent, and linking them together doesn’t seem correct either. 

So Patrick Dempsey unfollowed SR on Twitter... needless to say Eric Dane and Tim Daly haven’t been following her for years given what she did to them.

Daly was the only one to have the balls to take to Twitter and tell the truth about what had happened, and about how ridiculously unprofessionally and badly he was treated, when all went down. Dane and Dempsey at least had the balls to unfollow her despite the pathetic attempt from TPTB to make them spew politically correct lines about their exit from the show.

It’s nice to see that there are still men with a backbone out there, EVEN IN ENTERTAINMENT. These three couldn’t care less about the ridiculously overrated statements that are issued about that showrunner. They just tell it as it is And remeber that “you killed off my character, now let’s see how the fans react” from Dempsey? IS the TRUE story of things here.

I just had a thought…

If Ward comes back (like I’ve seen in a bunch of different theories) and he and Skye do, in fact, end up together at the end of this season, then she better not make him call her ‘Daisy’. 

He never even knew that she changed her name, so I really want him to call her Skye, and she doesn’t even bother correcting him and then he’s the only one that calls her ‘Skye’, everyone else still calls her ‘Daisy’.

Like, I really need this to be the truth. If tthey have him call her ‘Daisy’ I’m gonna punch something.