this is the official music video


Now that the news is officially out and we’re allowed to talk about it: we’re gonna be on Talks Machina next Tuesday!

@fanfriction got the band back together again to film another cosplay music video, this time for Critical Role! The lovely folks over at Geek & Sundry have asked us to to come on Talks Machina where they will be premiering the video.

@arkadycosplay​, @commandercait​, @missadventurecosplay​, @dog-of-ulthar​, @ohbuckle​, @narrendor​, and Couple Cosplay will all be in cosplay, answering questions about our work and nerding out.

idk how i’m surviving right now between harry’s solo music being officially announced with a dramatic video and the return of the white boxes and louis just singing his heart out and smashing it on stage


Check this out ! I love this song.🤘

●● Why ppl r wondering they didnt film Louis in the Ultra music festival while performing #jho !!

- Its same reason :

• Why Louis didn’t appear in JHO official music video

• Why Louis'name wasn’t added to any official printed ad for Ultra music fesival ..Only @steveaoki .

•Why Louis team only promoting Starbucks/Macdonalds/Vetements instead of promoting Louis’ 1st single

•Why Louis refer to the festoval with “excited for tomorrow” instead of tagging @ultra music festival

●Simply : the song is produced by @steveaoki not Louis or his team .. Its only a deal or agreement between syco & steve’ team ..

Just pray he ll be free from this shitty label & PR team

Official Music Video Marilyn Monroe by Alejandra Lione.


20170325 Instagram | Brave Girls Official

bravegirls.official 👁👁..!
곧 음악중심🎶에서 만나요!
3시50분~~~! 📺 .

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Music Core soon 🎶 Let’s meet up! 3:50~~~! 📺

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                                                   15. 02. 2017 // DON’T RECALL
                                                        Don’t look at me like that
                                                Don’t grow distant from me anymore
                                                I gave you all my love, all of my love 
                                                         I never wanna let you go


Chanyeol - 161203 Chanyeol X Punch tvN ‘Goblin’ OST 'Stay With Me’ Music Video

Credit: CJ Entertainment.


’the one’ music video ☆ 161107


Austyn - Pumping Poison (Official Video)


Suho - 170216 ‘The Universe’s Star’ OST ‘Starlight’ (Feat. Remi) Music Video II

Credit: Official SMTown Youtube.


DAY6 “You Were Beautiful(예뻤어)” M/V