this is the official coloring i suppose then

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I see the three forehead dots in fan-art, but I never see them in the game. Is there a scene where they are visible?

I don’t know if the question was for OP or me, but I’ll answer. I believe they’re one of those things that is supposed to be there but didn’t make it into the game files. They’re on a lot of official art, such as the DA2 playing cards (which, granted, also show stubble and a different lyrium coloring on the chin) and his WoT2 article. “Slave Fenris” in Heroes of Dragon Age also has the dots, though I don’t think any of their stuff is supposed to be considered official.

Personally I see them as canon, even though they aren’t in the game (and was so excited to see them on the list because hell yes). I’m really sad when they get left out. I just think they’re cute…

hello December I will descend myself to the FF15 hell officially

Haven’t uploaded any art in a while so have a personal wip with some lazily splashed on color.

He’s supposed to be a regular brown fox with white freckles but ended up looking more like a deer mix. I really like these colors though. Might officially change my fursona’s design to match.

I’m planning on turning him into a full painting but who knows.


月島 明光 (Tsukishima Akiteru) ☆ ★ ☆ Official Anime Character Design Sketches
↳ “it’s, well, because it was like that in high school. i want to be somewhere where i can really give my all, until i’m satisfied.”


Hot Spring Scramble Robin and Lucina! I heavily modified the male and female Diviner sprites and turned them into yukatas! Lucina’s yukata was easier to design because there’s an official reference obviously, but I had to get a little creative with a yukata for Robin because we don’t see him in a unique one. To explain my reasoning behind the outfit, the yukata he’s wearing is a very pale color, similar to his undershirt and pants, and the dark stripe that runs along the bottom of the yukata is supposed to be like the stripe that runs down his pant legs. The belt/obi is a purple color to go with the purple highlights on his coat, and the black yukata coat with gold trim is obviously a reference to his tactician coat. Hope you like them!

La Muerte and La Noche fusion. Probably one hell of a attractive goddess (at least that’s what Xibalba and El Chamuco think ;)), keep in mind that because this is suppose to be a doodle this isn’t her official color scheme. I do think she probably wears purple though, also I couldn’t decide what head ornaments she would wear (La Muerte and La Noche would probably argue about that XD).

I’ll wear your colors my dear
Until you’re standing right here
Next to the one who adores you
Whose heart is beating for you

- “Colors”, April Smith

WELP. Look who picked up her sketchpad again after the last fiasco. I still can’t draw hands. And limbs. And clothes. Everything, basically? Oh well.

I’ve been listening to Colors nonstop this past week, and, with the fandom’s obsession with Marinette wearing Chat Noir-themed things, and Adrien wearing Ladybug-themed things, this is now officially part of my ML Love Square mood music.

For Marichat Week Day 2, the theme is Cat Costume! I’m imagining Chat Noir telling Marinette (and Ladybug) that he needs to leave France for a Thing (read: be a model) for a few days. Marinette then wears Chat Noir-colored things and posts them on her instagram to get him all bothered and missing her while he’s away.

(If you can’t tell: yes, this was supposed to be a fic, but I didn’t have time to write today, so, here, have another super dirty sketch, and even dirtier coloring.)

Listen to the song thing! It’s cute.

I feel like each spread just gets better & better…

Despite that its now officially autumn, I rather like how the green accents all the earthy colors. 💕 I spent this week reading, painting, & talking with friends on skype. I also indulged in one of my favorite games and ended up writing a song, because of course a pixel horse is so supposed to inspire a melody. Right? Right. 😅

“Good Grief” by Bastille is pure gold.



Makoto as Mink, Minako as Koujaku.

I like these redesigns the most. You cant see it, but Minakos kimono is supposed to have hare pattern on the sleeves; just like Koujaku has blue leaves on his^^

( Aoba; “blue leaf”, Usagi; “bunny”)

Also, Makotos hair color is based on official Sailor Moon manga illustrations.

all inner senshi


Ugh I wish I could draw better than this ;____;

But anyway, here’s some shit drawings of our favorite spirit medium. I’m still not over the fact that we have not seen Maya since Bridge to the Turnabout. (But at least we know she’s still alive in Dual Destinies…)

Clockwise from top left:
(1) spirit medium-in-training Maya, possibly in Kurain,
(2) a slightly-blushing Maya (and I was too lazy to draw clothes or accessories I’m sorry. Maybe I should’ve drawn Nick tho hrhrhr),
(3) probably slightly older Maya in a purple yukata,
(4) Maya with a shit ton of kanzashi (or what’s supposed to be kanzashi…) in her hair, looking very serious, and in very formal kimono (with haori). Maybe she’s going to get her official scroll/photo as Master of Kurain taken…

neither can i draw backgrounds ha ha ha ha
actually maybe i just can’t draw shit

Celadon - Epilogue

Summary: Dan lives in a world of black and white, only to be brought to color when one is united with their one soulmate. But Dan found who’s supposed to be his soulmate… two years ago. So why is it that he’s finally seeing all the colors now, when he lays eyes on a boy he doesn’t know?

A/N: THIS is the official last addition to Celadon :) thanks for reading and I hope this fluffy ending satisfies your probable anger at my vague, slightly angsty ending of the actual fic.

Genre: Soulmate au

Warnings: Swearing, suicide, light smut, representation of homophobia, minor character death

First Chapter      Previous Chapter

I’ve come to an understanding. At the time that Phil and I met, we weren’t a perfect fit. Phil, experienced, bitter by life, a distinct utilizer of biting words as a sole defense mechanism, we made no sense. He was just another warm body. But the events that have taken place, I don’t think anyone could have taken the brunt of it with me better than Phil has. His existence, as a whole, has caused me to question my previous disbelief in a god. The way his past woes work perfectly to understand my fresh tragedies seems so convenient, predetermined, who’s to say there isn’t someone out there looking out for me? Now, this isn’t to say I’m prepared to join the Catholic Church and say my Hail Mary’s. It’s more just a compliment to Phil.

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Captain Sigrun Eide from the Known World’s space armada. Sigrun is supposed to be taking an official picture in full uniform just after getting her new rank as captain, but she keeps getting distracted by people off camera congratulating her.

So yeah, im designing uniforms for the sssspaceAU. I like the overall look of this one, but I’m not quite sure about the colors yet, so I’m keeping it white for now.

my people wiped out Nagasaki and Hiroshima and I do not know what it’s like to have everyone you know
die simultaneously with you
I do not know how it feels to be seen as so inhuman that thousands upon thousands of people can be wiped out over night
two times over
my people say you all look alike but maybe that’s just a way to convince ourselves we only killed one of your people
maybe we just don’t care

my great grandpa was taken away from his family and forced into a reform school on a reservation
and now kids in my class mimic the stereotype voice of Indian Chiefs
and tell me I am too white to actually be offended
people of color are the punchline of every joke to so many white children and we wonder who is soon to be our police force and our future government officials

watching Selma in class and I start crying
this is Baltimore and Ferguson
the fight was supposed to be over by now but my government has not even made the KKK an illegal hate group yet
as long as my race isn’t the target it is not a terrorist organization

my mother does not want me to date a boy of a different race than me
says they don’t treat women like white men do
mama, look online
at all the white teenage boys becoming meninists to protest a women’s right to say no
to say anything
mama, it is white men that killed my great grandfather’s people for manifest destiny
it is white men in fraternities that rape and do not get charged while black men are being shot for existing
for being a child with a toy gun

I live in a conservative state
where people deny the existence of racism yet spew it from their mouths
say they have it hard too
but they are not seen as everyone else of their race
we make middle eastern people into terrorists and say all Muslims are like them
but we are never compared to Hitler
to Stalin
how many serial killers can you name that are anything other than white

my privilege comes from the blood of your ancestors
my privilege comes from police officers with my skin tone killing your people in the street
my privilege comes from the dehumanizations of every single race that did not originate from Europe
and it still continues while my people
my own government
pretends it does not exist

I am sorry
but that will never be enough

—  I’m Watching Selma in History Class

HAIKYUU!! SPOILERS!! (Seriously, if you’re only watching the anime, do not read beyond this point unless you really want to get spoiled.)


That is the content page for the upcoming issue of JUMP that’s supposed to be officially released next week (or perhaps the week after?) but it’s out already. XD And if you look at the bottom left corner, it says, to commemorate Karasuno qualifying for the Spring High, Haikyuu!! will be on the cover and have lead color for Issue 7 of JUMP that will be released on 18th Jan 2016.

So that means… Karasuno win their match against Shiratorizawa in the next (upcoming) chapter!! ^____^ Finally~~~ Now I’m really excited to read the chapter (which might be out before next week since Mangastream is starting to post chapters from next week’s issue already, but not Haikyuu!! yet) and I can’t wait to find out how the draw for Spring High goes and so many other things like which other schools qualified (although they’ll only be known much later). This is an awesome Christmas present! =D

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