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Hi💕💕💕💕 I just started with my Bullet journal,any ideas of what spreads i can do? Other than the normal monthly and weekly logs

Ok I’m really sorry this was supposed to just be a simple list of some pages for a bullet journal and it turned into this

Bujo basics (see more bujo masterposts at the bottom):

Here’s some basic bujo advice that I can’t back up because I’ve never had one:

  1. use pencil first if you’re trying our a new format (and just in general because you never know when you’ll make mistakes).
  2. stick to a limited color palette (preferably lighter colors) if your worried about how it will look.
  3. be realistic about how much you can do; if you’re not a good artist, don’t make the focus point of your spread a huge elaborate drawing.
  4. don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you make. only you have to see your bujo so it’s really not the end of the world if you mess up a bit.


Just a tip: there are 4 main kinds of notebooks - lined, dotted, gridded, and blank. I only linked dotted notebooks above, but those brands also made other notebooks so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

  1. lined notebooks are good for when your bujo is writing-heavy (so if it’s also functioning as a journal).
  2. dotted notebooks are probably what you see most often because they’re so versatile. they’re great for both writing and more doodle heavy bujos (but if you have trouble writing in a straight line they probably aren’t for you).
  3. gridded notebooks are great if your a perfectionist because they make it super easy to draw straight lines.
  4. blank notebooks are what you want to use if your bujo will be very art focused.


these are just some pens that are popular in the studyblr community, but you can literally use any pen (or pencil) that you want. any pens that you already have in you house are fine, so please don’t go out and buy any of these just for your bujo!

EXTRA: you can check my supplies tag and there should be some swatches like this

More supplies:

here are some stationary websites & brands!


if you don’t want to go through all those  links, here are the most popular places to get stationary!


you’ll generally have four types of spreads: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. people have a combination of the for (daily and monthly; weekly and monthly; weekly, monthly, and yearly).

  • EXTRA: some resolutions that you can track in your daily log

Page ideas (what the ask was really about):

the above is where bullet journals get even more customizable. you can add whatever pages you want to your bujo, usually in front or behind your weekly spreads.

An extra section:

some specifics about what you can add to your bujo if you want it to look great



Some more bullet journaling masterposts:

People with AMAZING bujos:

*people with really cool layouts great for inspiration


jonghyun smirking/smiling for anon

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Top ten outfits from our favorite little pink hellspawn Chibiusa? I love all your top ten posts by the way, your top ten for Mamoru is honestly one of my fave tumblr posts

After much research and comparative data I have come to the conclusion that Chibiusa might actually be one of the most well-dressed characters in the show. The evidence is presented below. 

10. I’m going to make perhaps a contentious claim and say that Chibiusa dresses herself better than either of her parents ever could. Look at how coordinated this is. I suppose when your mom and dad dress like they’re at a fairytale-themed pastel glitter wedding every single day, you learn to fend for yourself. 

9. Casual Friday Baby on her way to The Office with some Important Business in her Official Briefcase

8. One of Chibiusa’s recurring fashion choices is what I like to call “the Hello Kitty thing” which is a small bow that picks up on the accent colors in the ensemble. 

7. Laura Ingalls is SO jealous right now.

6. I know this shot is small but it’s the only one where you get a full view of the dress and see the giant black bunny patch. When Chibiusa layers, she layers with INTENTION. 

5. My favorite American Girl doll was Molly, and all her clothes always came with outrageously specific hair ribbons that match the trim of one dress but can never be combined with any other outfit, ever, under penalty of just looking really dumb. That’s what this reminds me of. 

4. V-neck for Victory!!!

3.  Again the socks and shoes are so perfectly coordinated that neither Usagi nor Mamoru could have had a hand in it, but what really tops off this look is the elusive Mona Lisa smile of those sweater-dwelling rabbits. 

2. PERFECT execution of the Hello Kitty thing, 10/10. The blue outfit with the pink hair is like cotton candy attending a holiday party. 

1. “We have our Arts so we won’t die of Truth.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

2 hours, all pencil. it’s 5:30 am and my hand is covered in graphite.

i’ll color it later. Besides, it didn’t scan right. This was supposed to scan at 300 dpi and it didn’t.

Non Explicit Wing Kink for this (Supernatural, Destiel) story:
Let’s Make It Official by @pherryt

god, wings are HARD! Why do I like them so much????

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While Nightmare is officially unable to change between his corrupted and non-corrupted form freely, it’s a popular headcanon that he can. One day, I was just like… “I kinda want to come up with an actual design for his ‘non-corrupted but still corrupted’ version,” if that makes any sense.

Then this drawing happened.

If you’re wondering why his eyes are cyan, it’s because they’re supposed to be the same color as they are when he’s corrupted. I like to imagine that they actually changed colors when he first turned into his other form.


What is it about Will Graham? I know I’m not the only one who’s lovingly enjoyed every stroke and scratch involved in rendering his likeness on paper. Caran d’ache colored pencil on Renover Life paper. 

I supposed I should officially introduce myself to the wider fannibal community, since you’ll probably be seeing more of me? I watched the entirety of Hannibal this summer, and right from that first couch-pat, I was hopelessly consumed by this damn show. Send help. 

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Hello I hope its not to much trouble but could you do #70 on the Au list with rap monster. Please and thank you

70. When your soulmate dyes their hair, your eyes change to that color

Originally posted by sugutie

Your chin was propped up in your palm, your math teacher droning on and on about quadrilaterals. You rolled your eyes; when would you ever need this kind of stuff in real life. Finally, the clocked ticked down into the last few seconds of class, and once 2:45 hit, you grabbed your things and bolted, even though the professor was still talking. Perks of college, you thought to yourself.

You made your way into the dining hall close to the building where your class was: just a short walk away down the sidewalk. You found a small window table on the second floor; the whole building was crammed with students taking a late lunch break after the last class of the day.

“Hi, friend.” You glanced up from your laptop, smiling as your best friend sat down opposite from you. “How was math?”

“Don’t even ask,” you groaned, shutting your laptop and picking a stalk of celery off of her plate of veggies. She rolled her eyes and pushed it closer to the middle of the table. “Are your eyes lighter?”

Y/F/N glanced up at you, her giant chocolate brown orbs crinkling with a smile. Usually, the color of her eyes were almost as dark as her pupils: something she constantly complained about. Today, however, they were streaked through with gold.

“Chris got highlights,” she smiled sheepishly down at her plate, knocking a cherry tomato around with her forefinger.

“So it’s official, then?” you asked, popping a cucumber into your mouth. “I’m happy for you.”

And you were, it was the truth. Y/F/N and her boyfriend, Chris, had been dating since high school, and the two were basically inseparable. And now, it really was official: Chris was her soulmate.

“It’s just, it’s a great feeling, you know? Like, I’ve always been in love with him. But now I just know he’s the person I’m supposed to be with. I’m the happiest girl in the world.” Y/F/N said, giggling. “You’ll find your guy, or girl. I just know it.”

You rolled your eyes, peering down at the veggie plate. “I don’t know. It’s just hard; there’s so many people in the world.”

“Well, there can’t be very many people in the world with that color hair,” Y/F/N laughed. Your face scrunched up in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“Your eyes. They changed yesterday morning. I thought you knew.” Y/F/N grabbed a compact mirror from her bag. She handed it over to you, and you flipped it up quickly, excited. Sure enough, your eyes had turned during class. Instead of the normal golden blonde they’d been for quite some time, they were a startling mint green: a color that would have been nice on someone’s head, specifically your soulmate, but just made your eyes look eerie.

“Wow,” you breathed, your fingertips ghosting over the skin of your under eyelid. After a moment, Y/F/N grabbed onto the compact mirror and closed it.

“That’s not important right now, because BTS dropped their new music video a while back, and we still haven’t watched it together. They’re almost due for another comeback!” You rolled your eyes at her as she grabbed your laptop, opening the music video and pressing play. The familiar BigHit chimed, and you engrossed yourself in watching the music video. When it was over, out of the corner of your eye, you caught a post displaying their new promotional pictures for Forever Young. Curious, you clicked them, and your heart stopped.

The colors were bright, the scenery was gorgeous. But what caught your eye was the members’ hair, or at least, one specifically. Namjoon had dyed his hair for this photoshoot. He’d dyed it a bright mint green, a color that looked startlingly good on his head. And it was the same exact color that had made your eyes look so eerie all day long.

- Admin PeachJin 🍑

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May I ask for a random fact about the flag of Lithuania this time? I don't have a random fact to exchange with you though...

The current official Lithuanian flag was created when Lithuania reclaimed Independence in 1918. Yellow symbolizes sun, green symbolizes forests and red symbolizes our blood.

Our historical flag called Vytis was supposed to become the official flag of Lithuania since it was used during the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. However, the interwar government decided to keep it as our coat of arms instead since they didn’t want to be associated with communism for the bright red color. Nowadays Vytis stands both as the coat of arms and our historical flag. Therefore, we can say that Lithuania has not one but two flags.

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i was watching that ep with derek's mugshot and i think it says that his eye colour is brown. like ????? i mean the shot is very blurry and not clear but the letters match that of his "hair colour" which is brown. so i'm guessing it says brown. what even? have they not met tyler hoechlin or....? have i missed something? don't tell me tyler was wearing brown contacts and i just didn't notice?? O_O

I just went back and squinted at the image, and I’m pretty sure you’re right on both counts (his hair and eyes both being listed as brown). Hoech definitely doesn’t wear contacts for the show, but I’m not surprised the report says that. We know how bad the props/documents are in the show and how little effort the team puts into them.

But honestly… this might be a rare case where the bad props are kind of accurate to real life. Official documents can be really inaccurate about things like that –– especially if the person has hazel eyes. Try googling Hoechlin’s eye color and you’ll see a ton of sites saying they’re green (so much so that I have a feeling that’s what’s on his actual driver’s license/official info) even though they’re visibly multihued/hazel (potentially central heterochromia? [And if it is central heterochromia I suppose they could be considered green because I think people tend to refer to the eyes as the outer ring color in that case… but that’s another story]).

Hazel/multihued eyes just stump people. I can totally see an officer squinting at Derek’s eyes and thinking “they’re kinda greenish…blueish. Kinda… brownish? Sure, brownish, why not.” And just punching that in.

The more baffling thing is the hair color being listed as brown and not black. But for that we can just bounce right back to “bad props team” explanation.

Q&A Saturdays! (Sunday whoops)

The questions were so FUN this week! I’m even taking some of them as art prompts that I want to do (like Pokemon, dessert, etc) so if your question’s not here, chances are it will be turned into art later! <3

Aaa! While it does mean wire/cables, the name is mostly known for its origin “rope”, or “ropemaker” ! <3 When Cable was created, I was looking for a soft sounding name with a bit of an association with religion to give a hint of holiness (Cain + Abel and because his mom is very religious!). Then I found this name and I loved the idea of the rope! Because it is a type of support people use, that eventually wears down or becomes strained. And that def describes him! While he LOVES being there for his friends, he needs to learn that he needs a bit of time for himself too and that it’s okay to be a little selfish once in a while. But haha! He’s not quite there yet.<3

Kathy! <3 Not only does Kathy LOVES animals but they’re very appreciative in each work that people put in <3 So they make sure to thank him and greet him every match and stops by to give him a petting. Second is Jaleena, who often complains to him about his calls and judging LMAO

Dario is a HUGE collector! As a kid he LOVED collecting pokemon tazos! He used to save up money to buy the goodies that had ‘em! He still has the box with all of em in it <3 Now that he’s older, he collects jerseys, sports goods, and things like that! The others don’t really collect as much except for Splatoon Kathy, who collects goods and souvenirs!

Dario actually has a huge sweet tooth that he doesn’t indulge in to keep his body in shape. Garrett, though, is very anti-sweet, he prefers junk food <3 I def want to make this into an official picture!

Everyone is actually their favorite colors! <3 Even the human au and su au, they have a theme color that really fits them well! I think the only exception will be that Koi would prefer to be Cream/Milk color instead of yellow!

I have a comic of this still in draft, maybe once everything is done, I can get to working on it! ; v ; Sorry for the wait!

i don’t like giving specific numbers because I try to keep heights relative, BUT Dario would be around 5′9? Garrett is supposed be around average height WITH boots on, so I think he’d be 5′4 or maybe even 5′3 without boots. As a tidbit, Mei’s also his height! <3

OOo! I’m actually not sure! Although I do imagine them ending up in the same places, (like the gym for gabby/dario, cafe for mei/garrett) I don’t think they’re the type to want their friends around when they’re with their special someone (especially Dario, who still gets flustered about romance in general). So I think I’ll leave it that they probably have accidental/unplanned double dates! <3

(Jaleena’s answer is Yes)

AAAaa! You guys… are too kind to me <3 I’m not sure what to tell you, but you’re welcomed to ask anything of me too! My name is Skaroy, I love drawing and video games, I can’t bingewatch anything alone and I love all my friends and people that have supported me! I’m usually yelling about things, and I have a pet rabbit turning 8 this year! <3 I also have a major hearing loss and is still trying to find their place in the world, but right now, I’m very happy just getting my ocs and their stories out there to people who grow to care about them. It’s my biggest dream and I’m very happy to be getting there <3

That’s all the asks I can answer for today! Thank you for all the questions! Sorry it was late and I hope you enjoyed this, it was was a lot of fun to do! Please don’t hesitate to send me more to answer next time and see you all next Saturday! <3

Thanks for reading! Bye! Love you all and have a lovely weekend!! <3 

what my brain thought while watching sleepers 05 (especially the red eye)

- new logo ?
- sleeping eye because of sleepers ?
- closing the red eye could mean they’ll erase the color red soon ?
- are the sleepers chapters the story about how blurryface is falling asleep ?
- the official end of blurryface ?
- will blurryface never be gone because it’s a circle ?
- how will i survive a new album / era if this makes my feelings go crazy ?
- does the music at the beginning sound like the unreleased demo from 2013 ?
- Have you ever done that, when you squint your eyes and your eyelashes make it look a little not right and then when just enough light comes from just the right side and you find you’re not who you’re suppose to be? SQUINT YOUR EYES IT GETS BLURRY


Hello! As you all know there’s been a bit of a delay in asks being answered. For the most part it’s been school and stress, but also because I’m stuck on Feliciano’s uniform! I can’t seem to find the right color combination and what not. That’s where you come in! I’m asking my followers and newcomers to help design my lovely little alien a snazzy uniform he can wear forever! So, what am I doing. It’s simple; a contest! Whoever can make the uniform that I find most eye-catching and neatly made will have it be put onto my alien boy as his official uniform. How can I enter, you say. All you have to do is create the uniform (with color pallette and all) and tag me in it! Easy, right? Please know that this is suppose to be fun, and don’t be upset if I don’t choose yours. You all are very creative and I can tell this is going to be very hard to choose! I’m very excited to see all of your creations!

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Any shiny headcanons?

I was going to just link to here, but then I remembered king cheetahs and lightning clownfish (look them up, they’re real life cool animals) and wondered if shinies end up with special names. For example:

·      The official term for a shiny Onyx is a “blond onyx.” Most people call them “gold Onyx,” though.

·      Shiny Meowstic are called “custards.”

·      Blue Ponyta are called “sprites.”

·      Shiny Camerupt are called “equinoxes.”

·      Shiny Bisharp are called “emperors.”

·      Shiny Azumarill are called “eggs.”

·      Shiny Absol are called “kind ones.” Superstition states they brought even more bad news than their typically-colored kin, so flattery was supposed to appease them.

·      Shiny Sneasel are called “sherberts.” People trying to convince others that their neon pink dark types are as fierce as their counterparts are frustrated by this.


The hottest bartender in the world : Grillby !

It took me several months to figure out the fire and the glasses, but I really like how it turned out ! As far as I know, there is no official design from his waist down, so I kind of took liberties ? Simple black pants with a white shirt that’s not tucked in.

(Made a little mistake with the colors : the “outside” fire is supposed to be darker than the “middle” fire, but oh well…)

Want to buy one of my tsums ? Sure ! Just click HERE !

Also don’t forget to check out my Tsum list !

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Would you do 57 "This is probably a bad time, but marry me?" + 82 "OH MY GOD I'M GOING INTO LABOR. WHAT DO WE DO NOW?" with Starmora? :)

57. “This is probably a bad time, but marry me?” // 82. “OH MY GOD I’M GOING INTO LABOR. WHAT DO WE DO NOW?”

TIME FOR SOME STARMORA BABIES WAO ✨✨✨ well, just one for now, but we’ll see……. ;)))

send me a ship + a number!!!

It’s been a day.

Not an outright horrible day, but a chaotic roller coaster of a day that doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

First of all, it’s been years. Literally. Years, since their mission for the Sovereign, where Rocket decided to steal some batteries, because whoop-dee-fucking-doo, right?

But the gold bastards, of course, still haven’t forgiven the team for it, despite them saving the galaxy numerous times (which means saving the Sovereign, too, hello), and now Peter’s running around the Milano like a chicken with its head cut off, to help Rocket pilot the thing and help Gamora.

Because, uh, her water just broke, or something.

Judging by the way the liquid just kinda pools at her feet all at once, it’s definitely not “or something”—that’s definitely the telltale sign of her body saying, hey, it’s time.

“Are you kidding me?” is all Gamora has to say (or, really, yell) on the matter before Peter grabs towels to help her clean up (both herself and the floor) and ushers her to their room.

Thankfully, Drax, literally the only fully knowledgeable person on shit like this, stays with Gamora while Peter helps Rocket fight their way through the Sovereign fleet. Groot’s also with her for extra support—as well as ensuring she doesn’t get thrown around from their crazy piloting.

He rushes back to her every five minutes or so, and she looks a little bit more flustered every time. On what he counts to be his eighth trip back, he takes more time with her, giving her a hand to hold while clinging onto his bedpost with the other to anchor himself as Rocket maneuvers the Milano in his Rocket-way.

“Hey, hey, babe,” Peter says softly, but loudly enough to be heard over the sounds of the fight. “As soon as we get out of here, we’re going to be parents!

“Yeah, yeah,” she says hastily, with a little nod, squeezing his hand. Everything’s a bit overwhelming right now, and even though Gamora’s just playing the waiting game, he can only imagine the thoughts running through her head. “We’ll have a baby.”

It’s happening, a dream that had, for so, so long, been unattainable for both of them, and watching at Gamora look up at him, a bit panicked, but with a small smile, in the midst of the literal battle they’re in right now, Peter can’t help himself.

Then the ship totally does a barrel roll, and Peter manages to stop both himself and Gamora from getting thrown around the room, and everything is just a giant disaster. The ship levels out with a loud, hasty “Sorry!” from Rocket while he’s piloting the thing alone.

Before Gamora can say anything, Peter presses a quick, reassuring kiss to her lips, as if to apologize for the circumstances she has to bring their kid into the world in, and his heart just fills with so much love at the thought because, holy shit, they’re going to be parents very, very soon, and he gets to do it with Gamora by his side.

This is the eternity Ego could never give him.

“Hey, uh, this is probably a bad time,” Peter says slowly after pulling his lips away, “but marry me?”

“What?” She just kind of stares up at him in a daze, as if trying to comprehend his question. Though, there’s also a lot of shit happening inside her body right now, so she’s probably not as coherent as usual. Fortunately, according to Drax, they still have time, as long as the contractions don’t—

“OH MY GOD, I’M GOING INTO LABOR!” Her grip on Peter’s hand increases exponentially, like, the most exponential value that’s mathematically possible, and Peter can’t help but cry out in surprise. “WHAT DO WE DO NOW?”

“I never said that.”

Peter looks up at Gamora from his seat. She’s just giving him her patented tired, exasperated look, with an eyebrow raised and a frown.

“It was implied.”

“I was much calmer than you’re describing. You were the one freaking out.”

“Fine, guilty as charged,” he relents with a shrug. “I was freaking out, but you were freaking out, like, at least a little.”

“A little,” she concedes.

Anyway,” he resumes telling the story, looking down at the bundle in his arms, “you chose a very impractical time to come, young lady.”

“We’ve never had especially good timing.”

“Yeah, your mom’s right on that one. Good timing doesn’t really run in the family.” He gently pokes the baby’s nose with his index finger, grinning when she simply continues to sleep. “No reaction. You totally sleep like your mom.”

He looks back to Gamora, in the hospital bed, just in time to catch her eye roll. For someone who had to push out a baby hours earlier—which is totally something Peter both never wants to see again, yet would also be fine with seeing again, because, holy shit, the idea of Gamora and him having multiple kids—she has a surprising amount of energy.

“If she can sleep easily through the night, that’s not something we should question,” Gamora says. “That would be a blessing.”

“Let’s pray for that, then,” Peter murmurs, glancing down at the newborn. Honestly, he’d never thought he’d hear the name Meredith Quill ever again, except within the privacy of his thoughts, but now he’s looking at Meredith Quill, his daughter. He smiles, cradling her more closely to his chest. “I love her so much already, Gamora. I didn’t think that was possible.”

“I think that’s part of being parents,” she says softly, settling her hands in her lap.

“This must be what my mom felt,” he reflects. “And what your parents felt, too.”

“I wish they were here,” she admits quietly, reverently.

And he nods, sighing. “Yeah. Me, too.”

Back in his life on Terra, his grandpa had been a constant presence throughout his life. Though Peter was much, much closer to his mom, he appreciated his grandpa for being there. It had just been part of growing up, in a way, spending time with the parent of his parent, being spoiled and loved unconditionally by another person.

But little Mer won’t get that same privilege, from either side of the family.

“Hey,” he speaks up suddenly, looking up at Gamora. “You know what this means, right?”

“That we’re now officially parents?”

“Well, yeah, that, but…” He pauses, glancing between Mer and Gamora. “You’re not the last person of your species anymore.”

Looking down at Mer, his genetic influence is obviously present: she has a light, Terran-colored skin tone like his (though he swears there’s just the faintest hint of green) and hair of a color somewhere between his brown and Gamora’s black.

“I mean, she’s technically only half, I suppose,” he continues, meeting Gamora’s eyes, “but still…”

Gamora’s just staring at him now, her eyes glossy and wide with a kind of shock he’s never really seen before. He quickly stands up and leans closer to her, handing over Mer with a small smile.

“There are now two Zen-Whoberi people out there,” he murmurs, holding up two fingers.

She nods, hugging Mer close to her chest. Though his knowledge of Zen-Whoberi culture is poor at best (Gamora’s only direct knowledge of her culture comes from memories of a lost childhood so long ago, so he’s not sure how much of her lifestyle now comes from her home planet), he knows there must be some things she can pass onto Mer.

They both look down at Mer, watching her in a comfortable silence for a few moments, before Gamora finally says, “Thank you, Peter. For giving me this.”

“You did all the heavy lifting here,” he reminds her, pressing a quick kiss to her temple, “so, really, thank you.”

The silence resumes.

Then, perhaps, a minute later, “Peter?”


“Let’s get married.”

*~ taking a moment to appreciate the fact that I now get to write about a canon interracial relationship having mixed babies oh my fucking god I’m ecstatic pls send more starmora baby/fam prompts ~*

send me a ship + one of these prompts about your ship sharing a bed!!!

A Series of Completely Incoherent Thoughts about The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy (Shigeru Miyamoto & Takashi Tezuka, 1986)

I told myself I’d write this before the Switch and Breath of the Wild came out. And I told myself I’d start as soon as I’d finished the game. So of course I had to finish it on The Dawn of The Last Day. Of course.

I wanted to outline. I wanted to make illustrations. I wanted this to be something I could look back on and smile at. But never mind. Let’s just do it. I know this is is going to have a terrifying word count for something written in a single day, so I’m just hammering away here. I hope whatever it is about the game that’s worth talking about manages to shine through nonetheless.


The last time I mentioned the original Legend of Zelda on my blog was…wait, let me check…okay, yep, it was a year ago. That was when I was actively playing it. I’d stopped in the time since, and I came back to it in recent weeks after a long break.

It was a very long break, and the countryside was vast and elaborate, and I had little in the way of a map, just a blinking green dot to give me my relative location, and given all this, you might expect me to spend my first few minutes back in the game ambling awkwardly about, confused and disoriented.

My first few minutes in the game, I had a nice walk along the beach, followed it up to the place where the shore met the mountains. I didn’t stumble. I didn’t even trip up. I might as well have been picking up from yesterday’s session.

That’s a nice feeling. It’s a lot like coming back to your hometown, right? It’s new, but it’s not. I missed this place. And I missed my map.


I made a map of the Hylian countryside.

It’s not a very good map. It’s colorless, its grid is lopsided. It’s battered, and you can see the white-out. It’s not even finished. But it helps.

It helps you figure out where you are and where you should be going, of course, since the game doesn’t give you a map to work with. But it also helps in other ways.

It helps the place take shape. Once you get a bird’s eye view, and you can look at the game’s stage in its totality, beyond the little snippets of scenery it manages to cram onto your screen, you start to notice things. Like how those randomly placed shorelines are actually the edges of a lake. Or the way you can guess which general area might be hiding that last hidden dungeon because come to think of it, you’ve already looked everywhere else.

Or how big the graveyard is.


In developing The Legend of Zelda, Shigeru Miyamoto drew heavily on memories of his own childhood hikes through the wilderness surrounding his old home in Sonobe, Japan.

The Legend of Zelda is, essentially, a hiking simulator. This is an idea would, put in these exact terms, most likely cause revulsion in people already ambivalent ambivalent about technology. Is this what we’ve come to? Why play a hiking simulator? Why not just go outside?

To that, I would say that asking why somebody would play Zelda when they could just go outside is exactly like asking why somebody would travel halfway around the world to see a painting about a boxing match when they could just punch somebody out themselves, and think I’ve said all I need to say about that.


…Actually, wait, no, I’m not done. Because this is a TERRIBLE way to view art. The Great Outdoors is wonderful and all that, I agree. And I’m not being sarcastic, really, I agree. But if you’re asking me why I’m playing Miyamoto’s hiking simulator, it’s because it’s not just any hike the same way Dempsey and Firpo is not just any boxing match. Zelda is Miyamoto’s hike. It’s hiking as he saw it. It’s hiking as viewed through the eyes of this wide-eyed child who made his own toys out of wood and string and found a lake or a cave after stumbling through the woods without a map and thought it was this fantastic, mysterious thing where other people might just worry if they were going to be home in time for dinner and got lost in a maze of sliding doors and actually found that fascinating and dizzy and dazzling and not frustrating and this is why all the rooms in all the dungeons look almost alike and this might be even more emblematic of what the game is because who the heck pays attention to sliding doors anyway?

Who pays attention to any of it, really?

Zelda is hiking through the eyes of somebody saw mystery and adventure in the kind of scenery that we would often ignore. Like sliding doors. Somebody who saw beauty in the kinds of space that for most of us are things to get through so that we can get to someplace else. And it tries to make us see things his way. You can’t treat Hyrule like something to get through so you can get to someplace else because the game won’t let you play it like that. You have to invest yourself in it, know every corner of it, if you want to get anywhere at all.

So then it’s a game about the re-enchantment of the mundane. It’s this clever way of saying that the world, your world, is as mysterious as you want to make it, so don’t take it for granted, and that’s easily the closest thing to a bonafide artist mindset that I’ve ever seen Miyamoto willingly, knowingly, take on. I mean, it’s also the closest thing to a bonafide artistic mindset that he’s ever tolerated out of anybody, but that’s a rant for another day.


The composer of the score for this game, Koji Kondo, had wanted to use classical music for the opening of the game. He’d been using a lot of classic music back then; Devil World opened with the “Nutcracker March”, and The Mysterious Murasame Castle closed with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”, among other examples. This time around, he’d sprung for Ravel’s Bolero as the title theme to this game.

I don’t blame him. Bolero sounds perfect for this game, for a march into unknown, forbidding and yet beautiful wilderness. It even suits the broad arc of a Zelda session, from beginning to end, though he was obviously never going to employ the entire song. You set off at the first minute; You’re fighting for your life, worn and outnumbered but still pressing onward, by the 8:46 mark. Pressing onward and onward, ever more drained by battle, into ever more treacherous territory, more hot water. It’s boiling by the time we get to the midway point of the 13th minute.

And what does the fourteenth minute represent? Maybe a dungeon, maybe a fairy. Maybe both.

Maybe a lake. Maybe a cave.

Some of you might know how the story goes from here: Koji Kondo, we find, for legal reasons, cannot use Bolero, and so he must make a song of his own. Many people correctly place this point as the origin of the title theme to The Legend of Zelda, a piece which is, in my opinion, one of his best. However, I have also seen people conclude the overworld theme sprung from this, perhaps in an attempt to hammer home what a convenient coincidence not being able to use Bolero was. What’s more likely is that the overworld theme came first, and inspired the title theme, as we now have access to prototypes in which the overworld theme is in place but the title screen is silent.

I’m fairly sure that in the end, whether Bolero was secured or not, the song you hear while ambling about Hyrule would have survived intact. Still, I’m glad Kondo went with the title theme that he did, because it’s an even better fit for the game, as it has one advantage that Bolero does not:

It’s sad. Sadder, anyway.


I’d always figured something horrible must’ve happened to Hyrule in its past. It’s not the typical JRPG high fantasy realm of its day, with towns and a king and official guards and a sense of civilization. It feels like they were going for the generic Dungeons and Dragons aesthetic that was practically mandatory in ‘80s RPG videogames, save for those you weren’t headed to the far future instead (I remember hearing somewhere that Tezuka was into Lord of the Rings and that Death Mountain is totally Mount Doom), but they couldn’t commit, because they had too many other things they wanted to more, which is to say that they had better things to do. And that’s not to say it isn’t full of RPG Maker cliches like slimes and dragons and evil wizards and princesses and so on and so forth, because it is. But honestly? That’s not what you remember about the place. It’s definitely not what I remembered.

What I remembered was scenes like this:

This is the graveyard, the Hylian Necropolis. I remember it because it takes a big, a disconcertingly big chunk of the map, and it’s like, six full screens of nothing but gravestones, preceded by a small clearing in the woods with trees the color of wine.

You know what else I remember? These guys:

*plays Laputa music*

Officially, they’re called Armos. I called them Sentinels. I first found them in a secluded alcove on the northwestern shore of the lake. Six of them, brown with rust, in two neat little rows of three across. You touch one of them, and it either wakes up and starts marching around like it only fell asleep yesterday or it goes completely berserk and flies at you like there’s a war going on, like you were whatever it was supposed to be fighting when it and its comrades got into formation, and you hack at it until it blows up and you’re left not knowing any more about it than you did at the start, other than that it bleeds.

And otherwise? They just stand there, in those neat little rows. And you know that they’re not arranged like that to provide challenge, or to teach you anything, or for any “level design” reason. You know, you can already guess I’m sure, that the reason they were arranged that way is so that you could ask why they were arranged that way.

So like I was saying, once you have a map, you start to see things. And even though you can find these guys all over the place, you notice, eventually, that most of them are clustered in one single area, in a line that extends over a few screens, going straight down the side of Death Mountain. Not at the top, not at the bottom, just halfway through, and that’s where they froze.

Hyrule Classic leaves a lot to your imagination, and most of it? Not pretty. Monsters roam the overworld while people hide in caves and secret houses under bushes and rocks and gravestones. Everybody’s underground now. Rock, desert and sand abounds. And you spend enough time among this wreckage, you take a good long hard look at it, and it starts to gnaw at you, and it slowly dawns on you that Oh my goodness this is place is a wasteland. It’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

There are more gravestones than there are humans. I know. I’ve counted. Fuck.

But it’s also the place where you have your Happy Nature Hike, and that’s the best part, that this place is green in as many places as it is brown or gray, that it’s death and liveliness at the same time, that it’s tragic and pastoral at the same time and that matters sooo much more to a setting’s sense of identity and originality than whether it’s an Ice World or a Desert World or a Water World or whether or not anybody has pointy ears or not.

So you can imagine my squeals of delight at this:

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Holy Hell, they remembered.


You know what else I remember? I remember the woods themselves, because of that one screen where the exits would loop back over and trap you in there, and you just keep going straight because you’re that if you loop enough times something good will happen, and nothing happens, and this would be the perfect place to see a skeleton on the ground.

I also remember the kind old lady I asked for advice, because she was actually kind of a jerk? And wants you to pay her for info? Because in this lawless land it’s everyone for themselves, I guess? And you go back out into the woods, and you grind, and you pay her the maximum you can pay, and you know what she says?

Moments like these don’t ever really leave your mind.

That’s why you don’t really notice the bland coat of paint slapped onto the world. Because it really is just a coat of paint, a coat of paint for this wildly quirky set of people places and things. Eventually, fifty Rupees later, you get the information you need out of her, and you learn the path to trace through the looping woods such that you break the loop and end up in the clearing I just talked about, the entrance to the graveyard.

And I remember that moment most of all, because I wasn’t sure if it would work, until it did.


“I wasn’t sure if it would work, until it did”, sums up a good deal of what it’s like to explore in Zelda. There aren’t any cracked walls or floors, no tells to giveaway that anything you try will definitely work, and that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a logic to the way that dungeons are laid out and treasures hidden, just that logic is your only tool. To spend the game trying to outwit the designers, to get into their heads. Alternatively, it’s abstract pattern recognition, with an uncertainty stemming from the fact that the patterns are more abstract than usual. You can push some blocks, so maybe a block in this ordinary-seeming room is pushable. There are rooms on the map that I haven’t been in, but I’ve gone through all the doors, so maybe this wall is fake. There are no doors on this overworld screen, so maybe one of the rock walls is bombable or the the bush burnable.

Maybe. That’s the best you’ll ever be able to reassure yourself in cases like these, because like I said, you can’t see it, you can’t know for sure. And you’ll poke around at a bunch of walls and rooms and blocks and bushes and find nothing, too, for a long time sometimes, and all of this is why whenever you do find something, even if you think you know you’re going to find it, even if you’ve exhausted every other hiding place, even if there’s no other way it could’ve worked out, it still catches you by surprise and that song still throws you off.

But a huge part of the reason why it works is that Hyrule, as big as it might have seemed in 1986, is relatively compact all things considered, so you can actually go out and try to light up every tree in the forest and not get tired because the world isn’t too big for you look carefully and slowly and patiently under every stone. The brought in cracked walls in A Link to the Past precisely because the world had gotten so huge that this wasn’t feasible. And that does make me worry about Breath of the Wild, somewhere way in the back of my head, seeing as they’ve gone from a world inspired by Kyoto to a world the size of Kyoto. But only in the back. Maybe I should worry more, I dunno.


I can say that one reason I’m not more worried is because of an interview I stumbled across on a YouTube walk where Eiji Aonuma mentioned that they started development the same way that they did with the first game, by placing Link in an empty field and continuously throwing items and features into this playground to see what stuck. Breath of the Wild wasn’t made with a clear ending in mind. It’s more of an elaborate doodle, this team constantly experimenting to see how we can bring out that feeling. And it’s not going to happen the same way, but it doesn’t have to. That’s what we learned from Zelda 2.


Fighting in this game is like fighting with tiny swords you hold with chopsticks. Which is a complement. 


That said, it has a different pace overall from a game like Super Mario Bros, which it was designed to be the polar opposite of, or even a game like The Tower of Druaga, which it ripped so many things from, broad strokes of the combat system included.

To put it one way, Super Mario Bros. is a game to play with popcorn, while The Legend of Zelda is a game to play with a cup of tea and a map.

Which is, coincidentally, part of the description for STRAWBERRY CUBES.

Not at first, and not always, but eventually. This is especially true late in the game when you’re finding more important things less of the time. I spent a lot of my final sessions just poking around, trying to keep track of where I had and hadn’t been. At that point, with most of the items and no reason to feel threatened by overworld foes, the game became very relaxed. That was when I started bringing tea. That was also when I felt the most that I understood what was meant when Miyamoto said that he was trying to produce a “miniature garden” that you could fit in your dresser.


I have a map, and if you saw it you might notice that some of the places on it have names. Generally, they’re goofy names. Demon Bay. Pandora River. Hideaway Beach. But I guess that was just what happened after I spent enough time going down the same routes over and over again.

Everything in that game, from the action to the visual design, is designed to bring you to that point, that point where you start naming places or mythologizing about its statues, the point where this garden, for all its roving bands of monsters and the whiff of disaster in its air, starts to feel as comfy as home.


Couldn’t finish in time. I wonder what Tevis Thompson thinks of Breath of the Wild.

Imagine: Mardi Gras with the Rogues

(this was requested by @xiaolinweretiger a few days ago, I hope you all enjoy it and as always happy reading!!)

You stared empty into the streets, leaning your weight on the terrace railing. It seemed that even though you weren’t in Louisiana, you’d still have to celebrate Mardi Gras by yourself. You felt like everything you had done here lately was by yourself.

Your eyes wandered through the colors that filled your surroundings, a sickeningly sweet smell threatening to take over your sinuses all the while. Gold. Green. Purple. There were also glimmers of other festive colors but the only ones that stood out were just that. Gold. Green. And purple.

You couldn’t help but watch as the people down below partied their hearts out, not a care in the world. This isn’t the Gotham you’ve grown accustomed to, but you don’t really mind. It will always go back the next day.

A shrill yet friendly voice broke you from your deep thoughts.

“Whatcha doing up here, kiddo?”

You stiffened, looking back to see a blonde woman, rather short, and a red haired lady, a few inches or so taller, occupying the space behind you.

“Ya look bored, why not be our party pal, Huh?” the shrill voiced woman spoke up, extending a friendly hand outstretched towards you. “Name’s Harley, this here is Red! Nice to meetcha!”

It took a moment for your mind to register, though you did take the hand, shaking it lightly before introducing yourself. “I’m (Y/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you both.”

The ginger haired goddess that stood before you nodded, a single word escaping her mouth. “Likewise.”

The small blonde grabbed you both by your wrists, eager to see the city below. “Enough chitchat I want to party, let’s go!”

With that you were whisked away from your safe spot and into the overwhelming hustle and bustle of Gotham City during any kind of festival. Down in the streets things were totally different, Cajun music filled the air, there were tons of beaded necklaces strewn about, and the sickeningly sweet smell from the balcony had long since been replaced by the smell of alcohol and spices.

“Let’s go find the guys, Harl.” The redhead spoke up, just loud enough for the two of you to hear.

Harley nodded, looked to you, then back to Red, then opened her mouth and began to speak once more.

“It would be more fun with them too, wouldn’t it red?” She concluded as Red searched the crowd over in search for someone.

A few minutes pass before any of you decide to move, Red leading the way this time as she slithered through the filled street with ease, almost losing you and Harl in the process. She only stopped when her inner goal had been reached.

Looking forward, you and Red seem to spot them at the same time.

“Is that the riddler?” You question, knowing the answer but dreading it all the while. “A-and Scarecrow?” these women must have been out of their minds, though you couldn’t blame them. This city is good for that.

“Yea, what about it (Y/N)?” Harley questioned, not trying to start anything but more or less concerned that you were possibly afraid of being in danger. “They won’t hurt you! Even villains have to let loose sometimes, y'know?”

You couldn’t help but smile at the short woman standing next to you. It registered in your head just exactly what you’d gotten yourself into, or more than that, you’d been dragged into wrist first.

“I suppose they do, now that you mention it.” You replied as inner you stood guard against anything that might go wrong.

“A newcomer, Huh? Tell me, did you know that the official colors of Mardi Gras are green and purple and gold? Or that the party always takes place on Fat Tuesday, which is the Tuesday before Ash Wed-”

The green and purple clad man was cut off by the one dressed in normal, non costume ensemble. “Shut up, Ed. No one cares about your riddles and trivia, they’re here to party.”

Ed looked down, slightly offended by this man’s words.

“I care about my riddles…” he mumbled as Harley quickly changed the subject.

“Where is everyone? Are you two the only ones who wanna get loud and proud?” She frantically looked around for more people she knew.

A few minutes pass, the five of you lost in chat, when your attention shifted to the tall, monstrous lizard-man who carried with him a few others.

‘Two-Face, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy, oh my!’ your head spun for a moment, reeling in the possibilities.

“Pamela, I got your tea, this everyone?” The Croc spoke up, assessing the crowd around him.

“Probably. Jervis and a few others had prior engagements to attend, or so they said.” Ed spoke up, “Let’s just go have fun, I’m tired of standing around.”

His last statement seemed to resonate with the rest of his friends, as they all nodded. It took a few minutes to decide what you were going to do first. You finally settled on checking out the booths that had numerous types of food, only stopping to grab the free samples.

“(Y/N), you don’t talk much do ya?” Spoke the bubbly person who had pulled you into this in the first place.

You shook your head and spoke up. “No, sorry. I’m kinda awkward around new people…”

Ed looked back at you, smiled, and extended his hand to shake. “My name’s Ed, this here is Waylon, Harv, Pam, Harley, and that ugly asshole over there is Jonathan! Now that we’re acquainted, you should enjoy conversing with us a bit more!”

You took his hand, shook it lightly, and then nodded and waved to the rest of the ones you hadn’t met formally. “It’s really nice to meet you all. I’m actually happy to be having fun for once. Thank you”

Throughout the rest of the day you and your new-found friends did anything and everything festive, then piled into the nearest cab headed towards a fast food joint.

It wasn’t every day you made friends with villains, but you knew that, after this day, you’d all meet again before too long.