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Something more (Ashton Irwin)

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Would u plz make an imagine where ur best friends with ash and ur really close but he grows feelings for u and then he finds out that another guy asked u out and u said yes

Rating : No smut

Word count : 1 126

Story line : Ashton and you have been friend for a long time and he as feelings for you; he comes home to confess them but learn that you agreed to go out with someone else.

AN : I made up a name for the guy you go out with, I picked up Theo for absolutely no reason :)

Ashton’s POV:

I got off the plane and walked through the hallway straight to the entrance of the airport. No fans were here to see me because no one knew I was going home today, except for my family. We had some days off during tour and I decided to come back to Sydney to see the people I missed the most.

I sat in the backseat of the taxi and gave the driver the address of my house, excitement rising in my chest. I knew they were all waiting for me there, my parents, my siblings, my best friend (Y/N), maybe even my uncles and cousins. A smiled appeared on my lips as I looked through the window and recognized my neighborhood.

The car stopped in front of the portal and I quickly jumped out, and opened it; two arms immediately came around my neck, almost making me fall to the ground. I hugged my little sister tightly and Harry soon came to hug my legs.

After hugging all of my family, I looked around and my eyes fell on (Y/N)’s smiling face, I immediately opened my arms and she went straight to me, I held her tightly, burring my nose in her hair, taking in her scent; I missed her so much.

I’ve known her for the longest time and the truth was I’d grown feelings for her over time, and that was one of the reasons why I decided to come home for a few days : I wanted to see her, and try to talk to her.

“I missed you, Irwin” she talked into my shirt, tears obvious in her voice. “Please, don’t cry” I whispered, my grip tightening, comforting her as well as I could. She detached herself and smiled up at me before we all went inside and shared a cheerful lunch.

The afternoon passed quickly as I caught up on life with everyone, making sure Lauren and Harry were serious in school and all those stuffs. We all had a delicious dinner, and then decided to put on a film and watched it all together.

I jumped on one of the sofas and opened my arms widely, “(Y/N) com here” I called as she laid next to me and I closed my arms around her, the feeling being one of the most comforting ones in the world.

We always did that, she was the little spoon and I just spent the whole time looking at her instead of the movie, paying attention to her every reaction, enjoying the way she’d laugh at lame jokes, tear up at every sad or emotional situation and stare awkwardly at more heated moments. Today was no different; except that I caught myself imagining that she was mine several times during the evening, that her fingers intertwined with mine meant something to her too.

I needed to make her understand my feelings somehow but I couldn’t help but be scared; as the movie came to an end, I tightened my arms around her and enclosed my legs around hers, preventing her from getting up. “What do you say we sleep here?” I offered, my head in the crook of her neck. “I think you should sleep in your bed Ashton, you’ll be more comfortable” she answered while trying to get out of my grip. “Alright but you’re sleeping with me” I didn’t let her a choice “I missed you too much”. She agreed and I hurriedly got up and put both arms around her, my chest to her back, guiding her towards my room.

“(Y/N)?” I heard my mother called her from the living room, I stilled and we waited for her to continue. “Is your date picking you up here tomorrow or do I have to drive you somewhere?” she asked. My heart dropped instantly and my chest constricted, making it hard for me to breath.

“Your date?” I asked her, my arms leaving her body and my brows furrowing. She nodded with a smile, as if it was supposed to make me happy. “He’ll pick me up here, if that’s okay” she answered, “of course sweetie, good night you two” my mum yelled back.

“You’re coming?” she asked me as if nothing happened, taking my hand and leading me down the hallways to my bedroom door. I tried to contain my jealousy but I felt it starting to boil inside of me as (Y/N) got in bed, and I imagined someone lying next to her, maybe even on top of her… That was too much.

“Who is he?” I asked harshly, regretting it immediately as I saw her eyes widened at my tone. “I… huh… It’s Theo, he went to school with us, I don’t know if you remember him” she almost whispered, her eyes focused on the cover, not daring to look at me.

I almost lost my mind when she said his name; he used to be the biggest asshole in school, he was always high as well and it surprised me he was still alive actually. He was the kind of guy who always got into fight, and he was a womanizer too.

“You can’t be serious?” I yelled, my fist clenching as I started to tremble. “Ashton calm down, please” she let out in a sigh, looking slightly scared. “Why would you go out with someone like him, huh?” I asked harshly, she deserved so much better than him, and there was no way I’d let her go out with him anyway. “I don’t know, Ashton, he asked me out and I hadn’t had a boy take interest in me in so long I thought I’d give it a try” she mumbled quickly.

I closed my eyes tightly and rubbed them with my fingers, realization striking me. It was my fault, I should’ve told her I liked her a long time ago, even if she didn’t feel the same, she’d have known she was worth something, she was worth more than the first boy who’d take interest in her.

“Ashton, why are you reacting like that?” she asked, standing up and making her way to me, gauging my reaction as she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. I took a deep breath and finally let it out, “because I can’t stand the idea of you going out with someone else” I confessed, she didn’t react at first, she must’ve been confused. “I’d like to be the one taking you out… I’ve liked you for a while, (Y/N)” I explained. She raised her head from my chest but I didn’t let her respond, I crashed my lips on hers and gave her all I had, thinking that it may be the only time I actually kissed her.

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