this is the most ridiculous thing ever

Halloween Asks
  • Bat: If you could transform into any kind of animal, what animal would you be?
  • Black Cat: Are you superstitious? If so, what are you superstitious about?
  • Broomstick: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
  • Candy Corn: What food disgusts you the most?
  • Cauldron: What is your favorite thing to cook?
  • Cobwebs: One place you would never want to get lost in in the dark?
  • Coffin: Are you claustrophobic?
  • Demon: What is your worst flaw?
  • Eerie: One thing that always creeps you out?
  • Fright: What is your biggest fear?
  • Ghost: If you could be reincarnated, would you come back as another human or an animal? If an animal, what kind?
  • Gravestone: Ideal way you'd like to die?
  • Haunted House: If you could be roommates with anyone of your choice, who would you pick?
  • Hocus Pocus: What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?
  • Howel: Your favorite kind of dog?
  • Jack-o'-lantern: Do you have any scars? If so, how many?
  • Monster: What is your favorite scary movie to watch in the dark?
  • Mummy: Would you rather be buried or cremated when you die?
  • Potion: What is your favorite thing to drink? Alcoholic and non alcoholic?
  • Pumpkin: What is your favorite food around the holidays?
  • Scream: Easiest way to scare you?
  • Skeleton: Tell me one of your biggest secrets?
  • Spooky: What was your last nightmare about?
  • Trick or Treat: Tell me about the greatest prank you've ever pulled?
  • Vampire: Which one are you? Early bird or night owl?
  • Witch: If could have the power to cast any kind of spell, what kind of spell would you cast?
  • Zombie: What is one food you always overeat?
so i just read the trainwreck thats harry potter and the cursed child

and despite its absolute shipostry, there are still some good/hilarious things in it

harry calling out dumbledore on his bullshit

a perfectly accurate summary of the entire book series

this priceless exchange between ron, hermione and draco

what follows

draco being a dad

ginny being a good wife & mom and calling out harry

ron calling out jk rowling

this tomfuckery here

hagrid giving me feels

and probably the best dialogue with the boy who lived that ive ever read


get to know me meme: [1/5] villains » Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, Harry Potter, portrayed by Jason Isaacs

“Malfoy’s been giving generously to all sorts of things for years …. Gets him in with the right people … then he can ask favors … delay laws he doesn’t want passed … Oh, he’s very well connected, Lucius Malfoy….”

but like do you ever think about the actual practicalities of creating the marauders map??? like shit, accurately drawing up just a normal map of a normal castle would take hours upon hours of work, especially for four teenagers who have like…… no idea what they’re doing. they basically taught themselves to be cartographers, for fun, when they were teenagers…… if that isn’t the most nerdy af thing you’ve ever heard idk what is.  add to that the fact that its Hogwarts with moving staircases, hidden corridors, secret passage ways behind tapestries and portraits, disappearing doors….. thats like…. a ridiculous amount of work, and thats not even taking into account all of the complicated magic they had to research and learn in order to track people and to disguise the map and to have it insult people on their behalf. not only did they have to explore every inch of the castle whilst taking notes, they must have spent countless hours at the library reading and sketching and researching,  and then there’s the whole casually becoming animagi thing. YEAH they were like… Raucous Youths who were forever getting into trouble and showing off and pulling stupid pranks and generally being the Marauders™ but they must also have had like….. a ridiculous amount of single-minded determination and stubbornness and just unwavering devotion to helping their friend/getting away with shit and honestly. its a terrifying combination. 


Oh my god I can finally share this- my comic was dubbed and animated! This was the most ridiculous thing ever and it makes me laugh every time I see it. Thank you so much guys for doing such a great job!

Voices by Knitting Giant Beanies

Animation by Piemations

Whole dang thing set up by PaperBoxHouse

Original Comic here

Okay, so I noticed something in Neko Atsume

So, everyone knows this little cutie, right?

Dottie. Ah yes, Dottie. One of the lesser known cats on Neko Atsume. Interestingly, she shares a name with a Russian espionage agent on Marvel’s Agent Carter TV show. Interesting.

So I was chilling on Neko Atsume, as you do, when I noticed something.

See the difference? No? Let me give you a dramatic close up.

There it is. The tip of Dottie’s tail is orange. What color was it in my profile picture for her again?


Naturally, I decided I needed to dig a little deeper into this mystery. Maybe it was just a one time thing? I had to have taken other pictures of Dottie. What color is her tail in the other photos?

In the three most recent photo’s I’ve taken of her, Dottie’s tail is orange. But previously, it was black. Perhaps the Neko Atsume design crew decided to spice things up a little and change the colors. But why? What purpose would that serve? Cats don’t do that in real life.

Maybe this new orange-tailed Dottie isn’t actually Dottie at all. Maybe she’s an intruder, a doppelgänger of sorts, a mysterious replacement to the old Dottie - an agent of espionage, if you will.

What does one do with information such as this? Well, I obviously have no idea. I’m making crack theories about cats on an iPhone app. But this isn’t just isolated to my phone - my friend haycon has the same conflicting tail colors for Dottie as I do. My friend schwing-man doesn’t, which just adds to the mystery.

So, has anyone else noticed this? What does it mean? Are we being deceived by a feline infiltrator? Has Dottie decided to dye her tail orange in support of some estranged secret society? Or is the Neko Atsume staff simply screwing with us to see which poor souls spend too much time looking at cats on their cell phones? Perhaps, we will never know.


maybe the most ridiculous thing harry ever did was leave figuring out the second task until it was literally the early hours of the morning before it took place and he was still in the library?? like the first task was literally to fight a dragon, if that doesn’t scare you out of procrastinating til the last minute i rly don’t know what will??? i have never related to him more

10 Of The Most Ridiculous Things Ever Said About Women In History

1. When Aristotle Said Women Are Defective Men

“The female is a female by virtue of a certain lack of qualities; we should regard the female nature as afflicted with a natural defectiveness.”

2. When St. Thomas Aquinas Said Women Are Sperm Accidents

“… A female is deficient and unintentionally caused. For the active power of the semen always seeks to produce a thing completely like itself, something male. So if a female is produced, this must be because the semen is weak or because the material [provided by the female parent] is unsuitable, or because of the action of some external factor such as the winds from the south which make the atmosphere humid.”

3. When Napoleon Said Women Are Just Slaves

“Nature intended women to be our slaves… they are our property; we are not theirs. They belong to us, just as a tree that bears fruit belongs to a gardener…. Women are nothing more than machines for producing children.”

4. When Cato The Elder Argued That All Women Are Wild Animals

“Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal, and it is useless to let go the reins and then expect her not to kick over the traces. You must keep her on a tight rein…. Women want total freedom or rather – to call things by their names – total licence. If you allow them to achieve complete equality with men, do you think they will be easier to live with? Not at all. Once they have achieved equality, they will be your masters.”

5. When Pliny The Elder Warned That Menstrual Blood Is Poisonous

“On the approach of a woman in this state, must will become sour, seeds which are touched by her become sterile, grafts wither away, garden plants are parched up, and the fruit will fall from the tree beneath which she sits. Her very look, even, will dim the brightness of mirrors, blunt the edge of steel, and take away the polish from ivory. A swarm of bees, if looked upon by her, will die immediately.”

6. When Plutarch Did Not Approve Of Independent Lady-Emotions

“A wife should have no feelings of her own, but share her husband’s seriousness and sport, his anxiety and his laughter.”

7. When Friedrich Nietzsche Was Basically Just Friedrich Nietzsche

“Finally – woman! One-half of mankind is weak, typically sick, changeable, inconstant – woman needs a religion of weakness that glorifies being weak, loving, being humbled as divine.”

8. When Jean-Jacques Rousseau Said Ladies Only Need To Be Taught About Men

“The whole education of women ought to be relative to men. To please them, to be useful to them, to make themselves loved and honored by them, to educate them when young, to care for them when grown, to council them, to console them, and to make life agreeable and sweet to them – these are the duties of women at all times, and should be taught them from their infancy.”

9. When Sigmund Freud Despaired Of Grown Ladies’ Sexuality

“The sexual life of adult women is a ‘dark continent’ for psychology.”

10. When James Joyce Was A Bit Of An Idiot

“Men are governed by lines of intellect – women: by curves of emotion.”