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Introduction to; GOT7!

Here’s another introduction post I’ve been working on! I hope you find it useful and if you don’t already know who GOT7 are, I hope it helps you get to know them a little better! {UPDATED ON: 2017.01.06}

Meet GOT7 / 갓세븐;

(Left to right; Jinyoung, Youngjae, Mark, Jaebum, Jackson, BamBam, Yugyeom)

GOT7 are a 7 member boy group under JYP Entertainment that contain not only Korean members, but Chinese, Thai and American members too. They first debuted on January 16th 2014 with their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls” from their EP “Got It?” (we’ll get into all their singles and MV’s later!). GOT7′s fandom name is called “iGOT7″ or sometimes you will hear/see people say “ahgase” instead. This is a cute play on words or shortening of words in Korean.

I GOT7 =  아이 갓세븐
Ahgase = 아가새

Ahgase also means “baby bird” in Korean - and that just makes it even more cute ^^

So who are GOT7? Let’s meet the members below!

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I don’t know if this has been shared on tumblr or not, but Mother Mother did a song for a Kraft cheese commercial called “Bright Idea”.  It’s distinctly more peppy–almost even hokey–compared to most of their stuff, and when I first heard it, I felt like I stumbled on some dark secret.  Mother Mother’s Kraft cheese song.  Of course the real dark secret is that I absolutely fucking love it, and it’s the song I set for my alarm every morning ‘cause it puts me in a good mood.  

It’s edited super weird for the commercial, and it’s difficult to find a high quality version of the track online for free… you can definitely buy it though!  There’s a low quality one floating around on youtube too!

Just thought I’d share that!

Nobody asked but you’ll -shore- as fuck receive anyway! TROLL-FURBIES!!!

Here are three generations of troll furby, lovingly crafted by imperial crocker-tech and beloved of wigglers and hated by rebels everywhere (with the exception of the sometimes-rebellious circuit bending community!)

1. Original, sometimes referred to as ‘listeners’ by the educated. Comes in imperial red, black and white in various combos. They have glistening compound eyes and an antenna disguised as a horn. They detect heat signatures (good for telling castes apart! and if people are in the room!) and, as the name suggests, they -listen-. If they pick up certain keywords in speech, they will record and transmit to empire intelligence channels! Furby circuit benders sometimes reverse engineer them to listen in on empire systems, or just spy on people they don’t like. Some remove the horn on their furby, which is somewhat barbaric considering they’re biotech and probably feel some level of pain, but it effectively ‘disarms’ them from empire comm lines, making them a normal robotic pet.

2. ‘Boom’ edition. More up to date and cuter than ever! These have more aesthetic fur prints in grey and red- ‘diamonds’ is an extremely popular pelt variety and makes them seem like more of an ally and companion to owners. The screen ‘eyes’ will change caste colour depending on the treatment given to the furby. Treat it like trash? It will become a demure maroon! Pamper them? A demanding purple! The different caste modes have different attitudes and this furby can nip you during feeding. There’s also a ‘furby boom rainbow caste’ edition which is ‘caste locked’ with blood coloured fur! …. The ‘Boom’ part? Oh yeah. They can be remotely detonated by the empire. Fun! Be sure to diffuse yours, but be careful, they know if they’re being tampered with<333

3. CrockerNet edition! The fanciest, most up to date and arguably the friendliest on face value! They even have net connectivity and can send and receive your trillion messages for you, sing songs, and learn! Too bad they can also access all your digital devices, accounts, and report findings back to base. Comes in pastels as well as the traditional red-white-black combos.

There are also waterproof ‘sea dweller’ versions, not pictured here!

‘circuit bending’ is a real life phenomena where people hack and mod mechanical and robotic toys, often for use as electronic musical instruments, but sometimes as answering machines, gadgets and other cool robotic stuff! I figure that if humans can do it, trolls probably do this 200% better. I can also see it being popular with kid trolls who dream of being rebels or leet hackers.


It’s time to continue our special Famous Overtures Week, here at Musica in Extenso, with a new and fresh post, today about the famous composer, Richard Wagner.

Today on Musica in Extenso:

Richard Wagner



Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg (Tannhäuser and the Minstrel’s Contest at the Wartburg) is one of the most famous operas of the German opera composer, Richard Wagner. Tannhäuser (the wellknowed short version of the title) is an opera in three acts, which was written in 1845. The text was written by the composer self and it is based on two german legends: Tannhäuser, the legendary medieval German Minnesänger and poet, and the tale of the Wartburg Song Contest.  The story focuses on the struggle between sacred and profane love, and redemption through love, a theme running through much of Wagner’s mature work. This dual concept of the sacred and profan or ideal and real love: the composer presents this idea in two main musical themes, which are reflected at the wind instruments and strings.

 Enjoy! - Antal Zsuzsanna

The Weaver’s Song Theory

X : This post recently came up and it got me thinking… I had actually done some research on this, but never really took out the time to type it all out. And who knows, maybe this has already been discussed and I just didn’t see it. Anyway, I found some interesting stuff…

There is a ballad very similar to what the Weaver was singing. It’s called, The Twa Sisters. There are many variations depending on what culture/region you look at, and even the titles differ. Now, I’m going of mostly by memory from what I researched here, but, for the most part the story is this;

There were two sisters (in some versions there’s a third sister mentioned.) The younger one was fair and beautiful, while the eldest was dark and jealous of her younger sister. In some versions it tells of a suitor who loved the youngest one more, hence the older sister’s jealousy. The older sister convinced her  younger sister to go to the sea with her, but ended up pushing her in. The younger sister begged for her help, but the older sister refused, allowing her to drown. Her body floated down the sea, until someone found her (usually a miller). This person/miller then took her body and created a instrument out of her body (usually a harp or violin of sorts). After he had made her body into the instrument, he took it to a merchant’s home to play it for them. The merchants home happened to be the younger sister’s family’s home. When the miller plays the instrument, the younger sister tells or “sings” of her story of being murdered by her older sister. Thus, the older sister is publicly revealed to be the one who murdered her. Some Norwegian and Swedish variants even end with the instrument being broken and the younger sister being resurrected.   x 

There are even real songs about this story, most of them being called Cruel Sister by Old Blind Dogs. Cruel Sister by Mediaeval Baebes. The Cruel Sister by Ruth Notman. All of them slightly different versions of the song. 

Here is the Weaver’s song:

(MAF p. 217-221)

“There were two sisters. they went playing,

To see their father’s ships come sailing …

And when they came unto the sea-brim

The elder did push the younger in.”

Sometimes she sank, sometimes she swam,

’Til her corpse came to the miller’s dam.

But what did he do with her breastbone?

He made him a viol to play on.

What’d he do with her fingers so small?

He made pegs to his viol with all.

And what did he do wither nose-ridge?

Unto his viol he made a bridge.

What did he do with her veins so blue?

He made strings to his viol thereto.

What did he do with her eyes so bright?

On his viol he set at first light.

What did he so with her tongue so rough?

’Twas the new till and it spoke enough.

Then bespake the treble string,

‘O yonder is my father the king.’

Then bespake the second string,

‘O yonder sits my mother the queen.’

Then bespake the strings all three,

‘Yonder is my sister that drowned me.’”



~ Some versions tell of a third sister = Nesta, Elain, Feyre?

In the original stories, it says that the oldest sister killed the youngest, and while Nesta didn’t kill Feyre, she did leave her to fend for herself and go out into the - potentially dangerous - woods.

~ “Their father’s ships come sailing…” = The sisters going to see Mr. Archeron’s ships

As we all know, Feyre’s father was a merchant who lost his fortune after his ships sank on their way to Bharat.

~ Her body floated on down the sea to a miller = Feyre’s journey to Pythian?

This was just my first thought when I read the Weaver’s song…

Miller = Tamlin?

So the younger sister makes it all the way down the sea, until her body reaches a miller’s dam. Once the miller finds her, he uses her body (Feyre being used) to make an instrument. And according to SJM/the Weaver, its a viol… very similar to a fiddle, in which Tamlin plays. 

(TAR p. 177) “Oh, I can play a mean fiddle…” and then on p. 225, where we see Tamlin actually playing the fiddle.

So if Tamlin = the miller, then Feyre = the viol.

~ The resurrected younger sister

As stated above, some Norwegian and Swedish variants of the story end with the instrument being broken (the 3 trials UTM) and the younger sister resurrected. This could easily be a connection to Feyre’s rebirth into High Fae after dying.


While there are many connections that can be made with Feyre’s story and the Weaver’s song, there could also be some foreshadowing… If you’ve been on Tumblr any, you may have come across some posts theorizing who Feyre’s parents are, specifically her mother… the missing mortal queen?? Or something else?

According to the Weaver’s song, after the youngest sister is turned into an instrument and played, she says “O yonder is my father the king” and “O yonder sits my mother the queen.”

Who is this “king and queen” the Weaver talks about? The missing mortal queen? The King of Hybern? Miryam and Drakon? In a way, Miryam and Drakon could be viewed as a type of king and queen where they live. There’s already many similarities between Miryam/Drakon/Jurian’s story, and Feyre/Rhys/Tamlin’s story. Is Feyre connected to Miryam and Drakon in another way than just similar stories?

I could be looking way too into this, but then again SJM doesn’t put anything in her book without a reason.

Thoughts? @sparkleywonderful @cruelwickedthing 

Evermore: Why Beauty & the Beast lives on throughout generations

“Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone. But when all else has been forgotten… Still our song lives on.”

Everyone knows the story: how a beautiful young woman fell in love with a hideous beast, lifting a 10-year-long curse from his castle and all who lived there. This is as the song goes, “A tale as old as time”, and anyone who’s anyone would have at least watched this Disney classic at least once. Though I’d like to believe we all managed to watch it more times that we would like to admit. 

But Beauty and the Beast is more than just a love story; a romance between two different people who at first hated each other but eventually grew fond of one another. No. There’s more to this story than what meets the eyes and the most recent live-action remake showed us exactly that and even made us realize what made us love this tale so much in the first place.

I grew up watching Disney films. These stories are the borders of my childhood; the foundation of my beliefs apart from the things taught by parents and teachers. Beauty and the Beast basically taught me never to judge a book by its cover. Funny I should say that considering Belle is portrayed as a bookworm. But it’s true that the tale taught us the value of beauty and how it is not determined by appearance but found within.

This is such a timely theme, considering we live in a world where physical beauty is so important. People strive to be beautiful—to stay beautiful. Judging by the countless beauty advertisements, movie actors and actresses that glitter under lights like stars, we have truly built a “beautiful world.”

Though from another perspective, is it really a beautiful world when there is so much wickedness going on? There are wars being fought; injustices prevailing; evil and insecurities residing in people’s minds and hearts. The world may look beautiful on the outside, but what about on the inside? In order to make this words truly beautiful, people must learn not to let hate rule in their hearts; to be good. I believe everyone is ‘innately good’, no one was born bad… much like the Beast who was only influenced by his cruel father, turning him heartless and unkind. 

People — mostly girls should also be more accepting of themselves. A lot of girls find it hard to tell themselves that they are beautiful, even more so to accept compliments from others. It is sad but this world has made its own standards of beauty which we have fooled ourselves into believing. If you think about it, it’s quite ridiculous to have a common standard for beauty since it’s subjective. We all have different perspectives. Best to keep that in mind next time you look into a mirror. 

Apart from that main message of this story, Beauty and the Beast actually teaches us more things about life—and ourselves—which was very evident in the live-action remake.

One being: girls can be heroines too.

It’s always the knight in shining armor; Prince charming who sweeps us off our feet or defeats the might dragon and saves the damsel in distress. Belle was actually one of the few Disney princesses who didn’t act like a “princess” and did more than just stand there and look pretty, hoping for Prince charming to come and save her from that so-called “provincial life”. Belle was a very active character and even ended up saving everyone in the end. She should definitely be a role model to young girls as she embodies a strong and independent personality which women need to take note of in order to break through ongoing inequalities in society. 

If Belle can save the day, why can’t you? And it’s actually quite amazing how recent Disney princesses like Moana and Elsa from Frozen—or even other classic princesses like Mulan are taking more active roles. 

Beauty and the Beast also has one of the most beautiful — and meaningful songs ever composed in Disney history. So when I discovered that there were going to be new tracks, I was simply overjoyed!

“Days in the Sun” was a beautiful track filled with much hope and longing. Although I adored “Human Again” (and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit saddened at first when I found out that it wouldn’t be in the film), I thought Days in the Sun fitted really well into the scoring and storyline. 

How in the midst of all this sorrow
Can so much hope and love endure
I was innocent and certain
Now I’m wiser but unsure

- from Days in the Sun

Belle’s part in this song really stood out for me as it can be related to our world and how amidst all the sadness and hardships we go through, love and hope are the two things that thrive and keep us going. Also, is it not true that when we were younger and innocent, we were always certain of the things we wanted? Our dreams were pretty clear then and we had it all figured out on who we wanted to be like or what we wanted to do. But as we grew older, we changed—dreams change which often left us unsure. Being wiser doesn’t mean you would know everything…it simply means learning to question things—learning to doubt even.

“Evermore” was my favorite track for this film simply because the beast was humanized through this song…making us see that he is truly indeed a person underneath that beastly appearance.  

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inspire me
Be a part of everything I do
Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in…

And be with me forevermore

- from Evermore

It such a sad song and I loved how the Beast was able to show his sorrow at Belle’s departure and express his feelings for her through this scene. His act of letting her go was already a clear sign of his love for her but this song took it to a whole new level when he practically sang how he’d only love her forevermore and that no matter how far she may be from him, he would always be reminded of her.

While watching that scene, I couldn’t help but cry (yes I cried twice when I saw it for the second time) and its not only because I felt through the Beast’s pain but also because I realized we were all the Beast in a way. We’re all flawed, we’re all hurting, and we’ve all lost someone along the way; be it a loved one, a significant other, or a friend. But the memory of them remains and no matter how sad it makes us when we think about them and all that might have been, our experiences with them inspire us and has made us stronger. You know I’ve always believed you can’t un-love someone whom you “truly loved”. Because that love we gave was real, and you can’t really take it back. To move on, you can only love someone more. 

“How Does a Moment Last Forever” basically captured the essence of this beautiful tale. The whole song practically breathes and lives on quotes so I’m not going to mention my favorites because I would end up writing the whole thing. It’s a beautiful song about life and the beauty of its imperfections; and how love is what binds everything together.  

Beauty and the Beast truly has a lot to say about real life and it’s amazing how a fairytale can affect us so much. We fell in love with it in the books… when Disney released the animated version in 1991…and today as we witness it come alive in 2017. Beauty and the Beast taught us that beauty is found within and that love is a powerful catalyst. Most importantly, and I’d say this as it is not said enough, this story taught us about second chances and that it can be granted to those who try to change and become better people.

“Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong.” - from Beauty & the Beast

I truly enjoyed watching this film again and dare I say it was as good as watching it for the first time back when I was a little girl. Now that I’m an adult, it became more meaningful and the experience was spellbinding. This is why I think Beauty and the Beast will continue to live on throughout generations… because it is a story with depth; one that teaches us so much about ourselves… 

Teaches us that amidst all the sorrows and hardships, there is love and there is hope. And that’s basically all you need for wonders to happen. 

Originally posted by ewatson

PS: And to all the hopeless romantics out there…or to those simply looking for their one true love, don’t lose hope. I think everyone thinks they’re not worth it but hey, if Belle can love someone who was as flawed as the Beast … someone can love you too. No matter how crazy or imperfect you may be. 

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do u ever just cry bc….. little mix work so hard.. they have never half-assed a show in their entire career. they have played for crowds that had little respect for them or couldnt give a damn, and they have done it just as lovingly as they play for their most dedicated fans. they are always ready to sing and you can tell they love it and you know that talent is real because they constantly do acapellas and acoustics that sound even better than the studio versions. you know they rehearse like hell until their solos, harmonies and choreography are all on point and they never mess up. when theyve been performing the same song for a few months they always change it a bit to keep it interesting, even remixing their own songs and throwing in a dance breakdown or some beatboxing. they wrote a whole damn album and scrapped it because it wasnt good enough for them and wrote another??? like they are such an amazing band and they deserve everything they’ve got and more and we are so lucky to have them


Why Hendrix Still Matters

Historical revisionism and the endless stream of tired imitators that followed in his wake sometimes makes it difficult to appreciate what a radical listening experience the music of Jimi Hendrix was and still is. Yet for those with the ears to hear, his influence is everywhere in contemporary rock.

In the Stone Roses and their guitarist John Squire’s polychromatic action-painting style of playing. In My Bloody Valentine, a group which has worked with Roger Mayer, the guy who invented effects boxes and distortion pedals for Hendrix. In Loop’s noise symphonies. In Sonic Youth, whose unusual tunings would not have been possible without Hendrix’s reinvention of the guitar. (Drummer Buddy Miles, who played with Hendrix, recorded an album called Expressway to Your Skull in 1968. Nineteen years later Sonic Youth recorded a song with the same name.)

In the wah-wah heaven of Dinosaur Jr. In the raga free-form folkadelic blitz of Husker Du’s “Recurring Dreams” on Zen Arcade. In the wigged out, apocalyptic, nouveau acid rock of the Butthole Surfers. (Think of their “Jimi” as a fin de siecle version of Hendrix’s “Third Stone From the Sun.”) In the oceanic rock of A.R. Kane. In the black rock of Living Colour and 24-7 Spyz. In the thrashing metal-funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (who covered Hendrix’s “Fire” and inherited his febrile hypersexuality and imitated his bad-ass virility). Not to mention obvious examples like Prince and George Clinton.

And then there’s heavy metal as a genre. If Hendrix paved the way for this music, it was because he showed that the blues could be blown up from a porch-side lament into a mountain range. Hendrix invented the “air guitar,” not in the sense of an imaginary instrument played by hair farmers in front of their bedroom mirrors, but rather in the sense of a guitar that refused to be bound solely by earthly roots, a sound that grew wings and took flight. An aerial guitar, if you will.

The Hendrix influence on rap is also profound, and not just in the way that boho homeboys like De la Soul and A Tribe Called Quest dress. Hendrix samples on rap records include Digital Underground’s “Who Knows?” the Beastie Boys’ “B-Boy Bouillabaisse,” A Tribe Called Quest’s “Go Ahead in the Rain,” and Monie Love’s “Just Don’t Give a Damn.” Moreover, every rap use of rock comes via Hendrix, from Run-DMC to Schoolly D. Rap’s dissonance is Hendrix’s guitar still reverberating and feeding back.

As SPIN colleague Nathaniel Wice puts it: “He dominates both Yol MTV Raps and Headbanger’s Ball. He fathered both, dominating everything that music has become. Not only won’t he die, but it’s impossible to imagine how to kill him off.”

There’s even a case to be made that Hendrix is responsible for that hideous mutant jazz-rock. But we’ll pass discreetly over that, except to mention Hendrix’s profound influence on Miles Davis’s brilliant late-‘60s and early-'70s work.

Jim Morrison may be the subject of Hollywood mythmaking, but Hendrix is not a corpse to be resurrected. Hendrix is the living, breathing soul of today’s rock'n'roll.

Initially framed within traditional white ideas of what black music meant (black as incarnation of the id, un-repression, instinct, the body, soul, et cetera), Jimi Hendrix was nicknamed the “Wild Man of Pop” and compared to a Borneo savage. As critic Steven Perry has pointed out, such noble savage stereotypes have been used historically to undermine the aesthetic achievements of blacks. Hendrix is interesting because of the damage he did to such racial stereotypes. He wanted to transcend the borders and barriers between races, male and female, and even (at his most mystic) to transcend the human condition all together to become star child, to become male mermaid (as on “1983/A Merman I Should Turn to Be”). Indeed his whole career can be seen as an attempt to reconcile and/or explode such standard oppositions as black versus white, male versus female, the dandy versus the savage, voodoo (the blues) versus Christian salvation (soul), roots versus rootlessness, earthy versus cosmic, tradition versus avant-garde, bohemian art rock versus funk/soul razzmatazz.

Setting himself against the narrow conceptual biases of what constituted “real” black music, Hendrix transformed and transcended the limits of what a black musician could and should be. Among the first, if not the first, African-Americans in pop to lay claim to the status of artist rather than entertainer, he did his apprenticeship in soul review bands (most notably the Isley Brothers, Little Richard, and Curtis Knight and the Squires) on the “chitlin circuit,” but chafed at the strictures, discipline, and show-biz protocols that were expected of him. Hendrix opened up the possibility for black musicians to be — imagewise and soundwise — messy and self-indulgent. In this he was the polar opposite of James Brown, disciplinarian band leader and the professional servant of a popular audience. In contrast, Hendrix was an aural aristocrat with musical laws unto himself — a solar flare with solo flair, a quality that got him kicked out of many soul bands before his eventual success in the U.K. For his efforts, he was branded a psychedelic Uncle Tom. A more unjust accusation in the history of rock criticism is difficult to imagine.

Yet many of his more fervent supporters seem to add fuel to this charge. Alvin Lee from Ten Years After once said, “Hendrix wasn’t black or white. Hendrix was Hendrix.” Hendrix was Hendrix, but Hendrix was black. In his excellent biography of Hendrix, 'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky, David Henderson, an award-winning African-American poet, does a convincing job of debunking the misperception that Hendrix was an Uncle Tom who played exclusively to white audiences. Recalling a meeting between a group of blacks and Hendrix at TTG Studios in Hollywood, Henderson tells how the guitarist expressed concern about the lack of any black support for his music. Not so, said his fellow black musicians. Blacks did buy his records and go to his concerts, but they were rendered virtually invisible by the overwhelming popularity of Hendrix among the mass white audience.

What was true was that black radio did not play his records. Since so much of black radio was white-controlled at that time, that’s hardly Hendrix’s fault. Moreover, when he jettisoned his all-white band, the Experience, for the all-black Band of Gypsys, it was met with much resistance from his management. But the suspicion still lingers that Hendrix was a disgrace to the race, especially in his refusal to become too closely aligned with black revolutionary movements. Hendrix was a pacifist who refused to give the Black Panthers the explicit gesture of support that they expected from him and got from other entertainers. But as Robert Wyatt, ex-drummer and vocalist with Soft Machine, says, Hendrix didn’t “have to go around making political statements. … he was living a political life of great importance.”

Hendrix didn’t need to comment on the issues of the times, racial or not, because the times were in his music. For instance, Hendrix was the soundtrack to Vietnam, for soldiers and for civilians alike. Both “Machine Gun” and his version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” are among the most profound works of American art ever made about the war. Vernon Reid once admitted to having mistakenly thought that Hendrix had served in Vietnam. And for the movie version of the real thing (Apocalypse Now), Francis Ford Coppola employed Randy Hansen, a Hendrix impersonator, for the soundtrack.

In 'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky, Henderson tells of the time in 1969 that Hendrix played a Harlem street fair. Hosted by a popular local radio DJ Eddie O-Jay (ironically another black DJ who didn’t play Hendrix’s records), Jimi performed “Voodoo Chile,” among other songs, which he referred to onstage as “Harlem’s national anthem.” And of course in a way Hendrix was right. With its explicit evocation and celebration of the supernatural powers and magical transformations at the heart of African religion, “Voodoo Chile” is at least as “black” (if such distinctions are important to you) as James Brown’s “Say It Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” So much for Uncle Tom.

After Hendrix finished his show, he was approached by a black nationalist who said, “Hey brother, you better come home.” Hendrix replied, “You gotta do what you gotta do, and I gotta do what I gotta do now.”

AU : Sole Was A Famous Singer Before The War
  •  When they get to Diamond City everyone freaks out because they’re the most played artist on DCR. 
  • They constantly have to give out autographs to people 
  • Nick has memories of the real Nick going to one of their concerts with Jenny
  • Piper begs them to write a weekly article on their lavish life before the war  
  • Most pre-war ghouls almost cry when they see them because they’re as beautiful/handsome as they were before the bombs fell. 
  • They once met the ghoulified version of one of their old groupies… Who wanted to hook up again.
  • Sometimes they perform concerts in Goodneighbour, Diamond City and Bunker Hill. 
  • When they go to the Institute, they discover that all they play there is their old songs. Thanks to Father.
  • They eventually record another album and give it out on holotapes for free. The songs are all about life in the Commonwealth. 

 I will split it into Exo K and Exo M, because Exo M shall never die.



~ Korean member/Part of the maknae line/Nicknamed “Nini” by fans/ Real name is Kim Jongin

He is known as one of the best dancers in KPOP, and the dancing machine in Exo. His stage presence is amazing so I don’t fail to understand why. As well as dancing he also sings and raps a bit in their songs too. He has two sides to him, there is Kai, the incredible sexy performer you see on stage, and Jongin, the cute shy one in person. He likes to make up riddles, stick by D.O’s side and his laugh is the best thing I have ever heard!


~ Korean member/Maknae (youngest) of the group/Members called him Sehunnie/ Full name is Oh Sehun

He is one of the main dancers of the group, and also helps out with the rapping. He absolutely loves bubble tea (but currently cannot drink it due to his braces), and is extremely sweet and sassy to his members. He even prays for them before he goes to sleep. Apparently he also cries when he gets scolded by his members. He is known for constantly dying his hair different colours, saying his catchphrases “Yehet” and “Ohorat” and is mainly shipped with Luhan, and Tao.


~ Korean member/Leader of Exo K (and now all of Exo)/Called the mother of the group/Real name is Kim Junmyeon

He is one of the vocalists in the group and trained for the longest out of all the members. He is not the best dancer in the group but when it comes to doing embarrassing things, and crying without tears he’s your guy. When it comes to his members, he has a heart of gold always doing what he can for them (like swiping his card). He is often shipped with Kris (the father of the group), and he looks brilliant with blonde hair!


~ Korean member/ Full name is Park Chanyeol

He is known as the Happy virus of the group, because he always has a smile on his face, and another title he goes by is “The reaction king”, because his reactions are madness! He is the main rapper of the group when it comes to the Korean versions of their songs (but now he is the main rapper for the Chinese versions too). Although he is not the best dancer in the group, he can compose songs, play guitar, piano and drums, and he can also sing. He is also part of the beagle line (the members that talk the most in the group). Usually he is found laughing and hanging around with Baekhyun, or standing beside D.O trying to annoy him.


~ Korean member/Nicknames include “Bacon” by fans/ Full name is Byun Baekhyun

He is one of the main vocalists in the group, and definitely the funniest. He is a member of the beagle line too, and loves to joke around. He is one of the mood makers of the group, and constantly has a smile on his face. Often he acts quite silly, and is known for his catchphrase “Kkaebsong” which he used frequently throughout Exo showtime. He can play the piano, and he thinks the best part of his body are his hands (to which everyone agrees bc wow). A little while ago he starred in a musical called “Singin in the rain”. Before Exo debuted he had only trained with SM for four months. He likes to imitate people (especially Tao) and annoy D.O. However he is also supportive and his hip thrusts in Overdose are lethal (literally he said he hurt his back once).


~ Korean member/Nicknamed include “Squishy” and “Satansoo”/ Real name is D.O Kyung Soo

He is another main vocalist of Exo,and is quite short. He is nicknamed “Squishy”  because he is damn cute. Besides performing with Exo, he also acts, and has been in a film called “Cart” and a few drama’s, the most recent one being called “I remember you”. He can beat box pretty well, and he loves to eat steak. Even though he can’t speak fluent English, his pronunciation is fantastic. He doesn’t like to talk too much doing interviews, as he gets a bit camera shy when he is put on the spot, and gets lost for words. He is known for beating up Chanyeol and Baekhyun when they annoy him (hence his other nickname, “Satansoo”), having a major soft spot for Kai, and having the voice of an angel.



~ Korean member/Nicknamed the “Chencing machine”/ His real name is Kim Jongdae

He is one of the main vocalists, and has the capacity to hit extremely high and low notes. He is nicknamed the Chencing machine, due to his interesting dancing abilities. Even though he is not the best dancer in the group, even Kai said he has improved the most. Chen is the third member of the beagle line and can be a bit of a troll, and likes to hang around with Baekhyun. He is also always there on stage for the members when they are crying, and gives great hugs. His cheekbones are majorly high, and he looks amazing wearing eyeliner and a leather jacket (cmb mv). Like Baekhyun he has also starred in a musical.

TAO (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/Part of the maknae line/ His real name is Huang Zitao

He was one of the main rappers for the Chinese version of their songs, and he has a distinct voice so you always tell that it’s him. He can also sing, and looks amazing doing the Mirotic choreography. He suits every hair colour under the sun, and looks awesome when he is wearing all of his rings. Since he was young he has been practicing Wushu, and is known as the “AB style kungfu panda”. He can be quite silly, and tends to mess up his Wushu a lot when asked to present it to everyone on television shows like “Weekly idol”. He would hang around with Sehun a lot, and would ask the members to shower with him. He is deathly scared of ghosts and bugs, and knows sign language. Even though he is not in Exo anymore, he recently released two mini albums in China, which did extremely well, and at some point will be starring in a film with Jackie Chan.


~ Chinese member/Real name is Zhang Yixing

He is the main dancer of Exo M, and is great at body popping. He can also sing, and has taken over some rapping parts in their recent songs. He composes his own music, and can play the guitar and piano, as well as doing some basic beat boxing. He has a six pack that he is not afraid to show the world whilst he is on stage, and just like Kai, on stage he is sexy and off it he is extremely adorable. He has a tendency to make people laugh without meaning too, and is known for being a bit slow. However people think he is completely innocent, but I beg to differ, although he does follow a bunny account on Instagram.

KRIS (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/ Birth name is Li Jiaheng but his name was later changed to Wu Yifan

He was the leader of, as well as one of the main rappers in Exo M, and can speak four languages. He was known as the father of the group. Although he was born in China he lived in Canada for a while, therefore he speaks English fluently. The other languages he speaks are Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese. He tried to play himself off as a cool guy, however this reputation was completely tarnished as soon as Exo showtime started. In reality he trips over nothing, and screams in haunted houses. He is the tallest member of the group, and he thinks that he is really handsome. One of his jokes is that he says he can draw but he really can’t, and likes to call himself “Wu Fan Gogh”. He would often be found hanging around with Tao. Although he is no longer with Exo he now acts, and his next film to come out is called “Mr Six” (which looks really cool btw).

LUHAN (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/ Nicknamed “Deer”/ Real name is Lu Han

He was one of the main vocalists of Exo M, as well as one of the main dancers. He can hold a note for 26 seconds, and can solve a Rubik cube in 50 seconds. He likes to wear a lot of snap backs, and he has quite a feminine face, but if you tell him this he will deny it and tell you that he is all man! Personally he thinks his eyes are sparkly, and likes to say the word “Yo” repeatedly. He is nicknamed a “Deer”, and was often found with either Xiumin or Sehun. Even though he is no longer an Exo member, he acts and he recently released his first solo album (which sold 350,000 presales in one hour alone).


~Korean member/Nicknamed Baozi/Real name is Kim Minseok

He is the oldest member of the group and is both a vocalist and a dancer. He can hit the highest note in the group, and he is another one that can switch from sexy to adorable. Even though he is the oldest he does the best aegyo. Just like Lay he has a killer six pack that he has no problem showing off on stage. He is a quiet member who doesn’t really talk in interviews unless asked something. He loves to keep things tidy, and has a bedroom all to himself. He thinks the rest of the members are very loud, and if he had to choose a trait from another member to have for himself, it would be Kris’s language ability. He is also a good dancer, and could be found around Luhan.

*None of these GIFS are mine, credit to the owners*


P.S, yes this is a repost because the GIFS on the previous one stopped working :)

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Niall is doing a live sounding album does that mean he wont use autotune and we will hear his natural voice and most importantly all the instruments in the songs? Would love to see Harry go this route aswell since he is doing 70s rock i think it would suit it quite well right?And also since harrys album is coming out shortly after his single i read that somewhere,maybe he will also perform at that concert niall is performing i think summer welcome was its name not shure

I think he’ll use auto-tune but not much. You know, just enough to make it sound like a real album and not a concert version or whatever. I agree with you about Harry. I don’t know if he’ll perform at the same event as Niall. He needs to promote his album AND movie. I cross my fingers, though!

anyway  here’s a  crappy  version of a   CLASSIC   will smith song :   ( now this is a story all about how  a  red-head’s  life was flipped upside down.     and i’d like to take a minute ,   so just sit real pretty ,   i’ll tell you how i became a  QUEEN OF NEW YORK CITY.     a pennsylvanian ,   born and raised ,    acting class is where i spent most of my days.      chilling out ,   maxing ,   relaxing all cool ,   i’d rather be  partying  than stuck inside school.      but then i cut out ,   moved to the  CITY  for good ,   living with my  aunt  in her old neighbourhood.     forced to meet this guy ,   peter ,   seemed kinda witty   –   and to my  surprise ,    he’s   the spider  of the CITY ! ).     /      INDEPENDENT MJ WATSON ,   written by bria.

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A) Age: 28 (T^T) 

B) Biggest fear: death and house centipedes 

C) Current time: 10:30 AM

D) Drink you last had: Vitamin water

E) Every day starts with: wake up around 6 and get some writing done 

F) Favourite song atm: King of New York from the Broadway version of Newsies or Burn Up by Siouxsie and the Banshees

G) Ghosts, are they real?: Probably not.

H) Hometown?: Suburban, NJ

I) In love with?: Wolf 359 :| 

J) Jealous of?: People with jobs they love or people already in grad school 

K) Killed Someone?: Jesus Christ no!

L) Last time you cried: >> let’s not go there

M) Middle name: Rose

N) Number of siblings: 1

O) One wish: to get over this depression, for Maxwell to come back, or to be able to draw.  One of those three would be great. 

P) Person you last called/texted: my best friend Rachel

Q) Questions you are always being asked: “what are you doing?” because I appear unbelievably lazy. 

R) Reasons to smile: cats, podcasts, fat birds, Civ V, Kamala Kahn, Eos 10 getting a third season, The McElroy Brothers, archeology

S) Song last sung: Watch What Happens from the Broadway version of Newsies

T) Time you woke up: 7 

U) Underwear colour: Blue? 

W) Worst habits: chewing on things I shouldn’t (thanks pica!) 

X) X-rays you’ve had: A foot (and teeth) 

Y) Your favourite food: chocolate

Z) Zodiac sign: Pisces 

I tag @aromanticpicard, @theimpossumblepossum , @apocryphist, @vault11overseer  , @normal-ghost , @daniel-jacobi , @drakanekurashiki , @biomechatronic, and everyone else who wants to do it! 

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I love Danielle Bradbery's voice but not any of her initial songs after she won the Voice. Maybe some of her newer things will be better. I feel like she is one of the most talented voice winners ever. Isn't she doing something with Thomas Rhett on tour? I keep having high hopes for her - she is the real deal.

She did have an amazing voice, her her first album did seem to lack a little originality. But that’s probably just me… I don’t know.
I think she did do a few shows with Thomas Rhett and I now know that she has a song with him on the Deluxe Version of Tangled Up. And by “now know” I mean I just learned that when I looked Danielle up like 10 minutes ago 😂

Alternate Hamilton song titles (yeah, all 46)

Alexander Hamilton: EXPOSITION!!

Aaron Burr, sir: things that rhyme with sir.

My shot: ball must be his life.

The story of tonight: lol we just met lets get drunk.

The Schuyler Sisters: literal squad goals.

Farmer Refuted: ohmygod tear this dude apart

You’ll be back: George didn’t handle the breakup well. Oops.
Right Hand Man: hello, we’re fucked.

A winter’s ball: fuckboys are fuckboys

Helpless: the precious cinnamon roll is introduced for real this time.

Satisfied: and the love triangle emerges.

The story of tonight (reprise): you just got married, so let’s leave your wife to drink.


Stay Alive: I’m a general! WHHEEED (ft. The return of we’re fucked)

Ten duel commandments: ‘most disputes die and no one shoots’ my ass

Meet Me Inside: Call me son onE MoRe TImE

That would be enough: the song version of the 'surprise! You’re a dad!’ T-shirt

Guns and ships: LAFAYETTE!! Dksoksjsnsodioxjdbdbdidn

History has its eyes on you: lol more like we have our eyes on history amiright?

Yorktown: after which it all goes downhill (ft. Immigrants. We get the job done)

The what comes next: George handled the breakup bad oops. Pt. II

Dear Theodosia: we interrupt this musical to bring you 'founding fathers are fathers.’

Non-stop: a condensed list of reasons on how Hamilton is better than Burr (ft. 51!!)

What’d I miss: where’s this bitch been?

Cabinet Battle #1: epic rap battles of history #1

Take a break: Hamilton sit yo ass down and chill

Say no to this: Hoe don’t do it (oh my god)

The room where it happens: the world’s longest _, _, and a _ walk into a _ joke.

Schuyler defeated: Eliza shows us all how to act civil when we don’t like something.

Cabinet battle #2: epic rap battles of history #2 (ft. ……france)


One last time: surprise bitch, bet you thought you hadn’t seen the last of me.

I know him: fuckboys tells us were fucked.

The Addams Administration; pull out your vodka now. (Ft. Siddown John you fat motherf*****)

We know; were accusing you of something we just don’t know what

Hurricane: I’m going to flame myself so that no one else can have the satisfaction.

The Reynolds Pamphlet: Help I fucked up.

Burn: I’m not crying I’m not crying (yes I am)

Blow us all away; I’m laughing and the. I’m crying.

Stay alive (reprise): I’m emotional about counting in French.

It quiet uptown: pls just rip out my heart. It will hurt less.

The election of 1800: can we get back to politics? Pls?

Your obedient servant: passive aggressive note writing.

Best of wives and best of women: why do you write like you’re running out of time? (I’m going back to sleep)

The world was wide enough; kill me slowly and painfully (oh wait that’s Hamilton’s job)

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story: Eliza was actually the main character all along.
Dan Steven's post-"Downtown Abbey" life includes "Beauty and the Beast," Marvel's "Legion"
As his newest film 'The Ticket' premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival, the British actor, now living in New York, weighs in on politics on both sides of the Atlantic (thumbs down on the Brexit), names his favorite podcast (you'd be surprised) and reveals the one thing he couldn't live without.

Downton Abbey fans would be shocked to hear Dan Stevens, who played the late, still lamented and ever-so-refined Matthew Crawley for three seasons on the hit series, as he starts to throw around phrases like “dick-swinging” and “shitshow.” But the 33-year-old actor isn’t one to stand on ceremony, and when the subject of Brexit — the upcoming British referendum about the U.K.’s proposed exit from the European Union — comes up, he’s quick to voice a forceful opinion or two. (He’s against it.)

Stevens chose to make his own exit from Downton at the height of the series’ popularity, just as Matthew’s romance with Lady Mary had reached Rhett-Scarlett proportions, breaking hearts and igniting a firestorm on both sides of the pond. His latest venture couldn’t be more different: In The Ticket, an experimental indie drama directed by Ido Fluk that makes its world premiere tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival, he plays a blind man who regains his sight but becomes consumed by desire.

As for those who thought Stevens might be making a mistake in taking an early leave from Downton, rest assured, he’s found plenty to keep him busy. He’s already completed a star turn as the Beast in Disney’s live-action Beauty and The Beast, which will hit theaters in March 2017. And he’ll play another equally fantastical character, the Marvel superhero Legion in the upcoming FX series of the same name from Fargo creator Noah Hawley.

A married father of two, Stevens now calls Brooklyn home. On the eve of his latest film’s Tribeca bow, he spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about singing a solo in Beauty in the Beast, whether or not he’s been approached to play James Bond and who he’s pulling for in the upcoming New York primary.

In The Ticket, you play a blind man who begins to regain his sight. What’s the one sense you absolutely couldn’t live without?

Losing your hearing would be pretty weird. Living without listening to music would suck. I think I could live without taste. I could just eat my food.

It’s a pretty sexy movie. What would Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess think?

I think she would love it. I think she’s secretly very kinky.

Any chance you would do a Downton prequel, movie or spinoff?

If it’s a prequel, then I’d have to play myself 10 years younger, which would be really hard. I think if they get someone else to play me, that would probably be a better idea. I guess I could do a ghost scene. Maybe Mary is making pottery and Matthew is at the wheel. It gets a little steamy. That should work.

You live in New York. Why?

I’ve lived in London for a long time, and I wanted to try living in one of the other great cities of the world. It’s always captured my imagination, and I feel very inspired here. I love it. Every day there’s always something weird and new here, and I think weird and new is good. I like being surrounded by weird, new things.

Fun fact: You’ve narrated more than 30 audiobooks, including Casino Royale. What’s the appeal?

It’s an intimate way of working and it’s an intimate way of receiving work as well. I’ve always enjoyed having voices in my ears, whether it’s a podcast or a great audio book. It’s just you in a booth, a tiny booth usually. It’s just you and the microphone for sometimes days. It’s a strange experience, but it’s also a beautiful way of getting inside a book. Studying and prepping for an audiobook is really just a fascinating thing to do work-wise.

Speaking of Bond and Casino Royale, have you ever been approached to play 007?

If you’ve been approached to be a spy and you talk about it, you’re not much of a spy, right? Even if I had been, I couldn’t tell you. I’d have to kill you.

Favorite podcast?

Savage Love. Dan Savage. I’ve been listening to it for years.

You were a member of the judging panel for the 2012 Booker Prize. Very impressive. How did you land that gig?

There used to be a review show on British television, and I was invited on that to talk about some books and to talk about the Booker shortlist from the previous year, and [the selections] really annoyed me. So I just went on and spoke my mind about these books and didn’t think twice about it. A couple of weeks later I got a call from the Man Booker committee saying, “Love what you said on that show. Come and judge the prize.” I read 147 books, and it was a lot of work. I guess I landed it just by mouthing off on live television.

What are you currently reading?

A Conspiracy of Tall Men by Noah Hawley. I love reading first novels. They’re always fascinating and fresh and flawed and really interesting.

You and Noah will be working together on FX’s Legion. What made you decide to join the Marvel universe?

Noah. I think he’s such a fascinating man, and his take on this whole world is so fresh and interesting and intriguing and I loved what he did with Fargo. The cast that he draws together and the kind of actors he likes to work with and the style of his storytelling is so intriguing that I was immediately drawn in by that. The fact that it’s Marvel seemed incidental to me, really. It’s more about this bizarre world and this crazy character in the middle of it and working with a great storyteller.

You were discovered playing Macbeth on the stage. What’s the one Shakespeare character you’d most like to tackle?

King Lear. I’m working up to it. I’d like to do a film version directed by Terry Gilliam.

You’ve worked with Bill Condon twice now in The Fifth Estate and Beauty and the Beast. Describe his style of directing.

Bill’s a real sweet man, and he’s so intelligent and gentle. He’s not one of those savage directors. He’s very subtle and kind. He has a sweet sensitivity to the whole of the story to tell.

Do you sing in Beauty and the Beast?

I sang a song. Yeah, is it gonna be in the movie? You’ll have to ask Bill. Alan Menken wrote a brand new song for the Beast, because he doesn’t sing in the original animated movie.

Your wife is a singer. Did she help you prepare?

Yes. She helped with my audition, which I was terrified of. We’re a pretty musical household and it was lovely to have that. We’ve never really sung together all that much. It was a really beautiful thing to do. It was such an exciting project. The preparation was so intense and different to anything I’ve take on before, physically and vocally and also the technology we employed in achieving that. It was so groundbreaking and mysterious and weird and wonderful. I really felt all the sort of fairytale magic.

What directors would you love to work with?

I adore [Beasts of No Nation’s] Cary Fukunaga. I think his work is extraordinary. And I’d love to get involved with Werner Herzog. I think we’d have a crazy ride together somewhere.

What profession would you do if not this?

I would set up a vegan ice cream store.

Are you a vegan?

No. I tried it once, but I really like vegan ice cream.

Are you pulling for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders next week in the New York primary?

I’m a Bernie man.  

Are you for or against the Brexit?

Oh man. That whole situation is as much of a shitshow as this election, really. I think it’s unfortunate how the British population is being dragged into what’s essentially a dick-swinging competition to win the leadership of the Conservative Party over there. I think the interest of the British people are not really at the heart of the people proposing [it]. I think that’s a real shame. It makes me kind of mad that whole thing.

Who would you most like to meet?

Meryl Streep. I’ve never met her, and I bet she’s lovely.

Vox Machina singing heacanons

(Because their name literally means “voice machine” and you can’t stop me)

Grog hums when he’s bored, and sings outright when he’s comfortable. His voice is deep and gravelly but surprisingly consistent in pitch - yet another of his surprising intelligences. He knows the goliath folk songs by heart; as for most other music, he usually remembers the melody but tends to make up his own words, sometimes with hilarious results. His voice booms merrily when he’s drunk, but when he’s sober, perhaps wandering the keep’s halls or sharpening his weapons, it carries with uncharacteristic softness, and listeners can’t help but smile a little.

Scanlan, of course, has the golden voice and poetic inclination that befit a bard. Outwardly, he chooses to display his talent either through humorously reworded versions of old songs, or else through plainly ridiculous arias about Pike - both of which are garnered to produce laughs and don’t have any real artistic purpose. In secret, however, he has hundreds of original compositions that he is in the near constant process of writing and rewriting, never (he thinks) to perform. 

Pike has dedicated her life to worship, and with worship comes song. Her voice is an effortlessly clear soprano, and she most often uses it to sing the praises of Sarenrae - once she overcomes her stage fright. Privately, she believes that song allows her to most clearly feel the presence of her goddess, but it doesn’t change the fact that she’s horribly self-conscious when singing in public. To the various audiences she encounters during Vox Machina’s travels, it hardly matters that her songs are religious, because listeners are immediately entranced by the high and intricate melodies she produces without seeming to think. Grog first awoke after his herd nearly killed him to the sound of her song, and Scanlan fell irrevocably in love with her voice before anything else. They’ve both been under her spell ever since, and they hope she’ll understand it one day.

Vex and Vax are infuriating, because they both have unfairly smooth and versatile voices that blend together like two streams of water. As it turns out, song has been the twins’ comfort ever since they can remember. Their travels as runaways made them familiar with a plethora of regional songs, and when they weren’t singing for coin, they were singing for the joy of it, or to ease one another into sleep. As a result, they now need only share a look before breaking out into perfect harmony - sometimes an upbeat folk tune, sometimes an ethereal choral work, but always inexplicably in the same key. Anyone who hears their voices echo through the halls of the keep immediately feels more relaxed, except Percy, who shakes his head at the gorgeous injustice of it all and chooses not to analyze why he feels so flustered.

Percy does not sing. No, he doesn’t care what Cassandra told you, it’s all lies, and anyway it’s normal for people to have ridiculous dreams when they’re children, even though it’s still not true, Vex. He does not sing, not anymore, certainly not quietly to himself when he’s tinkering and thinks no one can hear, and absolutely certainly not loudly while drunk. Even if he did, he’s sure it wouldn’t sound as nice as you say. He’s probably no good at all, at least not compared to you two. What? Nothing. No, Vex, he doesn’t care to elaborate.

Keyleth is painfully and irreversibly tone deaf. 

But it doesn’t really matter, because Vox Machina sings together at home, in the streets, in pubs, and during battle. They sing by the fire and they sing while they travel and they even sing their opponents to death, sometimes, and together they’re beautiful in their own way.

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Tagged by @generalecapodiurano (sei l’unica che mi caga ormai ((e io che rispondo secoli dopo poi, SCUSA AHAHAH)) ❤)

a - age: 18, I’m oooold

b - biggest fear: I’m afraid of the crowds, I’m terrified!

c - current time: 17.00

d - drink you last had: my delicious blood! (I cut mah finger ☹ )

e - every day starts with: ‘’Oh god why’’

f - favorite song: Ci sono anch’io (the italian version of ‘’I’m still here’’)

g - ghosts, are they real: I think…. Maybe?

h - hometown: west Prussia, of course

i - in love with: “ My bed’’ is an answer?

j - jealous of: my pencils, like, do not touch

k - killed someone: ….. you want to be next?

l - last time you cried: idk, I think last week -

m - middle name: I have three names, but it’s a secret! You’ll never know!

n - number of siblings: brother=1 sister=1 dog=1

o - one wish: I want to work at walt disney

p - person you last called/texted: uggh I can’t tag her

q - questions you’re most asked: ‘’Are you crazy?’’

r - reasons to smile: Tom Hiddleston ( ❤ )

s - song last sang: Fly me to the Moon (Rei Ayanami ver.)

t - time you woke up: 6.00

u - underwear color: black <3

v - vacation destinations: MY HOME, I HATE LEAVING HOME

w - worst habit: lie down on my stomach, because I hurt my back

x - x-rays you’ve had:  on my left hand, My little finger is strange, It’s empty or something

y - your favorite food: I don’t know the english name, or if it’s the same name, but TIRAMISù

z - zodiac sign: pisces

if yall want, do this: I’m not going to tag anyone, like always, sorry!