this is the most productive evening of my life


8. November 2016 .:. Today was so freaking cold! I read papers for most of the 6 productive hours at uni, quickly visited a friend and now I’m waiting for my rice to cool to make some sushi. Then back to more reading and/or writing. Have a nice evening!

If anyone ever asks if I understand how evolution works I will send them this comprehensive Cone doodle.



Good morning.

Sometimes, I don’t know what to say…

When that happens I try to focus on the positive and the things I want in my life rather than the things I don’t. I refuse to speak or write his name or use his hashtag. In a way, that gives “him” more power. When I find myself wanting to rant and scream ugly names, I instead take a step to the side and think for a while. Name-calling does very little to move us forward in life, but action does. I will use whatever energy I have to take action, yet keep my anger in a productive place. This is how I choose to do battle in life.

Happy Monday ❤️


Sunday, 19 February | 15/100

Hello everyone—I haven’t made any 100 Days of Productivity posts in over a month, and I feel really bad about it. But I’d like to keep going and start posting regularly again; I think it helps me stay accountable to myself and feel good about the work that I’m doing.

Good news though: I got my essay results back a couple of weeks ago, and I got firsts on all of them! I was very shocked but very pleased. If that’s not motivation to try even harder and knock my next assignments out of the park, I don’t know what is.

I’m going to be honest; lately I haven’t been at my most productive (not only in terms of academic life, but life in general). But I’m going to change that. I’m going to get back on track.

Today my main priorities are to finish my reading on comparative education, work on my e-books literature review, and do a bit of general reading into the history of education for my lecture tomorrow. Wish me luck.

twenty one pilots themed asks!!! -Answered by Mod Hooper

implicit demand for proof- what is your biggest fear? - Failure.
fall away- what was the last lie you told to yourself? - Of course you can be productive with no one around to keep you on task!
the pantaloon- have you ever been deeply affected by a death? - Yes.  The death of the Obama administration demolished my fragile mental health.
addict with a pen- have you ever felt like what you wanted most was just out of your reach? - Talent for the things I love was never even in my reach.
friend, please- have you ever had to talk someone out of making a big mistake? - Yes.
march to the sea- do you conform or go against standards? -AGAINST
johnny boy- who in your life is a sort of unsung hero? -My best friend is a perfect human being who gets bullied a lot because people say she is ‘too nice.’
oh ms believer- someone in your life whom you wish was more confident in themselves? - Me.
air catcher- have you ever been afraid to tell someone that you loved them? - Nope.
trapdoor- what is something that you hide from everyone, even the people closest to you? -The extent of my insecurity.
a car, a torch, a death- do you love anyone so much that you would be willing to die for them? - I’d die for you, that’s easy to say.  We have a list of people that we would take a bullet for them, a bullet for you, a bullet for everybody in this room.
taxi cab- what do you believe will happen to you after death? - Maybe nothing? Maybe some sort of afterlife? I don’t know, I’ve never been dead.
before you start your day- what song helps you feel confident? - Helena by My Chemical Romance.
isle of flightless birds- what holds you back from reaching your full potential? - Anxiety.
regional at best:
guns for hands- how do you redirect negative thoughts? - I listen to music that makes me feel understood or not alone.
holding on to you- who do you go to when you need help? - This blog and my best friend.
ode to sleep- are you a night owl or an early riser? - Night Owl.
slowtown- a day you’d relive over again if you could? - I went to a convention with my best friend.  We cosplayed Llamas with Hats.   She was Paul and I was Carl.  That was the best day ever.
car radio- do you prefer to listen to the radio or your own music in the car? - My own music.
forest- something that didn’t go how you had planned? - My life.
glowing eyes- what are your dreams like? - Vivid, weird, and memorable.
kitchen sink- have you created something that only you understand? - Yes.
anathema- what bothers you the most? - Current events.
lovely- best compliment you’ve ever received? - I was walking around, and I heard a guy I walked past who was looking at me just whisper, “That’s so badass.”  That made me so happy.
ruby- have you ever been unexpectedly inspired or affected by someone? - I didn’t mean for the music I listen to to save my life, but it has.
trees- someone you wish you could speak to? - Dan and Phil
be concerned- have you ever questioned something that everyone else around you firmly believed? - Yes.
clear- are you an introvert or an extrovert? - Ambivert.
house of gold- have you promised something that you cannot fulfill until you get older? - I promised myself that I would own five HUGE dogs all at once.  Their names will be Mrs. O’Leary, Sirius, Anubis, Fluffy, and Fenris.
ode to sleep- have you ever asked someone for forgiveness multiple times?  -Yes, as I have known very stubborn people.
holding on to you- do you write in cursive or print? - Print.
migraine- favorite and least favorite days of the week? why? - I like Fridays because shorter school and staying up late.  I hate Sundays because of the anxiety about Mondays.
house of gold- want kind of house do you want when you get older? - I want a house with a lot of windows and curtains and books and space, but not so much space that I get lonely.
car radio- have you ever had anything stolen from you? - Someone stole my gold sharpie.
semi-automatic- something you wish you could change about your personality? - Wish I were less competitive and perfectionistic.
screen- have you ever tried to be someone you’re not to impress someone? - No.
the run and go- the last person’s house you stayed at? the last person who stayed at your house? - I stayed at my best friend’s house.  She and my other best friend stayed at my house.
fake you out- something you seem to care about more than other people? - Current events.
guns for hands- the last lie you told your parents? - I don’t do that thing.
trees- someone you wish you could see? (strictly sight only, no dialogue)   - Abe Lincoln.  I need to know how big the mole really was.
truce- what inspires you to stay alive? -Twenty One Pilots
kitchen sink- have you told someone to go away even though you didn’t actually want to be left alone? - Constantly.
heavydirtysoul- have you ever had to put your dream on hold? - What dreams?
stressed out- who’s opinion do you value the most? - My own.
ride- a fantasy that you would never act on? - Hitting a teacher I hate with my future diploma.
fairly local- are you typically cold or hot? - Cold.
tear in my heart- have you found the tear in your heart? - What heart?
lane boy- have you ever stood up for what you believe in? - LITERALLY EVERYONE IN MY SCHOOL HATES ME BECAUSE I DO THIS SO MUCH
the judge- which is scarier, fear or what causes fear? - Fear.
doubt- a doubt that you have that you wish you could shake? - I doubt that I’ll be able to succeed in life.
polarize- where do you “hide” your problems? - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!
we don’t believe what’s on tv- do you value material objects or the intangible? - Why not both?
message man- when things get hard, do you sleep or stay awake? - I try to sleep but can’t.
hometown- where is your hometown? - The dark.
not today- do you let people get to you? - Far too often.
goner- what is your blurryface like? - It is evil and seething and glowing and I hate it.



‘’The little boy who loved his grandfathers sweet beans wished to make sweat beans and the little boy who watched the news his grandfather loved watching was awakened to unreasonable issues in society. ‘’

People often call you an angel. I know you have flaws, just like we all do. You make mistakes, just like we all do. But, you’re still my angel. You’re my strenght and inspiration. But you’re also my biggest weakness. I love so many things about you. But let me just count some: standing up for your members and going trough the hardest moments in your life together, AS ONE. Being their biggest support, their role-model, their ‘father’. Being the most hardworking man i’ve ever met, without even thinking about yourself. Being a great producer who’s constantly trying to find a way to make better music, to explore everything about it and bring the best product to your fans. Being a great and thoughtful brother, son and grandson.  I want you to find yourself. I want you to ask for help when you need it, don’t carry your burden all by yourself. I want nothing but happiness for you. Eat more, laugh more, dance more.  Make lots of great music, be a great leader to your group and be the best idol for your fans.  I love you, my baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

HYYH Young Forever Thanks To - SUGA

Thank you ARMYs for making our lives the most beautiful moment of life through the HYYH albums.
My family that I always miss even when we see each other! My father, mother and older brother, thank you so much and I love you!

Bang PD-nim, vice president Choi Yu Jung, managing director Kim Shin Gyu, managing director Yoon Seok Jun, managing director Lee Hyuk and managing director Chae Eun that always dream and lead the best group, thank you!

Big Hit music production team that always makes good music together! Pdogg hyung and Do Hyungie hyung thank you so much, it was great to make good music together this time!! Thank you Chang Wonie hyung, Ju Yeongie hyung and Bo Seongie hyung!! Korea’s best manager team! Ho Beomie hyung, Se Jinine hyung, Jung Ilie hyung, Deok Hwanie hyung, Yu Jae hyung and Min Hyeokie hyung, thank you so much. I will listen carefully to hyungs!

Those who have been working very hard (behind us) to make BTS shine, Woo Jung noona, Su Rin noona, Hye Ri noona, Hyun Ji noona, Bun Hong-nim, Hui Sun-nim, Na Ri noona, Ha Yan noona, Seul Hee noona, Jin Ah-nim, Seul Lee noona, Na Yeob noona and Yu Ri-nim, thank you so much. Thanks to you all that we can shine and glow, thank you! Management support team’s team leader Hyeok Gi, Jae Hoonie hyung, Eun Jung-nim and Eun Sang-nim, thank you!

Those who have been working hard to make us shine on the stage, the visual creative team’s Seong Hyeonie hyung, Hyeon Ju noona and Seon Kyeong noona, we could make the stage even cooler thanks to you guys. Thank you. Stylists, chief Ha Jeong, Hye Su noona, Chae Won noona, Seo Yeon noona and Yeon Hwa-nim, thank you for giving us cool clothes to wear! Our new chief Nae Ju, chief Enok and chief Da Reum, let’s make cool products together for a long long time!

Thank you concert plan A and CJ E&M. We’ll show cooler stages! Thank you so much for making the best choreography teacher Sung Deuk and (backup) dancers dongsaengs for making cool performances with us. Rookie development team’s Seon Jung noona, Mi Jung noona, Yeon Hee-nim and Seung Woo-nim, please pick the cool hoobaes! Hang in there just for a little bit (longer)! And once again, I want to thank every ARMY that has made BTS exist. I love you.


After some deliberation, I decided that I would spend my Friday evening productively, so I hunted down some dress-up games.

It is now 3:30 am in the morning.


Adelaide was a bit more boring… (Maybe I should change her design??)

And then as a pair, STEAMPUNK!



And my personal favorite, this sweet couple creator! (Most accurate Adelaide I made all night.)

And then I made DateSana as well because I am weak for redblue.

I made Cats!Shokurinba too, but I am hiding those in the depths of my computer. GOOD FUCKING NIGHT.

I see random juvenile hate towards some people that I really look up to on here. My topic for this post is @asynca i wish the energy some people use to try and bring down others would instead be used on something productive or even shoving their fingers in their own mouths. Do people just wake up thinking about how they can fuck up someone elses day by being a bitter pos?

Asyncas three most recent books have put so much weight on my heart and mind about making changes about myself for the better. Ive never had fiction affect me so much and rethink my life that ive probably read each book in its entirety at least 5 times. My therapist even had to prescribe me sleeping pills to counter the mania i get from reading the UMS books because every character speaks to me on so many levels. After a few years of anxiety, depression, and dysphoria. These books are my escape.

I also love asynca for being able to put such strong emotion and interactions into writing. And i also love her for just being an all around friendly and fantastic person.

Obviously i cant ask people to stop doing something, but if you are using energy to spread bitterness and hate, wtf are you doing with your life

We live in such a world that no immediate judgments of a person or situation can be made.  Many seem unable to conceive of this notion, and from this misunderstanding comes most of the problems I concern myself with.

Upon first encounter with such forms of bigotry and hatred I feel most righteous towards, anger is typically the only identifiable emotion one is overcome with.  But anger far from solves hatred, as at the root of hatred is anger and fear.  Sadly, patronizing also tends to raise more issues than it cures.  Not even love can help those who are so lost in life they feel the need to cause pain on to others.

Note my wording.  We all feel hatred, fear, greed, and every other disgraceful emotion.  This writing is a product of mine.  But, the importance lies not in the potentially damaging feelings themselves, but rather how you utilize them.  Do you hurt others in a pathetic attempt to heal yourself?  Do you sit back and engage this negativity in a solipsistic grasp at introspection?  Or, do you try to better yourself and your immediate vicinity (Sorry, but more likely than not, neither you nor I could ever change the world)?  I have yet to find my answer to this important question, I hope someday I do.  

I’d like to turn the topic; because this is my first serious post, I want to clarify something:  For whatever reason, I’ve decided to document my opinions and thoughts as they and I change.  I, as you can tell by the title of my blog, don’t necessarily find my beliefs that important.  I’m glad I don’t, honestly.  Despite being innately protective and ashamed of my opinions, I do hope someone reads this and at least gets a moment of amusement. 

As I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, I’m not trying to inspire you to do anything at all, honestly.  I’m more than happy to write these words for no one other than myself.  One day I may come back to these scribbled tantrums, rants, and rambles in an affectionate reflection on my youth.  Or, far more likely, I may burn this evidence of teenage ignorance and self-absorption many months from now, as clearly I will be far more intelligent and enlightened then.

Whatever may come from this, I believe one thing to be true: I have made mistakes, I am making mistakes, until the day I die I will sketch myself in my mistakes.  But, if there’s one person these mistakes will change, if there’s one person I can change, it’s myself.  Maybe that’s my purpose.

Morning List, Morning Routine

Developing a morning routine has been key for me. When I am at my most productive, the least frustrated with myself, and when I generally just have a good day - it has usually started when my morning was not chaotic.

The list above is not everything I do in the morning, but close.  My advice to fellow ADHD travelers when making a list, put things on there even if they’re so elementary your inner voice says, “well, you’re not that stupid.  You’ll remember to brush your teeth.”  First of all, you’re not stupid at all, so inner voice, STFU.  More importantly, I think the very exercise of breaking down a space of time or task into its most basic parts is a healthy exercise and a skill that builds executive function.

I have my lists written out in several different places.  On my phone, on a white board in the bedroom and in the kitchen.  Fellow ADHD travelers know - we can’t remind ourselves enough.  I track some but not all of the items using an app. There are many to choose from; I like  

Mindfulness Exercise/Meditation

When I have enough time, I have incorporated into my morning routine a few minutes of sitting in meditation.  I’ve written more about how meditation helps me with ADHD, and there are a lot more resources out there on the subject. If meditation is not for you or if, like me, sometimes you’re rushing out the door, incorporating mindfulness practice into something else you are doing in the morning is something I would highly recommend. Something like, say, the Leave No Trace Mindfulness Exercise.

Lists are So Rigid - They’re Just Not Me

That’s what I used to think.  My partner lives by lists and he is the opposite of me in so many ways, particularly his executive skills functions: they’re through the roof.  I’d see him and his lists and think, that’s for those kind of people; not me. 

Here’s the thing.  Making the list and developing a habit, in my experience, has allowed me the ability to be flexible.  Once I had an established morning routine, it was easier to stray when necessary because–let’s face it–shit happens.  Life intervenes.  The alarm doesn’t go off or you didn’t quite do everything on your evening list and so your morning is busier than usual.  You may have to rush out the door without doing everything on the list.  Having the routine, for one, creates for me a memory of the things I did not do and maybe go back to them.  This is especially true of mindfulness.  If I didn’t have time to sit in the morning, I try and take some time in the middle of the day to do so.

And the thing about the list is, it’s there. It’s just a thing.  It’s not judging you. if you have a chaotic morning and a shitty day, it’s a reminder that ADHD is all about getting back on the horse.  You fall, you get back up.

Natural and non-toxic makeup ideas

(Spoiler alert: If you follow me on my Croatian blog, you probably saw this already. I’m translating some 2015 post here so please be patient for the new reviews.)

If you are a natural beauty enthusiast like me, you always try to incorporate natural tips and trick to make your beauty rituals as clean and body-friendly as possible. Now, it’s easy with skincare: most drugstores today sell a good range of organic or even natural products , but makeup it’s a lot harder. Most natural makeup I’ve seen can be only purchased via Facebook pages, Etsy or some indie websites. There’s a small chance you’ll find natural and non-toxic makeup products in local stores (mostly because they don’t contain any conservative ingredients, so they has extra short shelf life - under 6 months and are produced in small batches or custom made after ordering for individual clients and their needs.)  

So, the question is: how to find these products? My answer: make it! It doesn’t take much to make natural makeup and you probably have most of these ingredients in your kitchen already. Here are some of my suggestions:

Liquid/cream foundation with sunscreen: mix your mineral makeup foundation (in a powder form - the stronger the coverage, the better) with your go-to non-toxic sunscreen cream or lotion - I use Kiss my Face 3in1 SPF30 Sensitive side because the formula is gentle and I can even apply it around my eyes (if you use cream it’s going to be thick and you’ll use less product every time, but lotion will be easier to apply and less cakey). The amount can be customized to your needs: add more powder for more coverage and add more cream/lotion for moisturizing properties, natural coverage and better sun protection. I also advise you to make super small amounts of this products because it can get really dry in no time. It is kind of annoying, but it can turn into a no-fuss habit.

For a matte face/T-zone: use cornstarch! Cornstarch is a common ingredient in many commercial face powders (along with talc and silica, except cornstarch is less likely to clog your pores and cause acne). Simply dip your brush in a small amount of cornstarch (I keep mine in baby food containers or empty powder jars - recycling points! or even in a salt shaker so I can use it as dry shampoo). A dry shampoo made entirely out of cornstarch works best on bleached, blonde or silver hair. If you are a brunette or redhead you can add cinnamon, cocoa powder or activated charcoal for a color matching dry powder. Make sure it absorbs well and brush off any excess powder. Most local food stores sell cornstarch and it dirt cheap: few dollars for at least 200 grams, which can last you a whole year.

If you want to use a natural blush, try beet root powder or raspberry powder (although I think beet root powder is way cheaper). You can mix in different natural and edible ingredients with it to make custom shades, which can also be used and mineral eyeshadow or (mixed with a DIY lip balm with some shea butter and coconut oils) lipstick or lip gloss.

For bronzer: use cocoa powder and cinnamon along with cornstarch (you’ll save a lot of money on bronzers and dry shampoo with one DIY product). For matte black eyeshadow: use activated charcoal, but be careful if you have oily lids because it can smudge a lot and make a mess (the same goes with mixing charcoal with coconut oil to make a DIY eyeliner - tried it, smudged like hell).

If you add cocoa powder to shea butter and some other unrefined oils you can make an instant bronzing body lotion for summer or special occasions where you don’t want to or can’t tan outdoors or in a salon (which I don’t endorse, but some people like getting tanned).

For colorful eye makeup, mascaras, highlighters, concealers and opaque lipsticks: you CAN make these but the raw ingredients are often expensive and the recipes are quite tricky. Also, mascaras are super tricky to make because you’ll need a lot of testing to ensure you won’t wake up with a pink eye in the morning and they require a sterile environment for packaging which most of us don’t have in our homes. I advise you to buy from small indie companies that produce good quality, safe and affordable makeup, like the ones on Etsy. Ask your neighbors and friends is someone they know makes natural makeup, but if you can’t find any, check the links on my Cruelty-Free page (in the middle of the list, under “Mineral Makeup”). My favorites are: Everyday Minerals (great foundation formulas and shade selection + amazing brushes!), Concrete Minerals (awesome shade selection for both shimmer and matte shades + the best eye primer ever!) and of course - Meow Cosmetics (my absolute favorites when it comes to eye makeup - thousand of shades, effects, collections and styles. Their Egyptian Treasures eyeshadow collection is so perfect I almost cried when I got it - check this post for swatches.)   

Day Four- Pegasus

Pegasus always has and will be my favourite villain. I remember being scared of him as a kid because of his duel with Yugi/Yami, and how he pulled that ‘into the shadow realm’ shit on them, and even now, I just have to sit back and applaud Pegasus for how damn good his arc was. He just had this level of real creepiness to him the others didn’t, the kind I would actually be scared of if I met him in real life. Pegasus’s plan always made the most sense to me, and he was productive in his execution of it. Not to mention the way he just fucks with everyone- he KNEW how to use his power and DAMN did he use it! I always get excited at the idea of rewatching Duelist Kingdom, because I get to see Yami and Yugi square up against my fav villain in my favourite duel of all time B)

anonymous asked:

I still like leafy but i have no motivation to make edits because its not fun anymore since almost no ones here Idk just me rambling

tbh I think I’m a bit done with Tumblr in general, I spend most of my time crocheting and sitting in discord calls n making edits is demotivating cuz Its like I spent hours of my life making this for us all to enjoy, and it only gets like 20 notes? Was it even worth the time? crocheting is always rewarding cuz u get that doe and the final product.

lowkey a bit jealous of the cancer crew fandoms, they have the best edits and I wish i learned how to make edits by watching them rather than leafy vine edits.

half a Ham
  1. Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? I saw Hamilton here in Chicago last night, and it was really, really, REALLY good. Amazing, even. Fucking incredible, I say. But it also didn’t live up to my obviously unrealistic expectations, and I’m struggling to figure out whose fault that is, if anyone’s, or maybe everyone’s. It’s probably the best theatrical production I’ve ever seen and I left feeling let down. That’s fucked, right? What sort of brokenness am I harboring here? And what terrible life metaphor is this?
  2. Be advised that Samantha Marie Ware, who plays Maria Reynolds (and Peggy) delivered the most singularly sensuous performance I’ve ever seen on a stage, anywhere, ever. She just about burned the building to the ground during “Say No To This.” Nobody would say no to that, Alexander. Have some.
  3. I was planning to stalk Lin before or after the show but he left town yesterday morning after seeing the opening Wednesday night. He went to London where I assume he’s working on next year’s West End production. I have to think this show has a whole different feel over there. All of a sudden it’s a three-hour celebration of the bad guys. I wonder how they’ll play King George over there, too. Maybe like a flawed-but-badass Tarantino hero.
  4. The curtain call was simply the whole cast in a line taking a bow. PERFECT. Please, other shows, do this. Don’t send them all out hierarchically, two at a time, over the course of twenty minutes while I clap myself raw. I need to pee and head home.
  5. I left my glasses there last night, and went to get them from the lost and found today. They sent me around to the stage door, and when security buzzed me in and I saw the backstage workings, a huge flood of emotions came over me as I was reminded of my own small triumphs in theatre as an arranger and musician. In some parallel universe, I have a vibrant career at the front of the pit. Of course, I’m flat broke and eating ramen every night in that universe, but I’m happy.

Goodbye August,
thank you for letting me finally be myself, even if it only was for a night. Thank you for letting me come out to my family. Thank you for letting me travel, conquer my fears, and be adventurous. This might have been my most productive month in awhile. How can I forget? Goodbye summer vacation, school will be back soon.  

Hello September,
I greet you with open arms. Lets make this month worth wild. Let me have a good first month and first year of high school. Let me make some new friends. See you tomorrow, September.

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #005

Charles Fraser’s full-length portrait of John Laurens, now available in poster form here

And I even have a product review for you all because 1) I needed this poster in my life, and 2) I wanted to make sure the image quality would be acceptable (only the best for you guys).

So I present to you, without any sort of exaggeration, the most beautiful poster I have ever owned:

Just look at this resolution (also my hand for size comparison)

And if you’re wondering what these white things on the side of the poster are -

They’re not printing errors - they’re the epaulettes and breeches from a soldier on the side of the full painting (which you can see here).  Since I wanted to focus on John, I cut him out.

I ordered the 13″x19″ size with semi-gloss paper.  You could go up to a 24″x36″ poster since the image I used is large enough to fit that size, but I do not recommend it.  This image was scanned from a magazine cover, and as you make the picture bigger, you start seeing the dots of color that make up the picture.  This is what the picture looks like when fully zoomed in:

So I would recommend staying around the 13″x19″ size or going smaller if you would like.

If you click the “customize it” button on the site, you will also be able to resize and rearrange the image if you need it to fit a different size poster better.

I hope you enjoy this poster as much as I do.