this is the most pleasant surprise

The fans have made my life full of the most incredible pleasant surprises, things I could never imagine. So, I like in turn, to surprise them from time to time. I’ll either send them presents, or it’s stalking them on the internet and inviting them to things, or even if I just see someone walking down the street with a concert t-shirt… You never know what may happen.
—  Taylor Swift  (on Taylor Swift NOW episode 1)
Joker Imagine: Interrogation

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Joker’s P.O.V.

My eyes scanned the room. I saw my collection of torture devices, my favourites of course being the nice range of sharp knives. But I had more. On the wall I saw hammers, sledge-hammers, drills, bone saws, pliers and much more. On the opposite wall I had more stranger things. Most people wouldn’t even know the name of these things.

In the middle, strapped down onto a torture table was my victim. I kept a growl inside I saw her. The girl was still unconscious, but she was twitching now and then so she’d get up soon to a pleasant surprise. Her arms and legs were strapped down. I had put a white blindfold on her eyes, but I’d take them off later. The girl was wearing last night’s clothes as well.

Her name was Y/N.

With my hands behind my back and my eyes firmly on this girl, I slowly started pacing around her. She had E/C eyes, that I remember from seeing her awake last night. Her hair was H/C and it was sprawled on the table. I sighed and put a light above her face. Then I dragged off the blindfold and threw it somewhere. I dragged a chair so I could sit behind her. Then I just waited.

Y/N started breathing more rapidly that before. Then finally I watched as her eyes opened. Seconds later the girl was trying to get free, but it was useless. She was yanking her arms and legs and tried to wiggle away, but it didn’t save her. ‘’Now now Y/N how about a nice hello first?’’ I broke the silence, stood up and walked to her left side. Y/N’s eyes were squinted at me, probably because of bright lights.

Suddenly the tough girl looked terrified. I smiled at her, flashing my grillz. ‘’W-why am I here?’’ Y/N whimpered ,but kept her gaze on me. Good question. I just laughed a little bit, but then got dead serious. I held her jaw and leaned closer to her face. ‘’Why are you here? Now do you remember what you did last night?’’ I questioned her darkly. ‘’No’’ I got an answer. EVen that one small word was full of fear.

‘’Think harder’’ I encouraged her and tried to keep my chill. Y/N’s eyes glistened and it seemed like she would cry. ‘’But I-I can’t’’ She defended herself. I let go of her jaw and stood up straight. I looked at the table of things I could use to make words come. The words I wanted to hear. So I grabbed an all black knife and held it firmly in my hands. As I turned back to the girl, she froze on the spot.

‘’Now doll I need you to be honest with me’’ I warned her as I sat down again. Y/N’s eyes were glued on the knife, but she still nodded.I moved the knife close to her face and kept the tip on her jaw. ‘’Tell me..’’ I started with a deep growl, dragging the knife to her throat gently without leaving any marks. Y/N was all tensed up underneath my touch. Good. ‘’Do you work for Batman?’’ I asked her what I wanted to know.

Y/N wasn’t moving. I waited eagerly for an answer that never seemed to come. Suddenly tho she dared to speak. ‘’I don’t..’’ Y/N tried to tell me, but it wasn’t convincing. ‘’Don’t lie to me!’’ I raised my voice and made her flinch. As she flinched, the tip of the knife cut her throat a little, making her whimper in pain. A single drop of blood rolled down her throat onto the table. It didn’t worry be, but for some reason I didn’t like the sight.

Wait a minute. I loved hurting people. Why was this one so different? Her eyes were glistening even more now and I could tell she held back tears. ‘’I’m not lying to you Joker’’ Y/N asserted more confidently. That’s what I wanted to hear. I pulled back the knife a little bit so she could see it again. ‘’Then why did you spy on me at the club?’’ I questioned her. 

Y/N took a deep breath. I found it kinda amusing as she tried to speak to save her life. On the other hand I wanted to see her differently. I wanted to see this girl go crazy. I wanted to make her go crazy. ‘’Scarecrow forced me to’’ She admitted with a small voice. Scarecrow? Gosh I hated him. He was straight up annoying with that gas poison of his. ‘’How did he force you?’’ I wanted to know more. Story time..

‘’I was at a bar and when I got outside next to the bar where my friend was smoking, Scarecrow appeared. My friend ran off, but I stayed. So he said he’d spray me with the poison unless I did him a favour. T-then I told him I’d help him out. He told me to go to your club and try to find out about your money, which went wrong. I had no choice Joker. I honestly don’t give a fuck about your money or your anything, because I have nothing to do with it’’ Y/N started calmly, but she grew very frustrated and sad.

I believed her. She seemed smart and smart girls wouldn’t lie to me here, not in this room. ‘’Promise?’’ I tilted my head and pointed at her with the knife. ‘’I promise’’ Y/N answered quickly and then a tear rolled down her face. I didn’t like this sight of her as much as I imagined. Fuck. ‘’Well then we can make a deal’’ I stated and put the knife away.

I smirked and then sat on the edge of the table, closer to her. Y/N looked at me and I swear her body was quivering like she was cold, but I knew she was afraid. I could almost smell it. ‘’We’ll find Scarecrow and put a bullet through his head, together’’ I revealed happily and I accepted the fact I sounded a little too excited. Before this I had planned to torture this girl near death, but I changed my mind. Maybe I could keep her around and see how quickly I could make her go coo coo.

‘’Fine’’ She whispered, not revealing any emotion. I looked at her closely. ‘’Would you like that?’’ I asked, hoping to catch any signs of happiness or sadness, anything really. Suddenly Y/N smiled a little and nodded. ‘’Now that’s a good girl’’ I chirped and decided to untie her. Little did she know I’d make a bad girl out of her.

And little did I know she’d make me a good boy, but just for her.

BJoo Time~!

BJoo goes first for a couple of reasons. He sat directly with us from the beginning - Laira was actually sitting next to him for the entire start of the meal, until Hansol literally forced him to switch places. He spoke a lot of English - a LOT of English, which was a pleasant surprise. I know in live streams and stuff previously he’s asked fans to speak in Korean, but he’s been working really hard, and it’s showing. He joked around a bit and used an American accent a few times, and he spent most the meal wriggling around.

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I didn’t even notice Jughead grumpily picking off the strawberry from Betty’s milkshake on first watch because I was too busy making whale noises at Jughead calling Betty “Bets” (I had secretly hoped it would happen this episode but didn’t actually expect it to, so imagine my pleasant surprise), and if that wasn’t bad enough less than 2 minutes later he gives her this pure smile that looks like it can light up the entire world (it doesn’t help that most of the time Jughead sports a resting frowny face so when he does smile, it’s noticeable enough to be significant), like honestly how do you expect me to survive this? It’s like he simply adores the very fact that she exists, as she is. I honestly can’t get over the way he looks at her in that moment, with so much affection and fondness that it just melts my heart. Betty Cooper deserves someone who values every little thing she says and looks at her like she’s the sun. 

The whole thing gives me the impression that Rebel Without A Cause had to be their thing, there had to be a story behind it, the one thing they share only with each other and no one else. Why else would Jughead react the way he did, with that little “aww” smile? Maybe there was a happy memory attached to it, and that’s why Betty brought it up - it wasn’t simply a movie suggestion, it was her way of cheering Jughead up and reminding him that she still remembers and treasures whatever happy memory they had watching that movie for the first time. Someone write this pls

(That, or I’m being way too melodramatic and Betty and Jughead simply have similar tastes in 50s cinema. I like my melodramatic interpretation better.)

Fic: Man Flu, Edward Nygma x Reader, One Shot.

Title: Man Flu

Pairing: Edward Nygma x Reader

Request: A Gotham fic, where Ed is very sick and the reader takes care of him.

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You hadn’t been working for the Gotham City PD for very long. Your job wasn’t exactly thrilling seeing as you spent most of the day hidden away in the records room. But considering the notorious nature of Gotham, you didn’t mind a little boring.

Grabbing the file that had been requested, you headed for the Medical Examiner’s office. Dr. Thompkins had been one of the first people to welcome you to the department. She was warm and pleasant, which admittedly surprised you since she worked with corpses all day long.

But the file wasn’t for Lee. It was for the curious man who shared her office, Edward Nygma.

If Lee had welcomed you with open arms, Edward made sure to keep you at a distance.

You understood, after all the man was going through a rough time. According to office gossip, his girlfriend had recently eloped with her ex. You were sure to be something of a reminder for him, considering you had replaced her in the records room.

Knocking on the door softly to announce your arrival, you opened it to see Edward hunched over a microscope.

“I brought the file you asked for, Mr. Nygma,” you said brightly, trying to remain positive in the face of his likely indifference.

“Thank you,” he muttered, voice cracking slightly. He only looked up from the microscope when a coughing fit hit him. Burying his face in the crook of his elbow, his body shook with the force of his coughs. After a moment, it finally passed and he was able to take a shuddering breath.

Glancing towards the doorway, he observed that you were still there, but it was the obvious concern in your eyes that caught him by surprise. Not many people bothered to concern themselves with him. He had always been the nerd, the loser, an easy target for all the bullies that ran rampant in the department.

At least he had been until Officer Dougherty’s death. His confidence had surged after that. But Kristen’s death had been a shock to his system. He knew who he was then, who he was meant to be. The opinion of others didn’t bother him anymore.

That’s why it was stunning that the compassion in your eyes caused such a reaction in him. He felt something akin to pleasure at the sight of your worry for him.

“Are you all right, Mr. Nygma?” You inquired with a frown, brow furrowed when you noticed how pale he had become. “You look terrible!” you blurted out, then began to turn red in embarrassment. “I mean, you don’t look terrible, you’re very handsome” you rambled as Edward cocked his head to the side. “You just look like you might be ill. Are you? Ill?”

When the words finally stopped tumbling from your lips, you were sure you appeared as awkward as you felt. Edward looked to be studying you with an intensity you had never seen in a person before.

And then he sneezed.

Feeling a little flustered, Ed scrambled for a tissue, blowing his nose rather indelicately. Surely, he thought bemusedly, you couldn’t think him handsome now.  

It was in amazement that he dared at glance at you from over his glasses and he didn’t see you recoil. Instead you took a tentative step forward and placed a gentle hand on his arm.

“I have a bit of a cold,” he relented, and you smiled in amusement at his put out tone of voice.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” you shook your head with a tiny laugh when he looked on the verge of pouting. “I tend to get colds all the time,” you confessed. “It’s the weather in Gotham, I think. I keep a supply of cold medicine in my purse. Would you like me to get it? It might make you feel a little less miserable.”

“That…would be nice,” he cautiously accepted your offer with a tilt of his head.

“I’ll be right back, Mr. Nygma,” you chirped as you spun towards the door. His voice stopped you before you could leave.

“You—you can call me Ed,” he announced, not expecting much of a reaction. The warm smile you gave in answer sent a rush of heat to his chest. But maybe that was just his fever.

“I’ll be right back, Ed,” you practically skipped back to your desk, happy with the progress you had made with your reluctant coworker. He appeared to be warming up to you. You didn’t know why so many people in the department gave him such a hard time. He seemed nice, if a little quirky.

Edward almost didn’t expect you to return. He tried not to expect much from the people he worked with. They were usually total disappointments, not even worthy of his time.

But return you did, with medicine and a fresh cup of tea.

You set the items on the only surface you spotted without a body or a bone saw on it, happy to see a wide, if tired, grin on his face.

“In case you have a sore throat,” you explained. “I thought the tea might be soothing.”

“I appreciate the thought,” he admitted. The two of you stood in an easy silence, before you realized you still had an actual job to do.

“I should get back to work,” you recalled with a self-conscious smile. “But if you need anything, please let me know. I’m here to help.”

“I’ll do that,” he assured you with a tiny sniffle. With a jaunty little wave, you headed out of the Medical Examiner’s office, taking no notice of the eyes that followed your every move.

Only when you were out of sight did Edward turn away, taking a sip of tea and considering the gesture.

He had assumed you were just like the others, unworthy of his attention. But you showed concern over his ill health, offered him aid, and seemed truly pleased when he exhibited any sign of approval. Perhaps he should nurture this connection. No one could replace Kristen, but Ed had begun to put her in the past. She was his old self’s obsession. He was in search of renewed focus.

And at the very least, you would make for a welcome distraction.

commonly used swedish phrases translated

as used by me

herregud - lord-god (used in any and situations)

ÄHMEN/JAMEN  - you can’t be serious/this is ridiculous/yea, you are complaining but I also want to complain about something

jahaaa - oh, okay, I see what you mean

ahaaa - I finally understand this thing that’s been bothering me ALL DAY

vafan - what-(the)-devil? (ranges all the way from “yeah, okay, why not” to “this is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and my eyes will never be clean again” depending on how you stress the syllables)

nämen - no-but (used in pleasant surprise, or as a disguise for a unpleasant surprise) ex: I only speak to you when it’s socially unacceptable to pretend I haven’t seen you bc we have literally nothing in common, “nämen hi!” OR “I got off early from work, and I brought kanelbullar!” “nämen, how nice!”

skitsamma - shit-same ex: I am on the verge of giving up/I have already given up, I don’t give a fuck OR I am pretending I don’t care but I actually do and I will show it just enough to guilt trip you

ba - shortened version for “bara” which means “only”, often used in a similar way as “was like” or “said” ex: and then he ba “I hate macaroni” and I ba “who the fuck hates macaroni?”

ja skoja ba/asköjba -  used when telling people you were only joking, regardless of how obvious it was that you were joking

kavla upp ärmarna - rolling up the sleeves (to make a real effort)

fullt ös medvetslös - full speed unconscious (the rad way to say you go all in)

andra bullar - other buns (the situation will change) ex: he might have won the debate yesterday but I have spent three hours looking up arguments to prove him wrong so next time I see him it’ll be andra bullar

full som en alika/fyllekaja - drunk as a jackdaw (fucking drunk as hell)

har du sett på maken - have you looked upon the likes of this ex: I didn’t expect this to happen and I am mildly surprised 

aa fast nä - yea except no (I don’t agree and I am right)

rövhål - dearest (used on your loved ones)

Francois and David are what you could loosely characterize as “libertarian” in their world view, and we often argue about the role of government in society. One particular “clash” stands out in my mind, because it helped me crystalize my thinking on this matter. So we were talking while eating lunch at the Taco Bell in downtown Monterey of all places. Suddenly David, a man in his sixties, excused himself, got up, and ran outside. What had happened was that he had seen several young men bullying and roughing up another young man, and David had gone to intervene.

In thinking about what David had done, I finally understood how he and other libertarians could see their vision of limited government as a viable means of running a society. Such a society would be entirely workable if most people behaved like David!

- Jonathan Lipow

It’s always a pleasant surprise when, instead of saying “libertarians are libertarian because they don’t care if other people suffer”, an opponent of libertarianism says “libertarians are libertarian because they think other people care about helping others as much as they do”.

Imagine Harrison Wells planning to give you a surprise but Jesse accidentally spoiled it

Requested by @ccorpuz1214: Can you do a fluffy imagine sometime after Zoom is defeated with Harry and Reader baking on Earth 1 since they decided to stay (they were together on E2 and she came with him through the breach to save Jesse and Jesse considers her to be like her mom) and he proposes please? And then Jesse comes later and it gets all family cute?

Words: 926

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Watching Harrison Wells worked was always the most pleasant thing in the world, especially when he was working inside the kitchen.

Team Flash decided to throw a celebration party after Zoom was defeated. Surprisingly, Harrison volunteered for making cupcakes, and that was very unusual and weird. You knew he never liked baking and Jesse’s birthday was the only reason he would entered the kitchen once a year. Guess Harrison indeed had grown a quiet fond of the team after all this time and decided to do something nice for them.

“Hey.” You cleared your throat, notifying Harrison of your presence.

“Hey.” He took a glimpse at you, a small smile curling up on his lips.

“Do you need any help?” You closed in, peeking at the cupcakes from behind Harrison’s shoulder to make sure they didn’t become a disaster.

He hastily wiped his hands with a rag and led you away from the counter, “I made birthday cakes for Jesse since the day she was born, remember? I’m doing fine here.” He gave you an assured smile, “And you should be resting. You said you are having a headache.”

“Yeah, about that…” You bit your lower lip insecurely, “I just asked Caitlin to take a look at me.”

“What did she say?” Harrison asked with a soft voice.

“She said the reason why I got headaches all the time is because…” You stammered, looking away from Harrison’s worrying eyes, “I don’t belong here… Earth 1… You once said Earth 1 vibrates differently than ours… Guess the unbalance frequency is affecting me and making me sick…”

“But why didn’t it affect me or Jesse?”

“I guess I’m the unlucky one.” You shrugged sadly, covering your hands with his and gently squeezing them, “I know I’ve promised to stay on Earth 1 with you and Jesse… But…” You sniffed, trying the best to hold back the tears lingered on the corner of your eyes, “If I don’t go back to Earth 2… Caitlin said the headaches would become more frequent and the pain would double each time…”

“Look,” You whimpered with tears streaming down your cheeks, clearly knowing what you were going to say would definitely break Harrison’s heart, “I know you care about Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Iris and Joe a lot. And I don’t want you to give up a wonderful life just because of me… What I’m trying to say is… After the party… I’m leaving… I’m going back to Earth 2… Cisco has promised to open the breach for me…”

Harrison gaped, trying to interrupt, but you cupped his cheeks and eyed him instead, silently stopping him from saying anything.

“After I go… take care of Jesse… and find someone who love you more than I do…” These words were like a sharp knife, tearing your heart into pieces, “You deserve all the happiness in the world…”

“Stop it.”

“I see how you get along with Caitlin…” You ignored him and continued, “I think she’s a perfect match for y–”

Harrison shut you up with a rough kiss. He crushed his lips on yours while gently wiping away your tears with his thumbs. You coiled your arms around his neck and deeply brushed your lips against his as if you were giving him the goodbye kiss.

Noticing the hidden meaning behind your kiss, he parted away from you and cupped your small cheeks with his warm big palms. “Don’t you ever say that again.” He uttered, “You came with me through the breach to save Jesse and I will not let you go back alone.”

Jesse slammed into the kitchen all of the sudden, causing you and Harrison instantly moved away from each other.

A bright wide grin was hanging on Jesse’s rapturous features and she blurted, “Congratulations!”

Jesse’s excited state was confusing you, “What?”

Harrison waved his hand to signal Jesse from spoiling everything.

But Jesse seemed do not understand the meaning of the gesture, she looked at her father with furrowed brows, “Dad, you haven’t proposed to Y/N yet?”

You couldn’t believe what you just heard. You immediately fell the attention on Harrison and asked with astonishment, “You’re going to… What?”

Yet, before Harrison could answer you, another lady rushed inside the room.

“Y/N! I got things too complicated! I restudied your cell activities and found out your headaches aren’t causing by the unbalance frequency. That’s actually the early sign of pregnancy!” Caitlin announced her discovery with a big broad smile, “You’re pregnant!”

There were too many things flooding inside your head all at once, first was the unexpected marriage proposal and now the sudden pregnancy announcement. Your brain just went into a short circuit and you were totally stunned.

Harrison was the first to gather the thoughts and pulled out a shining ring from his pocket, “Well, I was planning to hide this little thing into the cupcake and give you a surprise…” He placed one hand on your belly, “But I think you’re the one who surprised me.” He gave you a beaming smile and looked into your eyes with longing and sincerity, “Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You nodded with fervency, all the sickness or headaches were not a problem anymore.

The feeling of bliss came over Harrison and he couldn’t wait to pull you into his loving arms.

“Mom!” Jesse exclaimed with happiness, buried herself into the group hug.

“Careful, Jesse.” Harrison reminded, “Your Mom is pregnant.”

“Dad, being protective already?” Jesse smirked, making fun of her father.

Harrison laughed, pulling you and Jesse closer into his embrace.


So I work as a American Sign Language (ASL) tutor at Lamar University, where I attend.

One day, a girl named Meagan came in for feedback on a video she had recorded of herself signing for class. Sooo I was working with her and another girl came in and just sat and hung out with us. I was in the middle of giving Meagan feedback on her video and we were all chatting when Girl #2 did the Winston Bishop pose. You know, when he puts his hand on his chest and his face looks incredulous, like “You’re blaming me?! What?!” That one. I couldn’t find a picture so I hope you know what I’m talking about.

ANYWAYS, it instantly reminded me of Winston, so I asked the two girls if they watched New Girl. They both did, to my pleasant surprise! So I told them how what Girl #2 did reminded me of Winston Bishop, and Meagan told me the most SHOCKING news ever. She told me that she thinks her boyfriend looks like Nick Miller but that other people didn’t really see the resemblance.

Of course, being the HUGE Ness Fan that I am (NICK AND JESS FOR LIFE! ALL DAY SON), I wanted to see the picture so I could judge for myself and I just



And she told me he even acts like Nick Miller and she is like LITERALLY Jess. So I think it’s safe to say that Ness is real, whether or not it’s real on the show.

I just had to share that with y’all because ASDFGHJKL

kim taehyung drabble

#61: “Let me braid your hair.”

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After a long day you were laying on the couch with your legs drapped over your boyfriend’s lap as you two watched the newest episode of your most favorite drama. You lived for moments like these. You wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world, because you were one hundred percent sure that you could live off hearing Taehyung’s laugh. His long fingers caressed the skin on your leg as he watched the tv with amusement.

Your own smile widened at the pleasant sound and you reached for his hand and laced your fingers with his. Not surprised by your action, Taehyung shoot you a bright smile and squeezed your hand. “Are you tired?” he asked you softly, bringing your intertwined hands so he could kiss the top of yours.

Shaking your head, you giggled a little and sat up slowly so you could sit right next to him and rest your head on his shoulder.  As you did that, his lips pressed a tender kiss to the crown of your head and his arm wrapped around your waist to hold you as close as possible. With his thumb he rubbed the little bit of exposed skin on your waist, slowly turning his attention back to the couple on the screen, where the male lead was trying to style his girlfriend’s hair with a tutorial playing on his phone.

“That’s actually really adorable,” you stated with a smile still playing on your lips, playing with your boyfriend’s fingers. He glanced down at you and then back to the tv before a wide grin appeared on his handsome face.

“What?” you asked and he just chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows. So you asked him again. “What is it?”

“Let me braid your hair,” he said softly, his hand immediately going to run through your long hair. “I want to try it too, bacause if he can do it then I can too, right?” he grinned and kissed your nose quickly before he ushered you to turn your back to him before you could even answer.

Laughing softly, you did as he wanted and turned your back to him, pulling your legs up to rest on the couch as well once again. “Just don’t pull out all of my hair, yeah?”

Taehyung scoffed and ran his fingers through your hair once again, loving how soft it was. “Don’t worry,” he reassured you with a kiss on the back of your head. Then he, just like the guy in tv, found some walktrough article that would help him on his phone. 

You felt his fingers delicately working with strands of your hair, the affectionate touch of his sending shivers down your spine. After a few minutes of him mumbling under his breath and constantly licking his bottom lip in concentration, he finished and took a quick snap of his work.

“I think I did better than good,” he grinned as he passed you the phone with the photo. 


This is definitely one of those books where I came for the cover and stayed for the story. I really savoured it the more I read; it was extremely addictive. ‘The Essex Serpent’ has so much that I love: set in the Victorian Era, exploring ideas around religion, gender, and friendship, and written in a gorgeous well-considered style, it was one of the most pleasant reading surprises I had in 2016! AND THAT COVER.

The Garden of Eden ~ Kai Scenario

The Garden of Eden ~ Kai Scenario

Word Count: 1124

Type: Royalty AU / Fluff

Brief: You’re the next heir to the throne of your kingdom and with so many balls being held to find you a potential husband, you’re sure you’ve seen them all. That is, until you meet Kai.

“Royal balls are such a bore, aren’t they?” A voice questioned behind you as you attempted to hide your surprise. Turning around, you see a young gentleman, perhaps the same age as you or a few years older at most. His hair was style immaculately and not a single strand was out of place. Not even a single speck of dust can be seen on his crisp suit. Unlike the majority of men here, he was dressed simple, though uniquely. Instead of a traditional white dress shirt, he wore a black, which was a pleasant change and though you knew it was wrong to, you couldn’t help but stare.

You cleared your throat.

“Um… Well…” Being heir to the throne meant you had to be careful with your words. Especially being surrounded by so many suitors, aristocrats and people of nobility in general, despite not knowing a single one of them. “Say no more! I understand.” The young man cut you off, giving you a subtle wink.

“Oh, sweet princess, would you care to dance?” Another man, probably around 7 years your senior, waltzed up towards you, giving you his hand and bowing in your presence. This had been going on for 5 hours straight and to say you were growing tired and frustrated was an understatement worthy of execution on the spot. You tried your best to smile and return the polite manners displayed by the gentleman in front, though you knew this was nothing but an act. It was evident by his flashy, overly-decorated suit that he was egotistical and cocky to no end and that repulsed you to no end. Even the thought of touching his hand made your face crinkle with disgust. ‘No, Y/N. Smile. No harsh lines or stares.’ You had to remind yourself that with you being the centre of this ball, everyone had their attention on you.

“My apologies, the princess is busy at this current moment.”

You whip your head round to find that man with the flawless hair next to you, bowing at your pathetic suitor whilst he tried to politely shoo him away.

“Doing what exactly?” Your suspicions were confirmed when the suitor’s facial expression fell to a snarl at the man stood next to you. “I don’t believe that’s any of your business, right, princess?” The gentleman remained confident, standing his ground. “Yes, that is correct.” You agreed. You would do anything to get away from that horrible man. Your suitor gave a stubborn 'humph’ before storming off. “Talk about a bad attitude, eh?” The man who helped you nudged your arm lightly, chuckling at the suitor’s frankly hideous outfit. Naturally, you laughed back. You were glad you were given another option. You didn’t get those often. If you did, you wouldn’t even have this ball. You would go out – outside of the palace walls and roam the streets below, getting to know those who support the kingdom with their hardwork and effort. But that was deemed 'too dangerous for a young lady’, so you never had that opportunity. Even bringing it up to your father would result in a huge scolding.

“Oh, I almost forgot. I must apologise for my frankly rash and sudden appearance. I’m Kai and it’s wonderful to meet you.” He bowed before you, gently taking your hand as if you were a glass sculpture and pressed his soft lips lightly on the back of it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too. I’m princess Y/N, though I would much rather you refer to me as simply Y/N.” You curtsied, having been taught that this was the one and only way to greet others deemed 'higher’ than you. It never made a whole lot of sense in your brain, but you’ve learnt not to argue and to just go along with it. “Say, how do you feel about getting out of here?” Kai suggested, swirling his glass of champagne in one hand, glancing up at you. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone to say that to me.” You laughed as his eyes lit up and smile grew. Kai looked around, making sure no one important was watching the two of you before placing his glass on the tray of a passing maid. He smoothly clutched your hand and led you quickly to the nearest exit.

The two of you ran around for some time, all the while avoiding cooks, servants, butlers and other people until you had found some peace and isolation in one of the many gardens. This one was called The Garden of Eden and it was comprised of mainly white, cream, pink and red roses. A grand marble fountain sat in the centre and beautiful, hand-crafted benches were placed around it, following the contour of its round shape. Kai and you took a seat in one of them, panting and laughing as the two of you had just escaped another close encounter with a footman. 

The constant, controlled splashing of the water from the fountain made the garden all the more peaceful and all the more romantic.

“You know, Y/N, I would really like to get to know you more… I’ve never met someone who shines as brightly as you, even when you’re frustrated.” Kai chuckled, referring to the incident with the suitor. He was fully aware of the fact that your time together was going to be very limited as you’ve been absent from the ball for a while now. “Likewise, Kai. You’re the first person I’ve met at one of these stupid balls who I found I can be myself- and I mean my true self around. Not some princess or whatnot. Just Y/N.” You smiled down at the red bricked path where your feet lay. “How about we-”

Kai was cut off.

“Your Majesty! There you are. I’m afraid you’re needed right this instant! I hate to disturb you but you’re due to give your closing speech in 2 minutes!” A maid ran up to you, out of breath yet still comprehend-able. “Oh. I will be there. Thank you.” You politely sent her off, raising from your seat to get going.

“Wait!” Kai ran to one of the many rose bushes, plucking one with the least thorns.

“Here.” He showed you a rose with a sincere smile on his face. It was a white rose. You knew from your pointless royal 'education’ the message associated with white roses. One of them being: 'I’m thinking of you.’

You smiled at him whilst he moved closer to you, gently tucking the rose into your elegantly styled hair.

“I’ll wait here for your return.” Kai whispered, leaning in to kiss your forehead.

INFJs Explained

The most surprising thing about INFJs:

One of the things that differentiates INFJs from other introverted types is their easy and pleasant conversation style. They are known for being great verbal communicators.

To most friends and acquaintances, the INFJ type seems very sociable and extroverted. This can cause confusion when INFJs become overwhelmed and must withdraw from people.

In truth, INFJs are just like other introverts in the sense that they are very selective with whom they consider real friends.

They like helping people (like, a lot).

INFJs feel it is their duty and purpose to help those in need. They are often involved with charities and NGOs. They are known for being warm altruists who genuinely care about the welfare of others.

INFJ types are decisive idealists, which means that their strong ideals are supported by determined action. Their decisiveness helps them to achieve their dreams and make a difference in the world.

They are ridiculously sensitive, to others and in general.

Like most introverts, INFJs are highly sensitive to the feelings of others. They take extra care to be mindful of other people’s feelings. They will go great lengths to avoid conflict or criticism.

They hate hurting other people’s feelings and take great offense if others take their words or actions to be hurtful when they were not meant in a hurtful manner.

INFJs are also highly perceptive of inner, unconscious processes. Reading between the lines is their specialty.

Geez, don’t they have any weaknesses?

Like other intuitive introverts, INFJs sometimes struggle with external sensing peception.

This means that they can become so absorbed in their inner world or lost in their own mind that they are oblivious to the physical world.

However, they are not self-absorbed. They are so worried about others and busy wondering about the mental and emotional state of everyone around them, that they forget to worry about themselves or the physical world around them.

Remind them to eat dinner. To sleep. Don’t be offended if they ask you to repeat things. They aren’t stupid or ditzy. They are dreamers. They are madly intelligent with otherworldly minds. They have beautiful souls and huge hearts and they only want to be everything for you. This personality type is truly a genuine pure soul.

Libra Hufflepuff Moodboard: Libras sorted into House Hufflepuff are some of the sweetest, most charming individuals you will ever meet. They work hard at their studies compared to other Libras and are often quite successful. Physically, however, they remain unathletic and lazy - the closest they’ll ever get to a Quidditch match is the spectator’s box, and that only if the weather is pleasant. Anything beautiful and harmonious appeals to the Hufflepuff Libra. Since potions and alchemy require an instinctive awareness of the harmony of ingredients, Hufflepuffs who are Libras display a surprising facility in these subjects. These wizards live to help other people, and to help their friends get along with each other; nothing hurts them more than to see people in distress or bickering with each other. Feuds and wars between wizards distress them. Equally distressing is the disharmony between Muggles and magic users. Many Hufflepuff Libras become Muggle specialists, hoping to bridge the gap between magical and non-magical.

man i thought mp100 was just gonna be funny and awesome like opm but it’s

so sweet?

it’s so nice it has so many really nice themes going on in it just continuously exploring how important humility is and mob himself is such a wonderful protagonist he’s gentle he’s compassionate hes soft and even though he falters at times it comes from a place of wanting to protect others and he never loses his conviction in being compassionate and god seeing this coming out of what i thought was just gonna be another crazy awesome comedy is one of the most pleasant surprises ive had in a while

mob is Soft this show is Soft and i was not expecting that at fucking all but im so grateful for it

cxnstanceisdead  asked:

Thank you for the fluff stuff with BAKAgami<3 (Again...) I had been listening to Queen lately, so I started to wonder, what would happend if GoM + Kagami + Hyuga + Kiyoshi + Izuki and their s/o stars to sing a ramdom Queen song as it's played on the radio? Which one you think it would be? xD (THIS WILL BE FUN. I KNOW IT.)

You’re welcome! and I apologize for such late response. m(_ _)m


Kuroko already knew his partner could sing, but it still brought a pleasant surprise when he heard them sing in English. Their voice was somehow soothing and though he would smiling most of the time, he would really try to learn the song “It’s A Kind of Magic” because he really didn’t want to stay behind his partner.

No matter the song Kise would sing and dance along. You could even expect some fooling around as well because any time with the model ends up either one teasing and just enjoying their time. He practically wouldn’t care what anyone would think. If he has fun he will have fun even if he makes himself look like an idiot. His favourite though is “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

Midorima wouldn’t pay much attention to it, but he would definitely check out the band. He would be slightly amused that they could sing so well to the song “Radio Ga Ga” and would compliment them as well. Instead of joining, he would rather just listen to them.

Aomine would groan and be very against singing, but deep down he knew lyrics to “Don’t Stop Me Now” song and if that song comes on? Yooo you are up for some surprise and even if you have proof, he would never admit he was singing. Never.

Murasakibara would actually be very fond of his partner’s voice, tone deaf or not. There is just something that he likes whenever he hears someone sing, maybe it’s because his mother usually sang him lullabies, he wouldn’t know, but he would be very fond of their voice. Be it rock or some pop song he basically doesn’t care. Sooner or later he would actually start humming along to the memory of “Lazy on a Sunday Afternoon”.

Akashi would be surprised when he hears his partner singing along with the song. He would just smile and continue to listen, enjoying every second of it. Later on he would definitely ask them about the band and be sure they would get their every album, even all those special editions that are supposed to be “ancient” and already from golden age, but “look what I got you as Christmas present. I hope you will continue to sing with your beautiful voice as you did that time in the car”. Be damn sure he will remember every millisecond of it. His favourite song is “White Queen (As It Began)”.

Kagami knows every lyric to their song. Queen are like his favourite band and he will damned if he didn’t go at least one concert that are surprisingly still going on. You bet he will take his partner as well because he wants to make some good memories with their favourite band. His favourite song is “Somebody to Love”.

Hyuuga would be surprised, but amused seconds later. He would enjoy and even try to sing along, trying not to let his partner beat him, but all it would be heard would be comprehended words and some murmurs that would make his partner laugh. His favourite song is definitely “The Show Must Go On” because its music is just so dramatic and “my whole life is dramatic just thinking about Kuroko and Kagami…oh don’t even mention Izuki, he’s the worst.” in a funny kind of way of course.

Kiyoshi would be all smileys as he sat by his partner who would be engrossed in singing along the music. He would compliment them and the next time the song “I Want To Break Free” comes on be sure he would sing along.

Izuki would be in awe before he would join. But of course not before saying a pun that would gain him a light punch in the shoulder. Just like with Kise he wouldn’t mind what others think either. His favourite song would be “I Want It All”.