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Wicked - Bucky x Reader


Summary: You were injured during a mission two weeks ago and put to much preassure on your healing wounds, doing more damage than you thought possible. Bucky fears he will loose you.

Warnings: Mild profanity (very mild), death, blood (?)

Words: 2,400+

A/N: I changed from my last post and I now write as “she/her” instead of “me/I” as I like the sound of it better! Please tell me what you think!

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Out of every, possible event, she hated Tony’s “celebration parties” the most. They could have gone one a stealth mission and gone unnoticed to the world, yet he would throw a party for their victory and people would show up clueless, desperate to mingle with the mighty Avengers. It was pathetic, if she had a say in it, both from Tony’s part and the guests, but there was little she could do about it apart from not attending the party itself. She usually ended up working in some form instead, either training or doing paperwork. This particular time, training sounded more needed.

They had came back from their mission a two weeks prior and she had spent those weeks resting. God knows she needed that time off but her body couldn’t rest for long before it began to crawl with anticipation for any kind of action. Whatever action she could get from training would have to suffice. She entered the gym, which was eerily empty of course as everyone was having a grand ole’ time a couple of floors above. She didn’t have to worry about any machines she wanted to use being occupied however or having to hold back grunts and brutal expressions, which was a nice change.

She got on the treadmill, wanting to warm up a little with a two mile jog or something along those lines. She increased the steepness and put the speed on medium and created a steady rhythm in her movement. It was calming, feeling her body in synch with what seemed like the world. Her mind drifted from reality and to not, back and forth. She went over a few work-related things in her head that she had to remember, thought about that trip to the Caribbean she had wanted to go on for years. Before she knew it, the timer went off, indicating that her two miles were up. She climbed down the treadmill, her mussel warm and ready to continue working out. The only problem, she could feel the stitches hurting.

After their mission which was to hunt down a group of people who had gathered way too much chitauri technology for both their good as well as everyone else’s, she had gotten a little roughed up. Some guy might have stabbed her with a blade made out of chitauri metal. She was sick for five days with alien-fever, or whtever, whilst Bruce’s serum worked its wonders slowly, and the damn guy who stabbed her managed to pierce the bottom of her left lung of course. It had been painful to breathe the first week but after that it had became easier, and if she rested any longer, she would loose her mind.

She got onto the bench press, grabbing the weight that was still resting on it which was decent enough. She clutched her hands around the iron bar and took a few, steady breaths before raising it above her head. Her mussels tensed as she began to heave the bar up and down, sweat beginning to form at her hairline. She could feel the burn beginning to build up in her arms and she smiled, feeling like she was returning to her normal self again. Training was a big part of her life. Seeing as she had no powers or intense background story, training was all she had to remain qualified for the team.


She could practically hear it.

The weight fell behind her head and tumbled onto the floor as she rolled to the side, falling to the ground with a loud and abnormally painful thud. Her hand clutched over her ribs where blood had already started drenching her white shirt. Her breaths became more shallow and extremely more difficult to take. No doubt, blood was beginning to fill up her left lung. She tried to sit up at least, but a wave of pain shot through her body, making her head involuntarily fall back against the floor. She attempted to put pressure on the wound that had split open as she felt more blood run down the side of her chest. That hurt more than anything however and a strained cry left her lips. Her throat felt dry but gradually the test of iron became more prominent. She tried to swallow it down and winced at how painful that was too, feeling numb from the pain that she kept going through.

“F-Friday?” She called out, hoping Tony hadn’t muted her for the evening, if that was even something he could do.

How can I assist, Ms. Y/L/N?

Oh thank god. “I need h-help… I’m bleeding I- I can’t… I can’t breathe.” Her chest was practically jumping up and down from the short and ragged breaths her body allowed her to take.

Contacting all team members.” She informed much to her relief. A few seconds passed of silence however which I she didn’t necessarily like. “I am unable to reach most of the team but I was able to contact Mr. Barnes.”

That would have to be good enough.

She remained as much pressure to the wound as she could but panicked as she felt blood reach her elbow. She glanced down, feeling faint at the size of the puddle which had formed around her. She was loosing blood, fast, and Tony’s damn party was ruining everything.

The door to the gym bursted open within barely thirty seconds and Bucky emerged in the doorframe, his chest heaving up and down rapidly and fear taking over him as he saw her laying on the floor. He was frozen in place for a few seconds, eyes blown wide.

“Oh god…” He rushed to her side, kneeling in the blood and removing her hand over the wound, whimpering at the sight before covering it with his own. She cried out in pain again as he put more pressure on it than she had herself, her heart rapidly beating at the increased pain which was unbearable. “I- I don’t know what to do!”

She met Bucky’s ice cold eyes, unable to focus properly as the faintness became stronger. “I don’t know e-either…” She admitted with a forced smile, revealing her blood stained teeth to Bucky who whimpered again.

Bucky looked down to her face as She lazily glanced up to the ceiling. He could see how dazed she was, how hard it was for her to breathe. Every fiber in his body wanted to do something but none of the options that came to his mind sounded any good, but he didn’t have much choice. “Listen, Y/N. I’m going to pick you up now, okay? I need you to keep pressure on that wound for me. Can you do that? Y/N?”

He tried to contact her which became more difficult by the second. She managed to nod however and placed her bloody hand over his before he pulled away. He put his metal arm under her back and his flesh one under her thighs, as steadily as possible raising her off the ground and feeling his heart rip at the weak sounds that left her lips from the torture she was under. He carried her out of the gym and his hearing listened to nothing but her breathing which he could swear became shorter and shorter.

“You with me?” He questioned as they reached the elevator, the doors opening up as they approached. She hummed quietly which was as good of an answer as he was going to get. He told Friday to take them to the others. He really couldn’t care that there would be a hundred guests on that floor. Y/N was far too hurt for him to care about some random people seeing her half dead in his arms, her blood covering both herself and him. As the elevator slowed down and they reached the party deck, it felt as of time slowed down too. Bucky felt adrenaline rush through his system as the doors open and the crowded room came before him.

“Steve!” Bucky screamed as loud as he physically could, the entire floor becoming dead silent by his thundering shout before erupting with yelps and gasps of shock. Tony was the closest and dropped the drink in his hand, the glass shattering and its pieces blending with the champagne. Bucky fell to his knees and placed Y/N on the floor, his jaw clenching as he saw how pale her skin was.

“I didn’t know what to do.” Bucky stated as Tony knelt on the other side of her limp body, beginning to look over her injuries. Steve was pushing through the crowd towards them and soon reached them, his mouth dropping upon seeing Y/N and all the blood on both her and Bucky. Tony raised her t-shirt to her chest, seeing the wound which had opened right up.

“Her stitches have been ripped. We need to get her to surgery, now! Where’s Banner?” “I’m right here.” He just came to the scene and Natasha and Thor were not far behind. Clint, Sam and Rhodes glanced back to her with worry from time to time but had all mutually understood that the guests couldn’t be left alone. The three of them created a small barrier and kept reassuring the guests that everything was alright, although it was far from.

“Bu-” She tried to say Bucky’s name but her voice betrayed her. “I-” Her breathing became alarmingly shallow and rapid, fear filling her eyes as she could tell herself that she was slipping.

“No…” Bucky said, a year rolling down his cheek as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and bit down. Everyone around him were in panic, hurrying for the things she needed, trying to save her. He just watched her as her face stilled and her chest fell flat against the floor, the life running out of her eyes until they were still as stone, staring right into his. “No…”

He pulled her into his arms, not listening to Tony or Bruce or even Steve. He pressed his lips against her forehead, rocking back and forth in panic as she laid there, dead.

He sat by the hospital bed where they had put her, eyes stinging red and his fingers fidgeting with the fabric of the hospital bed. He rocked back and forth subtly, anxious beyond compare. God, he had feelings for that women and he never even got the chance to tell her.

“It should be wearing off.” He said impatiently, watching Y/N’s pale face which appeared so lifeless he almost couldn’t look at her. Her pale lips were still stained red from her blood and it looked as if she would never wake up.

“It is.” Bruce tried his best to sound reassuring, and he did a good job, but Bucky didn’t care. He listened to the beeping of the heart monitor and studied her body like a hawk would its prey. Every movement he detected, every rise and fall of her chest. He noticed how her closed eyes tightened and how she sighed more deeply.

“Y/N?” His hand clutched hers, avoiding the clasp around her finger with a long wire from it. He watched as her eyes groggily opened and a smile spread across his face, tears welling in his eyes that he couldn’t care less about if she noticed.

Everyone could feel the electricity between the two of them, even Vision who had little to no grasp of the concept of love. Everyone could see it but the two of them it seemed. They were honest to themselves, at least. Bucky knew how he felt for her and she knew how she felt for him, but they were blind when it came to seeing one another. When she had been stabilized, everyone had left her be as they knew Bucky would want to be alone with her until the second she woke up. It didn’t matter if it would have taken a week. Bucky would have stayed awake every minute incase she ever needed him. It was a mystery how Y/N couldn’t see that and it was a miracle that Bucky hadn’t been able to see the pure admiration in Y/N’s eyes every time they spoke to one another. The two of them took the saying of “love is blind” to a new level.

“Hey…” He continued to smile as her eyes met his, his flesh thumb moving back and forth softly over her hand. “You left us there for a moment.”

She sighed again, trying to gather herself as the sedatives and painkillers were still dozing her off. “You did?” Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion, looking for affirmation in Bruce who stood behind Bucky.

“We did.” Bruce confirmed.

“You want to know something cool though? Or something I know you’ll find cool, at least?” Bucky wanted to lighten the mood as he knew that’s what she wanted. He watched the curiosity begin to eat at her as he dragged out the moment.

“Just tell me!” She said impatiently, her normal character detectable.

“Thor had to use his hammer to jumpstart your heart.” He grinned and she gasped, lips parting and eyebrows raising.

“No. Fucking. Way.”

“I’m not kidding. We didn’t have time to get a proper defibrillator, so Thor improvised.”

“Ha… Wicked.” She let out an airy laugh, smiling. “One of you better have that on film. I swear, that’s going on my resume… Y/N, trained in hand to hand combat with the Avengers, electrocuted by freaking Mjölnir and still alive.”

Both Bruce and Bucky laughed when the door to the hospital-like room opened up.

“There she is!” Natasha emitted as she and Steve entered the room. She carried a bouquet of white tulips in her hand, knowing they were Y/N’s favorite. “How’s our idiotic friend, who though training after being stabbed in the lung was a good idea?”

Y/N flipped Natasha off, laughing before pain took over her features, her hand instinctively moving to her chest. “God that hurts.”

“I’m putting you on a three week rest this time. No lifting weights, you hear me? No training.” Bruce warned her and she saluted, confirming that she had indeed heard. Bucky watched as she slowly began to recover and act as herself again and it brought warmth to the old man’s heart. He had watched her die, watched her heart stop, yet only moments after waking up, she was back to normal.

Maybe it was the fighting spirit in her, or the pure joy she always carried around, but there was something about that girl that set her apart from everyone else in the best of ways.


Normally I wouldn’t bother trying to screenshot something this long, but that take down at the end is too good not to share.

Summary: Lady Gaga is wearing a Saree, an Indian piece of clothing. Some SJWs are mad because this is cultural appropriation. An Indian person tells them that there is no problem with her wearing a Saree because it has no religious connotations (it’s basically just a regular dress but Indian). Another SJW tells all native Indians/Desis to fuck off and educate themselves because they don’t understand how harmful it is to let white people get away with this.

Then poppypicklesticks says this

Don’t you love it when SJWs decide they know more about someone else’s culture and appoint themselves the champions of it, to the point they call the people who are actually part of it arrogant as fuck if they don’t adhere to the sensibilities of pubescent little American snots?

I mean seriously don’t they know how fucking INSULTING it would have been for Gaga to not only not wear this gift, but actually refuse it or hand it back? It would be an insult to not just the giver, but to Indian culture as a whole. The concept of sacred hospitality goes both ways, and is embedded into just about every culture.

Like India, a nation so vast it was called the Subcontinent for centures, home to a billion people and cultures and civilisations that have spanned centuries and millennia, crafted beautiful temples in the ancient lava flows that are said to have killed or off contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs, where the first civilisations of all flourished in the Indus valey and the birthplace of the oldest major religion (by several millenia) is apparently so weak that it needs a bunch of bored American teenagers to defend it from the evil whites.

Listen you American saviour little shits: India has survived centuries of colonialism, and it still stands today as one of the most beautiful, rich and fascinating cultures in the world: Its aesthetics are world-renowned for their undeniable and distinctive loveliness, and the fact that they have endured for the turbulent millennia that comprise the nation’s history. It’s going to take a lot more than a white woman wearing a sari given to her as a gift to destroy India and its pathetic that you think so little of India, or indeed, ANY of the nations or cultures have appointed yourselves the champions and spokespeople of to assume so.


The Signs From Pisces' Eyes

ARIES: 🔥 follows their moral compass before they take anyone elses’ opinions into account. Loves to start projects, rarely finishes them. Likes movies over other media. Enjoys singing, never on some quest to better themselves, just wants to do what they do as well as they can. Loves to talk about what could be, what they would like. When they are physical, it’s meaningful. Comforting and strong. Their rage is frightening and unswayed by logic. Enjoys it when people mind their own business. Doesn’t require much upkeep as a friend, only that you are fun to be around when you are around. Doesn’t socialize just for the sake of socializing. Doesn’t like people seeing them cry. Is there for you when you need them most. Loves practical jokes.

TAURUS: 🌱 artsy fartsy and whimsical. Unafraid to ask to eat your food. Likes to talk just to talk, and catch up just for the sake of catching up. Usually makes a lot of progress in life and can change dramatically, but only if its their own idea. Matter of fact. Really enjoys their own outward appearance and aesthetic. Can be confusing but doesnt care to explain. Likes puns and memes. Erotic as all hell.

GEMINI: ⚡️ one thousand and one friends. Talks talks talks talks talks, but when they listen, even if it seems like they arent, they catalogue information you might consider irrelevant, and then uses it later when it inevitably is. Genuinely enjoys making people happy and is good at keeping people that way. Very manipulative. They will twist the truth and say more or less than necessary in order to make you act just how they want. Has way more problems than they let on. It doesnt matter how long youve been away from Gemini, only that you’re here now. Those eyes are piercing and unsettlingly perceptive. Will tell the same story eleven times if it will fill the silence. Hangs on to old inside jokes to remind you of your friendship. Sex is entertainment for them.

CANCER: 🌾 the state of the family is the state of the Cancer, whether it be of blood or of choice. Quiet at first, loud as hell later on. Knows what you like and uses it to win your favor, even if you don’t know it. Pushovers: always “its okay, don’t worry about it,” when it isn’t okay at all. Sensitive, romantic, endearing. Wants to talk with you and just you for as many hours as you can stand it. Rules aren’t really a big deal if there are more important points to be made. Seemingly melancholy all the time. Wants to give up things just to please you. Will melt your heart in half a second. Hard to refuse anything they request. Imitates people for comic effect or chuckles over polite small talk. Touches from them are warm and fiery and though they keep their sexuality under wraps, it burns strong.

LEO: 🌺 fake and sexy. Smug and entertaining. Likes to be in the center of attention, whether it be the party or the football team or the band. Will lie if it will gain them reverence. Wants to be legendary. Outrageous and shocking, will go to any topic for a joke.

VIRGO: ❄️ likes to control their energy and focus it very, very deliberately. They may focus on meditation, dancing, or cleaning, but it will be precise, controlled, and calculated. What is most organized in their life is what they care about. You will not see them cry, ever. Virgos are very physically attractive and care about their appearance and the state of their skin, face, and hair. They are reserved publicly but very enthusiastic towards a friend no matter how long or old the friendship. Can be too blunt on occasion. Enjoys precise arts and daily rituals. Virgos are people of habits and seeing them change is rare but not impossible. They are not afraid to be candid or emotional with people they truly trust. Strong connections with nature. Their laughter is honest and wholehearted as they are likely pleased to be in your presence and tickled by any offbeat comment. Sexuality and friendship are interlocked.

LIBRA: 🌹 always hesitates to give a contrary opinion unless it’s warranted. Doesn’t like to rock the boat, at least in public. Very smooth at glossing over issues as they have probably prepared for them or experienced similar ones before. Exquisite taste in food, furniture, cars, jewelry, and entertainment. Enjoys wearing their absolute finest clothing whenever there is an occasion. Charming and vivacious at parties and in groups of three or more. Easy to laugh with when alone with them. Would often rather not discuss something than solve it. Can say very inappropriate things when they become too confident. Lives for gossip and secrecy. Will take ages to come to a perfect decision. Jokes either like the queen of england or a filthy chatroom. Enjoys seducing almost like a sport.

SCORPIO: 🌊 unforgettable. will give you the most unique experiences you will ever have with another person. will know you from the moment they meet you and no matter how long the relationship lives, it will be a waterslide of different experiences. Their favorite thing is for you to take a guess, at anything; their favorite color, the capital of nicaragua, or whether they’re in love with you or not. Even if it infuriates you, they won’t quit the game. Has a way of making you feel completely special and then utterly useless to them. Nobody knows but them where they go during their moody, insufferably distant retreats, but when they come back, they expect you to continue like nothing happened. No matter who they are to you, their touches are electrifying and intentional, as they are the kings of skin and bodies. The deepest topics are their favorite ones, and there is no room for small talk. They want to know everything about you and tell you nothing in return. They are enchanting and magnetic and the first person on your mind in any situation. Their goal is to be your number one, and once they achieve that, they care nothing about returning the favor. They predict you like clockwork even when you don’t know yourself. Incredibly sexy and they know it; sexuality is always on their mind. Laughs at others’ expense.

SAGITTARIUS: 🍃 it seems like every day they turn over a new leaf, even if its only new to them. They strive to be better by their own standards. They have no trouble assimilating into society and being independent in it but neither is it difficult for them to carve their own path into the great blue yonder. At any given time they think they know everything, even though they learn something new every day. Loves to give advice and tell about their experiences. They are always flirting or name dropping something you love just to garner your attention. If you matter to them, they strive for your attention, though they will take all the admiration they can get. Loves animals and will talk passionately about them. Doesn’t give in to whimsy fads. Doesn’t pretend anything ever. Doesn’t like to admit out loud how bored they are, or how scared. Laughs at things that only make sense in their head, or their gentle yet sly digs. Very attractive.

CAPRICORN: 🌰 likes to show off their no-bullshit attitude. Enjoys pleasantries and acquaintances. Is never doing nothing. Can be too blunt and put people off. Doesn’t like to fully break away from anything. Does a lot of physical maintenance. Laughs at others’ expense or crass barroom humor.

AQUARIUS: 🌟 wants to be good at things even if they just began them moments ago. Doesn’t accept failure well. Can be loving and romantic and then cut you off when you least expect it. Very artsy and loves to try new things. Likes to show off their musical tastes. Gets to know you but stops just short of the deep end. Easily lets everyone know their dark secrets, especially if it will gain them loads of attention. Really sexy, really kinky. Puts their sexuality into everything they do. Enjoys creating a public image. Is deeply concerned with your well being as a friend or a lover, and will not rest in trying to keep up your self esteem. Nervous but always trying to cover it up with chatter or false confidence. Laughs when nervous or at anything resembling an inside joke. Morbid things can make them smile. Puns will make them keel over from sheer joy.

PISCES: 🍄 enjoys the more abstract parts of life. Often settles for stability but has a heart full of insane ambitions that grab at their brains at night. If they decide to pursue them, the world seems to bend around them and help them achieve their wild goals. They easily make friends but can often attract manipulative folk because of their easygoing and naturally trusting nature. Artsy but never explores full potential. A dreamer and romantic. Craves deep connections and raw emotion; Would rather cry than feel neutral. Wants to save the world. Strong moral compass. When they aren’t in your life, you’re left vaguely wanting them. Easily becomes so wrapped up in own emotions that they lose the people around them. Their spiraling despair can be downright pathetic but they will thank you profusely for staying through it. Stays a child at heart though they act otherwise. Terrible at keeping in touch. Enjoys complex jokes or anecdotes. Seemingly sexually vacant at times because they crave intimacy above all.

trulycertain replied to your post “THEY DO because I want them to, like Dorian especially has just been…”

Oh, nice! These two just… they deserve the world. I think that with most Dorian/Inq pairings, but I just… really, really like Adam. And my feelings on Dorian are probably evident.

This is so pathetic but like I legit almost cried, I’ve been so insecure about all of this OC stuff lately and it means a lot to see someone say such a nice thing about my boy. ♥

Honestly same though. Like I said, Dorian’s had a rough life and he deserves all the doting husbands. Also for the record I really like pretty much every Dorian-romancing OC I’ve seen here on Tumblr, Dorianmance Hell has such a great community from what I’ve seen.

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Berlusconi is worse than farage, he even suggested having segregated public transport seating for black people and other races to ethnic Italians. That was in bloody 2006 m8, that would never happen in the uk in 2006. and your fascist country voted that in a staggering FOUR TIMES. Mussolini? Hello? The UK has never voted in Oswald Mosley, we OPPOSED him, we're not fascists that's why. Most of us hate our empire & colonialism, we're sorry about it. can't say the same for italy with their empire

…. aaaand





he even suggested having segregated public transport seating for black people and other races to ethnic Italians

THAT WAS THE FUCKING NORTHERN LEAGUE. the fact that B. was in the same government as them doesn’t mean that he said it or that it was implemented.

that was in bloody 2006 m8, that would never happen in the uk in 2006. 

lol. tell yourself that, mate.

Mussolini? Hello? The UK has never voted in Oswald Mosley, we OPPOSED him, we’re not fascists that’s why. 

oh, sweet summer child.

tell yourself that you’re so much better.

Most of us hate our empire & colonialism, we’re sorry about it. can’t say the same for italy with their empire



ITALY COLONIZED LIKE FOUR NATIONS IN HALF A CENTURY AND NEVER GAINED A CENT OFF IT BECAUSE THE *EMPIRE* DISSOLVED AFTER WWII and before then it’s not like we ever made money out of anything to be found in ethiopia/somalia/eritrea/lybia, the oil shoed up later. it wasn’t a fucking colonial empire, it was an attempt at the most clusterfuck-like colonial empire in history and it was so embarrassing that just self-proclaimed fascists say it was a good thing, anyone with basic sense knows we were shitty af and is embarrassed at it. and idk if you think you can survive on the commonwealth alone some of y’all definitely miss the good old days of queen victoria don’t they

anon for the love of god go troll someone else, that was pathetic.

Do people really think men (white men) need constant defending? Like white men aren’t the most protected god damn class of people in the world you think there’s a need for your ignorant ass to jump onto tumblr posts to preserve their precious honor when we call them out for being the predators they have been allowed to be for thousands of years? Like they don’t have entire armies of politicians and law enforcement and judges and lawyers and journalists and other white men behind them? But oh no, they must need your sweaty fedora wearing ass to whine on the internet for them. Find something better to do with your time, it’s pathetic.

Omg I’m crying. I saw the most pathetic post in all my life. Pls god help me

It said that cech played 3 games and he won 3 trophies. Let me clarify how much of a sad reach this is. He won a fake overseas pre-season trophy in Asia, the even more pathetic sponsor made emirates cup, and a damn community CHARITY shield. Please love yourself, and don’t make a glorifying post like he just won the league, champions league and the damn world cup. 

stop underestimating pence.

mike pence is one of the biggest homophobes this country has ever seen. he believes in conversion therapy, wanted to pass a law that would throw people in jail just for asking for a same-sex marriage license and a shit ton of other stuff that you’ve probably seen posts about already. here’s the thing, trump just pulled off one of the biggest cons in american history. he saw a platform and used it. the racism in this country has always been here, it’s clear as day so trump decided to empower it and it won him the presidency. now i’m pretty damn sure he knows he has no idea how the fuck to run this country - so you know what he’s going to do, the same damn thing he’s done his entire life: have other people to do the work for him while he sits back and collects the credit. that’s where pence comes in, i have a gut feeling him and the rest of the republican party are going to be running this country into absolute shit from the sidelines. economically trump might take over but on other political issues pence is going to be pulling most of the weight (which for a vice president, is unheard of) i mean you read off trump’s team and it’s a line-up from one of pence’s wet dreams. now i’m not making this post to try and draw attention away from the fact that trump is a racist, sexist, pathetic excuse for a human being because he’s all of those things and more but pence is just as dangerous. so lets not leave him out of these discussions. do not let him fly under the radar. this world is about to get scary and it’s time for us to stick up for one another. my inbox is always open if anyone is in need.

One of the things I’ve noticed as I write this article thing that I’m writing about “SJWs” and “anti-SJWs” is that self-proclaimed “anti-SJWs” can never seem to decide if “SJWs” are pathetic armchair activists who live in their parents basements and never do anything remotely connected to activism off the internet, or if they’re taking over the entire world and actively taking away “anti-SJWs” video games and comic books etc and censoring everything all the time because of “feels”, which would obviously take a significant amount of off-the-internet mobilizing. It seems to be whichever is most convenient for whatever point they’re trying to make, sometimes - like in the post I just reblogged - they’ll insist that it’s both at the same time, and see absolutely no reason why that doesn’t make any sense. 


this is literally the most pathetic thing on the world. i didn’t steal your fucking post. you are not the only one who knows about the term ‘daddy issues.’ it was actually a joke between me and my friend after we’d been talking about crisps n dads…………. like you’re acting like ive killed someone? i don’t know who you are. i don’t know who your friend is.

also, don’t call me a lady. i am not a lady. i identify as genderfluid and therefor i want male pronouns.

leave me alone. stop making 'PSA’ posts about me like im some demon. it’s literally just a post. im sorry I was rude and yeah that was uncalled for but holy shit i haven’t done anything wrong



how dare you call your selves phans when you know posting this will upset them. how would you like it if something private of yours was posted for the world to see..  and you have been reported numerous times to Tumblr for breaking copyright so lets see how they feel about you posting a private copyrighted video..

How dare you be part of this Phandom, if you can’t see the damage you are doing, then get out and let the door hit you on the way out.