this is the most irrelevant thing ever

Things I've learned about The Vamps since joining this fandom:

* Loves animals
* Talks a lot
* Loves his body and isn’t afraid to show it off
* Probably (most likely) sleeps naked every night. Even when he shares a room with one of the others.
* The most active on social media but still doesn’t understand technology or slang
* Has the most mesmerizing eyes
* Loves Taylor Swift
* Is a major fanboy of almost everything
* Likes Lush products
* Is the sweetest human on the planet
* The most organized
* Has the most angelic voice
* Works hard at everything he does

* is literally the baby of the band even though he isn’t the youngest
* A literal baby bear
* Likes being held/cuddled by the rest of the band and crew
* Is 12
* The love of his like is Jess
* Has one of the most unique voices ever
* No one knows what he’s saying/singing half of the time bc his voice is so soft and it always sounds like he’s mumbling
* The rest of the time, he’s just laughing
* Has the best facial expressions
* Likes baths
* Doesn’t know what social media is
* Very smol

* Very tol
* Has the best hair (imo)
* The most talented drummer I’ve ever seen
* Loves animal print
* Also his style is on point (nowadays)
* Likes the color orange
* Loves cracking jokes
* Is very loving towards all the other guys
* Isn’t really a fan of baths…or showers
* Sports are not his thing
* Is 13
* Is very skinny

* Is a very calm lad
* Doesn’t talk much during interviews
* Likes bearded dragons
* Has alter egos that are Scottish
* Is Scottish
* Is a master at any guitar you give him
* Likes sleep
* Likes candy
* Is loud and happy when drunk
* Likes drinking
* Is very kind and caring
* Has the most unique laugh
* Is probably (most likely) a vampire
* Likes sleep
* Big ATL & p!atd fan

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Do your hormones ever "act up" around girls? Also have you ever heard "you don't want to die a virgin, do you?" Around campus?

Jaune: im pretty sure that phrase is the most commonly repeated thing
Jaune: like
Jaune: every day someone tries that
Jaune: usually in situations that are complETEly contextually irrelevant

Reading fanfics where your otp’s kid from the future travels back in time to the past to save their parents’ relationsips, is honestly the most stressful thing ever because when ½ of your ship finds out who they’re married to/had a child with they freak the fuck out because (in my case) it happens to be the unrequited pining crush they have on their best friend who’s (usually) currently in a relationship with some irrelevant asshole which causes the kid to try and sabotage that parent’s current relationship to make their parent’s love life go faster. Oh and the kid’s younger parents are always endeared, but kinda weired out when they see similar resemblances or is being called Mom or Dad.

i know coca-cola is big time corporate evil, but you’ve gotta admit that coke freestyle machines are like…… the coolest, most jetsons-esque things ever??? i only mention this because i spent the latter half of the afternoon watching two willy’s employees try to coax their machine into properly loading a flavor cartridge, though, so actually yeah these things are probably evil too

Day 8

Idk if this is only supposed to be canon couples, but that would be boring so prepare for many ships to be set sale

Soma. They might not be cannon but they basically are. If soul eater were to ever come back with a new season and do a time skip, my dreams would literally come true. If only.

Hinata and Yui. They literally kill each other every time they are in each others vicinity, and yet they work so well. That one scene man. It gets me every time.

Korrasami. They’re just too cute.

Edwin. Both so stubborn, and so in lurve.

Okabe and Kurisu. Stubborn nerds who don’t want to admit they’re in love.

Unpopular opinion but look how many fucks I give. There was so much similarity between Sakura and Kushina, and you can’t tell me that kishimoto didn’t hint at sakura starting to feel the feels for naruto during the war. Also hinata is literally the most irrelevant thing ever.

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51, 52, 55, 56 ✨

51: think of a person. what song do you associate with them?

I already have a song stuck in my head??



my cousin (who I mention in the next to last ask): Fergalicious 

52: what are your favorite memes of the year so far?

The one’s with the spiritual growth (?) and the completely irrelevant things that they represent??

55: what’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to prove a point?

my cousin and I used to get into petty fights and say we never wanted to see each other again, so I would stay at my grandma’s instead of going to my aunt’s with her and my other cousins just so she would miss me.

we’d make it about 3 days

56: what are some things you find endearing in people?

compassion, loyalty, trustworthiness, etc….

I hope this is what that meant

I’m exhausted

Dan and Phil are so creative and that article just didn’t respect them. He calls them over-grown teens, finds their tones ‘annoying’ completely alienates Phil by mainly describing and centring the article around Dan, and then insulting him by mocking his annoyance at the irrelevant addition of the ‘oreo video’.

He didn’t mention any of their massive achievements as film stars (Big Hero 6), Two year personal radio show (BBC Radio 1), interviewers to the stars (Radio 1′s Big Weekend) and so many other things. He barely even mentioned the book and inaccurately described TATINOF as a ‘children’s party’. 

This article could have been the most beautifully positive, happy thing ever. He claims he went to TATINOF and saw a ‘children’s party’ and some ‘over-obsessive girls’ however failed to mention the HUNDREDS of adoring smiling faces that would have been there. Also he completed alienated the male fans. 

My brother was so anxious to go to TATINOF because, as he kept telling me he thought he’d ‘be the only boy’. It’s because ridiculous articles like this subject a gender to any form of entertainment. Dan and Phil aren’t just there as entertainers but as friends and aspirational role models. 

The reporter asked them about their address? and their past? even though he could have enquired deeper into their relationships with their adoring fans, or the best selling book that he failed to mention all but once at the beginning. 

He completely disrespected us as an audience and Dan and Phil as creators. Mentioning the rumours of Dan’s sexuality was completely uncalled for, and also pointless, until YouTube and it’s entertainment, much to the disagreement of the journalist. 

Phil was hardly mentioned in detail which makes my blood boil. He called Dan the dominant of the duo, or whatever he claimed, saying that he answered most questions with eloquence and described his black clothing style as a ‘sex idol’. 

If this bloody journalist had done his job, and done some actual research into the two beautiful human’s that he had the absolute honour of meeting, then this could have been an incredible article. He could have found out so much stuff that Dan and Phil are comfortable with sharing. Plus he’d have won the support of the Phandom, but no, he fucked it up, because people don’t appreciate the internet and what it does for the modern teenager who simply isn’t accepted into this world anymore. 

Worst thing is, he almost takes the piss out of us. Claiming that we feel accepted with Dan and Phil because we relate, and the world doesn’t understand. Quite frankly no it doesn’t, and this article clearly shows this. Now I’m going to protect my boys because I want them to be respected for the beautiful creative individuals that they are, because they deserve so much more than this interview lets on.

Rhonin’s Ghost Continues Hourly Screaming Sessions

By Hazrie of Dalaran

Like clockwork, the ghost of former leader of the Kirin Tor shouts in front of the Dalaran Merchants Bank, reenacting a random event from his life 3 years before he died.

Like most citizens of Dalaran, I have grown used to the ghostly howling.  It’s just another part of life for Wizards here.  Nevertheless this mystery deserves delving into.

Rhonin died four years ago in the bombing of Theramore, which had been described by local psychopath Jaina Proudmoore as “Bad”.  

Since then Rhonin’s ghost has been going through the motions of a seemingly irrelevant event in which he and Brann Bronzebeard assured no Titanic constructs returned Azeroth to it’s base components.  Why this moment in particular is being repeated is beyond me and pretty much everyone I asked.  Though when I brought the question up to Brann Bronzebeard he insisted it was the most important thing that has ever happened.  

Yeah, we get it Brann.  You’re a hero.

Against my best judgement I decided to just go to the source and ask Rhonin’s ghost himself.  When asked why he was doing this he responded saying “RAISE YOUR EYES TO THE SKYS AND OBSERVE!”  The ear-shattering shout left me too dazed to escape from the rest of his non-sense but after a short stay in Dalaran’s infirmary my hearing had been restored and I was fine.

Once recovered I began seeking an audience with Vereesa Windrunner.  After a week I had one.  When I asked what she thought of Rhonin’s ghost she said “Never talk to me or my sons again.”

there’s nothing that you can say that will make me more upset than “shut up” when im talking about something that makes me upset or even excited.

it makes me want to shut myself forever and isolate myself from everyone and never ever speak again because i just KNOW it means way more than just “be quiet”.

it means “you’re annoying me” and “everything you say is just boring and irrelevant”, it means “i don’t care about what you have to say” and it just breaks my heart because i know all of that, it just hurts when someone else says it

telling someone to shut up when they are speaking with their hearts is the most heartbreaking and humiliating thing you can say, don’t do it

Confession: The thing that I hate most and that pissed me off is that they made “that night” completely irrelevant to Alison. I don’t know how to explain it but we all thought that who ever hit Alison and buried her did it on purpose and actually wanted to kill her. But instead Cece thought it was freaking Bethany Young. Are you kidding me?

I literally have no clue what the Robert quote is, because he’s useless and I don’t care. And why should anyone, you know? Lauren said Maggie would fully support Daryl and Beth, together, and then she sat with Soneqa on TTD and they spoke about what a beautiful connection they had. And Lauren called Alone the most romantic episode TWD has ever had, saying that it showed three stages of love and what you do for your loved ones and spoke about Daryl and Beth’s “blossoming thing”. Greg proceeded to say that, watching Alone, Daryl was falling in love with her. Emily said that the closest Beth has ever gotten to being in real and true adult love was her time with Daryl. And Norman said there was definitely romance in the air between Daryl and Beth. So, whatever Robert’s quote is, it’s just totally irrelevant?


1989 World Tour: Arlington, Texas.  

Dear @taylorswift I honestly don’t know where to start, there are just so many things I want to tell you, I’m probably the most irrelevant person in this fandom and well, this is not a moving story or anything special at all, just some random girl trying to get noticed by you and feeling a little bad about it but…okay. First off, I’d like to apologize for any further grammar mistakes you may see while you’re reading this (I mean IF you ever see this and then decide to actually read it) since English is not my native language, besides I usually suck at writing so this might be no exception lol I can assure you I tried my best though…anyway, My name is Marisol and I kind of just wanted to let you know that after a bit more than 7 years of waiting, I’m finally going to see you in Dallas on October 17th! This is such a big deal because I have loved you since you were younger than I am now (19) that’s just so crazy to me and oh my god you have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do this but it was something that I never really had the chance to accomplish until now <3 This is so exciting, I’m over the moon right now…So by the middle of this year, I didn’t even think about the possibility of seeing you anymore, money was not a problem because I started saving since about a year and a half ago but I couldn’t go with my friends cause none of them could afford the whole thing and I’m terrified of traveling alone. Then my mom was super hard to convince and after a whole process of “please, please think it over” considering my good behavior and how great I’m doing in school, she ended up agreeing but tickets were already sold out. One day after months and months of patiently waiting (not really cause it’s YOU TAYLOR AWESOME SWIFT we’re talking about, duh) luck got on my side (kind of) and I finally found some tickets <3 even though I won’t have the best view, (I probably won’t see a thing tbh but I don’t care) I do consider myself very blessed and lucky. The fact that we’re gonna be breathing the same air and to have you singing right there in front of my eyes after so many years, makes me the happiest person alive :’) I’m going all the way from Mexico which I know is probably not that far (14 hour drive because plane tickets are way too expensive) but it’s finally happening and it’ll be so worth it!!!! I’m sure I’ll have the time of my life. Alright, now moving on to my costume, this is a poor attempt of an Alice In Wonderland 1989 Album Cover Inspired Dress that I’ll wear to the show. I know it may not be super creative or anything, specially after all the AMAZING costumes I’ve seen people wearing throughout this tour but well…it’s all I could come up with and besides it is so special to me cause even though it might seem like we didn’t, we really DID put a lot of thought into it, the dress itself was made by my grandma who happens to be 72 years old, she used to be a seamstress back in the day but she doesn’t do big stuff anymore so when I told her about this idea I had in mind, she was the sweetest when she told me she felt capable of doing that for me and well here you have the result <3 I hope you love it as much as I did, then the rest of both outfits and the signs (lights, polaroids, glow-sticks, etc, WE PLAN ON ADDING SOME MORE) was made by my mom and I (actually, her playing the (weird) Cheshire cat was my idea haha I kinda forced her into this). Last but not least, I wrote this thing I’ll paste below a few months ago (around May) when I didn’t even know If we were attending the show. I guess I got sort of inspired seeing all the fans super excited about seeing you and the way they talked about how magical each of the concerts were. It sounded like this great, wonderful experience that every Swiftie around the world deserves to live, and I don’t lie to myself I obviously know this next paragraph is probably not that good or witty and many people has written similar stuff before but like I already mentioned above, I suck at writing and man it really took me hours to get it done!!! So once again, I apologize. Here it goes…

“Hey TAYLOR I’ve BEEN WAITING FOR YOU to come to my country for what feels like ages and well, since that hasn’t happened yet (I’m sure one day though), I came to see you somewhere else. I’m pretty sure when you get on stage I’ll be like “OMG LOOK AT THAT gorgeous FACE <3” This day is one of the best in my entire life, I’m all dressed up I even GOT THAT RED LIP CLASSIC THING on THAT YOU LIKE to wear, I think it’ll just NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE. I know LOOKING AT IT NOW, IT ALL SEEMS SO SIMPLE but omg it sure wasn’t. You have no idea how hard it was for me to get to come to this show. I hope one day I get the chance to tell you how much you’ve inspired me, to thank you for blessing the world with those beautiful masterpieces you have written along the years, and that ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS STAY true to yourself all this time. We all love you just the way you are. You know HATERS GONNA H8 but Swifties will have your back FOREVER AND EVER. Many guys BROKE YOUR HEART before and we have always tried our best to PUT IT BACK TOGETHER, I WISH YOU WOULD never forget about that…Right now IT’S 2 AM I’m IN MY ROOM working on this thing (pretending it’s the BIG DAY) and I’m feeling so emotional cause IT’S SO SAD TO THINK ABOUT THE GOOD TIMES I’ve missed out for not going to any of your past tours before but never in my WILDEST DREAMS I thought I would get the chance to see you STANDING IN A NICE DRESS STARING at the crowd screaming out your name with those RED LIPS AND ROSY CHEEKS that look adorable on you. AND I COULD GO ON AND ON cause THIS LOVE we have for you will last forever. I KNOW many other PLACES you should go with this tour but for now I’ll have to wait. Going back to my excitement, it won’t matter if RAIN CAME POURING DOWN while I‘m on my way to the show, that wouldn’t stop me. IT ALL SEEMNEW AND EXCITING I feel like I’m IN WONDERLAND (forreal lol) I’m gonna have a blast! I CAN HEAR IT IN THE SILENCE. And I know I won’t shut up about it ON THE WAY HOME (or ever). I can almost see it now, I’m gonna be TOO BUSY DANCING to your songs and I’ll SING THEM PROUDLY and once it’s over, I’m gonna CRY happy TEARS OF MASCARA IN THE BATHROOM cause one of my biggest dreams finally came true…”

(ps: PICTURES TURNED OUT TERRIBLE :c this was not what we originally planned to do but anyway, once again here I apologize. Also…I know I’m lying about the red lip thing but I really wanted a color to match the outfit so I thought purple would do, sorry)


SEC 330            ROW 6            SEATS 4 & 5 

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ok theres no way they planned this from season three seriously. there were multiple theories out there that had loads more proof, made a hell of a lot more sense than this, and didn’t drag in irrelevant characters with no motives whatsoever (@shower harvey im talkin bout u!!) cece was so irrelevant and had no reason to torture the liars like she did??? like ok they’re ur dolls what the fuck is wrong w u??? im just so heated that was literally the most anticlimactic thing ive ever experienced ever and im beyond disappointed

I can imagine Mika using the stabbing incident to guilt Yuu into doing things even like, a year later, like

Mika: Hey Yuu-chan, let’s go for a walk

Yuu: Ugh no, go by yourself

Mika: Well, you see, I kind of need you to come with. My ability to move around for long periods of time has never quite been the same ever since that time when, you know, yoU STABBED ME

Yuu: Aahh, fine!

Mika: Haha sweet

Yuu: God damn it

most annoying thing is when u or someone u know is like “haha yeah well blizzard really sucks at writing women dont they” and then some other wholly irrelevant being feels the need to reblog it with this long comment like “UM how about that one quest back in vanilla thousand needles where female guard npc #37 is wearing full armor and fighting another npc?!? maybe you should research the lore before you whine about it” like WHO could possibly ever give a shit

remember when marlene said like ages ago that we have seen black widow before and like no one even knew who sara harvey was? 

remember when she said bw was endgame? is sara fucking harvey the most irrelevant character ever made fucking end game?

remember when everything having to do with black widow had something to do with fire and burns and similar things? 

remember when marlene insisted on calling her widow and not veil 

im going to cut someone