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anonymous asked:

I used to think you were really wonderful and an absolute god send but you literally do my head in now. It seems like you're 'too good' for everyone now and only answer asks that you want. I honestly thought you were down to earth but all in all you're just like any other tumblr famous person.

Well, I’m sorry you don’t like me anymore.

I don’t know what gave you the impression that I’m “too good for everyone,” but I disagree.

Also, everyone seems to think that I “just answer the questions I want.” And you know what? I do. That’s how, like, answering questions works. 

Stuff like that is why I have an FAQ page. I’ve gotten literally 2,058 messages in the past 3 weeks, and if I answer each and every one of them my dashboard will be nothing but “you only pretend to believe in equal rights for feminist pussy,” “how tall are u,” “I used to like you but now you seem cocky,” and “how old are you” forever.

I’m not “tumblr famous.” I don’t even know what the fuck that means. Some of the things I put up get a lot of notes, and that’s dope, because all of the most popular shit I’ve ever made on my blog are messages about equality and mental health and self-esteem that I think are important. Yeah, people reblog my selfies and shit but that’s 150 notes on a photo set versus 51,000 notes on a post about being a feminist. That’s 300 notes on a gif set versus 23,000 notes on why it’s important to realize that dealing with your mental illness isn’t a competition.

There are people on here who ARE “tumblr famous” and I’m not one of them. Once in a blue moon someone will notice me and be like “hey i know u from the place where you put your photos up all the time” and I’ll immediately be like “oh well sorry to disappoint but this is my face irl.”

I’m just trying to do stuff that I like, and that makes people happy. I don’t care how many people follow me, I’m not going to feel some kind of obligation to do what I do within specific parameters just to make other people feel like nothing is different. Things ARE different, and it’s way more dishonest to pretend that they aren’t than to just embrace it and go with the changing tides.

To summarize: I hope you don’t feel like I’ve ignored you or let you down. I really don’t ever want to do that to anyone. However, I don’t feel like I’ve done anything to let anyone down recently, so if you’re going to judge me based solely on the fact that I’m getting more attention lately, kindly get the fuck out.