this is the most important thing i;ve ever made

legit the first pic was taken earlier in the year,, and I was miserable because I was internally fighting with myself over my identity, some people wouldn’t realise why a haircut was so important but ever since I got it I’ve been feeling like my most authentic self ^also think the cut has made me cuter but eh^ and in the first pic I was dealing with my weight,, because at that point I was out to no one I always found myself comparing me and my body to other girls and how inadequate I felt so I started to starve myself and count calories and over exercise until the point of dizziness and exhaustion in the name of being skinnier. Coming out to my friends has been the best thing and I wouldn’t have changed a thing because I’m learning to love myself and it feels fucking great. 💕 💕

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How does it feel knowing that your own oc is pretty well received?

I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty amazing ;w; I’ve been on the internet a long time and Q is far and away the most popular thing I’ve ever made. I really love him, and love writing him, so it’s super nice to see that other people do too!

I love all the things I write and draw, but when I see that other people also love them? It’s just… validating, I guess? Like, yeah, it’s not just me, the things I’m doing are good! Which is why leaving comments on art and fics that you like is so important you guys. Like, I understand you don’t want to reblog everything you see, but, you know, consider leaving a comment! That shit gives me LIFE and makes me really excited to keep working on the things I love, which, it seems, you also love! Just think of it like leaving a tip, but, y’know, completely free for you while still being extremely valuable to the person on the receiving end.

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Hi I’ve been a huge fan of your fanfics for years, ever since I was 13 and saw Wicked for the first time. I’ve read and reread your fics so many times. I know the Wicked fandom is a bit dead, so I wanted to apologize for not reviewing despite reading and loving all your stuff. I’m not in a great headspace at the moment, and part of that has been a withdrawal from interacting on the internet. Your fics have made me really happy, and even though I can’t leave reviews anymore, I hope this is okay.


Firstly, thank you. (Although it sounds crazy to think people have been reading my stuff for years!)

And of course it’s ok if you’re reading, but not reviewing. 

I do miss the reviews, because it can be discouraging to post things that you’ve worked on for months and then hear no indication if people are reading or liking it; but a person’s mental and emotional health is 100% the most important thing, and you need to do whatever you can to make sure you’re ok. 

I get that, trust me! It’s why updates for AF have been more random than usual- there was days I just couldn’t deal with updating and then stressing about it. 

Thank you for taking the time to send me this message though, and I hope you’re ok! x