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Compilation Posts

i’ve noticed that it’s become a trend on here for compilation posts to start circulating. what i mean by a compilation post is the op is collecting a variety of gifs, screenshots, and photos to make a sort of “list” about whatever topic they choose. this may be a “sexy jimin” post or a “savage yoongi” post, but no matter the topic a lot of these posts are using stolen and reposted work

how do you spot when something is stolen? @jjeonguk wrote a great post about it here. some of the tips include gifs being different sizes and/or styles, being watermarked with a url other than op’s, and being tagged with things like “bts smut” just to get their post into as many searches as possible.

reposters in general really piss me off, but thankfully most of the time once they’re called out they stop and/or the community bands together to make sure the stolen work isn’t being reblogged. but these compilation posts are popping up on my dash quite frequently. i never see anyone calling them out, and i never see people questioning if it’s stolen. plus, they’re getting thousands of notes. whole blogs seem to revolve around generating these kinds of compilation posts full of stolen content, and people keep letting it happen

here’s an example of what these posts with stolen content look like:

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CS + Hugs and Kisses.

I am not watching 6x21/22 until tomorrow, but before tonight I wanted to have a few words for all my shipmates and give this little gift to all of you. In this 5 years I have formed part of the fandom I have read great metas, seen wonderful gifsets (I learned to make gifs only because of CS!), and most important: I met wonderful people.

Some of you will not be back for season 7. These are many reasons, but I believe Jen leaving hit us all very hard. For you I wish the best, but I hope you continue part of the fandom at least a little, and you are always free to come to my blog, say “hi” and ask me for a gifset ;)

For the shipmates, like me, that will watch season 7 (in my case because I love Colin): I am so happy we will still be together in this new journey! 

To all: Captain Swan, Emma and Killian, and all the characters of this show formed an important part of my life, and helped me in very difficult times. Captain Swan was really the most beautiful and magical ship ever and I believe this shared love will unite us for a long time.




 SteveBucky + quoting each other