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Harassment of Underage Jewish Bloggers

@staff I am tired. I am tired of feeling unsafe on this website, I am tired of the harassment, the antisemitic messages, and the Neo-Nazi blogs. I am tired of having to block one user after another, thinking that one day the number of antisemites on this website right? Wrong. They only seem to grow in number because you all continue to ignore Jewish bloggers begging you to do something about it. Is the antisemitism we experience on here not hateful enough for you? Maybe what happened to me today will change your mind. I received some of the most disgusting hate I have ever seen on this website. 

A user took my photo and defaced it with vile antisemitic images. Even when I blocked them, they STILL managed to reblog my posts and continue harassing me.Now there are now adult men running Neo-Nazi blogs happily reblogging that picture of me, a teenage girl, because YOUR site allows for this type of interaction. And I am not alone. Every single Jewish blogger on this website is tired of dealing with this. We’re tired of you not responding or caring. 

So I’m asking my followers and the rest of the Tumblr community to reblog this. Let @staff that this is not okay, that this isn’t what Tumblr is about, and that you won’t stand for this. Please, show me and the rest of the Jewish community on here that atleast someone is willing to stand up for us because right now @staff refuses to. 


Okay, so someone linked this article to me tonight, and I’m just. So thoroughly disgusted currently. I don’t know who this guy is, the article says “Tituss” from  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Here’s the thing. I keep peafowl. Have for years. At this point, I can read peacock body language better than I read most human body language. And that bird? That bird is very uncomfortable. The harness looks ill fitting, and you can see clearly in the first photo that he is ducking down to try to back out of the harness to escape. In the second photo you can see by the wide set of his legs, the bend of his ankles, and the slightly open wings that he is trying to lie down and is being held up by the harness (which, again, looks ill fitting and uncomfortable). In the third photo, he is again trying to lie down and is only marginally more successful (and still, to me, looks uncomfortable/unhappy by the way he is holding his legs and not actually lying down).

The other thing is that putting a peacock on a leash in a harness is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible. As someone who literally has a pet pea in the house who is probably the tamest pea out there, I can with 100% certainty tell you that I would never, ever put her into a harness or on a leash. I would never endanger her in that manner.

Because peafowl have incredibly powerful legs and wings, and thin, hollow bones. One good flush (the motion of jumping into the air to take flight) while trapped on a leash could result in bruising and even broken bones that would, if nothing else, cost thousands of dollars to repair, if they even can be (repairing bird bones is amazingly difficult and not generally very successful). Peafowl flush with enough power to break their own necks if they flush in an enclosed area- I should know, I lost a girl a few years ago to that very thing during a bad thunder storm, when she spooked right up into the ceiling of her coop.

As if that’s not enough, birds - wild birds, game fowl like peacocks - are 100% capable of stressing out so hard that they go into shock and die. They can literally get so upset it kills them, and being restrained (for example, being walked on a leash in a harness down a city street where there’s a lot of things that ping as DANGER to peafowl) is a definite stressor.

I don’t watch this show. I don’t know this person. I don’t have any more information than what I can very clearly see in these photos about what is going on, but it makes me ill to see. This man clearly has no repertoire with this bird- it wants out and away, and should NOT have been made to do this.

And I want to be clear- I am not against folks owning peafowl as pets. I’m against people putting peafowl through situations in which they are unhappy and uncomfortable.

This lady? This lady is doing it right- peacock perched on her arm, and the bird is clearly relaxed and comfortable riding around with her and sitting near her. I cannot tell if he’s wearing a harness (if he is, it fits well and comfortably and the line attaches under the bird’s breastbone instead of on their back) or if she has leg tethers (seems more likely) like a falconer. Either way, this is a safer, happier bird.

I just read the most disgusting article about Michael and Luke and I’m actually about to punch a wall like HOW DARE THE WRITERS OF THAT ARTICLE WRITE OMG OK

The article (was based on the recent photos of Luke and Mike on holiday where they’re shirtless) literally said that Michael was looking unfit and fat compared to bandmate Luke who was looking good and well tone and that Luke needed to give Michael advice

HOW DARE they body shame and compare body shapes…? Michael is so fucking amazing and his body is perfect, it takes a lot of courage for people to take there clothes off no matter what and just because his body is different to some one else’s doesn’t make him any different…My baby is perfect and I want to kiss his belly and blow raspberries on it aww kitten

okay something light:

after high school graduation, team phantom takes a roadtrip in the RV. they go to a dumpty humpty concert three states over; they camp out at yellowstone, zion, the grand canyon, yosemite, and death valley; they to SDCC and pax prime; and they go to kennedy space center, houston, and the california science center. they try and stay in some of america’s “most haunted” places and videotape themselves ghosthunters style trying to debunk them (some of them are real). they get lost more than a few times but they only regretted it once. in the end, they make their way back to amity park and the first place they go is the nasty burger. they’re disgusting and road-weary, but they still go inside and sit at their usual booth. 

before they all go off to college, they have a gift for each other - sam made everyone matching photo albums of the trip; tucker edited the videos from their “ghost hunting” adventures, and danny made a mix tape of all of the songs they had joked over or sung their hearts out to (it’s horrible). 

The first time the gang takes a ride in a hot air balloon, it’s a breezy summer day and the blue skies are streaked with cirrus clouds, perfect for the culmination of months of planning and saving. They crowd into the basket and wave for Jonathan’s pre-takeoff photo op. As the balloon lifts off, Dustin starts in with his most enthusiastic rendition of “Gonna Fly Now”. Nobody minds this because it’s a change from his endless refrain of “Up Up and Away” on the drive up.
Once they’re in the air, Lucas muses out loud what it’d be like to spit over the edge. Dustin shuts the idea down with a “That’s disgusting,” as Max slugs Lucas in the arm to drive the point home. (“Thank you, Max.” “No problem.”) They spend the next few hours playing I Spy and debating the merits of a hot air balloon as a getaway vehicle (Lucas maintains that a plane would be a better, faster option, while Max just asks why they wouldn’t just use a car?).
Will divides his time between politely asking the pilot questions about what it’s like piloting a hot air balloon everyday and trying to unnecessarily memorize all the scenery floating by for future drawings.
I say unnecessarily because El brought Jonathan’s old camera, last week’s birthday gift, and when she’s not gazing in awe at the views, she’s immortalizing them in photographs.
Mike is also trying to memorize the scenery, but he’s more focused on the kind with awestruck brown eyes and curly brown hair who keeps grabbing his hand and smiling that beautiful smile.
The excursion ends with Jonathan and Nancy returning from their drive and taking the kids to a pancake house, where they all stuff themselves with the fluffy flat pieces of heaven and their mapley toppings of glory, all to sleep off on the drive home (during which Lucas drowsily hums “Up Up and Away” before nodding off).

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What are your thoughts on commercial breeding? Should it be outright outlawed? I've seen photos/video footage of "high quality" facilities but idk how to feel about it tbh

Short answer: good god why

Long answer:

“Commercial breeding” aka “mass/high production facilities” aka “puppy mills” are all the same thing except what most people think of as a puppy mill is a dirty, disgusting facility where every dog is in a 2x2 wire cage and, while that is also something that happens regularly, the majority of these places are clean, staffed, concrete kennels and dog runs inspected at least once a year for their animal welfare.

Technically these places are not breaking any laws and are not all that different from how some dogs are still bred today in various parts of the world. They are also not that different from a high volume animal shelter, except the animal shelter probably doesn’t pay its workers and the mill does. A lot of police dogs are bred like this, a lot of show dogs are bred like this, a lot of hunting dogs are bred like this, a lot of IPO dogs are bred like this. I don’t have to like it, I don’t have to choose to support people who breed like this with my money, but it is, technically, legal and not necessarily an animal welfare problem.

(It is, of course, a welfare problem when the dogs are kept huddled in battery chicken cages, not cleaned or given proper grooming, starved, and exposed to the elements. Places that do things like this are relatively rare in this country nowadays and are already illegal. Other than raising penalties for keeping their animals in these conditions, banning those convicted from having animals ever again, and offering actual jailtime instead of community service and a fine, I’m not really sure how we can better combat an already dwindling problem.)

The problem comes mainly from selection of breeding animals. The treatment of the animals can be all well and good but if your animals are not receiving health testing, no one is verifying that your dogs have stable or good temperament, you don’t keep track of pedigree, the puppies are not getting quality socialization, no one is performing any sort of quality control because “ a puppy is a puppy is a puppy”, and selling to second or even third hand vendors who either expose the puppies to devastating illness or who sell to the first person who has enough money to afford purchase price, whether or not they actually can take care of the dog be damned (or doing that directly from their facility), that’s where the problem with these commercial breeding programs comes in.

That’s much harder to regulate. Who’s opinion should we follow on what correct temperament testing, health testing, socialization, pedigree tracking, and quality control is? Especially when even the “big elites” of the dog training and animal behavior world disagree with each other all the time on the finer points and details. How can you write laws like that? Some vendors are better than others, some should never even get near an animal. Some pet stores do actually perform some reasonable checks with the prospective family before money and puppy changes hands, others just want your cash before you leave.

Let me put it this way- I have been working in a store that sells, yes SELLS, “rescue” cats and dogs to the general public through a rescue organization paired with the company for nearly 3 years now. We charge whatever that rescue’s adoption fee is, the person fills out the rescue paperwork, and the animal goes home with them that day about 5-15 minutes later. Please tell me how that’s any different from a pet store selling puppies to the first person who can whip out their credit card. You can say, oh but Jaz, the money goes to animals in need! And it certainly does! The money goes straight to the rescue, who supplies us with more cats and dogs to sell to more people. But Petco as a company rule does not partner with kill shelters, which means that absolutely no animals are at risk if someone decides not to “rescue” through us. If the animal is not purchased, they stay in our store’s cages and kennels until they are. Dogs might be walked twice a day by volunteers that show up at the store if they’re lucky, cats do not come out of their little 2x2 cages except during deep cleans. We have no idea what the temperament of these animals actually is like half the time outside of what’s written on their paperwork, one big reason my mentor had us training hopefuls work with the rescue dogs that came in. And yes, this includes young animals, who are wasting their precious socialization time in a cage waiting for the next kid to come along and torment them. Fantastic for future personality and temperament growth, if you ask me.

Do I like commercial breeders? No. Will I buy from a breeder that utilizes these practices in their program? No. Will I educate other people on why they should think long and hard about whether or not they should support one of these types of breeders, especially if they want to have a nice family pet? Absolutely. But I don’t really know of a way to legally regulate something like this without screwing over someone else in the process. Of course, I’m not a lawyer or politician, so my law skills are not really fantastic and I might just be stupid, but I hope that my point’s been made clear.

Criminal Minds AU Episode 3: Cabin Fever

-Episode Guide-

Previously On…

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Part 6

The more they investigated this case, the weirder everything seemed to get. As if cutting the hearts out wasn’t strange (or disgusting) enough, now this guy was actually attempting to eat them. Or so the teeth marks found on Jasmine Vendor’s discarded heart seemed to suggest.

“You know, some ancient cultures used to believe that by eating the heart of a healthy victim, it would help heal a weak or failing heart in another individual,” Reid said as Morgan pushed the most recent crime scene photos across the desk before he lost his appetite completely. “There was also the belief that eating the heart of an animal such a wolf, a bear, or a horse would give a warrior the strength and endurance of that animal, thus ultimately making him a better fighter.”

“Okay, Reid, but these aren’t animals this guy is killing,” Morgan countered. “I mean, what good can come from trying to eat the heart of a prostitute?” He looked sick at the mere thought of it and finally gave up trying to eat his lunch. “But if the consumption of the heart is his main goal, why did he throw Jasmine’s heart away?”

Reid shrugged. “Maybe it ended up not being the heart he was looking for?”

Morgan groaned. “It’s cases like this where your sister’s crazy mind would definitely come in handy,” he said. “How’s she doing by the way?”

Reid shifted uncomfortably. “I haven’t talked to her yet today,” he replied. “We were so busy with the new body and everything that I haven’t found the time.” He hesitated slightly before adding, “I think she’s afraid I’m mad at her.”

Morgan laughed. “Mad? About what?”

“Because she kept calling me yesterday,” Reid replied. “I think she feels like she annoyed me.”

Morgan shook his head. “She does not like being stuck at home, does she?”

Reid’s eyes widened. “Oh god, no. That girl gets cabin fever like nobody’s business. Don’t even get me started on the hellish week I went through when we both got the chicken pox back when we were five.”

“Oh I think I can imagine,” Morgan chuckled as Reid grabbed his phone and dialed his sister’s number.

The phone rang a few times on the other end, which surprised Reid initially. He would think Ally would practically have her phone glued to her hand, ready to answer it at a moment’s notice (she’d already gone on and on about this new show she was watching to JJ, Prentiss, Garcia, and, surprisingly, Hotch). Maybe she’s finally getting some much-needed sleep, he thought, silently hoping that was the case. The more she rested, the sooner she would get better. And the sooner she could come back to work.


The voice on the other end was so faint that it took Reid a moment before he realized anyone had actually answered. And then he found himself cursing internally because it definitely sounded like he’d woken her up from a nap.

“Hey, Ally,” he said. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were sleeping.”

“Spence?” she said, sounding confused. Damn it. I definitely woke her up.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he said, feeling his face grow hot with embarrassment. “Look, Ally, I can call b—”

But he was cut off as Allyson’s tone instantly changed from sleepy and confused to excited and overjoyed. “Hey, Spence!” she shouted, sounding just a little too cheery. “Oh my god, I was just thinking about you! And how much I miss you! Did you know that? Did you know I miss you? Because I miss you.”

Reid frowned slightly. Something about her voice seemed off. “Ally, are you okay?” he asked, not sure yet if he needed to be concerned or not.

“Oh, Spence, I am more than okay,” she said. “I don’t know why I was complaining so much before. I mean, being sick isn’t all that bad. I don’t even feel all that bad. I feel great. I feel like I could take on the world right now.”

Reid sighed and buried his face in his hand. “Ally, how much cold medicine did you take?”

There was a slight pause on the other end, and he could picture his sister’s face perfectly as she silently debated on whether or not to accurately answer that question.

“Okay,” she finally admitted. “So maybe I took a little more than the suggested dose. But, Spence, it’s okay! I can breathe right now! Do you know how long it’s been since I could breathe out of my nose? Even my cough is gone!” However, no sooner had she completed that statement than did another coughing fit suddenly sound in her chest. “Okay, it’s getting better,” she added regretfully.

“Are you getting some sleep at least?” he asked.

She laughed. “Spence, that’s what I love about you. You’re always so concerned and always so adamant about checking up on me. And that’s so sweet. Have I ever told you how sweet you are?”

“Yes, Ally, you have,” he said with a smile on his face. Across the table, Morgan was looking very put out at not being involved in the conversation. “I just want to make sure you’re doing okay.”

“You know,” she began, “when I tell people that you’re the best brother anyone could ask for, they think I’m just saying that because you’re my only brother. But it’s not true. They don’t even know. You’re the best.”

Reid shook his head. “Okay, dork, I think you need to get some sl—”

“So what’s happening with your heart stealing case?” Allyson interrupted.

Reid sighed. There she is. “Well, we’re still a little stumped,” he replied. “I’ve been sitting here for about an hour now, trying to bounce off theories with Morgan, but—”

“Oh, Morgan’s there?” Allyson suddenly shouted. “Well, shit, put him on the phone! I want to talk to him!”

“Ally, we’re very busy right now,” Reid said. “I don’t know if we have time to—”

“Come on, Spence,” she whined. “I just wanna say hi. I’ll be real quick, I promise.”

Reid paused and looked across the table at Morgan. “She wants to talk to you,” he said, handing over the phone. “Just be warned. She’s gone a little extra on her cold medication.”

Morgan laughed as he took the phone. “Hey, Street Fighter,” he said. “How are we doing?”

“Derek!” Allyson shouted as if she was the happiest she’d ever been. “Oh hi, Derek! It’s so good to hear from you.”

Morgan was barely able to stifle a laugh. “Oh, silly girl, you are high as a kite right now, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Allyson responded. “I just thought that maybe…maybe if I took more medicine…it might work faster? But honestly, I don’t know if it is. I think it’s just that and my severe lack of sleep catching up on me. But I can’t really feel anything right now. Which isn’t too bad, I suppose.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you’re getting there,” Morgan said. “We need that sharp mind of yours back with us. So you need to rest and get better. All right?”

There was silence on the other end for a while, and Morgan’s smile was quickly replaced with a look of confusion. “Ally? You there?”

“Morgan,” she began, “did anyone ever tell you that you have a super sexy voice?”

Morgan chuckled and shook his head. “Get some sleep, Street Fighter. I’m giving you back to your brother now.”

“I mean, I understand now why Garcia loves flirting with you so much,” she said, completely unaware of the fact that the phone was being passed over. “It’s so fun. And your voice is so hot. Like…soothing hot. Does that make sense?”

“Ally?” Reid had the phone again. “Do me a favor and get some sleep, okay?”

“Whatever you say, Spence,” she said, and he was pleased to hear that her voice was starting to drift off. “You are the genius after all.”

Reid smiled. “I’ll check in with you later, okay?”

“Okay,” she said quietly. “I love you, nerd.”

“I love you too, dork,” Reid replied. He listened for a moment more, but the other line soon disconnected. Sleep well, sis, he thought as he and Morgan turned back to the case.

* * * *

BZZZT! The door to the main cell block buzzed loudly as the guard pushed it open, leading Allyson and Hotch inside. Since it was currently outside hours, many of the prisoners were not inside their cells, a fact that made Allyson rather happy, especially considering the fact that the ones who were in their cells were eyeing her in a rather unpleasant manner. As thrilled as she was that Hotch had selected her to accompany him to check out the cell previously inhabited by Ronald Miller as well as talk to any guards who may be able to give them some insight on what kind of prisoner he was, she found herself being slightly uneasy. Prisons weren’t really her thing. Not only were they full of perverted dickwads who saw her as nothing more than a fine piece of ass, but the last time she stepped in foot in one, it was to confront the psycho son of a bitch who raped her back in high school, something that she hoped no one on the team ever had to find out about.

“I don’t really know all that much about Ronald,” the guard said to them, leading them to an empty cell in the middle of the block. “He was just finishing up his time here right when I started. Didn’t really seem like the kind of guy to cause trouble from what I saw.”

“How do you mean?” Hotch asked as Allyson stepped inside and began to examine the room.

The guard shrugged. “Kept mostly to himself. Said that he wanted to get out. Make a fresh start. Turn his life around. All that normal cliche nonsense you typically hear from drug addicts.”

“Do you think he was sincere?” Hotch asked.

“Seemed to be,” the guard replied. “Like I said, I didn’t know him too long, but I never had a problem with him. In fact, the other guards say once his cellmate left, he was a lot better off.”

“Who was his cellmate?” Allyson asked, observing the bunk beds. There barely looked to be enough room for one person, let alone two.

“That I couldn’t tell you,” the guard said. “If you folks would like to wait in the visitor’s area, I could go get Officer Riggs. He’s worked here forever. He’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know about Miller and his cellmate.”

“Thank you. We would appreciate that,” Hotch said. The two of them were led to the back room where they would be able to wait for the guard. As they took their seats and waited, Hotch leaned over, noticing Allyson seemed lost in thought. “Agent Reid?” he asked. “What are you thinking?”

“I don’t know yet,” she replied. “I just have a feeling that something is off. I can’t really place it.”

“About the cellmate?” Hotch asked.

Allyson nodded. At that moment, another buzzer sounded, and an older guard walked in. He was tall and sturdy, built like a professional linebacker. Allyson had a feeling that he didn’t need too much help in breaking up riots in the cafeteria. And something about his presence instilled a fear in her that she couldn’t quite explain.

“Officer Riggs?” Hotch said, getting to his feet, Allyson hurriedly following suit. “I’m Agent Hotchner. This is Agent Reid. We’d like to speak to you about Ronald Miller.”

Riggs shook his head. “Oh, that old junkie? Typical run of the mill heroin addict. In and out of here like it was a goddamn convenience store.”

“What was he like when he was here?” Hotch asked.

“Just how you would expect,” Riggs replied. “Spent most of his time trying to score hits off of the other junkies in here. None of his stints were too long. Couple months here and there. Then he’d be out on the street, getting high, robbing stores to get money for drugs, and he’d land back in here.”

“Detective Hawkins said he was in here for five years last time,” Allyson said. “What happened to land him more time?”

“A deal he was conducting went south and a kid got shot,” Riggs said. “Miller was convicted as being an accessory and sentenced to ten years with the promise of parole after five.”

“How would you describe his behavior during those five years?” Hotch asked.

“Complete turnaround,” Riggs replied. “Practically a model prisoner. Never had any issues with him. Didn’t even need to question whether or not he deserved parole after his first five years were up.”

“What can you tell us about his cellmate?” Allyson asked, hoping to get an answer for this uneasy feeling inside her chest.

At the completion of this question, Riggs face instantly grew dark as if remembering something immensely unpleasant. “Now
there was a punk ass kid. Causing problems any chance he got. Starting fights with anyone who would hit him back. I had to throw him in solitary almost every week. They wanted to get him out of here early because of overcrowding, but if I had my way, he’d be rotting in that padded room for the rest of his life.”

Allyson’s eyes widened slightly. She’d never heard someone speak with so much hate in their voice. The way he was talking, you’d think this kid shot up an elementary school or something. Considering the fact that he was out in just five years, she didn’t think that was the case. (Or, rather,
hoped that wasn’t the case.)

The interview ended soon after that. Hotch did most of the talking, Allyson’s mind too full with everything they had heard. There was still something about this whole ordeal that didn’t add up. Not only that, but the mention of solitary confinement made her start thinking about what her brother had said earlier about isolation.

On their way back to the precinct, Hotch had sent Garcia a text, asking her to look into Ronald Miller’s cellmate. Allyson was proud to see that he also felt like something about this whole situation seemed off. It wasn’t until they got back to the precinct and regrouped with the team that she called him back.

“What have you got for us, Garcia?” Hotch asked, putting his phone on speaker so the others could hear her.

“Well, I have a whole lot of nothing pleasant,” Garcia replied. “Ronald Miller’s cellmate was 26-year-old Adam Wainwright, convicted of breaking and entering into an elderly woman’s house and beating her nearly to death. Adam claimed over and over again that he was innocent, stating that he entered the house only after he heard the woman screaming. He mentioned seeing two hooded figures fleeing the scene shortly after he arrived, but since he was unable to give an accurate description of them, not to mention the fact that his fingerprints and DNA were all over the crime scene, he was sentenced to five years in a maximum security prison.

“And, friends, let me tell you, I am surprised this man even managed to escape that place alive. It seems like he was in the infirmary almost every week, bruised and bloodied from fights that he claims he never instigated. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to convince the guards not to throw him into solitary any chance they got.”

“Solitary?” Morgan said. “That could be the isolation you were talking about, Reid.”

“And here’s where it comes full circle, my loves,” Garcia continued. “You remember how I said that Daniel Taylor had a nearly perfect track record? Yeah, the one case that he lost, the one defendant he couldn’t get acquitted:

“Adam Wainwright.”

A lot of people have been reposting my photo of Billie Joe to their Instagram accounts and that is fine, just please credit my account (IG: bethanymoriah) because it is a very personal and special photo to me.

Also, to the person who reposted my photo as a means to call Billie Joe’s naked body “weird” and “disgusting” I’m sorry you’re miserable, lack a sense of humour and are offended by basic human anatomy. Billie Joe has been flashing his bare ass to the public since before most of us were born, get used to it.

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How do you feel about your girlfriend getting so much attention from other guys ? On Social media, real life, etc. ?

She doesn’t really get much attention in real life when I’m with her most of the time but social media is different, like guys are just disgusting, for example gross middle aged men with wives comment and message her and even some send a photo of there penis, it’s just gross, even if it is just social media and people are just typing into a keyboard or on their phone and not actually being physically talking to her, there would be no way any one of those guys would actually say thinks like that to her I’m person, I just think it should me made clear that saying something online should be treated just the same as being in “real life”. Having respect and not being oblivious to other people’s feelings (mostly this is directed at females such as Pam), and how being oblivious to them could impact negatively on them…


Hi. My name is Miki. I’m a first year Linguistics student in a committed, happily relationship. I love cats, languages, poetry, and memes.

And today marks 6 months of my diagnosis with HSV.

It’s been… a trip, to say the least. I used to think I was horrible, disgusting, and most of all, a big screw-up. I thought I had made a grave mistake and that no man would ever want to touch me after what happened, but you know what? I’m okay now. I’m fine, I’m happy, and I have a wonderful boyfriend who’s accepted me and my diagnosis. Six months ago, I would have never thought I’d feel this way about herpes, but thanks to the support of my friends and the Tumblr community, I’m at peace with it now.

Happy Herpes Selfie Day! I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces at #hsvhotties

Standing up to the new stereotypes of beauty, Chinese activist Xiao Meili challenges the idea that women should shave their armpits to be seen as beautiful and valuable.

Meili does not want women to feel constrained in the choices they can make about their bodies, so the pioneering activist organized an armpit hair photo contest. The photo with the most likes will be selected  as the winner.

“I’m not calling on everybody to grow underarm hair, "says Meili. "I’m just saying if some people don’t want to shave, the rest of us should not think their underarm hair is disgusting, unhygienic, uncivil or not feminine enough.”

Read more via The New York Times.


Here’s something that was brought to my attention very recently and needs to be addressed:

An Instagram user by the name of @liveforleafy is posting photos of Calvin’s house on her account. It is unknown how his address in Utah was released, but this is downright disgusting.

First of all, Calvin doesn’t even live in Utah anymore. This is his family’s house, where his mother and younger brothers most likely live. They are children. Calvin’s family deserve respect and privacy just as much as he does.

If you come across this user and post please report it. This is downright insane. This is literally his family’s house. Give them some privacy for fuck’s sake.


[On the paparazzi attention] “It’s just very strange. And it’s hard to say anything’s tough when you’re getting to make a career out of what you love most, but I don’t think that’s anything you can be used to. I like mystery. I like not knowing about my favourite actresses and actors. I love seeing Meryl Streep up there and knowing so little about who she is outside of what she’s playing on screen. But I meet journalists and even young girls who say, ‘Oh, we just want to know more about you.’ I guess it’s become another a character, a role in a way, for actors to play – this version of themselves to present to them. But it is a made-up idea of who you are.” [x]


Here is what bothers me the most about this. It’s not about who Zach is or isn’t sleeping with. It’s that the same people who are saying the photo on the right proves he has a girlfriend are the same people that have said for months that the photo on the left does not prove he had a boyfriend.

That’s homophobic.
That’s erasure.
That’s disgusting.

Neither photo proves anything.

I just got a test roll back after trying out my Olympus Infinity Stylus. Trying to figure out what I will use it for most and I guess photographing some nice people and disgusting bands will do. 

Here’s my favourite photo of the lot. Unfortunately, Ashlee wouldn’t let me take a photo of her face properly, but she is so gorgeous. 

The little Larrie monsters are still fighting on Tom Glynn Carney’s IG. They were so awful on his most recent post, he deleted the photo. Now, they’re still arguing on remaining posts. They’re regurgitating all of the Larries’ propaganda, and it’s sickening. I’m embarrassed for Harry who has to work with Tom, and disgusted with this subset of “fans” who can’t just support the boys from a distance and let them live their lives.


I just keep seeing NR and EK doing stuff, doing their own thing with music, acting… Taking cute Instagram photos or reaching out to fans, being kind and amazing people… And I just don’t understand how anyone can seriously not like them. They’re two of the most real, kind people on the planet and they don’t deserve to be treated the way they are treated by some in the fandom. I know they are famous and sometimes this stuff comes with the territory. But they’re also human beings, they have emotions, they feel… It doesn’t feel good to read some of these comments, to have to fear backlash over an innocent photo… Or to feel pressured into saying/not saying something because of fear of angry “fans”.

The behavior displayed by some of the people in this fandom is unwarranted, deplorable and at times disgusting. It’s shameful and the people saying and posting these things should be ashamed of themselves. I could list the things I’ve seen said (and done in the case of Emily) but I won’t. Yes I’m a fan of Emily and Norman’s, but even if I wasn’t, I would find what’s going on to be horrible.

I know there isn’t anything I can say to make these folks in the fandom stop. They’re seemingly beyond reason and even sanity it seems. All I can do is to keep supporting Norman and Emily and make sure they know that most of the fandom is good and kind. That we don’t tolerate this behavior.

End rant.

I just saw the most disgusting fetishizing thing in a new years related tag. Why can’t we celebrate our culture and holidays without white people coming in and invading it and ruining it.