this is the most beautiful typewriter ever

I must say, you bring out the poet in me. As I write about you some how I end up concealing you in metaphors, shaping you into a beautiful sculpture, capturing your essence as I compare
your eyes to the ocean. However, nothing is more tragic and beautiful than you, in your plain, human form, where your smile doesn’t cure cancer, and your eyes don’t reflect crashing waves, but where your impurities and imperfections are exposed.
you, my love in your most raw, naked disposition is the most heavenly thing I have ever seen.
—  Metaphors

We’ve just discovered Blank on Blank, a PBS series that takes classic interviews with authors, actors and artists about particular topics (Maya Angelou on con men, Meryl Streep on beauty, Liberace on peacocking) and animates them. The latest episode features a dryly funny (and ever so slightly gruesome) 1994 interview with Tom Robbins on jitterbugs and his troubled relationship with his typewriter. “I’d like to go back to a raven quill, dipped in lizard blood, on orange butcher paper,” he told interviewer Todd Mesirow in 1994.   

Robbins’ most recent book is a memoir, Tibetan Peach Pie, and you can read his interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin here.

– Petra

A year ago today I moved from Northern NJ to Portland, Oregon. I had only flown alone once before. I had never even been to the west coast; I knew no one in the city. So I couch surfed. I stayed with an incredible artist named Hagen, who I now consider to be my brother. With the help of random concerts, parties, and strange and serendipitous happenings I met a few great people. Through a few great people, I met a few more. I now have a family of some of the most creative and artistic people I will ever know. Most of the time I don’t feel as though I deserve them. I’ve struggled a lot this year, for many reasons, but I will always have people who care about me and love me and that is more than enough of a reason to keep fighting. Last year I was alone and scared and I had what felt like nothing. Now, I spend my days at my typewriter, or making songs, or adventuring around a beautiful city, a city that always has something to offer. I’ve lived in 4 different places in the past year. The 18 years before, I had only lived in one. I now live with one of my best friends in the heart of Portland. Nearly every day I go up to the roof and stare at everything and nothing. I wait. I’m not sure what for. And I think. I think of what incredible things can happen if you just buy that god damn plane ticket.

Oh my god. Oh my GOD. Once again I am so, so happy- what’s a stronger word? I need a stronger word because happy does not describe the flips and flops of my little heart as I read chapter 15 of Home. It’s so amazing, better than amazing, and I cannot help but have a deep, bone crushing appreciation for all the work the author puts into her writing and art. Like, oh my god. Home is probably one of the most mentally and emotionally engaging fics I’ve read ever? Chapter 15 was sososososo worth the wait, and I’ll be reading it all over again in a bit just to revel in it.

sonofdis  asked:

Oh my, she was a cute one. It was only his first time wandering into the bar, but already he could see he was going to be coming here a hell of a lot more often if only he could see that glowing redhead on stage. Kili was pushing past every eager guy around the bar, typewriter in tow as he tried to find a proper space near that gorgeous woman. God, she was lovely. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, and despite the past rough weeks, he was inspired.

Ori felt as though she was dancing on cloud in heaven as she performed out on stage in front of the loud bustling bar. This was the only place where she could be her true self. No Dori. No Nori. No meek shy girl that wanted more out of life. Right then and now, she was living life. Each cheer made her grin. Each catcall, she winked. This gave her confidence. A sense of purpose. She was a girl in charge of her life and she loved it. “Thank you dolls so much! You’ve been a blast!” She smiled and blew kisses after her number was done and hopped down the stage to head over to the bar. Men followed her as she went and it felt amazing to be wanted.