this is the most beautiful thing i've ever heard!

we all know sasuke is the type who tries to keep quiet and probably doesn’t let more than little gasps, muted grunts and strained groans leave his mouth when they make love but…

…imagine that first time that sakura ever actually hears him moan. just a genuine, soft little thing that escapes him when he can’t help it. it expels against her skin, maybe against her ear, and it’s the most beautiful sound she’s ever heard–one that also sends heat rushing straight through her blood, making her tingle everywhere while dizzying her mind and forcing her to dig her nails into his skin. 

nothing has ever turned her on quite so fast and powerfully as that sound, and god she loves it. and she wants to hear it again. so she tries to coax it out of him again, to make him lose enough restraint for it to escape again, and eventually she does and gods she swears it almost sends her right over the edge.

she makes it her mission to coax more sounds like this out of him every time they make love after that. sometimes, sasuke looks embarrassed, but he seems to catch on rather quickly how much she loves it when he’s not so quiet; eventually, he allows himself to moan a little louder, a little more heatedly, his sounds more guttural and rough–but he’s not loud per se, just less restrained. 

and gods, he loves how much it gets her off in no time.