this is the most beautiful part of the song ok

ok i just listened to (Just Like) Starting Over and i was like ?????? how can a song be so romantic??? if you see John and Paul’s history it’s like THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG EVER.

See this:

“Why don’t we take off alone
Take a trip somewhere far, far away
We’ll be together all alone again
Like we used to in the early days
Well, well, well darling” 


How didn’t  a n y o n e  realize this was about Paul?

the sad part is that he wrote this song just before he was killed :(

I believe I have made much mockery of Fionn mac Cumhail without actually giving enough reason for you to believe me that he is, indeed, in all seriousness, my favorite Irish mythological figure. So today, we shall do just that.

We already talked about Fionn’s origins and how he started his road down the path of kickasstitude, but let’s do a quick recap: He was raised by his two warrior moms (his aunt Bodhmall the Warrior-Druidess and her ‘friend’ Liath Luachra the Fighting Woman) and the three of them went on various adventures, some chronicled, most not, and all the while several hitmen were looking for him. His childhood name, Demne, was changed to Fionn, which means literally “white” or “bright”, in reference to his long, flowing white mane of hair, to mask him from those who pursued him due to his increasing fame.

Now, today, I want to talk to you about THE exploit that put Fionn on the map, and no, I am not talking about the Salmon thing, I mean an actual deed of martial mastery and weaponized self-mutilation.

Now an adult, Fionn found himself wandering the land, as he would always be turned away from various orders of knights when his employers realized who he was, since he was a wanted man and target of the mightiest knights ever, the Fianna Knights. Downtrodden but still resolute, Fionn arrived at the city of Tara. There was kind of a big problem with the city of Tara, however: It was burned down to the ground every year for the last 23 years. Not even the Fianna Knights could stop it.

Aillen the Burner was the one responsible for this. Once a year, for the last 23 years, Aillen had burned the city to the ground after using his magical music to put everyone to sleep in the city. Every year, he did this shit, and no one could stop him, because they were ASLEEP and USELESS while Aillen just burned things down with his fire breath calmly and at his own pace. Oh, yeah, by the by, Aillen was a Sidhe from Tuatha De Dannan, AKA a god-like existence. Stopping him wasn’t that simple.

But Fionn took one look at this dude and said “I AM GOING TO SUPLEX HIM”.

Fionn knew the event was to happen the day he arrived, so he made the necessary preparations. Actually, he didn’t, because each one of his testicles has a gravitational field and is harder than steel. He stood outside of the palace of Tara holding his Crane-Skin Bag of Weapons, patiently waiting.

NOW, FIONN FACT: Unlike many heroes, Fionn did not have a named weapon. Instead, his “weapon” was the Crane-Skin Bag. The Crane-Skin Bag, which had once belonged to his father, housed a myriad of magical weapons that Fionn would flexibly use in combat to meet the needs of any particular engagement. Fionn’s power, basically, was having an inventory. Like, you guys remember Doraemon?

Right, so basically, Doraemon is Fionn’s fursona. Literally the same character. The only difference is that Fionn was pulling out sick chainsaws and shotguns out of his bag instead of helicopter hats for his loser friend.

So Fionn was doing a newspaper sudoku, waiting for this shit to go down, when suddenly, over yonder, he heard a very suspicious voice.

“Yo yo yo I’m doing this I’m DOING THIS a 24th time baby #westside time to BURN WHORES”.

It was Aillen the Burner, with his beautiful song that lulls mortals to sleep! One by one, the citizens and warriors of Tara fell asleep like defenseless babes, and Aillen was readying his fire breath when he noticed one thing: Fionn, very much not asleep, was running at him at around 300 kilometers per hour, a huge spear in hand.

“Yo yo ok wtf the fuck, that’s never happened before, what’s your deal, how are you still awake?”

See, Aillen’s plan was, for the most part, flawless. He just failed to account for someone with just the right amount of senseless disregard for his own safety and neurons: Fionn came to the conclusion that if you just avoided falling asleep, Aillen himself couldn’t be too tough, if he was relying on this strategy in the first place. So did Fionn use his literal infinite salmon knowledge superpower to create a balm that would neutralize the effects of the lullaby? No, he didn’t, he just grabbed one of his spears, the poisoned one, and went to town on his own face with it to stay awake.

Let me say that again.

One of Fionn’s spears was poisoned with an extremely potent venom (like fucking every other spear in Irish mythos), and when I say potent, I don’t mean “it stings”, I mean “mere contact with the tip of the spear felt like dipping your fingers in magma”. He held his spear with both hands and, as he ran after Aillen, he kept smashing the tip of his spear against his own face to keep himself awake with the pain of the burning tip.


So Aillen, very reasonably scared shitless, ran. He ran for like three blocks and then the much physically superior Fionn caught up to him, his face ANGRY like a bull who had just been kicked in the balls by man in red spandex, grabbed him by the shoulder, and absolutely pincushioned him with spear thrusts like he was some Fist of the North Star live action adaption character. Fionn is actually the first recorded machine gun in history, and what gun companies nowadays use as a basis for their gatling guns, because holy fuck he just RIDDLED the dude into something that would make swiss cheese mold green with envy.

So this kinda left everyone very impressed and even more uncomfortable because, holy shit, ok, Fionn, uh, saved them all, but he’s also the dude they were supposed to kill. How the fuck do you kill THAT? I mean he kinda just killed a god by smashing a spear against his own face repeatedly REALLY HARD for a good while, do YOU want to go against that kind of man? That’s the kind of shit someone with nothing to lose steps away from. Damn.

So, with no viable options other than Not Fighting That Lunatic, Fionn’s heritage was acknowledged, and Goll, in his wisest moment ever recorded, stepped away voluntarily. Goll mac Morna was the guy who staged the coup that killed Fionn’s dad and stole the Fianna Knights leadership from him. The other guy that indirectly killed Fionn’s dad, Tadg mac Duanat, gave Fionn his beautiful house on the hills of Allen to Fionn in exchange for not obliterating him in loud, bloody, gory vengeance. Fionn accepted. Reminder that Tagd is also Fionn’s grandfather on his mother’s side.

And that’s how Fionn regained his rightful ownership of the Fianna Knights, stopped being a wanted man, and killed a god through sheer masochism.

The moral of the story is that if you can beat the fuck out of your own face, your enemies will assume you can do that to their faces just as fine, and they will give you free real estate so you don’t do that.

RFA+ but its a kpop group

hi, I made that post with 707 posting bts lyrics, messaged the babes about it, and had The Need to write this :’)

rfa but what does it stand for? Really, Freaking Anything™ jk name the kpop group 2k17

also! this is me easing back into writing~ something a little fun before I get to requests ^^

!! maybe v route spoilers, name wise !!


  • vocalist and dancer 
  • also considered the visual 
  • we all know he has a pretty deep voice, but its still amazing
  • hi i imagined zen dancing to rap mon’s part in bts’ ‘blood sweat and tears’ and died, you’re free to join me that part is My Shit
  • he works really hard for the group, helping write songs, getting choreography together
  • shows a bunch of confidence onstage and on camera, but he’s really insecure
  • like he always asks jihyun and jaehee how he’s doing with his moves and voice
  • but he’s living his dream, so he’s just working really hard :’)
  • 25/8 blowing kisses to the cameras 


  • rapper hahahaha fight me
  • everyone was surprised when they found out he could rap, but he’s real good at it
  • writes a lot of the raps, actually. sometimes he thinks he could do better, but he’s great
  • he’s so happy every time he sees the face of people when they first hear him rapping
  • like? this baby??? can Do That?? yes he can
  • also has a good singing voice, though
  • sometimes he has a few singing lines, but he really enjoys what he does
  • all the fans give him little stuffed dogs because it was revealed he wanted to be a vet
  • his parents are really proud of him :’))


  • she’s the leader its the only way they’ll survive tbh
  • does a little of everything - a vocalist and dancer. occasionally raps
  • jaehee works really hard and she’s respected by all the members, of course
  • part of why she’s the leader is because she is super observant of the others and helps them work on what they need to
  • ironically, she doesn’t talk a lot in interviews. jumin and zen do the most
  • so sometimes people forget that she’s the leader
  • but it shows when she gets all of them together
  • always has a coffee mug in her hands and the fans tell her to get more sleep
  • the sweetest in person, oh gosh how does she do it


  • vocalist and a rapper sometimes #DJ Han
  • he talks the most during interviews 
  • and his voice is the deepest but it also has quite the range
  • like sometimes he has the high notes and you’re like? oh my gosh
  • no one ever expects it when he raps, but when he does, its amazing
  • a good songwriter! he writes a few of them
  • fans first thought he was intimidating and didn’t really approach him
  • but over time, they start seeing his silly side and how he roasts the other members
  • though they do kind of wonder why someone like him wanted to be in a kpop group. we’re all thankful though~ and he loves what he does

707 / saeyoung

  • rapper and dancer
  • 707 always looks so happy when he’s rapping
  • the fans know his “real name” to be luciel before he’s comfortable enough
  • raps as fast as he codes
  • he’s a flexible person, so he has really fluid movements
  • it looks like he has The most fun on stage…and he does :’)
  • the amount of videos of his pranks on the other members, oh gosh
  • helps yoosung write the raps and even some of the songs on its own
  • the most fun at fansigns, he love love loves interacting with fans


  • vocalist!
  • he has such? a beautiful voice? im shook
  • i have a personal hc that he can’t dance, but he does his best
  • gets better with time~
  • but ok his voice is so good :’)
  • if he tries, he can make his voice raspy and oooh boy let me tell you
  • a main part in the songwriting process
  • jihyun makes some amazing lyrics
  • plays around with the camerapeople..and fans..and everyone


  • vocalist + dancer
  • let me tell you, when the choi bois dance together Oh Boy
  • the fans go wild. everyone goes wild
  • but anyways, saeran has a higher voice than saeyoung does
  • it doesn’t bother him, but it means he hits them high notes a lot
  • listen, its amazing to listen to
  • camera shy, what a baby
  • his stage name is Ray :’))
  • he’s also shy with fans, but he’ll get used to it. they give him a lot of ice cream related things


  • rapper + dancer
  • stage name: Stark 
  • vanderwood has a real loud rapper voice
  • one that really just gets you Hype
  • helps with the beats more often than lyrics 
  • is really serious and hardworking with the members but they know how ridiculous they really are
  • and they show that ridiculous side to the fans a lot
  • a running cheetah print joke?? all gifts to vandy have something to do with it
  • this is the most saeyoung has seen vandy smile? how iconic

Ok i have to talk about what a feeling again bc ive been listening to it on repeat and this song, everything in this song is perfect. Their voices collectively is the most beautiful sound, their solo parts are so soft, the melody of the entire song is so gorgeous, louis voice in this always gives me fucking chills same with harrys and when you listen to them in the chorus you can hear both of them so well and its just so beautiful and then i havent even mentioned the lyrics yet

if I was the one doing the interviews it would be too long, i would ask them about their music, their next projects, their uniced project, what things inspired them to do it, what kind of things inspired them to write their songs, the things their interested in,, we would joke a bit, etc, then i would be like ‘'ok now the next part of the interview:-)’ and they would stare at me like ????? while i would be saying: ‘ok im going to start! jungkook! how does feel to know that every star and even the moon, and all the galaxies were born as u soon as u opened your eyes when you were born??? yoongi! how does it feels to be the softest, cutest boy in the world?? jin! did u know that you’re the most beautiful, handsome, talented,funniest boy in the whole world?? who am i kidding of course u know!, hobi, u king, wOW,WOW, someone told me,  that a friend of a cousin of their best friend’s mom told them that the sun say that he didn’t have any reason to exist anymore since the day u were born, also take ur time with the hixtape i love u, taehyung! u smart adorable amazing talented angel! im so proud of u, u king, yeah u love art, but did u know that the word ‘art’ and the whole concept of it didn’t exist before u were born? yes, you’re the reason of why art exist in this world, thank u, jimin my boy! fun fact: happiness, love, peace, everything good in the world, none of these things were an actual thing, but WOW, u laughed?? and suddenly all of these were real, also i wanted to let u know that u look amazing with black hair, listen im just saying, i love u, namjoon!! RM! real me!! or do u want me to call u mr. me?? whatever makes u happy, i just wanted to let u know that all the effort u put it into this it’s amazing, and that you’re doing great, and it’s so sweet how you’re always trying your best, you legend….u angel,, here’s my money, take it,

Ignore my face but omg have you guys listened to BTS’ Crystal Snow yet? It’s literally one of the most beautiful songs ever and this part absolutely ruins me every time fckck and jin’s fucken note like holy shit what boi let my angel shine get your shit worldwide handsome yasssss i love my babies gonna delete this later bYe

Top 10 Daisuke Takahashi programs (competitive)

I’m gonna be honest here. I, like many other people and aunties out there am a huge Daisuke Takahashi fan. In fact, he is the definition of figure skating to me and there will be no other skater like him, ever. And this is a good thing. It makes him special and he is hopefully inspiring juniors to find their own skating personality and achieve their own brilliance; Tatsuki Machida and Shoma Uno are probably the most notable examples and I’m sure more will follow. How do you describe a skater like Daisuke Takahashi? Experts, bloggers and fans have already done this, numerous times. It is pointless for me to start painting a picture of him because it would most likely end up being an unworthy attempt. His skating speaks for itself and I am merely trying to pay a tribute to (imo) his most notable programs. So yes, you read that right; this is a subjective Top 10 Daisuke Takahashi programs. 

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jiminjungkooks  asked:

Post ten facts about yourself and send it on to ten of your faves! 💖

thank u so much lovely for sending this!!!! 💕

ok here goes

  1. ive been on this blue hellsite for the better part of a decade and have blogged about kpop and anime for most of that time lmao
  2. my first kpop song was haru haru by big bang and i still cry whenever i listen to it
  3. i share a bday with oikawa tooru and yata misaki 
  4. im a huge green thumb as my childhood home had this beautiful garden but now that i live in an apartment with no backyard i just have like 100 pot plants all around to compensate Lmao
  5. i love learning languages so dam much. im nowhere close to fluent but ive studied 6 different languages !! im working on becoming fluent in them one day 😊😊😊
  6. my goal in life is to travel to every continent and eventually move somewhere overseas and have a cute house with 10 dogs and a massive garden
  7. adrift is my absolute favourite song by namjoon
  8. im still mad about the ending of reply 1988 
  9. ive only been to 2 kpop concerts - svt in sydney (160828) and bts in sydney (170526) but theyre the only 2 groups i care about now anyway so thats great !
  10. jimin may be the shortest of bts but he’s still 20cm taller than i am ,,,which means namjoon is 26cm taller. Oh dang

Beauty And The Beast 2017 

➥ Lets Join Now and Enjoy >

I was really looking forward to this film. Not only has Disney recently made excellent live-action versions of their animated masterpieces (Jungle Book, Cinderella), but the cast alone (Emma Watson, Ian McKellen, Kevin Kline) already seemed to make this one a sure hit. Well, not so much as it turns out.

Some of the animation is fantastic, but because characters like Cogsworth (the clock), Lumière (the candelabra) and Chip (the little tea cup) now look “realistic”, they lose a lot of their animated predecessors’ charm and actually even look kind of creepy at times. And ironically - unlike in the animated original - in this new realistic version they only have very limited facial expressions (which is a creative decision I can’t for the life of me understand).

Even when it works: there can be too much of a good thing. The film is overstuffed with lush production design and cgi (which is often weirdly artificial looking though) but sadly lacking in charm and genuine emotion. If this were a music album, I’d say it is “over-produced” and in need of more soul and swing. The great voice talent in some cases actually seems wasted, because it drowns in a sea of visual effects that numbs all senses. The most crucial thing that didn’t work for me, though, is the Beast. He just never looks convincing. The eyes somehow don’t look like real eyes and they’re always slightly off.

On the positive side, I really liked Gaston, and the actor who played him, Luke Evans, actually gave the perhaps most energized performance of all. Kevin Kline as Belle’s father has little to do but to look fatherly and old, but he makes the most of his part. Speaking of Belle, now that I’ve seen the film, I think her role was miscast. I think someone like Rachel McAdams would actually have been a more natural, lively and perhaps a bit more feisty Belle than Emma Watson.

If you love the original, you might want to give this one a pass, it’s really not that good (although at least the songs were OK). Also, I’d think twice before bringing small children; without cute animated faces, all those “realistic” looking creatures and devices can be rather frightening for a child.


Ok guys listen up, a guy proposed to his girlfriend tonight in b stage pit during love story and he came over to us when the song started and pointed to his girl and said “I’m about to propose to her at the right part of this song” and he stood by us the whole song and we were all happy and singing and when Taylor said “pulled out a ring and said” the man got down on his knee and faced his girlfriend who didn’t see it coming and it was the most beautiful moment I ever experienced