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SUMMARY: Katherine can’t bake for her life, but at least she’s (kind of) trying, right?

A/N: this is short and bad and rushed, but it’s gay so like??? that pretty much makes up for everything. this was originally meant to be something different revolving around baking but i was baking cookies for book club earlier and was inspired so here you go i guess


“You want to make… pumpkin spice cookies?” Y/N raised an eyebrow at her girlfriend, but Katherine just smiled.

“Yeah, the goal is to annoy Jack as much as possible,” she winked. Y/N laughed loudly, walking over to the cabinets to start pulling out ingredients as Katherine pulled up the recipe she had found online. Making pumpkin spice cookies was ridiculous enough, but when Katherine had asked Y/N if they could bake something together for the Halloween party at Jack and Davey’s place she hadn’t quiet believed the girl had meant it. Katherine Pulitzer was the worst cook Y/N had ever met. Y/N, on the other hand, had grown up with parents who co-owned a bakery, and had been baking and cooking her whole life.

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Bless This Kingdom

So I am so late, but I did manage to squeak this in while frantically studying. I admit that while long it’s a little convoluted. I based this Mythologies AU on the triple goddess the Morrigna more commonly known as the Morrigan of Irish legends and the story of Deidre and Naoise which is one of the greatest tragic love stories in Irish love stories. I hope you enjoy it though.Thank you @everythingisklaroline for running this event!

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The Tudors:

characters + aesthetic 

 ↳ Queen Katherine of Aragon 

“I know what are you trying to do, but do not think to take the King away from me. Let him play with you. Let him give you gifts. But he cannot give you his true heart, for I have that in my keeping.” - Katherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon was the Queen of England and the first wife of King Henry the VIII. She was previously the Princess of Wales as the wife of his elder brother Arthur. She was the daughter of Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon. After her divorce, she was quoted “I would rather be a poor beggar’s wife and be sure of heaven, than queen of all the world and stand in doubt thereof by reason of my own consent.”. Catherine was of a very fair complexion, had blue eyes, and had a hair colour that was between reddish-blonde and auburn like her mother and sister Joanna.  In her youth she was described as “the most beautiful creature in the world”.  She died at Kimbolton Castle on 7 January 1536, three weeks after her fiftieth birthday.

“In this world I will confess myself to be the king’s true wife, and in the next they will know how unreasonably I am afflicted.”


→ AU: Henry VIII’ Six Wives as fairy tales characters REDONE

Katherine Howard as Rapunzel

When the baby girl is born, the enchantress takes the child to raise as her own, and names the baby Rapunzel. Rapunzel grows up to be the most beautiful child in the world with long golden hair. When Rapunzel reaches her twelfth year, the enchantress shuts her away in a tower in the middle of the woods, with neither stairs nor a door, and only one room and one window. When the witch visits Rapunzel, she stands beneath the tower and calls out: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair”.Upon hearing these words, Rapunzel would wrap her long, fair hair around a hook beside the window, dropping it down to the enchantress, who would then climb up the hair to Rapunzel’s tower room.


Royalty Meme ♛ [1/5] Fancasts or Best Portrayals
↳ Isolda Dychauk as Catalina de Aragón

Contrary to most portrayals of her on film*, Henry VIII’s first wife, Katherine of Aragon, was a petite, rather plump, and fair-skinned woman with red-gold hair and blue eyes. (She may have inherited her fair features from her Plantagenet ancestors–two of her maternal great-great- and great-grandmothers were daughters of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.) In 1509, the year she became queen of England, her confessor described her as “the most beautiful creature in the world." 

*Notable exceptions include Annette Crosbie and Frances Cuka in The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1970) and Henry VIII and his Six Wives (1972), respectively.

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This was all new to Jack, and yet completely thrilling. Shadowing for a commercial air flight was just one more step towards his dream. It was the 50's after all, opportunity was fresh in the air, and the girls were pretty. Especially the curly brown haired flight attendant who always passed by his seat with a sassy smart look about her. He was completely intrigued and decided to take his chances. "You dropped this ma'am." Jack said picking up a napkin he himself had planted. @jackheadline


Katherine loved being a flight attendant. She loved seeing new places, from the crummiest airports to the most beautiful countries. That was what everybody said,that the traveling made the long hours and constant displacement worth it, but it was true. And you had to love the travel to make up for the customers, like this smart aleck Katherine was tending to.

“Thank you, sir.” Katherine took the napkin from him with one hand, whose fingernails were immaculately painted with dark red polish. She folded it up and slipped it into her pocket with a smile. “Observant guests like you keep us on our toes. Can I get you anything else?”

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Katherine played a slow mournful song in a minor key as she sat in her silky white night gown at the grand piano in her bran new bed chambers. So this was home now. This awful place. Ever since she was little she has hated this place, and now she was married to the king as of tonight. She felt sick inside as she softly played her piano. She was barely a king. A new king! Deciding he would stop the war if he got to marry Pulitzers most beautiful daughter. She jumped at someone saying her name.

Jack knocked softly on her door, peaking into her room, though she payed no mind as she played her piano.
“Katherine.” He called out, hoping she would actually look up this time.
Once she did, he start smiling. God, her eyes were beautiful, and they went perfectly with her skin and hair colors. Everything about her was perfect. And all that perfectness was going to be his tonight.
“That didn’t sound like a happy weddin song ta me.” He teased as he entered her room.

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klaroline + “you caught some guy trying to drug my drink at the bar so you punched him and now we’re at my place where i’m cleaning the blood off your face and noticing how hot you are” AU

“This place is amazing!” She yells towards Katherine, who just winks at her as she pulls her further into the club.

It really had been far too long since she’d had a good night out with her girlfriends. Her newest job as a wedding planner at one of the best event companies in NYC was most definitely not a 9-5 Monday to Friday job, and this had been the first Friday night she’d had out in ages.

Really it had been Katherine’s continued insistence that she schedule in a night out to just let her hair down and drink some over priced cocktails with obscene amounts of alcohol in them.

She’d agreed, albeit reluctantly because she was usually dead on her feet by Friday nights, and usually used a combination of coffee and red bull to get her through any weekend weddings that she may have had on her plate.

Kat is making a beeline towards the bar, as is the norm for their nights out.

Katherine wasn’t supermodel gorgeous, but she had that striking sort of beauty that made guys sit up and take notice, bartenders at one of New York’s most elite nightspots included.

They end up skipping about three people in line as Kat elbows her way right up to the bar itself, leaning over on tip toes to shout in the ear of the well muscled guy pulling drinks for the night.

The bartender gives Katherine a flirtatious wink, and Katherine twirls a long strand of hair around her finger.

“I got you a Cosmo to start with! Is that okay?” Katherine yells above the pounding of the bass line.

Caroline nods towards her best friend as a way of reply, and really it’s during moments like this that she can’t help but wonder just how on earth she and Katherine are still friends.

Under normal circumstances, they’d probably hate each other. Katherine had been dating Stefan Salvatore, and up and coming lawyer since they’d all been in high school back at Mystic Falls. In fact, Stefan had been Katherine’s high school sweetheart.

And then Stefan had cheated on Katherine with Elena Gilbert of all people, which was a knife in the back considering Elena was Katherine’s cousin. She’d actually been Elena’s best friend way back when in high school, but she couldn’t condone Elena’s behaviour, especially when the other girl started rambling on about how she couldn’t possibly be in the wrong because Stefan was her ‘soulmate’ and they were ‘meant to be together’ and that it was fate that Stefan had momentarily turned into an absolute asshole.

She’d fallen in with Katherine that very afternoon, and she’d been thick as thieves with the Petrova girl ever since. Katherine had the last laugh of course, moving to a highly successful job in New York and meeting Elijah Mikaelson, heir to the Mikaelson shipping fortune. Worth billions, Elijah absolutely doted on Katherine, and he was absolutely perfect for her. Luckily, Katherine knew that as well, and Stefan was nothing more than a distant memory.

Caroline is distracted for a moment and turns to look out over the dance floor, even as the bartender no doubt slides their cocktails towards each of them, waving off the bill that Katherine attempts to hand him. Drinks on the house, not bad.

She can feel someone edging up next to her, far too close for comfort as she instinctively moves towards Katherine. The guy next to her is completely unremarkable, not particularly good looking or memorable, and perhaps a little creepy.

It’s enough to put her on edge and she grabs for her drink and turns towards Kat.

Although, she’s elbowed out of the way by a tall, broad shouldered, blonde guy who grabs creepy guy by the shoulder and then proceeds to punch the shit out of him.

“What the fuck!” Katherine yells at the top of her voice.

Both sides have blood on their hands and faces at this point, although blonde guy is far better off at this point in time.

The reaction of the bouncers is pretty impressive, all things considered, as two of them seemingly materialise at the scene of the brawl.

One grabs creepy guy off the floor, who spits in the direction of the other blonde guy who had thrown the first punch. It’s not until she inches closer that she can hear what blonde guy is saying.

“He spiked her drink.” Blonde guy tells one of the bouncers, turning towards…her.

Wait, what?

The bouncer’s entire attitude changes, and he releases his grip on blonde guys shirt, instead turning towards the other dude, who is definitely worse off being on the receiving end of the punches thrown.

“Oh my god that’s Elijah’s younger brother, Klaus.” Katherine yells in her ear as the crowd around them slowly disperses, the bouncer getting on the phone to call the police, one of them stepping towards her to grab her drink for a sample.

“Do you know this guy?” The bouncer asks of Katherine, who nods, albeit reluctantly.

“Get him out of here before the police arrive. I’d rather not have to press charges for assault, but I fucking hate people who spike drinks.”

Klaus saunters towards them almost casually, even as Katherine rolls her eyes and grabs him by the arm, hauling his ass out towards a back entrance of the club.

She recognises him now, despite the darkness and the blood. The Mikaelson’s were a prolific family in New York, and although it was mostly Elijah that was in the news as the heir to the family fortune, Klaus was featured more often than not as well.

Considered one of New York City’s most eligible bachelors, Klaus had had one long term serious relationship in the spotlight with socialite Tatia Petrova before they’d gone their separate ways about 18 months ago. Since then, he’d been seen out on dates with some very well known faces; actresses, musicians, high flying business women.

“What the hell are you thinking?” Katherine asks in a low voice as they emerge out into a side alley, the sounds of traffic and the din of thousands of people still out on the streets creating a cacophony of sound.

“I was thinking that I stopped your friend from having a most unpleasant experience tonight.” Klaus muses in reply, going to run his hand through his hair before thinking twice about it, perhaps realising he’d do nothing more than smear blood all through his hair.

“God I am not equipped to deal with this right now. We need to get you somewhere where the paparazzi aren’t going to be around.” Katherine muses out loud as she steps out onto the street and throws her arm up to hail a taxi.

One screeches to a halt right in front of her, and she motions both her and Klaus towards the cab.

“Well it can’t be my place.” Klaus answers, and as she settles in next to him, she’s very much aware of the heat coming from his body, and just how powerful his body is. “There’s paps camped all out the front, seeing who i’ll bring home tonight. Not that I ever did. I’m Klaus by the way.”

He knocks his shoulder against hers and she jumps, eyes flicking up to meet his.

“Caroline.” She replies in a small voice. “Thanks for being my knight in shining armour I guess.”

Klaus’ teeth are impossibly white in the dim lighting of the cab, even as Katherine gets in the front seat and slams the door behind her.

“It can’t be our place either.” Katherine replies with a resigned sigh, twisting her body to face her. “Caroline, would you mind giving Klaus a place to crash for the night?”

Oh god. When she’d set out for a night with Kat, she so did not anticipate that she’d be sheltering the brother of a billionaire. It’s not like her apartment was shabby by any means, but there was no display of the level of wealth that Klaus would most definitely be used to.

It’s with a reluctant sight that she agrees, giving the cab driver her address.

They drop Kat off first, who gives her one last concerned glance, and passes over a bill to the driver that would more than cover their journey out to where she lived.  

“Thank you, for doing this.” Klaus interrupts her train of thought, and she glances quickly at him before turning her gaze out the window.

“It’s okay, really.” Caroline replies hastily, not wanting to make a big deal out of this. “You’ll have to forgive the size of the place though, it’s not exactly the biggest place in New York…” She trails off, realising how stupid she sounds.

Klaus just gives her a warm smile.

“I’m sure it’ll be perfect.”


She can see Klaus looking around the living room curiously as she sheds her coat and switches on the light in the kitchen.

“Just sit down anywhere and make yourself at home. Can I get you anything? Tea or coffee?” She asks, almost operating on autopilot as she grabs some towels from the linen cupboard and fills up a bowl of warm water.

“I’m fine, thanks sweetheart.” Klaus calls from the living room, sinking down onto the couch. “I like what you’ve done with the place. Are you an interior designer?”

“Wedding planner actually.” She rounds the corner, bowl of water held in hand, which she passes over to Klaus.

He looks at her curiously, even as she sinks down onto the lounge next to him.

“It’s probably best that we get you cleaned up before you go to sleep. You sort of look like a serial killer with all the blood on your face.”

Klaus shoots her an amused glance, but settles the bowl of on his knees, hands wrapping around it carefully.

“I’m perfectly capable of cleaning myself up love.” He remarks lightly.

“It’s fine really. It’s the least I could do, all things considered.”

Klaus doesn’t say anything more, simply lets his eyes slide shut and lets out a deep breath.

She dabs the towel into the water, placing one hand on his knee to get closer to him.

Klaus flinches at the first contact of the towel against his skin, but once she begins rubbing away at the dried blood he relaxes a bit more, a playful smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

“Is this something you do often?” Klaus begins conversationally, even as she lets out a shaky laugh.

“Not if I can avoid it. But I have some experience cleaning up after younger cousins who are far more trouble than they’re worth. At least you’re sitting still. And not complaining.” She adds as an afterthought as Klaus chuckles, eyes still held tightly shut.

She falls into quite a soothing rhythm soon enough, and bit by bit the dried blood disappears from Klaus’ face.

She can definitely see the appeal. Klaus might not be a classically handsome guy, but there’s definitely something about him that’s definitely got her intrigued. Maybe it is the white knight aspect of it, but she finds something about him incredibly attractive, even if she can’t exactly pinpoint what it is.

And it’s most definitely not his money.

She dabs a bit at the cut on his lip, holding her breath as his own fans over her fingers.

“All done.” She finally pronounces a little shakily as Klaus eyes open. They’re a brilliant blue green, and she feels a tug in her lower belly with the way that he’s staring at her.

“Thankyou sweetheart.” Klaus remarks softly, pressing a gentle kiss to her cheek. “You’re an absolute god send.”

She takes the bowl of water and turns away from him, trying to mask her growing blush as she tips the now pink water down the sink.

Her lounge doubles as a fold up bed, and Klaus immediately moves to help her once she realises what she’s doing. It takes almost next to no time to quickly fit it with some sheets, and then she’s standing a little awkwardly before him, very aware that she’s still dressed in her tight black dress and sky high heels from the club.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any clothes that would fit you, my ex boyfriend took all of them when he cleared out his stuff.”

Klaus tugs his shirt over his head, and she tries not to let her eyes dip any lower than his chest, because good lord it is an impressive sight.

“It’s fine love, really. I’ll just sleep in my boxers for tonight.”

With one last smile towards him, she bids him good night and makes a beeline for the bedroom, pulling the door shut behind her and leaning her forehead against it.

She was so screwed.


Most of the night is spent tossing and turning, very much aware that there is a gorgeous, British, very eligible bachelor sleeping on her lounge bed in nothing more than a pair of boxers.

Eventually though, she does sleep properly, and it’s not until her alarm wakes her the next morning that she’s blinking the sleep out of her eyes and swinging herself out of bed to check on her apartment crasher.

She’s not sure if she should be surprised or disappointed that Klaus is gone when she finally steps out into the living room, but disappointment is definitely winning out.

It’s with a sigh that she steps towards the lounge and the neatly folded pile of sheets, resigning herself to the fact that she was probably punching above her weight when it came to Klaus anyway, and no way could he be attracted to someone as normal as she was.

A splash of yellow catches her eye, and she leans forward to pick up the sunflower lying on top of a piece of paper.

The words on the page are easy enough to decipher, but they’re still enough to make her breath catch in her throat, especially when she sees the number that he’d left for her written below.

Thank you for your hospitality. Dinner tonight at 8? I’ll pick you up.


Royal Decisions Part I

A/N- I have just under a month to pack up my entire life and move across the world so here’s to procrasti-writing! 

Caroline is the Queen of England, roughly Tudor Era. 

Queen Caroline awoke that morning firm in her resolve.

When her ladies came in to dress her that morning she pondered a while before choosing her gown of red silk with silver undersleeves and underskirt. She sat patiently as her hair was brushed until it flowed down her back in golden waves and breathed steadily while her crown was placed on her forehead.

“Fetch me the ermine cloak.” she ordered as a heavy diamond necklace was placed around her neck.

“You look beautiful Your Majesty.” Lady Katherine told her as she draped the cloak over her shoulders and Caroline watched her from the side of her eye,

She would know, she supposed. Lady Katherine had been raised in the French court and was the most fashionable albeit sauciest of her ladies, collecting men’s hearts like a squirrel collected nuts, however she could not fault the wench when she was the one who had given her the idea which she would enact today.

It was a chilly autumn morning and Caroline shivered as she led the Court from Dover Castle down to the green where the stands, tents and jousting arena had been set up. The people of Kent cheered her loudly as she approached and even in spite of her nervousness she managed to smile and wave.

The people of England adored their young and beautiful Queen.

Especially on days when they were celebrating victory.

Once again, the Spanish fleet had entered English waters and once again it had been rousted.

She walked up to her throne, underneath the canopy bearing the royal coat of arms, through the throng of bowing courtiers and loud trumpets and waved once more to the people as she sat down. She rests her hands on the arm of her chair and tries to grip the wood subtly so as to hide their trembling.

Her ladies settle around her like decorative dolls, and the nobles of the land take their position, each vying to catch her attention before the trumpets sound again and she becomes blind to her capricious butterflies.

He has arrived.

The hero of the English fleet, the man who’d captained them to victory, who’d stormed Calais and won it back from the French after her ancestor had lost it to them. The man who had first come to her attention by forcing invading Scots to retreat from the North and held it for her.

Niklaus Mikaelson.

The third son of Mikael Mikaelson, Lord of Hever Castle in Kent. His eldest brother Finn alone had inherited anything from the late lord, the rest of the family had been forced to make their own way. The second son Elijah had entered the diplomatic service and even now protected her interests in France. Niklaus had gone into the army and achieved such renown on the battlefield that his enemies called him The Wolf and whispered that he was the most dangerous man to encounter in a fight. After his victory against the Scots he had asked permission to enter the navy and she had granted it out of curiosity of his abilities.

As it turned out, he was as skilled on the seas as he was on the land.

Not even thirty and already more accomplished than men twice his age.

He comes into view amidst the cheers of the crowd, he was second only to her in the hearts of the English people. Not only was he a brave and successful soldier but he was handsome and ready with a smile. He was a knight of true chivalry and honour, bringing to mind the romance of King Arthur and the Round Table.

His breast plate has been polished until it shines and his face is aglow with pride as he marches towards her, stopping before the canopy and bowing as deeply as permitted in armour.

“Good day Master Niklaus,” Caroline managed to smile, giving him leave to rise.

“We welcome you back to England with open arms and thank you for your service to our country.” She announced and his grin widened, 

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have served, Your Majesty” he replies sweetly, his blue eyes dancing and words momentarily fail her.

Oh but he was handsome.

All the women of the Court thought so. Golden hair that fell to his shoulders, blue eyes, red lips, a skilled dancer and an even better flirt.  

“I am grateful that you did not fall in the water,” Caroline says before she can think to stop herself,

“I was not sure that wolves could swim.”    

The Court laughs merrily and Niklaus along with them, 

“When asked by the Queen herself, I am sure a wolf could take wing and fly.” he replies wittily and she fights to keep her smile regal, “We shall keep that in mind if our enemies ever take flight.”

She stands, “Come,” she calls to the crowd, “Let us feast and celebrate.”

She sees Niklaus falter uncertainly and sees the question on his face.

He had achieved the greatest victory of her reign- albeit her young reign- surely he was to be rewarded with more than thanks?

She turns away from him for the moment and to one of her ladies,

“Bring food and wine for two to my tent,” she commands and to another, 

“Tell Niklaus to attend to me there”

She cut a path to the cloth of gold tent set up under a great oak tree, lain with carpets and furnished as grandly as possible. There is already ale on the table and she drinks deeply, hoping that it will go straight to her empty stomach and calm her nerves as she sends her ladies away to enjoy the festivities.

The food arrives only moments before Niklaus and she notes that he tarried only long enough to remove his breast plate, revealing his dark blue doublet underneath.

He stands there with his hands behind his back and she waves towards the food,

“We would have you dine with us,” she said, gesturing to his seat, 

“And discuss the prizes we would offer you as thanks for your duty.”  

She sees the relief in his face and sinks into her chair cautiously as he takes his own, 

“Serving Your Majesty is reward enough.” he intones dutifully and she smirks,

“If that were true many a noble would be a peasant or as poor as one.”

He chuckles and they begin eating, him heartily, her picking at her food, making a pretence of dining as she resists the urge to have the server refill her cup more than once.

“What you managed in battle was believed to be impossible,” she begins, unable to wait until they have even finished the first course and she sees Niklaus pause before rapidly trying to swallow the food in his mouth and she feels embarrassed that she has put him in that position,

“My council was in a panic,” she continues quickly so that he doesn’t have to try to speak, 

“They were certain that the Spaniards would land on our shores and were begging me to take refuge in London or even the Tower itself.”

“God forbid that we ever allow that day to come,” Niklaus said and she smiled,

“The Tower is truly not that bad, if you aren’t a prisoner it can be quite nice, the royal bed chambers are some of the best in England, warm and pleasant…”

She stops when she realises that she’s describing the rooms where she sleeps and closes her mouth before she finds herself discussing the bed curtains or some other foolishness. Meanwhile, Niklaus’ tongue darts out to lick his lips and she clears her throat,

“We have had the papers drawn up,” she informs him, 

“We would show our gratitude by offering you the earldom of Leicester.”

His eyes widen in almost comical disbelief, his mouth opens and closes a few times before he can manage to speak, “An earldom? Your Majesty honours me far too…”

“It is nothing,” she interrupts, although arguably, raising the third son of a lord to an earl in one step was quite something. Filled with nervous energy she stands but waves for him to remain seated as she paced to the opening of the tent, looking out into the field of revelry despite the chilly autumn day, quickly she turned to the brazier heating up the room, 

“We would have the investiture at Hampton Court,” she says as she turns the ring on her finger, 

“And then we would ask something else of you.”

He stretches his legs under the table and out of the corner of her eye she sees how graceful he appears even when there are traces of exhaustion under his eyes, 

“However I may serve Your Majesty I will gladly do so.”

She takes a shaky breath, “I am in need of a husband,” she announces, dropping the royal ‘we’ in her nervousness  “England is in need of a Prince consort to support me in my rule.”

He frowns and falls silent as he tries to figure out his task,  

“You would have me conduct the negotiations?” he asks doubtfully, Elijah being famed as the diplomat in the family and she shakes her head.

“I would have you fill that role,” she corrects, looking up briefly before her eyes flew back to the brazier, “I would have you as my husband,” she elaborates further.

“We are in need of someone who can command our army or navy,” she brings herself to look up and meet his eyes, noting that he has gone pale and his eyebrows are halfway up his forehead,

“Someone who can defend the North but does not belong to once royal stock. A strong man but not so strong as to force us from our throne into the shadows and…we will need to provide England with an heir and we are an only child whilst your mother birthed seven living children, so you are from fertile stock therefore you are a suitable candidate.”

He tried to speak and only a croak came out before he tried again, 

“My brother Finn is a lord…”

She shakes her head, “Your brother Finn has been known to consort with women of ill-repute and rumours of his suffering from the French disease has reached our ears, we would not risk our lives in that manner.”

“My brother Elijah…?” he suggests weakly.

In truth, she had considered Elijah, he was an educated man, a brilliant diplomat, witty and a skilled musician. He was handsome and chivalrous, a true gentleman- however, Caroline had seen the love letters that he wrote to Lady Katherine and suspected that if she took him as husband, she would very shortly find him taking Lady Katherine as his mistress.

Besides, even if she could simply send Lady Katherine back to France or into exile anywhere in the world, the simple fact remained…

That Niklaus was very handsome and very exciting and if she did have to marry, she would marry someone who would be a source of happiness for her.

“We believe that you would be the most suitable for us,” she tells him firmly,

“Unless you have already promised yourself to another?”

The thought strikes her, even though she had heard nothing of the sort, certainly even though many a woman had swooned over him, few would be willing to match themselves with a disinherited third son.

He shakes his head, “I am free to marry.”

She smiles, “Good,” she holds out her hand and he stands up, gripping the arms of the chair to keep himself upright before making his way over to her slowly, swaying as if he were still aboard his ship.

“Then you will accept our proposal?” she asks as he takes her hand and kisses her ring,

“With all my heart.” he murmurs quietly.

She lets him go then, to join the festivities and he barely manages to make it out of the tent without tripping over something.

With a sigh of relief, Caroline nearly puts her hand on the brazier to steady herself before remembering at the last minute that it would burn her fingers clean off. She clears her throat and motions for the servant to bring her cup, having it filled to the brim before drinking deeply and deciding to try to eat,

“You will not say a word of this to anyone.” she warns them darkly as she cuts into the roast swan.  

If nothing else, she didn’t want the Court to know how much she’d had to convince Niklaus to accept her hand marriage. He’d seemed rather reluctant.

She hoped the idea wasn’t too distasteful to him, if nothing else she would bring him a great deal of power.