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Felicity feeling self conscious

Prompt Fill #4

Words: 2009

Rating: T

Spoilers: Post season 3, mentions of 3x23

A/N: I’m back with prompts! Okay I have to say that I had to take some time off from posting I Found Love because it was too much for me. It’s the most intense story I have ever written and it takes a tool on me. Now I’m writing chapter 10, but it’s going really slow, like 3000 words in eleven days slow… I just hope I’ll be able to finish it before my hiatus ends. A lot is happening in my life right now and to add to that, recently I got some concerning news and it’s all I can think about righ now, so when I have to sit and write angst, drama and depressing stuff for I Found Love I just can’t do that because it’s too much. Today I decided to do something lighter to get my mind off the bad stuff and in less than three hours I’ve written 2000 words of this prompt. I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve written something that quick - all I needed was something lighter and happier. When I was starting with I Found Love I was writing for 5000 words a day so I hope that one day I’ll be back to that.

To everyone that is wondering: yes, the prompts I got will be filled, but when I’ll have time and I’ll feel like it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to throw all those great prompts away. :)



Everyone was watching her.

The eyes of Starling City elite were following her every single move and every time her hand reached for the second shrimp puff of the night their eyes were zeroing on her stomach assessing her with criticism in their piercing gazes.

Why did Oliver have to go to this stupid restroom and leave her all by herself?

She felt like on a display. An exhibit for everyone to see, to stare at and when the time was up and the night would finally end they would judge her, drag her through the mud because Oliver Queen, ex-playboy with a reputation to rebuild, once again a millionaire and the Vice President of Queen Incorporated, shouldn’t be dating his ex-executive assistant, the blonde IT expert that babbled too much and who dated Ray Palmer - his now dead rival - who took over his company and turned it into Palmer Technologies, offering her the position of the Vice President.

They called her a gold digger.

It wasn’t exactly anything new for Felicity. Being Oliver Queen’s executive assistant for nearly a year had made the QC’s gossip mill go into overdrive. IT girl taken from the basement into the world of corporate sharks was something so unthinkable that the only explanation was that she had to be good in bed for her sudden promotion - if someone asked her it was really a demotion for her. As later news said, she had to be not only good, but also really good if Oliver Queen kept her around for so long.

It wasn’t anything she couldn’t take. She knew her value, she knew how much she meant to the people that truly knew her, she knew how much she helped every night to keep the city safe. It was easy to ignore the gossips when she knew that they were just that - gossips.

Things got worse when Oliver had lost his company to Ray Palmer and she’d accepted his offer to work for him.

When Ray had announced that she was taking the position of the new Vice President of Palmer Technologies she received words of congratulations and smiles that seemed too bright to be honest, and whenever she turned her back to the PT employees she could feel their eyes on her, their whispers carrying through the corridors along with new theories of how she’d gotten that job.

The rumor was that she’d helped Ray steal Oliver’s company just so she could get the job of the VP and get what she was always after - the company’s money. Oh, and let’s not forget that apparently she was sleeping with Ray Palmer behind Oliver’s back.

Yes, of course the only reason she could accomplish great things like that was because she was sleeping with two important men. Not that she graduated from MIT summa cum laude or something…

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Rivamika Week Day 1…or 3? It works for both

Day One: Levi’s Birthday

Day Three: Exploring Dreams vs. Reality

I got this idea from The Family Man, a great movie that you should see if you haven’t already!

Who cares that this is terribly late. And I haven’t written anything since like 2012. 

Summary: Levi is given another chance to have a life he never knew he wanted. 

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