this is the man i have chosen to love

Nothing says dedication to your fucking job like painting the nails on your new hand, then covering up your newly painted nails with a glove!

Obito, you fucking dork. There is no need for you to even paint your fingernails if you always wear gloves. Or did he just regrow his arm with the fingernails painted already?

I also want to know what kind of fucking nail-polish he was ordering for the Akatsuki?! They fought and that shit never chipped! I can’t even breathe after apply nail-polish because I ruin my nails! 


My hair went bonkers in the promo, but the show is good clean family fun.


“Is he even real?!”
That was my first reaction to this incredible, completely genuine thank you note. This is why I choose him over any other celebrity. This is why I’m dying to meet him. As I’ve said before, he is a rarity. I can’t even compose a complete paragraph right now. I’m just in awe of his beautiful soul. I love this man like a boyfriend, husband, brother, any kind of love in this world I feel for him. This, and many other is why he’s the man I’ve chosen to love.

Chicago Comic con is going to be a very special event.