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Paying the price

Chapter 7

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Not my best chapter, but the longest yet & it literally took ages to edit, over two hours :D

Thanks for reading! :)

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“Lexi, get up! “

Groaning, I turned around, burying my pulsating head in the pillow, just as something soft hit me. Squinting my eyes open, I spotted Freddie, only wearing his boxers, smoking and looking like the pretentious asshole, he was. Grabbing the thing he threw at me, I realized, it was the dress I had been wearing yesterday and it was a clear signal for me, to get out of his flat.

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sora and donald are angry children while goofy tries to tame them and jiminy looks up in fear but is also slightly aroused


six of crows snapchats: jesper fahey

has the longest snapchat story ever because obviously everyone needs to see every inch of his life, probably sends all the crows ‘streak’ at four in the morning, lots of photos of his friends and wylan. username: jesperthebest.