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Idk if you have already been ask this but, who are your top 5 most daddy/boyfriend material characters from haikyuu?

Hey, hey, thanks for sending this in! This is a really unique ask, and I had to think a lot about how to answer (mostly because I’m not sure what would make someone daddy material LMAO) but here you go, I guess…

My top 5 boyfriend material characters from Haikyuu!! (emphasis on the “my” because everyone has different picks)

1. Tsukishima Kei

He’s my ideal type. Cool, calm, collected, and someone who can engage in intellectual banter for hours. Plus, he’s the best during crisis management. And he’ll gradually open up, and it will be so worth it because he actually understands his complex emotions. He reserves his praise and encouragement for rare moments, but that only makes it more valuable. What’s not to like?

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2. Kageyama Tobio

A minimalist, no-nonsense kind of guy. His single-minded focus is enviable. Ideal if someone is looking for a relationship with mutual personal growth. Plus, his sense of grooming is impeccable. And he is so perceptive because of his self-consciousness. The best thing is he can get flustered at the smallest thing, which would surely be entertaining. 

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3. Kuroo Tetsurou

Another smart one. And what I like about him is that he’s outgoing too. Plus, I feel like this dork would do goofy but cheesy things for his partner. And he’s compassionate. He has a knack for realizing what someone’s potential is, even if the person himself doesn’t get it, which means he might see something in his partner too and will help develop it.

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4. Akaashi Keiji

Calm, observant, analytical. He’s a perceptive one, so he knows exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it (like with Bokuto). He can also be really good at preventing his partner from doing impulsive shit they’ll regret later. And his deadpan delivery makes him funny. At the same time though, he’s so encouraging of what he loves and believes in. 

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5. Iwaizumi Hajime

His strong, sturdy temperament is super attractive. He’s loving, caring, and loyal, and he puts the needs of everyone else before him (sometimes a little too much). He’s another no-nonsense guy, which I like, and he has the ability to talk sense into people. Amazing.

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LOL I just realized that maybe this was supposed to be based on looks/appeal (you know what I mean), and I apologize for my ace ass not thinking about that sooner. I hope you still like this though! Have a good day/night ^_^

PS: OMG I actually stuck to my limit of 5!!!