this is the less obvious answer

Jack is on a show with some other Falconers, answering questions about what it’s like to have the name “Zimmermann” when he offhandedly says “Well, I’m actually thinking of changing it soon.”

The interviewer is a bit taken aback but he’s being less of a douchbag than some interviewers have been so he’s asking follow up questions all politely and with interest but his friends are also surprised so Tater asks the more obvious question of what he’s changing it to.

And Jack smiles and says “Bittle.”

Now if there’s one universal truth about Jack’s friends, it’s that they’re all clueless and they know Bitty but they’re a bit slow on the uptake. So there’s a few moments when they’re all thinking that 110% Jack Zimmermann should chill a little and it’s Snowy who says “Aren’t you going to wait until you get married first?”

The others are nodding but Jack’s just looking at them with his eyebrows raised slightly, waiting, and then the Falcs… stop… nodding…

A few moments later the interviewer is watching in confusion while Team Tater are marching around the studio, singing off key, and holding Jack above them while he’s asking politely to be put down because Zimboni’s getting married!

Jack officially comes out three minutes later just so the interviewer doesn’t feel so lost

Also how INTP may show affection

-Insult you less

-Offer you a piece of my food and if you say no it’s okay I’ll give it to you anyway (you’re welcome)

-ask you what you’re doing (even if it’s obvious) and stand/sit next to you

-put effort into answering your questions with less sarcasm (even if they are somewhat stupid and I’m tired which is hard for me so lucky you)

-awkwardly compliment you

-poke you in the cheek or arm (that’s all the physical touch I can initiate sorry)

-*sometimes* lean into you

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not sure if you've answered this before but which is your fave pinof and why? (i really love 7, and 1&2 are iconic too)

probs 8 bc i’m boring but also they were so genuinely happy in it and i rly got that late night, we’re-so-tired-and-barely-coherent-let’s-just-fuck-around-and-make-each-other-laugh feel from it :( like the audience gaze seems so much less obvious, they seem soooo comfortable in it :( i loved pinof 8 so much :( 

um not to put the cart before the horse but i have a complete and concise list of things i need 1d to do when they sign with their new people since them leaving syco is basically a given now. *ahem*

  1. 1D Day 2.0 [ft. harry&louis hour][non-negotiable]
  2. Missing footage. All missing footage. I don’t care from where but preferably from TIU and Carpool
  3. 1D Christmas album
  4. [will settle for unreleased singles/demos]
  5. No less than six tell-alls, one for each year. [comprised of Niall (for obvious reason) sitting in front of a camera being asked several intrusive questions of various difficulty as to what happened over the last few years.
  6. At least two tours. At least. [non-negotiable]
  7. Seriously, some answers would be great and are of equal importance to everything else.

i’m willing to discuss business, if Capitol/Columbia/whoever has any questions but these are my demands take them or leave them. 

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Something youtube has given you that your most thankful for

I think the obvious answer here is the incredible family we have all grown to become. But as far as a less obvious answer, I think Im thankful for youtube giving me an outlet. 

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can you explain why it's okay to have some animals as pets and not others (like, how it's okay to have a cat but not a racoon) ? im not trying to be confrontational, i'm legitimately confused as to why it's bad if the animal is properly cared for?

The answer lies in domestication.

Domestication is the long process of selectively breeding animals in captivity to become tame and accustomed to human interaction. It’s most obvious in dogs, cats, cows, sheep, horses, chickens, etc basically all livestock. It’s less obvious in species like ball pythons, leopard geckos, corn snakes, other reptiles/small mammals massively bred in captivity for various morphs. However they are still, by definition, domesticated.

A raccoon is a wild animal, and regardless if it’s reared from birth, they are not domesticated. Their wild instincts and behaviors have not been bred out in favor of human interaction. It can be cuddly one second and absolutely vicious the next. Cats come to humans for affection and food and for help. A captive tiger may come for food and love as well, but at any second, instinct may be triggered and it will override the tiger. So many cases of zookeepers or handlers getting mauled by the big cats they cared for is because they let their guard down, thinking the animal they’ve loved and cared for will never resort to its predatory instincts against them. 

Having something like a pet tarantula is not the same as having a pet raccoon, even though both are considered exotic and non-domesticated. Tarantulas are rather tame and very harmless against humans, at the very worst, giving you a chomp and you get an itchy bug bite. Raccoons can at their worst, shred your face into bits and maybe take a finger or two.

I think the best example is of Travis the chimpanzee and his owner Sandra Herold. WARNING do not google the story if you are squeamish, all the articles contain very graphic images of a severely disfigured and injured woman. tl;dr Ms. Herold raised Travis from infancy after his mother died, and she treated him like a son, not thinking that this wild animal would harm her. Well, Travis had a bad day, and being a post-pubescent adult male chimpanzee, he took his rage out on her friend, Charla Nash. Ms. Nash is now blind, severely disfigured, and has no fingers. Travis lost his life because an uneducated and improper owner decided to baby him like an infant instead of treating him like the wild animal he was.

Unless you are a trained professional working for a zoo or wildlife sanctuary, there is 0.00 reason to keep wild animals as a pet. You do not have the qualifications to rear these animals properly, nor (probably) the funds to provide them adequate enrichment. 

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Europe doesn't work the same way as America does. A surname, nationality, or color of skin does not say anything about people. And you can not tell the race of someone by looking at any of that. People within Europe migrate everywhere and countries have been invaded multiple times. Unlike America there have been mixed couples since the first civilizations which means everything is much less obvious and PoCs can look much more white. America has newly mixed races which look more obviously poc

Exactly. Race and ethnicity is Europe has always been and will always be more complex than America. Americans trying to impose their own social standards and biases to the rest of the world is so patronizing. Y’all not the sun. Human civilization doesn’t revolve around you. Chill. 

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Do you know who actually painted the heraldry on shields and/or armor? (I'm not certain armor was painted for any reason other than to prevent rust, but I could be wrong.)

This turned into a far longer reply than you were probably expecting - or, knowing me, maybe not… :-) but I hope it helps answer the question!

“Who did the painting” is something I’d never thought about. @dduane is acquainted with Alastair Bruce, Fitzalan Pursuivant Extraordinary at the College of Arms, who should know the proper answer. I’ll get her to ask and meanwhile, I’ll guesstimate.

As far as I know there wasn’t an official “Guild of Heraldic Painters”, though I could be wrong, there were guilds for so many things, and they may have had a less-obvious period name. It’s likely that anyone doing this sort of work would either consult with a professional herald or have access to a list of who was already using what symbols, patterns, colours etc., since getting your knuckles rapped in the Middle Ages could involve a big hammer.

A country knight probably gave the job to anyone good with a paintbrush – his priest, maybe, or the man who painted the local tavern sign – but great magnates like the Earl of Warwick, Duke of Gloucester, Earl of March and so on may have had an arts-and-crafts section. (Badges were embroidered and cast in metal as well as painted.) This section would maintain the accurate appearance of their principal “brand and logo” (Bear And Ragged Staff, White Boar, Sun In Splendour etc.) as worn on the livery of their retinue.

Warwick himself had an impressively elaborate coat of arms, reflecting a family history of marriages, alliances and titles, but as portrayed in the Rous Roll with his wife Anne Beauchamp, he’s using the much less complicated arms of the Earldom of Salisbury.

Heather Child (“Heraldic Design” © 1963), says that coat of arms were first used by the great nobility, but by the thirteenth century were commonly used by lesser nobility, knights and gentlemen. Less than a century later it had been established in law that no man could use another’s arms, while Royal command prohibited the wearing of arms without proper authority. Even then, it wasn’t until 1484 that Richard III established the College of Heralds.

In “The Complete Book of Heraldry” (© Anness Publishing Ltd 2002), Stephen Slater quotes the Anglo-Norman poet Robert Wace, who claimed that “at Hastings, the Normans had made cognizances is so that one Norman could recognise another.” I’m not so sure.

There’s no rhyme or reason to the shield crests in the Tapestry, which makes me think they were no more than patterns and images the wearer liked, rather than identification heraldry. Duke William famously had to raise or remove his helmet to counter a rumour he’d been killed (on the left, shown complete with the label “Hic est Dux Willem” - Here is Duke William.)

Once heraldry was established as a military and social skill, illustrations in manuscripts (here the German “Codex Manesse”, early 1300s) could look like this…

…and interested readers would have been expected to recognise each coat of arms, blazon them properly (i.e. describe them in correct technical language, so that anyone who had never seen a particular coat of arms would know exactly what it looked like) name every combatant in the picture and quite possibly give their tournament scores as well… 

Here’s an interesting detail from another illustration:

I’m guessing, but I think the paint used for the crests on shield and helmet contained real silver, which would have looked impressive when new but has tarnished down to grey. The smaller crests on surcoat and horse-caparison were just white paint, and have stayed that way.

Mail was essentially self-cleaning in use, since the rings scrubbed together as the wearer moved, but plate armour would indeed have been painted as rust protection as well as decoration. It was also painted with oil then heated, a process like seasoning a cast iron pan and creating the same sort of protective layer. Painting and “seasoning” was often done rough from the hammer, not polished smooth, since the “keyed” surface helped the oil or paint stick in place.

I’ve written already that the “knights in shining armour” concept was Victorian rather than mediaeval. Many armours displayed in museums are missing their engraved details because of overenthusiastic polishing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Period illustrations do show “white harness” as it was called (polishing gave idle squires something to keep them out of mischief)…

…but just as often plate armour is shown in shades of dark blue and even black, with painted highlights to show it was meant to be a polished surface.

This painting, from a box of wargaming figures, gives a modern version of what  the dark armour might have looked like. An army made up entirely of Darth Vaders.

Practical advice for reducing the ache of distance and keeping the relationship alive.

So many people have asked me questions about this so I thought I’d just post it like this! Feel free to add anything else

• Communicate – This isn’t really being closer, but just not being less close. If you’re upset or having a bad day, tell them so they know you may snap easier. If they did something that upsets you, tell them and you can work it out: don’t let things boil.

• Trust your partner – Let them have friends and do stuff apart from spending 24 hours a day skyping you. Trust them to stay faithful. It can put a strain on the relationship when you don’t. Obviously this works within reason and you should make sure they are worth trusting. But if they haven’t given you a reason not to, trust them.

• Get to know each other – like properly. Google “random questions to ask people” and get to know their favourite sandwich and if they’ve ever broken a bone, how many pets they’ve had in their lifetime… Things like that that can make you feel closer to someone.

• Ask about their day – seems obvious but I think a lot of people just answer “How was your day” as “fine” which doesn’t really mean much. Find out what they had for breakfast, what annoyed them, what made them laugh, if they beat that level that they were trying for weeks to pass… Just things like that.

• Get to know their friends and family

• Play apps and games together. Taylor and I do this a lot and it’s really fun. We play some multiplayer games and some games that we both download and compete in levels like:
> Two Dots and Jellies
> Bloons TD Battles – my fave and it’s multiplayer :3
> Trivia Crack & QuizUp (general knowledge)
> Words with Friends (scrabble)
> 94% (guessing answers based on clues and pictures)
> Four in a Row, Draughts/Chequers, stuff like that
> Draw Something (one person draws, the other guesses)

• Watch movies and TV together – we do this quite a lot.

• Talk about world issues and things that are important to you (sounds boring but it lets you get to know each other better)

• Make Skype dates. Make popcorn and watch a movie together ( and synaptop are supposed to be a good websites for this). Make dinner together and get dressed up all nice. Little things like that. Just make time for each other, even if you’re not doing anything apart from just talking in Skype.

Good luck and have an amazing day :)

Scream Queens Theory

So, recently I got asked to do a Scream Queens theory and since PLL is on Hiatus for a while- I thought what the hell!
Okay, so it’s going to be one of my less-thrilling, less-complicated theories, especially since the answer is really not that complicated and pretty obvious.

So… Who’s the killer? The man from the beginning of Episode 1 that the doctors threw into the lake outside of the hospital. Yep. It’s really that simple. Considering the fact that the original Doctor threw his mask onto this guy before going back to the party where he’s inevitably murdered… 1+1=murder. It’s most likely that since the theme of this season of scream queens is healing the incurable- it’s possible that there was some toxic sludge that gave the guy a mutation, hence he wears the mask given (thrown) at him from the doctor. And, since they literally tossed him away without helping him, he murdered everyone in the clinic.
It’s really that simple. It’s also quite possible that he’s after everyone now for being negligent airheads just like the doctors who made him like that.

An added details- Kirstie Alley’s character, Ingrid Hoffel is most likely the wife of the killer from the beginning of the season. She’s the right age, looks identical, and really has no reason to be there other than to hate the Chanel’s and just be shady as hell.
As for the baby that she was carrying, that’s Dr. Cassidy Cascade, he mentioned he got into medicine because of how his parents were treated and he doesn’t want anyone else to go through what they went through. It’s more than likely that they’re doing it together as a family unit. And if the father is really dead, Cassidy is the obvious choice for the killer.
Well, that’s all I have guys… Oh, and Hester let it slip that whoever the killer is is a man. And it’s connected to the story from the beginning. Quite simple… But hey, let me know what you guys think and share your theories! I love reading them 😊 -Rachel

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Haikyuu! Au- Tendou

Au where everything is the same except Tendou Satori goes to Karasuno instead of Shiratorizawa.

I mean imagine,

Tendou and Yamaguchi becoming friends that love reading manga and nerding out together and gossiping about the latest chapter of something when Daichi’s back is turned durring practice

Noya and Tanaka and Tendou being super BFFs  and being loud and annoying and following Shimizu around like puppies because they all think she’s so fucking hot

Noya and Tendou coming up with awful names for their moves like the losers they are- I mean, Rolling Thunder and Shooting Star, really, can these two be less fucking dorks

Hinata and him literally just jumping. No one has found any actual purpose to the jumping but they do it all the freaking time

Him actually being super sweet and kind to Yachi and is very protective of her and will absolutely ruin anyone that messes with this little cinnamon bun

Someone needs to save Daichi cuz this idiot will try to copy his answers every single day without fail and he is so obvious about it and Daichi almost gets in trouble every damn time

The utter sass of him and Tsukishima who will just go back and forth all of practice omg they just can’t stop these assholes- but lbr they are actually a great team and they are the best blockers ever and when they joint sass someone it will undoubtedly end in tears.

just… Tendou Satori being a Karasuno loser 


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if you could choose three girls to take out on one date each, who would you pick and what date would you take each one on?

Okay, umm… I am picking these three just because they are the 3 ladies that come to my mind first when I think of, like, a thoroughly enjoyable date. Not to say that any other lady would be a less enjoyable date, it’s just that I know them well enough, I suppose.

Also, obviously, take into consideration the fact that I am married, so maybe only one of these dates may actually come to fruition - at least as a non-platonic date - and it might be obvious which.

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Let's talk about how y/n would turn h on in the smallest and less obvious ways ever

this is gonna be the nerdiest response to this ever but my immediate thought was classical conditioning so she’ll do something random as shit like just take a sip of her drink and wink at him and immediately follow it with a blow job over and over again when they’re home to the point where they’re at a public function and she does it to him from across the room and he immediately swears and excuses himself from the room, grabbing your arm and pulling you behind him as you laugh uncontrollably
“S'not funny, love!” he’ll reprimand, but he can’t keep himself from smiling when you’re laughing so hard

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28, 29

28: Favourite body part on the opposite sex?

The lalafell chuckles at this question, “Should I be stating the obvious or.. something less crude? I mean c’mon, look at me. You know where my height puts me when I come ‘face to face’ with on most folks, right?” She licks her lips slightly before she manages to come up with a decent answer. “I really like mens’ faces - does that count as a body ‘part’? I mean the face is part of one’s body.” She absently contemplates her answer before deciding to continue with her answer. “There’s something really attractive about a rugged man, isn’t there?”

29: Favourite body part on the same sex?

“Boobs,” Koko answers flatly. If you were expecting a more detailed, subtle answer from the lalafell, perhaps this was the wrong question to ask her. “I really, really like boobs.” She shrugged.

(Haha you can clearly tell where Koko’s main ‘sexual’ attraction lies in.)

100 Follower Ficlet: Questions, Questions

A/N - Prompt fill for sherlolly29 who asked for “ a Sherlolly parent!lock where they’re tutoring their kid.” 

I hope you like it. And thanks for following me!!

Molly knew that Sherlock wasn’t going to be like most fathers. It didn’t mean he was any worse. In fact, with his odd hours he was often around more for Will than if he worked a 9 to 5 job. He was often able to do the morning drop-off at pre-school, and even though he was often out on a case at night, he would endeavor either to be home for Will’s bedtime story, or be willing to interrupt his case to perform his duty over the phone – as long as the case was a 7 or less.

But Sherlock was definitely different.

It was most obvious in the way he would answer Will’s questions. A curious child, Will would often want to know the reason that things were the way they were. Most parents would paraphrase, or shrug off, or ignore such questions. Sherlock, however, would take the opportunity to answer in as much detail as possible.

When he first learned to talk, Will asked, “Why red? Why blue? Why green?”

“Colour only exists as a construct when light rays bounce off an object and are absorbed by our corneas,” Sherlock explained.

Will just smiled, “Blue pretty.”

Sherlock nodded, “Yes, it is.”

When he was two, Will asked, “Daddy, why is it winter?”

“The earth is on an axis in relation to the sun and the part of the globe on which we reside is tilted away from the sun at this point in the rotation,” Sherlock rattled off.

“And it snows,” Will added.

When he was three, after watching Dinosaur Train, Will wanted to know why there weren’t any dinosaurs at the Zoo.

“Dinosaurs are extinct,” Sherlock began, “Their fossils are proof that the atmospheric conditions on the Earth are far different today from what they were millions of years ago. A meteor landed and changed the weather conditions so significantly that the dinosaurs couldn’t adapt.”

Will nodded, “T-Rex goes ‘Raaaaw’.”

When he was four and they were at Sherlock’s parents’ house for Christmas lunch Will asked, “Why isn’t Uncle Mike married?”

Sherlock smirked, taking a deep breath before rattling off, “Mycroft likes to makes us all think that he is a closeted homosexual man who hasn’t taken a lover in some time but I know that, despite the fact that he believed himself to be asexual until well into his thirties, that he and his assistant Anthea have recently been engaging in frequent sexual congress in his office once, sometimes twice a week.”

Mycroft’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head. Sherlock’s father nearly choked on his tea while Sherlock’s mother simply nodded, having deduced it all already.

Molly just shook her head. She knew never to be surprised by the man she married.

Will broke the silence. “Congress like the Americans have in Washington?” he asked.

Sherlock tussled his son’s hair, “something like that.”

The week before Will turned five, Molly convinced Sherlock that it was time to tell their son that he would have a new baby brother or sister in about seven months’ time.

Will was quiet for a moment. Molly didn’t know if he was worried, or happy, or scared, or all of the above.

After a while Will spoke again.


“Yes Will?”

“How did the baby get in mummy’s belly?”

Sherlock paused for a moment. Molly had no idea how he was going to handle this one, how much detail he’d provide and in what context he’d provide it.

Sherlock took a deep breath before speaking.

“Ask your mother,” he said.

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I have a ton of questions. 1. Have any of these characters ever been depressed enough to try something crazy? 2. Has Jaques ever done anything like *that* to Persephone? 3. You keep saying that Jaques and Antigone were experimenting. What were they trying to find out? 4. What is Naz trying to accomplish? 5. Is there a point to Remnant, October, and Salem?

I have a ton of answers (This is going to be long, sorry about that!^^) 1.) Yes, a few of them actually, though it’s obvious that some of them don’t have the best lives, so it’s almost…expected.

2.) Yes. Let’s not elaborate.

3.) Both of them were doing things differently, so I’ll explain for both. Antigone’s experimenting is much less extreme than Jacques, she’s much less involved. Though she’s really fascinated by monsters (literal monsters) and her experiments always involve them in some way. So, in the few times that she actually acknowledged Persephone, they were for small tests. (i.e. When I said that she fed Percy mercury to see what would happen) mainly just to figure a few things out about them, but also, she wanted to try and see if anything she did would cause Persephone’s magic to react to it, therefore she’d be able to know exactly what kind of magic she had. Tying in with Persephone’s magic, that’s what Jacques also wanted to know, basically it started with the question of, “What happens when you combine two unstable, dangerous magics in one person?” (Bad things, he knew that) So, Persephone was born for that purpose, but it didn’t go as planned. So now, since Jacques likes to take things apart to figure out how they work, he uses her for that and anything that he may wonder about (Human experiments to test someone’s limits are not good things, fyi,) Apparently torture yields results.

4.) Nazar has a similar drive to Liliths, that being power. To become needlessly strong, powerful, controlling, to be useful. That’s why (although she was already very advanced) she made the deal with Jacques, and is learning how to use the magic her new eye has, she wants to be stronger, wants to be valued.

5.) Yep! They all have their parts, they just aren’t terribly relevant right now, that’s why there currently isn’t much on them, (October and Salem are Persephone’s right and left, Remnant is Lilith’s future ally)

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I'm sorry those anons are being assholes to you. Being completely honest I think it would better If you didn't respond to them and just delete the messages. But I do sorta (?) understand what one of them was getting at. While it's obvious you don't hate anyone you don't really express a lot of different forms of sexualities when answering the questions but that doesn't make your blog any less valuable. Its really hard to express those things and this blog is still young. You're awesome though! ❤

I will try to improve there, for sure. I actually tried to make everything as non-defined in thermes of sexualities by never using female or male pronouns unless requested, but I will improve for sure.


James Spader Appreciation Week: Day 3- Favorite Scene: The Blacklist, Episode 01 x 07 - Frederick Barnes

There are so many scenes of James Spader I adore. So I wanted to pick one of the less obvious ones. James as Red looked fabulous talking to Lizzie while leaning against the car in the Frederick Barnes episode. And the dialog in this one scene had some of my favorite Blacklist lines ever including:

Every cause has more than one effect

Someone who’s willing to burn the world down to protect the one person they care about, that’s a man I understand

You know the problem with drawing lines in the sand, with a breath of air they disappear

But I’m here because you want answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet

I’m not going to beg you to allow me the privilege of helping you

So say the word, and I’m gone

Tell me to go Lizzie

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I'm writing a story with a love triangle and I was wondering what the most common clichés occur with love triangles and I was wondering how to avoid these? I already think I've made it a bit too obvious who will end up together, but I can't figure out how to make it less obvious

Here is a generalization of the most common love triangles:

The Love Angle

The most common love triangles take the form of a love angle. Character A likes Character B. Character C also likes Character B. A and C do not like each other. In fact, they often hate each other.

Character B

Character B is at the center of the love angle and is almost always female. It’s common for her to be “painfully average”, to not have friends or to have closer ties to her family than to others her age, to have a bland personality, to be stubborn, and to be confused as to why anyone would like her. When she describes herself, she claims she is “not like other girls”.

She is often a reactive protagonist, meaning she lets stuff happen around her but doesn’t do much on her own to advance the plot. When she does do something, it’s often impetuous and ends up causing more harm than good. This often serves as a way for A or C to “save” her, but it also gives them a chance to verbally abuse her for being an idiot.

This character is always the protagonist, often speaking through a first person POV. She is often single at the start of the story, but not always. If she is in a relationship with someone, it is usually either A or C, not a third character. She waits until the end of the book, or series, to “choose” who she wants to be with. The entire story up until then keeps the reader guessing.

Throughout the story she tries to keep both boys calm and happy. She doesn’t want them to fight. She wants them to be best friends. If they turn on her she runs away or turns her back on them and both rush to apologize.


  • Almost always female
  • Super duper average in everything except maybe one thing
  • Little to no friends
  • Passive protagonist
  • First person POV
  • Indecisive
  • Always ends up with either A or C

Characters A and C

Characters A and C are almost always male and they are usually opposites of each other. A is hot while C is cold. A is the athlete while C is the book worm. A is the prep while C is the laid back cool guy. A is a ray of sunshine while C is a crescent moon. Their appearance often reflects this.

These two characters may start off as strangers, acquaintances, classmates, or something else, but they do not have strong ties with each other until B steps in. Their relationship becomes violent and one often lunges for the other. Typically it is A (the “good guy”) who uses brawn against B (the “bad boy”), who uses brains.

The Good Guy usually has a good life and is social. The Bad Boy has a tragic back story, is a loner, creeps on B, is mysterious, and often flirts with B when she’s in a relationship with the Good Guy.

Meanwhile, if B is in a relationship with the Bad Boy, the Good Guy will become distant and angry. He will ask how she could “be so stupid” or will ask why she’s with someone like him.

Both are capable of abuse and harassment, but in different ways. One may be physical when he twists B’s arm to stop her from making another “stupid decision”. The author writes this as romantic, as desirable, and as a sign that this boy really does care. The other may use lies and deceit to “protect” B from harm. He uses fear to control her.

It’s not uncommon for B to refer to one of these characters as “like a brother” or to associate home and childhood with him. One boy is old, the other is new.

And then there are no breaks. There are no moments when A and C are not chasing after B or when they’re all single and fine with it. They never go after other girls. They never back off and just wait for B to be single before they make a move.

Lastly, these characters don’t really have a reason to be in love with B. She herself says there is nothing about her that is interesting or attractive, inside or out. All she does is walk down the hall and suddenly they’re in love with her. Their obsession often becomes creepy and abusive. One may watch her from afar doing mundane things.


  • Almost always male
  • Opposites of each other
  • Hate each other
  • Abusive
  • Obsessed with B
  • Their entire narrative and nearly all of their motives revolve around B


One of these characters is often the “new kid” or at least someone who is separated from the other two more often than not. For example, A and B may go to the same school whereas C goes to a different school, but met B because he works at the grocery store.

It’s common for one of them (A, B, or C), to be the new kid in school. Sometimes they’re not immediately new. Sometimes they were new to the school the year before the story started. Either way, one member of the love angle is usually “othered” in some way.

Ways to Avoid

Some ways to avoid the above are:

  • Get rid of the abuse
  • Give the protagonist a personality and a role in the story
  • Don’t let A and C be complete opposites
  • Change their genders and sexualities
  • Make it an actual triangle (A likes B, B likes C, C likes A)
  • End it with a polyamorous relationship (I’ve only seen this once)
  • Don’t let anyone get together at the end
  • Change up who likes each other (A and B like each other, C likes B but B does not like C)
  • Let A or C eventually reject B
  • Let B make her “choice” long before the end of the book
  • Keep the boy-girl-boy format, but change the POV character
  • Let B end up with someone who was never in the original triangle
  • A and C don’t know about each other and never meet
  • Don’t kill one off if you don’t know how to make a decision
  • Use red herrings 
  • Give B really good reasons to be with both A and C

Version 2

A less common version, but still common, of the love angle is when A and C are not actively pursing B, but both like her. One of the boys is a childhood friend or just a good friend who is in love with her, but who won’t make a move. B is oblivious.

She goes after C, who she loves (often for reasons related to his appearance or skills), but realizes he’s not a great person. Sometime during her relationship with C, A might confess his love and then complicate things. Later on she realizes that it was A who loved her all along, so she goes to him and they’re perfect for each other. This is an extremely predictable plot.

Ways to avoid this:

  • When B goes back to A to apologize and kiss him for being so oblivious, he rejects her
  • Change the genders and sexualities
  • When B goes back to A to apologize and kiss him for being so oblivious, they realize they’re terrible together
  • A confesses his love for B before B gets with C and before he knows that B is going after C/likes C

So I’ve been mulling over an idea about Blue Diamond! As I’ve mentioned, there seems to be some duality to her and it’s one of the numerous reasons I think that points towards Blue as a fusion. 

The more obvious of Blue’s two motifs is the sea, which I’ve talked about before, but I think she’s also associated to some degree with the sky. After all, there are several regions associated with her that aren’t oceanic at all- the Cloud Arena in The Answer, and the inside of warp space, as seen in Warp Tour.

Lapis has breathtaking hydrokinetic abilities, but she is also able to fly. Sapphire has shown a much weaker and less versatile ice manipulation- she seems mostly able to generate ice, we have yet to see her attack or defend with it. But we also see that Sapphire is able to levitate, and cause others to levitate as long as she’s touching them. (In The Answer, when Ruby and Sapphire were falling, Ruby stayed above Sapphire even though they were falling slowly. If Sapphire was just holding them up by floating herself, Ruby would be dangling from Sapphire’s hand)

This means that all of the Blue Gems that we’ve seen in detail have shown the ability to fly. And going off of Ruby and Sapphire as a model for how Blue’s components might interact, we see that Sapphire and Ruby have equal powers, in opposite directions- Ruby’s hot, Sapphire’s cold. These abilities compliment one another as opposites. So Lapis’s partner is most likely another Gem with incredible elemental control.

The Lighthouse Gem from Horror Club expresses her power through the air. Like Lapis, she acts by proxy from a distance, in her case involuntarily, but she has the ability to lift objects and move them around. When the papers initially start flying in the lighthouse, they spiral like they’re in a whirlwind. She also imitates voices (a function of breath) and is able to “breathe” life into statues, and when she chooses to manifest herself through the basement wall, what she makes is a mouth. While we think of a mouth as hungry, most Gems don’t participate in eating, and LG is a Homeworld Gem who doesn’t have much reason to be exposed to it- however, every Gem that we’ve encountered, even ones with virtually no exposure to Earth, breathes- probably for the benefit of having air to speak with. 

LG having an air motif would also further the idea of her and Lapis being nods to Haruka and Michiru/Sailor Uranus and Neptune from Sailor Moon. The planet Neptune’s name is drawn from the Roman god of the sea, while Uranus comes from Ouranos, god of the sky. 

Coincidentally, in Greek mythology, Ouranos was the husband of Gaia, primordial mother and goddess of the Earth. Ouranos mistreated Gaia, leading her to turn against him and arm one of their children to defeat him.

[Transcript: An image of the lighthouse from Keep Beach City Weird, showing the faceted window above the door. The panes of the window look exactly like the cut of Rose’s Gem]

…And Rose definitely had something to do with Lighthouse Gem being where she was.