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Jon & Sansa parallels 16/∞ : “It’s not fair !”

“I see Ser Alliser’s bloody hand, that’s all I see. He wanted to shame me, and he has.” Dareon gave him a look. “The stewards are fine for the likes of you and me, Sam, but not for Lord Snow.” “I’m a better swordsman and a better rider than any of you,” Jon blazzed back. “It’s not fair !” - Jon, A Game Of Thrones

“It would not be wise for you to go to Joffrey right now, Sansa. I’m sorry.” Sansa’s eyes filled with tears. “But why ?” “Sansa, your Lord Father knows best,” Septa Mordane said. “You are not to question his decisions.” “It’s not fair !” - Eddard, A Game Of Thrones

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Hey are you still doing your thanksgiving tradition where we can submit our thanksgiving meals to you? I've done it the last two years <3

Aw, yeah! submit your pics tomorrow and i’ll publish em. I love seeing everyones yummy cruelty free meals. Makes me happy because going on facebook is depressing it’s just pic after pic of horribly cooked poor turkeys, man. Sigh.


Reaction of how vixx would ask you out


★hakyeon offered to listen to you rant about your last date 

★he’d listen to you 

★and try cheering you up as much as possible  

★after your rant

★he’ll shuffer closer to you 

★and wrap his arm around you

★’don’t give up’

★’how can i not? everything awful’

★’let me take you out. show you how a date should really be’    


★you’d be sorting through old photos 

★while taekwoon sat next to you 

★’remember this?’ 

★you held up the picture for him to see

★making him nod and smile

★’that was our first halloween together’

★he’d end up laughing at the memories

★’we always look so good together’

★he’ll nod in agreement then pick up another stack of photos

★’would you take pictures of our first date?’

★’what first date?’

★’the one i’m going to take you on next week. if you say yes’


★i’ve said this before 

★and i’ll say it again 

★being best friends with this guy 

★is like being married to him

★you’ll be on one of your ‘dates’

★when an elder asks how long you’ve been a couple

★’we’re not’

★’you look like you are’

★’not yet’

★’you should ask them out. before somebody else takes them’

★you’ll be ??? while watching the two 

★he’ll wrap his arms around your waist 

★and pull you close

★’make our dreams come true and let me take you on a date?’


★you’d be having your daily video call  

★he’d be going through all of the ideas he’s come up with  

★and letting you know about everything that’s been going on  

★’what about you? have you done anything fun?’

★’sitting around waiting for you to come home’

★your pout would make him frown

★’when i get home, i’ll take you anywhere you want to go, okay?’

★’are you taking me out on a date?’

★’that’s exactly what i’m doing’


★you’d be his plus one to a party

★you’d stick by his side as you watched the couple give their speeches  

★’could be us in a few years’  


★’me and you could be hosting a party like this soon. giving speeches on how we’re getting married’

★your screwed up face would make him laugh

★’this isn’t the best place for a first date. but i promise i’ll do better, if you say yes’


★he’d have you pinned under you 

★while his fingers tickles your sides 

★’get off me!’ 

★’agree to my date!’ 


★’good. thank you. i’ll pick you up a seven’

★he’ll get up off of you

★and go get prepared

New Masterlist ~~

It’s been a long time coming, but I was sick of hitting the character limit, so I’ve made a shiny new masterlist in the same style as my tags & index page. It took fucking forever (can you believe I’ve recced appx 470 fics on this blog?!?) but it’s finally done.

I’ve added a ‘last updated: date’ on the top left and a little blue star in front of my personal favorite fics. If there’s anything else you’d like to see marked, let me know. I mean, I’m not gonna mark the rating, era, and length for every single fic, cause that’s what the tags are for, but if there’s something specific send me an ask or message and I’ll see what I can do.

This should also make it easier if you’re looking for a specific author. Everything is on one page now, so you can just Ctrl + F and type in the author you’re looking for to see everything I’ve recced by them. If there are any broken or missing links, please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy! :)

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What's the deal with the red crystal you wear? It looks good on you, I'm just curious if it holds special meaning

my best friend gave it to me for christmas last year and i never took it off bc she lives like an hour away and i dont get to see her as much

we used to live together and i miss her constantly so i wear the necklace she gave me all the time. also it fits my aesthetic perfectly so i love it

Strange Case of Dr. Lanyon & Mr. Hastie


Reminder before reading this chapter that all the drawings in my “torture porn” series are canon and happened between last chapter and this chapter, so maybe give those a peek if you haven’t already!

i literally cant BELIEVE i finally reached chapter 20, you guys deserved to see the end of the fic by now, there’s only a couple chapters left and i skipped a few weeks in the writing process :’D oh well,  you’ll surely see the ending of the story before the end of the year!

thank you guys for your support and care for me, i dont deserve you lovely people aaa <3 i’ll do my best for you to get the rest of this story out on time!

Curse Prompts

I made a spell prompts list, and many of those could be used to create curses, but since I really like writing curses, I created this list, too. Again, feel free to use this. You can tag me (@lonesome-bones ) or tag your post as (#abclonesome-bones) if you want me to see it! Have a bit of fun with this if you do it. Curses are extremely powerful ways to release anger and hate and everything else you need to want to curse someone. Might as well make it fun.

  • Amnesia
  • Berate
  • Curdle (yes that was on the last post but god I love this idea)
  • Deface
  • Entrance
  • Fog
  • Gurgle
  • Harbour
  • Incited
  • Jest
  • Kin
  • Lore
  • Malevolent
  • Nocturne
  • Obsolete
  • Pluck
  • Query
  • Resistance
  • Spine
  • Tower
  • Undertow
  • Virtual
  • Wane
  • Xenon
  • Yesterday
  • Zealous

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Idk if you saw daveed on the late show tonight but he described his experince as a ki. (4 years old) going to see Godzilla for the first time and I literally almost cried because it was so cute. Literally imagining him standing up in a seat at the movie theater holding a sword and shouting "My mom told me if I get scared I can leave" in front of everyone is too fucking adorable i love him.


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A lot of people consider Cat a bad mother for not returning home to Bran and Rickon. Do you think she made the right decision to stay at Robb’s camp? Additionally, how do you think the story would have changed if she returned to Winterfell after Robb was proclaimed KotN?

It’s one of those decisions where I think there’s no good option. As far as Catelyn knew, Winterfell was safe and her younger sons were in the care of people she trusted and who she knew cared for them, while if she went back to Winterfell herself she’d never see her father again and she’d deprive Robb of the benefits of her knowledge at a time when that knowledge could be very useful to him. War-winningly useful.

She had written to Bran and Rickon, that last night at Riverrun. I do not forget you, my sweet ones, you must believe that. It is only that your brother needs me more.

- Catelyn II, ACoK

I see where she’s coming from with that. That’s a hard calculation, because Catelyn knows that all her children need her, and she knows that her decision is good for them only indirectly.

It’s only in hindsight where it becomes clear that if she had stayed at Winterfell, she might well have been able to head off Theon’s fluke capture of the castle (can’t see Catelyn charging off willy-nilly and leaving Winterfell essentially undefended) and changed the entire course of the books. While good for the Starks short-term, possibly averting the worst of the Bolton and Frey betrayals, this could have catastrophic effects on endgame, since Bran doesn’t go anywhere when his mother’s still at Winterfell with him.

I miss you
I regret losing you
I screwed up, big time
I want your love all this time.

Your forgiveness I spilled
Now I want to earn it bit by bit
I was insensitive I admit
You should not have been hurt.

I want to earn your trust
I don’t care how long it will last
I want you to see I’m worth it
I am sorry and please pull me from this pit.

—  c.i.j. // second chances

My kid has never really been to the dentist and I know how fucking terrible that is don’t @ me but she needs braces and apparently they start preparing them for it when they’re nine now which is in like six months. Asking for advice re: children with autism and orthodontia has given me nothing except people who are heaps keen to tell me that their kid doesn’t need braces (thanks) but like…mentioned maybe going to visit the dentist just to see the waiting room and meet the people there etc. and she immediately started crying and hyperventilating and stayed on edge for two days so I dunno. I know we’ll probably figure it out because it just needs to be done but of all the unexpectedly difficult things we’ve had to do over the last 8.5 years this is turning out to be the most challenging.

In my defence nine years went suspiciously fast. Not saying it’s a conspiracy to make me look bad but if that’s the conclusion you come to let it be.

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I love your idea for these prompts with the lists and everything! Could I request one with Obi and Zen (either romantically involved or not, both are great), Pavilion Street, and Necklace?

The sunset is all golds and reds when Zen asks Obi to show him Lyrias. “At night?” Obi asks, not because he doesn’t know the city just as well in the dark, but because Zen usually respects his bedtime, laughing at Obi when he stays up all hours and drags back in the morning.

“Every other time I’ve been here it’s been all formal tours and dinners. I want to see it the way you do,” Zen replies, and the look in his eyes is warm. “Show me your city.”

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@byjoveimbeinghumble shared what she’s thankful for and invited us to do the same, so this is for you Sharon!

I’m thankful for my family, for long conversations, for a job that I love, for the fact that I’m so surrounded by incredible people, for great stories in all mediums and, last but definitely not least, I’m thankful for all of you!

( Ayyyy-!! I just created this blog last night, && I am looking for folks to roleplay with!

If we already follow each other, you are more than welcome to come at me, && my Evil Boi™, but if we are not yet mutuals, send me a DM, && ask me if I would like a thread!

As the banner above states, I am selective with who I interact with–&& so is Jafar–so asking to roleplay beforehand is something we appreciate. ^^

Spread the word, reblog this promo, && we’ll see you on the side of evil! )


I fell to my knees and looked up with pleading eyes

Arguing my case to the heavens

I begged for a light

One to help illuminate the darkness I lived in

For so many nights and so many days

My soul was tired and lonely

Crying out for a kindred mate

One that could know me by my heart

See beyond my scars

A soul that would make life feel better

Just by breathing

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Unable to swallow the aching throb in my chest

And the pain of heartbroken tears

I started crawling towards the blackness ahead

To the end of the abyss

I fell again, begging one last time as my head hovered over the edge

Blinded by a sudden flash, the stars decided to answer

When they faded, you were there

Ethereal and breathless, bathed in angelic light

Though you could not yet see me, our souls had already kissed

The universe had already conspired to send you to me

Even though we’ve yet to touch

Your love is enough to guide me back towards life


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28 and 50 for the bookish reads!

28: How many books have you read so far this year?

50: Why do you love to read?

#28, I actually had to check my Goodreads to see this answer. I’ve read 172 this year. My best year ever. Last year, I barely made it to 50.

 #50, I actually only fairly recently rediscovered my love of reading (2 years ago). When I was younger, I loved reading because I enjoyed learning. I was a big encyclopedia reader. However, now that I’m older, I love reading for many reasons. But I can answer this in one simple sentence.

I love going on adventures.

Life is busy, and I get down a lot. School destroys me mentally, and my anxiety keeps me from experiencing and enjoying a lot of things. Reading keeps me going. It calms me. It motivates me. And, most importantly, it takes me on grand adventures.