this is the last you will see me


You know of me all I can bear to be known. All that is relevant to be known. You know my genuine friendship and loyalty. Can that be enough and there still be trust between us?


Me: Lindsey and Nadia have started to have a lot of scenes together this season, where do you see that relationship going and…

Bob: *laughs* Like what? Ooooh. What are you implying…?

Me: *laughs and mumbles*

Bob: Go on, go on elaborate!

Me: I mean either romantically OR platonically their relations-

Bob: Do you see Luna and Raven romantically? Do you honestly….?

Crowd: Yes

Bob: Okay

Me: Well at least platonically, do you think that relationship will develop further during this season?

Bob: I haven’t seen the last episode but I saw the one where she kind of like calmed her down. I mean do you think like *stops mid-sentence*.  Oooooh. No. No, wait. There is a lot of stuff that does happen and if I was to say anything, it’s just an absolute spoiler so I’m just going to back away from that but yeah, I think its gonna go in a very unexpected direction if that’s…. yeah VERY VERY unexpected for YOU and everyone else here…


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You should do another one where Bucky uses modern slang because the last one had me rollin (could've been because I was high but I re read it and I was still funny)

You watched as your phone tumbled onto the ground, cracking in half. 


You decided to bring Bucky along to see the Statue of Liberty, as you both needed to get out of that sulking tower. Everything was going swell, until you decided to lean onto the railing and try to snap a picture of Lady Liberty herself. A giant gust of wind caught you completely off guard, causing you to lose your balance. 

Bucky immediately sensed your situation and caught you in a heart beat. Unfortunately, he couldn’t save your phone, which tumbled between you and landed on the hard concrete with a loud clank. 

“Damn it!” you sighed as you bent down. You gently collected the pieces of your destroyed Iphone, completely oblivious to the super solider’s eyes that were glued to your behind. 

“Damn, Y/N, looks like those squats are paying off.’ he whistled. You peered up at him, blushing like mad. 

“You know, it’s awfully rude to stare at a woman’s behind.” you sassed, narrowing your eyes at him. 

Bucky laughed, raising his hands in defense. 

“It’s not my fault you’re gettin’ thick AF, doll.” 

The pieces in your hands immediately fell onto the concrete as you took in his words. A pair of teenage girls standing next to him immediately broke out into a fit of laughter. 

You gaped at the older man. What on earth had Sam been teaching him? You looked back up at Bucky, who simply shrugged and gave you a small wink. Never in your life did you imagine The Winter Soldier calling you “thick”. 

This was a story to tell your future grand kids. 

(im so sorry if this is shit lol i tried!)

I’ll Be Here When You Wake - Auston Matthews Imagine

Hi could you please do an imagine where you’re Auston’s best friend and he helps you through a sleepless night?

Okay I loved this one because dang last night I didn’t sleep until 5 and I had to be up at 9 rip me. Anyway I hope you all like it as much as I do, thanks for reading!! -Accius

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Reader x Johnny

“You want me to do what!” You asked Sue who flinched.

“You’ll be payed and you will have a room here… you can even sit in on some of our research.” She offered hopefully.

“I’m an intern not a babysitter.” You huffed which was when the cause of your foul mood swaggered into the room.

“Well look who it is.” Johnny hummed, coming to lean on the wall next to the two of you. “Can’t get enough of me huh?”

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A thought, or rather, this parallel occurred to me as I was doing my last gifset (from 4x25) and I’m abt to do some meta so bear w me. Angela was goign through a lot in season 4, from getting divorced, breaking up with her fiance, falling in love with an ex girlfriend, and then breaking up with that same ex 9 episodes later (sad I know), but here’s the thing. This parallel means so much to me. You see on the left (from 4x08) how Angela is realizing how much she’s been scared of the world and has closed herself off to so many commitments because of it, and then on the right (from 4x25) you see her passionately giving Brennan the same advice Sweets instilled in her earlier that season. The passion in the second half is what really gets me. You can tell, just tell how eager she is to share this life-changing advice she learned and recieved. This I believe to be the best and clearest character development in the entire series. And this wouldn’t have been possible without Sweets, who, for the entire season, did nothing but love and comfort and give Angela every second of his free time to help her when she needed it. She even took risks she never would with Hodgins with Roxie like asking her to move in and getting an animal together, because of that advice. She did things she never thought she could do. This relationship is incredibly important. And so is how Angela learned that living protecting yourself is toxic. Angela learned and grew because of Sweets. And Brennan grew because Angela learned from Sweets.

Just Don’t!


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Prompt: 21. Don’t try and blame me for what you did & 49. I waited and waited for you to realize that no-one is going to love you like me. Imagine my disappointment when you never did

Summary: You see Stiles and Lydia kiss

Every since you unintentionally admitted to having feelings for Stiles, you had rejected every call from him and shot down any attempts he made to visit.

Scott had been constantly telling you, for the last 2 weeks that this problem wasn’t going to get solved unless you talked it out with Stiles. You knew he was right, but the idea of even facing this right made you feel ill.

This morning, unlike the others, you finally decided to heed Scott’s words of wisdom. Taking your time getting ready, you rehearsed what to say to Stiles and the apology you were going to give to Lydia, even though apart of you didn’t feel like she deserved one. But Scott pleaded you make an amends, so that’s what you were going to set out to do today.

Scott had texted saying both of them were at the school library, it was opened on the weekends for any student that needed a quiet place to study. Heading there now, you mentally prepared for what was about to happen.

Walking through the school hallways, the sound of your boots clicking away echoed across the walls. Turning left, you halted when you recognized Stiles in the locker room. Stepping closer, you soon realized that he wasn’t alone. And once you got the full view, the one thing you didn’t mentally prepare for was occurring right before your eyes.

Stiles and Lydia, kissing.

Warm tears made their way to the surface, backing slowly away you bag got caught and you tripped over the bench, causing a noise. Stiles head snapped forward and his eyes grew wide when he saw you.

Regaining balance, you rushed down the hallway. Stiles called out your name and at this point you were ready to run. Somehow he caught up and rested his hands on your shoulders. Shoving them away, you couldn’t bear to look at him.

“Y/N wait!. I’m sorry-”.

Silencing him with your hand, you felt disgusted. “Don’t! Just don’t Stiles. Save your shitty apology, because I’m sorry isn’t going to fix this”.

“I was going to tell you, I didn’t want you to find out about me and Lydia like this”. He fumbled over a few words, but his voice remained steady.

Looking away, this was all too much.

“Yay for me, that at some point you stopped to consider my feelings. You know what Stiles, go screw yourself”.

Roughly pushing past him, he tried to grab your hand but instead got the bag’s strap causing it to fall from your shoulder. “I know you’re hurt, but you knew how long I’ve liked Lydia for. Maybe if you had told me of your crush sooner…”.

Scoffing, did he really just say that?

Jabbing him in the chest, you lowered your voice. Don’t try and blame me for what you did. Especially when you knew how it would affect me!”. Scrunching up your hair as you ran both your hands through, you were on the verge of losing it. “I waited and waited for you to realize that no-one is going to love you like me. Breaking eye contact from Stiles, a new set of tears were clouding your vision. "Imagine my disappointment when you never did”.

It hurt to be here, it hurt like hell to have Stiles standing opposite you. He went to say something, but decided against it. Which truth to told, was the best move he had made during this conversation.

Letting silence be the final words, you held onto your bag and walked out of the building.

You didn’t feel like going home, nor did you feel like being alone. There was one place your mind was screaming for you to go too, so that’s where you went.

Parking the car, you took your time walking up the pathway.

Ringing the doorbell, you saw the door swing open. Scott stood on the other side, his eyes already showing sympathy. 

“He kissed her, Scott”. Not longer being able to hold yourself up, Scott caught you before hitting the pavement. He lead you to the couch and stayed with you until the tears dried up and sleep took over.


“Please, Ms. Sommers, I know I’m the last person you want to talk to right now but give me a minute to explain what happened” 

“You’re damn right I don’t want to see you right now, Thea. Just go, there’s nothing to talk about. You fucked Kyle, sure, but you’re one of my up-and-coming top models. You completely betrayed my trust in you, Thea!” 

“It’s not like that, Ms! I swear to you! I know I’m not the smartest person in the world which is why I got into modeling and dropped out of high school. I came over to your penthouse to try to speak to you about putting me on the cover of the magazine the rest of the girls are going to be on.” 

“Oh shut up, you’re getting on my nerves already! So what? You fucked Kyle so he can convince me to put you on my magazine? That’s so predictable, don’t think I haven’t had that happen before!” 

“I’m so so so sorry Ms., but it wasn’t like that I swear!” 

“Fuck off, both of you just fuck off! I don’t need this shit right now. I have my family to take care of so just go home already!” 

one Sunday

*Bucky looks outside the window of their apartment and waves to Sam as he heads off to the VA. He had told Sam he would be by later but he wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. it wasn’t a total lie but he needed some time alone from Sam. He picks up the cellphone and waits five minutes after Sam is gone before phoning Steve.*

“Steve hey do you have time to talk? I have some big questions I need your advice on.”

“Yeah, I think I can squeeze you between watching TV and doing laundry. Your place or my place?”

“Some place Sam can’t get to would be great…and maybe Tony I don’t want him interrupting and make jokes like last time.”

“Sounds serious. Okay, maybe Central Park? Or we can go to my old place in Brooklyn, I decided to keep my apartment in case me and Tony wanted to hide from everyone.”

“I’ll start heading to your old place. See you there in about twenty.” *He hangs up the phone and locks up the apartment before heading to Steve’s and his old apartment. Once there he waits outside the door for Steve.*

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Darry Curtis prompt request - "I love your freckles."

request: . “I love your freckles.” With Darry please!

8. “I love your freckles.”

You sat next to Pony, helping him with his homework as Darry and Soda sat in the living room watching tv.

“Pony, stop writing me notes and do your work.” you laughed softly as he erased the newest little note he had written.

Pony had a smile on his face as he finished up the last question.

“There, I’m done.”

“Let me see it.”

You took the pencil from his hand and shielded what you were writing from him with your other hand.

“C'mon (y/n). What’re you doing?”

You were helping Darry raise Pony and Soda and they had gotten quite attached to you, as you had to them. They sometimes worried about if Darry was going to say something stupid that would make you leave, but you had no intention to. You loved all three of the boys. And you were fond of the rest of the gang.

You moved your hand away and slid the paper over to Pony to reveal a doodle you did of him and off to the side you had written ‘love ya kid.’

Pony smiled a bit and you ruffled his hair, making him immediately comb it back into place.

“Hey!” he said as he fixed his hair.

You laughed and shook your head, “Go on in there with Darry and Soda. I’ll put everything away.”

“Thanks (y/n).”

He walked into the living room and you turned around and put everything in it’s place before joining them. You sat next to Pony to see Soda was asleep and Darry seemed to be sleeping too. You hadn’t realized how late it actually was. You shook Soda gently.

“C'mon, Sodapop. Get to bed.” you helped him up and he went off to bed, Pony standing up to follow him.

“Goodnight (y/n)” he said, yawning.

“Goodnight, Pone.”

Pony closed his bedroom door behind him and you went over to Darry.

“Dar, get to bed.” you said softly.

He opened his eyes and looked at you.

“Who said I was sleeping?” he said as he took your hands in his.

“Well, you had your eyes closed.”

“If you pretend to be asleep, it gets people to leave you alone for a while.” he says as a smile forms on his lips.

You laugh and he stands up, pulling you to him. He looks down at you.

“Did Pony finish his homework?”

You nod, “Yeah. He came out to see what you and Sodapop were up to, but Soda was sleeping and you were pretending to be.”

Darry rests his hands on your hips and smiles down at you.

“You’re so beautiful.” he says quietly.

You smile and he cups the side of your face in one of his hands.

“I love your eyes. I love your nose. I love your smile. I love your freckles I love everything about you. I just love you.” he says in a whisper.

“I love you too, Darry.”

He leans down and kisses you gently before grabbing your hand and leading you to bed.

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The only thing that make me question babygate is that the child was in Louis' family house in doncaster. And it wasnt even that public. We saw like two pics and thats it

But we saw the pics didn’t we? And we know they flew last minute, don’t we? We also know they didn’t even knew about Jay until late November, and she was ill since May. And guess what we know too? That they never took the baby to see his ill grandma in almost 8 months, they waited until the last minute to do so, didn’t they? Guess what happened too? Lottie, who hadn’t seen her nephew in months, just went to a football game for the whole day and made it very public, and the baby had to stay at an AIRBNB because apparently the family didn’t have enough space in their big ass house - the whole thing was extremely set up to the very minimum detail 

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You went to his concert???? Tell me everything

yes! i went to see Alien Tveit in concert last month and it was An Experience™. I actually had like hella good seats like we could see the weird ass pattern on his pants. He was amazing i mean i went in with pretty high expectations and he shattered them. he was such a nerd the whole time tho like he kept telling us little stories before he would sign a song and he really made you feel like you were just chatting with a friend and not a greek god, it was really fun bc he strutted around the stage and this bitch made eye contact with everyone he could- and im talking EYE CONTACT it was fantastic bc it happened to me multiple times and at one point it was when i was taking a snapchat vid of him. HIS VOICE THO LIKE WHO ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN I DEMAND ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW. also his hair was great and when he was singing shake it off he dramatically ran this hands through it at the “and to the fella over there with the hella good hair” part like this bitch KNEW what he was doing wtf man i hate him. my fav part was when he tripped over a speaker that was on stage tho it was hilarious okay hes the worst. but yeah in conclusion, aaron kyle tveit is a menace and i want him stopped

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I'm also drunk and literally any sort of minty smut would be? Rad. Maybe where they're like, in a semi public place and millers like freaking out but Monty's like this is THE BEST

this ended up with not that much miller freaking out bc he was distracted by monty being into him sorry not sorry


“I can’t believe you’re making me go to a party,” Bellamy grumbles.

Nate rolls his eyes. “Yeah, I’m making you. I told you Clarke told me she and Monty were going to be here and I might go, and you decided you were going to come with me.”

There’s a pause, and Nate rolls his eyes even though Bellamy won’t see. Bellamy’s ridiculous crush on Clarke wasn’t something he anticipated, when he introduced the two of them. He and Clarke were in the same friend group in high school, but not totally friends, and he’d sort of expected the relationship wouldn’t last past graduation, but they ended up at the same college, in the same dorm, so they just kept on being friends. They picked into the same dorm sophomore year too, albeit on different floors, and Bellamy lived next to Nate. He and Nate became friends, but Nate was kind of worried he and Clarke would murder each other.

Which, honestly, might count as an improvement over their actual relationship. Their actual relationship is basically just both of them pretending they don’t want to get married, but they’re definitely going to, so as far as Nate’s concerned, they should just lean into it. But if they want to spend an entire party having one of their stupid arguments instead of making out, he’s not going to stop them. Nate has bigger fish to fry.

Namely: Monty Green.

Monty is adorable, bisexual, and in Clarke’s biology class. Nate has been trying to flirt with him, but he’s had trouble finding opportunities, and Clarke just rolls her eyes whenever she witnesses it, so–the party seems like a great opportunity. Clarke and Bellamy will be distracted with each other, and he can drink a little, loosen up, and try to figure out how to flirt with Monty.

“Fine, I can’t believe you’re going to a party,” Bellamy finally says, which is a pretty decent save, as saves go. “You really think this is the way to hit on Monty?”

“Sorry, are you suddenly an expert on flirting?”

He scowls. “I’m great at flirting.”

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For me personally, Harry 90% used his social media from 2014-2015 mostly for stunt related stuff; warning lyrics, dark B&W themes, closet related posts on IG, sad song lyrics etc. The rest was a THANK you after every show (he was the only one doing that). Now it would be way to obvious since he was officially on a break and sometimes last spring he stopped using it. I always thought that he waits till he can use his SM as himself / stunt free aka when the BS stops we'll see 'Harry' again. X

This is a really good point, and now I’ve stopped to think about it, really true as well. Thanks for offering this perspective.

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The last page of your comic was soo good! I loved how cute yuuri was sleeping on viktors chest in his imaginatio lol, cute yuuri is the best yuuri, thanks!

It’s great to hear you thought that part was cute! :D
perhaps in the future we’ll see the real thing???
I do very much love me some cute Yuri! ^w^
Tho Eros Yuri ain’t bad at all >w>