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So a homophobic principal wouldn't allow me to complete a school project because I'm gay...?

I know this is a bit long and this is an odd time to post this because GAY MARRIAGE LIGAL YAY! But this is the story of how a homophobic principal broke a young teen..

If you could just take a moment that would be awesome..

Hello, my name is Chiara Jacob. I live in a town on the coast of California, and I just finished 8th grade, therefore I am only 14 years old. However, I spent the last month or so of my school year fighting to finish a school project. My final English project this year was a protest speech, each student was allowed to choose their own topic, and it was a competition. All 8th year students were to pick something to protest, have two weeks to write a speech, read it to their English class, the class would all vote for the best two speeches, the two winners speeches would be displayed to the whole school, after that the entire school would vote, and elect two winners out of 12. My topic was homophobia and conversion therapy. I won in my class, and the teachers thought so highly of it that they spoke of it in the teachers lounge and I was asked to speak in front of another class. I was very proud of my speech, everyone seemed to love it. But the day before I was supposed to have it filmed, I was pulled aside and told I needed to edit out a few things, like the direct references to the school (even though I never once used any names other than my own) and the word “porn” even though I used it in a quote. This made me a little bit angry, but I did it anyways and had it filmed. I was very pleased and proud of my work and went on happily. However, the day that they were going to show it, I was told the principal disapproved it at the last moment. I simply did not understand why, so I went and spoke to her. She told me, “I believe it is inappropriate for 6th and 7th graders because it talks about suicide and death and this might have a negative effect on them…” Although I hardly mentioned it once, and according to my therapist talking about suicide lowers the chance of it happening. The principal went on to say, “we didn’t have enough time to write out permissions slips for the students.” But she had gotten my speech nearly a month in advance! I believe she knew she was one of the homophobic characters I mentioned in my speech, although not by name, and that’s why she didn’t want it shown. I spent almost an hour arguing with her, but eventually walked away. I only had a week and a half of school left, but I was not about to give up. I called up my (most amazing friend in the world~thank you again~) friend, Kira King, and had her write me a petition. She sent it to me that night, and I only had two days to gather signatures, but I did it. I got 350 signatures in two days. Everyone that I approached signed it. 350 signatures is more than half of my school. I had done everything in my power, and kept a level head in it all (which is something very hard for me) and I thought I had done well. Two days later, however, the principal disregarded all of my work without a second thought. My speech was never shown. She told the school one of the reason is because I didn’t “properly represent the other side”, meaning I didn’t talk about the thousands of reasons people could be homophobic. I do not believe that is a valid reason. Many other winning speeches did the same thing. I tried my hardest to keep it together, I didn’t want to explode and lose the end of the year privileges for 8th graders, so I tried to understand her side, I tried to see why she was doing what she did. I couldn’t do it. On the very last day of school, after we got out of class, I walked up to her and said in a very sweet and calm voice, “Ms [I feel I shouldn’t say her name], I would just like to say, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, I hate you, you homophobic bitch. You truly are the spawn of satan and I hope you burn in hell for all eternity, because that is where you belong. You broke a 14-year-old girl’s spirit in the course of a month and it will take me a long time to recover. I believe you will get what you deserve, there is a special place in hell for people like you.” I could see the heart break in her face, her eyes watered and in a shaky voice she replied, “oh, Chiara. I’m sorry that you feel that way.” I turned around and flipped her off as I walked away. Later I heard that after I did that she turned to one of the students that had gathered and said, “I could really use a hug right now,” but was declined. That month had broken me. I had been constantly fighting for gay rights, with just two people helping me (Maya Krietsch, and Jesselle Oliva-Rodriguez thank you again so much), at school, in my own home, and against my closest friend’s mother. But breaking that woman the way she broke me was really something.

If this gets enough notes.. Let’s say.. 1,000..?Because I doubt I’ll get 50, but I’ll do as my family and friends and friends families suggest and submit a tastefully edited version of this to a magazine or newspaper or something if it gets 1,000.. So let’s see.. Thank you!

The ultimate love experiment is back, with a twist!

 ten exes, twenty singles, ten perfect matches, tougher challenges, & two million dollars.

The game ;;

Every girl and guy are matched together through a process based on compatibility. Though no one knows who these matches are, other than our lovely host ( @ryofsunshine mun). Each week there will be a ceremony held, where everyone ‘locks’ in with the partner of their choosing and we find out how many perfect matches we have—but we will not know which pairs those perfect matches are. The only real way to figure that out, is based on the Truth Booths, which are held the day before the matching ceremony. One pair gets voted in, and will be told if they are in fact a perfect match or not. If you are? You get the royal treatment, get sent off to the honeymoon suite, paid for dates, and away from the house while the others figure out the other matches—but if you aren’t, it’s back to the drawing board.

And now for our twists? You came to the house and surprise! Your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is here. Now that could only mean one thing? It’s the EXES edition. You will find out if you and ex were meant to be or watch them find their perfect match. Love is a bitter game, but let’s carry on with our twists. Each week you are assigned someone new in the house to share a room with so you can get to know the contestants better. There will be more dates and more connections to be discovered.The challenges will be harder and more emotionally taxing. You will be pushed to new limits that we haven’t seen on this show before. And finally, if there is ever a black out (when you get no matches at a ceremony) you will lose money. You lose 250,000 each time you do, so don’t blackout. Two million dollars doesn't’ come without a price.

You only get ten ceremonies and ten shots to win both love and the two million.

The info ;;

  • This is going to be very much like the actual show ( with a few of my own tweaks), which means that I will pair you all up ahead of time and you will not know who your matches are.
  • This verse is not a copy of any other AYTO verse or RPG as it is it’s own show and I will be trying to keep mine as original as possible.
  • Your character is not aware until they get here that their ex is also a contestant
  • I WILL NOT PLAY FAVORITES. I won’t participate in any prize challenges so that it’s fair to everyone else and I will be matching according to the applications.
  • The applications will NOT be posted. It gives you guys an unfair advantage to see who your potential match is. That’s not how it is on the show and that’s not how it will be here.
  • Every week on ‘ceremony day’ I will make a post in the tag asking who you choose to lock in with, or send you an ask about it, and after everyone has replied there will be another post saying how many perfect matches you have found. Also, on ‘truth booth day’, there will be a post asking who you guys would like to send to the truth booth. Another post will be posted saying if they are a match or not.
  • There will be little tasks assigned here and there to delve deeper into your character. They won’t be hard. It may sometimes be partnered thing though so the characters can develop connections.

The rules ;;

  • Be open to anyone.
  • We don’t start until we get all 20 applicants.
  • BE ACTIVE!!!! This is a must, especially with this verse. You don’t need to be on 24/7 but ceremony days and truth booth days are needed because you have to vote. If you aren’t active it isn’t fair to your potential match or others who are. You need to be active to make connections. If you provide your kik with your app then you may just vote that way. If you can’t be active, don’t join because it’ll compromise whoever your match would be.
  • I cannot stress enough how quickly verses like this move, so I’m just warning you and your muse if you like someone be active or someone who is will snatch them up.
  • Since this is the exes edition you may join with someone and let me know in the app they are your ex OR you will be assigned one randomly. Then you must talk to that person about your past with them and etc.
  • If you are joining from the same fandom and are NOT exes then your characters do not know each other.
  • I will allow the same muse, this can be done by either doing a gender bent version with a different last name, or in rare cases I may allow a twin.
  • If you are joining from a fandom where your muse is a minor then please use an FC that is their young adult equivalent.
  • ALL Fandoms, OCs and Multi-Muse blogs are welcome!
  • Sadly all matches will have to be Male/Female to make it easier!
  • They’re all humans here.
  • NSFW will probably be present so it would help if you were 18+
  • No ooc drama, but ic? BRING ALL THE IC DRAMA YO.
  • Don’t get angry about your match ooc. If you’ve seen the show, you’ll know that sometimes matches don’t even end up liking each other and form other relationships. You don’t automatically need to ship with your match.
  • You don’t have to stick with one person the entire ride. You can fight/choose other people, etc.
  • Track the tag ( v. ayto exes )
  • Submit this app to me.

The ladies ;;

  1. Riley Matthews (21) - @ryofsunshine (FC: Shelley Hennig)
  2. Maya Hart (22) - @newyorkpeaches (FC: Dianna Agron)
  3. Lily York (22) - @ofdoexyes (FC: Nina Dobrev)
  4. M.J. Clutterbucket (23) - @brxkenhart (FC: Britt Robertson)
  5. Alice Donovan (21) - @ofhumanisms (FC: Ashley Benson)

The gents ;;

  1. Ryder Lawrence (21) - @newyorkssugar (FC: Steven R McQueen)
  2. Nikky Wesson (21) - @bruisedknxckles (FC: Colin Ford)
  3. Lucas Friar (23) - @rangcrrick (FC: Lucas Till)
  4. Derek Hale (27) - @etrelinqueretur (FC: Tyler Hoechlin)