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Paradise. LRH.

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Words: 2100
Pairing: Luke/Reader
Rating: not much swearing, no smut. sfw.

(Not proofread and was also written after 0 hours of sleep, so the grammar may not be good. But trust me, I normally have great grammar.)

Loosely based on Paradise by Coldplay. 

His calloused fingers danced along my naked spine. He drew shapeless pictures into my skin, knowing that even his touch caused me to feel ticklish, almost ultrasensitive. I giggled into the crook of his neck, the echo of my laughter bouncing off of the walls of his collarbone.

I couldn’t believe after all this time, we were still sickeningly sweet like peach iced tea in light breeze of summer. Sure, we would sometimes fight about stupid things like jealousy or housework, but for the most part, it was like we were forever trapped in a honey moon phase.

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