this is the last thing he technically said to her

My Brother Can Beat Up Yours!

(Wordcount: 1.6K; HS AU. On ao3)

“Punch him!”

“This is really stupid,” Dean muttered, staring dubiously at the guy standing opposite him. “Man, I gotta apologize. I have no idea what’s got into him. He’s normally a good kid.“

“Likewise,” the other guy grumbled. “Anna is usually a sweetheart. I’ve never seen her raise a hand in anger.”

“Kill him, Cas!”

“Well, technically, she’s not raising a hand now,” Dean said with a roll of his eyes. “She just wants you to raise yours.“

When he’d come to the playground to pick Sam up after school this afternoon, as he’d done since getting his driver’s license earlier that year, the last thing Dean had expected was to be stepping into the middle of a showdown between his brother, Sam, and a pint-sized girl with a face nearly as red as her ponytail. Whatever argument they’d been having had apparently escalated beyond the point of no return, and although Sam had definitely been raised well enough to know that you don’t throw punches at classmates - particularly not tiny, female classmates - he’d obviously not outgrown the "my brother can beat up your brother” stage of development.

Dean was now facing down his “enemy,” a fellow teenager he’d never seen before, to the screams of a small horde of bloodthirsty ten-year-olds. He shrugged in embarrassment.

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Let me fucking explain something here because yes Tony knew that Bucky was being brainwashed to kill his parents

But think about it this way:

Bucky’s face was the last thing Howard saw when he was being beaten and pleading for his wife’s mercy

Bucky’s hand was the one that choked Maria’s life out of her

Bucky was the one that physical killed them

So yes, it was technically Hydra that killed the Starks

But the face that killed them was Bucky’s.

The face that Tony physically saw kill his parents was Bucky’s

Bucky himself said “but I did it”

Because he did. He’s the one that physically did it

At the moment Tony was shown the video, he wasn’t imagining this metaphorical image of Red Skull/Pierce/Hydra bashing in his fathers face and choking his mother

Who he saw was Bucky

What it comes down to is that Bucky killed the Starks, in control of his actions or not, brainwashed or not, he was the one to physically kill them in cold blood

Tony had a right to be angry, he had a right to react the way he did

Tell me, if you saw the face of someone choking the one you loved most after someone was beaten to death pleading for their life, even though you knew that they weren’t in control, would you instantly forgive and forget on the spot? Would you be able to erase that image from your mind?

Tony is now forever haunted by that image, no matter the fact that Hydra was the one that ordered them dead, Bucky is the face that went up to his parents and killed them.

Don’t tell me that wouldn’t haunt you too, because it would

Always You

Arrow Summer Movie AU Challenge

Week One: Rom/Com (Inspired by Definitely Maybe)

Oliver sighed once he finished telling Connor about his conversation with Felicity. And by the look on his eight year olds face, he knew his son was annoyed at him.

“Okay kid you gotta say something already,” Oliver said, as he rested his chin on his fists. “I know what you’re thinking.”

“You kept the book?” Connor finally said, meeting his father’s eyes. “You kept it for ten years?”

“Technically it was nine, but yes.”

“But it was from her dad.”

“I know.”

“So what you just tossed it in a box and forgot you had it?”

“Con it’s complicated,” Oliver said rubbing a hand across his face. He promised himself a long time ago he’d never lie to Connor. But how did you explain to your kid, that you were a massive jerk, who couldn’t let go of the last thing you had of a girl who you never let yourself be with.

“Really because it sounds pretty simple,” Connor insisted with a glare. “You knew how much it meant to her, how long she’d been looking for that book. I mean you said yourself you helped her look through a dozen bookstores. And then when you found it, you didn’t even think to give it to her.”

“Of course I thought about giving it to her. I thought about it everyday for nearly a decade, but the longer I had it, the harder it was to give it to her.”

“I think it sounds like a dick move.”

“Hey, just because your Uncle Tommy talks like that doesn’t mean you get to.”

Connor pursed his lips, causing Oliver to smile a little. That’s when Con looked the most like Sandy. With the look of judgement and pity, wrapped in a coating of concern.

“There’s one more thing I don’t get,” Connor finally said.

“Just one,” Oliver quipped with a grin. “Shoot.”

“Why would you change everyone’s name except hers.”


“In the story, Claudia was Mom, and Katie’s aunt Laurel. but you didn’t change Felicity’s. How come?”

Oliver shook his head, not really having an answer for the kid. When he started the tale he didn’t want to give Sandra away early on. He wanted Connor to go a a sort of journey in discovering how they met. And he enjoyed it too. It’s the first time since Sandra’s funeral that Connor really smiled.

So changing Laurel was the first step, and then Sandra had told him once she would have named Con, Claudia if the wheel of fate had given her a girl, but when it came time to place a name for Felicity he just… couldn’t. he didn’t want to change a single detail about their time together.

“I guess I wasn’t being really clever,” Oliver finally said as he stood from the table, clearing their dishes as he went. “You want ice cream for dessert?”

“No, I want you to admit that you didn’t change Felicity’s name because you still love her,” Con replied crossing his arms.

“Why does this mean so much to you, bud?”

He was quiet for a long time, something Oliver could tell Con definitely got from  him. The Connor spoke. “Because I want you to be happy.”

But Oliver could feel the unspoken ending, yes Connor wanted him to be happy, but he also wanted them both happy. “Con as long as I have you I’m happy.”

“It’s not the same,” he said, as he swung his legs back and forth. “Mom used to say that if you’re lucky enough to find the light to your dark, that you shouldn’t let it dim out. I think you still have a chance to have your light too. But you just got to be honest.”

Oliver met his son’s eyes and sighed. How was it that his eight year old was more insightful than he was. Another thing Con got from Sandra.

“You’re right,” Oliver said dropping the dishes into the sink. “Go get your coat.”

Connor smiled running from the table, and Olive couldn’t help his nervous smile either. One way or another he was gonna see this thing with Felicity through to the end.

It was colder than he thought it would be outside, or maybe it wasn’t the cold at all. Maybe it was standing on someone’s doorstep hoping they’d buzz you in.

“Maybe she’s not home, we could try again tomorrow,” Connor said, looking up at him with that famous pout that Thea had taught him early on.

“Maybe it’s just not meant to be,” Oliver replied moving to walk off.

“Oliver?” He heard her voice, crisp in the night air. It wasn’t coming for them speaker box, but for an open window above them.

“Felicity, I, um, I tried to buzz your apartment,” he replied looking up at her like an idiot. But he couldn’t help the bright smile that was plastered to his face.

“Yeah the buzzer works fine, but the speaker’s kinda spotty. So I don’t usually let people up unless I’m expecting them… I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I know, but I wanted to talk to you.”

“You’re doing this all wrong. Tell her the story,” Connor hissed for the stoop, with an eye roll. But Oliver just shushed him.

“Who’s down there with you?” Felicity asked, and even for the sidewalk he could tell she was quirking her brow.

Connor jumped from the steps, coming to stand next to him. He waved up at Felicity with a smile.

“Uh Felicity this is Connor, my son.”

He could see the pause on her face, but it was just a flicker that melted into a smile. But when she focused back on him it was a glare. “It’s kinda of cheating to bring your kid. How am I supposed to say no to that face.”

“If you learn how it’d be kind of you to pass off the secret,” he joked, as he ruffled Connor’s hair. “Look I get that you hate me. What I did, not giving you the book it was–”

“A dick move,” Connor added with a nod, causing Felicity to laugh.

Oliver groaned, covering Connor’s mouth with his hand. “Despite his mouth, he’s right. It wasn’t my place to keep that from you. And I’m sorry.”

She seemed to be contemplating something before she spoke again. “Then why did you?”

“Honestly?” He shrugged as he met her eyes. “I know I told you I couldn’t be with you, but at the end of the day, I didn’t want to lose maybe the last piece of you I would ever have. You do deserve to be with someone who isn’t afraid to be happy, and who can make you happy in return. I hope you found that someone.”

“Dad,” Connor groaned as he elbowed Oliver’s stomach, causing Oliver to stumble a little for the unexpected motion. He looked down at Connor who was glaring at him. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to go.”

Oliver looked back up, but Felicity had left her window, and he couldn’t help the sinking feeling in his chest. Though it wasn’t much, and it was nine years late, at least he tried. It’s what he would want Con to take away from this whole thing. That no matter what you did, you should always try to smooth it out, even if things don’t work out in the end.

“Come on bud, let’s go home,” Oliver said, patting Connor on the back.

“No,” his son pleaded, but still took Oliver’s hand. “Maybe she went to get the phone or something. Maybe she’ll come back to the window.”

“No more maybe’s,” Oliver smiled, pulling him along.

They were almost a building away when he heard the footsteps on pavement. And every part of him screamed that it was her.

He turned just in time to see her flush faced stopping before them, her blonde hair wild from the brief sprint, but she was smiling. And oh how that smile still had the ability to warm him up.

“What story?” Felicity asked, looking between Connor and Oliver. “Because you know how much I hate mysteries.”

“I do remember that,” Oliver said with a grin. “I was just telling Con about one of my two happiest stories.”

“You should hear it, it’s pretty good,” Connor added with a wink, which caused both Felicity and Oliver to burst into a laugh.

“Well if you two are free, you could come up stairs, maybe tell me that story.”

“I’d like that,” Oliver nodded. Connor nodded in approval, walking on ahead of them to Felicity’s building.

“Oh and Oliver,” she stopped him, meeting his gaze. “There’s no one else. It was always you.”

He pulled her up on her toes, pressing a deep kiss to her lips. “Same here.”

so the niece of a family friend of ours is Matilda on Broadway and last month when Obama went to see the show he asked her for her autograph afterwards but apparently they’re technically not supposed to give it out so she said she couldn’t then but if he came over for dinner she would gladly sign something for him and so Barack Obama literally went over to this little girl’s house for dinner with the entire secret service so he could get her autograph and if that’s not the cutest thing you have ever heard then what are you even doing