this is the last selfie i swear


Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky 

Word Count: 738

Warnings: drinking, swearing, puking 

A/N: On the prompt “I accidentally sent you a naked picture of myself” but this time ft a group chat with Steve and Bucky for @melonberri (I’m so sorry it took me so long. I have no excuse other than I’m flawed as a person lol) for my 300 Follower Celebration. I hope you like it!!! 

It was Natasha’s idea to go partying. You would’ve much preferred to stay in and read a book to unwind from your last mission, but there was nothing more relaxing for the Black Widow than shots in a crowded bar so she could pick her next victim. The bar she’d chosen tonight was probably the skeeviest you’d seen yet, with unidentifiable stains on the couches and roaches crawling around in the bathrooms but damn if they didn’t make up for it with their cocktails. Sadly for you, you didn’t have Nat’s tolerance, and you were flailing around on the dance floor blind drunk after only a few drinks.

Nat kept an eye on you, making sure you didn’t go home with anyone. She wasn’t beyond letting you make a fool of yourself, though. She definitely made sure to take video of you doing karaoke in your underwear on top of the bar even though there wasn’t a song playing. That was going on YouTube as soon as you got back to the tower.

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The City

Genre: Idk, it’s post breakup feels~

Summary: Your two year long relationship has ended. With a new apartment and job you’re ready to move on from your relationship. But The City seems to have other plans for you.

Word Count: 1.2k 

Warnings/Triggers: none

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

The toothbrush stared back at you from the metal holder on your sink. Your apartment of the past 2 years was completely packed except for the bathroom. It was the last place evidence of your relationship with him existed. You broke up with him over the phone and you felt stupid about giving him his toothbrush back when his bandmates came to pick up his stuff. When he was gone on tour or working until dawn that blue toothbrush gave you comfort. It reminded you that he had a home with you. A soft place to land when he was too tired to make the commute back to the dorms. You remembered how nervous you were when you suggested that he could leave one there. He was spending so much time at your apartment that it made sense. You were pretty sure your face was as pink as his hair when you asked him.

But now it haunted you. It sat on your sink untouched for almost two months now. You tired throwing it away so many times before now. You held the plastic in your hand trying to convince yourself that he was really gone. That he wouldn’t be coming back. The toothbrush used to mean so much. It might have been small but it was the start of the life the two of you had planned together. You always knew that your relationship wasn’t going to be easy, dating an idol was really hard. But you knew that it was worth it. That the late nights were worth it. That he was worth it.

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beauty guru

“Why is your bag so heavy?” I huffed as I held her backpack in one hand. “I received a lot of new stuff the other week, which I’ve been dying to try out” she explained as she took the bag from my hand and placed it on the floor. “You mean try out on me?” I said with a raised eyebrow. She looked up at me with a cheesy grin, as she crouched down and rummaged through the bag.

She placed every product in a pile on the living room floor. I laid on the sofa, searching through the TV, but watching her every now and again as she read the packaging of things intensely. “Ok Shawn, I’ve got something for you” she said as she held a product in her hands and ventured on her knees to the sofa. She knelt down so she was in line with my face. “What is it?” I asked as I propped myself up on my elbows. “It’s a herbal face mask from Origins it has bit of green tea in it, they do really good stuff” she said as she opened the packet. I glanced down at what was in her hands before she tried to put in on my face. “It looks like dirt, are you sure they didn’t just send you foreign soil?” I laughed as I dodged her touch. “Stop being such a baby, this will be good for you” she sighed as finally managed to reach my face. “Is it gonna make me look like a tomato?” I said as I frowned. “No,” she said as she smudged it across my cheeks. “It’s going to leave your face feeling refreshed and revitalised.”

I rolled my eyes as the smell of green tea filled my nostrils. “Hey, watch it” I sighed as I felt the cold touch of the product land on my collarbone. “Sorry,” (Y/N) giggled as she reached over my face for my right cheek. “You have really small hands,” I said, as her hand took up my view. “Thanks?” (Y/N) said in a voice which suggested she didn’t know whether that was a good thing. “There,” she said as she sat back down and wiped her hands with tissues. “How long do I have to stay like this?” I asked, already wanting to wipe it off. “It says ten minutes,” (Y/N) said as she read the package. “You’re kidding,” I said in a defeated tone. “Oh stop, that’s hardly anything” (Y/N) said as she stood up, placing a kiss on my forehead before retreating back to her pile.

“What other stuff do you have?” I asked, drawing my attention back to the TV as I felt my cheeks begin to tighten slightly. “I’ve got some coconut oil conditioner, lip kits - oh and some false eyelashes” (Y/N) muttered. “I am not testing them out for you, no matter what you do to make me say otherwise” I said, sitting back up on my elbows, feeling a strange sensation on my face as I raised my eyebrows.

(Y/N) threw her head back in laughter. “Last time you made me do that, I swear to god you pulled out more than half of my eyelashes,” I hissed, looking back at the TV. “They grew back eventually,” (Y/N) replied, wiping tears that had left her eyes from laughing. I shook my head, “It’s not good for someone like me. Having to take selfies with fans every single day, and asking them to put on a filter so I don’t look so stupid.” “You’re such a child,” (Y/N) sighed. I pulled out my phone and took a selfie on snapchat. I didn’t use any filters, I wanted everyone to see what (Y/N) was putting me through. I added the caption: ‘I’d drink green tea any day…but put it on my face?’

A couple of minutes later, (Y/N) broke out in laughter as she read through twitter on her phone. “Someone tweeted, ‘Why has Shawn got elephant shit on his face?’” she said through giggles. “I told you it looked dodgy,” I sighed, crossing my arms over my bare chest. “How long left?” “About six minutes,” (Y/N) replied. I let out a huge groan, forcing my tight cheeks to break the mould. “Ok, you’re free,” (Y/N) said as the ten minutes came to an end. I leaped from the sofa and hurried to the bathroom, stopping in the door way. “How do I get it off?” I called out. “Massage your skin with water,” (Y/N) replied.

I rubbed my face for a good five minutes until it was completely off, resulting in my face looking red - just like a tomato. “Does your face feel any different?” I heard (Y/N) say from the door. I looked in the reflection of the mirror, “My face feels horrible.” She rolled her eyes as she leaned against the doorframe. I dried my face and wandered over, placing my hands on her waist. “What’s this?” I asked, tracing my thumb across her lips. “It’s a lipstick, do you like it?” she asked, smiling. I nodded before placing a passionate kiss on her lips. “Very much actually,” I whispered, leaning my forehead against hers. She grabbed my chin, “It looks good on you too, it matches the shade of your face.” Before I could respond, she broke from my hold and ran down the hallway seconds before I chased after her.

So I’ve got a 6-7 hour drive ahead of me today, so I’ve made a shakeology to help keep me full and curb those junk food cravings when stopping for gas 💪 also packed some prepped fruits and veggies to munch on. I’m visiting some family/clothes shopping this weekend, so I’ll probably not eat as healthy as I should but I don’t see them very often so I’m good with it.
I’m really excited to go shopping since I’m down 30 pounds. I won’t get too much cause I’m going to keep losing (I’ve got about another 60-80 pounds to go) but I need summer clothes that fit!
Hope you all have a great weekend 💕 and to all of my fellow Canadian followers have an awesome long weekend 🍁🇨🇦❤️
Also, my last post was marked NSFW but I swear it’s not! Please have a look of you want 💜

yall ever think about how supportive sokka would be to azula?

He’d be the type of boyfriend to SCREAM and reply with many many many hearts whenever she sends a selfie.
He’s the type of boyfriend who’d always be excited to hear about her day, how she’s feeling, how anything is.
He’s also that type of boyfriend who’d do so many stupid and silly things to make her laugh, man.

Sokka’s the perfect boyfriend, I swear.


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dating youngk you know you want to


  • you call him youngk since everyone already calls him brian 
  • his eyes light up when you do that
  • stealing kisses all the time why he thinks no one is watching
  • lots of lapsitting he’s so into it especially while playing video games or watching shows
  • is he cheating on you with jae? maybe yes, maybe no, but jae sure seems to think so
  • there’s an unspoken rule that you’re not allowed to show up without burger king
  • he’ll start beatboxing while you take off your clothes in hopes of you putting on a show for him
  • *lipsyncs aggressively*
  • smiles n nods when ur talking but there’s a 73% chance he hasn’t been listening for the last 3 minutes
  • “babe hold on, just- babe no i swear- babe, listen i will totally eat you out just let me finish this level of candy crush”
  • when you do something dumb, he stares at you for several seconds and then just starts slow clapping
  • when HE does something dumb, he just bows and walks away
  • “brian it’s 3am now is not the time for a dance party, stop coming home drunk and jumping on my bed”
  • beware of stealthies. that’s what he calls it when he pretends to take a selfie but the camera is turned on you instead
  • why does he think you’re a walking armrest?
  • couples everything. rings, sweatshirts, shoes. it’s a problem
  • sings his own songs to get laid. you can’t make this shit up folks
  • you let him look up something on your phone and got it back with the addition of 58 new selfies. 
  • (he was googling himself)
  • he’s terrified of your parents. hasn’t actually met them, but totally petrified anyway
  • that one time y’all got stoned together and he asked you if y’all could adopt dowoon 
  • he sends you an unreasonable amount of day6 merch, but it’s just bc your support and approval means the world to him
Get It Right (12/?)

Sebastian Stan/Reader

Disclaimer: um okay so this is like all smut. 18+ only I don’t know how this happened and I’m so sorry. We get back to the normal fluffy shit next time. So yeah anyways, there’s smut and swearing and probably a smol amount of fluff. and a daddy kink because, reasons. Also this is my first time writing smut so if I could get feedback that would be really awesome!

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(last part)

The rest of the day was successful. Seb was surprisingly artsy when it came to pictures and we were both able to get some good shots. We took a few cheesy selfies together aswell, but those were not instagram worthy.

I decided I wanted to make dinner since I was tired of eating out so we made a quick stop at the grocery store on the way back to his apartment. I made parmesan chicken with risotto and a salad. I think I was just as impressed with how it turned out as Sebastian was. I used to cook all the time while I was living at home and not working much, but lately I haven’t had the time or the desire. Risotto was one of my favorites, but the chicken was an adventure. Sebastian helped me cook by keeping my company by the stove while I stirred the rice. Wrapping his arms around me and peppering my neck with kisses until I’d moan and he’d remind me to focus on the food. Clearly we were back to him being a constant tease.

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Okay but remember that selfie Dan took last year sometime in the mirror and he looked so fucking gooooood, well imagine that but with the riPPED JEANS YYEEEESSSS

i swear if the ripped jeans becomes the new nail polish (”i’ll post a picture of it tomorrow” but tomorrow never comes) i’m going to riot 


It’s Officially Summer Vacation! ☀️⛱🔫

The twins have been all over Mekhi since he got back! Won’t even let me get near him without them whining for a kiss too. 🙄 😂  And peep Arianna NOT listening as usual and bothering her brother while he’s trying to sleep. Smh…I swear these two really be killing me sometimes. 😅  

We let Kayson take the bus home from school today since it’s his LAST day of school until September and he wanted to go to the end of the year party. He should be home soon though and then we’re all going out for Ice cream to celebrate! We promised Kayson if he ended the school year with all As, he could get a special surprise so cross your fingers that he held up his end of the bargain!

Oh…and enjoy these selfies of me actually feeling good in my skin! Babe was gassing me something serious lol. 😋😂