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What I loved about chapter 14 of UMFBAMHA

If you haven’t read it yet then a) why on earth not and b) don’t read this, there will be spoilers.

(DISCLAIMER: This may be disjointed because a grumpy preschool child keeps hitting me with a toilet roll and yelling at me to come fix his lego model and there won’t be time to check it through, I’m just gonna write and post before school run time)

OK.  So this was a really long chapter.  And if you think about it, aside from the last 5 minutes or so, nothing actually happens in it.  (That’s not a criticism BTW!).  The whole chapter is basically ‘Yuuri has a good long think and talks to a load of people and finally gets a lot of stuff straight in his head and until you read it you wouldn’t have thought it would take so long but it totally does and it totally needed to’.  Indeed within the chapter itself it’s said over and over again that Yuuri needs to take some time.  So it’s a huge testament to the way that @kazliin writes so beautifully that there is nothing in the chapter that feels long or boring or makes you feel like you want to skip ahead to see some action.   It doesn’t need any action.  It’s slow and peaceful and sad and lovely.  

(This has got super long so the rest of below the cut)

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Which reminds me, our house, even the toilet, is filled with different kinds of Kuroo.

My room and the TV stand have become something like this. There are so many figures and art prints.

It seems like my mom did it!
Thank  you

Another quick thing!

I forgot to mention something in my last text post and I can’t be bothered to change it but I think it’s important so here:

Tomorrow I’m going to my first non-official gender therapy session! It’s with a councillor at my school and apparently he’s really nice and knows a lot about LGBT+ things. If it all goes well, I could get my name changed on the register, maybe wear trousers instead of a kilt, and not have to use the girls toilets or changing rooms! So yeah, that’s happening tomorrow morning and I’m thrilled  😁

A Bad Morning ⦁ Kihyun

kihyun x reader ➠ requested by anonymous–”his s/o tells him that she is pregnant.”

warnings: none. genre: fluff. word count: 1,113. a/n: . i didn’t have time to proof read this but if i don’t post it now it won’t be up for a day or two so i thought you’d rather it a little messy rather than late! 

Originally posted by aceyng

It’s not everyday that you wake up feeling so sick that you need to run to the bathroom to avoid vomiting all over yourself, but here you are, sitting on the freezing cold tiles with your cheek resting on the toilet seat and your boyfriend, Kihyun, still asleep in the next room. Maybe it was the chicken you ate last night, you reason. Maybe there’s nothing sinister about the way your stomach is churning. Maybe your craving for strawberries over the past month is just a coincidence. Maybe, just maybe, you aren’t what you think you are.

But you have to be sure.

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I'm so upset by what happened during Game 3 that I cannot think of anything other than the hit and how Sid should feel. Could you write something cute about how Geno takes care of Sid after Game 3?

Hey Anon, thanks for your patience, I know this took a while. This is…sort of maybe following your prompt?

standing right there next to you

Zhenya isn’t sure what possessed him to follow Sid home. He’s seen Sid hurt before. He’s seen him spit blood and teeth onto the ice.  He’s seen him walk down the tunnel limping. He’s seen him on his knees in front of a toilet, puking his guts out due to post concussion syndrome.

It’s just…something about tonight has snapped the last frayed nerve Zhenya has in regard to watching Sid get hurt. He’d skated over, stomach heavy and sick, as the trainers had gotten Sid up because he couldn’t get up on his own at first. And he’d felt an impotent rage rise up in himself. He’s no stranger to rage, to anger, to the desire to make an entire team pay for the cruelty they mete out on Sid, night after night after night. Just because the of how beautifully and perfectly he plays.  

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WHY is there always pee in the floor when i go into a (mens) public restroom??

Alright so here is a toilet:

The shape of the toilet bowl is (close enough to) a thing called an ellipse. An ellipse is like a circle but stretched so that it has two different “radius” sizes

Assuming (idk exactly how accurate this is but w/e) a toilet bowl is around 11 inches X 14 inches, you get that each radius is:

The area of an ellipse is pi X radius 1 X radius 2. So with the information we have, doing the math gives us 120.951 square inches of toilet space (for metric system ppl: about 307.2 square centimeters). SO, GUYS, WHAT IS THE EXCUSE FOR ALL THE PEE ON THE FLOOR WHEN I TRY TO PEACEFULLY GO TO A PUBLIC RESTROOM? THIS IS A LEGITIMATE QUESTION LIKE I DO NOT GET HOW IT IS THAT HARD FOR YOU TO HIT SOMEWHERE WITHIN THE ALMOST 121 SQUARE INCHES OF SPACE YOU ARE PROVIDED, YES I AM MAD AND BITTER.


when yoongi’s mixtape came out I was so excited I almost barfed like deadass and I already know when hixtape drops I’ll probably shit myself and I don’t know if I can handle that

So, I was the first of my apartment to go home for spring break last week and when I got back I found that my rommate/friend of five years had posted THEEEESE







Not gonna’ lie, though, I thought it was hilarious the one on the toilet seat and mirror just about killed me XD but, I mean, I can’t just let this sort of thing go unchecked. That was her declaration of war, people: WAR! She knew it, and I sure as heck knew it. Now, I didn’t want to go over the top and do anything that might actually make her kill me damage her or her property, so I really only had one choice. I decided to go the mature route and be civil about this whole matter. 

It’ll be a few weeks.

As stressful as it’s been to worry about the water rising those last few inches to get into the apartment, I’m actually really lucky.

We still have water, electricity, and internet. The water hasn’t actually gotten into the apartment, which is more than a lot of the other first floors in the complex can say. The toilet has trouble flushing (I guess from all the water in the sewage system?) but we’ve got one. If water had gotten into the apartment our upstairs neighbor offered to let us stay with her. The complex staff and lots of neighbors have been coming around to check on everyone and let people know when rescue boats are coming. The cars are probably toast (water’s too deep to check on them) but we’ve got insurance. We have enough of our medications to last a while. We’ve got a good stash of food and water. So even if it takes several more days to access the complex by anything but boat, we’ll be okay.

The rain in our area has actually stopped, even! So we have the luxury of (hopefully) not stressing ourselves sick anymore and catching up on the sleep we’ve been missing.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent me messages to stay safe and wishing us well. We’re safe and I appreciate all of you. <3

Lapis Lazuli could have been a Kindergarten Teacher

I’ve posted this theory before, in a reply on a longer thread, but now I want to really get into it. This is also partially a response against the idea that Lapis must be a powerful and high-ranking gem. She doesn’t have to be an elite, even though she is undeniably powerful. If Lapis Lazulis had a non-combat role, then no one on Homeworld would have even thought about how much raw power they were packing. To illustrate that, I want to quickly touch on Pearls and Bismuths, to see how Homeworld’s roles shaped their views of those gems.

Pearls, on Homeworld, are personal assistants to busy, high-ranking gems, like the Diamonds. Those gems had so many responsibilities that they simply couldn’t do everything themselves, so they were assigned a Pearl as a direct personal assistant to answer phones, record and play back holograms, tidy up, etc. Very efficient, very Homeworld. And we know that Jasper and Peridot view our Pearl through that lens, dismissing her as a threat almost instantly. But Pearl taught herself to be a formidable fighter, by using her precision and grace in combat. And she’s tough, too, taking full power hits from Sugilite and getting back up.

Bismuths, similarly, were not soldier gems. They’re construction workers, tasked to build spires and arenas in new colonies. But we know from Bismuth’s sparring that she’s a powerhouse, with strength on the level of Garnet or Jasper, and a weaponized shapeshifting that can break Steven’s bubbles (something Amethyst struggled to do). Bismuth is clearly stronger than Rubies, but no one from Homeworld sent her out on missions, because she’s a worker gem, not a soldier gem. At least, she was, until she joined Rose’s Rebellion, and found her own path.

While Lapis could be a gem used to wielding terrifying power without consequence or notice because she was hidden as part of a fusion, I think it’s at least as plausible that she simply exercised that strength outside of combat, in a role that other gems never considered threatening. Specifically, as a kindergarten teacher. In order to explain how her powers would relate to that role, though, I’ll first have to explain that theory again.

Evidence towards Lapis being a Kindergarten Teacher

First, we’re introduced to Lapis when Pearl attempts to set up a school for Steven, to teach him about gem society and history. We know Pearl loves to teach and explain things to Steven, but in this case, she chooses to defer that instruction to someone else—someone she recognized as the superior source of knowledge. Pearl recognized that there was a gem on the mirror, and presumably recognized its gem type as a Lapis Lazuli (she may have assumed the gem was placed in the mirror after being cracked, to avoid further damage). For her to let Lapis instruct Steven suggests that this is what Lapis Lazulis were for.

Second, in Same Old World, we see Lapis using water in a similar fashion to the mirror, smoothing it out and displaying visual images on its surface. While some people have theorized that she could be a spy or a messenger, that wouldn’t fit with her other powers (more on those later). But this would make perfect sense for a gem whose job is to teach and instruct—she can present important visual information to newly made gems with a minimum of effort (even more easily than Pearl’s holograms).  

Third, water seems to have an association with knowledge, in old Homeworld culture. The Sea Spire is “for important thinkers to think in” and features fountains and waterfalls as well as being surrounded by ocean (although those fountains did admittedly feature a four-armed gem). Peridot identifies Steven’s bathroom as an archaic think chamber, presumably because of the shower, sink, toilet, etc. And @nutt007 had a follow up to my last post about this, talking about musical leitmotifs, that went over my head a bit but seems to further support this theory.

Fourth, we have the original post by @faelapis which places Lapis at the Beta Kindergarten during the war. Now, she could have been there for any number of reasons, but we would certainly expect her there if she was a kindergarten teacher. That could also explain why she was only on earth for a short time—she was sent as an emergency instructor for the unplanned Beta Quartzes.

And fifth, we have her farming in Gem Harvest. This could have been simply because she was lonely, and wanted to help Peridot, but we know that gems enjoy doing the stuff they were made to do. If she was a teacher, she would have really wanted a new crop of students.

Lapis’s Powers

I’ve already addressed how her mirror powers would be useful to an educator. With a small quantity of water, she can present information even more effectively than Pearl’s holograms can—a useful tool for any instructor.

Her other potentially educational power, though, is her water-clones. Remember, she formed clones of Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. But not Connie, Greg, or Lion. If she can only copy other gems, then that’s not a particularly useful power for going to war against non-gem species. And she either didn’t, or couldn’t, copy each gem more than once. Even three Garnets would have been an easy victory (a dozen would have been a sure thing), but her automatic response was to make one opponent for every gem, as though that’s what she’s always done.

And not even an overpowered opponent—Garnet and Pearl fought to a standstill against water clones that used their own speed and techniques against them. Amethyst, who is self-taught and has almost no experience fighting uncorrupted gems, lost handily to her water clone. What good is a power that’s at its best against weak and poorly trained opposition? Unless, perhaps, its purpose is to help gems train and improve. That would be a more sensible use for mirror-clones, and one that soldiers from Homeworld would remember fondly, not fearfully.

Lapis has a couple of other powers, though. She can move water around, including large volumes of water. This may have been necessary for the fountains and other water features of the Sea Spire. We see from Gem Harvest that she has fairly precise control over this ability (able to move water through several hoses to water crops, while reading a book), and she even makes “fountains” of a sort for her joint meep morp with Peridot in Beta. If no one thought to ask a Lapis Lazuli to move an ocean around, everyone on Homeworld could have continued to think of them as gems who can make little fountains and waterfalls. Nothing dangerous there.

Her giant water hands are useful for putting gems (and Andy) in time-out without hurting them. A useful power for a teacher, if your classes are sometimes a bunch of unruly quartzes. But while she’s able to hold Garnet down for a few moments, Lapis can’t seem to use this power to win fights outright.

And she can fly. I’ll admit that this doesn’t have much to do with teaching, but if she’s sent to planets that haven’t set up their warp network yet, then it’s a useful way to get around (or even to get to/from those planets).

In terms of physical strength, Lapis was able to exercise a tremendous amount of power even with a crack in her gem, but she went down in one hit to Bismuth. That strongly suggests that she’s designed to manipulate water only outside of combat, in very safe places. Peridots, by contrast, are tough, able to survive rock falls and other hazards of kindergarten construction, while Quartzes can take tremendous punishment and still keep fighting.

In terms of raw power, I think the Rose Quartz gem is actually the strongest one we’ve seen on the show (more on this when I post part 2 of Steven’s Plant Powers tomorrow), but Lapis Lazuli is contender for the title, and well ahead of any other competition.

More about Lapis

If Lapis was a teacher or instructor, that would explain why she was so eager to leave Earth and get back home. The Crystal Gems stopped all gem production on the planet, which made her obsolete here–and would have completely alienated her from their cause. But Homeworld’s limb enhancers and new data technology made her just as obsolete there. She was stuck with nothing to do, and no status. Small wonder, then, that someone as low-ranking as Peridot was able to commandeer her as an informant for what was supposed to be a routine maintenance trip.

There’s another thing about Lapis’s background that’s intriguing to me. She seems to be a much more cosmopolitan gem than the others we see. She easily identifies Ruby and Sapphire’s flirting in Hit the Diamond, and her manipulation skills are strong (possibly very strong—we have to guess at a lot of this based on outside information). I admit that she might have been an elite gem, part of high society. Or she could have simply spent a lot of time at places like the Sea Spire, as an educator or a water manipulator.

And it seems that Lapis is well-traveled, unlike Sapphire. Sapphire was hugely impressed with Earth’s beauty, so it may be that she spent her time mostly on Homeworld, safe in Blue Diamond’s court. But Lapis viewed her trip to Earth as fairly routine, and saw nothing new or valuable in the planet.

We’ll probably finish Jasper’s arc before we really dig into Lapis (which will at least give us a lot more background on the war itself), but there’s a lot to dig into once we start. We’ve barely scratched the surface with her, and that’s already given us quite a bit of character development. I’m eager for more, whether this theory proves to be a part of it or not.

Flashback to 2011

Occasionally I like to do flashbacks to my past running blog. Here’s one from June 16,2011. I feel like my writing style hasn’t changed much.

285 lbs
14.9 miles ran in the last week
Foods binged on:
One box of wheat thins in a sitting
My toilet

As you probably have already gathered from the title, this post is all about poo and how your body betrays you like Anthony Weiners porn star pen pal. I wasn’t gonna write about this but then I figured if Judd Apatow can write movies containing nothing but dick and fart jokes that make millions of dollars I should be in the clear. Who knows a post full of poo might gain me a couple of followers. Picture this, you’ve ran two miles from your house and all of a sudden your bowels make a strange noise followed by the most intense pain you have ever felt. This my friends is the runners trots and something no one ever told me about BEFORE I started this journey. Back to that faithful day last year when I went through this experience. I’m out jogging along at my wonderful eleven minute mile pace and the aforementioned pain came on I assessed the situation and kept moving until it got too unbearable to go on. At this point I was a mile away from home and left with two options. A) Shit in someones alley like a dog or B)Clench my ass cheeks together and walk like George Ryan (former Illinois governor) on his first day in prison. I chose B and let me just tell you that was the LONGEST walk of my entire life.
No one knows exactly why “runners trots” occurs but I’d like to think it’s your body getting back at you for torturing it mile after mile. Since that day I haven’t had any shitty recurrences but i’m always vigilant . You never know if that errant fart might just lead to shorts full of poop and a walk of shame home. So beginning runners be careful. Watch what you eat before a run and be kind to your colon. If you know you’re running in the morning you might want to lay off the Indian food and hot wings well in advance.Hold on I need to wipe let’s move on to the next topic.
I have a race on Sunday! The Kilbride Classic 5k. It’s a return to my first race course. In 2009 this was the first place I ever officially declared I AM A RUNNER!. So no more running til then. I will blog from the race to keep you in the know. If you’re reading this and you like it let me know. Please leave a comment and follow my blog as I work my way from 5k to 10 k to half marathon and beyond.

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Do you have any manga recommendations???? ?


wandering son is really good if you havent read it! its about a transgender girl realizing her identity as a young age and tries to explore it. its also about homosexuality, exploring your identity, discrimination, growing up as trans, being a grown trans person etc etc!! it’s been awhile since i read it, so i can’t do any detailed summary. really pretty art!! ;;;

joshi kausei is good if you can read through like, about 5ish chapters of fanservice? its about a really weird girl whos carefree with life and her friends, so i didn’t really see it as fanservice, but just smt relatable LAUGHS it has no dialog, and the story and the comedy is told through the actions, and you get to know the characters really well. 

shounen note is about a boy who wants to sing soprano in a school choir! and the choir members are so different and motivated by different things i love it. from where i last read, they have a shot of winning in a competition and before the boy’s voice break in puberty and stuff. its been awhile too so im not too sure!! but i do know the art is real lovely and improved a lot 

jinbaku shounen hanako-kun is really good too! theres only a chapter translated yet but its really pretty. its about a girl who longs for someone to love so she decided to consult hanako of the toilet (one of the 7 mysteries in a school!) <<< check it out here! support the translator

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a - age: 30.

b - birthplace: North Carolina.

c - current time: 11:45 PM.

d - drink you last had: La Croix Mango.

e - easiest person to talk to: Bobby.

f - favorite song: “Mt Wroclai” by Beirut is up there.

g - grossest memory: Uh. Hang-over puking into clogged up Turkish pit toilet on the way to Alaca Höyük was a real moment.

h - horror yes or horror no: Candyman and Hellraiser horror yes. Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror no.

i - in love? Nah.

j - jealous of people?: Sometimes.

l - love at first sight or should i walk by again: Walk by again ‘cause otherwise I’ll convince myself it’s all in my head.

m - middle name: Stodgy British surname from my mom’s side of the family.

n - number of siblings: 2

o - one wish: Contentment.

p - person you called last: The lady at the self-storage place.

q - question you are always asked: Is your hair natural?

r - reason to smile: Cats!

s - song you sang last: This one. I’ve had it on repeat for prob a solid week now??

t - time you woke up: 6:45 AM.

u - underwear colour: Grey.

v - vacation destination: Somewhere on the Gulf Coast.

w - worst habit: Anxiety death-spiral!

x - x-rays: Ankle, wrist, collarbone. Teeth.

y - your favourite food: Bread. Breadbread. Breadbreadbreadbread.

Z - zodiac sign: Capricorn.

Tagging my usual offenders: @sanerontheinside @mariyahs-truth @kyberpunk and anyone else who wants to! Only if you want to! I always feel like such a creeper tagging people I don’t talk to on the reg, but it always feels so nice to get tagged. Huh.

Have a lovely evening, tumblr-bumblrbees!

내 어린 고양이와 늙은 나 (My Little Cat & Old Me) | By 제이유
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Kuroo: (“Brrr, cold”)
Kenma: (“Gwuhhh”)
-Snow and wind-
Kuroo: “So why did we run out of toilet paper on a day like this? Are you listening Kenma? I’m talking about the toilet paper you unraveled yesterday before lazing around. I’m saying that toilet paper was the last we had. Hm? Are you listening?”

* * * 

*Finally arrived
Kuroo: “COLD!!!! (I’m back!!)”
Kuroo: “Where are you going Kenma? Melt my hands! Warm up my feet!" 
Kenma: "Ack!" 

Alphabet question posts!

I was tagged by @bensjourneyforlife and @theunstuffedpepper! So more things to post about me, here it goes!

A- Age: 27

B- Birthplace: a hospital

C- Current time: 4:30pm

D- Drink you had last: H2O

E- Easiest person to talk to: the hubby

F- Favorite song: right now? I don’t want to live forever by Zayn and tay tay

G- Grossest Memory: plunging a really clogged toilet

H- Hogwarts House: Gryffindor!!!

I- in love?: absolutely, with many things

J- Jealous of people: from time to time

L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Why not both?

O- One Wish: to not need sleep, but could sleep when I wanted to!

P- Person you called last: the hubby

Q- Question you are always asked: is it going to rain (I’m a meteorologist)

R- Reason to smile: Happy being me

S- Song you sang last: I don’t want to live forever (see current favorite song)

T- time you woke up: 8am, yay for sleeping in!

U- Underwear color: I own every color!

V- Vacation destination: White sand beaches

W- Worst habit: Overeating

X- X Rays: Other than the dentist, of my knee when I was hit by a car

Y- your favorite food: oh god, I’m a foodie so everything! (But really, Reese’s and cheesy bread)

Z- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Weird “there’s a hurricane a’comin’” stuff from today

  • Didn’t take the interstate to my guy’s house this morning because westbound was busy enough last night, I didn’t want to risk it this morning, and for good reason: passed by the on-ramp on the way home, and it was backed up to the road.
  • Pharmacy line at CVS was too long to bother with this morning, but my guy was in and out in about five minutes when we went back later around 12:30.
  • Publix was out of toilet paper and nearly out of paper towels (not weird), and also totally out of cat litter (a little weird, but I guess people are buying it for sandbags? IDK); they were also totally out of paper bags.
  • Post office, which has a line of at least five people every time I go in there, was basically deserted. There was one guy working the front counter, and I mentioned to him that I’ve never seen the post office without a line, and he just goes, “Shhhhh.”
  • RV’s fucking everywhere.
  • Gas station lines out to the road (at the stations that had gas anyway, I saw a couple that looked like they were out).
  • Walmart actually had ice when I went there.

Also my dentist office is closed on Monday, so they rescheduled my first crown appointment for the following Monday. Far as the forecast says, though, it’s just gonna be rainy and windy (and the high is gonna be like, 70… if only I didn’t have to work).

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saw your birthday post for kenn (yay!) and i saw the bullet point for kenn and maeno being super close and im like a total beginner when it comes to seiyuus so could you share more about them? lol when i read kenns interviews he mentions maeno alot so i got curious :3

Hi there! First of all, welcome to the seiyuu fandom and I’d love to tell you all about these lovebirds besties ^^

Kenn and Maeno got close through the VitaminZ series, which is an otome game produced by D3P that was released back 2009. The two voice the main posterboys for the series, Ten and Sen, and so they had a radio show which ran from 2009 to 2011. That’s pretty much where their whole ‘relationship’ started cause before that they knew of each other but had never really talked to each other much. Up to that point Maeno called him ‘Kenn-san’ and in the first episode asked if he could call him ’-kun’ which he found embarrassing, but Kenn replied he doesn’t particularly mind how people call him and so they started calling each other by ’-kun’.

That’s also the episode where they established their nicknames for each other which are now pretty much universally used by fans. Kenn already had the nickname ‘Kennu/けんぬ’ from his musical days, and so when they were trying to think of a nickname for Maeno, Kenn immediately suggested ‘Maenu/まえぬ’ and now it’s stuck really hard lol. If you search either of their nicknames in google or twitter you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the other’s name pop up immediately after XD

So yeah, that radio show is heaps of fun and I highly recommend you listen to it if you’re a fan of either Kenn or Maeno, since they generally act like dorks the entire time and after even the first few episodes you can feel them getting super close to each other. Nowadays when they’re asked about how they got close they normally say it’s because of that radio show, and they found out they both have similar hobbies - well, mainly video games XD

Throughout the VitaminZ events the cast was always teasing them for being close and acting like they were dating as well LOL. Like, they’d tell stories about how they were always seen together and meeting up like they were going on dates, and lending each other stuff. And so the audience loved to shout ’Congratulations!!’ to them d(ゝω・´)

Even after VitaminZ they continue to be super close and mention each other in radio or at events even when the other isn’t present or even in that series to begin with. For instance, in Tsukiuta their characters are the representatives for the month in which the other’s birthday is in (Kenn’s character Aoi is for May and Maeno’s character Haru is for March) and so in the cast interviews when asked about what was an important event which stood out in those months they answered each other’s birthday was important and how they gave each other birthday presents that year. In the cast comment of the first Ten Count drama CD, Maeno said that the only seiyuu who’s visited his house is an ikemen seiyuu whose name has four letters and starts with K. Maeno also admits to being a bit mysophobic but the only person who he’s okay with letting them go to the toilet at his place or sharing food with is Kenn. And finally (cause if I list every other time they’ve mentioned each other this post will be double the length it already is), in Starmyu radio when asked what he liked about Maeno, Kenn said that Maeno’s image is pretty serious but he also has a lot of cute sides to him as well (人´∀`*)

They’re so close now that fans always look out for their interactions and even other seiyuu/kouhais comment on it. Like last year in Arslan Senki radio Hanae Natsuki randomly brought up Maeno and said, “Do you love Maeno-san?” to which Kenn got embarrassed and said, “Well, it’s not like I hate him!” and Hanae-kun replied, “But you’re ALWAYS going Maenu, Maenu!” LMAO. Also, sometimes it now feels like they get cast in certain characters because they’re known to be close in real life - I find it in no way a conincidence that Maeno plays Kuga Shuu who’s one of the main characters in Starmyu and Kenn just so happens to be cast as Toraishi Izumi who is Shuu’s childhood friend.

tl;dr Kenn and Maeno have been super close for a long time now, to the point where it’s not even just a running joke or a fan thing, they’re actually married besties. I’ve noticed that people who are biased to one of them tend to also be biased to the other, cause whenever they’re around each other they end up bringing out the best in each other and being even more precious and adorable than normal ^^

Drunken Anons

Summary: In Dan’s drunken state of mind, he decides it’s a good idea to send suggestive anons to Phil. The only problem, Dan forgot to click the anon button.

Warnings: smut, alcohol

Author’s Note: Thanks to lessinterested for submitting this prompt to phanfic, to twzntyonepilots for the amazing edit that helped inspire this fic, and a big thanks to emejig16 for sending me encouragements when I doubted my writing abilities.

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