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Inktober Day 23:
“Characters from The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra using their abilities to cheat at getting more candy”

I feel I shouldn’t even post this one today, but I’m committed to at least posting something. I’m not happy with it, the coloring is probably the worst and it’s just ugh.
But that’s what happens when it’s past midnight and you remember it first then and do a half hour work before you realize it’s not gonna get better….

I wanted Aang to be the cheater because I feel in his more childish ways he would definitely use his powers to steal! So he just swept in through someone’s door, grabbed the candy bowl and air balled out! Of course he’s going to share it with his friends though. :-) Why be a thief if you can’t share?

Even though I clearly didn’t,
Hope you like it!

24.10.2016 | 1/100 days of productivity

The new semester started last week, but I didn’t have any classes until today, so I decided to give the 100 days of productivity challenge another try (third time’s a charm, right?) 
Today I only have one class in the afternoon, so I spent the morning doing some reading for my Old Norse class!

Missing (Saeyoung x MC fic) - Part 8

A/N: This is a short one~ I have to go to work today so please wait for the next update! ^^ thanks for reading this far!


You were awakened by soft knocks on your door.  Rubbing sleep away from your eyes, you briefly glanced at the wall clock, and it read 6:29 AM.  Judging from the salt stains on your face, you must have fallen asleep while crying last night.

The knocks came again, and you hurriedly sat up and tied your hair in an attempt to look presentable somehow.

“Come in!” you called out.

The door opened, and you were surprised to see your boss, Mr. Park, in the doorway, his hands in his coat pockets.  Once you made eye contact he gives you a small smile.  “Hi MC,” he greets, stepping inside the room and gently closing the door behind him. “Oh!  Mr. Park, you shouldn’t have bothered!” you tried to get out of bed, but he lifted a hand to stop you.  

“I just wanted to see how you are doing,” Mr. Park sat on the chair beside the hospital bed.  “I was surprised that you did not show up for work yesterday.  That was unlike you,” he then gave you a small smile again, which you returned in embarrassment.

“I’m really sorry, sir,” you implored, “I was….a lot has happened, and I also lost my phone,” you stammered, and Mr. Park chuckled lightly.  “No need to apologize.  I’d like to talk more about what happened, if you don’t mind…I need to explain this to HR, you see…”

“O-of course! I mean, no, I don’t mind,” you reply, feeling slightly embarrassed that your boss had to personally visit you.  Truth be told, you completely forgot to inform the office of your situation because of everything that happened.  You made a mental note to give him a small gift later for the inconvenience.

Mr. Park sighed in relief. “Thank you.  But you seem pale, MC.  I think a little morning sunshine would do you good, don’t you agree?”

You gave it some thought. That is true, you mused, I have not stepped out of the hospital room since yesterday.  You gave him a smile.  Why not.  I’ll just be going to the gardens for a stroll. “You’re right…I may just need a little bit of sunshine.  All right, could you kindly wait outside so I can change into something warmer?”

“Sure.  I’ll be waiting.” Mr. Park gave a slight nod and turned to exit the room.

As soon as the door closed, Mr. Park dipped his right hand inside his coat pocket, taking out his phone. Tapping the call out button, the phone rings at the other end.

“What? I’m busy,” A slightly annoyed voice came out from the phone, and Mr. Park’s eyes glinted maliciously, a grin forming at one corner of his mouth.

“I found her.”


Jumin had never thought that Rachmaninoff would become one of his greatest annoyances.

Grumbling to himself, he reluctantly stretched out his arm from the warmth of his blankets to reach out for his ringing phone without opening his eyes.  After a few failed attempts, his hand finally finds the phone and he opens his eyes slightly to see Jaehee’s face on the caller ID.

Tapping the “accept” button, he closed his eyes again and held the phone to his ear.  “What is it?” his voice came out throaty and hoarse; he cleared his throat quickly and continued, “Is there a problem?”

“Mr. Han, MC is missing.”

“What?!” Jumin abruptly sat up on his bed, holding the phone to his ear.

“I checked with the receptionist.  She went out to the gardens an hour ago,” Jaehee sighed at the other end of the line. “And the last visitor was Saeran at 11 last night.  I’m inclined to think Saeran took her with him, but I’ve been trying to contact him and he’s not picking up.”

Jumin pushed his fingers against the bridge of his nose, feeling an oncoming migraine.  He glances slightly at the bedside clock, which read 7:25. 

“Shall I call the police?” Jaehee paced inside the room, her stomach tied in knots with worry.

“No, not yet,” Jumin removes his blanket and tosses it aside, and then turns to sit at the edge of the bed. “It’s only been an hour.  Try searching for her within the facility; she may just have been tired being inside the room all the time.”

Jaehee sighs.  “You’re right. Okay, I’ll keep trying to contact Saeran and look for her.”

“Thank you, Assistant Kang. Keep me informed.”

“Of course, Mr. Han.”



A/N: Hi again guys! ^^ thank you for making it this far.  I still have so many scenes in my mind; if only I can put them to words a lot faster T__T

This is a short one, but I’m already halfway (I think?) through on the next chapter!  :)

Also: my stupid brain keeps imagining a sleepy Jumin //help T_T

Final note: I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to the people who sent their wonderful asks and messages/notes.  Thank you so very much!  You give me more confidence to continue writing and making art.  That means so much to me! ^///^

Part 7 is here!

Part 9 is up!


I’ve uploaded what the Pokemon Center says to you on your birthday before, but since it’s my last birthday in Gen 6 I thought I’d put it up one last time! Hopefully they continue this trend in Gen 7, it’s always one of the best parts of my birthday. 

I had a little visit from my goddaughter and her wonderful mum today, and it’s honestly put me in the best mood. I missed her fifth birthday last month, so you can only imagine the amount of excitement and spoiling that went on. Anyway - How did everyone’s weekend go? Everyone survive? Everyone in one piece? No one came back possessed?

I think I’ve identified one of my key issues with so much of the politics on this site, and its the assumption that our current categories of analysis are the end-all and be-all. Identities (in as far as that is not an anachronistic term) and the power dynamics between identity groups (in as far as that is not an anachronistic term) have always been in flux, never moreso than in the Information Age. Today’s categories of analysis are not the same as last year’s, and they may be different from next week’s. It would stand to reason that one would be wise to approach such matters with a degree of healthy skepticism, and not ascribe permanence to transient things.

Hello all!! Today we have an awesome giveaway for you guys! These two bad boys are based on the best space marine mercs in the galaxy.

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A little rant

So my mom works in a well know art and crafts store. She wakes up most mornings and buses half way a cross town to get there for 5 or 6am. She been doing this for the last 5 years and today I called her and she was in tears cause one of the new mangers is giving her a hard time for working the way she works. She 53 a little slow,has bad feet but she gets up every morning to go to work with Smile on her face. It just breaks my heart to hear her cry cause I know how hard she works and for some reason this new manger thinks it’s okay to be a bully.

One Last Note


You did it. You’re married. Or at least I guess you are by now. The big day for you was last week, and I forgot until today. 

I know it may not mean much, and you may not even believe me, but I’m genuinely happy for you. You did it. You found your person, and I hope you guys are happy and I wish you all the best in your life, I truly truly mean it. 

I found a girl, by the way, and she’s wonderful. Kinda weird though, her middle name is your name. Like who is writing this? But I enjoy her company and I really do like her. 

I wish we were still friends. I wish things didn’t end so shitty. I also think you’re right. I did treat you shitty at the end every time, and I apologize. I didn’t know how else to react, but I know now that cutting off all ties and communication with you was not the smart move, and I really hurt our friendship. I’m sorry. Just know that if you ever want to be friends again, I’m here. 

Congratulations, E. I’m proud of you, and I’m very happy for you. 

With all of the sincerity I can muster, 



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anonymous asked:

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy. Then send this to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. :)

So I had to leave my volunteer youth minister position today, and I’m a complete mess. I’m using your ask, dear nonny, to remember some good times in the last six years. Because I need to remember those. Also, I think I’m going to have more than five…

1. Watching one of my (secret fav) kids graduate and move on to become a seminarian.

2. Watching my kids, year after year, earn leadership positions and how excited, reverent, and poised they are when executing those positions.

3. Spending hours in adoration with a girl who had never been before, both of us completely in awe of the Eucharist. 

4. Watching one of my kids who definitely didn’t want to be at youth ministry have a conversion experience and ask to go to confession.

5. Acting in all those STUPID movies our parish life coordinator made us film. Even the one on the beach where all the tourists stared at us and asked why there was a priest dressed as a pirate. Even the one where I wore yellow face paint and got a rash. Even the one where we had to march in formation up and down Main St. 

6. The time I rapped driving back from a youth retreat and my carload of kids collectively lost it. 

7. The friendship of the oldest youth minister, and being called her adopted daughter when I tearfully said goodbye. 

8. The teddy bear of a youth minister, who was the first person I told I felt I was being called to religious life. He made me feel lighthearted and capable when I most wanted to freak out.

9. There’s no sleep deprivation like “I need to help a kid in crisis but I haven’t slept for two days” chaperoning sleep deprivation. 

10. Dance-offs.

11. Helping kids work through their friendship problems, relationship problems, English homework problems, authority figure problems, drug problems, past abuse problems, faith problems, family problems, etc etc etc

12. Hours in the sweltering heat, holding a sign next to a cut out of Pope Francis for a fundraiser.

13. The kid who answered “My Mom” to every question about good things in his life.

14. Hundreds of young voices screaming silly songs one minute and then raised in praise and worship the next.

15. All the pizza suppers. And pasta suppers. And bean suppers.

16. Core team meetings where we’re all laughing so hard we’re crying. 

17. Christmas caroling for the homebound nuns the night before one sister died, happier than she’d been in months.

18. More ridiculous ice breakers than you’ve ever seen in your entire life. 

19. Celebrating every school play, every sports team win, every recovery from illness or car accident, every passed class when hope seemed lost, every relationship milestone, every sacrament received, every new friend, every new song learned on guitar or flute or drum set, every EVERYTHING that’s important to these kids.

20. Every soul I’ve watched blossom though God’s grace. Each kid who’s life I got to be a part of, even if they only came to a single meeting. 

Lord? How am I going to survive without these kids? I know I’m doing your will, but how?

Pray for me, friends. 

Is anyone curious to see what Lennox will look like all grown up? Yes he does grow up despite how the last BMBTL chapter ended. I am going to try to get the next chapter out before I start writing for Nano next month. I might not be posting a lot until December but I’ll be around.

inactive-e  asked:

hello!!! I very recently started watching Naruto (in the year 2016....why me) and i was wondering if there would be another kakagai week this winter? And thank you so much for all the hard work you've put into organizing the last two!!

omg….thank u…

i was thinking about kakagai week today actually?? I’m down with organizing another one this yr as well :0

So I spoke today at church. For the first time in over a year.

During this year, I had slumped into a period of anxiety because of the overwhelming feeling of failure. This all happened some time after a breakup (that one hurt the most), been basically fired from playing at a church, and not doing so well the last time I led a Bible study. It’s like everything I thought I was good at, I realized all at once that I wasn’t.

Not that it’s His fault, but I’ve been basically feeling really apathetic about God, sometimes resentful when I think about how some people can freely get what they want but I have to wait.

And it’s not like I don’t know that since He freely gave me His Son that He would also freely give me all things, but it’s a struggle to get excited about that when I don’t see that in reality. And for a while I didn’t feel Him at all. And I really didn’t want to speak today.

But God is El Roi (EL row-EE) - God Who Sees. He sees all of that frustration, all of that apathy, anxiety, doubt, and resentment, just like He sees everything else that happens in the universe. He sees exactly who I am right now and who I will become. Therefore, it makes no sense for me to hide anything from Him.

So this year I became more honest with God. As a friend. Sometimes we don’t think deeply enough about how God is our Friend. But think about this: if you share how you feel with a good friend, they don’t condemn you for that. They don’t say “be quiet” or try to talk over you. They listen. That’s what God does. He doesn’t condemn you for sharing what’s on your mind. He welcomes it and listens. Even though He already knew what we were gonna say, our sharing with Him shows that we trust Him.

He’s faithful and He still loves us, even when we do things that we KNOW we’re not supposed to do. He still gives grace. Never let sin keep you from God (and that’s still a post that goes around on here). When the Holy Spirit made His home in us, He doesn’t plan on moving out until He does what He’s supposed to do. He’s in it for the long haul, making something beautiful in you and allowing you to become greater than who you currently are.

So because it was Youth Sunday, I shared the bulk of this with the youth and showed them how much power they possess by revealing to them that the apostles (all except for Peter) were teenagers when walking with Jesus.

So everything that I was dealing with this year allowed me to speak on that which I knew from experience, and afterward one of the teens went to the altar for prayer.

God knew what He was doing this whole time, and even though I’m not fully ready to jump back into preaching, He’s still doing wonderful things in and through me.

istg i think topp dogg will be the last giant group i will ever stan bc from the beginning 13 people in one group is not one bit stable (unless ur seventeen) LIKE TBH take a look at suju nd exo nd co-ed school (r.i.p) like???? i know each group had members who had their reasons for leaving, but it’s those massive groups that are more prone to members leaving i literally won’t be able to stan another group that has over 9 members anymore i am DONE.

Life Update (in case someone cares)

So I’m dating someone now. He’s really sweet and intelligent. We like the same things. We’re comfortable around one another. We can be ourselves around one another. He made all the first romantic moves and he asked before he kissed me (like people should). I’ve been hanging out with him for a few months as friends and today was our first “official” date and I wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. I had someone being romantic with me and I didn’t want to run away from it. So I don’t know, I thought I’d share because I feel really good about everything now and I hope it lasts a long time.