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the movie: adds super unnecessary inappropriately stylized gore and dumb moves that undermine the humanity of the characters

the movie: removes all gore and horror elements from The Ending and totally neutralizes it


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Celebrating Photography’s Milestones in the Last 177 Years

From the simple pinhole to the digital camera, photography manages to maintain its progressive status as an invention for art and science. Since the flourishing of the camera when Louis Daguerre created the daguerreotype on 1839, camera after camera keeps toppling and competing on each other; hence making the photographic world as one of the liveliest places of art today.

It’s Finally Friday (Five)!!

  1. This week has felt sooooo long, and work has been so busy.  It hasn’t helped that I’ve slept terribly the last two nights either.  I am dragging today…so instead of rushing off to work, I am enjoying breakfast at home leisurely and THEN I will start thinking about going in to work.  (Bonus, I’ll miss the morning traffic!)
  2. Despite the hectic back-to-school craziness at work, I’ve still made it to the gym every night so far!  Last night, we went to happy hour afterward and stayed for hours chatting and relaxing–it was wonderful!  I had wisely pre-ordered a pizza to arrive at home for the husband and Conner, so they got a nice treat and no one was anxiously awaiting my arrival at home! ;)  Our Thursday night instructor is a microbiologist for her “real” job–her words–and the CDC is flying her out to do a presentation on her research at the end of next month!  I thought that was pretty incredible!  There are just some of the coolest people in our little gym group!
  3. I’ve been told to drop everything and read Spill Simmer Falter Wither and be prepared to discuss it by next week.  Has anyone read it?  I’m currently reading Dark Matter–liking it so far, but I’m sure I can finish that by Sunday and be ready to start the other.  Also, I think it was @my-laughing-heart who suggested the Book of the Month club to me–thanks!!  I joined yesterday with their introductory offer after seeing that all the selections for this month are either books I’m reading or are on my “to-read” list.  I mean, who doesn’t want to look forward to a regular delivery of books in the mail each month!!
  4. The husband has had about nine zillion tests done and basically the doctor’s don’t know what caused the lump, but it’s not cancer and all of his tests are normal.  So, although that’s weird…I guess it’s good news.  We celebrated in proper fashion when I got home last night! ;)
  5. I have absolutely been LOVING my llama earrings and have gotten so many fun compliments!  My love of llamas is no secret, so everyone thought they were especially cool!
Day 25 - SaveWOY Email - All about Lord Hater

(26/08) Day 25 - All about lord Hater.

Today’s SaveWOY email topic is about Lord Hater. Just like we’ve done with Wander and Sylvia the last two days. What are your thoughts on Lord Hater? Why do you like him? Do you think that one day, he and Wander will truly become Buddies? Do you like the change that Hater has gone through since Season 1? Which Hater is your favorite? Season 1 or season 2 Hater?

Today let’s email -

Remember to keep your emails polite and respectful.

Thank you.

There’s only five days left on this project. Let’s make them count! 


     You stared into the mirror and frowned. Your dress was too tight, your skirt too short, the makeup too much, and the eyelashes! The eyelashes were so big you weren’t entirely sure you’d stay on the ground if it was windy outside. But there was a reason you looked like this today, and you could suck it up for one night if it meant no more people died. So with a sigh you took one last look, closed your fingers around the doorknob, then walked out of the too-damp motel bathroom and into the shared bedroom where Sam and Dean were waiting for you.

     “Hey, have you guys seen my shoes?” you asked as you entered the room with your head down, half scanning the floor for the absurdly high heels you were supposed to wear to this party – a party that happened to be at a frat house, to your dismay – and half to avoid the no-doubt mocking looks you’d get from the boys when they saw how ridiculous you looked. There was a pause after your question where you heard no noise, then suddenly a weird choking sound when you finally found your shoes and bent over to retrieve them. Your head whipped up.

     “Uhhh…” Sam and Dean were both staring at you with blank faces, Sam’s mouth hanging open. You cleared your throat and lifted your foot, pulling on one heel, then the other. Then once you finally straightened up with the shoes that did make your legs look great – even if they were a little impractical – the boys seemed to snap out of whatever trance they’d been put in. Dean was the first to speak.

     “Y/N, you look …” he discreetly raked his eyes over your too-exposed form, “good.” Another choking noise from Sam.

      “Uh … well thanks.” You walked past the boys and grabbed one of the long heavy coats they used over their fed suits. “Honestly, I thought you guys would think I look a little ridiculous.”

      There was a quick glance between the boys, then Sam suddenly stuttered, “No, no - nope, you look … good - yeah, good.”

     You laughed at his apparent nervousness and said, “What’s wrong with you guys?” just as you pulled on the coat. Dean shifted uncomfortably where he stood, shoving his hands in his pockets. Was he … ?

     No, of course not. You looked crazy, not attractive. But still…

     You pulled the coat off, pretending to be hot, then “accidentally” dropped your clutch, bending down to pick it up. There was a sharp intake of breath from behind you. You stood up and grinned at the boys knowingly.

     Maybe wearing these clothes wouldn’t be so bad after all.

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images* 

{Jeno & .34}
“Jeno, I’m not sure I’m doing this right,” You squealed as you stepped onto his hoverboard.

Ever since Jeno debuted he was trying to get you to learn how to ride his hoverboard. But he had been so busy practicing that he barely had any time to teach you. But luckily today was his day off and he thought the timing was perfect.

“You’re doing great, baby! Just lean foreword into me and you’ll start moving.” He giggled as he held your hands tightly from in front of you.

You slowly leaned forward, into Jeno, but the hoverboard didn’t seem to move. All that occurred was you looking up at Jeno in confusion.

He was lost in your eyes, breathing in every last detail of you. This was one of the few times you and Jeno had even come close to skinship, you neither of you knew how to control the situation.

“Do you know how hard I’m trying not to kiss you right now?” He asked softly, leaning closer to feel the empty gap.

“Then do it.” You giggled.

Jeno leaned in, connecting his lips with yours, to result in both of your first kisses (with many more to come).

chimeric-civetta said: Can I ask about Amoneki wedding? ♡-♡

  • who proposed: Amon 
  • how they proposed: He knew that kind had a rather pessismtic outlook on things like marriages and long term relationships, but after 6 years Amon just couldn’t have it Ken’s way anymore. ‘I can’t do this Ken, you know how I was raised and you know my views…’ Amon stopped when Ken gave him this sad smile that was only visiable when his heart broke, but the older one started laughing and pulled him into a hug. ‘Oh Ken… I just… wanted to ask you if you want to marry me.’ 
  • who stressed more over wedding planning: Amon
  • who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party: Ken, Hide has 0 chill 
  • who freaked out before the wedding: Amon
  • best man/maid of honor: Hide 
  • where they got married: Manilla 
  • if/what they wrote in their vows: ‘I am sorry that I made you wait for so long… I… know that I can trust you no matter what happens and I promise to never stray from your side.’ - Ken
  • who cried at the wedding: Both grooms 
  • which song they had their first dance to: Latch 
  • where they went on their honeymoon: Stayed in Manilla 
  • what they did on their honeymoon: Go on tours through the city, visit local sights and malls 









Breath of Life||MiniPara||P+K

The past few days Paul didn’t know what got into him, but he was doing these things he never done before. Maybe it was the fact it was the last season of The Vampire Diaries. Also, the fact that a new door was open and it was time for Paul to welcome these new events in his life. Paul was welcoming it with open arms rather then letting it pass him by. The actor didn’t expect that today he would be visiting a Kardashian alone. You wouldn’t think Paul was a fan, but he was and liked the family. Making sure no one saw him and he was covered the actor made his way into the hotel. He had where she was typed down on his phone and made his way to her room. Looking around and seeing no one was in the hallway the actor raised his arm, knocking on the door.


WELCOME to the third an final installment of my neotag old art day posts. 

when we left off, i was in the throws of art requests BUT soon i discovered an even trendier way to spend my drawing days. that’s right: screenies

complete with flailing arms, terrible fonts, and a regression of my comedic genius (which, if you remember in part 1 of this journey, was quite spectacular)

me too winnie, me too,,,,,,

speaking of winnie, i eventually fleshed out an early character for her, one that would continue to develop and change throughout the years.

naked spy baby?? eventually evolved into the “archaeologist who is really from space who moved to neopia to escape her abusive family and follow her passion for history when she was trained as a spy for the resistance” character she is today. i still got that touch for the dramatic. 

and lastly, saving best for last…

my first and last submission for the art gallery. it never got accepted.

Petyr x Sansa week day 5: greed

She’s greedy, she knows, as she reaches for the last lemon cake at dinner.

Her aunt Lysa frowns at her and tells her that she will grow fat and undesirable if she continues to eat the way she does. So she puts the cake back.

Petyr purses his lips at his wife as she glares at Sansa. She’s sure that hates her, and he has nothing to politically gain, so why did he marry her? Why say those vows when you intend on sneaking into another girl’s bedroom every night and break them? Sansa could hardly judge him for that though. She’s the one who allows him to touch her in those sinful ways. Ever since she decided to give him her maidenhead instead of Lord Tyrion when she learnt of her betrothal, she had willingly let him have intercourse with her nightly. Sometimes, she even went to him like the terrible, greedy girl she is.  

Sansa decides not to eat anymore after her scolding, but watches as her aunt Lysa piles her plate high for the second time that evening. They eat together like this most evenings. “Like a happy family,” Lysa had exclaimed during their first meal together, but Sansa knew that they were no family. Sansa mislikes her aunt, who feels the same without a doubt, she has to act like a mother to her young cousin whom she is soon to be betrothed to, and nightly she fucks the man who is her uncle by law. There is nothing happy nor familial about their situation.

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anonymous asked:

Yes you would expect Liam. And I agree. Interesting with the coordination. Louis pap pics today/ from last night. Niall insta pic today. Potential maybe Harry pap pics tomorrow. Interesting how it lines up for those three. And for a band that you know has nothing to sell/ promote right now.

Yeah it’s interesting too that the latest articles about Niall don’t include the Syco/Modest stuff really and I think the Harry one seemed like more promo for Cindy and Rande so it’s like they’re getting themselves out there on coordinated days but not promoting much. I continue to be curious.
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Biggest Gun Grabs of the Last Eight Years

There’s an old saying that says, “To a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.” Hammers can only do one thing: whack stuff (that’s the technical term). If a hammer happens upon a loose screw, it’s just going to keep hammering until that screw either breaks or magically transforms into a nail.

Where am I going with this? Good question. Here’s what I’m thinking—anti-gun politicians are kind of like hammers. To them, every problem that kind-of-sort-of-has-something-to-do-with-firearms can be solved by enacting gun control.

When the vast majority of gun-related murders are committed with handguns, they want to ban “assault rifles” with legislation that won’t stop mass shootings (not saying we should ban handguns, just pointing out how misguided thier efforts are). When 22 veterans commit suicide every day, they want to revoke the Second Amendments rights of vets who need help with their finances. And despite the fact that firearm-related murders are at their lowest point since 1981, members of Congress stage a sit-in over a supposed lack of action on gun control.

Anti-gunner believe that by passing legislation targeting law-abiding citizens (who else does legislation target?), they can reduce the number of firearm-related crimes. That’s the charitable view. The less charitable view is that state and federal politicians don’t like the idea of their subjects being armed, and they’ll do anything in their power to take away their right to own and carry firearms.

Whatever the reason, we’ve seen some bold gun bans in the last eight years, and as President Obama’s tenure in office winds to a close, I wanted to look at just a few of them. I think it’s important to keep these on our radar so we can 1) fight to get them repealed and 2) be vigilant so that this kind of legislation doesn’t see the light of day in other states.


I didn’t know much about the NY SAFE Act before writing this article, so I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when I read this FAQ published by the New York Governor’s office. Phew. To any New York residents out there, you have my condolences.

The SAFE Act is similar to other “assault weapon” bans in that it prohibits any rifles or pistols with features arbitrarily designated as “military.” These include, according to this PowerPoint from the Governor’s office, folding or telescoping stocks, pistol grips, thumbhole stocks, “second handgrips,” bayonet mounts, and muzzle devices. According to the New York governor, these features make a rifle an “assault weapon” and disallow them from being bought or sold in New York.

Anyone with actual common sense knows that these features do almost nothing to enhance the lethality of a rifle. The Ruger Mini 14 is functionally equivalent to an AR-15. But because it lacks those scary “military” features it isn’t banned in New York (yet).

The SAFE Act imposes a number of additional measures, such as banning magazines of more than 10 rounds and requiring a background check for all private transactions. But the implementation of the new law has been anything but smooth. The Act initially banned any magazines over seven rounds, but when they realized seven round magazines don’t exist, the courts switched it to 10. The pro-gun community gained an additional victory when New York’s governor agreed to suspend a provision that would have required background checks on ammo purchases.

Concerns have also been raised among mental health professionals that too many people have been deemed mentally unstable and too dangerous to carry firearms. As of October 2014, 34,500 people had been placed on New York’s no-gun list, a number one former mental hospital director said seems “extraordinarily high.”

The law has received opposition from law enforcement as well. New York State Sheriffs Association and five individual sheriffs joined in 2013 a court effort to block enforcement of the magazine and firearms bans. Some Sheriffs even went on the record to say that they will not enforce the law.

What’s the status of the Act now? It’s still in effect, but, according to this article, it’s been a “monumental failure.” Not because it’s done anything to reduce crime—again, rifles weren’t used in the vast majority of gun-related crimes in the first place. It’s because “the industry has reacted to the law by simply redesigning the guns to avoid the features the law prohibits and which Cuomo apparently believed made them more lethal.”

The authors sums it up well in the conclusion, and this could really apply to any proposed gun ban:

“So, what is left of Cuomo’s SAFE Act? It has many minor provisions, some of which are working, but from the perspective of criminals, not much has changed. They can still buy all the guns they want to commit crimes. To lawful citizens who want to own a gun, there is a giant government record-keeping bureaucracy, additional cost and waiting times, but little real impact on what firearms they can buy if they want them. The SAFE Act therefore burdens people who do not commit crimes, while having no impact on the real source of gun crime in New York: street violence in poor urban neighborhoods.”


Massachusetts passed an “assault weapons” ban in 1998 prohibiting the sale or manufacture of certain modern sporting rifles, e.g. the AR-15 and AK-47 platforms. Like in New York, the gun industry has been complying with the Massachusetts law by modifying AR-15s and other semiautomatic rifles so they are in compliance with the law (fixed stocks, no muzzle device, etc.).

But just a few weeks ago, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey unilaterally decided to change the law’s interpretation. Now, despite the lack of new legislation, a rifle is illegal if its internal operating system is largely the same as an AR-15 or an AK-47 (bye, bye, Ruger Mini).

“One thing is certain is that this new interpretation is purely a political stunt and has nothing to do with public safety or law,” said Jim Wallace, the executive director of the Gun Owners’ Action League of Massachusetts, aka GOAL.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation announced their intention to sue Healey over her unilateral reinterpretation of the law. “With this ‘Enforcement Action,’ the Attorney General’s office has demonstrated how little it understands about firearms and has generated considerable uncertainty and confusion,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel in a statement. “Attorney General Healey and/or her staff have overreached their authority and decided to legislate from her office without the benefit of any public process.”

Healey cited the recent mass murders in Orlando, San Bernardino, Newtown, and Aurora as motivation for her decision. But, again, laws target the law-abiding—not criminals and mass murderers. And as the Boston Marathon bombing tragically proved, terrorists don’t need firearms to accomplish their objectives.


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a law in 2013 that mandated background checks on all firearms transfers and prohibited magazines of over 15 rounds. Colorado residents, understandably furious, managed to recall two state senators who had supported the bill. Another senator resigned before the recall could take place.

Despite these efforts, the law withstood another recall attempt in the legislature in 2014. The popular magazine and accessory manufacturere, Magpul, had already moved to Texas by that time, and Coloradans have since been able to find ways to work around the magazine ban.

But the fight isn’t over. Universal background checks are still in place.  And this year the Senate passed legislation that would repeal the magazine restrictions. “Until we focus on the perpetrator or criminal who is intent on inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible on innocent people, we will never solve the issue of gun violence,” said the majority caucus chair, state Sen. Vicki Marble. “It takes a person to commit a crime, not an object.”

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Senate passed a similar bill last legislative session, which the Democrat-controlled House promptly killed. Right now action on the bill has been “postponed indefinitely” by the House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affair. It should be reconsidered when the legislature begins session next year.


Less than four months after the tragedy in Sandy Hook, the Democrat-controlled Connecticut legislature passed what some have called the toughest gun-control laws in the nation. You can find more details in this New York Times article, but I’ll just touch on a few of the more draconian measures.

One requires anyone who does not hold a concealed carry permit to acquire a state-issued eligibility certificate for the purchase of any rifle, shotgun or ammunition. Connecticut residents also have to register any “assault weapons” as well as magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition. This isn’t a retroactive gun ban, per se, but failure to comply with the law meant some gun owners were forced to dispose of their weapons and magazines.

In 2014 the Journal Inquirer reported that the state issued orders for 108 residents with high-capacity magazines to destroy their magazines or move them out of state. Why? Because they submitted their registration papers after the Jan. 4, 2014, deadline. Keep in mind—these individuals were not trying to hide illegal magazines. These law-abiding gun owners were (imagine that!) trying to abide by the law. They just submitted their paperwork a few days late.

For firearms manufactured or sold after the laws took effect, the restrictions are almost identical to those in New York—a rifle is banned if it has a detachable magazine and any one of those scary military features.

The legislation also banned armor piercing bullets.

Today these laws are still holding strong. This Supreme Court last month declined to consider a challenge to Connecticut’s gun control measures, effectively upholding the lower court’s decision that the laws are constitutional.


When my editor and I were discussing this article, he mentioned that I should cover “whatever the heck they’re doing in California.” This seems like an appropriate way to describe the plethora of gun and ammunition restrictions foisted on Californians over the years.

California has had an “assault weapons” ban since 1989. However, it didn’t stop there, state legislators have continued to tighten their grip on the sale, manufacture, and possession of everything from handgun ammunition to .50 caliber rifles. They were the first state to issue many of the bans and restrictions we’ve seen in other states over the last eight years. Their magazine ban came in 2000, and they tightened their “assault rifle” restrictions in 1999.

But this past year has seen the harshest measures to date. We published an overview from the National Shooting Sports Foundation when the laws came down, and they aren’t pretty. These are the two major laws that ban certain types of firearms and accessories:

  • AB 1135(Levine) and SB 880 (Hall) Firearms: assault weapons – Expands the definition of assault weapons based on whether a semiautomatic firearm has a detachable magazine, banning thousands of popular firearms.
  • SB 1446(Hancock) Firearms: magazine capacity – Makes it illegal to possess magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds no matter how long a person has owned them. This is significant in that the prior law allowed owners to keep their magazines if they owned them before the law took effect.

The laws take effect in January, but one group—aptly named “Veto Gunmageddon”—is working to overturn them. By September 29 they need 365,000 referendum petition signatures for each of the seven laws they’re looking to repeal. If they can get the laws on the Nov. 8 ballot, there’s a chance they can be overturned. Petitions must be signed at designated petition signing locations, which you can view here. The petitions will be available to sign on Aug. 12, but you must be a registered California voter. Click here to register to vote.


Do you notice a trend, here? Gun grabs in recent history haven’t come from the federal government. They’ve come from the states. The GOP-controlled U.S. Congress has remained stalwart in their defense of Second Amendment rights, which has left the President more or less powerless in his attempts to enact stricter gun control measures.

So I think there are two takeaways. First, get involved in your state elections. If you care about your Second Amendment rights, you can’t just vote for the President every four years and be content. Anti-gunners have moved the battle to the states—we have to fight them there as well.

For my second point, I’m going to backtrack to my first point. The President hasn’t been able to ram his agenda down our throats because the pro-gun contingent controls Congress. What happens when that’s no longer the case? If anti-gunners take control of the Senate and the Presidency (not to mention the future Supreme Court nominations), we could have a serious problem on our hands. So while you’re deciding how to get involved in your state elections, be sure to vote in November’s elections as well.

The fight for the Second Amendment will never be over, but if the millions of gun owners across the United States work together, we can keep the anti-gunners at bay for years to come.


Imagine: Watching a movie with Crowley.

(Crowley X Demon!Reader)

Prompt is bolded below:  #spn hiatus writing challenge @one-shots-supernatural

Quick shout out to @ilovemesomemoose for inspiring my new Imagines header photo! Thank you!

Hell possessed an elite team of demons with a particular set of skills. These skills tended toward assassination, but the few who utilized them were volatile delicate types that dissuaded the head of Hell from using them to their full potential. In short, they were foul tempered elitists and Crowley simply had no desire to play to their egos. Today, however, he made the tactical decision to try. A certain witch bitch mother of his was dancing on his last nerve and he wanted his options open. He pushed into the lower dungeons, dark eyes surveying the room until he found you.

You were curled up on a blood stained threadbare couch, a pale blue light flickered over your face as you stared straight ahead twirling a knife against your thumb. Crowley straightened his shoulders and strode towards you. Your body language didn’t scream bloodshed, so he imagined you were in a slightly more agreeable mood than usual. He closed the distance between you with easy nonchalant strides. He paused at the edge of the sofa waiting for you to notice him, but your eyes remained fixed ahead. He followed your gaze with a quick glance, then froze with disbelief.

“Are you… watching a Disney movie?” He exclaimed. A sniffle brought his attention back to you. “And… you’re crying? What the bloody-”

“Who wouldn’t?” You gestured towards the television dramatically. “Sh-she thought he was her true love!”

You voice trembled into a bawl, tears making wet lines down your cheeks. Crowley stood utterly satan-smacked. His finest tool, sharpest weapon was blubbering over a cartoon. Insult to injury, it wasn’t even a cartoon in a franchise he had a finger in, despite the general public’s opinion. You sniffled rubbing your eyes, your sleeve dipped and a single feignt red pinprick caught his eye. He reached out stealing your wrist with firm gentle fingers. The heat from his skin stirred something beneath yours. A dark nostalgia crawled below your conscious circling for a soft place to breach, but found none. Your eyebrows screwed together in confusion and you looked back to the TV. He held your wrist out catching the lighting from the video. Without a doubt, it was needle tracks, but not from torture, but careful injection.

“How did you get this.” His deep voice vibrated in the intimate space pulling at the corners of your memory.

You shrugged. “Sh! It’s almost over.”

Crowley sighed. You absentmindedly patted the spot beside you when he released your wrist. He hesitated, slid his hands deep into his coat pockets, then leaned back to scan the empty room behind him. Tongue tucked in cheek, his eyebrows lifted as he considered the invitation. He moved hips first around the edge of the couch. The seat was softer than anticipated and he sank into the cushions uncomfortably. He readjusted watching the show with a critical eye. Push come to shove, he could justify the decision by reasoning it was research to try making a deal with the corporation. He scoffed as the show proceeded.

“Leaving him in charge? How moronic…”

A certain reindeer appeared on the screen.

“Oh, look. A Winchester.”

“Sh.” You replied leaning on his shoulder and tapping his lips with your fingertips. Instead of moving away, you settled into him. The scent of something acrid and biting swirled with a warmer headier smell you couldn’t place.

“What load of utter rubbish. Let the damn pile of frozen water melt and be done with this sentimental garbage.”

You hit his shoulder chidingly. He huffed setting down a notch. Your hair was tickling the scruff of his cheek, but he couldn’t bring himself to disturb your comfort. He clicked his tongue against his teeth as the movie came to a close.

“How surprising, a happy ending tied up with a neat little bow.” His head fell on the back of the couch.

He glanced at you as you straightened. You reached for a pile of DVDs by the foot of the couch. You shuffled through the titles looking for one to grab your attention. Crowley observed you for a long moment as your eyes absorbed the information of a movie with illustrated cats on the front. He sat up carefully searching for words.

“Love, where did you get that track mark?”

You didn’t look up from the stack of movies in your lap. “I think the girl did it.”


You hummed. “She uh, injected me with blood for some reason. I woke up right after. I wonder how I didn’t hear her come in.”

Crowley’s face fell in irritated realization. “Rowena. She must have known I was coming to you.”

You shrugged. “Let’s watch this one next.”

You slid off the couch slipping the disk onto your finger as you waited for the old one to eject. Crowley reasoned that if he complied with you now it would become easier to work with you later when the blood poison had worn off. If that meant suffering through another feel good cartoon, so be it. You plopped back into the couch next to him. He didn’t resist as you lifted his arm over your shoulder and curled into his side. Something in his chest twitched when you inhaled deeply.

“You smell good.”

“It’s blood and brimstone, love.”

“Oh.” You accepted it easily. “Okay.”

Thank you all so much for your supportive messages, they helped me get through the day and are still helping. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate knowing we’re not alone.

We had a visit today, the last 90 minute supervised by worker one. The bio family was friendly, if a bit stiff, so I was relieved it wasn’t super tense the whole time.

We talked with our worker about the case, and she explained the various things that will be (supposed to be) occurring in the next few months- filing TPR, getting a separate trial date for a different charge they want to bring against the bios, etc. Worker anticipates the bio’s lawyer fighting tooth and nail the whole way, and thinks it’s extremely unlikely a surrender will happen. At the same time, even though the progress bios have made is really minor, it still counts and works against the TPR process, obviously.

She said we should probably be close to permanency one way or the other around Bean Sprout’s second birthday, if things don’t get pushed out too badly.

That’s ten months away.

So instead of kind of just falling over and curling up, I’m trying (key word trying) to take a different approach. Next court date is December. How much fun stuff can we do with the kids between now and then? How many adventures can we take, how many things can we see and do and play with between now and then, a little less than 100 days from now?

And I’m trying to forget that everything is so up in the air and trying to make my heart stop hurting every time Juni cuddles up next to me and says, “Hi Mommy you missed me!” or when Bean Sprout hugs me so tight and says, “Awwww!”