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Excuses, Excuses

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader, where the team doesn’t know that the two are dating (she doesn’t work for the Bureau). One night, the team goes out to dinner, minus Spencer, and they see the two together. @coveofmemories


After a long hard week away on a case, the team desperately needed a break. “We going for sushi?” Morgan asked to a chorus of “definitelys” and “oh hell yeses.” They’d barely eaten all week long and their last meal today was a quick muffin or piece of fruit at the hotel before the jet took off.

“I think I’m gonna bow out,” Spencer replied, clutching at his stomach. “I’m not feeling too well. Maybe it’s because we haven’t eaten all day, but I don’t want to test it.”

Garcia pouted. She hated leaving one of her loves behind. It never felt the same. “Are you sure? We’ll miss you though.”

Spencer reiterated that he wasn’t feeling well, which Hotch and Rossi didn’t seem to buy. As everyone got ready to leave, Hotch turned to Rossi. “You think he’s hiding something?”

“More than a little something,” Rossi replied, watching as Spencer shrugged on his coat and headed toward the elevator with a little too much pep in his step for someone that claimed to not be feeling well. “But I guess we’ll know when he’s ready.”

“Good for him,” Hotch smiled, putting on his own coat as his stomach grumbled ferociously. “Let’s get out of here. I’m starving.”


After a delicious sushi dinner that left everyone on the team overwhelmingly full, they decided to go for a walk in the park. Everyone was having their own little conversations, as well as overlapping ones, so no one wanted to go home just yet. “Oh. My. God,” Garcia breathed, pulling everyone behind a grove of trees.

“What?” Emily asked confused. She was used to Garcia’s eccentricities, but when she scanned the area, she couldn’t see any cause for alarm.

JJ looked around, not sure what had Garcia so excited either. “What’s going on?”

Garcia just pointed. Across the street from the park, stood someone that looked an awful lot like Spencer. It totally was Spencer. But he wasn’t alone. He was standing next to a young woman with wavy hair that went just past her shoulders. She had her arms wrapped around him and he looked like he was about to kiss her. “Go, Pretty Ricky,” Morgan said, staring in awe as his kid brother locked lips with the beauty in his arms. “Since when has Reid had a girlfriend?”

“I knew it,” Hotch smiled.

Garcia spun around and got right in Hotch’s face way too excited for her own good. “Wait, you knew? Why didn’t you tell us?”

Hotch just laughed. “I only suspected. And only tonight. He claimed to not be feeling well, but he seemed very happy to leave. Now I see why.” 

As Spencer and his mystery woman pulled apart from each other and began to walk down the street, Garcia started to follow, hiding behind tree after tree, so as to not be seen. Although, she was probably drawing more attention to herself than she realized. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” Emily laughed, following Garcia anyway. Everyone else followed behind, although Hotch and Rossi had protests of their own. They all excused their behavior as wanting to look out for their loved one, but deep down, they all just knew they were being nosy. They’d only seen Reid with a girl on a couple of occasions; Lila Archer, a girl from a bar on one of their other cases and Maeve. Since Maeve, he hadn’t been out with anyone; he had been too heartbroken.

JJ smiled wide when she saw where they were going. “He’s taking her over to the swing set.”

“This is so cute I might throw up,” Rossi laughed, thankful that the Doctor seemed to have found someone he loved. Morgan almost snorted. He was thinking the same thing. The mystery lady sat in the swing, as Spencer got behind her, pushing her higher and higher while she laughed. At one point, he pushed her too high and she jumped off, tumbling into the grass with a screech.  “I’m definitely gonna throw up,” Rossi said again. 

After checking to see that she was alright, the two started making out again, much to Garcia’s approval. “I have so many questions,” she said, turning around to the rest of the group. “When did they start dating? Is she treating him well? When can we meet her? I love that hairpiece she’s wearing. Can we be best friends?”

When she looked back after her rambling, they were gone, but with her eagle eye that could’ve rivaled a sniper’s had she used her skills for such things, she caught sight of them walking down the block toward an ice cream place. She just wanted to follow them inside and confront the Boy Genius, but the rest of the team kept her firmly in place. “If she dabs ice cream on his nose, I’m going to die,” Garcia exclaimed. As if on cue, the mystery woman pushed her ice cream cone into Spencer’s face. His exuberant smile was mirrored by his friends and teammates. His hair was messy. She had dirt on her clothes from the park. And his face was covered in ice cream. But none of that mattered. He was ecstatic and unequivocally in love. That was all that mattered to them right now; his happiness. He more than deserved it.

“Okay, okay,” Hotch said, linking his arm into Garcia’s to turn them around. “I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be standing there for a while and I imagine we’ll soon be intruding on another private moment. Yup…” he said, craning his head around to see the two kissing again. She didn’t want to leave. As a matter of fact, she wanted to grab a tub of popcorn and watch the romance bloom. “We really need to go. At least we know Reid had a good excuse for ditching out on dinner.”

“Can’t I just bust them?” Garcia pleaded, as the team pulled her away. “Please.”

“No,” they said collectively. Spencer finally had someone in his life. When he was ready, they would be there.

The 4 of Us

Summary: It’s you and Bucky’s 5 year anniversary! Bucky decides to get you a puppy, but you have a surprise for him as well! | Bucky x Reader
Warnings: a lil swearing, pregnancy? lol
Word count: 2,3 k


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Bucky woke up that morning more excited than ever. Today was your 5 year anniversary and he had a special day planned. He looked over his shoulder where you were still sleeping, resting on your stomach, one leg dangling off the bed. He placed a tender kiss to your bare shoulder, remembering the activities of last night – something you two were definitely repeating tonight. Bucky strolled to the dresser to slip on a fresh pair of boxers and simple grey sweatpants.

As he searched the fridge for some eggs, he thought about his plans once more. Make breakfast, go to the grocery store, come back home, order some pizza, then cuddle on the couch while watching your favourite movies and then he would have to go out again to go get your present. Bucky knew you’d scold him about it, because you didn’t want any presents or fancy dinners, thus why for the 4th year now you always stayed at home and did cozy stuff, it’s just the way you liked it. But this year, Bucky couldn’t help himself. He saw the way you always longingly look at the pet shop when you pass it. You were a huge animal lover, dogs being your favourite. He didn’t know if you had a favourite breed, so when he stepped in the pet shop the other day to look at a potential new family member his eyes immediately fell to a tiny Pug puppy padding around. The pup was a little boy already named Charlie. His curled up tail and squashed face made his heart melt and Bucky knew he had found the one. So when he was frying eggs and bacon he couldn’t wait to go pick up the little pup later. Bucky smiled to himself as he felt your arms snake around his waist.

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Man Face Monday - Requested Faces Edition

Hello, Fabulous! 

It’s Monday again. I hope you have a promising week ahead. I want to thank everyone who took the time to read my fic, Yes, last week. I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s. 

So, last night I posted that I would take some requested faces for today and I got some lovely responses. Here are my interpretations of suggestions that included “blue”, lips, eyelashes, serious/intense, “o face” and hair. Some of the photos incorporate a number of these elements concurrently. 

I hope that my lovely commenters, @fiacresgirl, @bigdeesmallworld, @hope-for-olicity, @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline, @kh2o and @arrowlainie05 are happy with the gallery today.

Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead (even though it might contain TRED (The Reporter Everyone Despises ::sigh::). Who knows? We might even get a shirtless Oliver? One can dream. 

Tags after the break. 

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Pet Shop (Damian Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you do an older Damian one where the reader works at a pet shop? When Damian finds out he visits them every day until it gets to the point where their coworkers believe he actually works there and start an elaborate plan to get the two together?
Summary: You have caught Damians interest, working at a pet shop, but it requires collaborative effort to get him to ask you out. 
Word count:  636
Warning(s): none

Here he comes again,” A coworker whisperes to you as you finish unpacking the last of today’s orders to the shop. “Who ?” You ask, getting up and picking up the empty cardboard box. Your friend and coworker just rolls their eyes before pointing at him, “The young Wayne that has been here nearly everyday for the past two weeks. “ She chuckles.

Oh well, and what about it ?” You ask her, as you make your way to the register, ready to take his payment as he gets what he needs. “He’s obviously here for you,” She teases, as the young man buys yet another pack of cat food. “Hello, mr. Wayne, Is there anything I could help you with?” You ask as you scan his items. “Damian would be fine, and no thank you, “ He says, as you swipe his card and pack his things into a paper bag. “Have a nice day Damian,” You smile, giving him his bag, watching him walk out. 

He totally has a thing for you,” Your colleague chuckles, giving you a light jab in the ribs with her elbow. You just stick your tongue out towards her, before going back to arranging the products on the shelf. 

Your coworkers weren’t the only ones that noticed Damians interest, as the group of three boys are huddled outside observing the interaction. They knew they needed to make this happen, but that would require the assistance of some of the workers in the shop.  

You weren’t working all weekend so that was the perfect time to form the perfect scheme. The boys had gone to the store in the early morning of Saturday to get your co workers on board. All of them were wholeheartedly happy to help, and thus a plan was formed.

You were back at work, doing your usual tasks, when the Wayne heir approaches. “Hello mr. Way….Damian, how may I help you?” You smile brightly. “Anything new around?” He asks.” Well, matter of fact, we got a new hamster display over the weekend, would you like to see?”  With the nod of his head, you guide him over to the glass, open top, display that two of your co workers were just retreating from. 

Oh aren’t they adorable?” You ask, as Damian scratches one. “What is that?” he asks, pointing to one of the rodents with a small card in its mouth, “I don’t know?” 

You take the card, reading the back out loud, “We know that you like each other, wait what?” A dark blush covers your face. Damian spots another card, taking it from the hamster, “Damian, ask her out already,” He mumbles, causing your blush to deepen. 

This looks like Graysons handwriting.” He deadpans, “Grayson?” You ask before he slightly groans, “My eldest brother,” He explained, “This looks like one of the girls, if I’m honest,” You say giving him the card in your hand.

You nervously chuckle as he observes the cards, “They’ve been going on about us liking each other for weeks, I guess your brothers think so too.” You say, looking around nervously. “Is there any truth to that?” He asks, his beautiful green eyes peering into yours.

Well, yes, kind of?” You awkwardly mumble,” Would you go out on a date with me?” Damian asks, and you smile and nod. A loud cheering sounds from the cash register, where all your friends and his brothers are smirking at you.

My number seems to already be on that card,” You gesture as he scowl at his brothers. “Well, I’ll catch you later then,” You say a moment later, before fleeing to the back room, where everyone flocks you with questions.

Damian makes his way out of the store, safely putting the cards in his wallet. His brothers will pay dearly.


With love,


local glittery queercrip befriends rock, writhes on a couch for a while, hobbles outdoors to catch the last rays of sun, sees dragonflies breeding enthusiastically, hobbles back indoors…..


Mini cheesecakes with raspberries, mini chocolate chips and a vanilla oreo on the bottom. One of my favorite versions of this recipe.

In other news, I ran 8 miles again this morning. Today was quicker than yesterday, with my last 2.5 miles being the fastest pace. Back to back days felt surprisingly great, the challenge was more mental than physical, as it was humid.

Solid weekend for running.

unnies here work the way a bird eats, in small amounts, rarely a full day n never back to back. the work here is demanding, exhausting, n most of us are in school too. I hv been working 15 hrs w/o a break nearly every day on this busy week and by the end of it my feet were numbed n my eyes were red n I threw up because I could not contain any food in me. Ji Woo unnie is really tired and stressed too, she is smelling like cigarettes more often than usual and today she did not have a single full meal. as I was driving everyone home, Ji Woo unnie was the last to go, n one of the last things we discussed (w a tired half smile, w soy sauce n gochujang stains all over ourselves, half dazed, homesick) was on our favourite mornings: sitting down having breakfast w our family; she said “it sounds like absolutely nothing, but look at us, finally our day off tomorrow and it is the thing we are looking forward to most”.


We’re back! Last year was very tough to get out and snap some photos, but this year I’m making some time to post here more. Thank you to all the great followers that have stuck around with minimal posting.

Got a new phone, Hauwei Mate 9.This phone takes amazing shots. These and the ones following will be using zero filters.

It was a beautiful day today in northern VA. Checked on some hives.

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Is it just me or is today the longest day ever!!! I keep looking at the clock wishing it was 7pm. We have seen so many clips from tonight episode it's going to be amazing,Robs face was hilarious in the clip they shown on loose women and to think we know absolutely nothing about tomorrow except they kiss in the garage. We have been spoiled last week and it's only Monday we've been given so much,I'm one very happy Robron fan.

I’m going to have a nap to pass the time lol but I am so excited for everything tonight and I’m kinda glad we won’t actually get the wedding until tomorrow and today is the build up the ceremony and the organising. Ah it’s going to be so good and not knowing anything about tomorrow is even better

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I just caught myself almost crying while watching the Not Today mv, simply because I got overwhelmed with how proud I felt of Namjoon? So much screen time and he was in the centre trio for the last part of the routine?? So that leads my soft heart to cry? I swear being a soft hearted Namjoon stan is one of the hardest things I've ever done, he does too much to make me so stupidly proud and I can't cope these days... but I never want it to end..

I’ve never related to anything more in my entire life. honestly same it made me so emotional to see? just wow wowowowowow i’m so proud of him like!?!?! front line? in most of it? I can’t I just want to hug him and tell him all his hard work really payed off. like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he wasn’t off to the back right (left irl) like he always is, he was PART OF THE MAIN DANCE LINE!!! omg my heart I’m so wsughildkjs g !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yes :((( being soft for joonie is the worst. when tf am I ever this emotional?? UGH I LOVE NAMJOON WITH ALL MY HEART

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look at what i found today at Once Upon a Child!!!!!!!!

i went looking to see if i could find shoes for my shoeless boys bc i remembered there was a Garrott there but he was gone this time.

ok, Jackson isn’t actually anything new… he’s been there. i’ve seen him a few times but last time i didn’t see him so i figured he got bought… i was a tiny bit bummed bc i was going to get him if he was still there bc i felt bad for him… anyway turns out he wasn’t bought. i don’t know where he was but he was there today so i got him.

I FOUND A CUPID lmao like omg! too bad she’s missing her bone wings though. i’m not surprised she didn’t have her arrow or anything like that. she’s got one original earring and whoever had her before much have lost the other and decided to replace it with Skull Shore Ghoulia’s ribcage earring… which actually kinda at least goes with her so lol even missing junk she’s still pretty and i’m happy to have her!

The way you are.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco x Reader
Based on this request: The reader as a prosthetic leg. Draco comes back from A detention. to find that in the common room, after your quidditch Pansy and the other girls playing catch with it. While his girlfriend lies helpless on the floor in the middle of it all.
Words: 650
A/N: I’m sorry it took so long, I needed my time to figure out how to write this one, I really hope you like it.
The requests are open.:)

The Quidditch training is hard today. The sun stands high at the sky and the sweat runs down you skin. Exhausted you land on the grass to go to the cabins and change clothes while the other girls follow you. You don’t like Pancy and her friends and they don’t like you, that’s not a secret. All the time you always try to be the first one or the last one to change clothes because of you prosthetic leg you have since a long time. You know the girls wouldn’t understand, that’s what you thought of everybody. At the beginning of your relationship with Draco you also always hided it away until on day when Draco came into your room while you’ve changed clothes. He was really surprised and stood speechless at the door. You tried to apologize because you’ve never told him anything but he just shook his head:”There is nothing to apologize. That’s the way you are the way you are is the reason why I love you.” Draco pulled you into a hug and after an half hour of telling him why you have this leg the both of you simply went to Hogsmeade for a butterbeer.

Pancy and her girls would never react like this and you know that. As fast as you can you try to put on your pants but suddenly the girls walk in. They simply stare at your leg. “What is that?”, she asks and laughs a little bit. “What does this look like?!”, you simply reply and pull on your pants and shoes to walk away. You can hear their laughes and try to walk away as fast as you can. You head to the common room so you could learn a little bit until Draco comes back from detention. You sit on the ground and pull a book out of your bag and begin to read but you get interrupted shortly after. “Hey, y/n!” You turn your head to see Pancy and her friends. “Why do we use a Quaffel if we could use this?!”, Pancy pulls out her wand and after casting a spell she holds your prosthetic leg in her hand. You can feel the heat of anger and shame in your head and look angry at her:”Give it back to me, I can’t walk with that!” But the girls simply laugh and throw it to each other. “A little bit to large but it works.” Your eyes get watery but you don’t want to cry in front of them so you try to hold back the tears. Suddenly the door opens and you can see Draco come in. First he looks like he doesn’t understand what happens here but then the sees you sitting there without your leg. Pansy turns around to see Draco and stops because she knows that he gets angry about everyone who tries to harm you. He rushes towards he to take the leg and give it to you. “You all should go, now.”, he whispers to her and looks angry in Pancys eyes. With a pissed off face she and the other girls go out of the common room. While Draco sits next to you you take on your leg again, still trying not to cry. Draco lifts his arm around your shoulder and kisses your forehead: “I’m so sorry that this happened. But believe me, they will never do this again.” You aren’t any longer strong enough to hold back your tears and begin to cry. Draco simply sits there hugging you and whispering some nice words until you stop to cry. “Let’s go and get some food in the great hall.” You shake your head and whip your tears away: “I don’t know..”
“But I do, come. If anyone says anything I will put a spell on them. I don’t care if I need to go to detention again.”