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Can you write up a drarry headcanon where they dance? Even if it's silly dancing in their living room or something fancy like at the Yule ball? I don't care what. I love love love the way you write these nerds

Harry has never been much of a dancer.  In fact he is quite sure the only time he can remember properly dancing was at the Yule Ball and that was definitely more mortification than anything else.  Dancing is not something he ever thinks he needs to do again.

At least that’s what he’s convinced himself, until he and Draco start dating in 8th year.

Harry feels a bit like he’s been punched in the gut when Draco confesses one night, under the influence of about half a bottle of Ogden’s Firewhiskey, that he really loves to dance.  And not just loves, but feels happy and free and finally confesses that he wants nothing more than to dance with Harry before his eyes flutter shut and he falls asleep on Harry’s shoulder snoring.

The next day Draco doesn’t mention it, so neither does Harry.  He isn’t sure if Draco was too drunk to remember or just embarrassed, but he can’t bare to bring it up.  Weeks go by until Harry feels like he might be losing his mind, because every time he looks at Draco his body nearly burns with an ache to bring their bodies together, to hold him closely and move him around the room.

Harry wants more than anything to dance with Draco; to be the one who makes him feel happy and free.  But his own self consciousness and feelings of insignificance stop him every time.

Until one night when they’re sitting on the floor together in front of the slowly dying firing.  The last few embers are crackling softly as Draco shifts closer, reaching over and tangling his fingers in Harry’s.  Neither one of them has said anything for awhile but the silence feels comforting and safe and without letting himself think too hard he jumps to his feet and pulls Draco with him.

“What’re you doing?” Draco asks with the beginnings of a smile.

“I know I’m not great but I did hope you’d at least be able to figure out that we were dancing,” Harry laughs, spinning Draco around the room a bit clumsily.  There is no one watching and he realizes he has nothing to lose and everything to gain so he doesn’t stop despite his insecurity.

“I thought you didn’t dance, Potter.”

“Yeah well I seem to be doing a lot of things I’d swore I’d never do because of you.”

“Oh yeah, like what?” Draco asks, placing his hand on the small of Harry’s back and gracefully taking the lead.  Harry lets him with a sigh of appreciation.

Harry doesn’t answer right away, and Draco doesn’t push.  Instead they just dance like that in the dark of the night, wild and free until Harry opens his mouth and whispers, “Like fall in love.”




“I love you too you know.”



And from that moment on Harry decides he definitely likes dancing, as long as its with Draco.

Random Things That Happen in the 104th

(Headcanon spam today XD) 

  • Eren and Jean arguments/fights happen about every other night in the mess hall, and at this point everyone makes bets on who will win that night. It’s about equal, but a good number bet on Eren just to be safe in case the fight gets physical because he usually wins those. 
  • They bet actual money, and even desserts and chores (once they join the Survey Corps especially) on these fights 
  • This also happens on those moments when Mikasa and Annie fight during hand to hand combat drills 
  • Sasha and Connie once held their own secret bonfire party with a bunch of food. The others found out and joined in. For some reason, even though he found out too, Shadis kept his mouth shut about it. Probably because these kids deserve a break. 
  • Krista, Annie, and Armin all dressed and did their hair like each other’s once, and completely confused Shadis for a full week. (Annie was Armin. Armin was Krista, and Krista was Annie)
  • Shadis found out when “Annie” giggled at a dumb pun Ymir made 
  • Eren and Ymir have pun-offs 
  • Once again, betting on who will win ensues 
  • Bertholdt got lost in the woods once during a training exercise. No one knows how, but when he returned, it was REALLY late at night. 
  • They have competitions to see who can do the craziest tricks on 3DMG. Connie, Jean, and Eren are the top three, and things get really heated between them over this. 
  • Okay so pretty much everyone (even Annie) in the 104th will make bets every time some sort of competition or argument occurs, and this is no exception. Connie and Jean are usually the safer bets, but that doesn’t stop Mikasa and Armin from supporting Eren. 
  • When he was dressed as Krista, Ymir made Armin very uncomfortable. 
  • During the second year of training, Eren went through an emo phase and began writing dark poetry. He got over it after about three months, but everyone in the boys’ barracks was scarred for life. 
  • Around the time Eren was in the middle of this phase, Armin also went into his own emo phase. Everyone was pretty sure that this was a result of being in Shiganshina, even though Mikasa had no such issues. 
  • Eren used to randomly scream angrily in his sleep and it woke up EVERYONE. Including Shadis. 
  • By the time they grew accustomed to Eren’s random screaming, he stopped, and then for awhile no one could sleep because it was TOO. DAMN. QUIET. 
  • Sasha had to be moved to solitary confinement for awhile because she kept getting midnight snacks in her sleep. Of course this didn’t last too long, at least not as long as Eren’s emo phase. 
  • Connie dabs a lot. Everyone else eventually caught on and they started dabbing whenever they killed a Titan. Shadis eventually banned this after Jean nearly hit Eren with his blades causing them to start an argument midair. 
  • The first time they actually got on the 3DMG, everyone flew too close to each other and got tangled up in the grappling hooks. 
  • This led to Eren and Jean starting a fight about whose fault it was. And then everyone was blaming each other. 
  • The 104th trainees once stranded Shadis on a piece of wood in the middle of a lake as a prank. 
  • They were then forced to run around the perimeter of the lake with Shadis chasing them on a horse. If he caught them, they had to walk back to the start and do it all over again. It was brutal, and even Mikasa and Annie were begging for it to end. Eren and Jean were even hugging each other through mental breakdowns afterward. 
  • Eren and Jean fight over who can scream the loudest and longest, which of course leads to them standing there screaming at each other for no reason, and it’s just screaming, no words. 

John Shelby x reader

Request: I loved your John shelby imagine so I was wondering if you could do one where, you and John have loads of kids together and your married to each other, then one day you found out your pregnant again and your worried John will be angry with you because use already have lots of kids together, so you book an abortion. But then don’t go to it but John finds out about getting a abortion and thinks your getting one and goes mental about it xx

Author’s note: I feel like this is sloppy and I am so sorry i just didn’t want to leave the request unfinished. I am sorry if my posting is irregular but i am in my last year of high school and the next couple of weeks are when all my assignments are due (I know I probably shouldn’t stress this much at age 17 but I am working on it) So i am so so sorry if it is sloppy or if my posting is a bit irregular but please bare with me. ANYWAY enough rambling hope you enjoy.

You had the perfect family, the perfect husband, the perfect life. You had met John when you were only 11 and he was 13. you moved down from Glasgow and moved in down the street from him. He would tease you and trip you up laughing at you when you ran home crying. But when you turned 16 things changed, you would talk about things for hours, steal kisses when no one was looking and your hands were always intertwined. You loved him then and you love him now. You were married and with your oldest daughter at 18, Bonnie. She was the perfect baby and you were all the happiest family. Then Douglas came along, a couple years after him your next son, Jamie.

With three children all under the age of 7 things could certainly be handful, but you loved your children and you loved John nevertheless. When you fell pregnant again you knew John wasn’t as excited his reaction wasn’t the same. He told you money was tight and that he would have to work more shifts to cover the cost of another child. He was stressed, you could tell because he tossed and turned at night before giving up altogether and going to the bottle to soothe his mind. You almost didn’t tell him when  you found out you were having twins, but when the day came John was by your side and looked at your newborn’s Archie and Annabella, with all the love in the world. He loved all of your children and since then the Shelby business has grown and developed. Even though John was involved in more dangerous business he was making a lot more money. He bought a house just outside small heath, a big beautiful country house. When he first took you to see it you weeped in disbelief, this couldn’t possibly be where you would live.

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Prompt: The core four unfriend you, leaving you confused and hurt. And then one day, you confront them.

Words: 527

Warnings: none, other than some swears and making one of the core four a bad guy. Angsty

It’s been a month.

You were confused. You were angry. But most of all, you were hurt.

They all stopped being friends with you, one by one.

First, it was Betty. That really caught you off guard- Betty was one of the nicest girls you knew and you have been friends for quite awhile, and you thought she would be the last person to ignore you.

Then went V, which made sense. If Betty was going, then so was she. It was still confusing.

Next it was Jug. If you thought your friends were going to leave you, you would’ve guessed him to be the first one to go. It still hurt.

And last but definitely not least, Arch. You guys had always been incredibly close, close enough for you to think that something more could happen between you two. Between your shared love of music and living across the street from him, he was your person. But not anymore.

Now, you felt like nothing. You walked down the halls of Riverdale High School and felt like a ghost. You felt invisible. The only time you saw your friends was when you would walk down the hallway, catching eyes with them for a split second.

And all you could think is that it was all your fault. You were a horrible friend, a horrible person. Maybe you had become too much to handle.

All you know is that it became too much for you to handle. You wanted answers. You wanted to know why.

So one day when you were floating down the hallway, you spotted Archie talking to Jughead.

You stormed up to the lockers where Jug and Archie were standing, your heart racing.

“Okay, I’ve dealt with this long enough! I don’t know what the hell I did, but I’m sorry! I apologize dearly!” Archie and Jug stand there, startled. Archie goes to say something, but you shake your head,”I’m not done. All four of you were my friends, my best friends! And then one by one, you all stop texting me. Stop calling me. And you start ignoring me. You hurt me, and you are hurting me. I don’t care if you want to ignore me for the rest of your lives, but I deserve a damn explanation.” You cross your arms, waiting for them to process your words while your eyes begin to water.

“Y/n, we didn’t mean for it to happen,” Jughead speaks up. Archie looks at Jug, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Jug, we can’t lie to her,” Archie looks at for a second before looking back at Jug.

“Lie to me about what?” You mutter quietly.

Archie clears his throat,”Someone in our group felt threatened. Like she was a fifth wheel.”

“Betty,” you respond instantly.

“How did you know?” Jughead questions.

“She was the first to unfriend me. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is so did the rest of you,” you mumble, shaking your head and walking away.

“Y/n,” Archie goes to follow you, but Jug grabs his shoulder.

“Let her go. She’ll come back when she’s ready,” he states.

“I should never have listened to Betty.”


When Sakuya offered his help with babysitting, he seriously didn’t expect this many children…. no one does. Mahiru is gonna have to explain to World End later that Sakuya isn’t a criminal also. lol

Mahiru and Sakuya are actual childhood friends in this au btw, so they know each other weaknesses. For example, Sakuya being called Sakkun. (Which I based off this Servamp Drama CD again, where Sakuya CANONALLY gets embarrassed about Mahiru calling him Sakkun!! Go to 8:28 if you click the link) and Sakuya’s older sister is alive in this au too, in case some of you didn’t already know.  

I’ve been working this looooong comic for awhile bit by bit between other art asks. Cause I wanted a few things:

1.) I wanted to at least mention the servamp kids “parent”. (aka “sensei” or the “creator”) I mean who do you think actually provides for 8 children??? We never see him really either cause he’s always working or whatever.

2.) I thought since Sakuya is indeed Mahiru’s best friend in this au, I thought he would have to officially meet the Servamp family at some point. Lol the last time I introduced Sakuya, it became my most popular age au post. Amazing right? 

3.) One more thing, I felt like Little Tsubaki and Sakuya had to meet at some point. It the right thing to do. They still don’t get along well even at alternate ages. hhaaha. 

4.) I know, you people wanted more KuroMahi and some SakuMahi, (I read everyone’s tags so…. ehehheeh…) 

Anyways thank you to everyone who supports this au! I wouldn’t have posted this much if it wasn’t for you all! <3 

Music in Feeling

Jungkook x reader

Genre: Angsty fluff. 

I have the urge to write but Idk what to write about the stRUGGLE IS REAL. FucK.

Summary: Jungkook left his closest friend for his career, ending on a bad note. Years later, He sees you singing for the first time ( at least the last time was forever ago) on stage, being a new figure in the kpop industry.

“ You know how much this means to me.” You shook your head at his words,” Yeah, but you’ve forgotten what you mean to me. Jungkookie, can’t you at least text my cell once in awhile? You know, tell me you’re alive?” A sigh escaped your lips, you knew where this was heading.

“ I can’t miss this chance for the world! Y/n, I’m sorry alright? Please… I’ll try my best to see you often, okay? We’ve been buddies since forever…” Jungkook throws one of his famous doe eyed looks you can’t refuse. You didn’t want to let go of him yet, but you didn’t know how much fame could affect him if he pursues.

“ …Fine. You know I would always support you, right? I just… I just don’t want the fame to get to your head.” You finally gave in, wanting nothing more than a hug or something.

This was it. A nice, chill, casual hang out after today’s practice. That’s all you wanted…

For at least 2 months, you’ve been nothing except the greatest friend alive. You were always nice and caring towards him, even if he was stressed and only talked about his problems. Although you’d never tell him, you didn’t want to let go. You loved his laughter, the way his eyes lit up at the mention of BIG BANG or something, and the genuine smile that never failed to make you happy. You wanted him to be happy, so you let him into the company. You let him follow his dreams, his inspiration was the only thing you could hold onto as his life moved forward.

You only asked for this one session of time, you even called to make sure his schedule was free, but you still managed to get stood up. You wanted to hang out in your old studio, the place you two shared music in. You thought it would be a nice road down memory lane, but you guessed not. Jungkook and you both wanted to do something in the music industry, but lately, Jungkook hasn’t made any time for you. You waited another minute before getting up to pack everything you set up.

Lazy shuffles enter the room and Jungkook looks tired as hell. You constantly ask him about getting enough sleep, but he shrugs it off and tells you he’s fine. Like hell he’s fine.

“ You’re late… What happened?”

“ You think I don’t know I was late? I was practicing…”

“ Well, I guess you’re here. Wanna make some cool beats?” You try to lighten the mood by turning on your studio key set.

“ No, I have to go soon, another round of practice and then I’m gonna be out like a light.” He huffed out as he sat next to you

“ I… made some music while I was waiting. Do you want to listen?”

“ Nah, gotta leave in like 10 minutes.”

“ But you have the whole day off? I scheduled this time for us…” You didn’t know what to feel or act. You felt anger rising in you, but you tried to be calm. All of your senses were going numb, hot tears threatening to leave your glistening eyes.

“ I couldn’t. The new album will be put up soon and we have to work twice as hard to be on time.” 

“ Why did you show up at all if you couldn’t be on time for this? I waited 3 hours, Jungkook, three hours! The new album won’t be released until the end of the year! All I wanted, was this one little chance to hang out and dance. I support your dream of singing, but can’t you support mine?” Your mind was spinning in every direction there was. He knew how long you waited, how long you sat there for him, but he refused to be guilty. Instead, his frustration built inside of him.

“ You wouldn’t make it in the business anyway, You’re always so dull.” His eyes were glazed over and didn’t shine, so lifeless as he blankly stared at you. His gaze was cold and hard, as if it wasn’t him in that moment and it was someone in his place.

 It dawned on you how much the company had changed the inside of your precious Kookie. The loving boy you met years ago was somehow replaced with an angry asshole of a friend.

“ I.. can’t hang out anymore. I have to go, have fun at practice.” You couldn’t help the waterfalls coming out of your eyes as you walked away from the studio. You had to get as far as possible from that damned place.

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#2 I’m lucky because I’ve gotten to know a thing or two about Beth (mum’s the word but bless her) so going off that ... let’s say Will takes the two of them somewhere & gets caught up talking to a girl across the room and Beth is all ready to swoop in there but Amelia pulls her back because she either A) is enjoying herself watching Will talk his way out of an awkward situation or B) has learned to enjoy a little mischief once in a while and uses the opportunity to take a page from Beth’s book

Sooooo… this took me three days because I’m absurd. Way to fail at flashfics, self. However, like a true flashfic, it hasn’t even been reread much less proofread. 

September 2045 - Galloway Position

There’s a kind of exhilaration whitewater rafting that fifteen-year-old Bethany’s never quite found anywhere else. The rush of the current, the way the whitecaps lap over the edge of the raft and her attention goes hyper-focused on what she’s doing… she loves it. She always has. Hiking is great, rock climbing is better, but whitewater rafting is the best.

She laughs, the spray of the surprisingly cold water peppering her face as they hit a class four rapid aptly named The Undertow and she has to hold on to the rope running along the side of the raft to keep from being bucked off into the water.

“Reverse on this side!” their guide shouts, gesturing to the opposite side of the raft where her big brother is easily doing the work of any two people on the other side. It keeps throwing them off-kilter. There’s too much power to his stroke with the oar and he’s used to his dad levelling that out on the other side, but the only Queen here today is Will.

Well… for now, anyhow. Beth’s pretty sure the woman sitting in front of her is gonna be a Queen before too long. And the thought makes her nearly as giddy as the spray of water splashing her face and the rush of adrenaline as the raft pitches. She loves Amelia, loves how happy Will is with her and Beth is more than ready to interfere to make sure he stays that way.

“Even it out, guys!” the guide yells again from his spot in the back of the raft where he acts like a rudder, controlling their direction as best he can. He’s okay, but Beth’s had way better guides in the past. Including ones who realized she actually knows what she’s doing and used the correct terminology. Then again, maybe it’s not her the guide is dumbing things down for. There’s two other groups on their raft. A young couple with a guy who looks more than a bit terrified - Beth’s pretty sure his boyfriend dragged him on this excursion and it will be their last rafting experience together - and three twenty-something women who seem to have limited experience but the right attitude and focus.

Or… they have the right focus when they’re not blatantly checking out her brother.


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Pairing: Jaehyun and y/n

You two have been best friends since middle school. Things were different and much more simpler back in the day. There wasn’t a day that you two would spend separately. Little Jung Jaehyun would walk you to school everyday, and walk you back to your door every afternoon. Weekends are usually spend in his house, blasting songs on the maximum volume or tucked under blankets on his cozy sofa while watching crappy horror movies. His parent’s were so used to having you around, to the point that they would leave the gates open every Saturday morning and expect you to at least eat two meals with the family. You were his best friend, and he was yours. It was that simple. And everyone knew that.

Feelings for him grew beyond friendship before you were able to realize it. But the chubby Jaehyun that you had to yourself in those middle school years grew up to become the cutest guy in your highschool. Girls were constantly begging for his attention and he was too nice and to polite to reject any of them. And you were always on the side eyeing them with jealousy. No matter how much time you spend aroudn him, you didn’t have to courage to confess your feelings. It was time he found his passion, so the time you guys had together became less and less. He was either circled by a crowd of girls or somewhere training. The boy that always walked you to and from school was no longer by your side, and the thought itself wounded your heart. You missed your friend, missed the boy who would never leave you half a step. But you know he had his reasons, he had his goals set and his dreams to achieve.

It was your last Valentine in high school. It was also the last birthday you could spend with Jaehyun as he soon will be completely hidden away until his official debut. Unsurprisingly, by late morning Jaehyun was already struggling to carry the roses he received. You waved at him to get his attention:
“Hey flower boy, getting much love this year yea?” You eyed the flowers. The number of roses is enough to form a big bouquet.
“Well can you blame them?” He winked.
“They must be blind.” You replied.
“So how about you y/n hows Valentine going for you”. He struggled to hold all the roses in one arm, then put his free arm over your shoulder.
“As you can see, not everyone is popular like you, Mr. Jung.”
“Don’t worry,” he chuckled “your time will come soon.”
“I doubt it. So tonight at your place right. It’s your birthday so you get the day off?”
“Yeah. Just comeover whenever you finish working. Oh the warning bell. I have to go now. See you!”
You waived him goodbye and ran to your class.

The rest of the evening you were caught in your own thoughts. Should you confess, or should you preserve what ever friendship there is between you two? After awhile debating to yourself, it had settled, tonight is the night you tell Jung Jaehyun you love him.

You walked the familiar pathway to his house, surprised when the gates were unlocked. It was quite a while since you’ve last been here, so why would his parents leave the gates open on a Wednesday night? Walking in you realized no one was home, or at least it appeared to be.
You walked upstairs to find the door to his room slightly open. A dim light shone through the crack of his door.
“Jaehyun stop messing with me I know you are in there.” You slammed the door open expecting a dumb jump scare. But what you see is a room lit with all kinds of candles. Lying neatly on the bed was a card. You picked it up, the tiny hear shaped peace of card board. Running your fingers on the edges of the paper you realized that it was handmade. You couldn’t but giggle at the thought of him struggling to perfectly cut a heart. He was well rounded, but art was never his cup of tea. You flipped the card to the other side and were surprised yet again. 2 words “turn around”. You did as it said and found your best friend with a big bouquet of your favorite flowers.
“This date has always been a special day to me because not only was it Valentines but it was also my birthday. I want to mark another important even on this day so y/n would you be my girlfriend?”

You burst in laughter “That’s so cheesy Jaehyun.”

“Don’t act like you don’t like it” he said.

“What if I say no though?”

“You won’t, because how can you resist this” he said while gesturing towards himself.

“You’re right, I can’t”

Stiles Stilinski's Epic Return

It’s been feeling too quiet for awhile, a little abnormal for the town of Beacon Hills. And it’s not like the pack took any kind of break from the supernatural, but Stiles was usually the one who brought the head start, the excitement, the loudness, the big bang to it all. Now there was nothing to look forward to… not like there should be anything to look forward to. But Stiles was what made these potential traumatizing events something fun and adventurous, at least for Lydia. Now Stiles won’t return for another six weeks, and for the last twelve she’s been trying to accept that fact. It’s not like Lydia desperately needed him to figure this whole supernatural thing out, she just missed him. However she was very happy for Stiles that he got to carry out a long time dream of his. As for the time being, Lydia has incorporated Stiles’ presence in her own little way during many separate occasions. She finds herself making little side comments, comments that Stiles would have annoyed her with if he was there. During pack meetings, she’s up and willing to mouth off all her ideas at once. Very similar to what Stiles’ messy descriptions would have sounded like. Sometimes she even mispronounces words purposely to fill the missing void for Stiles, and then later corrects herself. This has been happening gradually as he left, and maybe the others don’t notice it but Lydia does. She feels his presence every day, and there’s no denying that. Sometimes she even thinks she’s starting to get affected by some form of “pareidolia- seeing patterns that aren’t really there.” Stiles had become that for her. When she’s all alone, she closes her eyes and he’s there with her. She can hear his voice, and feel his arms around her. She feels safe living inside her own head.

​After a long exhausting night, Lydia found herself dragging her feet down Scott’s stairs. She stayed at his place for thirteen hours and still came up with no plan, no solution and no Stiles. She stared down at her phone again, hoping to receive a text message from him.
​Scott felt a little concerned for her. “He still hasn’t replied?“

​Lydia rolled her eyes and let out a huge breath that flew through her upper hair. “Nope. But I’ll let him off the hook because it’s around two in the morning in D.C.” She slid her phone back into her pocket.

​“Hey Lydia look, don’t feel upset. He’s coming back in a little over a month, and will throw the biggest party. We’ll even set up a bon fire and roast marshmallows, while streaming illegally downloaded movies on the projector okay? We’ll start from where we left off in the summer, and complete every single thing on that bucket list of yours.”

Scott’s words made her feel a little better. “You promise?”

He wrapped his arms around his best friend and gave her a small kiss on the forehead. “I promise.”

​She smiled, while starting to zip up her sweater “Scott I feel a little tired, I think I’m just gonna go home.”

​“Do you want me to drive you?”

​“No it’s fine. Thank you though- I mean it, really, thank you.” They both knew she wasn’t talking about Scotts offer to drive her. She let go of his arm and walked out as Scott quietly closed the door behind her.

​She walked across his drive way with her four inch heels clacking down on the pavement. But that’s all she heard clack clack clack. After twelve weeks without Stiles, she would think she would be used to not hearing him argue over where they will eat, or what movie they’ll watch as he closely trails behind her. Lydia suddenly stopped in her spot and turned around. No one was there. Either she was deep in a trance, or she swore she saw Stiles’ face. Anyways, she faced forward and kept walking.

​She turned the corner of Scott’s lot and finally faced her blue Toyota Prius. She wished she had parked it even just a little closer. As she neared her car, she noticed something a bit odd. It looked like someone was leaning on the side door. As she started to slow her pace, her foggy vision unblurred to find a silhouette in the shape of a man. She could easily run back to Scott, but she didn’t want to trouble him. She could easily scream, but that would wake up his neighbours.

Her heart started racing, sweat beginning to form at her brows. She needed to think of a solution, and she needed to think of one fast. She could feel her knees starting to weaken, her chin trembling, and her sensitive teeth chattering against each other. Lydia felt a negative intuition about this but suddenly built up the courage to keep walking forward.

Her eyes didn’t leave the silhouette for a second. She was walking pin straight into what felt like her dark doom. The wind started picking up, almost pushing her closer to the unknown threat. More clouds began to cover the moon, until everything was left to darkness. She tried to slow her breathing, while ignoring the wind forcing strands of hair onto her face. She could hear something. Someone else who was breathing, and that someone was standing three meters in front of her.

Her head tilted up towards the sky, she could see the cloud cover already moving in its patterned rotation until it revealed the moon. The moonlight shining in its purest form, so bright and almost crystal like. Lydia started shaking her head in fright when she realized bringing her head back down will only make her stand face to face with this mysterious stranger.

Tears started forming on the outer layer of her eyes, as her jaw clenched tighter. She brought her head down and looked directly into the stranger’s eyes. 5’11, clean shaven, dark brown hair, black and white flannel, khakis pants, Nike shoes, cheesy grin. It was no stranger. It was Stiles.

Lydia stopped in her place. Her heavy breathing became light breaths of relief. She couldn’t determine if he was real or just a figure of her imagination. Her surroundings stopped spinning, time had stopped ticking, and just for a moment she felt safe. It didn’t matter if he was real or not, she was home sick- more like Stiles sick. She never left home, but home left her.

“Stiles? Stiles is that- is that really you?” She took a step forward.

His back pushed off the car, as his body towered four inches above hers. “I couldn’t do it Lydia… I couldn’t wait another six weeks.”

She almost cried under her smile. He was real, he was there; breathing, living, moving and talking. “So you came back?” Her voice broke into this scratchy texture as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Stiles took another step forward, wiping away her tear with his thumb “Yeah, I came back. And I’m staying.”

Lydia firmly gripped his waist with both her hands and strained her neck to look up at him. “What happened? I know they couldn’t have just let you leave six weeks early.”

He held her soft face with both his hands, while leaning his forehead onto hers. His lips, only inches away from hers as he whispered “I had to leave Lydia, I couldn’t take it anymore. Not seeing this face, or these tiny arms, or this strawberry blonde hair.” He clenched her hair into his hand like it had magical healing powers. “Most importantly, I missed you too much.” He tilted her chin up with his index finger.

She was almost too broken for words. She wanted to tell him everything; how she missed his dark brown hair, and his spastic movements, his brilliant plans and all his solutions. The person she could bicker with over the stupidest things, and later make up for it with sex. The person she could call up in the middle of the night to go on an outdoor adventure. The same person who made her feel safe, even when he wasn’t physically there. But she summed it up in the greatest way possible “Oh my god. I love you Stiles Stilinski.”

And with that, in one swift effortless movement, he kissed her. Slowly at first, absorbing every sweet thing he had missed about her. The kiss sent shivers down her spine, like an electric charge bringing her back to life. It felt like their only source of oxygen; completely devouring each other’s mouths before one of them dies. But she felt so alive, with her lips dancing on his. She could stay in this moment forever, nothing else mattered anymore.

His hands lowered to her waist, making her tiny fragile body feel helpless. Her lips sunk deeper into his, making her vulnerable to his teeth biting down. She felt like she could just collapse right there, right in his arms and he would take her home and wrap her in the blanket of his body. This all felt too good to think of anything else.

They pulled away slowly, still feeling the magnetic force between them. He looked down at her, showing her the delicate smile she drew upon his face. “I waited twelve weeks and thirty three hours to do that. It was worth it.”

Lydia chuckled under her hot breath. She glanced up at her beautiful boyfriend, with their foreheads still touching “So what else have you been waiting to do?”

He took a hold of both her tiny wrists and pressed a soft kiss to the side of her head. He bent his back over, resting his sharp chin on her shoulder blade. He whispered in her ear “Let’s go back home and I’ll show you.”

She couldn’t help but laugh, feeling so comforted and naughty at the same time. “Okay, but I get to drive the car!” She quickly snatched the keys from his hand, which was useless seconds later when she realized he had a second copy made in his pocket.

“Okay, but only if we watch Star Wars tonight.”


“Why not?”

“Because we always watch Star Wars! I think Yoda’s starting to get annoyed by us!”

Stiles started opening the driver’s door “Alright, then I guess I’m driving home.”

She rolled her eyes, and then let out a grunt. “Fine! But it’s The Notebook tomorrow okay!”

Stiles started snickering under his breath. “You love me.”

Lydia annoyingly frowned, but couldn’t help the smile already written in her lips. “Oh shut up and drive Stilinski!”

Down in the Woods

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Words: 2,095

Warnings: Flangst

A/N: For @thing-you-do-with-that-thing. The challenge was her favorite things and the activity I picked was camping.

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Alright, so, I didn’t really know much about Onision when I was younger. I found out about him roughly…5 years ago, when I was 21. And the first time I watched a video about him, I had a major panic attack. 

When I was 18, before I joined the Army when I had gone to MEPS, I met a guy a bit older then me. He was, I think 22 or 23 when we met. He made me feel so incredibly special, flirting with me, talking to me about stuff that I thought most people my age wouldn’t talk about. I ended up giving him my phone number, and for the next two weeks, we talked on the phone almost everyday. 

After talking for two weeks, he told me he loved me. At the time, I was a stupid kid, had never really been a relationship, and didn’t really know what romantic love was like, so I told him the same thing. 

That’s when things began to change. 

It was small at first, him telling me that he either didn’t really like something I enjoyed, getting annoyed if I didn’t answer the phone immediately, or never letting me get a word in edgewise in a conversation. And I would feel terrible about stuff, because he would sound annoyed and I would immediately feel guilty, even though I hadn’t done anything wrong. And for awhile, that’s all that was different. 

Until one night, I decided to hang out with some friends after work. He called me while I was in the car with my friends, and I answered and said jokingly that my friends had kidnapped me, I would call him later, and I hung up because I didn’t think it was a big deal. I also put my phone on silent so I could just have fun with my friends and not be bothered with stuff. That turned out to be a big mistake because when I got home and finally called him back (after he had called me 20 or so times over the course of the night, he went off on me. He made me feel horrible, like I was the worst person on the planet, the scum at the bottom of the barrel, and I just kind of sat there and cried as he continued on his tirade. When he was done with his tirade, he made some half assed platitudes about how worried he had been, how much he loved me, how he was the only person who would ever love me thebway he did and that he was the only person who could see past my faults. And I bought it. Hook, line and sinker. And it got worse. 

About a month later, I had stopped hanging with my friends to go home and answer any and every call he made. He decided one day to come visit me, and I was kind of nervous about it. I didn’t realize why at the time, but now I know it was because he scared me. So, he came up, and he started doing things to me that I wasn’t ready for at the time. He also made me do things to him. And whenever I tried to voice a protest or tell him I wasn’t comfortable, he would make me feel guilty again, mentioning how he spent so much money to come visit me, spent hours on the road, that I should be willing to show how grateful I was for him to come see me. After all, I loved him, right? When he finally left, I ended up taking a shower for so long that it got cold, after I had turned the water on as hot as I could stand and rubbed my skin raw. I felt so dirty. 

It was also around that time an old friend came to visit, and when I mean an old friend, this guy and I are still friends. The two of is met when I was ten and he was eleven and he’s honestly one of my best friends. Well, we hung out and I felt happy for the first time in awhile. He also mentioned that he’d been in love with me for a few years, and I told him about my boyfriend and that I only ever saw him as my best friend. He actually took that very well and we just played video games and ate junk food. However, when my boyfriend found out, he got so angry. After an argument that lasted at least two hours, he told me to delete his contact info, and after that visit, to never associate with him ever again. I actually managed to keep myself from doing that, instead changing his name in my phone. I was glad I did so, because my ex came down after that to pick me up to meet his parents, and he took my phone from me to make sure I had followed his orders. 

So, when he came to pick me up, it was the day after Christmas and he got me to sneak out of my mom’s house to go with him. I wish I had followed my gut instinct to not, but I was too afraid of him to say no. Down in his hometown, we hung out, and he trashed literally everything I loved, my favorite books, movies, tv shows, hell, the clothes I wore. It was like, nothing I did or enjoyed was good enough for him save one or two things. And when we were out in public, he was barely affectionate, never once holding my hand, hugging me, anything. However, at night, in private, he would touch me, even though I didn’t want him to. He ended up raping me, but I convinced myself that it wasn’t rape, because you can’t be raped by someone you love, right? 

He ended up breaking up with me when I went to Basic because he didn’t like me trying to “better my life” (his words, not mine). And I was lucky that he broke it off. He tried contacting me a year later and I just laughed and told him off for everything, calling him a rapist piece of shit and that he could go to Hell for what he had done to me. 

This ties back into Gurgles because I found out about him while he was dating Shiloh. And just watching him reminded me too much about my ex. The manipulation, emotional abuse, and disregard for his partner brought back all of my bad memories and I was not okay. While Gurgamel hasn’t hurt me personally, I was fucked up thinking about how he’s doing to so many innocent girls what my ex did to me. Especially with Billie, because she was the same age I was when I met my abuser. I’m so happy she got out, but I feel horrible for Lainey, and I felt bad for Sarah when she was there. 

Sorry about the wall of text here, I just figured I needed to tell my story about why I hate Onion and why I’m now trolling him.

It’s truly incredibly to me how many times I’ve read these words in my inbox or in the comments section of his YouTube videos: “While Greg didn’t hurt me personally, he brings up negative feelings for me because he reminds me so much of my abusive ex.” I mean, seriously. Every other story in my submission box is from somebody who says that even just watching his videos, not even following the drama associated with his life love, gives them a bad vibe. 

Lots of difficult to read submissions in my inbox tonight. I’m so incredibly sorry that you had to go through that, and that you have to relive that nightmare every time you see Onision; but I’m also very glad that you got away from him in the end. 

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Were there any toys that Jonbenet really liked to play with?

Her favorite stuffed animal was a little grey striped cat named Sister Socks. I’ll add some photos of JonBenet with it.

JonBenet had a lot of stuffed animals and dolls. There was a giant dollhouse in her room. She also had two American Girl dolls - Kirsten and Samantha. Samantha was a gift on her sixth birthday. She was very excited and hugged the doll right away. The photo included at the bottom of the American Girl set are the two dolls left in her room as she last left it. Or at least I am very sure they are. I had discussed it with someone awhile back, and I can pick out Kirsten’s birthday outfit - I had the same doll - but I don’t recognize the outfit Samantha is wearing.

A couple other toys JonBenet liked were her roller blades. Her neighbors said they would see her outside all day, just going up and down the side walk. She also had a skip it, which can be seen in one of the crime scene photos. Those were really popular at the time. It’s towards the bottom right corner. That red thing in the grass.

We Don’t Talk Anymore (Part 7)

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Requested: No

Word Count: 1,150

Summary: Everything was going perfectly for both of you, but then he changed.

Author’s Note: Enjoy! :)

(Part 1) | (Part 2) | (Part 3) | (Part 4) | (Part 5) | (Part 6) | (Part 7) | (Part 8) | (Part 9) | (Part 10) | (Part 11) | (Part 12: Finale)

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“Y/n,” Yixing said, his eyes widening. “What are you doing here?” Seeing his friend with bags of what seemed like clothes was certainly something he was not expecting when he opened the door. He felt his heart beat faster in alarm as he saw your still tear filled eyes.

You ignored his question, as seemingly endless tears left your eyes once again. “Can I please come in?” You said, your voice beaten down and broken. Yixing nodded and stepped aside to let you in. He saw as you curiously looked around at your surroundings.

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You Owe Me - Part 4

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,712

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

“Oh, my god. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!” You laugh hysterically.

“Be nice, Y/N!” Jensen pouts adorably.

He is finally making you watch the pilot of Supernatural and it’s so entertaining.

“Dude…you sound twelve years old! It’s funny!”

“Well, it was like eleven years ago!” He says dramatically.

“No shit. I can’t get over how young you and Jared look. It’s almost distracting.” You smirk.

You look back over at Jensen and he’s still pouting.

“Awww. Jay, you’re not old.” You say cupping his cheek with your hand.

“What?!” He exclaims.

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To the Four of Us (Part Five)

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a couple of days since I updated and I’m sorry about that. I’m hoping to have part six up by tonight just to make it up to you :). 

I should really write a formal intro including a summary and whatnot but oh well who’s got the energy for that amirite?

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{all other parts can be found here}

@heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @lafbagxette @newyorkyoucanbeanew ((idk why your tag isnt working ahh!!))

words: 2,206

warnings: swears!!

soundtrack song: Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

full soundtrack: x

a/n: ft. ANGST and technologically challenged george washingdad and his a+ parenting rAISE A GLASS TO HIM 

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I can’t do this

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Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 1,938
Warnings: Unplanned pregnancy

Part 1 of Outside Looking In

It had been two months since Sam had gone to hell. Two months of a weird silence taking over the bunker. Two months of waking up to see his side of the bed empty. It felt like it was just yesterday that you held him. But it wasn’t, he was gone.

You had been sleeping more, but you figured that you were depressed. Dean hadn’t mentioned it, being in his own little world. Your appetite had been weird lately, as well. You weren’t all that hungry, and when you were, you only wanted certain foods. There had been more than one night where you woke up and ended up finishing off Dean’s pie. That he did mention, but only in passing. You had felt slightly bloated, and thought that was simply you’re poor eating habits and not sleeping well.

It wasn’t until you were cleaning your bathroom and saw an unopened box of tampons that it hit you. You hadn’t had a period since before Sam went to hell. Your heart clenched. It was stress. That’s all it was. There was no way you were pregnant. You had to be sure, though. Grabbing your keys, you made your way to your car. Thankfully, Dean was under Baby at the moment and couldn’t see your face.

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Jun- Bedroom Soundtrack

Author’s Note: So here I am, filling the request for some Jun makeup sex, because god knows this man just wants to please his lady so well. Decided to write a little from-behind action because that is the favorite position of yours truly and I highly recommend it, not to mention sex is so much hotter when it’s been awhile ;))) - Jun Anon

It has been two weeks. Two weeks of not even a hug or a kiss from Junhui. I was practically on my deathbed with need, despite my anger towards him. Being as stubborn as we both are, however, it would be impossible for one of us to admit our wrongdoings first and make up. The last time we had sex was disappointing to say the least, which spurred on the fight to end all fights that led me to where I am now - on my back, in bed, with my vibrator pressed against my clit. I’ve already gotten myself off 3 times today and still it’s not enough. I’ve even tried putting the vibrator inside myself, but it can’t even begin to compare to what Jun feels like inside of me. I can feel myself rushing towards another orgasm, and I arch my back and let out a loud moan involuntarily. Immediately I stop and listen to see if he’s heard me. I’ve been doing this in secret, considering Jun and I live together, and if he caught me getting myself off at a time like this I’m sure he would have a few things to say about it. When I don’t hear any footsteps, I close my eyes and continue, figuring he must have left to go somewhere. My moans get shamelessly loud under the pretense that I am alone in the apartment. I can’t help the tears of frustration that spring to my eyes over the mix of an intense third orgasm and not having been touched by a human hand in so long. Just a few moments before letting go, a cool hand slides up my thigh and I nearly scream.

“What do we have here?” My eyes shoot open and - oh, fuck. It’s Jun. His eyes are practically black with an emotion I cannot discern. Whether it is lust or anger - or a mixture of both - I have a feeling I’ll be finding out shortly. He leans down, his hand continuing its journey up my thigh before reaching the vibrator, which he yanks out of my hands, turns off, and tosses over his shoulder. I can’t help the little whine that comes out of my mouth. I had been so close. Jun raises his eyebrows as his fingers run between my lower lips. “So wet, baby, did you really miss my cock this much?” All I can do is nod. I try to push the thoughts of our fight out of my mind - how embarrassed he was, how disappointed I was, how everybody was in the wrong. Jun must sense the change in my expression because he leans back and looks at me. “I can tell you’re still upset. But let me make it up to you,” he says, and begins stripping himself of his clothes. Soon enough he’s just as naked as I am.

I can’t help but let out a whine at the sight of him, golden and naked and hard and hot in front of me. My back arches off the bed as I let out another shameless whine when I see his hand go to his cock, wrapping around it and giving it a short stroke. My legs are spread so wide that I could be embarrassed, but at this point I’m so turned on I can barely think. My mind briefly flashes back to the first time I went down on him, how nervous I had been, and I smirk. Little did I know that a few months later I would be spread out on our bed waiting for him to fuck me into the mattress.

Jun continues teasing me, standing at the end of the bed and stroking his cock slowly, biting his lip and making the neediest expression he can muster. Wen Junhui, always one to put on a show. I resist the urge to touch myself, knowing I would probably be in a lot of trouble if I did, and instead I reach my hands out towards him, beckoning him forward. I expect to be met with resistance, but to my surprise, he obliges, moving onto the bed closer and closer to me until he is resting between my legs on his knees. The moment he lets his eyes glance down at how wet I am, he lets a nice expletive tear from his mouth before practically collapsing on top of me. How the tables have turned, I think to myself, trying to hide my grin. “It’s been fucking weeks,” he says, swallowing hard while rubbing the head of his cock against my folds, “I’m gonna fuck you so good now you’ll never be mad at me again.” I expect Jun to plunge into me at this moment, but instead he hesitates for a moment, seemingly thinking about something. “Turn over, baby,” he says after a moment. “Get on your knees.”

I do as he says, getting on my knees with my torso still pressed into the mattress. I can feel his cock rubbing up against me from behind, and my eyes roll back in my head from how bad I want him right now. He hasn’t taken me from behind in so long, but every time he does it’s mind-blowing for both of us and my anticipation has risen tenfold at the knowledge. “Please, Jun,” I manage to force out despite the fact that even picturing how good it’s going to feel has me so wet I can’t even comprehend. Jun is silent behind me, and for a moment I worry that something is wrong, but then his cock slides into me and I let out a somewhat ghastly noise at the sudden penetration.

Moments later he’s leaning over me, rolling his hips into mine slowly, trying to control himself. “God, Y/N, you’re so fucking wet,” he growls, resting his head on my shoulder. I push my hips back against him, trying to urge him to just move faster, pleas falling from my mouth. Finally Jun gets the hint and starts pounding into me with a precision that has me feeling like I might explode. His cock hitting me so good from behind has me on another plane of existence, and I can hear how wet I am as he slides in and out of me smoothly.

We continue on like this for a few minutes, my hips so tense against his that I feel like they might snap at any moment from the pressure building between my legs. “I know you’re close,” Jun says, looking down at me again. “I can tell, baby, because you always get so tight around my cock when you’re just about to cum on it.” His words have me arching my back and keening, desperate for release as he continues to wreak havoc on my senses. Jun, sensing my desperation, brings a hand down to my clit and starts rubbing it sensually in time with his thrusts, and at this point I’m so close that my vision is blurry and I feel like I might pass out from forgetting to breathe. My hips tense impossibly further to steady myself for my impending orgasm, and all at once it hits me. I can’t help the scream that tears from my throat as I force myself, hard, back onto Jun’s cock. The sounds I’m making are beyond my control as I ride out my orgasm, grinding against his dick and his fingers, trying to calm my racing heart over the fact that I’ve just cum harder than I ever have in my life.

Jun is not far behind, and moments later I feel his cock pulsing heavily as he spills inside of me, letting out the sexiest moans I think I’ll ever hear, igniting dull sparks of arousal in me despite the fact that I’ve just finished. His whimpers continue on like this for a few minutes, not bothering to say anything, my own personal bedroom soundtrack.

-Jun Anon

anonymous asked:

*Steeples fingers* The most recent mini one is when I finally got a player handbook into my hands, and I had sort of torn through the warlock role for information because I'm terrible. I'd started to think that if Garfield IS currently serving under a deity, he's probably undertaken the Pact Of The Blade, which would explain the randomly appearing dagger in the Lunar episode which number I can't remember because I should have been asleep awhile ago.

Another minor thing fed into my personal headcanon of him having some sort of elf heritage, because in the last Lunar interlude Taako pointed out the store’s hours were open 24/7, and if I remember right Griffin retconed that Garf was the only one working in the Fantasy Costco. So the boy either doesn’t need consistent sleep, is a being outside of humanoid need for rest, or is constantly sleep deprived (which would explain a lot).

i like your thoughts on these matters. i would like to say a few of my own, however. well, at least 1 anyways.

if you dont believe that garfield is under a pact with the great old one, you are sorely mistaken IMO. a terrifying eldrich beast of unspeakable horrors is the only thing that this creature could ever find companionship in. i unfortunately cant say much on the type of pact since i dont have my players handbook with me and im not super well versed in warlocks… i believe the lunar interlude youre thinking of is lunar interlude 4 tho.

your thoughts on him having an elven lineage is interesting, the thought of that never occurred to me (because lasagna cat), i really just assume shopkeepers to be like godlike entities based on my DnD experience. garfield really seems to fit that bill quite well IMHO

which finally leads me to my point

garfield is the great old one

Is there ever an in depth explanation about the pipeline prison? Like, sure it’s holding metahumans but what about social interaction, food, washroom usage, rehabilitation? Or was it just solitary confinement?

Because tbh, for someone who frequently visits his father in prison and is all about second chances, I can’t truly imagine Barry going through putting them in that without thinking it through. Does he visit them? Talk to them? Try to change their ways?

How about an AU where Barry does that. Starting with Clyde Mardon (so later he can help with his brother Mark) and then other metahumans. He visits everyday, talks to them, tries to help them, maybe even goes outta his way to take classes on this type of thing when the precinct gives them. He gives them books, music, listens to their rants and confessions and is such a bleeding heart bc he wants to help them. Maybe at some point with progress they do group therapy over the comms.

And since he’s human, even tho he tries to hide his bad days, sometimes they notice and a few try to breach that two way communication gap. He doesn’t usually give in, but he appreciates the efforts and tells them so.

Then the Ferris Air shit goes down. And Barry is torn between letting them go free, which they are so not ready for, or the worse alternative. So then there’s Snart, his scape goat. The one Barry encourages to betray him and take the metahumans under his supervision bc yea, Snart isn’t the greatest or most moral, but he has leadership and some Rogues code, and can at least keep them somewhat in check. And so the last time any of the metahumans sees the Flash for awhile, it’s him, ironically, telling them to run.

To take this fluff fest even further- after the reverse flash shit show, the flash is mia for awhile. Maybe completely for a week, then only showing up to quickly solve the issue and leave. Even when it’s the rogues. There’s no banter, snark, witty comebacks. Len finds it boring and bothersome and is not at all worried, not even a little. Not even at the pestering of the rogues, the uneasiness and unsettling feelings. So hey, maybe some ColdFlash can be thrown in via Rogues encouragement.

Meanwhile Oliver Queen is internally screaming and outwardly saying “Your relationship with your criminals concerns me”