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theres soo much going on today and louis still hasnt performed yet

Yeah, all this stuff doesn’t happen on the same day by coincidence.  The boys are all supposed to be under different teams and yet still with the coordination.

Harry we kind of expected in a way because they already started the fire about his single release yesterday and since it’s so soon, it makes sense for the promo to start.

Liam we expected as well because we knew they would be announcing it relatively soon and they were just waiting for an opportune moment.

Louis’ event was planned for awhile and it’s not like he can move the festival’s date at will.  That’s one thing that’s kind of concrete.

I’m still not sure exactly what’s going on with Zayn’s timing on this most recent single release.  We were told Harry would be releasing in April or May back at the start of the year.  I’m not sure we ever had anything concrete about Zayn’s second album until the last couple days.

I mean, it’s March 25th.  This day will live in infamy in 1D fandom history.  The fact that they keep using this day only reinforces how artificial all of the timing is on this stuff.  It’s planned, not accidental.  After this is all over, I would appeal to the boys to post something nice every March 25th, just to try to reclaim it as a not so stress-inducing day.

God I’m so annoyed on Amber’s behalf. After all she has gone through, after all those times she had to find courage, she gets told that she is not ENOUGH?

Honestly this is so irresponisble on SM’s behalf. Don’t debut a group if you’re not able to maintain them. “For the past 5 years”. That means that all of this shit started only a few years after their debut, when f(x) was still in the prime of their career.
During the last five years, SM has debuted TWO other groups, one being NCT with a shitton of members. I said it when they were debuting and I will say it again: IF YOU CAN’T MAINTAIN THE GROUPS THAT ARE STILL ACTIVE UNDER YOUR AGENCY THEN DON’T DEBUT NEW ONES.
Because “we don’t have time for you” is one of the shittiest arguments ever made. Amber said it herself: she wrote songs herself, proposed ideas for the marketing herself, made her own concepts and directed her own videos. She can literally promote herself and you STILL don’t have time? What more time is there to spend to her, she ALREADY DID everything.

And I can’t stand seeing Amber hurt. To me, Amber is such an important message. I said regularly during the years but Amber is the person who made me realize who I am and gave me the courage to change my clothes into the androgynous style I wanted to persue. She gave me the courage to cut my hair short. She made me more open-minded and she made me smile more times than I can count. She pulled me out of depression, she and f(x) were the reasons I wasn’t suicidal and to see her being hurt once more by the same company, it breaks my heart. It infuriates me.

do we ever think about the hearts we break? i still feel bits of you in my hands, i still feel warmth of you in my veins. my apologizes are wrapped into bottles of alcohol you drink in hopes to forget. maybe one day time will work in our favor. i left one last piece of my love into your arms and took one last piece of your dreams into my heart. do we know real absence until we lose the one we love? we still write promises into every step we take. we still kiss stars into every lullaby we whisper. do we ever think of each other? maybe at the same time, maybe into different fractions, maybe never, maybe too fast, maybe too late. these maybes are getting me crazy. maybe i miss you maybe i don’t. maybe you love me maybe you never did. i can’t think straight. the light is gone, the truth has run wild, the words are useless. the lies hurt less when we spin them around us pretending not to see, the truth hurts more when our heart is blind. when do we think when it’s too early or too late? will there ever be a right time for us?
—  k.m

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jumping into your inbox last-minute to ask forrrr Iggy taking his s/o round Altissia for their first date, maybe with Prompto trying to sneak along behind so he can get cute pics of them to mark the occasion? ;3 headcanons or oneshot, whichever you like!

First Date

Ignis X F!OC
Word Count: 1,947

Did someone ask for fluff? Tagging @iinkpools and @ladyscientia :)

Ignis was nervous.

When was Ignis ever nervous?

“Hey, Specs, look at you!” Prompto jeered, patting his friend on the shoulder from behind him as Ignis examined himself in the mirror. Ignis sighed, taking off his glasses and rubbing them with his cleaning cloth.

“Yes, Prompto? What is it?”

“Nothin’,” Prompto shrugged. “Just wanted to check in on you and see how you’re doing. Big date tonight, from what the Big Guy’s told me.”

Ignis sighed again, his shoulders slumping. He should have known better than to tell Gladio. Confidential information rarely stayed secret amongst the four friends. He slipped his glasses back on his face and shot a stern look at Prompto’s reflection.

“Not that it is any of your business, nor should Gladio have revealed that bit of personal information to you, but yes, I do have a date tonight. I’m afraid the three of you will have to come up with your own dinner elsewhere.”

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how worth it would it be to watch the last undertale vid they did? when they were making the undertale vids I was drifting from the phandom so I didn't watch any of them but does the v last one have enough Cute Moments for the lack of context to be worth it?

i think the last one was probably the most shocked i have ever been watching a video because it is purely flirting the first twenty minutes or so. definitely worth it i rewatch it all the time

This is my 500th League of Legends gif.

Thank you every one who’s ever interacted from the first gif set to this one. It’s difficult to calculate, but in total this blog was given over 500,000 notes in the year or so of active content creation, hitting a record high of 100,000 in a single month (most of the total are in the first year which was at least 90% of the techtonic activity)

I really appreciate every last one of you. Now, as always, the source video can be found here. And my entire gif tag is here.

And I think it’s really going to be okay. Sure, it doesn’t feel like it now, but honestly, does it ever? We always have these ups and downs with the downs lasting longer than the ups most days, but we always make it out alright. Maybe with a few scars, maybe a few bad memories, maybe a few regrets but alright. And this will be another one of those times. You and I, we’re gonna be fine.
—   Maxwell Diawuoh, For the anon that felt “hopeless and lost and quite alone.”

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I have two questions. What is your favorite comic series of the silver age? And of the first 113 issues of the the 1960s JLA do you have any favorite issues? If so, what are they? If you've read any of course, for both questions lol

 not in the first 113, but One of my absolute favorite comics on the planet Earth Is Justice league of America 200. it’s massive and it’s one of the best  multi-artist Jam books of all time. every single chapter is drawn by one of the greatest artists of all time.

 the best Brian Bolland artwork ever is in this book. 

 every time I have an anniversary issue I do a Jam issue, including my last issue of guardians, because I’m trying to capture the feeling of this book

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Are you able to describe how you feel when you see your wife?

Not really, no. There are a lot of different feelings and it varies depending on the moment. It’s not a static kind of feeling. It’s a layered one, an ever-evolving one. Even when it comes to a particular feeling, it’s difficult to describe it and any description I could give would never quite manage to cover it. I still try, though. Granted, the way I describe feelings and experiences I have is a little different.

Last night, we were lying in bed together watching tv. Her head was resting on my chest, arm slung over my stomach, leg hooked over my hips. I was scratching her scalp and looking down at just the top of her head and the silhouette of her face in the tv light in the otherwise dark room. Her hair was brushing my chin, and I felt the way I feel when it’s mid-Fall. When it’s the middle of the night, and the air is not too warm, not too cold. Warm enough to keep from needing a jacket and cool enough to keep from sweating. There is just the slightest breeze, and the moon is bright even though it’s slim. The trees cast grand, dark shadows over grass and road. It’s quiet, so quiet. And I’m standing still, for a moment, just a moment. And in that moment, the world is wide open and so am I, and everything feels possible, everything feels alive, and it’s a precious, quiet kind of intimacy that makes me feel pressed and squeezed and expanding at the same time. Like I could conquer and I could crumble in the same breath.


This is another Raven and Paul episode, so uhh, i expect something light-hearted or fucking frightening, whichever comes first. I don’t think there’s going to be much lore this episode since last one had plenty of it.

If not else the similarity between Amethyst and me is that our rooms are basically junkyards for any kind of thing you can ever imagine, but you get used to the smell and it starts smelling quite pleasent. I don’t understand people with clean rooms, i can never find what i need when the room is clean.

“Garnet, how do you fix a train that can’t hear?”

“Pearl, please tell me you aren’t planning to-”


“What, aren’t you on track with my train puns?”

“Come on, Garnet, come ABOARD THE PUN TRAIN!

“Please leave this temple immediately.”


In light of my “don’t feel bad about your art” post here is a lot of art from 2-3 years ago
The last one was the most recent of them and was the first digital art I ever made with a drawing tablet at the ripe age of 14 and I thought it was such a COOL CONCEPT and that I was the MOST LEGIT and I loved that thing so much?

And I got encouraged by some artists who were better and critiqued to help me learn but no one ever stepped on my feet much when I was still learning and I want you to know it’s okay to be proud of your work. It’s okay if your best isn’t the best thing you’ll ever make all you have to do is try.


Galka Static of the Friendly Galka FC, Diabolos Server

Just wanted to throw up some screens of our last night as 8. (Full view that first one!) I had such an amazing time with this group, especially this tier. They’re the only static I’ve ever run with from early-3.0 and onwards, and I couldn’t have gotten luckier than to make these amazing friends- such skilled players to tackle new content with. Not to mention getting to meet most everyone back at Las Vegas Fanfest in October, that was the best experience!

With a few people taking a break from the game and one of us moving servers, the lull before xpac is a good time for us to mostly take a break. Most of us will be reforming for the next raid cycle, so I really look forward to that!

See you in Stormblood!

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could you write some Revali and Sidon headcanons with a s/o who is... really loud and active during sex? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I'm so sorry for this)

Why are you sorry?! The worst I’ve ever gotten is writing NSFW for a guy old enough to be my grandfather, which isn’t even that dirty. You’re good to go.

Loud and active s/o (Revali/Sidon) NSFW


  • Fucking delighted
  • It boosts his ego so much to know he’s doing well enough to get them that riled up due to his insecurties
  • “Hm k-keep this up and no one will have to wonder what we were doing last night!~”
  • Doesn’t even try to make them quieter, he loves it
  • Likes that they’re so energetic


  • At first so worried he might have accidentally hurt them for them to be that loud
  • Is red when he finds out that it’s for very different reasons
    • Sexy reasons
  • After that is very enthusiastic to hear those noises
  • “So loud so soon? Don’t worry, we’re just getting started”
  • Does start looking for more private locations though

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The last ask you've published made me realize that I'm afraid that no one will ever love me. I think about it constantly.

you will. it just takes time to find someone that will truly appreciate you for everything that you are. and even if you don’t, please don’t forget that romantic love is in no way better than platonic or familial love. your family and friends love you too. don’t ever doubt that you’re loved.

Episode 24

-WTF?! WHERE WAS THE MITSURU BEATDOWN? All we got was Bach pretty much calling her an idiot. Oh well…
-Kyougo doing his usual shit
-I squeed so much
-Also, that last minute plot

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PQ! In The Kingbreaker, Ser Barristan says that Summerhall ended in "sorcery, fire, and grief." I get the grief and fire parts, but what does he mean by sorcery?

As he grew older, Aegon V had come to dream of dragons flying once more above the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. … [T]hough friends and counselors sought to dissuade him, King Aegon grew ever more convinced that only with dragons would he ever wield sufficient power to make the changes he wished to see in the realm…[W]hat became of the dream of dragons was a grievous tragedy born in a moment of joy…[I]t is unfortunate that the tragedy that transpired at Summerhall left very few witnesses alive, and those who survived would not speak of it. A tantalizing page of Gyldayn’s history–surely one of the last written before his own death–hints at much, but the ink that was spilled over it in some mishap blotted out too much.

…the blood of the dragon gathered in one…seven eggs, to honor the seven gods, though the king’s own septon had warned…pyromancerswildfire...flames grew out of control…towering…burned so hot that…died, but for the valor of the Lord Comman…

The catastrophe at Summerhall was the result of Egg trying to hatch, well, eggs. Specifically, dragon eggs. Hence Alester Florent’s comment about Mel trying to wake the stone dragon with Edric Storm’s blood:

“This talk of a stone dragon…madness, I tell you, sheer madness. Did we learn nothing from Aerion Brightfire, from the nine mages, from the alchemists? Did we learn nothing from Summerhall? No good has ever come from these dreams of dragons, I told Axell as much.”

Last school year, I took Beginner ASL with my home-school partnership. This year, I’m taking Intermediate ASL with the same partnership, but a different teacher. I have almost the same group of classmates as last year. Only this year did I find out that one of these classmates almost beat someone up and used the words “Worst thing ever” when told that they would make a cute couple with someone of the same sex. Or that another one of my classmates doesn’t believe that bisexuality exists, because “Both genders on a regular basis” isn’t something that can actually happen. Or that half the class, including the teacher, thinks it’s okay to be insensitive to the problems of oppressed groups, as long as they don’t do it to the faces of people who belong to those groups. Only now do I realize that they think it’s okay to interrupt a teenage girl expressing concern for the safety of her minority family members to tell her that Trump’s wall is a harmless metaphor. Or that it’s alright to interrupt her again when she tries to express that just because it’s not a legal punishment to kill people for being gay in this country doesn’t mean homophobes don’t take matters into their own hands, to tell her not paint all republicans with the same brush. Right before they turn around and do the same to liberals, in the presence of a liberal, whom they expect not to get upset at this. They say she’s overreacting. That she needs to desensitize herself. They hide behind tables and yell at each other to stop talking when she’s actually giving the person who made that biphobic statement the benefit of the doubt by asking them to clarify, hoping she misunderstood them. They call the teacher from the beginner class “Loose” compared to the teacher for the intermediate class, because she spent the entire class time trying to make it fun by letting us watch videos in class of people signing along to Disney songs, as opposed to now, when we spend over half the class time talking about politics and spend the last twenty minutes frantically trying to make up for lost time. We learned a significant amount of American Sign Language in the beginner class, including please, thank you, and sorry. During review in the intermediate class, halfway through the year, I had to be told not to sign when asked what the signs for please and sorry were, after demonstrating thank you, only to learn that the entire class had watched me before doing it themselves. I’m told, by the teacher, that these intermediate students looked at her like deer in headlights when she told me not to sign please and sorry, because they had forgotten how to do it themselves, and didn’t care enough to try on their own.

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okay but why does no one ever talk abt amren & Elain like I think they'd be such a great couple & amren would totally introduce Elain to bdsm and rough play and I'm here for it

Haha we were just talking about Amren and Elain last night! And I might….. be writing a little something……. inspired by it……….. so stay tuned ;)

i probably started listening to Gorillaz when i was maybe 12 or 13 and i’ve enjoyed their music ever since. For a long time really, i thought of it as just some nice music and pretty dandy animation and characters. But i’ve only realized just last year that the band is so much more than that. 

How political and endearingly gross it is for it’s grittiness of reality. I’m really happy they’re making more music.