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Great Balls of Fucking Fire!

(Title because everyone titles their shit ‘humans are weird’ and telling these posts apart is a pain in the ass!) So, saw a post about aliens not being all that great with human swearing. (Wish I’d saved the damn post!) And my first thought was ‘Ah, yes, good! Go with that! That is awesome!” They pointed out that aliens wouldn’t understand swearing such as “Fuck!” or “Asshole!”. I thought “Motherfucker” would be another great one to add to the list. But what about the more um…inventive swears? For example (these are all ones that I use or have heard used):

Human: “Jesus Christ on a crutch!”

Alien: “Where? And how was your deity hurt? For that matter, how did your deity board the ship?”

Human: “Well fuck me sideways!”

Alien: “I do not think that is anatomically possible for either of us…”

Human: “I’ve met some pricks in my time, but you fine sir are the fucking cactus!”

Alien: “Fucking…cactus? Why would you wish to engage in coitus with a dessert plant? Wouldn’t it hurt?!”

Human: “Son of a biscuit eating bull dog!”

Alien: ?????

(Damnit, now I’m on a roll.) But consider some of these other things. What about human name calling? Like, the original post touched on that a bit with the ‘asshole’ comment. But again, what about the more inventive name calling? Children call each other ‘meanie’, ‘poopoo head’, and ‘meanie head’. Those would be confusing enough. Now picture an alien having to deal with adult name calling. Some of my friends have been known to use the following:

  • Twat waffle
  • Cunt biscuit
  • Shitlet
  • Douchebag
  • Ass goblin
  • Fuckwit
  • Ass clown
  • Captain Obvious (and their partner, Sergeant Sarcasm)
  • Butt Munch
  • Fucktard
  • Dick face
  • Shit nibbler (or nibblet)
  • Cheeky dickwaffle
  • Pecker head
  • Dingleberry

Can you picture an alien reacting to THOSE? And what about colloquialisms? What about those stupid sayings that don’t entirely make sense, but we use them anyway? Like, check out some of these beauties, and just imagine the alien’s glorious confusion over some of these:

 Human: “I am dragging so much ass that I am wiping out the tracks behind me!”

Alien: “Human you can’t leave tracks on a spaceship, nor is you posterior currently touching the ground.”

Human: (doesn’t trust some space pirate) “You can shake his hand, but you’ll have to count your fingers afterward.”

Alien: Promptly hides human’s hands, he didn’t know that that space pirate was a finger stealer! Or that finger stealers were a thing! Are their own tentacles close enough to count? Should they be worried? Don’t worry, I will protect your fingers my human!

Human: “We better dock soon, because I’ve got to pee like a motherfucker/ racehorse/ mother racehorse (that last is my families fusion of the two. Dont ask).

Alien: ???? (doesn’t compute) ?????

Human: “I’m so hungry I could eat a (insert large animal or item of choice. Such as ‘Spaceship’)!”

Alien: Races off to warn captain that they need to up the human’s food intake before it eats the ship right out from under them!!!!

Human: “He’s slicker than owl shit!” 

Alien: ?????

Human: “I’m busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!”

Alien: Gets migraine trying to picture how a human with one leg could kick anything, much less as a competitor.

Human: “Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off! Your hair is not on fire!”

Alien: Freezes mid-step to stare at human. “W-what?”

Just picture all of these guys!


oh noooo school time already?!! 

well jasper is absolutely DREADING it lmao, i think pearl will have to drag her butt into class every day. meanwhile, pearl is thoroughly reviewing the class schedule and curriculum, making sure they have all their books and trying to make it sound appealing (and totally failing lol)

Lance is a theater kid

After seeing the Razzle Dlazzle tm I’m convinced he is. Guys c'mon.


Lance: I dreamed a dream in time gone byyyyy

Hunk: lance you can’t do this every time someone else gets the last cookie



Shiro: who replaced the castle’s alarm with the phantom of the opera?

Lance: uhhhhhh


Lance: and even in your case

Pidge: lance please

Lance: tho it’s the toughest case I’ve yet to face

Pidge: it’s the last time I ask you a makeover

Lance: Dont worry I’m determined to succeed! !!


Keith: ok lance, you have only one occasion, don’t miss

Lance: I’m not throwing away my shot

Keith:… this simulation is important.

Lance: Ayo I’m just like my country I’m young scrappy and hungry AND I’M NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT! *aims and blasts the center.“

Keith:… ok whatever keeps you focused.


Lance: what is this feeling so sudden and new???

Keith: I’m not joining this time

Lance: I felt the moment I laid eyes on you

Keith: I’m not doing it

Lance: you’re no fun


Lance: Wooh! There’s nothin’ like summer in the city someone in a rush next to someone lookin’ pretty

Allura: ????

Lance: Excuse me, miss, I know it’s not funny but your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money

Allura: yes?? My father was the king of altea, of course he had!
Lance: Why you slummin’ in the city in your fancy heels You searchin for an urchin who can give you ideals?
Allura: can someone please explain this to me? Is an earth custom to woo someone by singing?

Hunk: in some cases yes but-

Lance: why, is it working?

Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning and I just–suffocate.

Lance starts being afraid of what he loves

(tryna color but obviously failing)

bonus slav:

they bond over mutual fear (shiro is not amused and hunk is low key worried about lance)

I have feeling™ and I need to get them out. Have a langst minific centered around Blue and the bond they definitely have. This got kinda long…

It was like lightning. One second, he’s fine, and the next, he sees a flash of light so blinding that he dont know where he is. It disorients him. Makes him question whats up or down, if he’s still on the ship or flung into space. For a terrifying moment, all he’s capable of feeling is confusion.

At least… Thats how Lance interprets this situation.

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Learn from the past: Here is the answer to why we all feel conflict concerning ‘The Last Jedi’ - it is the tension between what we feel and what we are DIRECTED to feel.

First of many posts to come, but I wanted to start with this. Like many, I am finding it hard when it comes to how one ought to process TLJ. Especially when it comes to Reylo; whether there is still a possibility of it continuing and whether Ben Solo will return.

As I am sure many of you have noticed, several, no, nearly all articles concerning the future of SW, specifically episode IX, have stated that Kylo Ren is utterly irredeemable, because the film clearly shows us that Kylo rejected Rey’s offer to return to the light. First of all, we ought not to dismiss this entirely.

Why would so many believe this, and why does this clash with our views of what we thought might happen, prior to the opening of TLJ?

We can find the answer in the past. Looking back to when TFA was first released, we felt this same conflict but perhaps not as strongly. Oddly what I felt personally while watching it for the first time was very different to what TFA was informing me to feel, and when it came to this film, I decided to pay close attention and to watch it differently the two times I went to see it.

First, as a fan and with my own expectations. These were met, and like many of this community, I felt so happy coming out of TLJ. Rian Johnson had steered the film in the direction I had wanted, and set up things for Episode IX which I knew had to be resolved by JJ and could not be ignored. Namely, that Rey and Kylo are equals, on opposite sides but still hold a connection together (hence the most important scene in the film, Kylo Ren’s last scene as he looks up at Rey, no trace of anger on his face).

Second, I went in as a general audience member, and this is where the film threw me off a bit. Because I realized that while Rian knows us Reylo’s are looking ahead, way ahead, the general audience is not. It’s like a weird form of jet lag, but essentially I felt and saw what I was supposed to feel, watching the film and I think it is this weird sensation which is making us all jittery and panicking that Reylo is seemingly not going to be explored further.

First of all, the film is set up to make us feel that Ben Solo is truly lost to the dark side. Both Rey and Kylo reject the other side and return to their former posts so to speak, and I think it is this part of the film which is causing the most problems for all of us. Because this is Rian’s way of diverting the audience’s emotions away from the development he has developed so far between our protagonist and antagonist. We are meant to think that this connection is over, that is has reached it’s endgame. When Rey closes the door on Kylo, we are meant to feel that this is closure on the relationship between them. Kylo is set up, immediately after Rey is gone, to act exactly like Vader. This is to throw us off. Why? To subvert expectation once again for the next film. He’s playing with us, as much as that is annoying for us who will analyze this stuff to death.

But Rian Johnson is not a liar, and he made sure that the two actors, particularly Adam Driver, kept their expressions rather nebulous so that the audience would be reminded that the connection between Rey and Kylo still remains and is for the large part still ambiguous. As if to say, this isn’t over.

And it is extremely significant that we should feel anger towards Kylo for rejecting Rey, for failing to make the right decision. Because if we feel that frustration in that final scene, it means that Rian Johnson has succeeded as a director. He has succeeded in making us feel the one thing that was so vital to making this entire trilogy work: we now care about Ben Solo and his fate. What’s more, he has cleverly mapped out the progress of his relationship with Rey so that their connection remains if you like, unconsummated (and therefore not overtly romantic) because he has not yet earned it yet. That the connection between Rey and Kylo is not fulfilled is the point of the film, and in that final scene, we don’t cheer or feel satisfied in seeing Rey shut the door. We feel Kylo’s pain and also feel anger towards him, because in fact we wanted him to be happy and now it is all too late.

At least, this is what Rian sets up for us to feel.

The complication comes because before, there was the camp of Reylo existing in TFA and the camp which said it did not. Now it is not a question of Reylo or no Reylo. It is a question of whether Reylo has now ended or whether it will continue.

When TFA came out, I thought that first, Rey wasn’t a Skywalker, and two, Rey and Kylo had a connection that would end up being central to the story of the sequel trilogy. Everything other thing that JJ put before us was screaming otherwise, and this is largely what most people picked up on, because that is what you are meant to feel, as a GA. But nevertheless, I came with these two observations like many in this community, and guess what, they were absolutely right.

For this film, I felt the story pushing me to see that Kylo was now irredeemable and simply a fully fledged psychotic villain who was only luring Rey to the dark side. But what I saw between the seams? The same seams we peered at in TFA? Well, that tells a very different story.

Remember, Rey and Kylo’s relationship so far has failed, just like Anakin and Padme’s. So far, Kylo has basically followed Anakin’s story, and yes, unlike Darth Vader, he was not redeemed when he killed his master.

But this in the middle of his chapter, it is not the end. As a community, I know we will be looking much further ahead, not just at what the narrative is directing us to think.

So if you do feel conflict within yourself when it comes to TLJ, be assured in this. We are exactly where we were with Episode VII. Take comfort in the fact that many of the things that we have speculated were going to happen, have not yet been fully realized, only teased at (I will do a post on this in the future).

I cannot wait to discuss this further in the coming months.

Luke said the war is just beginning. Well guess what guys, the meta is only just beginning. In fact, this story is only just beginning.

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if i can offer a suggestion on how to approach the new year ill say this: work toward your goals, help yourself make yourself happy in a long-lasting, non-temporary way, and dont worry if you dont get it perfectly right the first time. there is no time limit. you WILL succeed and you WILL achieve things and you WILL find more happiness. use the new year as a chance to look back at how you’ve grown and imagine how you will grow in the year to come but dont let that vision of the future bog you down if you see yourself going in a slightly different way or at a different speed. care for yourself and the ones you love and ADVANCE yourself. i know i can, i know i will, and so can you and so will you.


@platinumbered heck yeah he does, and theyre the fancy light up ones.

i dont have a twitter so if someone tweeted this at ray thatd be sweet :>

[commission me!]

“ “whoaaa, this ….is a whole WORLD??” 

 Webby looked at the floating orb with astonishment in her eyes. the fairy merely chuckled at the smaller duck’s excitement

“well……in a manner of speech…its actually a dream…a wish……a memory…it could be a moment….it could be a lifespan…who knows” she gave her a hearty smile

Webby was amazed “so…that…bubble….could be someones…entire LIFE??” she hissed the last part…”so cool!”
well they are in here for themselves….to be kept away….. should they burst, a whole world might crumble…its important to keep them safe’

at that, Webby tore back her hands with sudden shock “wait! then…w..what if i…”

the fairy smiled. “dont worry…Webby, you have the kindest hands ive ever seen…from one fairy to another….i know they are in safe hands with your care and boundless love…”

and with that, she slowly slipped the magical orb into the younger ones gentle hands”

Ta daaaaa more Quack a Doodle shenanigans!! 

Kaylee belongs to @sahtori-kamaya

Duckvember #3: Space Duck

so hurricane irma is hitting us tomorrow…

therefore you probably won’t see me for a while, depending on how bad it is.. i’ve never been through a hurricane, since the last one that hit puerto rico was over 18 years ago. i’ve noticed everyone worrying about the east coast and all, but please remember there’s us in the caribbean, along with the virgin islands and the bahamas. irma is more than twice our size. please pray for us. i’m honestly horrified. please remember puerto rico. we’re here too.

medical!seungcheol au

Originally posted by caramelgyu

req by anon:  hi can i ask for a any medical!seventeen au?? like it can be with any member or maybe college seventeen majoring in those medical fields? i dont really know but any medical!svt would be really appreciated! i love your works, keep it up!

so i went ahead and randomized all members’ names, and coups was the first one to pop out, hope you like this! i went w hospital!svt bc i noticed i do a lot of college au stuff lmao SO THIS WAS BASICALLY THE 2ND THING I HAD WRITTEN FOR THAT MEDICAL!AU N DONT WORRY @ THAT ONE PERSON WHO SENT IT I SAW UR REQ!! (i just had this written b4 u sent it in but i was working on it earlier!)

word count: 1.3k

  • studying for your bachelor’s in medicine, one of the last things you needed was either an internship or volunteer work at a certain hospital*
  • you had a few other friends who were also studying in that major in college, but most of the hospitals really had no room for learning assistants
  • however, you were friends with joshua, who was currently studying in pediatrics
  • he gave you the recommendation and that’s how you eventually ended up as an assistant at the same hospital
  • your main interest of work was sports medicine, and when you showed up the first day, you were given a slip of paper with the doctor who you’d be assisting’s name on it
  • of course, you ended up getting lost around the hospital
  • not only that but you had no idea where joshua was so you couldn’t ask for help
  • anyone that passed by you always seemed busy or unfriendly and you didn’t want to ask if they knew who this was
  • but eventually you built up the courage and stopped the first doctor-looking person who was passing through the hallway
  • “um.. excuse me! i’m looking for a dr. choi seungcheol, can you help me find him?”
  • the man stared at you for a few moments, before breaking out into a grin
  • “you must be my new assistant! i’m doctor choi, it’s nice to meet you!”
  • you walked through the hallways of the hospital with doctor choi, and you had to admit, he was extremely good looking
  • he did little mini introductions of everyone else, pointing out them out and what they did
  • “that’s dr. kim mingyu over there, and he works in pediatrics. over to your right is dr. xu minghao, and he works in speech therapy.”
  • he mentioned a lot more names that you were sure you wouldn’t remember later but you at least tried to remember the routes around the hospital
  • in another building was where most of the doctors’ offices resided, and you saw other physicians, some in and out of their offices, speaking idly with others
  • another boy with lighter, golden hair ran up to both you and seungcheol, waving
  • “morning, hansol! this is my new assistant, y/n”
  • you bowed, introducing yourself
  • hansol also bowed and you noticed how young a lot of the doctors here appeared “nice to meet you! i’m choi hansol, and i’m the only other ‘choi’ here, but i work in physical therapy”
  • “most of the patients we’ll have will go to him or one of the other physical therapists after,” seungcheol explained
  • after your first week at the hospital, you got to know a lot of the other physicians there, and even met with joshua a few times
  • when not seeing a patient (which was rare for you and seungcheol), seungcheol normally had you run simple errands while he filled out paperwork
  • a lot of the patients you met had joint injuries, and a lot of them were, as expected, due to sports or exercises
  • it was rare when you ever met a patient who was younger than 14, but seungcheol always commended you on your patience with them
  • while doing errands one day, you passed by jihoon, a neurosurgeon 
  • “morning, jihoon! happy friday!”
  • jihoon snorted “so optimistic, even early in the mornings. no wonder cheol likes you so much.”
  • you were like ??????? wait i heard that
  • jihoon waved it off “ask jeonghan about it”
  • you ran off to go do exactly that, and jihoon smirked as the plan seemed to be going well
  • jeonghan was another one of the physical therapists, but since it was early, you chose not to bother them as they most likely had patients
  • however, you ran into hansol in the hallway
  • “good morning, hansol! running late?”
  • he chuckled, nodding “kind of have an 8:15 appointment that i’ll be late to tend to if i’m not there in 10. you looking for someone?”
  • you nodded, stating that you were looking for jeonghan, who unfortunately, was booked until 3:45
  • “you should probably go see jun in imaging.”
  • and so, there you went, on a wild goose chase, looking for different people who were all either busy or somewhere else
  • after looking for the twelfth person, you heard your name called over the speaker “y/n to sports medicine, your 11:45 appointment is here”
  • sighing, you figured you’d put it off until later
  • you chose not to speak about it to seungcheol until after the day was over and it made things awkward for you while looking at patients
  • going for the last appointment of your day, you noticed that seungcheol had apparently left this one for you to treat alone
  • not like you hated doing it, as it gave you a one-on-one meeting with the patients
  • and this was a follow up, with a 10 year-old girl named seolhee, who was returning for checks on her arm, which had broken from gymnastics
  • you did everything necessary, examining her x-rays
  • seungcheol never walked through the door, which you felt was odd
  • however, seolhee just seemed to need a paper signed for school, so you nodded, inspecting her arm once more
  • “doctor y/n!!” seolhee yelled, gaining your attention quickly
  • u were surprised bc normally she’s really quiet n attentive
  • “does it hurt somewhere? did that hurt?”
  • she shakes her head
  • “i wanted to ask you a question”
  • you blinked, “oh okay, what is it?”
  • “do you like the last name choi?”
  • that was kind of a weird question
  • u were like ????
  • you checked, and you knew that wasn’t seolhee’s last name so you were kind of like “??? why do you ask that?”
  • “because doctor choi said he might wanna give you it someday”
  • you were like uMMM????? WHAT wHAT iS GOING ON
  • u see seungcheol kind of crash through the door, seolhee giggling in the process
  • he’s a little flustered, but he fixes his lab coat anyways, running a hand through his hair
  • “did you do it?” he asks seolhee
  • with a mischievous grin, she nods
  • “so what do you think?” he turns to you, suddenly looking a little embarrassed
  • “of giving me your last name????”
  • seungcheol blinks at you for a few seconds, then turns to the little ten year old, who is happily humming
  • “what did you tell her?”
  • “the last name thing”
  • he manages to explain himself, even if his explanation is a little…. messy
  • in the middle of his rambling, you stop him, putting a finger to his lips
  • this looks a little awkward just cause you’re a little shorter than him (and even if you’re not it still looks awkward cause he almost got your finger stuck in his mouth)
  • he makes a confused noise, and u can now see the exact shade of beet red that he has turned
  • wonderful
  • anyway you stare at him for a few seconds, a little embarrassed yourself
  • “did you really send me to go see several different people just to tell me you liked me?”
  • he stares down at the floor, nodding in half-shame and embarrassment
  • “well, okay.”
  • “okay what?”
  • “um, we’ll go on a date.”
  • “i didn’t even ask yet”
  • you stared bizarrely at each other for about 10 seconds until seolhee cleared her throat, and the both of you turned to look at her
  • “can I get my paper signed now please?”
  • the two of you sent seolhee on her way back to her mother, and the ten year-old continued to giggle about how her favorite doctors liked each other
  • both you and seungcheol walked out hand-in-hand, jun wolf whistling at the both of you as you walked by
  • “who do u think x-rayed her arM”
  • laughing at your antics, seungcheol wrapped his arm around your shoulders as he walked you through the hallways of the hospital
Thrown for a Loop

So I’m still dealing with a lot and I’m not officially back because I cant guarantee a stable posting schedule. But here is a little something inspired by @the-clairvoyant-rick to hopefully please you all!

Imagine if you will dad Rick, Beth is a little girl, his life is kinda average and boring he has yet to invent the portal gun or really become the Rick we know today. Instead, he’s just a guy with marital problems trying to make it big as an inventor.

When one day a portal opens in his garage and from it stumbles out a wiry teenager with curly hair and a bleeding wound on his shoulder.
Morty is there by accident, a malfunction in Ricks portal gun after it got fried by a laser. He barely had time to fix it before shoving a wounded Morty through a hastily made and quickly collapsing Portal

And that’s how Morty finds himself bleeding on the floor of Ricks garage. He’s dazed and confused his vision fading as the pain makes his world spin. He hears Ricks voice asking if he’s ok, he sees the head of blue hair and he tries to call out but he cant make a sound…

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BTS Reaction to their s/o being clumsy


He’d find it cute until you actually hurt yourself pretty seriously. After that he’d try his best at staying by you at all times and making sure you stay as far away from sharp objects as possible. The last thing he would want is ever seeing you getting hurt.

Whenever you two are cooking together he’d be extremely careful making sure that both you and him are ok.

“Jagi wait, NO. Put the knife down…I’ll cut the vegetables for today…dont worry…just put the knife down” 


The two of you are a very odd combination. It always seemed like if the two of you were in the same room, at least one of you will get hurt. However Namjoon would start being more careful and would try his best to make sure that you wont get hurt. In the end it’ll just become something he is used to and loves.

“I think this just proves that we are perfect for each other.”


Whenever you trip a little or slip on the floor for no reason he will just chuckle to himself and wont pay it much attention. He’d notice your little slip ups but wont comment on them to not make you feel embarrassed and also because he mostly found it adorable. You wouldn’t get hurt most of the time and he knew you were fine so he couldn’t help but laugh in secret at how cute you are. But at times where he thought you were too adorable he wouldn’t be able to not comment on it.

“I know you slipped and I hope you’re ok, but god that was so funny and cute.”


At first he would get very concerned for you and will worry that you’ll one day manage to actually get hurt quiet seriously. Once time passes and he realises the your clumsiness is mostly harmless he’d worry less and would try his best to be with you when you do anything remotely dangerous. As time goes on he’d also make a habit of always carrying a little first aid bag. To his surprise he actually used it very often. 

“Try to be a little more careful, I don’t want you getting hurt…plus I’m running out of bandaids.”


He wouldn’t be able to hide how adorable he thought you were whenever you’d accidentally slip on the ground and then balance yourself back up with your arms stretched out. Whenever you let out a small yell and he hears a loud crash he’d just roll his eyes knowing that you most likely accidentally dropped something on the ground. After hearing you he’d come from behind and would give you a back hug.

“Stop making breaking our dishes look so adorable.”


He’d tease you all time since he knew that most of your little moments were absolutely harmless. Obviously whenever you actually got hurt he’d make sure you were ok and would take a lot of care of you. But before that happens he’d always love poking fun at your shenanigans, always finding them to be a mixture of funny and cute. When you trip over nothing he’d pat your head and will smile warmly at you.

“You sure you don’t want any help there? Or are you just giving the floor a needed hug?”


He’d be the type to actually worry deeply for you. Getting scared whenever you let out a yelp or when you manage to somehow fall on the spot. He would get frustrated but never angry at you as he knew it wasn’t something you could control, but he’d still worry. When you fall onto the ground he’d immediately crouch over and make sure you’re ok. Once he knows you’re fine he’d cup your face with his hands and sigh.

“You already give me enough heart attacks with how pretty you are, no need to give me any more. So be a little more careful, ok?”

Hiraeth 4

Hiraeth: (n) homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.

Jimin is a vampire who would stop at nothing to save his dying mother. What lengths would he go to if the only cure to her disease was destroying you?

Series warning: angst, emotional abuse, physical abuse, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, fluff and eventual smut.


A/N: Releasing this chapter early because it’s Jimin’s birthday, Happy Birthday Mochi!

Originally posted by kookmint


Jungkook looked down to see who had run straight into his chest only to find your tear stained face that was painted with fright, his first reaction was to insulate you with his strong arms and pushed you back into his chest, hugging you. He didn’t know what else to do to make your panic and tears go away but nonetheless he wanted you to feel safer, because he was protective over you, and he was ready to fight whatever was chasing you no matter the consequences.

When he felt you were a bit calmed down, he hesitated to ask you what was wrong or why you had been crying, not wanting to stir up the memory back in your mind. Neither of you know how much time passed by when he hugged you but only before separating you had hugged him back. You had never had comfort in that way from anybody but the long forgotten, you were startled at first but the heat that radiated from him instilled peacefulness in you, making you forget about the scene that unfolded earlier momentarily.

“J-jungkook” you tried to push him away, afraid that somehow whatever happened before can still happen again, it seemed to follow her everywhere and Jungkook is the last person she would want to get hurt, even if she didnt know him. He didn’t deserve it.

“Do you wanna talk about it? What happened?” He looked at you with worried eyes that only made yours tear up, how can you even begin to explain this. No one would believe it.

“I.. I dont even know” you stuttered, “You won’t believe me because I cant believe it myself, its crazy” you wiped your tears with the back of your hand ready to turn around and walk away.

“You can’t just assume that… Try me” he reassured you.

“I think… Someone tried to hurt me, she called me a witch and then s-she just died in my hands” you were shaking again, “Just like how Sally died, she had a number on her forehead again and I don’t know what this means am I a murderer?!”

“No, no you’re not. You’re not a witch either” he looked at you with gentle eyes. “You don’t smell like them” he laughed, stunning you.

“You… you dont think this is crazy?” You met his eyes.

“No… it’s not” he took a step closer, “I don’t think its your fault either, that a person died in front of you unless you intended and physically done so”. He brought his hands and cupped your cheeks “So don’t beat up yourself over it”. 

“Why the hell do you smell like a dog?!” Seulgi had found you after you parted with Jungkook, he had finally left you alone after you insisted you were okay and had to go home alone, he resisted at first but agreed to it.

“What?” Was your only reply, why is everyone accusing you of smelling strange, you couldn’t pick up anything.

“You know what. I dont even care. Keep walking”.

The drive back home was quiet, Seulgi glanced you some strange looks but mainly kept her eyes on the road. You thought her company was over you reached your new home, but she had gotten out of the car and locked it, following you in to the house.

You were both met with a Jimin sitting on the black couch, his eyes darted upwards as he saw you enter. “Hey babe” Seulgi behind you greeted him and raced you into the living room to give him a kiss, he didn’t seem to be fond of it but didn’t look like he minded either. You excused yourself and went upstairs to not disturb anyone even further.

The night unfolded and you grew hungrier, you had barely anything to eat but some food samples in the market and forgot your appetite after the eventful afternoon. You had decided to go downstairs to find something to eat but your plans were disrupted when you hear moans from downstairs.

“Jimin don’t stop!” You hear Seulgi’s voice, followed by a loud moan. You were disturbed. The image of them doing such a personal activity disgusted you. They had no shame and didn’t even care to acknowledge your existence for not taking it upstairs and giving you some space. Yet again, you forget that you were just captive and your life was a ticking bomb at his hands.

You dont know how much time had passed before they’ve stopped, but you managed to gather some courage to go downstairs. As you walked down the steps you glanced around to see if there’s anyone there, you thought you were alone before Seulgi jumped into view. She was barely covered and there was a bite mark on the base of her neck.

“Did I tell you Jimin-ah, your little friend here smelt like a dog this morning, all in the intimate places” she smirked.

“She, what?” Jimin came into view. “It was him wasn’t it?” He asked looking slightly annoyed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” you said, “I wasn’t playing around with a dog, I stumbled upon Jungkook by coincidence in the market and we spoke a little”

“Spoke about what?” he glared at you, “Do you think that all of this is some joke?” he scoffed. 

“You said to not make it obvious that I got kidnapped, what am I supposed to do?! Everything I do ticks you off so just kill me already and get it over with” you don’t know where you gathered this sudden courage, “I’m tired of this, I just want to be at peace” you let tears slip through as you remember the deaths at your hand. 

You expected Jimin to threaten or even worse choke you but to death this time, but he didn’t say anything. He looked at you for longer than a moment, almost as if he was analysing you before walking away, with Seulgi closely following behind. 

You stood there for a minute, took a deep breath in and walked to the kitchen looking through the cupboards and quickly cooking up a meal. As you stood by the stove you contemplated living another day, if you were going to die why don’t you just die right now, why should you wait for it. The more days that pass the more pain you experience, with Sally gone your life was gone too. 

Everything after that happened in a blur, you remember taking out a knife from the knife-station just within your arms reach and after that all you saw was blood coming from the main artery in your forearm and slowly you felt yourself going unconscious, until you were met with the familiar blond, with bright red eyes and then darkness. 

It was so difficult to see your blood everywhere and not have the temptation to drink you empty. All it took was a few drops of his blood to heal you. Jimin was upstairs in a heated argument with Seulgi, she was never meant to let you out of her sight and she’s done exactly that. You could’ve ran away or had been taken by somebody, your ‘gift’ was quickly spreading as the word of town, a lot of people are finding out how precious taking your life is. When he sensed your heart beat quickly beating and smelt the sweet scent of your blood he knew something had gone wrong.

He had taken you upstairs to your room and laid you on the bed. He would be so angry if he didn’t pity you a little bit, he didn’t have time to waste feeling sorry for you as he had business to deal with. Jungkook.

“Jungkook” Jimin spitted, he knew where to find where he and his group of dog friends were. They weren’t difficult to trace given his supernatural scent and Jimin’s supernatural abilities. 

“Look who’s here… Is that you Jimin?” Jungkook grinned, people might think he was really happy to meet Jimin but he knew him too well, their relationship dates back and things were never good between them. 

“Don’t get too happy Jungkook, I didn’t come here to play. That’s what humans are for” Jimin smirked. 

“This brat is really asking to die” said one of Jungkook’s pact, someone Jimin can recognise to be Namjoon. 

Jimin disregarded him and continued. 

“I thought I made things clear when I told you to not cross paths with me ever again if you wanted to still have your tail” Jimin continued. 

“Yet you don’t fucking learn lessons do you, bad dogy” he laughed. 

Jungkook stood up and walked to the shorter man, Jimin knew well how to work him up with comments like these. He was no dog, he was a werewolf. He wasn’t going to stand there and accept demeaning comments from a blood sucker. 

“Why? Did Y/N smell good” he laughed.

“If I see you around her one more time, I swe-” his eyes went a deep shade of red,

“Look. I could care less about your empty threats, if you were going to do something then do it now. Be a man for fucking once” Jungkook said through gritted teeth.

“Besides, it’s not my problem if your bitches can’t keep their hands off me” he shrugged with a smirk plastered on his face. 

And that was all that had to be said to tick Jimin off. Hell broke loose. 

Jimin had superhumanly pushed Jungkook back, causing him to hit the ground with a thud. He had quickly hovered above him to land his fists onto his face aiming for his nose. It was only seconds until Jungkook’s mates gathered to flip Jimin around and start attacking him. Jungkook had managed to turn into his superhuman form and join the fight. 

Although Jimin had been outnumbered, he was still strong. He had killed two pact number by the poison of his own bite and snapping their necks. Jungkook was his strongest opponent and had landed good bites onto Jimin’s body which for a vampire would take ore time to heal if it wasn’t due to Jungkook’s nature. 

You woke up in cold sweat and you were really thirsty. You recalled what you had done before you passed out but when you lifted the long sleeve of your sweater, there were no wounds and no dressing. Was it Jimin’s work? Didn’t he want you dead? 

You were in the kitchen when you heard the front door open and somebody walking inside. You had peeked into the hallway in attempt to see who it only to find Jimin glancing at you. He looked like he was in pain, he walked slightly crooked before he stood in front of you. You had not realised you were between him and the wall until he placed one of hands on it, making you flinch on the process. He seemed to notice it and his gaze softened before he leaned onto you further. 

You were stunned, you had been in this position in his room the night before but the feeling was completely different. The environment around you still beamed with tension, although different from the last, at least for you… It was. 

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A Little Reminder;Anyone

Summary: A letter for when you’re at your worst

A/N: someone got a little emo today and this happened- brb got to delete myself

Word count: 1,093


“ To the one who deserves a whole ton of happiness, and a smile on her face.

I know how words can sometimes change nothing at all, as they enter your head aimlessly without much meaning, and leave your ears untouched.

But i also know how much you need these words right now, to assure you that everything will be fine.

And i hope in one way or another, these words will make you feel better, and serves as a daily reminder that you will be fine tomorrow, the day after, and any time in the future.

I know you feel lonely and alone right now. Even with tens or groups of people around you, you feel alone and left out. You have friends, both online and in real life, but yet for some reason, you never feel loved.

And i don’t blame you at all, it’s not your fault.

People tell you that they are going to be there, and they tell you how much you mean to them, but their words don’t match with their actions.

You feel betrayed; you feel lost, and all the emotions deep within start to take over you and your thoughts again. And you hate it.

But once again, i don’t blame you, and you shouldn’t too.

You’re exhausted and worn out, and i know how much you want disappear from this world and never come back again, thinking that nobody would care if you left,

but i do. We all do.

I hope you come to see how much of a wonderful person you are, and i admire how much effort you put into everything you do, whether they are important or not.

You still have so much more to experience and learn from, and i can still sense that tiny bit of eagerness in you, the one of a small child’s.

Your efforts will be paid off, trust me.

I know how setbacks always seem to stop you in your track, and how you would always be too afraid to step up or try again, for the fear of losing again.

But i am here to remind you that i will always be by your side, or eventually, someone will be, pushing you from behind and making sure things go well.

The people around you probably do not say this to you often, and i know how much you need it, so i’m telling you, i see your efforts and your persistence. You’re doing well and always will, keep on going, i’m rooting for you.

I know of how much you need someone by your side right now, to be your listening ear, giving you advice and comfort, and just being there for you. And i know it makes you feel worst having these thoughts while you’re breaking alone, but once again, i’m here to remind you that you’ve already come this far my dear, if no one’s there for you to push you, you have to do it yourself.

Only you have the power to do so.

Maybe people never tell you that they appreciate you enough, which is why you constantly feel as though you’re not good enough for anybody, but i have to say, if people don’t see the good in you or are taking you for granted, it’s their loss. Not yours.

You will always be good enough in this world.

Be good enough for yourself and be someone you’re happy and proud to be.

Darling, if you need some validation on the things you are doing; and if you’re doubting yourself and your abilities, this is a reminder that there are no boundaries on the things you can do and achieve. If you’re doing something that makes you happy, then keep going on, it will be beneficial to you in the future. If you are afraid, and you think you will not do a good job, i’m here to say that there’s no harm in trying, and that you’ll never know of the results without taking that small step out. Even if you do not succeed, it is fine. Just learn, move on and grow.

And maybe all you need right now is some encouraging words, and a little push on your back.

I believe in you and even if no one else tells you this, i believe you will do well. Don’t worry too much.

Things are not always going to this tough, and there will be days you would be enjoying yourself and loving all that you have.

And of course, there will be days where you will fall and break apart, and you just want to rip everything apart.

But i hope on those days you will never give up, especially on yourself. If you are strong enough to overcome previous breakdowns, i believe you will be strong enough to overcome anything that is in your way.

I hope you will constantly remind yourself that you are beautiful, strong, great and that you are important; and i hope you never ever bring yourself down even over the littlest of things.

I hope you come to realise how beautiful the world around you is, even if you don’t see it now; take all the time you need to see all of these, no one is rushing you. You do what’s best for you.

I hope one day i’ll be able to see that bright smile on your face again, without a single worry at the back of your mind as you do the things you love, with the people who love and appreciate you around you.

I hope whenever you start to doubt yourself again or when you feel all alone, you will let positive thoughts take over you instead of negative ones.

Although i know my words won’t help you much, i hope you can feel my sincerity and meanings i am trying to convey, even if it did not enter your mind a single bit.

Once again, i don’t blame you if you can’t believe or trust anything right now.

But one thing i do wish is that you will put aside all your worries and stress for once, and focus on yourself. Give yourself all the rest and love you need; those that you’ve been ignoring for the longest of times.

Never, ever, feel bad for spending time on yourself.

I really hope you will be happy again soon.

Last but not least, this is a reminder that i love you, and i always will do.

I am thankful for your existence.

We all are. ”