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Stuck In The Middle (With You)

Summary: basically half the episode but with the reader, who is in love with Cas.

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: ANGST, floofy fluff

Part 2


“They’re in the barn. Let’s go,” Sam said quickly.

With one last sad look at Wally, you turned around, following the boys down the road to the barn. Your heart was pounding; you had no idea what you had gotten into, and you were worried about Cas. Mary said it wasn’t good, and you didn’t know what you were going to do if…


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NewtXReader - PART 1 - bitter sweet love


PART 2: here

PART 3: here

PART 4: here

PART 5: here 

Feel free to send requests as I will do all! Any character from Harry Potter series or Fantastic beasts (I prefer Newt Scamander ones though)

Info: fluff > will eventually turn to smut in future chapters

You and Newt have been traveling companions for years, and their friendship always felt a little more than friends. Too shy to admit their feelings a new person comes into their lives, threatening to shit the balance of things. Jealousy is bitter sweet.


Newt had finally came home to London from his travels, in New York. The last couple of days had been unbearable, you missed the freckled man and you going on adventures, but here he was. In the corner of a quiet coffee shop he spilled his great tales and adventures from across the ocean to you. He spoke of a funny chubby little man with a knack for baking, called Jacob and a mind reading, dressmaker, bubbly blonde known as Queenie. However the third person…

“Y/N she was incredible, she was slightly eh…intimidating to say the least at first but merlin…is her enthusiasm for work contagious! And Pickett! He’s taken such a liking for her so I left him with her for a bit, decided it would do him good for the attachment issues” Newt chuckled.

Newt never trusted anyone but you to care for his creatures and even so it took months for you to earn his trust, but here he was allowing his favourite creature (he denies having favourites but you know better) with a woman he barely had become acquaintances with.

Sucking up your slight feelings of betrayal, you smiled, “She sounds wonderful, I’ll have to meet her someday” your attempt at hiding your feelings was pathetic but Newt was to oblivious to take notice at the hurt behind your voice. “Y/N you should come back with me! You could meet her as well as Jacob and Q-”

“Back? Your going to stay there?” Confusion spread fast across your face.

“Good heavens no, I need to collect Pickett and I also intend to give Tina my first copy of my book! She helped me think of a name, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Quite nifty isn’t it?”

“But I thought I was to get your first copy of your book…”

Red tinted his cheeks. He’d forgotten about that promise, he really owed it to you to get the first copy, after all you had accompanied him on his journeys all this time, sketching out illustrations of all the marvellous creatures to accompany his descriptions. Had his new infatuation with this ‘Tina woman’ really put you completely out of the picture?

“Em yess n-no I mean, of course yes your getting the first copy. In fact I organised a little some thing extra for your copy. It wouldn’t even be possible to complete this book with out your help. I don’t think I say this quite enough but thank you..” , he smiled at your shoes, avoiding eye contact from embarrassment

Flustered and not completely thinking straight you blurted out, “well I know how you can repay me..take me with you to New York”

An adorable grin appeared on Newts face and happiness gleamed through his eyes, “so you’ll go with me?”

Gathering your thoughts, you realised what you had said but curiosity (and jealously although you would never admit it) had gotten the better of you and you gave into your temptations, “yes of course Newt, I wouldn’t turn down an adventure with you”, you laughed.

Your heart skipped a little when he flashed his pearly white teeth and engulfed you in a warm cinnamon scented hug. Butterflies erupted in your stomach as you felt the bottom of his chin rest on the top of your head. As his hands soothingly rubbed circles into your back it seemed as though both of you were perfect fit for each other.

“You won’t regret it love, we travel so much but always for work. We never get a break to ourselves, I can show you all around New York, without having to chase after the niffler this time, hopefully”. He sighed into your hair

“So this means you’ll leave your case behind then?” You smugly asked already knowing the answer.

“Y/N” he gasped fake offended “how dare you ask me to leave my babies behind”.

Both of you erupted in a fit of giggles before Newt placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head and let out a content sigh. It felt so natural to act like this with Newt, as though it was programmed into your nature, but before long Newt became aware of the small gesture he had just given you. Stuttering he pulled away from the hug, his warmth departing from your body and blushes on both of your faces.

“Sorry-I’ll just go p-pack now”.

“Don’t forget your scarf Mr Scamander” you teased before he gave you one last heartwarming smile and disappearing out the coffee shop door

Although the journey on the ship was rough and wild, with Newt by your side anything was bearable. Once in land you resisted the urge to kiss the ground as Newt entwined his large hand with your dainty one, ensuring that you weren’t going to get lost in the busy crowds at the dock.

As you approached security Newt as usual became a mumbling mess. Even though Newt looked about as dangerous as a mouse with those freckles, his habit of avoiding eye contact and uncalled for nervousness made him appear as though he where planning a mass murder. This had become a regular occurrence for the 2 of you however you had learned how to deal with it.

“Any livestock?” The buff security man questioned, boredom practically dripping from his voice.

Newts eyes noticeably widened, panic surfacing across his features. The atmosphere suddenly thickening considerably as Newt looked hopelessly to you for help.

“Now how would we manage to fit any livestock in there mister. Do I look like a wizard to you?” You chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

“Sorry miss only doing ma job” he gave a quick tilt of his hat before allowing you and Newt to pass on through “have a good day you two”.

“Thank you! ” you called back as Newt led you away from the docks.

“Merlin what would I do without you Y/N, I’m afraid I’m quite the mumbling mess”

“I can’t Imagine how you even managed to make it through there the last time you came!”

“I was just a smidge from getting caught last time, if it wasn’t for that muggle button” he laughed “we better make our way onwards before the evening comes”

After you

What both of you had failed to realise was that your hands still remained interlocked.
3 hours. 3 hours of wandering for the Goldstein sisters’ apartments and not a daft clue where the 2 of you where. Night was closing in fast, the cool air blowing against your blouse, which was offering no protection from the icy winds. You longed for the warmth of a fire.

“N-newt I t-think we might-t be lost” you chattered out. Newt looked to your shaking frame, goosebumps rising on your skin. With concern in his eyes he turned to you
“Y/N your shaking love”

“Don’t w-worry I’m okay-y”

“No your not, your shaking like a leaf, here take this”, Newt slipped off is slightly tattered blue coat, shyly offering it to you.

“Newt I can’t take it you’ll freeze! Don’t worry about me, your not normally a worrier” smiling you attempted to put on your best Newt voice, “my philosophy is that if you worry you suffer twice”. Newt burst out laughing at your measly impression of him before turning to you seriously, avoiding eye contact.

“I’m allowed to worry Y/N about the things that are close to me. Please, I won’t take no for an answer” he said draping the coats around your shoulders.

“Next you’ll have me in your bow tie!”

“Don’t worry you could pull it off” he said giving a cheeky wink. You laughed at his comment, you loved moments like these, special ones where Newt completely let go of his reserved self. It was only with you that he could really be himself. He had no reason to think you’d judge him.

“Come on now Mr Scamander, I thought you’re meant to be a good navigator! Are we nearly there yet?”

Taking 2 fingers he gently placed them underneath your chin and titled your head slightly upwards. In front of you where the apartments Newt had described. Both of you quietly snuck upstairs and knocked on the door.

When it eventually opened a figure was standing there.


She was undeniably gorgeous. Creamy skin, dark alluring locks of hair, her posture radiating confidence and pride so unlike yourself. Dressed in a knee length skirt, showing her gorgeous legs and a silk blouse complementing her figure. Upon seeing Newt a smile lit up her face, as she wrapped her arms around him. At this moment you practically felt invisible, not to mention highly self conscious. All you wanted to do was curl up in Newts oversized coat. She was stunning and you were just… Well you.

“Newt! Oh my it’s been so long, Pickett’s just dying to see you again. I don’t quite think our plan worked, his attachment issues aren’t going away it seems”

“I do hope he behaved. The little bugger sometimes has a habit of scratching people when he doesn’t get his own way” Newt said back. His unreserved persona confused you, normally he only acted like this with you. Your presence remained unnoticed until..

“Ah Newt! It’s so good to see you! Huh and you’ve brought a girl! Awk isn’t she just a honey” a blonde dressed in a skimpy nightgown emerged from behind Tina.

“Sorry I didn’t see you there! You must be Y/N, Newt told us so much about you, I must say you two do make quite the cute couple” Tina said gesturing to your hand which was still locked in Newts larger one.

Automatically Newt retracted his hand from yours as though it where fire and exclaimed, “oh no, no we’re just friends”

To you his tone sounded offended, repulsed even. Was he so ashamed for someone to even consider you being together. What was so wrong with you? Where you not good enough for him? Of course you weren’t, all you have to do is compare yourself to Tina after all. You felt your stomach drop at this realisation and from the corner of your eye you saw Queenie shoot you a sympathetic glance. You’d completely forgotten that she could read minds.

“Come on sweetie”, she proclaimed stepping towards you, lifting your luggage,“you have to come on in dear so we can get acquainted! Jacobs made some delicious pastries for your arrival!”. Newt Tina and yourself followed her into the room. The apartment was very cosy and you feel as though the decor of the room really illustrates who Tina and Queenie are, as personal touches are added everywhere.

“Come, sit, sit, you must rest", she ushered you and Newt into the living room and demanded you sit down from your long travels at once. “Now, now Queenie we must celebrate Y/N and Newts arrival! Why don’t we go down to the Bling Pig for firewhiskey”. Tina proclaimed

“But the pastries” Queenie whined

“Oh Queenie, Jacob can whip up another fresh batch when he gets back home later. It’s not everyday that we have guests”

Before this conversation got any further you decided to interrupt, “sorry as lovely as that sounds I brought nothing too fancy with me”

“That’s not a problem honey, you can borrow one of mine” Qunnie smiled sweetly
Panicking you raked your mind for another excuse but instead she simply tutted you. “Now we’ll have none of that! I have this adorable little dress that I’m too big for but it would fit you perfectly, you look gorgeous” She rambled on as you were dragged towards her room.

I’m sure she will” Newt whispered under his breath

Something told you that this was going to be an eventful night.


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Journal Entry, 2/10/2017


Big bro says, keep a journal, lil bro.  And I think I used to do that but I can’t remember and I can’t find it anywhere.  Big bro says dont worry, so I don’t, but I wonder if I’ll lose this one too, just like the last one.  Don’t remember too much from those days.  Lil foggy, lil hazy.  I remember goin to the gym, startin to go to the gym.  That was like, what, a year ago or so, I think.  I remember struggling with 50 lbs.  I remember thinkin, hey, in a year’s time, I’ll be pushin up more weight and here I am pushin more weight.  It’s like I read a fortune cookie or got my future told and here it is, bein fullfilled. 

So yeah, I been makin progress, I think.  Take my supps at night, the Z-core stuff.  Supposed to make my testosterone bigger.  I dunno about all the math stuff, I just kinda listen to what big bro says.  I wake up, take the meds that are in the box marked F, cuz its Friday, then I eat some breakfast, then I supp up for the gym.  Even got some extra cardio in today cuz it snowed like a mother the other night.  Get home from the gym, super fuckin pumped.  A lil dizzy, even.  So pumped that I take a shitload of selfies and send em to big bro.  Even take a flexin, posin video, and send it to big bro.  Got a lot to work on, but thats okay.  Big bro knows best - gotta grow for big bro.  Right?  Right.

Last night big bro kinda spooked me a lil, lol.  We were talkin on the phone, like we do every night, and he said, “Your kinda like an experiment, lil bro,” and I was all like, whoa, wait, what?  These, like, dim alarms rang somewhere down in the sub-basement of my brain for a minute.  “But you dont gotta worry, lil bro,” he said, and I know I dont gotta worry, but sometimes like that elevator of thought goes down there and I’m all like wtf is going on?  I speed back to the past in my head and I see myself pushin my glasses up on the bridge of my nose and talkin real fast with someone across the bar, bout some book we were both readin.  I remember gettin all tense and angry, kinda like when I do a shitload of crunches, like 50 or 60 or so, and my abs are all tight and my veins are pulsin at the temples of my head and my shoulders are all tight, but YEAH, fuckin 60 crunches!  Time to go do 3 sets of 12 side crunches.  Gonna feel that tomorrow.  Big bro’s gonna be so proud.  “You there, lil bro?” 

“Yeah, big bro,” I say, though I’m a little hazy in the brain.  Ding!  Some kind of bell going off in my brain, like the bell between rounds in a boxing match, or a wrestling match, or a UFC MMA fight.  Big bro’s gettin me into UFC a lil.  I like the rough n tumble shit.  Big bro sends me selfies sometimes and he’s all in this kinda like fighter’s stance and he got this confident gleam in his eye.  He just got a haircut and he says when I visit it’ll be time for mine too.  I am gettin kinda bushy up top.  Like to keep it pretty short.  Not too short, but you know.  “Don’t worry about it, lil bro,” says my big bro confidently.  Everything he fuckin does is confidently.  He could part a crowd just by walkin thru it, head high and stride wide.  “Big bro knows best.”

That’s usually when I cum, actually, lol.  Big bro’s voice in my ear makes me cum, and usually so hard that it flies up to my forehead lol.  Never cummed like that before.  Fuck, never even talked bout cumming before, but big bro coaches me to be more comfortable with that.  It’s fuckin natural, right, just like jackin off is natural.  Just workin out another muscle.  Just like goin to the gym and workin out, watchin my heartrate climb.  Big bro watches my heartrate too, every day thru the monitor I wear on my wrist.  Every day.  And I keep track of my water and tell him every fuckin thing I eat, so he keeps track of my macros so I can get big for big bro.  Grow for big bro.  That’s what’s best.

Uh, I kinda lost my train of thought.  Hard as a motherfucker though, lol.  Feels so good to think about big bros voice in my ear.  Urgin me on, sometimes only in a whisper, sometimes in a shout, sometimes commanding, sometimes coaxing.  Sometimes persuasive and sometimes firm.  Sometimes I lay around in a fuzz of gray static, with his voice curlin around me like mist.  Sometimes he is the sun exploding over the dark horizon, a clarion sound trumpeting that I WAKE UP, FEET ON THE FLOOR, LIL BRO, and before I even know it, I’m up, hands on the pill box, downin what big bro says, shake is already in the blender.  Sometimes before I even know it, I’m out on my way to the gym.  Am I even wearin a shirt?  Well, if I dunno, I just ask big bro, and he’ll tell me. 

So uh thats it guys, lil bro out for now.  Gotta take a muscle nap cuz I just went to the gym and had my postworkout shake.  Got some real life shit like work or whatever to do tonight but I’ll get thru it becuz on the other side big bro will talk me down to sleep and thats my favorite part of the day.  Well any part of the day with big bro is my favorite part of the day.  Sometimes feels like hes takin over, and soon I’ll just be like, a part of him, but I dont mind.  As long as I get to make more muscles, thats cool.  Fuckin love big bro.  Dont need to worry, dont need to think.  Just cruise on thru and flex some more.  Take some pics and flex some more.  Soon enough big bro will be by my side and thatll be the best day ever.


Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 420

Requested: Anon

Request: Theo imagin-he love the reader,often shows it without trying to hide it,she push him away cause she been hurt in her last relationship nd is scared to get hurt again(he dont know that).He alwys hitting on her sweet nd lovingly.One day he give up after v/ long time of trying.He stop eating,sleping,(grades drop)he stop going out nd to school due to depresion.She get worried,goes to his house,this time he tries to push her away but they lastly talk,she finally admit she love him back? Happy ending?

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You couldn’t have been gentler with the rejection but you were still hurting so everything you did was harsh. Theo had shamelessly flirted with you since he’d gotten there he just didn’t know that you had come out of a bad relationship and you weren’t one to talk. You thought Theo was good looking, had a personality that needed to be worked on and that scared you because you didn’t want to be hurt not again, he never gave you any reason to think that you’d get hurt considering he was always sweet and loving towards you. However one day it all stopped, the gently hands on your waist, the sweet nothings whispered in your ears, the gentle kisses on the cheek and the texts reminding you what you needed for your day. The teachers started to ask you where he was or if you heard anything from him. Then they started to tell you his grades were dropping and asked you to try and get him to come to school.

One day you were worried about him and you’d forgotten you book for your psychology lesson anyway so you skipped it and headed to his place, his parents let you up to his room and you knocked on the door “Theo!” You called through the door but there was nothing in response. “Theo! Are you okay? People are worried about you!” Still nothing. “Okay.” You whispered to yourself. “Look, Theo, I have somethings to tell you and I’ll start by saying I’m sorry for pushing you away, I was scared… I think your an amazing guy, you loving and sweet and your really attractive.”
“So why push me away?” He asked through the door and you sighed.
“I just got out of a bad relationship and I was scared to go into another one I was scared that I’d get hurt again.” You answered. “I never meant to hurt you though and let me tell you that seeing you hurt like this is way more painful than anything you could ever do to me.”  Theo pulled the door open, which you did not expect so you fell right through it and straight into him.
“I won’t hurt you,” Theo promised.
“I know.” You mumbled. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”
“It’s okay now you can heal me.” Theo smiled softly.
“Really?” You asked lifting your head to smile at him.
“If you want to.” He smiled.
“I want to.” You nodded leaning up as he leant down to connect your lips.

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i feel half dead. but dont worry, its the inside half. my beautiful face is fine
Dispite Everything, It's still You (Original Sans Motivational Audio)
Dispite Everything, It's still You (Original Sans Motivational Audio)

I was inspired to write a short little Inspiration thing for New years when i saw this post made by @destiny-smasher

So i wrote a quick thing for it.

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Twilight: Well, despite my troubled stay at Crytal Prep, I actually once had some friends from the school’s Science Club.
Sunset: Really? Can I see them?
Twilight: Here you go.
Twilight: The three were very nice to me, and very crafty. They..uhh actually helped me built the Magic Collector that I had brought over during the Friendship Games, and built their own copies of the device..
Sunset: ?!!
Twilight: Dont worry, If my calculation are correct, without a magical catalyst, those things are useless. Well, this is Song Morning, this is Vocal Ignite and the last one here is Tempo Shine. Believe it or not, they are sisters!
Sunset: Whe..Where are they now??
Twilight: Sadly, they abruptly stopped coming to school after we finished making the pendants. I’ve never heard from them again, even if the rumor said that they moved back to their exotic islands home country or something. With that, I’ve been alone ever since.
Sunset: How long have they disappeared?!
Twilight: About a month.. Huh, Sunset? You okay?
Sunset: Te-Tell me more about these girls! What were they like and everything.. in the mean time we had to get the girls together!
Twilight: Ok? Is something wrong?
Sunset: I dont know, but I had a very bad feeling about this..

Thoughts at 530...

How does this work? I keep meaning to call the vet but i’ve put it off all weekend.

Do I want a first early morning appointment? the last one available? will they make special accomidations for me?

I dont want to go early… I want to maximise the time I have with him. :( Every hour right now is precious, and … I just can’t do an early morning. 

But I’m worried later in the day, if they get backed up, or something, we might be sitting there in the waiting room for a long time…

I can’t do that. I can’t waste that time with him in the box when I could be holding him, could be with him. The stress building, I just can’t.

Ugh. I’ll call tomorrow. i promise. 

thespace-witch  asked:

C-H-A-N-C-I-S (I know,it's weird)


like romantically? no one at the moment, ive got a tumblr crush tho, does that count?


nah, they both remind me of bad times so i dont want to mess with them


wish i knew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hot Topic, FYE, or Forever 21


not yet, no


i get sad when i see my soul eater funko cause every other one has a partner on my shelf but i dont have maka yet so he’s alone :( dont worry soul ill get her one day..

anonymous asked:

I don't know if I just relate to all these bpd things or I have something up with me

(im not sure if this is related to the last ask ???)
the problem with bpd is that it is quite a ‘relatable’ illness. just because you dont like it when people ignore you, or you have moodswings, or you worry that people might forget about you DOESNT necessarily mean you have bpd. its so much more complicated than that. youll often see people say “i get that too !! its normal.” well, yeah. no one likes it when someone ignores their messages. but for people with bpd, its extremely stressful and something as simple as a message in a different tone can send us on a downward spiral of panic that theyre fed up of us, that they hate us, that theyre going to leave. its when these things impair your ability to function that it becomes a disorder. i really dont feel like ive expressed the severity of bpd correctly, and im sorry if this didnt answer your question as you wanted me to.

anonymous asked:

no but the last one people might be able to put whatever together and i'm really concerned about it getting out, you know? like i don't care about johns reputation i care about the players

I dont understand what you are worried about. He has told way more than i have publicly on his blog. and i didn’t drop any hint on what player it was. I get your concern but so what he’s just going to be left off the hook to do this to more players. he’s lying to people saying he’s having relationships with hockey players to get them to like him and hang it over their head. You’re going to have be more clear about your concerns because i’ve talked to a lot of people about this nad most of them have known the exact player i’m talking about so i’m not sure it’s much of a secret. especially since everything i said is alreayd out there on the internet public because he was talking about that stuff to his own followers. i’m just saying ia lso have the screenshots confirming he’s a liar.

another thing about my best friend, sorry

i’m gonna start doing these in longer posts instead of a bunch of small posts so they’ll be less frequent and yeah.
anyway, he’s gotten like super… needy ?? lately. like he’s always talking about cuddling and how he just wants me with him all of the time and I know it’s because he’s lonely, he always does that but especially when he’s lonely. And the fact that he’s doing it even more now makes me worry because when he’s lonely he gets sad and I dont like it.
He was sad last night and I was also sad last night so we didnt really talk a whole lot, he played a game and I kinda just laid around, but we were just there for each other if one decided to talk. he eventually got high and kinda started spilling things and said that he’s been really lonely but that when he talks to me, our personalities just match and he wants me to be there with him. He said that he wants to hold me and he wants me to love him and he likes the feel of skin but he particularly loves the idea of mine. He said he wants to play with my hair while I lay beside him and he wants to take me places and take care of me and wants to come home from work to me waiting up for him. He says that he would be totally happy with his life if I were there but the fact that I’m not and that he can’t do any of that makes him really sad.

and I think that why he asked that girl out and is thinking about doing it again. I think its because I’m not there with him but she is. Even though she treats him like shit and he knows it and even though he doesn’t actually like her for anything other than her looks, she’s within reach and he wouldn’t be so lonely.

I’ve been planning to go there, I have to save up my money to move out first, and he is excited about that but if things just did happen to work out with this girl and him then I feel like it would be a mess and I dont want to cause a mess so.. yeah. idk

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Little void fishies Magnus and Johann swimming around and the void fish is just like "my bABIES." The Director is wondering what the fuck because she didn't know the void fish was expecting

the voidfish would be THRILLED but the director would be very much not and she’d be in a bit of panic at first, trying to figure out how the fuck shes gonna get a bigger tank for when the voidfishies grow when taako comes in to check on his friends and sees lucretia looking concerned

 ‘hey kemosabe dont worry about all that, those voidfish are only gonna be in there for a day’

‘beg your pardon?? are you–hey, hey taako? are you gonna kill the voidfish babies?’

‘if magnus keeps taking my stuff and johann keeps taking the last of the good eclairs then hell yea i will’

‘im sorry? i dont think im quite understanding’

‘thats johann and mags in there’ 

and then one of them raises a tentacle to wave at her and she immediately understands and shes v v caught cuz she knows that the two are close to the voidfish so this should be good for all 3 of them but also knowing taako n magnus this is…………….surely gonna go wrong somehow

RCBrock Here!
Ok Disney … im worried. Tangled is my favorite animated film you’ve put out in 10 years. Now your making this “Tangled before ever after” show. Which i admit looks like a “Claire Keane” drawing come to life, and thats awsome and all. Just please dont let me down on this one. I worry because I care.
I also draw of course so here’s a Rapunzel based on the shows art style i made last night internet.

transmetal  asked:

i have a wacom intous pen and touch small. its an older model that they are selling now tho. ive had it for like four years!! the tablet still looks like new but my pen is a bit worn and i havent Had to replace the nib yet. i drop it like all the time and it hasnt broken. i dont rly use the touch option often tho. id recommend it if you wanted smthng thatd last u for a long time. i havent had a different one, so i wouldnt know what to compare it to tho. hope this helps !!

It does! How long it lasts is what I worry about especially bc you know how it is with new phones…..