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Great Balls of Fucking Fire!

(Title because everyone titles their shit ‘humans are weird’ and telling these posts apart is a pain in the ass!) So, saw a post about aliens not being all that great with human swearing. (Wish I’d saved the damn post!) And my first thought was ‘Ah, yes, good! Go with that! That is awesome!” They pointed out that aliens wouldn’t understand swearing such as “Fuck!” or “Asshole!”. I thought “Motherfucker” would be another great one to add to the list. But what about the more um…inventive swears? For example (these are all ones that I use or have heard used):

Human: “Jesus Christ on a crutch!”

Alien: “Where? And how was your deity hurt? For that matter, how did your deity board the ship?”

Human: “Well fuck me sideways!”

Alien: “I do not think that is anatomically possible for either of us…”

Human: “I’ve met some pricks in my time, but you fine sir are the fucking cactus!”

Alien: “Fucking…cactus? Why would you wish to engage in coitus with a dessert plant? Wouldn’t it hurt?!”

Human: “Son of a biscuit eating bull dog!”

Alien: ?????

(Damnit, now I’m on a roll.) But consider some of these other things. What about human name calling? Like, the original post touched on that a bit with the ‘asshole’ comment. But again, what about the more inventive name calling? Children call each other ‘meanie’, ‘poopoo head’, and ‘meanie head’. Those would be confusing enough. Now picture an alien having to deal with adult name calling. Some of my friends have been known to use the following:

  • Twat waffle
  • Cunt biscuit
  • Shitlet
  • Douchebag
  • Ass goblin
  • Fuckwit
  • Ass clown
  • Captain Obvious (and their partner, Sergeant Sarcasm)
  • Butt Munch
  • Fucktard
  • Dick face
  • Shit nibbler (or nibblet)
  • Cheeky dickwaffle
  • Pecker head
  • Dingleberry

Can you picture an alien reacting to THOSE? And what about colloquialisms? What about those stupid sayings that don’t entirely make sense, but we use them anyway? Like, check out some of these beauties, and just imagine the alien’s glorious confusion over some of these:

 Human: “I am dragging so much ass that I am wiping out the tracks behind me!”

Alien: “Human you can’t leave tracks on a spaceship, nor is you posterior currently touching the ground.”

Human: (doesn’t trust some space pirate) “You can shake his hand, but you’ll have to count your fingers afterward.”

Alien: Promptly hides human’s hands, he didn’t know that that space pirate was a finger stealer! Or that finger stealers were a thing! Are their own tentacles close enough to count? Should they be worried? Don’t worry, I will protect your fingers my human!

Human: “We better dock soon, because I’ve got to pee like a motherfucker/ racehorse/ mother racehorse (that last is my families fusion of the two. Dont ask).

Alien: ???? (doesn’t compute) ?????

Human: “I’m so hungry I could eat a (insert large animal or item of choice. Such as ‘Spaceship’)!”

Alien: Races off to warn captain that they need to up the human’s food intake before it eats the ship right out from under them!!!!

Human: “He’s slicker than owl shit!” 

Alien: ?????

Human: “I’m busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest!”

Alien: Gets migraine trying to picture how a human with one leg could kick anything, much less as a competitor.

Human: “Stop running around like a chicken with your head cut off! Your hair is not on fire!”

Alien: Freezes mid-step to stare at human. “W-what?”

Just picture all of these guys!

G R O W I N G    S T R O N G

Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning and I just–suffocate.

Lance starts being afraid of what he loves

(tryna color but obviously failing)

bonus slav:

they bond over mutual fear (shiro is not amused and hunk is low key worried about lance)

I have feeling™ and I need to get them out. Have a langst minific centered around Blue and the bond they definitely have. This got kinda long…

It was like lightning. One second, he’s fine, and the next, he sees a flash of light so blinding that he dont know where he is. It disorients him. Makes him question whats up or down, if he’s still on the ship or flung into space. For a terrifying moment, all he’s capable of feeling is confusion.

At least… Thats how Lance interprets this situation.

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medical!seungcheol au

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req by anon:  hi can i ask for a any medical!seventeen au?? like it can be with any member or maybe college seventeen majoring in those medical fields? i dont really know but any medical!svt would be really appreciated! i love your works, keep it up!

so i went ahead and randomized all members’ names, and coups was the first one to pop out, hope you like this! i went w hospital!svt bc i noticed i do a lot of college au stuff lmao SO THIS WAS BASICALLY THE 2ND THING I HAD WRITTEN FOR THAT MEDICAL!AU N DONT WORRY @ THAT ONE PERSON WHO SENT IT I SAW UR REQ!! (i just had this written b4 u sent it in but i was working on it earlier!)

word count: 1.3k

  • studying for your bachelor’s in medicine, one of the last things you needed was either an internship or volunteer work at a certain hospital*
  • you had a few other friends who were also studying in that major in college, but most of the hospitals really had no room for learning assistants
  • however, you were friends with joshua, who was currently studying in pediatrics
  • he gave you the recommendation and that’s how you eventually ended up as an assistant at the same hospital
  • your main interest of work was sports medicine, and when you showed up the first day, you were given a slip of paper with the doctor who you’d be assisting’s name on it
  • of course, you ended up getting lost around the hospital
  • not only that but you had no idea where joshua was so you couldn’t ask for help
  • anyone that passed by you always seemed busy or unfriendly and you didn’t want to ask if they knew who this was
  • but eventually you built up the courage and stopped the first doctor-looking person who was passing through the hallway
  • “um.. excuse me! i’m looking for a dr. choi seungcheol, can you help me find him?”
  • the man stared at you for a few moments, before breaking out into a grin
  • “you must be my new assistant! i’m doctor choi, it’s nice to meet you!”
  • you walked through the hallways of the hospital with doctor choi, and you had to admit, he was extremely good looking
  • he did little mini introductions of everyone else, pointing out them out and what they did
  • “that’s dr. kim mingyu over there, and he works in pediatrics. over to your right is dr. xu minghao, and he works in speech therapy.”
  • he mentioned a lot more names that you were sure you wouldn’t remember later but you at least tried to remember the routes around the hospital
  • in another building was where most of the doctors’ offices resided, and you saw other physicians, some in and out of their offices, speaking idly with others
  • another boy with lighter, golden hair ran up to both you and seungcheol, waving
  • “morning, hansol! this is my new assistant, y/n”
  • you bowed, introducing yourself
  • hansol also bowed and you noticed how young a lot of the doctors here appeared “nice to meet you! i’m choi hansol, and i’m the only other ‘choi’ here, but i work in physical therapy”
  • “most of the patients we’ll have will go to him or one of the other physical therapists after,” seungcheol explained
  • after your first week at the hospital, you got to know a lot of the other physicians there, and even met with joshua a few times
  • when not seeing a patient (which was rare for you and seungcheol), seungcheol normally had you run simple errands while he filled out paperwork
  • a lot of the patients you met had joint injuries, and a lot of them were, as expected, due to sports or exercises
  • it was rare when you ever met a patient who was younger than 14, but seungcheol always commended you on your patience with them
  • while doing errands one day, you passed by jihoon, a neurosurgeon 
  • “morning, jihoon! happy friday!”
  • jihoon snorted “so optimistic, even early in the mornings. no wonder cheol likes you so much.”
  • you were like ??????? wait i heard that
  • jihoon waved it off “ask jeonghan about it”
  • you ran off to go do exactly that, and jihoon smirked as the plan seemed to be going well
  • jeonghan was another one of the physical therapists, but since it was early, you chose not to bother them as they most likely had patients
  • however, you ran into hansol in the hallway
  • “good morning, hansol! running late?”
  • he chuckled, nodding “kind of have an 8:15 appointment that i’ll be late to tend to if i’m not there in 10. you looking for someone?”
  • you nodded, stating that you were looking for jeonghan, who unfortunately, was booked until 3:45
  • “you should probably go see jun in imaging.”
  • and so, there you went, on a wild goose chase, looking for different people who were all either busy or somewhere else
  • after looking for the twelfth person, you heard your name called over the speaker “y/n to sports medicine, your 11:45 appointment is here”
  • sighing, you figured you’d put it off until later
  • you chose not to speak about it to seungcheol until after the day was over and it made things awkward for you while looking at patients
  • going for the last appointment of your day, you noticed that seungcheol had apparently left this one for you to treat alone
  • not like you hated doing it, as it gave you a one-on-one meeting with the patients
  • and this was a follow up, with a 10 year-old girl named seolhee, who was returning for checks on her arm, which had broken from gymnastics
  • you did everything necessary, examining her x-rays
  • seungcheol never walked through the door, which you felt was odd
  • however, seolhee just seemed to need a paper signed for school, so you nodded, inspecting her arm once more
  • “doctor y/n!!” seolhee yelled, gaining your attention quickly
  • u were surprised bc normally she’s really quiet n attentive
  • “does it hurt somewhere? did that hurt?”
  • she shakes her head
  • “i wanted to ask you a question”
  • you blinked, “oh okay, what is it?”
  • “do you like the last name choi?”
  • that was kind of a weird question
  • u were like ????
  • you checked, and you knew that wasn’t seolhee’s last name so you were kind of like “??? why do you ask that?”
  • “because doctor choi said he might wanna give you it someday”
  • you were like uMMM????? WHAT wHAT iS GOING ON
  • u see seungcheol kind of crash through the door, seolhee giggling in the process
  • he’s a little flustered, but he fixes his lab coat anyways, running a hand through his hair
  • “did you do it?” he asks seolhee
  • with a mischievous grin, she nods
  • “so what do you think?” he turns to you, suddenly looking a little embarrassed
  • “of giving me your last name????”
  • seungcheol blinks at you for a few seconds, then turns to the little ten year old, who is happily humming
  • “what did you tell her?”
  • “the last name thing”
  • he manages to explain himself, even if his explanation is a little…. messy
  • in the middle of his rambling, you stop him, putting a finger to his lips
  • this looks a little awkward just cause you’re a little shorter than him (and even if you’re not it still looks awkward cause he almost got your finger stuck in his mouth)
  • he makes a confused noise, and u can now see the exact shade of beet red that he has turned
  • wonderful
  • anyway you stare at him for a few seconds, a little embarrassed yourself
  • “did you really send me to go see several different people just to tell me you liked me?”
  • he stares down at the floor, nodding in half-shame and embarrassment
  • “well, okay.”
  • “okay what?”
  • “um, we’ll go on a date.”
  • “i didn’t even ask yet”
  • you stared bizarrely at each other for about 10 seconds until seolhee cleared her throat, and the both of you turned to look at her
  • “can I get my paper signed now please?”
  • the two of you sent seolhee on her way back to her mother, and the ten year-old continued to giggle about how her favorite doctors liked each other
  • both you and seungcheol walked out hand-in-hand, jun wolf whistling at the both of you as you walked by
  • “who do u think x-rayed her arM”
  • laughing at your antics, seungcheol wrapped his arm around your shoulders as he walked you through the hallways of the hospital
BTS Reaction to their s/o being clumsy


He’d find it cute until you actually hurt yourself pretty seriously. After that he’d try his best at staying by you at all times and making sure you stay as far away from sharp objects as possible. The last thing he would want is ever seeing you getting hurt.

Whenever you two are cooking together he’d be extremely careful making sure that both you and him are ok.

“Jagi wait, NO. Put the knife down…I’ll cut the vegetables for today…dont worry…just put the knife down” 


The two of you are a very odd combination. It always seemed like if the two of you were in the same room, at least one of you will get hurt. However Namjoon would start being more careful and would try his best to make sure that you wont get hurt. In the end it’ll just become something he is used to and loves.

“I think this just proves that we are perfect for each other.”


Whenever you trip a little or slip on the floor for no reason he will just chuckle to himself and wont pay it much attention. He’d notice your little slip ups but wont comment on them to not make you feel embarrassed and also because he mostly found it adorable. You wouldn’t get hurt most of the time and he knew you were fine so he couldn’t help but laugh in secret at how cute you are. But at times where he thought you were too adorable he wouldn’t be able to not comment on it.

“I know you slipped and I hope you’re ok, but god that was so funny and cute.”


At first he would get very concerned for you and will worry that you’ll one day manage to actually get hurt quiet seriously. Once time passes and he realises the your clumsiness is mostly harmless he’d worry less and would try his best to be with you when you do anything remotely dangerous. As time goes on he’d also make a habit of always carrying a little first aid bag. To his surprise he actually used it very often. 

“Try to be a little more careful, I don’t want you getting hurt…plus I’m running out of bandaids.”


He wouldn’t be able to hide how adorable he thought you were whenever you’d accidentally slip on the ground and then balance yourself back up with your arms stretched out. Whenever you let out a small yell and he hears a loud crash he’d just roll his eyes knowing that you most likely accidentally dropped something on the ground. After hearing you he’d come from behind and would give you a back hug.

“Stop making breaking our dishes look so adorable.”


He’d tease you all time since he knew that most of your little moments were absolutely harmless. Obviously whenever you actually got hurt he’d make sure you were ok and would take a lot of care of you. But before that happens he’d always love poking fun at your shenanigans, always finding them to be a mixture of funny and cute. When you trip over nothing he’d pat your head and will smile warmly at you.

“You sure you don’t want any help there? Or are you just giving the floor a needed hug?”


He’d be the type to actually worry deeply for you. Getting scared whenever you let out a yelp or when you manage to somehow fall on the spot. He would get frustrated but never angry at you as he knew it wasn’t something you could control, but he’d still worry. When you fall onto the ground he’d immediately crouch over and make sure you’re ok. Once he knows you’re fine he’d cup your face with his hands and sigh.

“You already give me enough heart attacks with how pretty you are, no need to give me any more. So be a little more careful, ok?”

things ive noticed about the signs // harsh advice

aries: they’re just here for the fun of it. fucking hilarious, but usually in their own way, so they’re funny to just themselves and their close friends. wants to be more independent than they are. shitty drivers. dont have much of a filter. extremely adept at overcoming life’s bullshit, mainly because they do not have time for this. quick thinkers. // learn how to own up to the shitty things you do everyone is sick and tired of calling you out just apologize and be done with it

taurus: able to adapt to new environments. hard workers. good at everything they try. not always trusting of or open to new friends, but when they care about someone, steadfast doesn’t even begin to cover it. they aren’t going anywhere. // i swear to fucking christ if i catch you shit talking yourself one more time im gonna punch you in the throat(in a friendly loving way)

gemini: whether they’re an introvert or an extrovert, they know how to talk to people and make friends easily. 95% of people have a crush on them at some point solely for their magnetic personality. is a giant fucking loser but somehow pulls it off. makes good grilled cheese sandwiches. doesn’t really want to be the team leader, as they have a better view from the back, but they’re pretty good leaders. // if you make one more shitty pun im going to check you into a wall

cancer: fluid personality, often shifting quickly from sensitive to uncaring. they want to feel safe, whether this is emotionally, romantically, or financially. they love surprising people with gifts. they have a laugh that you can never forget. open about their feelings. if they love you, you will know. smarter than they’re given credit for. // for the last time, your day was not ruined because you stubbed your toe please calm down and quit crying

leo: they soak up all the attention within a 5 mile radius of wherever they happen to be standing. they want to succeed and be recognized for their achievements, but they would never think of dragging anyone down with them. positive and creative thinkers. persistent. weirdly flexible. natural leaders. when they speak, people listen, partially out of respect but also because leos are naturally likable. // QUIT YELLING AT PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THEIR BEST!!!step in someone else’s shoes for fucking once, goddamn

virgo: contrary to popular belief, not actually that excited about school. their room is generally a mess but like, theres one part of it that always has to be clean. they like to make friends, they like to be liked, but they know when thats not an option, and they will not hesitate to cut someone off to protect themselves. if you’re a virgo with a resting bitch face, i am so sorry and i understand. me too. // WHY DO U DO THAT THING WHERE U THINK UR BETTER THAN EVERYONE???U AINT BITCH THE FUCK

libra: ambitious. sometimes seen as shallow but theres often a lot more hidden under the surface. charming when they want to be. one of the funniest people you know, but you dont realize it until they’re mad at you. also, their anger is terrifying so watch your back. if they make a mistake, please just forgive them, because chances are they’re beating themselves up about it. like a lot. make great brownies. // YOU GET PISSY ABOUT THE LITTLEST THINGS. SHUT UP

scorpio: love making other people happy. sometimes manipulative, but a lot of times by accident. spend all of their energy worrying about others, but never themselves, and then some. loyal to the last breath. weirdly good at dancing. always a little bit confused about whats going on but pretends to know whats going on so they look smarter. compassionate. they love new beginnings, clean slates, and fresh starts. // stop dancing around what you wanna say and fuckin SAY IT

sagittarius: adventurous. just because they’re quiet doesn’t mean they’re shy. bad at listening to others sometimes, but they’re doing their best, really. curious. not bothered by a lot. probably would marry a good glass of chocolate milk. tries to be optimistic in most situations, but if they start crying just let them get it out okay they need a good solid cry rn. big hearts. sometimes nosey. want to make a difference in the world and to the people around them. // i have called your name three times you piece of shit PAY ATTENTION STOP ZONING OUT THIS IS IMPORTANT

capricorn: witty and self-depricating. loyal friends but bad at texting back. they dont shit talk people often, but when they do, its because that person is really, really awful. probably a fucking weeb. if they aren’t, then they’re a furry. if they aren’t either of those, then they’re lying. down to earth(literally, they’re an earth sign). they will kick your ass at cards against humanity. accept that they are funnier than you and move on. great hair. // you’re a passive aggressive little shit and you know it

aquarius: independent. talk when they’re nervous. excellent liars, but also brutally honest. alien fuckers. EXTREMELY perceptive, often seeing things you didn’t want them to, or that you thought you had hidden well. organized. probably runs an aesthetic blog. the only people that can lie to them are themselves. hate feeling dragged down by others. // QUIT FUCKING COMPLAINING ABOUT TINY SHIT LIKE PEOPLE NOT GOING FAST ENOUGH WHEN THE LIGHT TURNS GREEN!!!!SOME PEOPLE ARENT ALWAYS HAVING A GOOD DAY OKAY

pisces: resilient. always wants to stay busy. honestly some of the sweetest people ive ever met, occasionally a bit misunderstood. obsessive. emotional, which sometimes pulls them in confusing directions. determined to get what they want. the supportive friend that just needs a hug. whatever skills they have, they’re just naturally talented. tries to be mysterious, usually ends up tripping over their own feet. // you’re some of the worst procrastinators of all time get your shit together buddy

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nooooo! now i get the chance to draw her better than last time lolol! 

Little Hypno’s Art Raffle!

Why are you all even here? I’m trash and dont really deserve this. But thank you so much for following me uvu

Same rules apply like last time :)

Two winners for first place and one winner for second and third place


Names will be down on Saturday uvu 


1. Reblogs only!

2. You HAVE to be following me, I’ll be checking to make sure that you are, sorry if you see this and just followed me, you aren’t able to join ((there will be more in the future no worries))

3. Everyone will have their URLs written down and put into a bag! Yes I’m pulling names to make it fair.

3. No giveaway blogs please.

Will Draw:

- Gore/Horror/Macabre

-Couples ((canon or your own oc’s))

- Oc’s

-Canon Characters

- Character Designs. i.e. For those who cant really draw but are good writers and would like their characters drawn for them

Will NOT Draw:

- Realism

-Elderly ((to an extant))


-Hateful/Disrespectful/Political/Propaganda Art

-Overly Complicated Designs and Backgrounds

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corrupted---minds  asked:

How is your teeth situation going? Last i remember that good dentist said he would remove them one at a time but i dont remember and update past that

They are doing okay, the infection stopped spreading once they pulled that mother lover of a tooth, and my pain levels drastically decreased. I did however have to wait almost 10 weeks before the hole healed over and I’ve still got some pain at the area 4 months later—most healthy people it takes 4-6 weeks to heal, so he was a little worried so we postponed further removals until my body had had a chance to heal from what was frankly a massive infection in my lower left jaw.

So I’m coping well in the meantime and just saving up for the three more removals I need, the three replacement fillings I need after that,  and then braces to correct the absolute shit show oh what is left of my mouth.

Physically though I am doing a lot better in that regard. It’s nice to not want to remove your head with a saw to escape your own nerve necrosis in your face.

okay but WHERE is the haikyuu!! character whos this tiny lil libero but every time he steps onto the court he announces to his team “dont worry guys, the ace is here!” and no one understands how a smol libero can be the ace but his team just all groans loudly in unison because the truth is hes asexual and never stops making puns about it

SERVAMP Festival Fanreport (2/5) (Noon)

Now that I’m finally back home I can reorganize my points and write the full report! Take note this report contains only the noon session. Night session can be found HERE. And since it will be made into a DVD (that will be released on 28th June), it will be considered spoilers if you are intending to get the DVD so you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to! My report may or may not be a little Kimura Ryohei/Greed pair-centric since I unconsciously focus on them most of the time.

I should also mention that it might not be 100% accurate as it is based off from memory, so sorry if I mess up! I’ll only write what I can remember.
And also because I fail at English and suck at writing a report it probably turned out being messier than I thought it would be…….sorry.

It’ll get pretty lengthy so I’m placing everything under a cut!! ↓↓

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A warning to the illness/injury community:

There is a toxic person among us. I don’t like to start drama, but this person has done inexcusable things, and no one else deserves to be subject to their manipulation.

Let me tell you the tale of “Morgan.”

About six months ago, I started getting anons from someone saying they had a lot in common with my OC Morgan. This worried me, since my Morgan is a self-harming anorexic. I told the anon that if they needed to talk, they were welcome to message me. Shortly thereafter, I got a message from the person I will henceforth refer to as Morgan.

I checked out his blog, neopastel-dreams, which turned out to be a new blog I had been seeing lately. He was a big fan of my good friend Est (@emetoandotherthings), and a decent sickfic writer. I followed his blog and continued to chat with him, asking about what was bothering him and about him in general.

He revealed to me that he had an unpleasant home life and unresolved mental health issues. I told him that I would be his friend and I was here if he needed anything. And I was. We chatted when he was stressed, even Skyped a few times. A few times he expressed suicidal intent and I did my best to talk him out of it. He mentioned that he was in inpatient at one point and stuff. I was just being a sympathetic listening ear as I always try to do, but then things started to get problematic.

He’d express suicidal intent, then ignore all my attempts to help and vanish, then after freaking me out about that, he’d text back a day later and apologize. And I was putting up with it at first, as I’ve been a depressed teenager and I know how it feels, but then things started getting shadier.

Basically, he told Esther (who he’d also been talking to for a while by now) that he’d gone to the hospital because he OD’d, but they let him out because he convinced them it was an accident. And he basically said “on my way out I heard these other two doctors shit-talking me” and Est was like “that’s completely inappropriate. Tell me the name of the hospital and I’ll file a complaint.” Suddenly his story changes and the two doctors were drunk ladies in the parking lot and Est can’t report it cause he’s trans and she doesn’t know his birth name. And mind you he’d never once said a word about being trans to either of us before, despite the fact that we’re both openly pro-LGBT and I’m trans myself. Esther came to me to discuss this, because she was upset about him having obviously lied to us.

So I Skyped him, hoping I could figure stuff out, and either straighten out the story or catch him in a lie. Once he’d said a few incriminating things (namely referencing his cat trying to bite his balls. What balls? I thought you were FtM? Which of those is untrue?) I turned on the recorder on my phone and confronted him abt all of it. I basically proved that he was full of shit but he tried to play the victim.

Said audio can be found here.

He vanished for a while, then came back and apologized. We told him “this is your last chance to not be a fuckwheel,” but he went back to his old troublesome ways very quickly, putting a lot of stress on us.

After a while, Est and April (@dont-look-so-good, who he was also talking to) got sick of his bullshit, cause worrying about his issues was bad for their mental health and he was refusing all our attempts to help him.

So the girls blocked him, while I tried one last time to help.

He spewed his same usual bullshit to me, AND made an alt to message April, lying about his name and claiming to be NB, as seen here:

(@ocsickficsideblog is April’s sideblog.)

She realized it and blocked that account. Since then, he’s been harassing all of us on multiple accounts, and has retreated to v-rfr-ude under an alias to hide from all the hate he was getting on neopastel-dreams.

He’s still trying to harass me. I stopped blocking his alts cause he just makes yet another one.

I’ve gotten basically that same exact apology from him too many times to count at this point.

To make matters worse, he’s now attention whoring on anon, sending ❤s and his urls to people unaware of his bullshit.

So, to summarize: 

Morgan, aka “Eden”, aka “Alois” is an emotionally manipulative liar.  He is also known as: 

Beware of all the urls I listed, and know that he isn’t above making more alts to hide. So be careful of new blogs. Not hateful, but careful. This is my warning to you all. I hope none of you have to suffer through the bullshit he subjected Est, April, and I to.

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"when a house is bought" instead of "when we buy a house" kinda made it sound like they're not gonna be buying a house /together/ ever, cause dan made a pause before saying that, which maybe means he thought about how to phrase it? and why would he phrase it like this if their future bought house isn't a house for both of them? Thai whole liveshow made me feel like this might be their last home together, and I'm very sad about that thought

“when a house is bought” refers to a singular home, aka one home that they are gonna live in together. if anything this liveshow (loveshow) basically solidified the idea that yes dan and phil are gonna buy a house and get a dog together and it may not be as far down the road as we think. dan tends to word things in a teasing way like that sometimes so dont worry too much about the singular words cuz we all know everything is “we,” “us,” and “ours”

golden-trash-for-you  asked:

Honestly guys...I've asked so much from this blog but...I have one last thing. Any very, very angsty Jikook or Yoonseok or Namseok fanfics? Happy endings or not, I don't care. I just need something that has me literally crying.

Dude, don’t worry about it! Ask away~ One of our favorite ask(er) deserves to ask anything they want ~~ Also, I DONT GET IT WHY DO U GUYS WANT ANGST I JUST DONT GET IT

Anaesthesia by yamifizzy [JiKook, 5.4k] 

farewell, mon premier amour, mon dernier amour. by desagreger [JiKook, 12k]

House Of Cards by AnnaBel99 [JiKook, 12k]

When I was your man by feelikeforever [YoonSeok, 3k]

Give me Therapy by nuuuge [NamSeok, 36k]


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reunions - yoongi

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

890 words

  • its been 2 months since you last saw yoongi
  • your break up was chaotic to say the least
  • it was raining on the day you finally said that enough was enough
  • ever since you could remember, yoongi had been giving out different reasons for not contributing to your relationship
  • when you wanted to go out for dinner, he would always tell you he was tired from his job
  • one night, you were writing an important paper for your class that needed to be submitted the following day
  • yoongi closed your laptop and tackled you onto the bed because ‘he needed you more’
  • you finally snapped though when your anniversary came around
  • and he completely forgot about it
  • seven fuckin years you think a guy would learn
  • he came into your apartment with his mint-colored hair wet from the strong rain outside
  • “geez its really raining cats and dogs out there ba–“
  • he shut up when he saw you in a fancy dress with a full face of makeup on
  • a confused expression was plastered on his face before it finally sunk in
  • “shit…. was that today?“
  • those four words were enough to send you through the roof with anger
  • you started cursing at him, yelling about how he’s never changed in the slightest ever since you started your relationship
  • he was still the same lazy, unmotivated man you met seven years ago
  • and so you leave
  • you take all of your clothes and belongings and shove them forcefully into one suitcase
  • also you take your dog
  • of course yoongi tries to plead with you and begs you to stay but nope. youre not having it
  • then youre gone
  • fast forward to two months later
  • the post-break up situation wasnt easy for both of you
  • you started seeing a man you met on tinder and even though he sounded pretty good on the app, he was a completely different person irl
  • he didnt bother learning anything about you and always liked to talk about himself, every opportunity that he got
  • whenever you went out with him, you just imagined what it would be like if it was yoongi standing in his place instead
  • then you start comparing him to your ex all the time
  • he didnt greet you good morning and bid you good night with chaste kisses on your face
  • he didnt intertwine his fingers in yours unconciously when you two walk down the street
  • he didnt crack punny jokes over dinner while you were drinking your water
  • he wasnt like yoongi at all
  • and you hated it
  • so you didnt even hesitate in breaking things off with him
  • yoongi on the other hand is struggling to make his life at least a little bit less pathetic
  • he realized that he was mostly in the wrong because instead of treating you like his girlfriend, you were more like a maid
  • he’s been working 23914 times harder in the hopes that when you want to see him again, he wont be as pitiful
  • he didnt expect that you would both be seeing each other very soon though
  • one night you noticed your dog was nowhere to be seen
  • you went around your whole apartment looking for her but you finally found her under the bed
  • when she didnt reply to you calling her name, thats when you started to worry
  • she wasnt eating, she didnt run around the apartment anymore, basically she wasnt the same
  • so you called the only person who would probably know what to do
  • yoongi
  • while crying and stroking your dog’s fur, you told him bout her odd behaviour lately
  • he tells you that he’ll meet you in the office in fifteen minutes
  • when he arrives, your breath hitches in your throat
  • its like the yoongi in front of you was a completely different person
  • his hair went back to being its natural black color and he looked just a bit paler and thinner from when you saw him last
  • you didnt think much about it though bc rn your priority was your dog
  • one of the nurses took her from your arms and brought her into the clinic
  • he told both of you to wait outside for a bit and you nodded worryingly
  • unfortunately the doctor informed you that your  dog was in need of surgery asap to remove a tumor that had been growing for the past 3-4 months
  • so you and yoongi are in the waiting room waiting for just a bit of good news
  • youre telling yourself not to cry so much but you cant help it as the tears just keep streaming down your face
  • yoongi kneels down in front of your seat and cups your face in his hands
  • you knew you would have blushed a lot if it were any other situation but it wasnt
  • his thumbs brush across your cheeks, trying to wipe away the tears that keep flowing
  • then he sits down beside you and pats his shoulder
  • “sleep. i’ll tell you when the surgery is finished“
  • so you hesitantly rested your head on yoongi’s shoulder and whispered to him softly
  • “…..i missed you“
  • “…………….i missed you too“
  • you couldnt be sure of what you heard next since you were already close to being fully asleep
  • but it sounded just a little bit like
  • “and i still love you.”

based on a movie i saw recently. if you know what im talking about, im sending you a hundred finger hearts rn