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12x15 Coda: Heaven Doesn’t Come With Keys

After meeting with the angels, Cas thinks about his wings.  Dean decides he wants to see.  12x15 coda, destiel, 1.2k

They can all see.

Castiel tucks his tattered wings more closely to his back.  One flutters uneasily as someone brushes by; he hasn’t had so many people close to them in a long time.  He doesn’t miss how Kelvin’s eyes rove over them.  How no one quite looks him in the eyes because they’re more focused on the shredded feathers sticking out every which way.

Later, that’s all he can think about.

Cas lets himself into the bunker, some of the hollow feeling in his chest easing at the glide of the key in the lock.  Heaven doesn’t come with keys.  Doesn’t come with something to confirm that he belongs there.

“You’re home early,” Dean says as he walks into the war room, carrying a stack of books.

When he sets them down on the map table, a small puff of dust rises up.  He glares at them, as if they’ve personally set out to offend him with dirt in his bunker.  Cas swallows the lump in his throat at the word home.  

“I lost Kelly’s trail.”

Dean doesn’t look disappointed. “We’ll find her eventually.” Then, “Want a burger?  I’m about to start dinner.”

Heaven doesn’t have burgers, either.   Cas follows him obediently into the kitchen.  When he begins to roll up his sleeves to help, Dean pushes him gently on to one of the benches at the table.

“You’re quiet,” Dean notes.  He shoots Cas a smirk. “I mean, not your normal sort of quiet.”

Cas looks down at his hands, clasped on top of the table, before he speaks. “I was approached by an angel.  Joshua wants me back in Heaven.”

Dean stops right in the middle of shaping his second patty.  “Joshua.  As in the gardener guy?”


Haltingly, he begins to shape the patty again, using a little more force than strictly necessary, not quite looking at Cas.  A long few moments go by as he sets the patties down one beside the other.  Then he moves to chop up some onions and tomatoes. (“Sammy always wants something green,” he’d told Cas once.)

“Are you going to? Go back, I mean?”

Dean says it casually, but Cas can tell by the fact that he’s stalled right in the middle of putting the onions on his burger that he’s more affected than he’s letting on.

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Stereotypical (6) second date

Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series)

Notes: angst, mentions of abuse, swearing, flirting, fluff, Bucky is a hopeless romantic.

A/N: Second date with heartfelt conversations.

“So, you didn’t tell her where you’re taking her? Or should I say, how?” Steve snickers and rolls his eyes when he sees Bucky’s mischievous grin.

How I’m taking her? Really, the mouth on you, Rogers..” Bucky grins triumphantly when Steve’s cheeks turn pink and he rolls his eyes again.

“You know what I mean, jerk”

“Yeah, yeah, punk” Bucky snickers. “No, I haven’t told her that I’m picking her up on my motorcycle. But I told her to not bother with her hair and I texted her earlier to wear pants, just in case she was planning to wear a skirt or somethin’”

Steve snorts when Bucky makes a disappointed sigh.

“What?” he chuckles and takes a sip of his own drink, “I like her in skirts”

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Push the button

A/N: My idea for this fic changed a few times because I came up with a series idea….so enjoy the fluff while you can. The relationship between the reader & Jensen has a lot of inspiration from the one I share with my brother-in-law. I basically took something that happened with me & my brother-in-law & adjusted it to fit this story. Enjoy.

Jensen x Sister!Reader

You were scrolling through Facebook while laying on the bed at your brother’s house when JJ came strolling into your room. Looking up from the conversation you were having with your friend on chat you shot JJ a confused look. She looked upset, an emotion you rarely saw on the happy three year old’s face. Placing the laptop on the bed you got up and walked over to her.

“What’s wrong little bird?” You asked her while crouching down to her level.

“Daddy’s leavin’ again tomorrow.” She replied with a pout.

Giving her a sad smile you embraced your niece, “I know,” You told her, “Sucks a lot, doesn’t it?” JJ simply nodded her head as she wrapped her arms around your neck. “Where is your dad anyways?” You questioned her.

“Wif mama, Arrow, and Zeppy.” She responded, letting out a sigh. With JJ’s words you couldn’t help but squeeze her a little tighter. Jensen and Danneel had been worried about JJ feeling left out with the birth of the twins. Their fear had led to them asking you to move in with them. You could help Danneel with the kids, spend time with your family, and it gave you more time to work on the screenplay you had been writing.

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You scoff, believing it to be one of God's tricks.

You push away the stranger’s hand, freaking out. Her smile turned into a grimace, and she no longer tries to touch you.

Get lost, you think. Get away from me.

Something akin to panic starts filling you. The last thing you remember before waking up in this alternate world was going to sleep in your own bed. Now, you were in an apartment room, with furniture and fixtures you’ve never seen before surrounding you. A faux family had been recreated, too, and it seems like God himself is playing havoc with your brain.

It’s the third time you’ve been jumping through these dimensions now. The second time you appeared in a hospital room halfway through eating dinner, and your loved ones had all vanished, replaced by what seems to be extremely realistic AI.

“But papa,” she said again. “It’s me. Meg.”

“I have a daughter named Meg and she is nothing like you, bitch.” Immediately she started tearing up, but you feel no remorse. You swear at the heavens, vowing to fight your way back to your dimension, and lock yourself in Meg’s room, trying to find a hint of any universe- spanning portal.

A black diary lies on her table, and you snatch it up, rifling through the pages, until you reach the most recent entry.

11 June, 2011

Dad’s dementia is getting worse.

Take the Lead

A/N: One more part left in Rotation after this. Part 1 and Part 2 here:
Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission

You stared at each other for an eternity, you on the bed and Harry standing a million miles away. Somehow you ended up toe-to-toe with him, Harry towering over you. And your hands rested on his chest, while his slowly fell to rest on your bum. No words were exchanged, only the fire between your eyes.

You could feel him pulling you nearer, and you weren’t imagining the way he lowered his head to meet your gaze. But when you made the move to press your lips to his, lifting up on your tiptoes to close the minimal distance, he stiffened. The kiss hardly lasted a second before he pulled away, bringing a hand to cover his mouth as he stepped out of your hold.

“Should go,” he mumbled, looking around for his boots.

“Did I–?” You felt self-conscious, uncomfortable even. Just moments ago you thought he was going to fuck you into next year, but now he wouldn’t even let you kiss him?

“Isn’t Tommy on his way over?” Harry yanked one boot on after the other before snatching his keys and phone off your dresser, shoving them in his pockets.

“He and Michael are taking me for dinner…” Your voice was quiet. Harry was acting strange, his haste to leave almost hurtful. “Why don’t you join us? Said summat about gettin’ a curry, and I know how you love a curry, Haz.” You tried to smile, attempting to break the awkward tension Harry was creating, but the incredulous look he gave you signaled you’d not said the right thing.

“I’ve just heard you promise yeh brother that you’d stay away from me, Bubbles. What’d’ya think’s gon’ happen when he turns up and I’m here?”

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Request: Can I request a jay park smut where he’s the submissive for the night and the lead girl over stimulates him and he’s begging and a mess please?

Genre: SMUT!!!!

Word Count: 2732

Contains: smut, sub! jay, dom! MC

Comments: forgive me father for i have sinned // i kinda took this idea and ran with it // it’s kinda bad but i hope you like it omf

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My faves on the cover of RS 🙌❤️

‘Ello, studyblr! Maths (or Math, whatever) can be quite / extremely / obscenely frustrating at times and very simple at others and it’s sort of hard to find a bridge between that. You can’t exactly cram for it either or study in under a week for finals so after flunking my first term epicly, I came up with a strategy of sorts and now my grade’s an A+ (yay!!). Anyway, thought I’d share ‘cause this shit could have saved me a lot of tears.

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Every Other Weekend pt. 3

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,462

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating

A/N: well here we go! the next part is here. enjoy (:

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Part 1 Part 2


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“Every other weekend.” You nodded, looking over the plethora of paperwork on the kitchen island. “That sounds fair to me.”

“Okay. What about holidays?” Bucky stood across from you, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Would it be possible to have joint holidays? Can you stomach me long enough to do that for them?” You looked up hoping to meet Bucky’s gaze, but he looked away from you immediately. “James?”

“That’s fine.” Bucky sighed, standing up straight. “Just get the papers signed okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll get right on it.” You rolled your eyes, burying them underneath a stack of mail.

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Hello you lovely people! Here’s another one for you guys, based on this request:  OMG you should totally do a shot where Harry has some trouble getting it up….

Hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think, love B xx


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He’s tired. He is so tired.

There’s not enough sleep in this world that’ll help him get enough energy to get up and leave his house.

Harry’s been running himself ragged with all the studying and working he’s been putting in for this new role he’s got lined up.

Night after night, you find him with his face buried in books and scripts that look ratty and old from how much he’d fussed with it and scanned page after page with tired, sleepless eyes so he can prepare himself as much as he can for when they start shooting.

Add that to all the catching up with friends and visiting family and the time he tries and spend with you, his best friend, and that’s enough to have him dragging himself around, barely any energy to get up and make himself something to eat.

You’ve watched him neglect the gym shoes that are left in a corner of his bedroom way too many times for it to be healthy and you’re starting to worry wether or not this acting career of his is really worth it if it’s going to wear him down like this.

Expressing these concerns every time you walk through his door after running an errand for him because he’s too tired to function had become a routine. His only response now is to tell you he’ll “sleep when he can”, but you don’t see that happening any time soon.

“When was the last time you got out of the house?” You ask him, after a quick trip to the nearest Waitrose down the road, resting a bag full of ingredients so you can make him a decent meal.

“Dunno.” He shrugs, heels of his hands rubbing tightly against his tired eyes to push away the blurriness in his vision. “Can’t remember.”

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A Way to You Again: Part 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, and a little Smut (nothing too raunchy)

Word Count: 1547

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: 500 follower celebration! Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for requesting it! I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it’s coming out in multiple parts – I seriously can’t write anything short! My brain is only halfway working right now – so hopefully I didn’t miss any egregious mistakes.

Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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“Bucky – stop someone might see,” I sighed – completely exasperated as he wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled his head into my neck. I was trying to cook dinner for everyone at Stark Tower without actually burning anything – god only knew how bad of a cook I actually was.

“I don’t care,” he murmured against my skin – nipping my neck and sending a bolt of electricity down my spine.

It had started innocently and slowly several months ago. I was new to the Avengers and trying to acclimate into the group. My hand had accidentally brushed against his as I was reaching for a coffee mug in the kitchen cabinet. The corners of his lips had twitched slightly when he looked at me – causing my cheeks to burn red. After that we had both gravitated towards each other without even thinking about it. In the weeks that followed Bucky had made a silent but steady pursuit for my attention – always taking advantage of any opportunity presented to him.

During movie night – when Sam had made everyone watch the Hangover for the millionth time – Bucky had stealthily entwined my fingers with his under the blanket we shared. Towards the end of the movie, when I had announced that I was too tired to stay up any longer he had feigned tiredness and followed me down the hallway. As soon as we were out of sight from the others he had pulled me into him – kissing me softly as his hands travelled up and down the sides of my body. I had let him know then that I wouldn’t sleep with him – even though I had really wanted to.

And this continued in secret – with Bucky sneaking into my room when the others had fallen asleep or stealing a kiss in a moment of privacy. We had both agreed that we didn’t want the others to know – not yet. It would over complicate the good thing we had, and we both wanted to make sure it was real before including the rest of the group. It was the pragmatic and adult thing to do, but as my feelings for Bucky had grown it had made me feel miserable. And that’s why – after the initial panic – I was relieved when Natasha strolled into the kitchen and caught Bucky kissing me.

“Ahem,” Nat’s voice came from behind us – causing Bucky to jump and me to laugh nervously. “I was just checking to see if you needed help, but I think you have it covered,” she said sourly as she raised her eyebrows at Bucky.

“Yeah… we’re erm… good in here Nat. Thanks anyways,” I muttered hastily. I could feel myself turning red from embarrassment.

“Suit yourself,” she shrugged as she strolled out of the room.

Once she was far enough away to talk safely I playfully punched Bucky’s arm. “I told you that we were going to get caught!” I chastised.

Bucky chuckled nervously, “I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I better go talk to Steve before Nat runs to him. I’ll see you at dinner doll.” He squeezed my waist affectionately one last time before leaving the kitchen to find his best friend.

Luckily I managed to not burn anything while cooking – probably because I was so nervous about actually sitting across the table from everyone after they found out about Bucky and me that I had paid too much attention to the food. When I presented it to the crowded dining room table everyone cheered. I sat down beside Bucky with a sigh of relief – reaching for the glass of wine he had already poured for me.

“So…” Steve started with a smile on his face. I braced myself for the taunting and possible scolding that he had in store for us. “Is Bucky the little spoon or the big spoon?” he asked teasingly. I hadn’t been expecting this and choked on my wine as I laughed. Sam momentarily choked on his food and had tears streaming down his face as he guffawed at Bucky.

“Hilarious, Steve,” Bucky mumbled as he rolled his eyes and took a sip from his beer.

Steve chuckled to himself. “In all seriousness – I think we should make a toast – to Y/N and Bucky. Two of the only people that can keep a relationship secret in Stark Tower,” Steve said joyfully as he raised his glass.

“Here! Here!” Everyone else added as they followed Steve’s lead. I could feel my cheeks burning as Bucky gently squeezed my hand under the table.

I was relieved that everyone seemed happy for both of us, and I was excited to have Bucky all to myself once dinner was over.

I had told Bucky that I wouldn’t sleep with him – at least not until we were sure this was going to work and certainly not until we had been open with the others about whatever relationship it was that we had. I had certainly slipped up a few times – mainly when we were in bed together. Bucky reassured me that it was fine that I wanted to wait, but the way his body responded to me when I pressed myself against him in the dark told another story.

I paced back and forth in my room nervously. I had changed into a black lace nightgown and planned on surprising Bucky tonight, but the waiting was absolutely killing me. “Where the hell is he?” I muttered to myself as I continued my back and forth march. A soft knock came from the door. When I opened it he stepped hastily into the room. As he looked down at me wearing only my little black nightgown his eyes clouded with lust. I quickly shut the door and locked it behind me as he lips crashed against mine. They were soft and inviting as they set to work, causing me to moan softly into them. I could never get enough of him, and now I was about to get more than I had ever had. The thought alone sent a spark through my body – erupting deep inside of me. He hoisted me up with one hand and I obliging wrapped my legs tightly around his body as he ran his other hand through my hair – grabbing a handful. He broke away breathlessly as he laid me gently on the bed – his blue eyes burning. “Are you sure?” He tried to keep his voice level – I could tell that he didn’t want me to feel like I was required to sleep with him just because of his reaction.

“James Buchanan Barnes – get in this bed now,” I demanded breathlessly. He grinned as he stood up to pull off his shirt. He hastily kicked off his boots and shed his pants before sliding into the bed next to me. His hands quickly worked their way under my nightgown – gliding along my stomach and up to my breasts as he groaned to himself. We had both wanted this for so long and now that it was finally happening it was almost too much to bear. He worked the nightgown over my head and propped himself up with his elbow as he smiled down at me – his metal fingers gliding over my skin. “What?” I asked shyly. I had never felt so exposed to someone before.

“You’re just so beautiful.  I’ve imagined this in my head over and over – and even that doesn’t do it justice,” he replied softly as his fingers drifted down my stomach and playfully grazed against my inner thighs.

“Imagined, huh?” I responded breathlessly as his fingers continued to explore my body. His hand stopped near my core and he laughed.

“Y/N, are you not wearing any underwear?” He asked mocking shock as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. I shrugged with a coy smile. He chuckled shaking his head as he planted kisses down my neck and collar bone. “Always so full of surprises. Well if you must know… I imagined something like this,” he murmured as he slid he fingers over my core causing my breath to hitch. He smiled at me as he continued – never looking away – discovering which spots made me call out his name breathlessly as I bucked my hips to further the contact of his hand against me.

“Bucky,” I called out lowly. “Bucky…I…”

“Are you sure?” he asked again.


He moved slowly as he positioned himself on top of me – planting kisses on my body as he slowly slid into me. I groaned softly. We moved slowly before finding our rhythm. The intensity of the act was almost overwhelming. I dug my nails into his back causing him to grunt as we both spilled over the edge. He sighed softly before pulling me into his arms – kissing the top of my hair softly as his hand traced patterns on my back.

“Y/N?” he whispered in the dark.

“Yes, Buck?”

“It was… it was more than I could have ever imagine,” he whispered sweetly in my ear as his arm tightened around my waist.

I smiled against his chest at this. “Goodnight Bucky,” I whispered back before drifting to sleep.

Looking back – if I could have stayed in that moment and never faced the following days – I would have happily done so.


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a langst ficlet no one asked for (4/?)


(this entire part will be told in Lance’s point of view and will take place in the moments before he boarded the pod, and while in the pod)

He knows he shouldn’t be doing this. He knows he shouldn’t be doing this.

But what the hell, right?

Everything around him is a blur. His eyes see him walking, but his legs feel like they’re running. Running miles and miles without a break, his legs unable to keep moving under the stress and ready to…

Fall away.

He feels the cold metal floor beneath him as he falls and with a sudden ‘oof’ his mind seems to calm for a moment. He stands up, looks around, and takes in what he sees. He’s in the pod hangar; a bag is strapped on his shoulder containing what looks to be all his belongings he’s collected (albeit small). He knows what he wants to do. He remembers writing, telling the team about how he felt useless and worthless to them. He remembers packing his bag. He remembers feeling worthless. But it seems, he can’t remember it getting this bad.

In the past, sure he wanted to go home, but it was a dull ache; always shadowed over by ‘oh my fucking god I’m in space how fucking cool is that?!’ it never felt like this. This felt like a fire wrapping around his lungs and drowning him all at once. He doesn’t just want to go home. He needs to go home. He needs to stop feeling like the Earth is crashing around him for one second. He doesn’t know why it hurts so much now. He doesn’t know why he can’t seem to thinks about how far, far, away his mom’s hugs are. And about how far, far away his siblings’ laughs are. And how far, far away his mind seems to be.

All he can think about is that it hurts.

All he can see is the blur of a windshield. All he can hear is the whir of an engine, and the doors of the castle latch opening. All he can feel is the steering wheel under his clenching hands, and the tears he didn’t realize were streaming down his cheeks.

‘Worthless. They didn’t need me. They’ll probably be happy when they wake up and I’m gone. It’s fine. I know this. I just want to be home.’


He’s flying, racing through space for what feels like hours and hours. He can’t seem to go fast enough. All the while flying he’s trying to calm his erratic breathing. ‘Don’t want to get home after who-knows-how-long looking like a crazed lunatic’. When he gets home he wants to finally look happy.


But, what if they don’t want him there too?

The pod stops. Earlier he had been flying recklessly and quick, rushing to get out of the suffocating castle and away from the people who didn’t want him. Now, the pod was at a dead halt.

‘What if they don’t want me home? What if they’re angry at me for abandoning the family? What if they’re dead? What if the Galra invaded Earth and since I’m a universe away I didn’t know? God, I’m out here now, they definitely won’t let me back in Voltron. I abandoned them. I wasn’t just enough that I had to be a useless tag along, no. I went an abandoned them because I realized how pointless I was to my team. I’m such a fucking waste of space; I just annoy the rest of them until they pay attention to me, and now that I pulled this stunt they’ll all be forced to just accommodate for me leaving them. The least I could’ve done was waited until they found a new paladin to replace me with. Then I could’ve left. What if Zarkon attacks and now since I went and threw a fucking pity party in the middle of space and left they’ll be attacked and won’t be able to form Voltron. I’m such a fucking idiot.’

He puts the pod on auto-pilot and stands up. He grips at his hair while tears stream down his face. His thoughts are a constant barrage of self deprecation and hatred. His breathing quickens again, getting faster and faster. Black dots are starting to come into his vision. A sudden rush of panic and dizziness sends his falling to his knees.

‘Perfect I’m going to die out here of my own fucking stupidity. I just hope they’ll all be safe.’

Lance’s breath is getting faster and faster. He knows he’s been flying for hours. He also knows he hasn’t eaten anything since dinner the night before, which was roughly 9 hours ago. He feels his tears leak onto the cold floor.

The last thing he hears is “Asteroid field located 90 miles ahead. Auto-pilot turned off,” and blackness drowns his vision.

sorry? nope. this was a long one so I hope y’all liked the suffering.

Excuses, Excuses

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader, where the team doesn’t know that the two are dating (she doesn’t work for the Bureau). One night, the team goes out to dinner, minus Spencer, and they see the two together. @coveofmemories


After a long hard week away on a case, the team desperately needed a break. “We going for sushi?” Morgan asked to a chorus of “definitelys” and “oh hell yeses.” They’d barely eaten all week long and their last meal today was a quick muffin or piece of fruit at the hotel before the jet took off.

“I think I’m gonna bow out,” Spencer replied, clutching at his stomach. “I’m not feeling too well. Maybe it’s because we haven’t eaten all day, but I don’t want to test it.”

Garcia pouted. She hated leaving one of her loves behind. It never felt the same. “Are you sure? We’ll miss you though.”

Spencer reiterated that he wasn’t feeling well, which Hotch and Rossi didn’t seem to buy. As everyone got ready to leave, Hotch turned to Rossi. “You think he’s hiding something?”

“More than a little something,” Rossi replied, watching as Spencer shrugged on his coat and headed toward the elevator with a little too much pep in his step for someone that claimed to not be feeling well. “But I guess we’ll know when he’s ready.”

“Good for him,” Hotch smiled, putting on his own coat as his stomach grumbled ferociously. “Let’s get out of here. I’m starving.”


After a delicious sushi dinner that left everyone on the team overwhelmingly full, they decided to go for a walk in the park. Everyone was having their own little conversations, as well as overlapping ones, so no one wanted to go home just yet. “Oh. My. God,” Garcia breathed, pulling everyone behind a grove of trees.

“What?” Emily asked confused. She was used to Garcia’s eccentricities, but when she scanned the area, she couldn’t see any cause for alarm.

JJ looked around, not sure what had Garcia so excited either. “What’s going on?”

Garcia just pointed. Across the street from the park, stood someone that looked an awful lot like Spencer. It totally was Spencer. But he wasn’t alone. He was standing next to a young woman with wavy hair that went just past her shoulders. She had her arms wrapped around him and he looked like he was about to kiss her. “Go, Pretty Ricky,” Morgan said, staring in awe as his kid brother locked lips with the beauty in his arms. “Since when has Reid had a girlfriend?”

“I knew it,” Hotch smiled.

Garcia spun around and got right in Hotch’s face way too excited for her own good. “Wait, you knew? Why didn’t you tell us?”

Hotch just laughed. “I only suspected. And only tonight. He claimed to not be feeling well, but he seemed very happy to leave. Now I see why.” 

As Spencer and his mystery woman pulled apart from each other and began to walk down the street, Garcia started to follow, hiding behind tree after tree, so as to not be seen. Although, she was probably drawing more attention to herself than she realized. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” Emily laughed, following Garcia anyway. Everyone else followed behind, although Hotch and Rossi had protests of their own. They all excused their behavior as wanting to look out for their loved one, but deep down, they all just knew they were being nosy. They’d only seen Reid with a girl on a couple of occasions; Lila Archer, a girl from a bar on one of their other cases and Maeve. Since Maeve, he hadn’t been out with anyone; he had been too heartbroken.

JJ smiled wide when she saw where they were going. “He’s taking her over to the swing set.”

“This is so cute I might throw up,” Rossi laughed, thankful that the Doctor seemed to have found someone he loved. Morgan almost snorted. He was thinking the same thing. The mystery lady sat in the swing, as Spencer got behind her, pushing her higher and higher while she laughed. At one point, he pushed her too high and she jumped off, tumbling into the grass with a screech.  “I’m definitely gonna throw up,” Rossi said again. 

After checking to see that she was alright, the two started making out again, much to Garcia’s approval. “I have so many questions,” she said, turning around to the rest of the group. “When did they start dating? Is she treating him well? When can we meet her? I love that hairpiece she’s wearing. Can we be best friends?”

When she looked back after her rambling, they were gone, but with her eagle eye that could’ve rivaled a sniper’s had she used her skills for such things, she caught sight of them walking down the block toward an ice cream place. She just wanted to follow them inside and confront the Boy Genius, but the rest of the team kept her firmly in place. “If she dabs ice cream on his nose, I’m going to die,” Garcia exclaimed. As if on cue, the mystery woman pushed her ice cream cone into Spencer’s face. His exuberant smile was mirrored by his friends and teammates. His hair was messy. She had dirt on her clothes from the park. And his face was covered in ice cream. But none of that mattered. He was ecstatic and unequivocally in love. That was all that mattered to them right now; his happiness. He more than deserved it.

“Okay, okay,” Hotch said, linking his arm into Garcia’s to turn them around. “I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be standing there for a while and I imagine we’ll soon be intruding on another private moment. Yup…” he said, craning his head around to see the two kissing again. She didn’t want to leave. As a matter of fact, she wanted to grab a tub of popcorn and watch the romance bloom. “We really need to go. At least we know Reid had a good excuse for ditching out on dinner.”

“Can’t I just bust them?” Garcia pleaded, as the team pulled her away. “Please.”

“No,” they said collectively. Spencer finally had someone in his life. When he was ready, they would be there.

Business Dinner (Jay Park Smut)

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POV: First

Genre: Smut

Soft and passionate; no kinks

Admin: Nari

A/N: This is a little different from what was originally requested, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

A frown turned my lips downward as I glared at my phone screen. It was the night before Valentine’s Day and while most girls were all giddy to spend time with their significant other, my boyfriend and I were texting each other about having to celebrate it late due to busy schedules.

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dating bts, college/apartment ver.

seokjin: frequent cooking sessions at your place. watches trashy tv shows with you and lets you lay your head on his lap (gives very good head massages). sassy commentary on everything and anything. takes lots of cute polaroids of you. also films those grainy vintage videos with his camcorder and laughs at your embarrassed attempts to escape. keeps your plants alive for you. grocery shopping dates, but he attracts a lot of attention when he goes bc he’s too damn handsome. gives in to your demands half the time and remains extremely stubborn the other half. brews tea for you on weekend mornings. likes when you sit on his lap so he can wrap his arms around you and rest his chin on your shoulder.

yoongi: seems to always be in sweats and generally has a disheveled appearance whenever you go visit him at his studio apartment. rarely visits you but that’s bc he’s irremediably nocturnal and quite busy most of the time. will show up at your place out of the blue tho (usually at very late hours) just to see your face; will tell you it’s insomnia when really, he just misses you a lot. has a piano at his place and enjoys playing it for you. sometimes pulls you back and asks you to stay for the night when you’re about to leave. every once in a while will set up a casual-fancy dinner at either your place or his. looks impossibly good drinking red wine in gray hoodies.

hoseok: takes you on a lot of coffee shop dates. often brings small flower bouquets to your apartment; the glass vases adorning your rooms are never empty. does that thing where he laces his fingers thru yours and slips both of your hands into his pocket. loves napping with you and having you physically close. gives the best hugs, those really long and firm ones. knows everything you like and gives you the perfect presents on every occasion. can easily make you laugh whenever and wherever. will stare at you without even realizing it then unabashedly tell you you’re beautiful when you call him out. really into forehead kisses. hugs you from behind when you’re cooking. leaves cute notes around the house for you.

namjoon: lots of library study dates. will not let you copy off him but will spend hours going thru the materials with you until you understand. laughs when you fawn over his neat handwriting. likes to ruffle your hair. countless philosophical debates over cosmology and humanity at two in the morning. a lot of make out sessions in the kitchen with him pressing you against the marble counter. his speakers are forever playing songs in the background from one of his many playlists. absentmindedly braids your hair on lazy afternoons. writes poems for you. movie dates in obscure indie film theaters. reading-cuddling sessions on the couch. wears his big-framed glasses around in the apartment.

jimin: loves to sit on the balcony with you, playing cards or drinking beer or talking about random nothings. karaoke dates except they always turn into high-note battles in the end. invites you to all his dance competitions. can’t control his smile when he’s around you. has the cutest (and lowkey sexiest) bed hair. drops a lot of teasing remarks around the house and giggles when he succeeds in making you blush. will wash your hair for you during your bath while you tell him about your day. likes to lean against the doorway and watch you do whatever to test his resistance against going over to you. always loses. becomes a perverted mess when he gets drunk and says the dirtiest things with the most innocent smile.

taehyung: likes to come over and crash at your tiny apartment. once he falls asleep on your bed he’ll refuse to budge. loves being the big spoon. suggests dates at the weirdest hours. sometimes drags you out of bed at early morning to see the ocean at dawn or watch the sunrise. late-night runs to the convenience store for snacks. spontaneous slow dances in the living room to soft jazz. street food fanatic, probably where most of your dinner dates happen. will call you on the phone while standing outside your apartment building; will tell you “i love you” once you poke your head out the window. playground dates at midnight. loves when you wear one of his oversized sweaters.

jungkook: marathons anime with you on your laptop. likes to draw you when you’re intensely focused on your work. ramen is a staple, the go-to lunch and dinner. spends more time sleeping on your couch than his own bed. last-minute joint-effort cramming before literally every exam or big project. does a lot of dumb impressions to make you laugh. smells ineffably nice so you subconsciously initiate a lot of cuddle sessions. gives you a lot of piggyback rides. always humming when he’s doing things, and sometimes they turn into spontaneous serenades for you. his apartment is always super clean. sometimes tells you to straddle him when he’s doing sit-ups for more motivation.

Two Weeks - Tommy Shelby

Request: Could you do the movie “Two Week Notice” in the Peaky Blinders universe?? where Tommy relays too much on his assistant which drives her crazy, then she quits and they search for a replacement. - @samascara 

Two Weeks - Tommy Shelby

It was five o’clock in the morning. Or at least it had been when banging on your door had woken you and possibly all your neighbours. You had dressed quickly, opened the door, and found one of Tommy Shelby’s men standing in the hallway.  

“Ma’am,” he tipped his cap to you, “Mr. Shelby says it’s urgent.”  

“Does he?” You were certain the sarcasm was evident in your voice. Even so you followed the Blinder out to a car that was waiting for you.  

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“Better Hands” - Part 2

“Better Hands” - Part 2

Part 1 - Here   

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Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 3693

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Talk of Abuse, Mentions of Abusive Ex, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

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Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

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His grip was tighter than you thought possible. The cuts were deep and your body screamed where he kept punching and kicking you. You couldn’t do anything. You were too weak to fight back or even try to call for help. But you tried.

You managed to get one little squeak out of your vocal chords before they were clamped shut by the same grip that had your arm moments earlier. You clawed and struggled to breathe as you looked at the face of your ex looming over you. Whatever he was saying was muffled as everything became darker and darker.

You shot up out of bed and reached for your throat before jolting from the pains of the real cuts and bruises that littered your body. It was just a nightmare. At least that beating was. You looked at your alarm clock and read 7AM, only 15 minutes before you had to really get up. But there was no point in trying to go back to sleep, so you got up and tried to get ready for the day.

You went into your bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet and searched for a specific medicine, one that would help ease the pain even a little bit. You found a generic pain killer and took two before going to the kitchen and putting a bagel in the toaster.

“I guess I’ll be wearing long sleeves for awhile now.” You muttered to yourself as you found a suitable shirt to go along with some looser fitting pants and your boots. As you were finishing up lacing your boots, your communicator rang.

“(Y/L/N) speaking.”

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