this is the last make me choose i had in my inbox

Regarding the hate I've gotten recently

I’ve had an influx of people yelling at me for being reblogged by Mark so much and some of the stuff I’ve had in my inbox in the last 24 hours have been spiteful. I’ve not posted the bad ones for obvious reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I can handle it. Trust me, stuff like this doesn’t hurt, but it angers me to see some of the effort people are going into to TRY and hurt me.

What if this was someone else who gets reblogged a lot? What if this was someone else who maybe wasn’t as confident as I am, or maybe struggled with their self esteem and DID look to Marks notices as a boost? Would you bring them down too? No. So why me?

Remember I don’t choose what Mark reblogs. I make gifs quick and fast because that’s what I’ve taught myself, it’s something I’m proud of, and it’s because of a schedule. Realistically, the only times I get to be on my laptop are around those times of upload otherwise y'all won’t get any content at all.

I put a lot of effort and work into the stuff I make for the community and to see that being shit on for some petty things is remarkable.

So many people are trying to put their two cents into a situation that already holds a million coins.
I’m fully aware I’m confident, I’m fully aware I get reblogged, I’m fully aware that this blog is considered popular. Joining in with the nastiness when you see someone starting it is exactly the same shit I saw in high school.

Trying to put me down on something I’ve worked on is an incredibly spiteful thing to do. And it says more about you than it does about me.

Believe that.