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yesterdays jam

here it is, the it crowd au that no-one asked for. cheers @jiilys and @bantasticbeasts for being legends

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: so

Lily Evans: so

Remus Lupin: first day

Lily Evans: ya

Remus Lupin: scary

Lily Evans: mmhmm

Remus Lupin: dont be scared

Lily Evans: im not really

Remus Lupin: u should be

Lily Evans: actually now that you mention it i am kind of scared

Remus Lupin: WELL DONT BE


Lily Evans: god

Lily Evans: its like having a conversation with my anxiety

Remus Lupin: dont make me fire you on your first day here

Lily Evans: pls dont

Remus Lupin: i wont

Remus Lupin: so

Remus Lupin: im putting you in i.t

Remus Lupin: bc u said on ur cv that u have a lot of experience with computers

Lily Evans: u didnt

Remus Lupin to Lily Evans: do u actually /have/ any experience with computers??

Lily Evans: emails?? n stuff

Remus Lupin: “”””emails?? n stuff”””””??

Lily Evans: ya

Lily Evans: sending emails

Lily Evans: receiving emails

Lily Evans: deleting emails

Lily Evans: i could go on

Remus Lupin: do

Lily Evans: the web

Lily Evans: using the mouse

Lily Evans: mice

Lily Evans: using mice

Lily Evans: clicking

Lily Evans: double clicking

Lily Evans: the computer screen ofc

Remus Lupin: ofc

Lily Evans: the keyboard

Lily Evans: the bit that goes on the floor

Remus Lupin: do u mean the hard drive??

Lily Evans: correct

Remus Lupin: well

Remus Lupin: u certainly seem to kno ur stuff

Lily Evans: shut up

Remus Lupin: come on lil,,,they need a new manager

Lily Evans: dont

Remus Lupin: just take the job lil

Lily Evans: ok

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: so,,,,the people ill be working with what r they like

Remus Lupin: quite literally the worst idiots i have ever met

Lily Evans: excellent

Marlene McKinnon to James Potter: jim

James Potter: have u tried turning it off and on again

Marlene McKinnon: um

James Potter: nice talking to you mckinnon

James Potter to Sirius Black: hey can u answer the phone

Sirius Black: i could but i dont want to

James Potter: and u wonder why no-one ever comes down here

Sirius Black: probably got something to do with that 3 day old coffee stain down ur shirt


Mary MacDonald to Sirius Black: can u help me

Sirius Black: what with

Mary MacDonald: my computers not working

Sirius Black: have u tried turning it off and on again

Mary MacDonald: yea

Sirius Black: u kno the button on the side

Mary MacDonald: yea

Sirius Black: is it glowing??

Mary MacDonald:

Sirius Black: u need to turn it on mare

Mary MacDonald: ok hang on

Mary MacDonald: how do i do that

Sirius Black: ?? the button turns it on

Mary MacDonald:

Sirius Black: ?? u do kno how a button works dont u

Sirius Black: and if u say on clothes i am going to come up there and personally murder you

Mary MacDonald: I’d like to see you try

Andromeda Black to James Potter: Hey James.

James Potter: andy!!

Andromeda Black: Don’t call me that.

James Potter: sorry

Andromeda Black: It’s OK.

Andromeda Black: I’m having some trouble with my computer.

James Potter: wouldnt u rather talk to ur cousin abt this

Andromeda Black: I could, but I don’t want to.

James Potter: u two r more alike than u know

Andromeda Black: Shut up.

James Potter: absolutely

James Potter: so what seems to be the problem

Andromeda Black: It’s not working.

James Potter: i see

James Potter: have u tried forcing an unexpected reboot??

Andromeda Black: No, let me try.

Andromeda Black: How will that help?

James Potter: well

James Potter: the driver hooks the function by patching the system call table

James Potter: and its not safe to unload it unless another thread’s abt to jump in there and do its stuff

James Potter: and u don’t want to end up in the middle of invalid memory

James Potter: hello

James Potter: andy

James Potter: uve gone havent u

James Potter to Sirius Black: i think i just managed to successfully piss of your cousin again

Sirius Black: what else is knew

Sirius Black to Mary MacDonald: u couldnt handle all this

Mary MacDonald: i could take u any day of the week black

Sirius Black: is that so

Mary MacDonald: yes

Sirius Black: really

Mary MacDonald: stop it

Sirius Black: wow

Mary MacDonald: shut up

Sirius Black: why dont u come down here and make me

Mary MacDonald: what happened to ‘you couldn’t handle all this’

Sirius Black: u think im afraid of you??

Mary MacDonald: yes

Mary MacDonald: my brand new louboutins came in the mail next week and i know exactly the right place to stick them



Sirius Black to James Potter: that told her

James Potter: can u stop fighting with mary all the time ur clogging the chat rooms

Sirius Black to James Potter: honestly its about time u got back

Sirius Black: its been all ruddy go here

James Potter: really

James Potter: how many jobs have you had

Sirius Black: one

James Potter to Sirius Black: what was the job

Sirius Black: girl on fifth

James Potter: did u hit it off

Sirius Black: define “”””hit it of”””””

James Potter: did she continue to talk to u once u’d fixed her computer

Sirius Black: she gave me her number

James Potter: r u gonna call her

Sirius Black: ?? no

James Potter: so ur just gonna toss it away

James Potter: like yesterday’s jam

Sirius Black: p much yeah

Sirius Black: and i told u to stop using that analogy

Sirius Black: jam lasts for ages

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: u have unisex toilets??

Remus Lupin: yea

Remus Lupin: for non-binary pals

Remus Lupin: and for people having affairs

Lily Evans: i see

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: the view up here is amazing

Remus Lupin: yep

Remus Lupin: have u found the elevators yet

Lily Evans: um

Lily Evans: yea

Lily Evans: which floor am i on

Remus Lupin: ur all the way down in the basement

Lily Evans: wait what

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: ur joking arent u

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: remus

Lily Evans: i know ur getting these

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: remus

Lily Evans: the lift gets stuck halfway down

Lily Evans: and the hallway is full of maintenance stuff

Lily Evans: its disgusting

Lily Evans: i think i saw a rat

Lily Evans to Remus Lupin: ITS EVEN WORSE DOWN HERE



James Potter to Sirius Black: theres a girl outside

Sirius Black: who is she

James Potter: i have no idea

James Potter: i cant go out there sirius

James Potter: i havent washed this shirt in three days and i forgot to put on deodorant this morning

James Potter: i havent even flossed

Sirius Black: who even flosses these days

James Potter: i do

Sirius Black: right

Sirius Black: bc ur a twat

James Potter: a twat who doesnt have gingivitis

Sirius Black: shut up

James Potter: u shut up

James Potter: one of us has to go out there

Sirius Black: u do it

Marlene McKinnon to Lily Evans: everything going ok??

Lily Evans: legit they both just walked out

Lily Evans: one of them was talkin abt tolstoy

Lily Evans: the other one was like “””james shut up u’ve literally never read a book in my life”””

Marlene McKinnon: thats sirius

Marlene McKinnon: he’s my favourite

Lily Evans: then james tried to lean on his chair and slipped over

Lily Evans: he stood up and he was like “”””plenty of people come down here to visit””””

Lily Evans: sirius was like “”””who, jim??? who comes down here???? what people????””””””

Lily Evans: james threw something at him and sirius was like “””””why are you giving me the secret signal to shut up????”””””

Lily Evans: then james was like “””what can we do you for??””””

Marlene McKinnon: cringe

Lily Evans: so i told them

Lily Evans: and bolted

Marlene McKinnon: what r u doing now

Lily Evans: im hiding in my office

Marlene McKinnon: smooth

James Potter to Sirius Black: I AM THE HEAD OF THIS DEPARTMENT

Sirius Black: i thought i was

James Potter: WELL ITS ONE OF US



James Potter to Lily Evans: i dont mean to be rude or anything but i was not informed of any changes happening to this department

Lily Evans: did they not tell you about me??

James Potter: no sir

James Potter: and for what its worth we dont need you down here

James Potter: were perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves

Lily Evans: sure

Lily Evans: you do realise you’re wearing a shirt with a coffee stain down it that looks like hasn’t been washed in weeks


Sirius Black: as opposed to all the other women ur able to charm over effortlessly

James Potter: im never speaking to you again

Sirius Black: dw ill deal with her

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: sounds like ur having a v important conversation there

Lily Evans: i am

Sirius Black: also

Sirius Black: just a thought

Sirius Black: do you want me to connect up your phone??

Lily Evans: bitch

Sirius Black to James Potter: she just kicked me out of her office

James Potter: serves u right

Sirius Black: u dont even know what i did

James Potter: dont have to

Sirius Black to James Potter: so basically i went in and she was “””””pretending”””””” to talk to remus

James Potter: really??

Sirius Black: really

James Potter: shes a little bit weird

Sirius Black: i just saw you spraying yourself with cold water bc u said u had “”””””a hot ear””””””


James Potter: i cant believe she didnt even get excited when she saw the original zx 81 we have in the doorway

Sirius Black:

Sirius Black: yea, that WAS weird

Sirius Black: totally uncalled for

Sirius Black: its almost as if she doesnt know anything about computers

Sirius Black: james??

Sirius Black: james???

Sirius Black: uve dropped ur phone havent u

Lily Evans to Sirius Black: why is he screaming

Sirius Black: i told him u didnt know anything about computers and he spilt his tea all over himself

Lily Evans: jesus

Sirius Black: yea

Sirius Black: thats why he always makes two cups of tea

Lily Evans: just in case he accidentally drops the first one??

Sirius Black: yea

Lily Evans: wow

James Potter to Sirius Black: she has to go

Sirius Black: why

James Potter: heres the plan

Sirius Black: ooh ooh hang on let me sit down first

Sirius Black: ok go

James Potter: so well go in

Sirius Black: when

James Potter: in like a minute

Sirius Black: will that be enough time for me to get to know the plan??

James Potter: yknow i shouldnt have used the world plan

James Potter: ive clearly got u overexcited

Sirius Black: would “”””scheme””””” be a better word

Sirius Black: actually no thats just as exciting

James Potter: look all i was gonna say was is that we go in, i make up a load of bullocks about computers and well see if she picks up on it

Sirius Black: yea i can see why u didnt want to use the word plan

James Potter: just let me do the talking

Sirius Black: r u sure thats a good idea

James Potter: shut up

James Potter to Sirius Black: we need to get this right

James Potter: we cannot go there in half-cocked

Lily Evans to Marlene McKinnon: i can hear them outside the door

Lily Evans: theyr just,,,,gigglin

James Potter to Sirius Black: i think that went well

Sirius Black: she was pretending to send an email to lupin and you asked her if she wanted you to connect her up to the matrix

James Potter: genius

Sirius Black: and she looked at you and was like “””””u just made all that up””””

Sirius Black: then u lost ur shit and start screaming at her

Sirius Black: at which point she stood up and starting screaming at you

Sirius Black: and u stormed out

Sirius Black: what part of that screams “”””that went well””””??

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: hey do u want me to connect up your computer??

Lily Evans: fuck off

Lily Evans to EVANS KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT COMPUTERS: i cant believe ur going to tell on me

Lily Evans: ur like a pair of horrible old men

Sirius Black: what did she say

James Potter: she said were like a pair of “”””horrible old men””””

Sirius Black: SHE DIDNT

Remus Lupin to horrible old men ft lily evans: so what did u want to tell me

James Potter: well, its like this

Remus Lupin: im so proud of u guys

Remus Lupin: my i.t team

Remus Lupin: team players

Remus Lupin: every single one of you

Remus Lupin: theres no room for people who can’t act as a team in my team

Remus Lupin: u know what happens to people who cant act as a team in my team??

James Potter: what

Remus Lupin: i get security to escort them from the building

Remus Lupin: and if the security team cant escort them from the building as a team, then i fire them too

Remus Lupin: then i call recruitment and get them to look for a security team that can work as a team

Remus Lupin: then i warn them that they may have to escort the current security team from the building

Sirius Black: does this happen often to you then

Remus Lupin: anyway

Remus Lupin: what did u want to tell me

James Potter: well its just not working out


Lily Evans: hes joking

Remus Lupin: what do u mean,,,,”””not working out””””??



Remus Lupin: then why did u text me

James Potter: um

Sirius Black: we installed a voice activation system on your computer

Sirius Black: it might take a while to get the pitch right but but nonetheless

Sirius Black: go ahead

Remus Lupin: wow

Remus Lupin: how exciting

Lily Evans: thats all then

Lily Evans: talk to you later

James Potter to nice save sirius: WHAT GOOD R U


Lily Evans: no,,,,but i can learn

Lily Evans: for example sirius,,,,,u can walk me thru what ur doing right now

Sirius Black: ;)))))))) id be delighted

Sirius Black: im just working on a very simple piece of programming software

Lily Evans: on seconds thoughts i am very busy and have better things to be doing with my time thanks bye

Mary MacDonald to Sirius Black: i hope ur ready for me bitch

Lily Evans to Sirius Black: hows your arm

Sirius Black: i never knew louboutins could hurt that much

Lily Evans: yeah

Lily Evans: imagine

Lily Evans: if i hadnt stepped in and asked her out to lunch u’d be nothing more than a pile of fabulous hair right now

Sirius Black: i owe you one evans

Lily Evans: damn right u do

Remus Lupin to FUCKHEADS GALORE: i just spent the last five hours screaming at my computer for nothing

Remus Lupin: do any of u have anything to say for yourselves

Lily Evans: have u tried turning it off and on again??

Q: How are you today?
A: Good … thank you !! Though THIS traffic …. #shame

Q: How many days till you are able to go home?
A: Just a bit over a month … counting down the days !!! #summerfun

Q: #AskClaire are you watching anything good? Binge worthy? 
A: Did someone say @SHO_TwinPeaks

Q: Where’s Eddie while you’re away? You must miss him! 
A: I do miss HER … (i won’t let her know you made that mistake !!) She’s waiting in Scotland for some SA treats !!

Q: You gonna be long? #onbehalfofmycompadres 
A: If I said another hour …. would you a) cry b) explode c) just go home ..????

Q: What do you consider to be your best scene from Season 3?
A: 🌴…. that’s a clue !!!

Q: What book are you currently reading? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: Mirror, Shoulder, Signal …or is it Mirror, Signal, Shoulder … anyway .. It’s GOOD.

Q: Will you get time off this summer before Season 4 filming begins?
A: Well I’d better … I hear people might want us to promote it #AskClaire

Q: What’s been your favorite thing you’ve learned since coming to South Africa to film? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: People’s incredible capacity to forgive and heal … and that it’s a process … LOVE SA ❤

Q: When will you come to France ? #AskClaire 
A: Soon, I hope !!

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today may not be a good time to post this and im sorry for blowing up ur notifs but what the fuck !!!! i hit 1.1k followers !!!! i usually do my follow forever posts at end of the year but i didn’t do this last year bc i was waiting to hit 1k ! now here i am !

i made this blog on april 21, 2014 and had my first post in may 1st of the same year then abandoned this blog and officially came back after a year and now this blog has been running since july 2015 lmao it took me 2 yrs to get 1k rip me

anyways! my experience here on tumblr is Awesome so far! (i am not being sarcastic) (or am i?) and i met great people thru here and have made a lot of amazing friends and lost quite a few, sadly

of course @ everyone thank you thank you thank you thank you all for making my tumblr experience great! i still don’t even understand why y'all still follow my lame ass trash of a blog but i couldn’t ask for more lol i love y'all for still keeping up

NOW all i wanted to do right now at this very fucking moment is to give my mutuals a Huge Shoutout for being so so fucking lovely and so so fucking awesome and so so fucking nice! (even tho i only every occasionally talked to some of you and wish i had the guts to talk to everyone), my sappy ff starts below! :)

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Matchmaker - Cody Christian AU Imagine

Warnings:SMUT,swearing,daddy kink,jealous Cody,ass slapping,hand tying,m+f oral,fake tweet,fluff.

A/N: Enjoy xx and Happy Valentines Day or as I like to call it “Another thing to remind me i’m Single AF” 

y/n; your name

y/u/n; your username

Dedicated to my newly engaged friend Adriana best wishes to you,your baby Lara and fiancé Shawn.


Lisa: Hi guys were back on Clevver Tv’s Valentines day special with the cast of Teen Wolf * Lisa smiled*

Lisa: So Cody our sources yell us you’re off the market and have been for some time now, is that true?

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Donghyuck x reader

Word count: 2013

A/N: im sorry to the anon who requested this like forever ago ok im sorry but i made it long and i hope its worth the wait okay also like i worked hard on this so uh here u go 

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These are tips for future Nicole fr past Nicole who made a lot of mistakes this school year ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) so I hope at least some of you can relate to this stash of tips I have kept for myself in my notes for incoming Senior High levels!

& keep your papers organized (please)

Write tiny notes on the given activity sheets instead of putting them in your binder notebook (ok my own preference tho!!) bc one paper = topic is better than multiple messy papers = one huge topic!

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(this is long and I don’t want to put it under a cut xoxo) 

So around Thanksgiving time, I was at work and we get a call from the teen room and Mary asks me if I knew anything about Divergent.

“Yeah, I read the whole trilogy,” I say and think hated it but def read it. 

Ok,” she says, “I’m going to send someone over to talk to you.”

Shit, I think, and begin prepping for a Conversation With Someone Who Likes Divergent. 

(side note: i am very good at talking about books i do not like with people who loved them and they never get any inkling I did not like them. I’m very good at it.) 

So, this older gentleman comes into the children’s room. Cheerful looking guy, probably in his fifties or sixties. He explains that he really loved the movies and after the news about them ditching the last movie he was wondering if it was possible to read Allegiant but just start at the point where the last movie stopped. 

I admitted I hadn’t seen any of the movies but I could tell him about how the book ended and we could see if the movie would have taken the same direction? 

So we chat about Divergent for a while.

(Now, note, I am wearing a Kylo Ren shirt because my wardrobe is still mainly t-shirts and my god it is hard to dress in Business Casual when the library technically does not enforce a dress code)

He asks if I’m a Star Wars fan. I, being a twenty-three year old girl, obsessed with Star Wars who also has many Strong Opinions about Star Wars, immediately tense up. I don’t like talking about Star Wars with guys because, in general, they’re condescending in some way or just have Terrible Opinions. I’m also immediately put on edge because this is an older guy so… i’m pretty much expecting condescension. 

I say yes. He LIGHTS UP. L I G H T S U P. Asks me if I read the books, which books have I read, am I excited for Rogue One, did I like TFA, AND ON AND ON.

We talk about Star Wars for about thirty minutes before he leaves. Twenty-minutes later he COMES BACK. He forgot to tell me something and also have I read Catalyst because he’s reading it now and oh! my! god! and also I have got to read Life Debt because it is amazing and the pieces are falling into place and the picture is getting bigger. 

He’s so excited. He’s talking about the EU (he’s read like! all of it!) and just INCANDESCENT. I’m so excited because oh my god I never get to talk Star Wars with someone who just wants to GUSH ABOUT HOW GREAT STAR WARS IS. 

So he leaves. A few weeks pass and I have off-desk time and one of my coworkers swings in and is like ‘there’s someone to see you?’

what. i think. why. 

IT’S MY STAR WARS FRIEND. (I’m Terrible With Names and I’m like 80% his name is Harold but oh my god guys I don’t know) 

He asks if I’ve gotten to Catalyst. I say ‘oh my god no but i bought it literally THE SECOND YOU LEFT’ 

We talk about Star Wars. He GIVES ME a copy of Life Debt (!!!) and says that the library has been so good to him and honestly i have to read this and i’m very (!!!!) 

A week or so later one of my coworkers says that someone stopped by and asked for me but I was off somewhere and he told them not to disturb me and I was like ‘oh! my star wars friend. we talk about star wars.’ He stops by later that day to ask when I was seeing Rogue One. (”Friday morning!” “I’m seeing it Sunday!”) We talk Rey theories. He’s got a bunch of theories that tie her to Luke and I was very “ehhhh idk i think it would be cool if she wasn’t related” and he was like “oh man ABSOLUTELY” which :) He asks if I’ve read other sci-fi books and I tell him that I mostly read high fantasy but I’ve been trying to get more sci-fi because i want to write one. He comments that he stopped in to put the last book of the Old Man’s War on hold and I tell him that i JUST put the first one on hold, to which he shakes my hand and says “Oh man we really are friends.” 

So I see Rogue One and one of the first things I think is “Oh my god I can’t wait until he drops by again and we talk about this” 

So he stopped by today and just, this man loves Star Wars so much guys and it’s just so amazing to talk to him about it because he knows SO MUCH about it. 

“I’ve been a fan since the 70s when all there was was only, you know, zines and magazines,” he said today. 
“Gosh, I’ve been a fan since i was 3. Star Wars has just always been there,” I reply.
“That’s so great!!” he says. 

He tells me a Snoke theory he has (it’s good). We talk about how AMAZING Rogue One was. I tell him there’s going to be a Jyn Erso YA book coming out and he got SO EXCITED because he didn’t know. HE’S SO EXCITED. We talk about other things, he guesses my age straight on and then talks about how proud he is that I already have my Master’s and how great it is that I got a job there. 

“This library has been really good to me this year,” he says. “It’s a great place and I met you!” 

We chat about other sci fi books and he’s like “Make me a list. Make me a list I need to know what you’ve read.” 

I talk about how much I love Kylo Ren, immediately feeling nervous because the goddamn internet has conditioned me to now feel anxious admitting how much I love Kylo Ren but he is TOTALLY WITH ME and agrees that the TFA cast are some of the best written characters in anything and oh my god the ending of TFA with the chasm!!! 

So anyway I’ve made a new best friend and he’s an older guy who Loves Star Wars. 

College! au - Vernon

Ayy this is just a request but I got carried away so it’s a bit long in my opinion lol. BUt whatevs enjoy :)

Originally posted by minghaos

(also I just wanna say if u ever want to suffer just go look at gifs of Vernon and ur heart will hURT like why cant I have a Vernon I luv him so much how is someone so pretty the same age as me I cry)

  • Ok y'all I think we’ve all had the same idea that vernon could be a basketball player
  • Which is why I’m makin him play in college lmao

  • But don’t get too crazy now he’s not the star player u gotta be like 7 ft tall to be now

  • But everyone’s always like “this short kid goooood thank god we got him”

  • And he’s totally fine with that he’s not the type to love excessive attention and praise (same tho lmao)

  • He’s still an undecided major cuz he just has so many things he loves he can’t decide which one he wants to be stuck with forever

  • So his classes range from astrology to the history of rap (which is his fave this semester ofc)

  • So overall just a super chill guy

  • U know him cuz u volunteered to be the assistant/slave for the basketball team since they bribed you money towards ur tuition

  • So u see him at practices and games and he’s the only one that says thank u literally anytime u do something

  • So he’s special in ur heart lol

  • Like wow what a sweetheart someone is noticing ur hard work

  • So for a while, that’s ur only way of communication: short, brief sentences at basketball games

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soulmate! doyoung

i feel a little biased cause like all my posts r about the same people bUT IN MY DEFENCE no ones requesting any other members ;’’’)))


- hmmm ok

- so this is the soulmate au where you have a timer on ur wrist and it counts down the time until u find them

- so when you’re young you don’t rly know whats going on

- like u look at your parents but they don’t have timers

- “mom? whats thi-”

- “omG YOU R SOULMATE TIMER~!!! but you’re so young! it usually doesn’t come until your 19?”

- see, you’re like 13,,,,,and your timer says you’ll meet your soulmate in 3 days 

- aka the first day of school

- you’re pretty hype but you don’t rly know what happens when you meet them

-so for the next 3 days you practice how you’ll introduce yourself to them

- “hey! I’m y/n and you’re my soul- ahhh thats cheesy”

- “are you my soulmate? cause my timer is goi- that sounds like a pick up liNE”

- anyway time skip 2 the first day of school

- u be sweating because it says 1 minute and you’re all sitting in class waiting for the last student to come in

- anD BOOm

- a cutie patootie walks into the class and is like 

- “hello im doyou-”

- he stops cause you guys make eye contact and both of ur timers go off

- in front of the whole class

- the teacher is all like ;)))) and lets u guys sit beside each other

- but its suppperrr awkward

- like 

- “uh,,,,,,,,,hello,,,,,soulmate”

- like the whole class is watching y'all for some drAMa

- but there is none

- like you do admit, doyoung is hELLA cUTE

- and he thinks that about you too

- y'all become rly close but don’t rly “date” cause you’re too young


- all ur friends r jealous cause they haven’t gotten theirs

- time skip 5 years

- you guys r 18 now

- and almost all your friends have found their soulmatezzz

- you n doyoung haven’t rly officially started dating yet



- !!!!!!!!

- like you guys hold hands n cuddle

- but u haven’t gone the extra step

- actually,,,,both of u haven’t even kissed yet


- its ok tho!!! cause doyoung is preparing something big 4 ur 19th bday

- he’s been practicing for months and he’s so ready to show u

- time skip 2 ur bday

- you don’t see doyoung like anywhere and you’re hellA confused

- so like u walk onto the sidewalk and sEE

- doyoung in the streets with a bunch of his friends

- been the curious kid u r, u go over and see whats happening


- doyoung like strumming his guitar but then notices u 

- “this is loongng overdue but i hope you can’t accept it”


- then doyoung starts singing and wow!!! you’ve never heard that voice b4!!!

- u then take in the lyrics and realize that he’s taking about you

- an d how grateful he is to be your soulmate

- and how happy he is 

- because out of 7 billion people, its you thats his soulmate

- he couldn’t be any happier

- so at the end of the song when you’re low-key tearing up,,, he looks at you with so much love in his eyes anD UghgHGughUGhu

- “y/n, i love you so much, please be my girlfriend”


- you guys like hug an,,,,d



- it was so sweet n perfect like doyoungs lips moulded perfectly with yours

- low-key the passer byes were disappointed cause they thought he was proposing or smh but nevertheless!! they were happy :)

- its kind of funny, cause you guys met when u were 13 but didn’t rly consider the fact that you guys were soulmates. it was like a normal middle school crush but much more than that + you knew that he liked you back

- u nd doyoung are actually perfect for each other, like thats probably why y'all r soulmates ;))))))))))




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House of Cards || kth v. jjk [5]

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House of Cards

The Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 

Subtitle: V for Valiant  

Characters: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook

Categories: Fluff, Angst

AU(s):College!AU, Stalker!AU, Best Friends!AU

Word Count: 3,178

Sypnosis: Some people see life in black and white, and others see it in brown and blue, but Kim Taehyung only sees it in red and you.

• ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °

      Crimson. Carmine. Scarlet. Red. Each of these blurs Taehyung’s vision as he stares at the picture of Jungkook and you that hangs up on his wall. The authenticity of the smiles sends a ripple through Taehyung as he stands up from his black sofa and charges over to the picture. His breath quickens as his eyes lay on Jungkook’s static ones and he rips the large photograph from the wall, allowing the photograph’s glass to disseminate into small shards and the photograph falls to the ground in a heap. As though possessed, Taehung flips the turned over painting over with a smirk on his lips. A look so sinister adorns his eyes and he finds himself choking in delight at how beautiful the painting looks without glass. How close he was, Taehyung thinks to himself before picking up one of the shards of glass and dragging its blade over the face of his most prized enemy; Jeon Jungkook with a grin on his face.

 You shouldn’t have done that, Jungkook.

    For the first time in years, Kim Taehyung is satisfied. Seeing the peeling layers of Jungkook (though in two-dimensional form) filled Taehyung with a gratification that he had not felt since he was last able to be by your side. He can only picture the pleasure that can be derived from the younger boy when he sees that you’ve been his all along and not the other way around. A chuckle ensues through Taehyung and the euphoria from the torn painting leaves Taehyung unscathed mentally as his hand bleeds profusely from the shard that has been tightly enclosed in his fingers.

    “Y/N-ah,” Taehyung laughs sadistically to himself. A metallic smell hitting his nostrils as he drops the glass shard he held so deeply. The sight of blood only makes Taehyung’s heart beat faster and he is scrambling to find your part of the picture – the perfect part. The part that is untouched, unblemished – un-Jungkooked. His careless actions lead to your still face being stained with his own blood. “I can not wait until we’re together.” He chuckles once more – but this time he sits on the floor instead of the stool that is just a mere centimeter away from him. “But don’t worry,” He strokes your hair with a tenderness only characteristic of that of a lover. “It will be just us again. I promise.“ 

      Ever since last night, your thoughts can not move away from the fright that you witnessed in Hansung’s eyes. The mysterious blood stains, the darkening circle around his left eye, how he held his ribs so tightly; something was definitely wrong. You thought you would be overstepping your boundaries if you asked him but you knew that you definitely had to apologize for Jungkook’s accusations of Hansung being your stalker.

     All night, you mulled over the possibility. Hansung? A stalker? The boy could barely talk to you without injuring himself - how would he be stealthy enough to follow you for all of this years? The prospect didn’t make sense. He has a girlfriend, you reason with yourself. She’s your roommate for heavens’ sake. Would he honestly cut that close just to get to you?

  You shake your head to yourself in disbelief. No one would act that careless either. With the way Jungkook had proposed it to you, your stalker has been following you for years, which was true. What didn’t add up would be why he would choose to show himself now of all times. If he had gone for so long looming over you from a distance, what made now any different?

  Your thoughts are cut off when you hear ‘class dismissed’ by your Multivariable Calculus teacher and you scramble to collect your books and place them in your white, purple, and blue backpack knowing how impatient Jungkook could be - especially on Wednesday since he had soccer practice and that the line at his favorite cafe would be out the door if he hadn’t arrived that precisely when he always did. In the midst of collecting your workbooks, you check your phone to see a couple of texts from Jungkook.

 [11:03 am] junggull: yah, y/n i can’t pick u up from class. practice got moved up. :(

[11:28 am] junggull: aish can u answer so i know if u r dead or not

 [11:42 am] junggull: can u get those candies i like that u always buy and bring them for me after practice? :3 

 [11:42 am] junggull: oH don’t forget to avoid that hansung kid 

 [11:43 am] junggull: i meAN IT 

 [11:47 am]  junggull: don’t make me worry pls 

You softly laugh to yourself at his childish texts before thumbing back your response.

 [12:16 pm] #1sidebae : not dead

 [12:16 pm] #1sidebae : and ok dad 

    With the slightest hint of a grin on your face, it fades as you put your phone in your purse with a sigh. You knew how long his soccer practices usually last so that gave you about two to three hours of alone time. Despite the surrounding students, you never felt more alone when realization hit you: you honestly do not know anybody besides Jungkook and the few friends he has introduced you too. The only friend that you would have known would have a boy a couple years older than you by the name of Park Jimin but he mysteriously lost his scholarship just a few days before your arrival at Seoul National University. Unbeknownst to you, his forced absence was the direct result of your presence.

     If you’re being honest, Jimin was more than just a friend to you in high school. It could even be said that he would be your high school sweetheart if it hadn’t been for Jungkook’s skillful meddling. You could still remember the happiness that came from Jimin when you first told him of your acceptance to his college and all the cute dates he promised you only to be halt contact with you entirely a few days after your moving in to your dorm. One of your last days with him blur into your vision as you take a seat on the bench in the quad. 

   The scent of fresh grass invades your senses as you watch the boy with black hair dribble the ball back and forwards between his feet. The sweat from his hair glistened passes down his brow and to his shirt. You never understood Jungkook and his valiance to do anything so perfectly.

   Turning your eyes away from your best friend, your cheeks flushed at the sight in front of you. There stood Park Jimin, a pretty blonde with endearing eyes standing over you. His white t-shirt clung to his chest and he stood so close that you could make out the irises of his eyes. "How’s the weather down there, Y/N-ah?”

     "Even better now that you’re here.“ You smile meekly at him, remembering how Jungkook had urged you to play nice with the boy. Jungkook thought you had been afraid of the boy since you always managed to fearlessly move away from him, but it was the complete opposite. Ever since Jungkook and Jimin had become friends, you found yourself sitting a bit straighter and wearing clothes that had been pushed so heavily back in your closet a-.

      Your thoughts came to a crashing halt; Jimin’s head now sat in your lap and he toyed with the friendship bracelet Jungkook and you both shared with a smile. Unbeknownst to you, Jimin thought you were aspectabund. He found your crush on him to be dulcet. Often times, he thought that girls only liked him for his looks (and it’s not to say that you didn’t, either) but he knew you adored his personality. After all, he found himself often hearing a lecture from Jungkook of how much you liked him before you even knew what he looked like.

       "Shouldn’t you return back to practicing with Jungkook? He has his entire future riding on this game.” You advise. Your eyes soften when they met his and he chuckled at your actions.

        Jimin turned away from the onyx haired boy with a laugh. “You really care about him a lot, do you?” His fingers settled against his stomach. His dark brown eyes stared back into yours.

   "Of course, I do. He’s my best friend.“ You swallowed hard once the realization of Park Jimin, your crush for a year, was sitting so comfortably with you. Quite frankly, it shook you to your core. Your cheeks flush hard at how intently Jimin stared at you. Was he always this focused on someone when he spoke with someone?

    Jimin sighs before parting his lips to speak, "That’s sweet. I hope you can learn to care for me like that, too.” He beams at your flustered state. You sheepishly push his shoulder in efforts to avoid a response and he laughs that laugh that you found yourself admiring for so long. Jimin shifts out of your lap and tilts his head at you. “What is it?

       "You’re so blunt,” you murmur. You force yourself to meet his eyes and you swear that you have seen the epitome of heaven. God, why did he have to be so perfect? 

     You’ve come to adore the way Jimin leans over when he laughs, his eyes scrunching up to perfect crescent moons as he does so. “You think I’m blunt?” He giggles this time, nearly squeaking and you laugh too.

   "I mean, yeah! Who just says stuff like that?“ You pause for the dramatic effect of lowering your voice to match his Busan satoori with a grin, ”'I hope you can learn to care for me like that, too.’ God, Jimin, why?“   

    Jimin rolled his eyes at your unfeasible imitation of him before something caught his eye. A boy, he was certain was around the same age as him, grimaced at him. The boy’s iniquity surfaced in his eyes as he stared back at Jimin. The leer in his smile was evident as he shook his head back at Jimin.

     'Isn’t that Kim Taehyung?’ Jimin thought to himself. The boy’s manner was never this demeaning. What made now different from before?

       Jimin gently took your arm and your backpack, his faultless orbs never broke with spiteful ones. Though the distance was somewhat substantial, Jimin still was able to acknowledge the shift in Taehyung.

 "Is something wrong Jimin?” You asked Jimin, utterly unaware of what just took place. His demeanor had stiffened in the milliseconds that had passed. 

    Then, all at once, something clicked.

     "I think we should go.“ Jimin whispered against your ear as he kept his eyes on Taehyung. Taehyung clenched and unclenched his fists against his backpack, a futile attempt to calm himself. How could she do this to me? He swallowed hard with a gulp. ‘Move,’ Taehyung prompted himself to move an inch, hell, he would even give for a centimeter but he was merely left standing there as he watched Jimin escort you back to Jungkook

.  The rest of the way home, Taehyung found himself looking back over his shoulder; to see you running towards him with wide arms and hastily explaining that it was all Jimin’s fault (because of course, it was Jimin’s fault. He should have respected your personal space). But you didn’t, and something in the deepest part of him knew that you never would.

   "Aish!” Taehyung screamed as he threw his backpack to the ground. He slumped down the wooden door of his house, falling against the floor. “Why, why, why,” The one syllable fell out of his mouth like vomit. He couldn’t take this anymore. He could handle Jungkook, after all, he had no romantic interest in you, but Jimin?

    The very idea of the soft-spoken boy prompted Taehyung to stand up from the floor and turn to punch his fist into the wall. The pain was excruciating as if he had burned himself with a frying pan, but it did not compare to the pain he wanted Jimin to feel. The audacity that boy had!

    “Just one day,” Taehyung whimpered once the metallic smell of blood filled the air. He seethes through the pain. Your brows furrow in confusion at how strangely Jimin acted all of a sudden. 

     Shaking your head at the thoughts, you looked up from your lap to the scenery in front of you. Girls laughing crowded your ears followed by that of boys talking about an English essay that was due soon passed by you. You chew on your bottom lip as your eyes fall on a boy with blonde hair that mirrors that of Hansung but without the absence of glasses. Regardless, you call out 'Hansung’  anyway.

    At the sound of your voice, Taehyung turns around and gulps ardently at your presence. A small smile tugs on his lips as he watches you wave him down. He stands still, taking in deep breaths to control himself as you approach him with your books. “Hansung!” You say as you jog over to him. Your excitement proves to be too much as you trip over a crack in the sidewalk, sending you towards the ground at an alarmingly fast ground – only to be caught by Hansung.

  Electricity moves through your body like a current as you find yourself in Taehyung’s arms. Your cheeks flush an uncomfortable shade of pink. Your knees feel like they are about to give in beneath you if it were not for Taehyung’s grip on you. Your throat goes dry like the Subsaharan desert and Taehyung is certain this is how he must have looked when he first saw you. The idea pulls on his heartstrings violently to the point he has to swallow to stop how fast his heart is beating.

  The close proximity has Taehyung blushing much harder than you. The pink tint in his cheeks does not deter his eyes away from yours, surprisingly. Out of habit, his eyes dart down to your lips and he subconsciously bites his lip down at the sight of them. His heart beats in triple time as he looks up back at your own eyes. “H-hi.” The shy boy stammers to you while tightening the grip on your waist.

    “Hi,” You sheepishly blurt before looking away from him to stand upright. “Thanks for, you know, not letting me fall." 

    Your awkwardness softens Taehyung’s heart more than you normally do and he swears that he would fawn over you right now if he had the opportunity to do so. "It’s no problem.” He toys with the sleeves of his sweater nervously and finally realizes that he’s still holding your hands. “I’ll just let these go now… ha.”

      A smile tugs at the corner of your lips. You readjust your backpack and take one measly step away from him. “I-I wanted to apologize about Jungkook. What he said yesterday - it was just him being protective of me. He didn’t mean any harm by it.”

  The mention of Jungkook has Taehyung’s eyes darkening to a shade of brown you have characteristically never seen before on him and it has you squinting your eyes to check if you are seeing correctly. “I understand. Boys his age are often very irrational with what they say and think.” His choice of words makes you blink before dismissing it.  He must be a little offended that Jungkook did that, you assure yourself while nodding in agreement. Taehyung almost gasps at your agreement. Could you see the irrationality of Jungkook’s actions?

   "Would you like to get something to eat? I really want to make it up to you so that there won’t be any hard feelings between us.“

   Taehyung sighs in awe. Only you could be this perfect. It was a given. A soft smile tugs on Taehyung’s lips as he nods. "I could never have hard feelings towards you.” Fire tears through his chest at the words.

  Eerily enough, the smoothness of Hansung’s words comforts you in a way that nearly everything (Jungkook excluded, of course) fell short of. It almost feels as though you know Hansung longer and deeper than just the boy who is the boyfriend of your roommate. Something in the way that Hansung looks at you makes you feel like there’s something more to him - or more importantly, more to you than what is seen and that thought of alone has you telling yourself that you are determined to find out just exactly who Kim Hansung is.

  • ° °•○•° °•○•° °•○•° °•○• ° °•○•° °

‘People of the Week’ Winner Request #3



Loki Laufeyson x Reader
 I’m literally the definition of trash I’m truly sorry for  taking so long for barely sending u the request: ok so Loki x reader where ur  his personal servant everyday at noon u would go to the village near by n  secretly teach the kids to read n write one day Loki asked u were u would go  u didn’t want Loki finding out and might get u and the children in trouble so  u didn’t tell him anything. Each day Loki would ask u making u nervous that  he would maybe start following u, he asked u if u would go see a lover and u  just looked at him with out saying anything Loki took ur silence as a yes and  one day decided to follow u took ur luck he had caught u talking to Thor in a  market place (u n Thor were pretty good friends and he knew about u teaching  the kids) and Loki thought Thor was ur lover. Loki hated the idea of Thor  winning at everything and anyone and to him u were his servant u were to  serve him and nobody else and he was going to prove that to u. If u need more  detail just tell me will happy to help once again super sorry like I’m  terrible at having a solid schedule- @floating-balloon
Notes: This may be the longest thing I have ever written. Sorry it took so long I had real trouble getting started but I finally have it finished. The final winner’s request should be out at the weekend, and following that Part 2 to Somewhere Only We Know as well as Possibility. Once again sorry for my lack of stuff coming out, I’ve been finding it really hard to find the motivation to write. Hopefully I’m out of that slump now. Anyway enjoy!

As you hurried through the cobbled streets of Asgard you stuffed a worn leather book into the inseam of your faded green shawl. Flickering your E/C eyes around the crowded streets you searched for any sign of the raven-haired prince, heading back towards the palace you kept your eyes to the ground and your shawl wrapped tightly around your small frame. The reason for your wariness may seem slightly melodramatic to an outsider, however your master did carry a certain reputation, one for being highly strung and easily provoked. This meant that keeping a secret from him carried it’s own set of risks, and even though yours held no significant importance you worried that his knowing of your actions could endanger both you and the ones you helped.

 The thing was that everyday, at precisely noon, you had ventured down to a local village, there you would help the local children learn the basics of reading and writing, as well as telling them great stories of your lands noble history. You had started this daily practice after a trip down to the market, in search of goods for the palace, when you overheard a conversation between a shopkeep and one of the locals. Apparently the school building had been destroyed during the most recent bout of attacks, leaving the children with no place to go, and cutting their education short. Of course you being you felt a great sorrow at these children’s predicament and vowed to do whatever you could to help.

 Reaching the gates of the palace you were quickly allowed in, rushing back to the small quarters you were granted to deposit your things before returning back to work. Laying your shawl neatly on the bed you turned to leave. But before you could exit the small room a green swirl of smoke blocked your path, leaving in its wake your master. “Sir.” You mumbled, bowing you head slightly. “I’ve already told you to call me Loki, are the formalities really so necessary?” He quipped, quirking an eyebrow at you. “Sorry sir… Loki.” You said with a small smile gracing your lips. Though the man intimidated you like nothing else, you still saw a softer side of him, even though many others didn’t. You could even say you’d developed certain affections for the Trickster God, not that it was at all appropriate, what with him being your master and a prince, and you a mere servant. Yet that didn’t stop your heart from fluttering when he smiled at you, and a rosy blush colouring your cheeks whenever he was in too close a proximity. “Where have you been for the last… hour?” Loki asked you, a slight clench in his jaw. “Nowhere…” You stuttered, fiddling with the hem of your dress. “I see… I’ve never been to nowhere, is it as delightful as it sounds?” He drawled, looking at you with an expression full of contempt. “Quite. “You mumbled, furrowing your brow as you manoeuvred around him, heading back to work.

 You and Loki had always had a weird relationship, what with him taking a particular interest in your personal affairs, and you not hesitating to call him out on some of his more neurotic behaviours. Most said they’d never seen someone speak to the younger prince in such a way, with most of his previous servants being dismissed after similar fo-pars. After your run in with the dark-haired god you quickly went back to work, cleaning the princes’ quarters as well as the dining hall. As you sat on the large dining hall floor, using certain magic’s to clean the mud-covered stone a pair of heavy footsteps caused your head to whip up to the doorway. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice rang out. “Thor!” You grinned, standing up to greet him. “How was your trip to Midgard? How was Lady Jane?” You asked, a smile wide on your face. “Everything was as I left it Lady Y/N.” He nodded. “I told you to stop with the Lady’s Thor, for I am no Lady.” You said with a small quirk in your lips. “Nonsense, you are far more a Lady than many of those who carry such a title.” Thor boomed, bowing his head slightly. “I should go and reconvene with my Father, It was a pleasure to hold your company.” Thor said, kissing your hand before leaving the grand room.

 You and Thor had met one afternoon whilst out in the village. He’d found you teaching the children and after learning of your service in the palace agreed to keep it between the two of you. In thanks you had been assisting him with his courtship of his Lady Jane, helping him choose gifts for her as well as teaching him of Midgardian customs. Through this the two of you had struck up an unlikely friendship, one that had seemed to stand the test of time.

 The days following your interaction with Loki, he asked everyday where you went during your hour away, causing you to become more and more nervous about your little secret. You began to worry that he would try and follow you, meaning you started taking more complicated routes down to the village, hoping to lose anyone that may have been on your tail. However it did mean you ended up walking straight through the busy market almost everyday. After a couple of weeks Loki’s persistent asking you had still managed to keep strong, telling him you went nowhere of importance. One day, out of the blue, Loki arrived at your chambers before you parted for your journey. “Loki.” You sighed, trying to manoeuvre your way around him. “Is it a lover that you go to meet everyday?” He growls, appearing suddenly in front of your face. His anger causing you to stand there in silence, not knowing how to proceed. “It would make sense, you always return with a smile on your face and it would explain your secretive attitude about the whole affair.” He spat. Huffing you just moved your way around him and carried on down to the village.

 ‘Why would he care anyway?’ You asked yourself, ‘I’m just the help, no one of importance.’ You huffed, strolling into the busy market. “Lady Y/N!” Thor’s booming voice called you over from a nearby seller. “Thor.” You smiled, moving to his side. “I need your assistance.” The blonde prince huffed, brow furrowing, coaxing a giggle from between your lips. “Come on then.” You smiled, grabbing his hand and pulling him along to different vendors.

 3rd Person POV

 Loki had decided to follow Y/N down away from the palace. For some reason the thought that she could be meeting a suitor tore at his chest, leaving an unsettling feeling in his stomach. Loki had never felt this way about anyone before, never had a need to protect someone and keep them safe from harm. Yet she was different. The way her H/C swirled around the S/C skin of her face and neck, the way her E/C sparkled whenever she laughed or smiled, the little things were what seemed to gravitate Loki towards her, and he just couldn’t pull away.  Following her small frame through the crowded streets he watched her as she ducked and dived through the rowdy crowd, barely registering a second notice to many of the passer byes. Despite Loki’s glamour to look like an unimportant local, he stayed hidden in the shadows, skulking along hot on her trail. Suddenly a familiar voice calling Y/N’s name sent Loki’s eyes wide and caused his fists to clench. Watching her stand by his brother’s side with such a gleeful look on her face made Loki’s face contort with anger and as she took his hand he felt his stomach drop. How come his brute of a brother got everything? The power, the praise and now the girl. The only girl Loki had ever felt any sort of fondness towards, the only girl Loki could see himself actually falling for. Hell he probably already had. Turning his back on the pair Loki stormed back to the palace in a blind rage, ready to take his anger out on anyone who dared confront him.

 Y/N’s POV

 After helping Thor you had a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just could not shake. You went and taught the children as usual, cutting your session short due to your little rendezvous with Thor. Heading back up to the golden palace you noticed the subtle glances the guards gave one another as you entered. Heading to your quarters you immediately noticed the lean form of Loki sat on your small bed. “Loki, what are you doing in here?” You asked, slightly puzzled by his appearance. “So it’s Thor then? That you go and see everyday? It’s my brother that you pine over like a puppy, it’s pathetic.” He spat, leaning above you as his words sliced you like a blade. Standing up to him you shoved him in the chest, causing him to falter slightly. “I do not pine after any man, and not that it is any of your business, but if I did it would certainly not be after Thor.” You growled, face thunderous, “And I am certainly not pathetic, however it is nice to know your opinion of me.” You said, jabbing him in the chest. As you whirled around, ready to storm away from the dark-haired prince, a hand darted out, holding onto to your elbow. Before you could even get another word out Loki had spun you around, engulfing you in his arms. “You serve me, and no one else.” He murmured before crashing his lips against yours. “Always.” You murmured against his lips before wrapping your arms around his neck. “Jealousy is not a nice colour on you.” You smirked, leaning your forehead against his. “You need to learn to keep that pretty little mouth closed.” He chuckled, kissing you again, this time with a more gentle touch.

Wedding Night Blues

The Little cabin was already glowing with the golden light of the fire when the newlyweds arrived. Sango and Rin had been kind enough to get everything ready for them, they had put flowers around the house, especially the bedroom, and set the fire on the hearth so they would find it warm and cozy when Kagome and InuInuyasha a arrived. They had also carried all the present the couple had received from the party, as most of it was edible, they would be glad to have it stocked up for later.

The feast had dragged on for too long for InuInuyasha´s  liking. He had wanted to leave early but to his surprise, some of the villagers had wanted to congratulate them and many had given them small gifts, like vegetables, fruits, buckets, baskets, bowls and even pieces of cloth.

He had not expected these people to be so welcoming of a hanyo, much less accepting his wedding to their future miko. It was a pleasant surprise, especially for his bride.

Kagome   had been radiant with joy throughout the ceremony and the celebrations that took place afterwards. He, on the other hand, had been too nervous to fully enjoy their special day. He had been dreading it for a while, imagining that some of their neighbors would oppose to their union, or that they might even try to sabotage it, or worse, that he and Kagome would be chased out of the village. It turned out he needn´t have worried about any of these happening, probably thanks to his lovely wife. She had tended and cared for many of these people thus earning their trust and love.

It was true, everybody loved Kagome, and she had chosen him over any other man here and in her own time. How could he ever return such devotion? He wasn´t sure, but he had vowed to make her happy and so far, he thought he had succeeded. He had gotten everything she had mentioned she wanted in a wedding: the dress, the ring, the feast. And now after all had ended and they were standing at their front door, he stopped her before she could open it. He wanted to carry her bridal style, as he had seen once on T.V. while he was at her time, apparently, it was a tradition in modern day weddings.

Inuyasha grabbed her elbow and turned her to face him. Kagome looked at him with big eyes, confusion written in her face. She had been floating on a cloud during the last couple of hours and now that she finally was alone with her husband he was stalling her right in their front door. She had noticed he had been nervous in the temple, but felt him relax later, so why didn´t he want to enter the house now? Was he having second thoughts? Or he would still insist on sleeping outside?

No, she wouldn´t let him. He said he had wanted to save her honor by marrying her, now there was no reason to leave her during their wedding night, was it? She would not allow him to walk out on her. Not with all they had been through, after overcoming time itself. They were married now, for Kami´s sake, she would put her foot down, no more separations.

She was so deep in her musing that she didn´t notice when her husband’s arms slid around her shoulders and knees until she was literally swept off her feet. She was still frowning when she looked into the intense golden glare of his eyes, their lips only inches away as Inuyasha very slowly closed the distance between them. She sighed into his mouth when their lips made contact, her hands clutching at his strong shoulders.

Kagome surrendered to the kiss opening her mouth to grant his tongue access while one of her hands cupped the back of his head and the other gently rubbed one of his furry ears. The taste of sake still lingered in his mouth and Kagome found the flavor even more intoxicating than the liquor itself. She felt his fangs grazing her lips and his tongue leaving her mouth before she felt the cool air if the night against her heated face.

“Slide the door” Inuyasha spoke in a husky low voice, very close to her ear.

Kagome   looked at him trying to make sense of his words.

“What?” Her voice shaky and insecure.

“I have my hands full right now, I can´t open the door”

“Oh” She couldn´t form a complete sentence, still subdued by the spell of their kiss.

She turned her head towards the door and use one hand to slide it open.

The soft fragrance of flowers floated around them when Inuyasha crossed the threshold of their home with his bride in his arms. He had asked Sango to set the flowers around the house. He had picked them with special care so that he wouldn´t spend the night sneezing due to some strong smell. Kagome seemed to be delighted by the way she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply to take in the sweet fragrance.

He turned them around so she could close the door, but he didn´t let her down after that. He started trailing small kisses on her face and neck as he made his way to the bedroom. Kagome giggled happily and returned his kisses one by one.

“One more time” Inuyasha whispered as he stopped in front of the shoji door to their bedroom.

Kagome gladly obliged and they crossed one more threshold.

He finally set her on her feet by their bed, but he still didn´t let her go. His hands sliding over the softness of her silk kimono until they found their way to her waist.

Now that they were finally alone in the privacy of their bedroom, Kagome started to feel a little nervous. She wasn´t scared, she knew what to expect; in fact, she couldn´t wait to get there. But that didn´t mean she was an expert and that was the source of her anxiety.

Inuyasha felt her small frame tremble slightly against his body and decided to take things slowly.

“Are you happy?” he asked her and placed a soft kiss on her temple.

“Of course I am. Why?” She asked innocently

“It´s just that I looked at you during the ceremony and you looked like you were about to cry.” He stopped to think what to say next, afraid she was already regretting their union. “You didn´t like it?” he asked in an almost inaudible voice.

“I did! Kaede oba-chan did an excellent job, the ceremony was perfect, very touching… It´s just that…” she sighed and looked down for a few seconds as if looking for a way to tell him something before looking up again into her husband´s pleading eyes.

“I missed my family today” She felt Inuyasha hands rubbing gentle circles in her back encouraging her to go on.

The hurt in Inuyasha eyes was plain for Kagome to see. He knew how much she had left behind just to be with him and it made him feel miserable about the bargain, he had so little to give her and she deserved far more than he could ever offer.

“So, you wanna go back?” He didn’t even try to hide the anguish in his voice, all his former pride was gone. He was standing in front of her wearing his heart on his sleeve, the bright future he had dreamed for them suddenly turning to ashes as he waited for her answer.

“No, baka” she answered playfully trying to lighten the mood. “My life is here, with you. I just wished my family could have taken part in our joy.”

She felt his arms tighten around her waist as he crushed her to his chest while releasing a loud sigh.

“So, not everything you ever dreamed of?” he teased her, feeling his muscles relax after her candid statement.

“Almost everything.” She lifted her face from his chest to look him in the eyes. “You were there, and that was my dream, so that part was perfect.”

She looked down again feeling lightheaded and at a loss for words. Being so close to him always made her dizzy.

“There´s one more thing” she said looking up again. “Inuyasha, would you dance with me?”

Inuyasha looked puzzled. His handsome features telling her he didn´t have a clue of what she was talking about.

“Dance? As in Kagura´s Dance of the blades?”

Kagome couldn´t help but laugh when the image of them trying to dance to the rhythm of Kagura´s fan was conjured in her mind´s eye.

“No, it´s nothing like that.” She said smiling brightly at him. “It´s a tradition in modern day weddings, the bride and groom share their first dance as a married couple in front of their families and friends. I know we are all alone now, but still, would you like to dance with me?”

He felt his cheeks warm as a dark shade of pink stole across them.

“I don´t know how to dance.” He managed to speak even as embarrassed as he felt.

“I´ll show you, it´s not that difficult”

Kagome´s voice sounded hopeful and joyous. He knew how couldn´t deny her anything, but he tried anyway.

“I´ll feel awkward, I don´t like it” He looked away from her, avoiding the warmth of her eyes.

“Oh please, will you do it just for me?” she begged him. “Nobody can see us. Please??”

He looked her in the eyes again, scowl back in place before answering.

“Keh, just don´t complain if I step on you”

“Yey!!! Ok, now come to the center of the room. You need to put your left hand in front of you and the other hold it like these” She lift her own hand to show him what to do.

Inuyasha sighed, feeling very silly at the moment but happy to indulge his wife´s wishes, he did as he was told.

“Like this?” He asked her.

“Yes, that´s right, Now, look at me and try to do what I do”

Kagome turned around and copied his posture.

“Now, put your left foot forward a few inches and move your right foot to meet the left. Then you take your right foot back a few inches and the left foot follows. Got it?”

“Doesn´t sound difficult” He said.

After the deeds she had witnessed him doing it would be ridiculous to see the mighty hanyo defeated by the waltz.

She turned around again, smile spreading across her face.

“Now all we need is music.”

“Uh?” He frowned in confusion.

He was still trying to decipher her words when he felt her small hand grabbing his left one and position it in her lower back while the other took his right one and held to it.

“Ready?” She asked him still smiling

“Keh” Was all he answered, trying to hide his pleasure. Holding her close to him and making her smile had this effect on him.

“Now, let´s try it together. When I start counting you try to do what we just did. And 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3”

He tried to repeat the movements he did before, focusing in not crushing her dainty toes with his much bigger ones. Eyes looking down, ears trained on her counting, Inuyasha moved his feet to follow the pattern his wife traced on the floor.

“Yes!!! You´re doing great. Now it´s time for the music.”

He frowned again, thinking how she would produce music when he heard her humming a sweet melody.

Kagome kept on humming while she smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of swaying in her husband´s arms. He wasn´t a bad dancer at all, a little stiff at the beginning, but he loosened up after a little while.   

Suddenly she opened her eyes and the stopped on her tracks. Inuyasha looked at her startled.

“What?” He said looking down to check her feet for injuries.

Kagome took a step back and let go of his hands to cover her mouth in an attempt to suppress the giggles escaping her lips.

“I told you I couldn´t dance wench, now you wanna make fun of me?”

“Oh, no. It´s not that. Actually, you did a pretty decent job.” She said with a huge grin plastered on her face.

“Then why do you look like you´re about to burst laughing?”

Kagome considered telling him, even though she was sure he wouldn´t find it funny.

“It´s the music I was humming” She started and hesitated again. “It´s from one of my favorites movies.” Should she go on and risk letting his bad mood ruin their wedding night?

She stepped forward and got both his hands in hers, placing one in her waist and the other in her shoulder for a closer embrace.

In that moment, surrounded by his strong arms and feeling his heart beating at the same rhythm as hers, she decided to keep it from him, it will be her little secret. After all, this was her happy ending and she would make everything in her power to have the best wedding night ever.

With that resolution in mind, she shuffled her feet and resumed the dance, this time singing:

“Tale as old as time…”

so i wrote my reply to that thing while laying in bed the other night, jsyk. im now on my computer so here comes the chatter about SIGYN and Angrboda and mothers and wives and first wives and second wives and everything in between.

things to consider:

1. the pure LACK of solid, 1000 percent “this is exactly how they said these figures were” evidence for either goddess.
2. the small amount of what we know being told through various translations by various people with various biases and cultural norms that might be reflected in their work (the big one: snorri mcchristian u dig?)
3. that a lot of what i am about to say is wholly MY UPG but it is based on my belief that gods are bigger than the boxes we put them in.

So the person either changed their post or deactivated but they wrote:

“ I would rather be like Angerboda than Sigyn.  I want passion, and justice, and emotion to keep me with my love.  Not duty.  Mistresses are remembered by history, not the wives. “

which, ok, feel free to totally dig a few things: not being married! having passion and justice and emotion!

feel free to NOT dig these things: the really grossly misogynistic idea that a woman who’s (limited and not fully fleshed out/discovered) story revolves around the act of physically kneeling forever at her husband’s side to protect him from dripping venom… is in fact ALL ABOUT HIM and has nothing more to do with anything else at all. like way to put sigyn in the smallest fucking box possible my dude.

let’s have some fun thinking about the mindset of sigyn falling to her knees.

firstly, sigyn herself is hardly spoken of heavily enough to say for sure what she is the goddess OF besides being a LOYAL wife because she sticks with loki through his torture, DESPITE him being the root cause of their own children’s death. the assumption here is an easy one to make, sure. most people would at first glance say “wow, this woman is devoted to her husband.”

except she’s not listed in kennings about loki in ways that would make you think she’s happy with him about this. he is called the BURDEN of her arms, and simply “husband of sigyn” and “galdr’s hapt”. the last bit, i’ll be HONEST AS FUCK… the theories about this i can find are still people’s upg for the most part. but sure, let’s say this assumes sigyn has some magical power related to binding or warding.. this further opens up a lot of ideas about her that are easily tied to loki only OR….

you might think of something BIGGER than that tiny box of a story.

if sigyn is a magician she is more than likely, as with most female magicians, using a form of magic that connects heavily with being a seer. a wild god like loki married to someone calm, collected, and consistently the weight on his chain is a pretty obvious trope to go for here. it’s what most people would want to assume but what if sigyn wasn’t these things?

what if she was just as wild? just as OTHER? a volva who traveled as much as volva were known to do? someone who, like other goddesses with the gift of seidr (whether taught to her or learned by nurture/nature if she was a fertility vanir), knew of ragnarok?

and knew that one day her sons would die.

and one day her husband would lead the final battle against the gods.

and one day everything would END.

what would YOU do if you were this woman? bend a knee to protect your husband? or are you bending a knee to let the cycle play out a little longer because you also know the more the venom drips the more loki shakes the quicker he escapes.

the quicker comes final death and rebirth and you KNOW cycles, you are a woman who has been through them before as all women have before you. you are intimate with the idea of seasons and a time for everything, even death.

so no, i don’t think sigyn is LOYAL and CONSISTENT when it comes to LOKI. I think she loves him and that includes all the chaos in him too but she is loyal to the way things must pass, to how all things must end, to how sometimes a wildfire must purge the brush before a forest can grow healthy and strong once more.

and saying she’s only loki’s wife and that’s just her story just feels narrow minded to me.

not to mention pitting her against boda feels even more gross because if anything, if sigyn IS other then she likely accepts that loki has had his fill of others. i don’t see people putting frigga in the same place against all the lovers odin has ever had, why sigyn against boda?

ALSO, the coolest fucking post i have ever seen from an excellent source on language is this one, talking about the possibilities of sigyn’s name being something BESIDES victory girlfriend. rope joy? ROPE JOY? a goddess who finds she may be filled with sorrow and anguish for having to play the part she does, for having to give up sons for the greater cycle of things, but who loves and embraces the binding nature of these things??????

anyway remember: this is a LOT of UPG but god, how can we really put her into such a small box when there is so much room out there for her mystery to bloom?

edit to add: yes this does mean i’m way irked by every single version of sigyn dreamt of making her soft and kind and full of mercy, as if she does everything she does for a MAN. this doesn’t mean she can’t HAVE those traits but it does mean that as a woman who lost TWO children and went to her knees to “protect” the man who’s fault that was… you gotta be shitting me if you god damn think her love for loki is so pure and perfect that she does that for HIM and not for some cosmic and bigger picture.

so many of you guys claim she is a strong brave goddess and then make her out to be weak in such a way that makes me want to scream. if she is strong it’s because she’s willing to stay there and willing to put off her own possible death and the end of all things, including her grief, for the sake of others… all nine realms worth of people. i love loki and sigyn as a pair as much as the next person but fuck THAT noise right there.

I swear I am going to end up in Radley after this show is finished

I’m not sure if I’m slightly upset we didn’t get to see the dialogue between Aria and Nicole, only because its been so dragged out with Ezra being gone for the most of 7B. Why has Ezra been missing this whole time? I mean it’s so confusing since Nicole is NOT in NY but close enough for Aria to have driven to the clinic, yet he doesn’t even come home to change his clothes and have some rest? Shady Ezra, shady. 

So do all members of the A team have keys to all the liars’ houses just like Mona? The idea of people creeping in and out of a house is so frustrating. You’ve been doing this for how many years? Since you were 16? Why are there no cameras anywhere near your damn houses? SERIOUSLY?! 

Aria is being shady. Honestly no wonder Ezria is a couple, they are both shady. I think I have been completely desensitized to their “shock faces”, all I keep thinking is “I know you’re part of this”. 

Okay so this episode was awesome and the fact that some answers are smacking me straight in the face is amazing. However I have a couple questions because I am genuinely confused after watching it. So now, I am re watching this. Because it’s not like I have 2 essays due *cough cough* - moving on. 

Here we go:

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Imagine #18 Charles Xavier - Part 2 (Request)

Requested by Anon: hi! so can i request a charles x reader one shot that ive been thinking of? ok so first of all y/n and charles were super close as teens but y/n died at around 19(got mixed up in smth), charles was devastated and hes still not 100% over it as an adult so when the xmen find a mutant who can control time he ends up asking them to go back and try to save y/n? and they try and they have to convince her to stay safe bcs ‘theres some1 who needs her’ or some cute shit like that?..but if u do this thx!

Not my gif

Words: 1552

Warnings: typos, fem!reader, time travel (?)

A/N: This is part 2 out of 3, the last one will probably be up some time next week. Enjoy! xoxo

Part 1 - Part 3

“Y’know, I wonder”, Peter said in a singing voice, skipping down the sidewalk next to a way more serious Jean. “I wonder, why they picked us.”

“Probably, because they know, how much we care about Charles.” “And you do care a lot for him, don’t you?”, Peter teased and shoved his elbow into her side. Jean blushed slightly. “Don’t be absurd, you know that I’m with Scott, you jerk!” “Oh, this isn’t about Scott or no Scott, I don’t know a single person, who doesn’t have a crush on the professor. And I’m not even gay! Or am I?”, he laughed out loud.

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‘ What were you both doing, Auntie Amy?’

This is based on a prompt sent by @cizavilation to @omeliafics

Thank you @jia911 for helping to proofread this fic- you’re the best! <3

Prompt : With the girls from the Omelia group chat we were talking about the 12x21 scene where Maggie and Meredith caught Owen and Amelia at the couch naked, and given that we also know that Zola took a glimpse of them lying naked together there… the prompt is: Can someone write something related with Zola asking Amelia what they were doing there? xD

Amelia Shepherd had just returned home from a tiring day at work after having back to back consults and surgeries. As she entered her sister- in-law Meredith Grey’s house, all she could think about was a warm shower and her comfortable bed. And Owen Hunt.

She smiled to herself as she recalled the events from two nights ago.

After Owen’s heartfelt confession to her in his office about his sister Megan and how he felt responsible for her disappearance, she felt a deeper connection to him. The fact that he decided to open up to her and tell her his innermost feelings and regrets meant a lot to her. It signified that he was ready to move on to the next phase of their relationship, which involved trust and mutual understanding. After she hugged him from behind and comforted him- he relished in her comforting touch and they remained in that position for a few long minutes before he finally stood up and turned around to hug her back. The warm hug eventually escalated into a kiss. The kiss then got heated until they had to pull away from each other before someone entered the room and caught them in their intimate moment. Still in a bliss from the kiss, Amelia had casually invited Owen to grab some dinner together as she was starving. They went to a cozy Italian restaurant within walking distance of the hospital and chatted throughout dinner. Owen spoke fondly of his sister Megan, telling Amelia about wonderful childhood memories he shared with her, how she fell in love with Riggs and how his heart broke for her when she cried in his arms after discovering that Riggs cheated on her. He told Amelia that he could never forgive himself for suggesting that she get on the plane. His sister’s disappearance had affected him more than he would have liked to admit and every single day he wished for her to return safely to him.

 Amelia had listened sympathetically to Owen’s story- holding his hands as a gesture of support, not interrupting him even once, which was rather uncharacteristic of her. After their scumptious dessert of icecream with chocolate pudding- Owen had invited Amelia to spend the night in his trailer. As tempting at it was for her, Amelia declined as she needed a long hot bath and a fresh pair of clothes to sleep in. Seeing Owen’s disappointed look- Amelia had the brilliant idea of inviting Owen to sleep over with her at Meredith’s house, stating the reason that both Meredith and Maggie were on call and the children and nanny were probably asleep upstairs.

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Five Nintendo Switch Games I’d Like to See Announced at E3 2017

As a gamer, E3 has become a second Christmas. It’s an event lasting a few days where I get to see what new games, or updates on previously announced games, my favorite developers are working on. But, Nintendo is always the focal point of my viewership as I look forward to what new sequel, spin-off, or original titles they’ll reveal. This is the Nintendo Switch’s first E3, and with the date quickly approaching, I thought it’d make a list of five Nintendo Switch games (in no particular order) I’d like to see announced at this year’s E3.

I was first exposed to the fun and frantic gameplay of WarioWare on the GameCube, when WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$! was released in 2004. Since then, I’ve tried every iteration of the microgame madness, from GBA to Wii U, the latter being a more scaled down version of the series. The Joy-Con controllers would be a perfect way to experiment with the series, as they could take advantage of HD Rumble, and with the versatility of the Nintendo Switch, portability would add ease of multiplayer on the go. It would be great to allow up to 8 players to sit around and enjoy the absurdity of the mircrogames. Honestly, I’d choose WarioWare over Mario Party, especially with the way Mario Party is going … Here’s to WarioWare: Switch !

The year was 2003. The GameCube had been out for two years, and after begging my parents and working hard in the third grade, I convinced the omnipotent beings to buy me the system. When I saw the green wonder staring right at me, terror-stricken, I knew I had to pick up Luigi’s Mansion. The game is hands down, my favorite video game of all time, it has the charm and lovable aspects of a Nintendo game with an eerie atmosphere that no other Nintendo game has made me feel. Of course I would want a sequel! I know, I know, we had one Four years ago called Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and trust me, I was very excited when I found out it was coming, but seeing it was for 3DS broke my spirit. I did play the game and i liked it, however, a full-blown HD console version would be a dream come true. Especially if they go back to exploring one big mansion instead of multiple smaller ones. I’d say keep the multiplayer aspect of the 3DS game (again take advantage of the Joy-Con), but give me a bigger mansion and more creative ghosts to catch, like in the original. C’mon, Nintendo, give me Luigi’s Mansion 3! I would be so happy.

Mr. Miyamoto, don’t do this to me. I saw that interview a couple years back. You said Pikmin 4 was almost ready, so where is it? I understand game development takes time, but I know the newly announced Hey! Pikmin can’t be the sequel you teased. It just can’t be! Ok, breathe. Relax. All right I’m back. Pikmin has seen three games in its lifetime as a Nintendo IP, with Hey! Pikmin being the fourth. Pikmin 1 and 2 were released on GameCube in 2001 and 2004 respectively (wow another GameCube game) and about a decade later given New Play Control releases on Wii, and Pikmin 3 was released on Wii U in 2013. I believe there’s room for a true sequel on Nintendo Switch. Pikmin 4 could see a return of Olimar and Louie, maybe even the cast of Pikmin 3–Alph, Brittany, and Charlie–can return. I would love to explore new environments and Pikmin species alone or with a friend. Also, there’s no denying these things are downright cute. Please, more Pikmin!

Masahiro Sakurai. You know him as the creator of Kirby, and the Super Smash Bros. series, but in 2013 his team, Project Sora, released Kid Icarus: Uprising, which served as a reboot for what many thought was a long-forgotten Nintendo IP. The game has some of the funniest and wittiest dialogue in a video game I’ve ever experienced, as well as being the chattiest game Nintendo has to offer. The back and forth playfulness between Pit and Palutena is great, and watching Pit interact with other characters makes for a fun play through. The soundtrack was amazing and offered composition from many video game composers outside Nintendo. Now that development on Super Smash Bros. is far from done, it would be great if Sakurai gathered his team to work on a sequel to this game. I’d be more than glad to take down Hades and his minions once again. I just want to say: I loved Pit’s opening line “Sorry to keep you waiting” it sent chills down my entire body. Sakurai, don’t keep us waiting!

For my final entry, I’d like to show my desire for a console entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. I’m a huge Paper Mario fan. I’m also a huge Super Mario RPG fan, and that was the last Mario role playing game we got that didn’t take place in paper-thin worlds. With a total of five Mario and Luigi titles exclusive to handhelds, a console version would be a step in the right direction, since the last two entries on 3DS Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam were a little stale compared to the DS’s Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story or my personal favorite Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. There has been rumors regarding Ubisoft working on a cross-over between Mario & Luigi and their Rabbids franchise, but I, like all of you, am praying it is not true. Another rumor that has surfaced is a remake of Superstar Saga for 3DS, which I would be more in favor of, but until then, let’s hope we get a massive Mario & Luigi RPG for Switch with Co-op, larger worlds to explore, and new interesting characters that aren’t based in the mushroom kingdom. 

So these are five games I’d love to see announced at this year’s E3, and shouldn’t be confused with my predictions. That’s a whole other entry. Here’s hoping Nintendo Switch could keep the momentum it has got going, maybe with one or all of these games being announced. Hey, one can dream. Right?

yuu dies au

basic summary: “i thought kagami treated me horribly but then i met you lot” – mika

no one is happy and mika is the least happy”

the agenda:
- make everyone sad
- make ourselves sad

nory: heyyy remember yuu dies au
bee: r u about to angst on us nory
nory: welll i was thinking about it some more
bany: Oh Boy

created by moi, @distressedphilosopher​, @forblazes​, and @celestialshinoa

GIANT HUGE CONTENT WARNING for: suicide, self harm, fucked up mental shit, fucked up coping methods, disordered eating (kinda??), pain and suffering

Setting: during the Final Battle, yuu goes seraph and sacrifices himself to cleanse the entire world. kinda like what he did at nagoya but on a larger scale

yuu was secretly planning smth like this ever since they started planning the final battle (in sanguinem?? tokyo again???) and he was dropping hints leading up to it and being super duper affectionate and emotional towards everyone and spent a lot of time reassuring them all that he loves them so much etc etc. and insisted on mika drinking from him one last time the day they leave bc that means so much to both of them. n at the end of the battle yuu goes seraph and does the thing and there’s this huge explosion/burst of incredibly bright light and a huge shockwave and it lasts for several minutes and when the dust clears yuu is lying at the epicenter of a huge crater

and mika gets to him first and the others just hear him scream with grief/pain and they Know. mika is completely incoherent and refuses to leave yuu’s body and doesn’t let anyone else get close for a while……..maybe that’s the first time mika tries to kill himself…this is getting a lot darker than i first intended

ok so it’s after the battle right and yuu’s body is at the morgue and the shinoa squad is back at their house recovering physically and emotionally from everything

like it’s their first day back from staying at hospital overnight

and it’s morning and mika drags himself out of bed and downstairs and he’s dissociating like whoah; and he opens the fridge and the first thing he sees is the several bottles of blood. and it’s yuu’s blood that they made before the Final Battle; and mika just falls to the floor sobbing bc yuu is gone, he’s dead, and yet a part of him is still here?? and feeding mika was always something special for the two of them, it was calm and safe and bonding time

and after mika drinks this yuu will be gone for Real

he’s just hit w all this existentialism and reality of the situation

shinoa runs into the kitchen and finds him and he’s totally inconsolable

the remnants of the JIDA become the new human government and they let the shinoa squad, including mika, retire early to a house in the countryside for their service.

t starts off w the squad in their new home and it’s up in the mountains and it’s nice and quiet and there are fields for them to grow their own food and they have a goat or chickens or smth idk but it’s empty and they’re all grieving

no one really knows what to do w themselves bc not only is yuu dead but they’re all retired indefinitely now

kimizuki tries to distract himself w cooking

mika sleeps All The Time like for days at a time bc of vamp metabolism is weird af. so if u add in severe depression and grief u get….sleeping for 3 days straight. also in attempt to get mika out of bed kimizuki ropes him into House Chores™. picture mika and kimizuki at the sink. mika is robotically peeling onions mika and kimi become the food prep team

 he likes feeding the chickens. shinoa takes up crochet. shinoa gave the chickens all stupid names

everyone struggles to cope and mika is actively suicidal and the squad tries to bring him out of it

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