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Inktober 2017, Fandom Edition! ASIP Sherlock :-)

Pigma Micron and W&N brushmarkers on toned tan paper.

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Why yes I did spend the entire Saturday Drawing Aizawas.
His man bun in the latest chapter though… I thought he might be a character who covers their face with their hair no matter what but he actually sees the effort to look nice for the parents. uvu


so one day I was just minding my own business when tHIS JERK named freddie fox (his last name is “fox” guys I mean COME ON) decided to come out of the woodwork and get my attention. he looks just like how I pictured my guy andrew minyard looking and I need to know if other people might even feel kind of the same so


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This season I want to get back to Cartman dressing up like a robot and [screwing] with Butters…. We try to come in every season with a new attitude, like this is what makes this season different than last season.  But at the end the day, our favorite shows are when Cartman is f—ing around with Butters.
—  Trey Parker, Forbes Interview
If (Modern) Jamie and Claire could text: Target Tampon Run Edition (for @anoutlandishidea)
  • Jamie: have a question
  • Claire: have an answer
  • Claire: probably
  • Jamie: ye always do
  • Jamie: what are yr thoughts on menstrual cups?
  • Claire: P(T*&T(^R*&#TRP*&#TGPR:IWEHFVFOC*&I
  • Claire: _DYING_
  • Jamie: it's a simple question ssnch
  • Jamie: for or against?
  • Jamie: waiting...
  • Claire: sry
  • Claire: i'm laugh n so hard cant tpe
  • Jamie : i have full faith in ye
  • Claire: okay okay
  • Claire: um...well...
  • Claire: What is...'never used one but they seem practical enough?'
  • Claire: I guess?
  • Jamie: good, i agree, thanks MND,
  • Jamie: see ye in a bit
  • Jamie: huh? i AM going to be home shortly
  • Claire: oh, come ON
  • Claire: you can't just drop a menstrual bomb and then saunter off without another word!
  • Jamie: I'm in the Target, lots to buy
  • Jamie: well ye start your courses tomorrow, aye?
  • CLaire: (I shouldn't be surprised but damn me, it gets me every time)
  • Jamie: aye
  • Jamie: 10:47 am. Be ready
  • Claire: JHRCCCCC, like a weatherman
  • Jamie: but anyhow, we'll be leaving for Auntie Jocasta's camper Gathering-stravanza in the morning
  • Jamie: and as it'll be Monday before we return
  • Jamie: it seemed wise to stock up
  • Claire: you are absurd
  • Claire: and a very useful man to have around
  • Claire: thank you, darling
  • Claire: ...but wait, what's the cup business?
  • Jamie: WELL, YE SEE
  • Claire: oh lord
  • Jamie: since Brianna AND Lizzie AND Marsali have all been in the house these last few days
  • Jamie: i'm expecting somewhat of a collective epidemic
  • Jamie: so, I thought it best to be prepared for an outbreak, since we'll be out in the mountains
  • Claire: supremely practical
  • Jamie: but tampons are j(*(&^(*^%(&^$(&(*_)*ing expensive
  • Jamie: and buying enough for four grown women was just more than i could bear
  • Jamie: and so the wee cup seemed an ingenious solution.
  • Jamie: so i've got four in the cart
  • Jamie: all set
  • Jamie: ?
  • Jamie: Why?
  • Jamie: makes sense, aye?
  • Claire: wel
  • Claire: YES
  • Jamie: so....?
  • Claire: I will pay GOOD MONEY
  • Claire: for the pleasure of watching you explaining to YOUR DAUGHTERS why EXACTLY you were thinking about their menstrual health economies
  • Claire: I will pay DOUBLE to see you actually explain the FUNCTION
  • Claire: poor lizzie probably would FAINT from shock
  • Jamie: they're smart lasses, they dinna need an explanation. I"ll just leave them out for them
  • Claire: [o4htnpqeubrg[q9834htbpqieybgriaeurj
  • Jamie: ye're laughing now
  • Jamie: but i'll be keeping a ledger of the savings over time
  • Claire: No no no non orijgnpqeirg
  • Jamie: and we'll just see, wont we?
  • Claire: JAMIE
  • Jamie: oh,wait...
  • Jamie: son of a BANNOCK
  • Claire: what?
  • Jamie: I canna get these
  • Claire: WHAT??
  • Claire: NO!! YOU CAn'T BACK OUT NOW!!!
  • Claire: (honestly dying over here)(screenshotting this to everyone i know)
  • Jamie: because I've just looked at the product name and it's called
  • Jamie: ughjjih it just makes me want to gag
  • Claire: what?
  • Claire: Pussy Pot?
  • Claire: Blood Bucket?
  • Jamie: dinna be crass
  • Claire: oh, so you're grossed out because it uses anatomical terms??
  • Claire: Jamie, 'VAGINA' is a perfectly natural
  • Jamie: HUSH
  • Jamie: I'm fashed because it's called a
  • Jamie: 'Diva Cup'
  • Claire:
  • Jamie: SO??
  • Jamie: that's the most patronizing garbage of a name i've ever heard!
  • Jamie: why does a practical contraption for managing a woman's courses need to be loaded wi' the implication of being SASSY and OVERBEARING and such?
  • Jamie: it's most often used in a sexist, disparaging context to criticize strong women
  • Jamie: and so to put it on a useful product such as this is just
  • Jamie: eirjngpqirbg
  • Jamie: it's revolting
  • Claire: I ....
  • Claire: have never loved you more than I do right now.
  • Claire: How about we order a generic brand on Amazon?
  • Jamie: they have other brands?
  • Claire: yep!
  • Claire: whole selection of NONPATRONIZING VAGINA VASES
  • Jamie: see, I kent you were a practical woman, too, ssnch
  • Jamie: I'll start the spreadsheet when i get home
  • Claire: i don't doubt you will

wwwhatnatahbd  asked:

Hi! First of all, I really like your blog. That's why I'd like to ask you a question. What do you think about Targ!bowl? Do you like this theory? I know it's almost impossible in the show, considering 7x06, but a man have a right to hope)) Maybe we'll see it in the books? I mean, Martin definitely sees dragons as dangerous as the Others. Thank you!

Hi, you’re awesome thank you!!

I don’t just like this theory. I believe wholeheartedly in this theory!

And it’s actually not impossible. There’s a variety of reasons why Targbowl is almost inevitably going to be the crux of the latter half of the story. 

1) From day one, Danielle has based every decision in her life on the fact that she is the last Targaryen standing and it is her birthright, her destiny to sit on the Iron Throne. 

Her speech here in 7x03: 

We fled before Robert’s assassins could find us. Robert was your father’s best friend, no? I wonder if your father knew his best friend sent assassins to murder a baby girl in her crib. Not that it matters now of course. I spent my life in foreign lands. So many men have tried to kill me. I don’t remember all of their names. I have been sold like a brood mare. I have been chained and betrayed, raped and defiled. Do you know what kept me standing through all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any gods. Not in myths and legends. In myself. In Daenerys Targaryen. The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries until my children were born. The Dothraki hadn’t crossed the sea. Any sea.

What’s kept her going is this steadfast belief that she has a larger destiny. It’s a powerful speech, which is half about her confidence in herself, but also half about her sense of entitlement to that throne. 

When my dragons are grown, we will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who wronged me! We will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground! - 2x04

She fully believes this and will stop at nothing to achieve it. That’s her greatest character strength: her sheer drive and ambition. Now, what happens when it’s revealed that not only is she not the last Targaryen but she actually has no right to the throne? With the reveal of 7x05, Jon is actually the rightful heir. He is the only trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen, which means he is the first in line to the Iron Throne over Danielle. 

To say that she would give all of that up for ‘love’ is a disservice to Danielle’s character. She didn’t go through everything she did for 7 seasons only to hand it all over to Jon. And a marriage between them would be politically stupid because they’re both Targaryens and everyone in Westeros knows or rather believes that Targaryen inbreeding is what led to Aerys’ madness. 

Personally, I believe as well that Danielle is in love with the idea of Jon more than who he is himself. She likes the idea that there is another like her, who is a prophesised hero beloved by his kingdom, but to find out he’s a Targaryen as well with more claim to the throne then her, she’ll lash out. She may be blind to her own faults, but at a very base level, she’ll believe he’s capable of stealing everything she wants from her even though we all know Jon doesn’t want the Iron Throne. He’s a threat, plain and simple. 

2) ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, while Jon3rys shippers want to claim that as a reasoning for their ship, I believe otherwise. Actually, the Ice and Fire can refer to a number of things. I don’t think there is one solid answer, which I believe was the point of naming it as such. And one of the symbolic representations of Ice and Fire is indeed Jon and Danielle, but not as a couple. 

You see, there was the Dance of Dragons, which sounds friendly enough, but it’s actually about the civil war between Aegon II and his sister Rhaenyra over their father Viserys I’s throne. It’s a poetic title for a horrible war, so I believe ‘the Song of Ice and Fire’ will be the poetic title for the war between Danielle and Jon. 

And just to go off of what you said, Martin does see dragons as dangerous as the others, which is another interpretation of the Ice and Fire dichotomy. Ice obviously relating to the White Walkers and the Night King (a dangerous supernatural force in Westeros) and Fire being the dragons (another dangerous supernatural force in Westeros). 

The fact that now the Night King has his own dragon, this becomes even more of a pronounced manifestation of Ice and Fire. I mean, would a wight dragon spout fire or ice? Should be ice, right? Anyway, dragon battles are coming too. 

3) It’s already been foreshadowed. 

Jon says to Danielle in 7x05: 

“I wish you good fortune in the wars to come, Your Grace.”

This is a direct parallel to Mance Rayder saying it to Stannis Baratheon in 5x01 right before Stannis burned him. 

And Ser Arthur Dayne also says the exact same thing to young Ned Stark at the Tower of Joy in 6x03 right before they started fighting and Dayne died. 

I don’t believe Jon will die again because it feels like a repetitive plot point to have him die again [edit: although now I’m more inclined lol]. But let’s entertain that theory for a second. We know that Beric has been resurrected several times, so I suppose there is a chance Jon will die at the hands of Danielle, only to be resurrected again. It would bring Melisandre back into the story because she will be the only one who can do it. She also predicted that her involvement in this war isn’t yet over in 7x03: 

“I will return, dear spider. One last time…… I have to die in this strange country, just like you.”

If she were to bring Jon back again, it would make sense that Danielle would have her killed instantly so that she won’t have the power to do so again, making Jon vulnerable. Him dying at the hands of Danielle would finally give him the strength to kill her himself because he might have been conflicted in doing so up until that point, which would also fulfill Danielle’s prophecy that she would be betrayed by a lover.  

This would also explain why they keep bringing home the fact that Jon got stabbed in the heart around Danielle and why she is so drawn to that seemingly throwaway comment. At first, I thought it was to establish her obsession with prophecies and the idea that Danielle is Narcissus and Jon is her ‘reflection’, but maybe it’s foreshadowing that Danielle will be the second set of hands to drive a knife through Jon’s heart, either metaphorically or literally. 

Perhaps another theory in regards to Jon ‘dying’ is that once it comes to light that he’s a Targaryen, Danielle will burn him with her dragon fire, unwilling to believe that he is a Targaryen (because she’s so adamant of being the last of her family, she’s hardly going to believe it). Or even if he has Rhaegar’s blood, it doesn’t make him a dragon, as Viserys also died via fire and you remember what she said about him: 

“He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.” - 1x06

But it turns out Jon is a dragon and he survives. Again, this also demonstrates to him and the audience that she is in fact not a hero at all. It absolves him of the guilt of being the one to kill her. 

Either way, what these quotes foreshadow is an antagonistic relationship between the person who said it and the person it’s being directed towards. Yes, some are claiming it’s just a saying warriors say to others, but if so, then more people would’ve said it over the course of the show. The fact that there have only been 2 other instances and both played out the way they did, that’s foreshadowing. 

4) I actually forgot to add this, but Danielle burning Randyll and Dickon Tarly will come back to wedge a huge divider between Danielle and Jon. The Tarly’s are Sam’s family. Whether he had a hostile relationship with his father or not, he didn’t hate his brother and Danielle burnt Dickon for utterly no reason other than pride and a need to instill fear. 

Even Tyrion acknowledges this in 7x06. 

Sam, as one of the most kindhearted individuals on the show, won’t take too kindly to this either. And as Sam’s best friend, Jon isn’t going to be happy about it. If people think Jon would side with Danielle, a woman he’s known for less than a year, over one of his most loyal and most trusted friends, a brother, then they sorely lack the ability to comprehend Jon’s character. It will be the first step towards Jon and Danielle hostilities, I believe.

Targbowl is coming, whether people are willing to accept it or not, and I personally believe it’s rather inevitable at this point. 

It's October 4th
  • Waverly, decorating the homestead for Halloween: Nicole could you pass me that pumpkin? I've never carved one before and I want this Halloween to be perfect.
  • Nicole: It's not Halloween for another 26 days, why are you decorating so early?
  • (throwback to S1, when they first meet) Waverly: I'm a planner. I like to plan things in advance.
  • Nicole: Okay, there's planning in advance, and there's over-planning. You even brought the Christmas decorations down and it's not even five days into October.
  • Waverly: They're not Christmas decorations. They're jaw-breakers. You know, for the trick-or-treaters.
  • Nicole: Wynonna's idea?
  • Waverly: Actually, it was 'my' idea. I'm going to give them to people who made fun of my decorations last year. Then we'll see who's laughing.
  • Nicole: Okay. One, you're incredibly sexy when you're passionate about something. And two, I'm going to pretend I never had this conversation.

His baby brother had been wild as a winter storm since he learned Robb was riding off to war, weeping and angry by turns. He’d refused to eat, cried and screamed for most of a night, even punched Old Nan when she tried to sing him to sleep, and the next day he’d vanished. Robb had set half the castle searching for him, and when at last they’d found him down in the crypts, Rickon had slashed at them with a rusted iron sword he’d snatched from a dead king’s hand, and Shaggydog had come slavering out of the darkness like a green-eyed demon. The wolf was near as wild as Rickon…

Hamilton in the Big Brother Diary Room
  • Alex: It's just he... *takes deep breath* I just want to strangle him, y'know, just... he's a fucking asshole!
  • BB: Who are you talking about today, Alexander?
  • Burr: I feel good. I do. Nobody knows my secret yet, and I have no plans of telling them. Not until the very end, because that's how you win, you wait. I think the people watching respect that.
  • BB: People constantly boo you Aaron
  • John: But like... how does it work? How do you hear me? Are you an AI, or are you a dude hiding behind there?
  • BB: Why did you come into the diary room this morning, John?
  • Hercules: I may have lost that challenge, but when you knock me down, I get the FUCK back up again!
  • BB: Take a moment to calm down, Hercules, and rejoin the house.
  • Lafayette: I will not apologize for calling Burr a little shit in French! He thought I was offering him breakfast.
  • BB: *sigh*
  • James: I just want to go home. *shudders, wrapping blanket tighter* I just *sniffles* wanna go home...
  • BB: Someone make this man a hot chocolate
  • Thomas: Look, just because Alexander's a little bitch doesn't mean I should be labelled as the villain. Why the fuck do people boo me on eviction night? I'm a pleasant guy, okay, y'all motherfuckers don't know how fuckin nice I am
  • BB: You may have done well not to antagonize the situation by throwing a potted plant at Alexander's head
  • George W: I feel as if I have to watch over them, like they're my children or something
  • BB: I know the feeling
  • King George: Let them boo. Let them jeer. I'll watch them all burn in the end. All of them.
  • BB: We're concerned, George
  • Angelica: I've got game. If you know me, you know that I've got game. I let Eliza win that challenge, because I would be a shit sister if I didn't, but at the end, WHAM! I'm gonna sprint those last few miles
  • BB: Wonderful strategy, Angelica. You haven't slept in three days
  • Maria: I... I don't know why I keep sleeping with Alexander... he's just... really hot, and... I don't want people to think I'm that kind of girl, but...
  • BB: We understand, Maria. We understand.
  • Eliza: Everyone leaves their shampoo out. Like Thomas, why can't he simply snap the lid back on and put his shampoo back properly? It's very simple! Extremely simple! I won't be everyone's maid... I'm not cleaning another square inch of this house!
  • BB: We'll believe it when we see it
  • Peggy: Does anyone know who I am in this house?
  • BB: You're on the voting boards, Polly.

The first chapter is done and posted! If you’ve been following my me for at least the past two weeks you’ve experienced me whining about a fic I was working on and well HERE WE ARE FOLKS

the things we love the most (destroy us)

This is an STID fic. Very heavy McKirk. Chril if you put two and two together, but will be much more in your face later. Pike is gone (I’M SORRY). The plan is to detail the days of Jim’s coma that good ol’ JJ skipped over. 

THERE WILL BE ANOTHER VERSION OF THIS WITH PIKE ALIVE AND KICKING. Thank @gracieminabox for pointing out the fact that fuck it, I can do both versions. Be looking for it in the coming week or two. I’m simply perfecting my Dad Pike. 

Thanks also to @berrystartrekkingwithsuperlock who is my lovely idea soundboard and who  will likely continue to be such through the process of this 

Novice rounds
"ferris bueller's day off" starters
  • "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."
  • "If I get caught, I don't graduate."
  • "Well, we've had a bit of bad luck this morning as you may have heard."
  • "This is my ninth sick day this semester. It's pretty tough coming up with new illnesses. If I go for ten, I'm probably going to have to barf up a lung, so I better make this one count."
  • "Twenty bucks says he's in his car right now debating on whether or not to go out."
  • "Excuse me. If whoever was in this house is still in the house, I'd like you to know that I've just called the police. I'd also like to add that I've got my father's gun and a SCORCHING case of herpes."
  • "What a little asshole."
  • "This is ridiculous making me wait around the house for you."
  • "Whatever mileage we put on, we'll take off."
  • "I'm going to take a stand. I'm going to defend it. Right or wrong, I'm going to defend it."
  • "I think I see my dad."
  • "How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?"
  • "I meant, are you in here for drugs?"
  • "Um, he's/she's/they're sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw [name] pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious."
  • "The city looks so peaceful from up here."
  • "The key to faking out the parents is the clammy hands. It's a good non-specific symptom; I'm a big believer in it. A lot of people will tell you that a good phony fever is a deadlock, but, uh... you get a nervous mother, you could wind up in a doctor's office. That's worse than school. You fake a stomach cramp, and when you're bent over, moaning and wailing, you lick your palms."
  • "Thank you, no. I'm straight."
  • "It's a little childish and stupid, but then, so is high school."
  • "Drugs?"
  • "You fellas have nothing to worry about. I'm a professional."
  • "Anything is peaceful from one thousand, three hundred and fifty-three feet."
  • "So THAT'S how it is in their family..."
  • "You make me get out of bed, you make me come over here."
  • "[Name], you're my hero."
  • "Why can't you let me rot in peace?"
  • "It is his fault he didn't lock the garage."
  • "Les jeux sont faits. Translation; the game is up. Your ass is mine.
  • "Why'd you kick me?"
  • "A; You can never go too far. B; If I'm gonna get busted, it is NOT gonna be by a guy like that."
  • "I don't trust this kid any further than I can throw him."
  • "I don't remember him being sick nine times."
  • "You killed the car."
  • "There's someone you should talk to."
  • "We're going to get busted."
  • "[Name], this one's for you."
  • "Okay, [name], can we just let it go, please?"
  • "Go piss up a flagpole."
  • "I do have a test today, that wasn't bullshit. It's on European socialism. I mean, really, what's the point? I'm not European. I don't plan on being European. So who gives a crap if they're socialists? They could be fascist anarchists, it still doesn't change the fact that I don't own a car."
  • "The question isn't 'what are we going to do,' the question is 'what AREN'T we going to do?'"
  • "Never had one lesson!"
  • "If you had access to a car like this, would you take it back right away?"
  • "A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn't deserve such a fine automobile."
  • "Did you blow him away or somethin'?"
  • "Uh, what country do you think this is?"
  • "You wear too much eye makeup. My sister wears too much. People think she's a whore."
  • "Why are you here?"
  • "He's licking the glass and making obscene gestures with his hands."
  • "Who do you love? You love a car!"
  • "Sooner or later, everyone goes to the zoo."
  • "I can't drive when you're yelling at me!"
  • "Only the meek get pinched. The bold survive."
  • "He's gonna marry me."
  • "If you say '[name]', you lose a testicle."
  • "Be a man, take some Pepto-Bismol, get dressed and come on over here, I'm tired of this stuff."
  • "Between grief and nothing... I'll take grief."
  • "I asked for a car, I got a computer. How's that for being born under a bad sign?"
  • "We'll drive home backwards."
  • "Four thousand restaurants in the downtown area, I pick the one my father goes to."
  • "Pardon my French, but you're an asshole!"
  • "If you're not over here in fifteen minutes, you can find a new best friend."
  • "Here's where [name] goes berserk."
  • "You just sounded like Dirty Harry just then."
  • "You realize if we played by the rules right now we'd be in gym?"
  • "I am not going to sit on my ass as the events that affect me unfold to determine the course of my life."
  • "I weep for the future."
  • "Now, I didn't hit you. I lightly slapped you."
  • "Not that I condone fascism, or any -ism for that matter."
  • "Pardon my French, but [name] is so tight that if you stuck a lump of coal up his/her/their ass, in two weeks you'd have a diamond."
  • "Incredible, one of the worst performances of my career and they never doubted it for a second."
  • "Look, don't make me participate in your stupid crap if you don't like the way I do it."
  • "Where's your brain?"
  • "You're not dying, you just can't think of anything good to do."
  • "Don't worry about it, I don't even have a piece of shit. I have to envy yours."
  • "The man could squash my nuts into oblivion."
  • "If anyone needs a day off, it's [name]. He/She/They has/have a lot of things to sort out before he graduates. Can't be wound up this tight and go to college, his roommate will kill him/her/them."
  • "You're still here? It's over!"

Aaaand here we go! TO BE CONTINUED!

The First Order coffee shop AU has something resembling an actual plot? It’s not just unabashed Kylux fluff?! Unbelievable, right!
This will be three posts in total. Yes, it’s very long. I’ll post the last two parts within the day probably.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

(Coffee shop AU)

anonymous asked:

can we talk about how beautiful it is that we basically got the watch gwen and blake fall in love right in front of our eyes. like i know we'll never know the specifics but having them on the voice basically from the early courtship days to a full fledged relationship has defs given us a little bit of a timeline/insight. i just love those two nerds so much. <333333

Omg Anon. You’re speakin my language, boo. It is SO BEAUTIFUL.

I’ve been saying: it’s honestly like watching a romantic comedy unfold in real time. 

Like if you watch videos or see gifs from last year, I personally think they each always had a cute innocent little crush. 

And then their marriages crumbled and they both split from their exes (Gwen in spring and Blake during the blinds). And so then this year in the blinds the flirting is obvious but still just playful (I think Gwen was over the top bc she was trying to cheer Blake up, but that’s just a theory). 

Then in the battles it’s a little more intense and they start doing that heart eyes emoji staring thing they both do. 

In the knockouts they have little inside jokes and they sit/stand too close and are CLEARLY into it. 

After that we jump to October where they are acting ridiculous with their not-that-sneaky dating…

Then they got more and more open over the season…

and now here we are in January watching them be legit madly in love. 

I’d love to know more details. Not intimate ones but like you know, how did they evolve from being just friends? When did it happen? I really hope they start giving out more details like that in interviews down the road. 

Thanks for this message anon! I’m sorry if this was more than you wanted in response, but this is pretty much my favorite topic. And I also love these nerds so much. <3


#heditweek day 1 - room 93
I think this EP is a reflection of me coming of age and of what I’ve experienced in the last five years and the young adulthood I’m in now. It’s my memoir of relationships I’ve gone through, whether they’ve been mature, innocent, destructive, or fruitful. I feel like this EP is my “little black book” in a weird way. It was very important for me to get these five songs out—very cleansing in a way.

i had a really good day of hanging out with a friend and then taking a bath and actually taking care of my physical self (mostly thru face masks and a bath bomb which GETS GLITTER EVERYWHERE BTW) and also i watched the second kingsman movie (and the first one last night)

SO i am now idly toying with the idea of a kingsman au for some OCs but like 

i have about two total spy characters (arif and elanii) and one of them is a kid SO??????