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Been working on this for quite some time but it’s finally done! Presenting… Unown alphabet pasta!

I made the noodles out of black homemade pasta dough. To make the shapes, I extruded them through the laser-cut acrylic stencil in the last two pictures (shoutouts to the local company that gave it to me for free!!) and then poked a round hole where the eyes are using a straw. Each letter took quite a bit of fiddling to make, but it was worth it!

Can art by @iris-sempi
Unown vector I used as a basis for my stencil by Porygon2z on deviantart
“Noodles of Alph” name idea by @falgaia

“What are you doing?” Draco asks groggily. The morning sun is streaming in through the gap in the curtains and the chilly morning air is seeping beneath the duvet where Harry is pushing it back, climbing out bed far too early. Draco misses the warmth of his body immediately

“Got called in to work early, go back to sleep.” Harry’s voice is warm and and heavy Draco lets it envelop his sleep dulled senses as he rolls over into Harry’s vacated spot, hugging Harry’s pillow to his chest and pulling the duvet up over his head.

Draco however doesn’t fall back to sleep. Instead he drifts in and out of the hazy place between wakefulness and dreams as he listens to Harry hum to himself in the shower. It’s not long before the water shuts off and Harry’s bare feet are padding across the bare floor. Draco tugs the duvet down to his shoulders, cracking his eyes open to watch as Harry drop the towel. It’s been nearly fifteen years since they got together and the sight of Harry naked never stops feeling as exciting as that first time. He chews on his bottom lip as he watches Harry pull on his boxers and trousers, frowning to himself as he pulls the button shut. Harry’s gained nearly a stone since he got promoted and put on desk duty last year and though Draco knows he’s self conscious about it, there’s nothing Draco loves more than the rounded softness to Harry’s tummy—tangible proof that he is no longer fighting and finally feels safe enough to let other people do the dangerous work.

“You’re not sleeping, you’re staring at me” Harry laughs, pulling on Draco’s favorite green jumper before putting on his Auror Robes. He’s smiling at Draco, his still damp hair hanging around his face. There are grey streaks near his ears and he’s do for a trim, but Merlin is he so handsome it leaves Draco breathless.

“I might have been,” Draco lies, eyes drawn to Harry’s strong fingers doing up the ornate gold buttons near the neck. His attention is drawn immediately to a small pin near the gold Head Auror badge on his chest. It’s in the shape of a heart with pink, purple and blue stripes. Draco knows what it is, he’s seen Harry wear it to pride parades enough times over the year. But he’s never seen him wear it to the Ministry.

“It’s September 23rd,” Harry says, as if reading Draco’s mind, spelling the wrinkles out of his his robe. “Hermione said its bivisibility day. Apparently it’s something the muggles started a few years ago but I thought—” he stops, fidgeting with the pride pin. “Perhaps it’s not appropriate.”

Draco knows that no matter how comfortable Harry might say he is with himself, there are always moments where he feels as if people only see one part of him. Both because of his past with Voldemort and his sexuality. He’d once told Draco that though everyone was always looking at him he felt like no one saw him. Coming to terms with his sexuality had been a long road, being open with it both in the muggle and wizarding world even longer. He knew that in some ways it was something Harry might always struggle with, feeling as if he didn’t quite fit in—too queer for some and too straight for others.

Draco swallows, throwing the duvet off and shivering at the cold. He strides across the room, swatting away Harry’s hands from his chest to straighten the pin himself. “There, perfect,” he says, stealing a quick kiss.

Harry smiles, that same boyish smile he had at twenty two. It makes Draco’s chest ache with fondness.

“I don’t completely hate you for waking me up,” Draco says, giving Harry’s hand a quick squeeze.

“You’re not half bad yourself.”

Draco smiles as Harry steals one more kiss, before wrapping his hand around his wand and Disapparating with an audible pop.

Draco stands there long seconds with a stupid smile on his face. Merlin but he loved him.

Can we all take a moment to consider how absolutely wild it is that 3/5 members of A.C.E took placement in the final 9 of two different large-scale survival shows? Can we consider how wild it is that the other two made it to the last rounds? That is incredible. This is not an old group with a ton of fans to carry them in votes, they are brand new and running only on talent and I cannot begin to express how proud I am of them, and how proud I am to be their fan.

If you’re bummed about Chan making it like I know many Choice are (I understand) then just remember why he’s doing this. He stood up on that stage and called out A.C.E’s name. He did this for A.C.E. They are all doing this for A.C.E, and I’d be a fake fan if I didn’t support them in that end-goal.

Trust A.C.E


Get in there and vote, if you have a Twitter!  And spread the word!  Clearly, Gravity Falls has a long way to go to give Brooklyn 99 a real challenge!  (And remember – 3000 showed up to vote for B99 last round, compared with around 1000 for GF.) But we’ve got 10 hours to go and Fallers can do this!

I know it’s a tough choice, and no matter which show wins, they’re BOTH great!


(Once again, that GF art is by @mapleleauf based on the sketch by Alonso Ramirez Ramos; and the full original is here!)

Good Dog.

(Our group was fighting a pack of wooden wolves (sorry, can’t remember their names at the moment) in an attempt to rescue two members of a search party. A Thunderwave killed two of them and massively damaged the other two. In the very next round, one of the remaining wolves dies by my father’s character, and our dog, who’d only been barking up until this point, finally took action.)

DM: Your pet dog runs up to the last wolf and bites at it.

Everyone: *Confused looks.*

DM: And taking in the Thunderwave damage, the dog kills the wolf. The dog now has a stick, which it chews on gleefully.

Druid: Good dog. Please do not eat us.

Bard: This… this will make a great song. What rhymes with dog?

Player (OOC): God, because apparently that’s what he is.


I don’t think I ever posted this here??

For one of our finals last semester we were supposed to draw a 3 page comic and cover, it didn’t have to be a self contained story, but I did my best to make it so. Most of my followers are probably pretty intimate with these two already but I’ll introduce them again as my sons, Oliver (the round yellow boy) and Professor Jacob (The pink cyclopian boy)

Here’s just a little example of the kinda things they go through on a regular basis~


Hot off the hook, a bell bag from Animal Crossing. Here’s a quick run down of the pattern that I made for it:

In Magic Circle, Chain 2, then HDC 15. Join to first HDC.
For each point, we’re going to go around the star. Chain 4. In the second chain from the hook, SC 1. In the next chain, HDC 1. In the last chain, DC 1. Skip 3 stitches on the middle of the star, then slip stitch in the next st. Repeat this for five points on the star.

The bag is simple. It’s worked in HDC and DC. To start with, put 10 HDC into a MC.
Work in continuous rounds.
For the second round, Inc in each st around (20 HDC)
For the next round, Inc in every other st (30 HDC)
For the next round, Inc in every 3rd st (40 HDC)
For the final increase round, Inc in every 4th st (50 HDC)

Now, work 50 HDC into the BLO. After this, work 10 rounds of 50 HDC.
For the next round, HDC Decrease in every 4th and 5th stitch, so you have 40 stitches per round. This will be the round you weave the ribbon into.
For the final two rounds, DC around. FO

Either chain 101 and make 100 SC, or foundation SC 100. Weave the ribbon in on the third round from the top, and sew on your star. Weave in all your ends, and you’re done!

If you use this pattern, please credit me. I don’t care if you sell stuff from it, but Nintendo might.

Go On With The Wedding

Pairing: 40s!Bucky x Reader
Summary: It’s your wedding day but it’s not to the person you were hoping
A/N: I first started this fic late last year and finally got round to finishing it. It’s based off this song, which you should definitely listen to! I hope you guys like it! Please let me know what you think!
Word count : 1,485

Tucking a loose curl behind your ear you look into the reflection in the full-length mirror to fix your lipstick. You smile softly to yourself despite the sadness reflected in your eyes and heaviness in your heart.

It wasn’t meant to be him

The voice whispers in your head. Your voice. Memories drown you for a moment, flashes of faces gone, laughter you would never hear again and of kisses you’d never feel against your lips again. A knock interrupts your thoughts and you snap your head to the door as if expecting him to be there.

Your mother appears, and you can’t help the pang of disappointment in your heart. “Darling” she’s dressed in her Sunday best, a matching duck egg blue skirt and blouse.

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Finally sharing some new DEITIES art that I’ve been sitting on for some time, after letting patrons view it earlier this year. This set of artwork had been a part of the first “Outfits and AUs” bonus on Patreon – albeit, this isn’t exactly an Outfit theme or an AU, whoops >>

Hybrid forms and features are a canon part of DEITIES verse – every deity is capable of displaying hybrid parts of their sacred animal(s). But the form has limited room to be featured in the main story, so I figured I’d use the first bonus as a excuse to flesh them out a bit. Hybrid forms are also more difficult for me to draw consistently, but a fun challenge to design for the gods. Some notes regarding each of these designs can be found under the cut!

DEITIES Project Tumblr / Twitter / Instagram
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Under the mistletoe (~900 words)

Cas isn’t too versed in human customs, but it isn’t for a lack of trying. So they indulge him when it’s Christmas, buying every single thing he sees in the store (yes, even the horrible Santa Claus who’s dancing, or more like wiggling his butt when you press a button) and drive back with a bunch of stuff even Dean and Sam have never heard of because Christmas for them was never this big.

The thing is, the fact that Cas really doesn’t know much about these customs becomes a problem. Or well, it becomes a problem for Dean, not necessarily for anyone else, but that was to be expected because Dean always has his special problems with Cas.

By request of Cas, of course they also have to put up a mistletoe because he insists that it’s a Christmas tradition, and it sends Dean’s heart into overdrive. But that’s not the worst thing by far. While Dean is already figuring out twenty different scenarios how he’s going to avoid the kitchen doorway for the next few weeks, Cas and Sam put the thing up, and then… then –

Then Cas kisses Sam.

Because that’s what you do when you’re under a mistletoe together, right, and of course you can’t expect Cas to know. He loves them all, and it’s not – it’s not even a real kiss, nothing breathtaking, nothing proper, he just – puts his lips on Sam for a millisecond and then steps back.

To be fair, Sam’s only reaction is to look at Cas and then laugh, like it’s just a funny misstep which it is, except for Dean of course. So while it’s already over for them, Dean’s mouth is still snapping open and shut again, muttering “hey, hey, hey” for the next few minutes.

Cas looks at him confused, and Dean scrambles to come up with an explanation why you just don’t do this. It doesn’t help that Sam just shrugs, saying “come on, that’s what’s a mistletoe is for” and even worse “do you really want to take it down?” which, no, Jesus.

The thing is Sam kind of does hit a nerve because well, putting down the mistletoe would suck because he wants to kiss Cas, and it’s kind of difficult to explain to Cas what he did wrong when all he can think of is getting a sneaky kiss for himself.

(Which is embarrassing in itself, that this half second of touching Cas’ lips is something he’s jealous of.)

So if he explained, really explained why you just don’t do this – because you have to be in love with someone, not just love them – then every hope of that would be shattered, right, so he just throws his arms up in defeat, muttering something about not being in the Christmas spirit and do the rest of this shit yourself, and vanishes into the hallway to bury himself in his blankets.

After that he both becomes a master in avoiding Cas and stalking him, trying to work up the courage to get his kiss while simultaneously talking himself out of it. Sam continues to laugh, both at him and Cas who’s still completely engrossed in every Christmas tradition from all over the world, and he probably really does look stupid enough to be laughed at but he doesn’t know what to do.

The mistletoe hangs over the kitchen door, looming and menacing, causing him to order food more often than not, and it’s that way until Christmas’ Eve when he’s finally alone with Cas because Sam has to make one last round of shopping for Christmas presents.

In this moment Dean decides that if he’s ever going to be stupid it has to be today, because it’s now or never, and if Cas rejects him then at least Sam won’t know (somewhere inside him, a tiny voice screams noooo, and also: you’re always stupid what the fuck are you talking about which – true).

“We could make something to eat for him while he’s away,” he suggests to Cas and Cas agrees. And why shouldn’t he, because it’s reasonable, really, except all Dean wants is to pull Cas under the mistletoe, of course charming and smooth as fuck like the womanizer he likes to pretend to be.

Suffice to say, it’s not charming as he all but pulls Cas’ arm and leads him into the kitchen because the thing is, Cas actually thinks they are making food and he steps over the doorway, determined to get to the fridge so he has to pull him back, right back under the mistletoe and now they’re standing here and it’s stupid and what the fuck was he thinking and the voice inside his head grows louder and louder as it chants fuck fuck fuck rhythmically and –

Then Cas kisses Dean. And this time it’s not a shy, timid copy of a tradition he read about ages ago, but a proper kiss. One that’s breathtaking and deep and making his heart stand still and flutter at the same time.

“Hey, hey, hey,” he says when they finally pull apart, both their cheeks flushed.

“Is this what you wanted to do?” Cas asks, suddenly looking fidgety. And of course it was, except he was supposed to be the one who’s smooth and cool and just kissing him, but hey, he got all of that and even more, so he’s not trying to complain and just nods.

“Good,” Cas says and kisses him again.

Dark Horse

Originally posted by iwannaridenamjoon

; Equestrian!Namjoon x Reader

; Genre: Fluff, angst, smut

; Word Count: 15.3k

; Synopsis: One spot left on the Olympic show jumping team. One shot at achieving the dream of a lifetime. One horse to take you all the way to the top. One chance at winning. And one elite, talented man standing between you and your goal. Who will come out on top?

; A/N: My first Namjoon fic…specially for @gimmesumsuga. Hope you enjoy and it meets up to your expectations! And thanks @yminie for reading over! <3 Please enjoy equestrian Namjoon!

One stride, two strides, three strides and your legs are signalling to the tall, muscled horse underneath you. A moment of tension and then you’re rising into the air, powerful hindquarters thrusting you up where for a few seconds you fly before the thudding noise of hooves hitting the ground precludes the sharp landing.

Your torso, which had leant back to aid Autumn’s balance while he landed, soon moves smoothly into a sitting position while your head has been turned already, tracking where the next fence is. Reins tightening, it takes only the slightest tug left to cause him to pivot almost on a dime, far more graceful and spry than people might expect from such a large horse.

The final fence approaches, bright pink and white stripes along the top three poles while two boards on the bottom gleam a solid pink. Counting out the strides mentally, you wince as you realise Autumn is off balance. You don’t have enough strides, but the plucky horse under you recognises this and tries anyway.

Setting off far too soon to logically make the fence, he stretches out as far as possible underneath you, your thighs burning as you lean over his neck and mentally encourage him on. The smell of horse sweat is strong here with his grey mane pressed to your face and after a moment of uncertainty, his body is over the main fence.

Leaning back, your heart is in your throat as you hear the loud ‘clunk’ that indicates his back hooves have caught the pole. Swallowing desperately, you wait for the sound of a thump as a pole hits the floor, only it never arrives. The crowd cheering and clapping loudly causes you to smile, punching the air before patting Autumn’s neck.

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anonymous asked:

hello im so in love with your aus they make me so warm and giddy uwu can i request a friends-to-lovers au w taeyong? im not sure if that's on your to do list yet coz i couldnt find it~ have a nice day~!

find others: ten | sicheng | mark | jaehyun | johnny | yuta | jaemin | jungwoo

  • you’ve always been thankful for your group of friends
  • they’re all different and unique, and if anything they’ve made college slightly more bearable
  • but out of everyone,,,,you’re espeically thankful for taeyong
  • not only because he introduced you to all these other great friends of yours, but because taeyong has always had a soft side for people
  • and when you’re at your lowest, he can sense it and he always knows how to cheer you up
  • which is a gift that he’s shared with a lot of people - but for you it means the world
  • because you know you can trust him and taeyong knows he can trust you
  • and you’d thought real friendship, real - strong - unbreakable friendship was just a story in movies or books
  • but you were happy to say that you’d found it with taeyong
  • the only problem was,,,,,you were now falling in love with taeyong because of it
  • and not a platonic kind of love,,,,,this was the kind of love where you’d see him
  • and it was like a firecracker had shot up into your heart and made it burst into smaller pieces
  • you swore when you looked at him, there was this boarder of yellow glow
  • among the crowds of people - he always stood out to you
  • and if he as much as smiled, maybe after hearing about something funny from johnny
  • you could feel those pieces of your heart start melting 
  • of course,,,,you were not going to tell him this
  • you couldn’t risk losing him
  • so you kept it all inside, kept it covered up and admired taeyong by yourself
  • it was on the night of the last day of finals when doyoung had suggested you all go out onto the campus field and look at the stars
  • you could all celebrate with some drinks and snacks he’d bought because finals for this semester were over
  • and so was the torturous long hours of class and studying
  • everyone agreed instantly, johnny said he and taeil would get some more food while sicheng and yuta went off to see if they could round up anymore people to come
  • you and taeyong had been talking about one of your classes when yuta had found you and told you guys to come meet everyone in the field
  • taeyong had laughed, “doyoung always comes up with something like this doesn’t he?”
  • and the sound of just a small chuckle from him made you weak in the knees
  • “y-yeah, he’s a bit dramatic sometimes isn’t he?”
  • you and taeyong made it to the field just in time to see doyoung snatching the tower of beers from mark’s hands
  • mark pouted saying johnny had given those to him but doyoung was ever the concerned mother
  • you and taeyong hadn’t brought any blankets or jackets
  • and even though summer was here,,,,,after 9pm it really didn’t feel like it
  • and you could already feel some oncoming shivers 
  • “are you guys cold?!”
  • yuta asked, walking past you and taeyong and before you could answer he clapped his hands togther 
  • “then just cuddle!”
  • and with that, he was gone 
  • leaving you and taeyong staring at one and other, embarrassed
  • but also,,,,,,very much considering it ,,,,,,
  • the fastest way to share heat was through touch and you weren’t about to say that the idea of cuddling taeyong by itself raised the temperature in your body god knows how many degrees
  • and tbh you didn’t even think taeyong would
  • but then he just,,,,opened his arms and before you knew it ,,,, you were being held close to him
  • your face against his left shoulder and his strong arms nestled around your waist
  • from somewhere johnny whistled, but taeyong just asked “are you warmer?”
  • and you nod, slow and hoping that he couldn’t sense your whole body tensing up with nervousness
  • the stars slowly became visable as it became darker
  • but it was getting colder and you were inching even closer against taeyong’s body heat
  • he didn’t seem phased at all, instead he just pulled you close
  • and you two didn’t say much till you felt taeyong’s lips rest against the top of your hair
  • and a small whispered, “i could stay like this forever”
  • the words were short and the whisper barely above a breath but it made your heart stop
  • and suddenly, as if on instinct
  • you were tilting your head up to look at taeyong
  • and just as jaehyun pointed up and shouted “is that a shooting star?”
  • you felt your eyes flutter close and the softness of taeyong’s lips on yours
  • finals were over, you were outside with all your friends and you were finally kissing the boy you’d loved for so damn long 
Stuck with Me | R. Martinez

Originally posted by kevinkeller

Pairing ; Ruby x Reader

Timeframe ; Early Season One

Summary ; Where Y/n is so accustomed to receiving all of Ruby’s attention, she doesn’t know how to respond he ends up giving it to someone else.


A/N: Fun fact about yours truly: I absolutely love Jealous!Reader fics because I am the most overly dramatic, petty and jealous person I know. 

Also Ruby is very extra in this, bc my baby is an amazing character who deserves to be overplayed and exaggerated in every dimension of his existence. mkay :)

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FM Mle1915 CSRG

8mm Lebel 20-round half-moon magazine, long recoil automatic fire at ~240 rounds per minute / ~4 rounds per second, wooden stock and pistol grips, aluminium heat shield, folding bipod, well-suited for hip fire.
The Fusil Mitrailleur Mle1915 CSRG, translated literally as the Machine Rifle, Model of 1915 but better known as the Chauchat, has a troubled history going back to the early 1900′s.
Colonel Louis Chauchat of the Polytechnique engineer school started developing the concept of marching fire in the early 1900′s, in which mobile squad weapons would provide suppressing fire for advancing troops. With the help of armorer Charles Sutter, and based on John M. Browning’s 1900 long recoil patent, they developed their first machine gun prototype in 1903 at the Atelier de Puteaux (APX), followed by seven more up to 1909.
The last of these prototypes was finally scheduled for field trials in 1912, with an order of a hundred of these FM Mle1913 CS (Charles-Sutter) machine guns being produced c.1913-14 by the Manufacture d’Armes de St-Etienne.

APX 1911 prototype.

The Mle1913 had a top-mounted magazine containing 20 round of 8mm Lebel ammunition, the standard rifle round of the French army, and was on paper light enough to be operated by one man as Col. Chauchat intended.

FM Mle1913 CS

Following the outbreak of World War 1, many modern gun development projects were put on hold to focus on mass production of the already outdated equipment of the French army, including the Chauchat which was relegated as a basket-mount observation aircraft gun, a role well-suited for its low weight of 8,7kg/19lbs.

FM Mle1913 CS in service in the French air force.

It’s only in 1915 that French army commander Joseph Joffre, a soldier trained to attack at any cost since the colonial wars and now forced in the stalemate of the trenches, pushed for the renewed development and adoption of a squad LMG.
The simplified 1915 version of the Chauchat was able to be manufactured in vast quantities in civilian factories, for the most part by the Gladiator bike company of Paul Ribeyrolles, leading to the new name of FM Mle1915 CSRG (Chauchat-Sutter-Ribeyrolles-Gladiator). Although this STEN-like simplicity led to the Chauchat being the most widely-issued and used light machine gun/automatic rifle of the war, it also led to a number of defaults that not only hindered its use but also changed the doctrine within which it was employed.

A Chauchat team c.1915-17 consisting of a gunner and assistant gunner/ammo carrier, both equipped with Ruby pistols as their sidearms. The team would be expanded with a leader and extra ammo carrier in 1917, both armed with Berthier carbines. This negated the idea that the Chauchat would provide the same amount of firepower as a Hotchkiss team for half the manpower, but not the gun’s inherent mobility advantage.

The barrel would heat up and stick to the aluminum shroud after 200 rounds of automatic fire, and the guns coming from Gladiator were improperly sighted. Famously, the magazine was also flimsy and too open to the elements, leading to 70% of the gun’s jamming problem in the rough conditions of static trench warfare.
It is only when mobile warfare resumed that the Chauchat was truly able to shine. Manufactured at more than 200000 units for the French army alone, it now equipped each of the new French 18-man “demi-sections de combat” combat groups, consisting of a 1917 four-man Chauchat team and a squad of four Viven-Bessière rifle grenadiers supporting eight riflemen plus NCO’s. In that context the Chauchat was used much like the BAR would, by providing large volumes of semi-automatic fire to pin down enemy positions for the grenadiers and riflemen to assault.
Although technically flawed, the Chauchat found its place in modern warfare due to its ease of manufacture and its reclassification as an automatic rifle. It was in essence kind of a wonky mass-producible earlier BAR.

“They’re beautiful, he’ll love them.”

Gold gleamed under the lights of the small shop Victor stood in, admiring the delicate work set out before him. His pockets were significantly lighter but it was absolutely worth it. The finely spun chain would drape over Yuuri’s skin like a kiss, the stone that Yuuri had gifted him no longer rough and plain, but a gorgeous weight at the center. 

The rings that Victor had requested were equally as stunning. Cut and polished sapphires lined them, color deep and clear, promising to sparkle so bright under the sun that they could blind. Victor had held Yuuri’s hand and put rings on his fingers more than enough times to know what size would slip snug and hold there. He only hoped that Yuuri would forgive him cutting up the rocks, still not entirely versed in what could qualify as unpolite in siren culture. But Yuuri was always more than happy to be covered in gold, especially when it was Victor who was draping him in it.

Victor picked up the rings, checking the engravement along the inner bands. A delicate feather curved up from one into the other, only complete when the two rings were placed together. Yuuri considered Victor his life mate, involved Victor in every aspect of his culture. Victor had already waited too long to involve Yuuri in his. Yuuri had danced for him, flown with him, mated Victor in the most beautiful ways from sunset to sunrise. Victor wanted Yuuri to join him as fully, in the human ceremony of promising to be mates for life.

Shaking hands with the jeweler, Victor left with the necklace and rings carefully wrapped away. There was an extra skip in his step as he made his way through the town. They would sail the next morning, and Yuuri was expected to be back in his arms before the following nightfall. Victor had already planned the route the ship would take, up the north coast, to where they had first met.

At the tavern close to the docks, Victor found Chris slumped over the bar, drink untouched. His hair was a tattered mess, clothes completely worse for wear. 

Victor clapped Chris over the back as he sat down and received a pained groan in response. 

“Don’t touch me there… don’t touch me anywhere,” Chris muttered, voice hoarse like his throat had been scrubbed with sandpaper.

Victor arched an eyebrow, looking over at his cook. From under the collar of his shirt and from around his rolled up sleeves, sharp bite marks littered Chris’s skin.

“Phichit?” Victor guessed, trying his hardest to restrain the chuckle threatening to break loose.

“Phichit,” Chris confirmed, fingers inching forward across the bar to grapple for his glass and slowly drag it toward him.

“Worth it?”

“Every time.”

Laughing freely, Victor waved down the barkeep, ordering a round for both of them. He felt that Chris would need a second once he finally managed to sip down the first.  

The tall, proper-looking woman who served them their drinks leaned over the bar, her fingers settling over Victor’s wrist to pull him in close so she could speak in a hushed voice. “So, I hear you caught yourself a siren.”

Victor sighed, giving Minako a small smile before pulling out from under her hand. “How does everyone know?”

“Sara said she saw you in the port with one last time your crew came in,” Minako replied, helping Chris to tip his glass up to his mouth as movement seemed to be restricted for him. Victor noticed a few black dots along the line of his lips, no doubt caused by the mermaid’s piercing teeth.

“How did what a siren looks like suddenly become such common knowledge?” Victor questioned. He had never known until he had first seen Yuuri and understood what he was. Tales of sirens had been varied, with too few men ever having escaped them to be able to tell which stories were true and which were embellished bar talk. Without his feathers and wings, Yuuri looked ordinary enough. Unfairly gorgeous, but Victor always wondered if his personal bias influenced that.

“She said she saw his feathers, that he fluffed up when spooked by a horse. There’s lots of rumors floating around too, told by visiting sailors,” Minako explained. When Victor’s gaze snapped to her, she smirked in accomplishment. “So it’s true?”

“We can neither confirm nor deny such allegations.” Chris lifted his head, exposing more bite marks scattered down the length of his neck.

“What rumors?” Victor asked. He was not fool enough to think some details of Yuuri had not escaped, not after the encounter Yakov and then Lilia. His years in the navy taught him that sailors had loose tongues, looser after a few servings at a bar.

“That you’ve tamed one,” Minako answered, hand on a cocked hip. “I heard you danced with the siren in the town over, knocked off half the tavern on your way out, and had it sing commands at your request!”

“He’s not tame,” Victor corrected. Tame was the last word that Victor would use to describe Yuuri, nor would he ever want to. Yuuri was not some exotic bird that Victor had caught and taught to live in a cage. “I don’t control him. He does what he wants.”

“Yes, but what a siren wants is to sink ships and feast on men. You’ve got yourself a siren that’d said to be drop dead gorgeous, that stays with you, listens to you, and helps you in exchange for what…. warming your bed? You’ve got yourself the ultimate fantasy, Victor.”

He knew Minako meant well, that she was only reciting what talk had passed through her bar. Yet his skin still crawled. The implication that Victor had ownership of Yuuri, that Yuuri was just some prize to be won sawed into him like a dull blade.

“What’s that? A murderbird amongst my crew?” The joke was sour on his tongue.

“What everyone’s been wanting for themselves ever since they’ve heard you got one. A pet siren.”

Here it is: the Sixth and Final Round of the Sora Pile.

Guys, my heart is so full. This last month has been full of love for one of my favorite characters from any fandom ever. Thank you so much to all 131 of the wonderful artists who contributed their work to this project.

It’s impossible for me to look at this big cluster of dorkupines without wearing a huge smile on my face.

Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5

Please check out the list below and show some love to all of the participating artists. <3 (Round 6 additions are bolded!)

@riinoaheartilly | @phelacy | @gary-bell | @cattwall | @kimitsuruu | @graychocobo | @x-oath-x | @hiddenflowerdesi| @ellohcee | @mirageenigma | @zyalahdoodles | @cosmicqueena (Instagram) | @animefanka| @cynoiz | @kojikanekotabi | @all-stargamer99| @k-ili-stration | @ashjello | @salty-specs | @rinnegades | @pocketflutter | @aetosofvalla | @superblycolorfulknight | @mutsumiki | @minirokushi | @princesszeldasfaithfulknight | @z-paladin | @errodevium | @nimnox | @starcrave | @zuraly| @ladybeanie | @wearepopcandies | @ironclark | @viodasiy | @elderflower-macarons | @jaedoodlesthings | @tifany | @keytomorn | @themysteriousmissfey | @cheeweekiwi | @mansa1212 | @ayameoshiro | @red-and-black-cheshire-cat | @descendant-of-truth | @thatlankylad | @kissa-kitty| @vennsync | @seabreezy | @shmaivy | @saerangel | @nathaliepolaris | @pumpkinspice0012 | @nightmarechirithys | @skyeheartcosplay | @vanilliatwilight| @nekosoraart | @holyteapotofrussell | @fredricka-ricka | @matt-maplle | Danganropa Fan | Alyssa | @bendili | @mr-smith-i-need-you | @cherryredmaid | @zachrizcain | @estherthedragonprincess | @cakesgosupernova | @soragotbooty | @clockworkclownart | @kitsartblog | @letsbecosmicfriendsforever | @zeeweechan | @tzufcallsmeshomps | @fullmetalowlchemist | @littleskyangel | @genderfluid-xehanort | @muh-chrommies| @voceart | @bramblequeen | @kind_souls_269 | @etoari | @lillys_stupidartaccount (Instagram) | @bittersea2 | @degreesofdeath | @theothermooncry | @iskah-016| @spidyjade | @ajiqu | @sanctuarygirl | @rayartparty | @namixart | @princejdorado | @godpoison | @dragonsongdreams | @toriraehope | @roxas-has-the-stick | @stuckinthewrongstory | Jessie H | @ariririsu | @rioniarts | @insanelyartful | @frost-warden | @100acrewoods-girl | unauthorizedart (Instagram) | @hyenasloth-creations | @sweetseerin | @melacholyredsunsets | @digitalisc | @sarcasticsketchbooks | @imaginative-ink | @milkyskies | @circle-of-scorn | @rejeux | @9045xy | @rokutsubasa | @blazingdave | @mzch3y | @blackgipsie | @kieranfae | @crystallhearts | @selfawareprotag | @unluckykitty41 | @bluepepperart| @katara0524 | @arcanekeyblade5


It was clearly a close thing (and there would have been no shame in losing to the Golden Girls!  Mad respect to them all).  Thank you, once again, to all the U.S. west coast and points-further-west GF fans for bringing it home!

But this next one is gonna be really hard, folks.


Yup.  In the final round, to win the entire tournament, Gravity Falls (a #15 seed) has to try to beat Brooklyn 99 (a #2 seed, and rightfully so).

I don’t actually watch Brooklyn 99, but I know it’s a high-quality show worthy of a lot of respect, especially for the amount of diversity and representation it has been consistently delivering.  You’ve got to give it major props for that.  

So really, this final vote does not come down to which is the “better” show.  (I didn’t think that was the case in the last few rounds, either.  Well. Basically, since the first round.)  It just comes down to what speaks to your heart, and whichever way you gotta go, that’s valid.

Note those final vote-counts, too.  A WHOLE LOT of B99 fans showed up to vote in the last round.  Nearly 3000 of them, in fact.  While in the Gravity Falls vote, just shy of 1000 Fallers showed up.  Obviously, for this to be a real contest, we’re going to need the word spread really far!  (And that’s going to be hard, because god knows what random-ass time Hulu will decide to post that final poll.)

So stay tuned!

(Once again, that GF art is by @mapleleauf and the full original is here!)