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The news in brief
  • New stuff from previous Mister Ghost parcels will start filtering into the store in the next few days
  • To celebrate, a sale is slated to start April 1 and will last about a week
  • Test shirts are in production and so far everything looks great.
    • Sizes will range from XS to 2XL
    • 2-3 brands of shirt to choose from so you can say “I like this brand best for fit”
    • Probably May-ish for the first batch of shirts. More designs filtering into the store forever.
    • Mermaid shirts
    • Dryad shirts
    • Villain shirts
    • Haunted diner shirts
    • Etc.
  • Mugs are also in production.
    • We can produce 11oz or 15 oz mugs
    • So obviously we’re doing 15oz
    • The first mug designs will be for “Creepy Crepes” and “Donut Be Afraid”
    • Because oh my ghost I want to DRINK COFFEE FROM THESE BADLY.
    • Similar timelines to above, May-ish
  • The blog is coming along nicely. It’ll launch late summer or early autumn.
    • “Why is it taking so long?” I wondered to myself, then counted the stories and articles from the past 4.5 years of Tumblr
    • Whew there are a lot. A few hundred.
    • And while they are mostly very short, some need updating, they all need data entry.
    • “I’ll do art for these!” (counts the number) “I’ll do art for new ones and use old ones as warmup and backfill art!”
    • Profiles for each location and business and character are being written as well. So if you’re thinking to yourself “Wait, who is married to who now?” it will be easy to review.
  • Test enamel pins are glorious and will be filtering into the store late summer/early autumn
  • Posting of stories has tapered off slightly in March because I’ve been focusing on the above. By mid-April we’ll be back on track if not earlier. Everything is going great, but by saying “okay ease up on the stories for a few weeks” I’ve been able to address much-needed issues that will help the long term.

It is time to drink coffee and dance badly. Update complete.

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I want Stabby ("Her name isn't Stabby, why do they persist in calling her that?") the snake to be a thing now and follow all the rules of Stabby the Roomba, especially her acquiring the rank of the last person she stabbed. She attends a Kage summit and manages to stab all the Kage within a few days (none of them wanted to mention the strange thing in case they were mocked) and ends up uniting the countries under one rule. Her parents dote on her and everyone's too afraid to overthrow her 1/2

She becomes the mascot of Konoha and the other Villages use her as an example of why Konoha is so crazy. “They have a snake with a kunai attached to its head with free reign over the whole village!” “Why?” “It’s Konoha.” Yes, Konoha is the Australia of the Narutoverse. Oro is completely incapable of seeing anything wrong with Stabby having her kunai and eventually that attitude extends to even the most civilian of civilians. Oh no, I want fic of Stabby now. What have you/I done to me/myself?

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Yes, Stabby as overlord, this is something I can get behind.  💕


before & after transition: education edition
first day of 1st grade (6 years old; what is this “puberty” you speak of?) last day; day of college graduation (23 years old; roughly 4 years and 2 months on t)

First Time (Spencer x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! I really enjoyed writing this and I have some more imagines coming you way!!
Warnings: protected sex (I forgot last time 😬)
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader is a virgin but spence doesn’t know and it’s her first time and she gets really nervous but he helps guide her
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: Part 2 for…
You and Spencer laid on the couch, enjoying the second movie night in a row.
“I’m so glad criminals have days off so we can have ones like these.” You said snuggling into Spencer’s chest.
“Me too.” He said kissing your forehead.
You turned around and faced your back towards his chest and he pulled you closer.
His hands gently rubbed up and down your side, trailing from your ribs to your hips, slowly lifting your shirt.
“That tickles.” You said as his hands slid up your bare skin.
He smirked and started tickling you again.
“Spencer stoooop.” You barely made out through all of the laughing.
You kicked and tried to push him off but he turned to lay on top of you so you couldn’t struggle anymore.
“What do you want?” You asked still laughing as his fingers teased your sides some more.
“Mmm a kiss.” He said thinking and then leaving his lips centimeters apart from yours.
You sat up a little and kissed him sweetly.
“You got your kiss now get off of me so I can breathe.” You said squirming underneath him.
A small smirk played across his lips, turning your mood from cute and silly to daring and lustful.
“Are we going to play this game?” You asked biting your lower lip as his hands moved hair from your face.
You remembered how your last movie night went and how it ended in a heated make out session.
“Mhm.” He said slowly kissing your neck.
Your fingers instantly were instantly lost in his hair, making him moan into your neck.
He kissed your lips quickly and got off of you, making you desperate for him to come back.
He picked you up and carried you to your bedroom and lied you on the bed.
You started to take off his cardigan as his hands wandered to your sweatpants, slowly pulling them down.
You rolled over so you were on top of him and kissed his lips as you unbuttoned his shirt, leaving the tie on.
He sat up, making you sit on his lap, and pulled your shirt over your head.
Your hands wandered lower and lower and his breathe hitched in his throat.
“I want you.” He whispered looking into your eyes.
You stopped what you were doing in fear.
“I mean - sorry I that was really straightforward. I can wait trust me. Your worth waiting for.” He said awkwardly as you sat on him.
“No I… I want to. I’m ready I’m just a little nervous.” You said as he played with your hair.
“I am too but trust me I’m pretty sure you’ll do great.” He said trying to boost your confidence.
The only thing he doesn’t know is that your a virgin.
You know he is too, but he seems a lot more confident than you do right now.
You, of course, love Spencer but you don’t want to mess anything up.
“Y/N?” He said turning your attention to him again.
“Sorry umm… Spencer I'm… I’m a virgin. Like I haven’t done this before.” You said gluing your eyes to your hands.
“Hey Y/N.” he said tilting your chin up to look into your eyes. “If you don’t want to…”
“But I do Spencer.” You said interrupting him.
“Well I haven’t done it either but I have an idea so… let me guide you.” He said turning you over to lay on your back.
He slowly leant down to kiss your lips, starting slow and soft and shortly aggressing.
You felt your core tighten as his hands wandered lower and play with the strap of your panties.
“Spencer.” You moaned scratching down his back.
“Can I take this off?” Spencer asked hooking his finger in the middle of your bra.
You hesitantly nodded and he lightly kissed your lips, giving you more time in case you changed your mind.
His hands slowly went to the back of your bra and unhooked it.
Before pulling it from your body, he kissed a trail from your shoulder to your jaw.
Once he threw the bra on the ground his eyes wandered to your chest.
“Your so beautiful Y/N.” he said gently massaging your breasts.
You threw your head back in pleasure as his cold hands made contact with your sensitive skin.
Slowly, the anxious worry started to disappear as he appreciated every inch of your body.
Your hands roamed down his body, making his hips thrust against yours.
Your hands went lower to his boxers and you palmed his hard erection, earning a load moan to escape his lips.
You reached over to your end table and picked up a condom and put it in his hand.
“Now? I mean are you sure your okay with this?” He asked taking the little package from your hand.
“Yes I’m positive.” You said looking up at his gorgeous face.
You pulled down his boxers slowly for him and he put the condom on.
Then he returned the favor and pulled your underwear off as well.
His hand ghosted the insides of your thighs making your shudder underneath his touch.
He positioned himself at your opening and looked you in the eyes.
“Don’t worry. If there is anything you don’t like just tell me and I’ll stop.” He said brushing hair out of your eyes.
You nodded, desperate for him to be inside of you.
Then you felt his tip slowly enter you.
There was a little pain but once he was fully inside of you, you realized the pleasure of feeling full by the man you love.
He started thrusting slowly, easing in and out of you.
“S-Spencer… faster please.” You said pulling his hair.
You saw a smirk play across his lips as he started quickening his pace.
You wrapped your legs around his back, giving a new, orgasmic angle.
“Oh god Spencer…” you moaned as he hit your gspot multiple times, sending waves of pleasure throughout your whole body.
Your walls started closing around him making him moan your name.
“Y/N I’m going to…” you felt him shudder as he came inside of you, then throwing you over the edge.
He pulled out and practically fell on top of you, making you laugh.
“That was so… great.” He said out of breathe.
“I know. I can’t wait for round two.” You said playing with his hair.
His head shot up, his mouth open in excitement.
“Round two?” He asked taking the condom off and throwing it away.
“Round two.” You said as he laid on top of you, kissing your lips before breaking it with a cute laugh.


            “Wang Family SNS Updates | 170328”

(IG)@jacksonwang852g7: Today is my birthday and I’m glad.
Not just because it’s my birthday, but a special day with special people. They are my parents and every single one of you.
It’s been along time since the last time me and my family spending birthday together. no matter if it’s my parents birthday or mine, we were always not together. I’m really grateful that we could finally spend my 23 rd birthday together this time. Mom and dad, thank you for giving me this precious life 23 years ago, and thank you for raising me up. And And now, all I want is mom and dad, taking a break from everything, do whatever you guys want, whenever. That’s my biggest wish. Love.
My birds, thank you for all the birthday wishes, birthday events, I saw everything and I appreciate everything ! I’m going to take good care of myself. at the same time, work hard to continue surprising you guys. Thank you so much, LOVE.
And thank you so much for all my friends, Who sent me birthday wishes even though you guys are really busy. Thank you so much
#jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #23rdbirthday #thankyoumom&dad #thankyou #healthybodyandmind #미안해요자리없어서두개로나눠서올렸어요 #對不起沒有位子所以發了兩個 #sorrytherewerentanyspacesoiuploadedtwoinstead
#새들항상고마워요 #슨이더잘할게 #슨이안아플게

(IG)@jacksonwang852g7: It’s been a long time! Time flies and here today my birthday and I’m already 23 years old. It’s been a while since I meet you guys。I’m really sorry for not letting you guys know a head of time about what was going on. I’m also really sorry for not being able to take care of myself, while I was the one who kept telling you guys to be healthy. When I was taking a break from everything, once again I realized, without a healthy body, and a healthy mind, nothing can be accomplished.

(IG) @sophiawang328: This moment that I’ve been dreaming of for 6 years… Happy birthday to my dearest, sweetheart and warm heart son-Jackson! Your health and happiness is the mother’s greatest wish! 


Brief Hiatus

I think I’m gonna take a day or so to myself. On top of the bullshit already happening, I work 10 hours tomorrow with the person who gave me 2 panic attacks and made me puke last time we worked together. I got my blood work results back and they’re not good. Pretty much everything is abnormal and I feel like shit to prove it. I know I have a challenge due this weekend and a series to finish that I promised but I just can’t do it right now. I’m sorry guys. 

In Your Head - Part 11 - Flashback 2

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 4,581

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered. This one is more smutty than usual.



Your left shoulder collided with the lockers and you looked up from the floor seeing Chuck walking off with a joy in his step. 1…2…3…

Breathe. You just had to breathe through it. You just had to get through today, as today was the last day of school and you could get some freedom back. As you got back in your feet with books back in hand you peered up to see Jughead and a ginger haired boy walking together. Jughead gave a slight nod in your direction while you gave a small smile in return. Your focus was brought back to just heading to class.

Jughead’s POV

“Who was that?”, Archie’s eyes were draped back to Y/N getting back up.

“Uh. Y/N”, I wasn’t sure why my words weren’t precise.

“Right. I’ve heard of her. How do you know her?”, Archie’s eyes seemed to perk up now.

“She uh met my sister a few weeks ago. I don’t really know her. She was just nice to Jellybean was all”, for some reason my face felt a little flustered.

Archie’s eyes went back to Y/N. “Okay then”, he gave a smile and I couldn’t tell what was behind it. I was focused just on our door to class now.

Jughead’s POV

I greeted Pop with a nod when I walked in and he gave a usual smile while his eyes drew back to the last booth. I could see feet dangling out of the side and wanted to know who would take my booth in a rather empty diner.

As I made my way, I couldn’t see anyone’s head still but just a plate of fries on the table. When I finally faced the inner part of the booth is when I saw her. Her thoughts were elsewhere with her nose in a book. How I usually saw her in the last few weeks.

Her head was against the glass behind her and her hair sprawled out falling every which way. She still hadn’t seemed to notice me staring at her.

For some reason I had to swallow up some courage before mustering up my next words, “You know just because I invited you here once doesn’t mean you can just take my booth now”.

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Relationship Status: In a relationship !
Favorite Color: Apple green, pastels in general 💘
Lipstick or Chapstick: lipstick!
Last Song I Listened To: Saturnz Barz lmao (cant stop wont stop)
Last Movie I Saw: Seven
Top 3 TV Shows: Miraculous Ladybug, NGE, Ranma 1/2 
Top 3 Ships: adrinette, soulmaka, hisokuro
Books I Am Currently Reading: Summer days and summer nights, 1Q84, Pivot Point, Every Day

Hey guys I need your help!!

Sorry that I’ve been MIA for the last few months, I know I said that college was coming together but honestly it’s all been a mess that’s hit me in the face last minute.
One of my first teachers resigned after three days but it wasn’t until she left nearly 4 months later that we found out she was making us to a unit that never existed. We had covers for nearly 2 months and when her replacement was due to start he never came. We then proceeded to loose our two best teachers and our PM and main tutor has been signed off with depression and we’ve been left with someone who isn’t even a qualified teacher and just found out we had less than a month to do 7 units of work.
I’ve been unbelievably stressed with everything and as much as I wish it hadn’t it’s really stopped my ability to work on the blog since enrolment.
I’m predicted a distinction which if you’re unsure as to what that is, it’s the highest grade available to my class which just makes me feel 1000x more pressured to do well.
I still want to remain active and engage with you all to the best of my ability but until summer having any regular work up seems highly unlikely.
If anyone has any ideas for quick things I can do for you PLEASE let me know because I’m desperate to have something up on the blog, it really deserves better than the state it’s in right now. I’m hoping that when we break up for Easter since I won’t be partaking in any festivities to do some live streams again on but yeah please let me know what I can do and if you want to tell me about you days or anything please feel free to message me on the blog or @kibumshusband since that really helps me stay calm and like I said I want to engage with you all as much as possible!!!
Thank you if you read all of this, if not

TL:DR/ I’m stressed as fuck but if you want to talk or have any ideas for little projects for the blog hmu here or @kibumshusband

Thank you so much
- Admin Kain

They found her in the woods. Pt 2

Thank you for all the love for the first part. I hope you enjoy!
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It was times like these that Negan wondered why he bothered. 

He had gone to all the trouble of organising every last thing, delegating to Simon and Wade so that the bunch of babies that worked under him could get by without him having to hold their hand for one fucking day. And yet there he was, in the middle of a pretty fucking important job being interrupted by some asshole who thought he knew better. He wasn’t sure exactly when he became a babysitter but he sure wasn’t being paid enough for that shit.

Negan had been rather enjoying himself too, in the company of a woman who might just end up dead by the end of the day, watching everyone run around – there was nothing like the threat of death to set a fire up everyone’s ass. He thrived on the tension and fear in the air. Despite the setback with the kid with the man sized balls, and this ‘mix up’ with the guns, he could tell today was going to be another win. 


Stopping mid-monologue, he turned to Arat and frowned. “What is it Arat? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a god damn conversation? It is rude to interrupt someone when they’re in the middle of a fucking conversation you know that.”

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Mod's personal life

( i haven’t been active really in the last 2 days and some of you but not all know what’s going on. My younger sister has been dealing with anorexia and she got really bad yesterday to the point of making herself throw up. She’s been admitted to the hospital tonight and they’re keeping her overnight. It’s highly possible she may be going to a 4 week facility tomorrow. Sorry with my gross personal life stuff but y'all need to know why i havent been too active lol )


日本ファンミーティング2日目、約1年ぶりの愛知公演も楽しく終えることができました。 最初から最後まで熱い歓声を送ってくださった愛知STARLIGHTの皆さま、ありがとうございました!!次は、17日に幕張でお会いしましょう! #VIXX #STARLIGHT_FanMeeting

Day 2 of the Japan fan meetings, after about a year since the last one, we were able to finish the Aichi performance enjoyably. Thank you to all the Aichi Starlights who sent passionate cheers from the beginning to the end!! Next, let’s meet at Makuhari on the 17th! #VIXX #STARLIGHT_FanMeeting

Acts 2:17
“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:”

Matthew 24:14
“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

Ever since I started reading the Bible 10 months ago, and searching for truth, I’ve had dreams every night. Some nights I’ll have up to 8 dreams. On a small scale, when my car needed to be serviced (tires were thin and about to pop), I had dreams the night before about my car crashing. I took it the next day to get serviced. Not a coincidence. Before I read the Bible I rarely had dreams, maybe every few months. You separate yourself from sin and the earthly pleasures and read. The words will speak right to you.


3/28/2017 2.02 miles
YTD: 319.70 miles
452 days in a row

I put off my lunch (AKA going to the gym) for various reasons until super late in the workday so I didn’t take the time to stretch in the hot tub. Split these at .2m slow .3m fast at 6mph and 7.6mph. I think last Tuesday I did 7.5? I’ll probably keep creeping this up. Because why not?

Wore my new Inov-8 shoes. Had an issue with one of the shoelace eyelets digging into the top of my foot. I think the fabric of the upper is just a little too stiff in that spot, so maybe I can loosen it up with a shoe stretcher or something?

Finally lifted. Combined my Sunday workout with my Tuesday workout. Will possibly regret that, as well as taking a week off. Oh well.

Today was my first day at a new job. The first job, since I left my last job, in November of 2014. I have been out of work for 2.5 years. It’s an office position in a small company. Nothing fancy, no room for growth or anything like that BUT it gets me out of the house for two days. Have I mentioned it’s part time? Two days a week, 8 hours a day. I think it’ll be good for me. I’m happy about my little work gig. Hope it works out. Fingers crossed.

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Yeah I really don't understand how people can justify to themselves that stalking is serious and that taking a day off with your friends to look for HS in NYC is a really messed up concept. Idk if you watch or follow Skam but since the show has blown up a little its become a big problem for the actors. People brag about traveling from other countries and waiting outside of their high school hoping for a selfie. (1/2)

The main from the last season has fled more than once trying to like live his life. He’s 17!!!! And he is clearly very uncomfortable with the attention. I feel really bad for him. I think it’s ok to possibly say hello if you see him on the bus or something but waiting outside of his school? Creeping on his friends SM since he had to delete his? Harassing someone’s real life GF because you thought that his relationship was cute on the show?? Absolutely not. (2/2)

i think it’s commonly forgotten that they’re people too. they’ve got a job, a passion that others get to consume whether it’s acting or music, but that doesn’t mean the people consuming it suddenly get to treat them like they’re their property, or that they owe them something. they’re not untouchable gods put on earth only for your viewing pleasure; by invading their lives like stalkers do it’s harassment—sometimes to minors—and that’s just not okay.