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Courtship week.

Day 5- Angst/Fluff

Part 1.

Yeah I know I’m late but last two days was really hard for me so, here’s the day 5. I made a comic about my human AU. Their names are Zara Blue and Zella Yellow. I desided to make in this comic angst and fluff at the same time. I think there will be 2 or 3 parts. And also I finishing my sketch for day 6))) And I hope u`ll like it)))


Decisions, Part 5 - Epilogue

It’s finally here! I’m so glad to be able to post this. I hope you all enjoy it. I really wanted to give this fic and these characters (at least as they exist in this version of things) a happy ending. This is set 3 years after the last installment. 

Thank you for all the encouragement you’ve all given as I’ve posted these stories!! 

Three years later…

The royal ballroom is once again filled with nobility and sweeping orchestral music plays as couples float together on the dance floor. Once again, Drake stands by the bar sipping a whiskey. Once again Liam is the center of attention. So many things are the same, but really everything is different.

Liam steps up on the dais. He’s absolutely radiating joy and his voice is happy and excited as he addresses the crowd.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman! I am so pleased to be here today with all of you celebrating not only the 3rd anniversary of my coronation, but also the official announcement of my engagement!”

The crowd erupts in thunderous applause and Drake smiles. They’ve come so far.


It had taken six months of searching but with Liam’s help, they had finally found Savannah. In one of life’s strange, unexplainable twists, it ends up she’s been in New York the whole time and not even that far from Louisa’s own neighborhood.

Louisa stands beside Drake hand in hand outside Savannah’s door. His sister knows they’re coming. Drake has been texting her for a couple weeks, but he’s clearly still nervous, fidgeting with his shirt collar and shifting from foot to foot. Louisa squeezes his hand and gives him an encouraging smile. Drake takes a deep breath and knocks on the heavy wooden door. A moment later it swings open.

“Savannah!” Drake cries and all hesitation is gone as he pulls his sister into a tight hug. Savannah clings to him and starts crying. Louisa watches the two of them, tears welling up in her own eyes at their emotional reunion.

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it’s only been 2 days since the boys last posted but it feels like an eternity. i never really realized how much i look forward to their posts. like obviously i look forward to them because i love them but idk i guess i never realized just how happy one post from them can make me

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Hi. I'm married (happily) with 2 Kids and I (we) live a good life. But since I met my best friend from childhood about a week ago. I often think back to the times when we were 11/12 and messed around with each other (touching, licking). and one day when we had been very naughty, we took my parents dog and touched him. that went over letting him lick us upto jerking him and sucking him off. Since I met her last week I often think back to that time. and I would like to ask her if she did it again

You definitely should

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity!


I’m gonna switch it up and add five blogs that make me happy 

1 @full-dark-no-starsxx

2 @aliensinvasions

3 @writing-in-riverdale

4 @archiefuckingandrews


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1. Drink: water
2. Phone call: my grandma
3. Text message: to one of my best friends I go to school with
4. Song you listened to: bad blood by Taylor Swift
5. Time you cried: like a week a go (I don’t remember the day)
6. Dated someone twice: nope
7. Kissed someone and regretted it: no
8. Lost someone special: yes
9. Been cheated on: no
10. Been depressed: no
11. Gotten drunk and thrown up: nope

3 favorite colors:
12. Pink
13. Blue
14. Red

15. Fallen out of love: yes
16. Laughed until you cried: duh, like all the time
17. Found out someone was talking about you: yes
18. Met someone who changed you: no
19. Found out who your friends are: yes
20. Kissed someone on your Facebook list: no

21. How many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them
22. Do you have any pets: no
23. Do you want to change your name: no
24. What did you do for your last birthday: I went out to eat with my twin sister, my other sister, my parents, and my grandparents on my mom’s side and we had cake at home
25. What time did you wake up: 9:58
26. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching netflix
27. Name something you can’t wait for: ts6
28. When was the last time you saw your mom: last night b4 she went to bed
29. What are you listening to right now: taylor swift on Spotify
30. Have you ever talked to someone named tom: yes
31. Something that is getting on your nerves: my sister
32. Most visited website: tumblr and pinterest (I don’t have insta or snap)
33. Hair color: blonde/ dirty-blonde
34. Short or long hair: short
35. Do you have a crush on someone: yes
36. What do you like about yourself: my eyes, my lips, my hair
37. Any piercings: my ears
38. Blood type: idk
39. Nickname: bay or bea
40. Relationship status: single
41. Zodiac: saggitarius
42. Pronouns: she
43. Favorite tv show: arrow, supergirl, the flash, greys anatomy, criminal minds, pretty little liars, once upon a time and Gilmore girls (too many favorites)?
44. Tattoos: none
45. Right or left handed: right
46. Surgery: yes eye surgery
47. Sport: track and field
48. Vacation: I wish
49. Pair of trainers: Nike

50. Eating: nothing right now
51. Drinking: nothing right now
52. I’m about to: finish this
53. Waiting for: ts6 duhh what else?
54. Want: ts6
55. Get married: yes
56. Career: to be an actress

57. Hugs or kisses: kisses
58. Lips or eyes: eyes
59. Short or taller: taller
60. Older or younger: prob. older (but by only a little bit)
61. Nice Arms or nice stomach: stomach
62. Hookup or relationship: relationship
63. Troublemaker or hesitant: troublemaker

64. Kissed a stranger: no
65. Drank hard liquor: nope
67. Lost glasses/contact lenses: nope
68. Turned someone down: yes
69. Sex on the first date: no
70. Had your heart broken: yes
71. Been arrested: no
72. Cried when someone died: yes
73. Fallen for a friend: yes

74. Yourself: most of the time
75. Miracles: yes
76. Love at first sight: no
77. Santa claus: yes
78. Kiss on the first date: yes
79. Angels: yes

80. Eye color: blue
81. Favorite movie(s): 10 things I hate about you and beauty and the beast (the emma Watson one) and divergent series and hachiko.

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I’ll be completely honest with y’all - I’ve been extremely self conscious for the last month or so, just because of the hot weather driving me to not want to do anything. My apartment gym is bare bones, and running outside is out of the question in 100 degree weather, followed by it so hot that P and I don’t want to turn on the stove / oven, or walk the 2 miles to the grocery store… so we just order food or go out. Not good. I’ve gained probably 10 lbs in the last month and a half - should be easy enough to shed, but I have to start somewhere.

I finally joined a gym last friday and today will be my first day back in the saddle for exercising. I haven’t worked out in a gym since I lived in Denver over a year ago. 

Also picked up a bunch of my favorite healthy snacks from Trader Joes, ordered some Vega protein powder… I’m ready to go. No excuses. It’s time to love my body again.

A to Z Meme

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a - age: 15.
b - biggest fear: Honestly? Death.
c - current time:  2:16 pm.
d - drink you last had: Coffee.
e - every day starts with: Coffee.
f - favorite song: Recently I’ve been obsessed with Edge of Town by Middle Kids.
g - ghosts, are they real: Ha, I wish. No. 
h - hometown: Boston, MA. (Not really, I just don’t want to write the real one on the internet).
i - in love with: My family. :) Mostly my cats.
l - last time you cried: Either the day before or the day after the Fourth of July. 
m - middle name: Alice.
n - number of siblings: Two.
o - one wish: Get my book published. Oh, and be a famous author. 
p - person you last called/texted: My mom.
q - questions you’re always asked: “Are you still listening or am I annoying you?”
r - reasons to smile: A year from now, you won’t remember the problems you’re facing right now. 
s - song last sang: What to Do by OK GO.
t - time you woke up: 1:30 pm.
u - underwear color: Yellow. 
v - vacation destination: Iceland, Germany, London or Paris.
w - worst habit: Staying inside and playing on my computer eternally.
x - x-rays you’ve had: A few for my teeth and one when a girl on my hockey team tried to break my ankle.
y - your favorite food: Pizza and Mac and Cheese. Also clam/fish chowder.
z - zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

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Geoff would be first ("A swear jar? That's stupid as dicks."), and Ryan would throw it out the window and shoot it like a clay pigeon

Ha ha, I can see that!!

Geoff getting so frustrated he shoves fifty dollars in there and goes, “That should last me all day.” It lasts him 2 hours.

And eventually after two days of arguing, Ryan yells, “ENOUGH!” And tosses it out of the window, firing an entire clip into it the whole way down. And afterwards, he’s breathing heavily, hair disheveled, face flushed, he turns to the others and goes, “I need a fucking smoke.”

right, okay, as i said last night, i’m going to be soft rebooting this blog, which means:

1) save for starters i’m yet to reply to, threads are being dropped.

2) i’m removing all of my archie/r.iverdale muses entirely, because….ngl, i just want to get as far away from the show as possible.

3) i’ll be adding some new muses over the next few days, including but not limited to: a.lexei r.omanov, m.aege m.ormont, and probably someone from d.escendants (tbd on who since i gotta rewatch both movies first)!

Followers, Please Read (why updates have been slower)

(if u dont rly care why (which is fine btw), at least read the last paragraph. please.)

Yall, confession, i’ve been neglecting this blog because i’ve been quite busy with other things. those things being cats. Some of u in the discord know about what i’m talking about, but i thought i’d make a post about why i wasnt updating as well as usual lately.

A few days ago, my family and i went on a fishing trip. near the pier we found a family of cats, a mom and 4 kittens 2 of which are infants. My family and i are attempting to catch them in hopes of keeping them, a busy park with roads in the middle of it is no place for a momma cat and her babies, and also these cats need to be spayed and neutered otherwise this small colony of cats could become a problem, yknow?

The only real problem is that, in order to be able to even trap these cats, we’d have to get them somewhat used to us. we try to be there at 7 each day so the cats will hopefully learn to come out to eat at the same time each day. the thing is, where the cats are is an hour away from where i live. this means an hour drive out there, stay there with them a few hours, and then drive an hour back. Thus taking up the time that would usually be used to update the blog.

long story short, i’ve been away attempting to rescue kittens. I’m sure u guys understand. (if we do manage to get them, i could upload some photos to tumblr, IF you guys really want. i’d probably post it on my main though, because this is a blog about our favourite gay lawyers, and this post already kinda messes that up heh. But even with the situation, i’m going to try to consistantly update, and reblog some content i didnt get the chance to during courtship week. 

ALSO! important part. I’m no cat catching expert, guys. I want to be able to save these cats. But i’m worried that if i use traps, then once i catch one the other cats will realize and leave the area. Another worse outcome would be to have the momma go in the trap, and her kittens follow her and get caught in the trap door. that would be horrible. I need any advice guys. any advice you have on how i could possibly do this. any of you guys know anything about this? what kind of traps to use? how to make sure we get all of them? any info helps, even if ur just leading me to a place where i can get some info. I just want to save these babs.

Okay, so I take back what I previously said about the musical recap of season 2 by Jeremy Jordan, Mehcad Brooks and Melissa Benoist. For some reason, the video I saw only showed the part where Jeremy yells that Lena and Kara are just friends. From that I didn’t understand why so many were so pissed. He may have said it the wrong way but he does have a right to his opinion. However, I’ve a read a few posts in the last day that say that those three took it even further. Going on to say that “it was so brave” of Jeremy to say that or that he later stated that he “obliterated Supercorp.” Now that’s taking it too far and I can completely understand why so many are pissed off. What he did is inexcusable. No apology could fix that damage. Once it’s said, it cannot be taken back.

I am however, incredibly grateful that we have our MVP Katie McGrath because what she said in that other interview was gold. She explained that we as fans have a right to like who we like and ship who we ship, in other words. But the best part was when she just threw it in their faces that singing about it wasn’t very cool. Seriously, whenever I think there is nothing more this woman could do to make me love her more, she does this. Katie McGrath is too good for this world.

1.) A client sent a snotty email late last Friday so I’m working with New-ish Account Manager on damage control/relationship salvaging. Blerg.

2.) Loud Coworker broke up with her (shitty) boyfriend last night and she has zero poker face/ability to compartmentalize so she’s stomping around and pouting and being a drama queen. Work from home if you can’t be cool, people.

3.) I’m pissed at myself for getting sunburned yesterday. I applied and re-applied sunblock but I think we were out a little too long/at the worst part of the day. It’s not too bad or painful but I’m normally SO CAREFUL and have zero desire to die of skin cancer. 


I was tagged by the amazing cutiefly @medusastears to answer 30 blog questions! ✨

1.Nicknames: Sjeem, Sheep

2.Gender: Male

3.Star Sign: Gemini moon and Saggitarius sun

4.Height: 177 cm (8′ 5′‘ I think ?)

5.Time: 06:35 pm

6.Birthday: November 20

7.Favorite Bands: (right now) Ensiferum, Arch Enemy, Fleetwood Mac (since today actually :’) )

8.Favorite Solo Artists: Can’t think of any

9. Song stuck in my head: Daydream by Wallace Collection, it gives me feels

10. Last movie I watched: Dead Poets Society

11. Last show watched: Pretty Little Liars

12. When did I create my blog: Somewhere in 2011. ‘twas a dark day. 

13. What do I post: Tattoos, nature, pretty people, animals, clever shitposts, art, quotes, and things from the dark pit of despair and existentiality.

14. Last thing I googled: “Why do my fingers smell like chlorine”

15. Do you have other blogs?: No just this one. (We don’t organise, we shitpost on 1 blog like men !!1)

16. Do you get asks?: Not many but I get some on good days ^^

17.Why did you choose your URL?: That knowledge has been lost :’)

18. Following?: 375 lucky fools

19. Followers?: 755 brave fools

20. Favorite Colors: Shades of red and blue, autumn colours

21.Average hours of sleep: 5 or 6 usually

22.Lucky number: 7

23.Instruments: Some piano (smol smol bit)

24. What am I wearing?: A jean and a musty old sonata arctica shirt

25. How many blankets do I sleep with?: Just one

26. Dream job: Archaeologist

27. Dream trip: Ireland, Scandinavia, Slovenia, and Romania

28. Favorite food: Every food is my favourite food.

29. Nationality: Dutch

30. Favorite Song right now: The Hurricane Gaston song (don’t ask)

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  1. Nicknames: none
  2. Gender: female
  3. Star sign: taurus
  4. Height: 175 cm/ 5′9
  5. Time: 9:54 am
  6. Birthday: 10th may
  7. favorite bands: red hot chili peppers, bigbang
  8. favorite solo artists: gdragon, tom odell, lana del rey
  9. Song stuck in my head: shadow of the day and given up by linkin park
  10. Last movie watched: logan
  11. Last show watched: game of thrones
  12. When did i create my blog: 2017
  13. What do i post: aesthetic shit, sometimes fashion shit, some kpop, shitty moodboards, music, sad quotes etc
  14. Last thing googled: i probably translated some words i didnt understand
  15. do you have other blogs: even 2 its @93np n @mygucciburn3d
  16. Do you get asks: very rarely
  17. Why did u choose your url: i had no idea about it, but i listened a lot of bts then, so i thought about their ‘youth’ concept and this is how ‘yvth’ was my first thought but i rathed ‘yth’ so … :v and 21 ia from century, but also from green day 
  18. Following: 246
  19. Followers: 236 (im loser, damn)
  20. Favorite colors: black and recently some pastel ones
  21. Average hours of sleep: tonight it was 8 
  22. lucky number: i dont have one but i like 7 n 10
  23. instruments: i used to play bass guitar and classic guitar 
  24. what am i wearing: shorts n nirvana tshirt bc i’ve already wake up
  25. how many blankets i sleep with: 1
  26. dream job: astronaut, surgeon, architect or artist :v
  27. dream trip: r now to the louvre
  28. favorite food: watermeloooooon n cinni minis
  29. nationality: polish
  30. favorite song now: im kokodead at the moment 

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Nicknames: Dani but a friend also calls me Bakuhoe™
Gender: female
Star Sign: gemini
MBTI Type: estp
Height: 5'2"/158 cm
Time: 10:53 pm
Birthday: May 27
Fav Bands: one direction??? Oh the good old days
Fav solo artists: Lana del Rey, Drake, The Weeknd, Zayn
Song stuck in my mind: the first op second season bnha, Peace Sign is my jam.
Last movie watched: Moana! I finally watched it on Netflix last night with my mom!
Last show watched: ep 29 bnha
When did I create my blog: too long ago April 2012
What do I post abt: multi fandom anime
Last thing I googled:
Do you have other blogs: my aesthetic blog @lighthoney and my nsfw blog
Why did you choose your url: It was a trade and I’m really deep in bnha hell so how could I pass it up. Also izuku lights up my world
Following: 171
Followers: like 5. I love you all
Fav Color: greyish light blue
Average hours of sleep: exactly 6.5
Lucky number: 17
Instruments: deaf tone karaoke in the shower
What I’m wearing: uhhh… my underwear? I’m about to go to bed
How many blankets do I sleep with: 3 but I always kick them off me
Dream job: Something business that lets me travel (hopefully also lets me buy Gucci)
Dream trip: At least 3 months in Japan so I can explore and get lost and pick up the language and eat yummy food
Fav food: Enchiladas? Ahi Tuna? Ceviche? Ramen? Curry? Like anything I’ve ever eaten and liked?
Nationality: Mexican American

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as always no pressure but this was actually pretty fun to do ^^