this is the last 2 days

I work at McHell and just got off an 8 hour shift that was….. questionable leaning towards an absolute shitshow.

I got put on back cash for the last 2 hours of my shift, which sucked cos I’ve been stuck there for the majority of my shifts.the last 2 weeks and am now trying to just not get sicker than I already am from it (our GM literally left me back there for 5 hours last week cos “It’s not cold”, even tho it was -5 out)
I got yelled at 6 times in about 45 minutes cos our shake/ice cream machine has been down all day long, it won’t come out of heat mode and there’s nothing /I/ can do about it, I have no idea how that things works
I got yelled at cos we’re completely sold out of chicken tenders until tomorrow morning. Cos apparently as a lowly crew member it’s MY fault the GM didn’t order enough to last between trucks
I had 3 different opportunities to be a complete asshole to people but didn’t, they gave me WAY more than necessary for their orders not(one guy gave me two 5’s for a 7.20$ order and didn’t realize there was a 20$ folded up between them, he was shocked when I handed it back to him). One lady had an absolute SHITFIT on me for NOT stealing her money. Like???????? I’m sorry???? Did you WANT me to keep the two 5’s that were between the two 1’s you gave me for your 1.6$ order? Cos next time I will if that’s what you REALLY WANT.
A lady held up my line for 5 minutes and DEMANDED VERY LOUDLY to speak to my manager RIGHT NOW cos her 2 apple pies rang up as 1.19$ instead of 1$….and then got pissed off at my manager when it was pointed out that the 2 for 1 offer was a promo for Mobile Orders ONLY, and still complained even after my manager rigged her order to give her the deal anyway. Like… IT’S 19 CENTS WTF????
Every. Single. Overnight. Worker. Was. Late. Even the manager. Which meant I got out late, which meant my ride got grumpy having to wait an extra 30 minutes for me to get out
The manager “casually” mentioned that someone on overnight called out 10 minutes before their shift while I was getting my food after FINALLY clocking out, then asked if I would want to cover it while giving me The Look. I laughed and walked out. Not only am I just NOT EVEN doing that, by store policy I CAN’T. I just clocked out, the system will not let me clock in again for a minimum of 10 hours without our GM’s approval, and the GM is gone so she can’t approve either me working another shift, or me getting several hours of OT doing it, and she doesn’t answer ANY texts once she leaves the store, regardless of importance.
I feel bad for the rest of the overnighters, but not that manager cos she’s incredibly rude and mean to me for no reason every time I work a shift with her, so she can suck it up and deal.

But on the plus side, I got to work with Sam-E, Tie, and ‘Dre, which is always a good shift regardless of what goes down. And I got to see my favorite regular, who is my favorite cos he’s like a grandpa and always asks if I have a way home and how my fam is.

Pet Project Wip

Last update for today. So far I’ve done - 

  • 2 whisker versions
  • Cat Grill Cheese Sandwich Hat
  • Cat Cone Hat
  • Cat Shark Hat
  • Cat Top Hat
  • Cat Lion Hat

Possible Cat additions - 

  • Cat Bow Tie Bell Collar
  • Cat Sweater (maybe)
  • Cat Hoodie (maybe)
  • Cat Dragon Onsie (maybe)

*maybe’s* because I’m not sure the bones/joints are going to assign correctly and work with the way a cat moves. We’ll see. I thought the hats weren’t going to work so there might be hope. 

To Have and To Hold (Harry Styles Imagine Part 5.1- Happy Ending)

I’d be honest that this was the initial ending for the entire series, but I respect those who suggested an alternative ending.

So wrote the happy ending first! Hope it’s ok!

Tell me what kind of ending you’re rooting for and how it should end HERE

If you haven’t read the last three parts.. Here they are:


Masterlist here

Enjoy lovlies!

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I read a "Izuku is All for One's Biological Child and Has His Quirk" fic last night where All Might defeats AfO and AfO tells him he has a son that will finish his work. It's sparked an idea where something like that happens in the summer before the school year starts back up. AfO threatens All Might with his son, but 1, 2, 3 months pass an no sign of him. Everyone's on edge, waiting for this mysterious son to show up, eyes everywhere... Until he shows up on the Yuuei grounds the day of... (p.1)

a teacher’s meeting. The kid introduces himself as Midoriya Izuku, and publicly announces that he has no intention of carrying on his father’s work. They take this up to Nedzu’s office and have a long conversation. When it comes to what Izuku plans to do now that his father is behind bars, he hesitantly and rather embarrassedly reveals that he’s always wanted to be a hero. Everyone is surprised, but Izuku pulls out the video that inspired him as a kid - All Might’s debut. Nedzu gives it… (p.2)

a few moments thought, and ultimately decides to allow Izuku to attend Yuuei, to which Izuku cries tears of joy. (Course, later that day, it comes out just what the nation-wide man-hunt for AfO’s son has done to Izuku the last 3-months. No safe place to hide, no one will take him in if he won’t be a villain, AfO didn’t suffer Inko’s presence once he came for Izuku and he’s had to scrounge for food in dumpster’s for the last 2 weeks. No school ID, no medical records, no birth certificate) (p.3)

(When AfO came for his son, he was thorough in making sure he disappeared. No one would look for him) So All Might takes him in and Izuku is able to enroll in Yuuei, even manages to make friends with some of his classmates, and reunites with his childhood friend Bakugo. Of course, villains still attack the USJ, because they wanted a leader and were promised the son of AfO. Maybe they need to impress him to draw him out? Izu gets revealed and it’s a very tense time, but he’s and Class 1-A (p.4)

get through it even as the media harps on it. Somewhere in the timeline, though, a severely weakened AfO is broken out of prison by Kurogiri at Shigaraki’s request. The set-up eventually leads to Izuku confronting his father and, in front of a crowd, rejects AfO once and for all. They fight and All Might tries to intervene, but not before AfO gets his hands on Izuku and drains him of *everything*. A now quirkless Izuku watches on as the two tangle once again. AfO gets in a cheap shot that (p.5)

that almost takes All Might out. Izuku pleads with All Might to let him help, he can’t bear to watch AfO (not father, not anymore) take away another person precious to him, and All Might makes a choice. He yanks out one of his hairs and tells Izuku to eat it, quickly instructing him to, after he’s done, clench his butt cheeks and in his heart scream “SMASH”. Together, they take down AfO and at the end, Izuku collapses crying against the man more a father to him than his own blood.(p.6) 

(Later, Izuku will tell everyone that AfO drained him of nearly everything, but he managed to hold on to one last quirk. He can’t take or gain any new quirks anymore - less a lie and more a carefully told half-truth - but he’s not sad. The one he still has is more than enough for him. And if everyone catches All Might beaming at Izuku when he says that, they don’t say a word.) 

damn. just. damn. im happy this izuku still finds something of a parent in all might (any world with no dadmight is a sad one indeed).,, the only thing missing is all might ragging at afo for being a shitty father and how the only good thing he’s done was help bring izuku into the world

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Okay, so. About five years ago at Christmas, my family got a ps4 with a ton of games, the game important to this story, is inFamous Second son. There's a girl in second soncalled fetch, and i had a HUGE crush on her, so when the next game, Infamous first light, came out, i obviously pre-ordered it. One day i was at taco bell, and I saw this girl that looked EXACTLY like Fetch, so i went up to her and talked to her about the game. she was really happy that we shared a ton of common (1/2)

interests, so we grew really close. less than a year into our friendship, we decided to see green day on tour. long story short, we had our first kiss at that green day show. two years later, i proposed to her! we got married last year, and this year she even redyed her hair in honor of her fetch cosplay! shes the best person i’ve ever met and she’s amazing aaaaaa (2/2)

i googled fetch and i can see why you had a crush on her lmao. that’s such a cute story, congratulations to both of you!! ❤

Just Another Day: Chapter 5 - Stranger Things/IT Richie&Mike Twins AU

NOTES: Here it is! Chapter 5!! First I’d like to say that i’m sorry for such the long wait! I got drunk on thursday and then went skating last night which resulted in my practically breaking my knee so blame that for the long delay! There’s new character interactions in this chapter which I hope you all love!!!!


SUMMARY: Stranger Things/IT crossover in which Richie and Mike are twins, Mileven is real, and even though Hawkins Lab was shut down what lies beneath the Upside Down is still up to no good!


Richie couldn’t believe what he just saw. Eddie was at home, her just dropped him off minutes earlier. Eddie said he was home when Richie called him. Whatever Richie had spoken to was not Eddie, that was for sure. But if it wasn’t Eddie, who the fuck was it?

“Rich?” Mike called as he approached the top of the stairs. Richie turned around and slowly cracked the bedroom door open. “Richie, what’s going on?”

Richie stuck his arm out and yanked his twin into their shared room, slamming the door closed behind him.

“The weirdest fucking thing just happened, Mike!” Richie exclaimed. He was pacing back and forth the length of their room, biting his nails and he walked.

“What happened?” Mike asked as he moved to sit down on his bed. “And stop eating your damn fingers, it’s gross.”

Richie stopped pacing to glare at Mike but he let his hand drop to his side anyways. “So, I walked Eddie and Dustin home, right?” Mike nodded. “I dropped Eddie off and I was walking back home past the forest and I was almost home when some thing started talking to me!” Richie gestured dramatically.

Mike furrowed his eye brows. “What do you mean by thing?”

“I have no idea what it was! It looked like Eddie-” Richie explained.

“Well was it Eddie?” Mike asked confused.

“No, it wasn’t!” Richie practically yelled. “I looked like Eddie but it was wrong, his clothes were different and he was wearing a fucking fanny pack, Mike! He hasn’t worn one for years!” Richie looked like he was having a nervous breakdown which worried Mike. “He didn’t talk like Eddie either.” Richie finally flopped down on his bed. “It wasn’t my Eds.” He practically whispered.

Mike just stared at him. “That’s weird.” Was all he had to say.

“Well no shit!” Richie replied.

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Know You By Heart (Pt. 2) - Saeran/Reader

[Part 1] [Part 2]

hellohello !! here’s part two :)

a little note here: you are not mc –mc, rika, and v are out of the picture in this series– so i’ll be referring to you as (Y/N) (L/N), which is “your name” and “last name,“ respectively

if you’d like to be tagged for the rest of this series, make a comment of it below !!

as always, thanks for reading 💜; the rest is under the cut

It’s one of those lazy Sunday afternoons; the kind of day where time seems to move lethargically; the kind of day that casts sunny glows in living rooms and fills confined spaces with a false sense of idyllic peace.

Not in Saeyoung’s bunker, though. There isn’t a single ray of sunlight that makes it past those titanium and steel walls– the only source of light found in the room is a flickering artificial light that imitates the beauty of the sun; it’s an insult to compare the natural glow to this fluorescent falsehood.

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1. It makes you give a shit about lucario and sir aaron in a short amount of time

2. The movie is actually really laid back. There’s barely any pokémon battles and most of the movie is just talking between the characters and dealing with lucario’s sense of betrayal

3. The third act is basically a horror movie and everyone fucking dies (those legendary titan sounds will haunt me for the rest of my days)

4. You end up crying by the end.

5. It’s the last movie 4kids dubbed before they switched studios and they gave it their fucking it all

In conclusion it’s great

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Nothing Stays The Same

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Type: Angst/Fluff

Character: Oh Sehun x Reader

Words Counted: 1k9+

You forgot the last time you got out of your apartment. But it was probably 2 days ago just to get yourself a take out food. You were currently walking down the street you live in, and just enjoying your time walking. With both of your hands shoved into your jacket pocket, and both of your ears are occupied with earphones, listening to your favourite playlist.

Smiling thorough the street, you then stopped your steps in front of an electronic store.

Your smile grew wider as you saw your best friend’s music video with his group on screen. You stood there, watching the music video until it ends.  

You missed Sehun. you know he’s on a busy schedule, but you just felt like you haven’t seen him in years. You’ve always wanted to call him, but you ended up didn’t because you’re too scared you’d bother him.

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P/1 I am as frustrated as everyone else but I guess I’m not as thinned skin. Watching the video of Sam signing autographs and chatting, coupled with the overwhelming weight of the receipts we have that scream couple, I think this whole engagement is nothing more than another day in the narrative for the suits. I’m sure he knew at that time about the engagement because the Aussie journo spilled the beans a week before, yet he didn’t seem cautious or hesitant at all in responding to the fans.

P/2 my question to you is why do you think many are so quick to forget everything they have seen over the last 3-4 years? And why remember every like and retweet as applying to shippers only? Sheesh. I believe this is “endgame” baby, but I think many won’t be able to go the distance.

Interesting observations and questions Distance Anon. I think people forget or disengage because they are tired of it all, the fuckery, the bullying, the pavlovian responses from The Suits™ and to The Suits, the lack of actual PR of any value, the fans who want to keep them both on a pedestal, the fans who suck up no matter what, the way all of it has been handled for going on four years. They are bored, disinterested, disgusted, disillusioned. People are tired of “journalists” like LR and LA, tired of pleas for money on the behalf of other assorteds, tired of poorly handled social media accounts. They are weary to the bone of thinking that people they admired played them. Can you blame them? I don’t.

There may have been ONE moment in time when I raised them above the level of the ground. If it happened at all, it was a long time ago. I zen ship to endgame because it interests me. I pay attention to the fandom because it fascinates me. The day may come when it doesn’t any more, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Trainwrecks, car crashes, circuses and ridiculous sideshows serve multiple purposes and outcomes. It’s Droughtlander again, there will be more art, more fanfic, more drama, more laughs, more people taking the time to respond to interesting questions, tweets, igs, etc… After all, the show must go on.

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So sorry to rant to you but I know you will understand. #1 I still can’t get over how they destroyed Kate and Reds relationship based on an out of nowhere B S story. #2. Stop with the old man, “I know i’m OLD” comments. Red is 57/58. They act as though he is 90. Are they trying to take away his sexuality?

Anon if there’s one thing I understand it’s ranting. So to your points:

1)There are not enough words to describe my hatred, loathing and contempt for the bullshit ooc Mr Kaplan betrayal. My last words on this earth will likely be “Mr Kaplan deserved better.” Mr K who sat by Red’s side the day he was shot as they waited for the impending attack, who only left at his urging before kissing him on the forehead. Kate who comforted him and assured him he would not lose Elizabeth at the end of the horrible 3.11 was only too ready to betray him and help is enemy Tom in the process. What?! One of the beautiful facets of Red’s character is his ability to inspire loyalty in others, in the long standing relationships that he has established. So tptb destroy that in order to get their cheap thrills. Newton, Mr Vargas, Mr Kaplan, the Dembe poisoning thing. Please hire some writers that have….I don’t know what’s the word….an imagination and don’t need these stupid tricks to shock the audience. The show is not better off without her I don’t care how long Red sauntered around in those shorts when he was slumming at the motor lodge. I miss her and it hurts because I loved that character and she absolutely deserved better grrrrrr.

2) I supposed one of the dad zoning rules is to reinforce to the audience just how ancient and decrepit Red is. You know as all falsely accused biodads are right? Too bad Red is actually the biggest kid on the show, the life of the party, the fun one, the guy we all want to hang out with. There’s a lot of words that come to mind when I look at Red and I assure you “old” isn’t one of them. But that’s us and tptb usually have some gross interpretation of the characters as Tom and Liz are proof.

The simple fact is s4 was a total nightmare and so is daddygate. Not sure how you feel but surprisingly s5 is enjoyable. Not perfect but certainly a vast improvement but the skewed perception coming from the writers room is still there. They can kill the fun quicker than anyone I’ve ever seen so I take it as it comes. The good and bad because with tptb we always seem to get both.

Fitzsimmons within first 5 min

1) Fitz with his arm around Jemma when they first walk into the Zephyr!

2) The Deke interaction:

Deke: Woah you designed this? Damn, can’t imagine what it must have been to fly

Fitz: Technically I’m the engineer, not the pilot, hehe *proud Fitzy* 😁

Deke: … Oh… yeah well that’s still cool I guess…

FitzSimmons: 😧 *offended and ready to argue about being the unappreciated genius he is*

  • 鬼: and for a day off, that's a fucking cataclysm, fuck
  • 鬼: I can't stress the fact that I HAD PLANS TODAY, and said plans weren't "be disrespected like this"
  • 鬼: especially after having made it clear many times that I do not like this "showing up unannounced and make me have to tend to them" shit.
  • 鬼: so guess what I am doing now
  • Double Drimo: I can't even begin to fucking guess but from the sound of it, you are getting back at your family?
  • 鬼: For the last 2 hours and a couple of minutes, I've been drinking whiskey and blasting Mouichido Tenderness at full volume out of two audio systems on loop, one of which I dug out of the infernal depths of my closet for the express purpose of acoustic contamination, and I barred the door. My family yelled at me for the first hour, now they are apologizing.
  • 鬼: it's the LAST TIME they show up unannounced, and in your own words, "tradition be fucking damned"
  • Double Drimo: Oh my fucking god dude
  • Double Drimo: Are you ok man?
  • 鬼: Does it sound like I am ok in the slightest, Ricardo?
  • 鬼: I am fucking beyond the concept of ok or not ok, I am on the next level of emotions, you cannot comprehend these yet, you haven't evolved enough yet.
  • Double Drimo: Can I put this on my blog (cut out, of course), because I have lost every last shit I had remaining
  • 鬼: Go right ahead. I want this immortalized, myself. I want a monument to the day I made it clear that I don't like unannounced visits, not from demanding shits that fail to consider I have my own life. I am honestly enjoying this. Dunno if I am going to be this happy tomorrow, but the world is mine right now.
  • 鬼: Also, to Grey's/Dreamer's followers: If you show up unannounced to anyone's place, you deserve to be locked in a living room and made to listen Mouichido Tenderness at double full volume for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Be considerate, you fuckers.
  • 鬼: ok post that

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(P1) I read Sekaiichi Hatsukoi for the first time in 2011, and I remember thinking how ridicules it was that you’d fall in love with someone and 10 years later forget their face!! How could you forget the way the person you loved looked like when you’ve been staring at him for 3 years straight? So, fast forward to 2016 Where I’m 25 yo, I was at a mandatory seminar that lasted 2 weeks for a job that I applied for, and I met this guy that looks really familiar but I didn’t care that much,

(P 2-7) maybe he looks like someone on tv or something. so I keep meeting the guy everyday on the seminar and I noticed whenever I wasn’t looking he’d stare at me too, so I was like maybe he noticed me staring at him the first few days and now he thinks I like him or maybe I’m coming on to him or something stupid like that!! so I decided on lunch break to try to start up conversation with him just to clear things up, keep in mind I was totally serious about this job I wanted to pass the final paper and be among the final 20 candidates, so everybody in the seminar was a potential coworker so I need to have a professional attitude. On like the second week of the seminar I had yet to have the courage to talk to him lol I kept putting it off everyday, so one day I kid you not right after the lecturer finished talking, this guy comes up to me and is like “do i now you from somewhere? I’m sure you noticed me staring and I don’t want you to think i’m a creepy person or something” so I go like omg yes yes me too i’ve been wanting to ask you the same thing, and he’s like “thank god it’s been bugging me this whole time my name is xx what’s yours? Maybe we went to the same school?” And IT just fucking CLICKED!!!  once I heard his name he was a guy I had a crush on in middle school when I was like 14 I fucking used to go and sit at his assigned disk for final exams every morning just to look at his name plate!!! I was basically stalking him I swear to god this situation was the strangest that have ever happened to me!! I used to go to school thrilled everyday that I’m gonna see him, i was basically head over heels and I didn’t remember him 11 years later??? Yes sure he changed a bit lookwise but still how could a person forget something like that? If it wasn’t for his name I would have never remembered him. Of course this isn’t a manga lol so our story wasn’t as romantic as Ritsu and Takano, after the seminar finished we didn’t see each other again and neither of us got the job unfortunately. I’m sorry for babbling so much, but I just found your blog yesterday and it brought back so many memories so I wanted to talk about it with a fellow fan lol maybe someone had the same thought as me and found it hard to believe that something like this could happen. IT HAPPENED FOLKS!!!!


Resident Evil Week 2018 -  Day 1: Resident Evil 2 Day / Alternate Choice: Favorite Resident Evil

It’s been 94 minutes since Chris and Jessica dropped off the radar.”            “But the interpolation from their last coordinates puts them…

Right here on this ship.


Rule: answer the questions and tag 20 to get to know them better!

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Nickname: papu

Gender: she/her

Star sign: sagittarius

Height: 167cm

Time: around 11pm

Birthday: dec 2

Favourite bands: -

Favourite solo artists:  -

Song stuck in my head: baby i love your way - big mountain (bc i watched jumanji today…)

Last movie watched: jumanji: welcome to the jungle IT WAS SO FUNNYY DJAKSJJK

Last show watched: watched the first 2 minutes of violet evergarden ep 1 the other day and then immediately got distracted hhhhsks i’ll watch it maybe tomorrow

When did I create this blog:  2014

What do I post about: anime and aes basically i guess XD

Last thing I googled: jumanji (bc i wanted to make sure it was “welcome to the jungle” JFKDJFKL)

Do you get asks: sometimes!

Why did you choose your URL: it means bloom in finnish!! something like that

Followers: 1107 (most have remade/havent been active since like 2015 dhjakhjk #goals)

Following: 1138 i mean listen,,

Favorite colors: pastel pink

Average hours of sleep: 6

Lucky numbers: 3 and 5

Instruments: guitar but i havent played in forever and probably never will

What I’m wearing: a marimekko shirt and black leggins

How many blankets do I sleep with: 1

Dream job: doesnt matter i cant get any job in the first place so.. (i did get a job offer in the us last summer it was insane)

Dream trip: soo many (just wrote a huge boring list of the places i wanna go to rn but erased it bvhdgfhjdjf

Favourite food: sushi

Nationality: finnish and american (dad is from the us and mom is from finland)

Favourite song right now: actually answered that today lmao!1

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headed for the sun | preview

pairing; jungkook x reader

word count; 700 words

genre; adventure!au, fluff-ish 

a/n; semi inspired by divergent and a dream i had last night 

summary; bumping into someone by chance while being covered in dirt and leaves doesn’t always make a great impression— but when that someone happens to be covered in mud head to toe, it might be the universe’s strange way of bringing two people together. 

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