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Merry Christmas to me

Christmas comes early now! Written for @d-s-winchester  AKA Ashley and her 12 days of christmas challenge, I had the prompt “with an awkward chuckle, he pointed to the mistletoe above their heads’. This is a Jensen fic where he is single but Jared and Gen are still married (set before they had Odette) Please note this is just fiction and I love the Ackles’ family so much!

Word count: 2,127

Characters: Jensen x actress reader, Jared and Genevieve, Richard Sprieght Jr, Briana Buckmaster, mentions of Tom and Shep, Andrew (OMC - mentioned)

Warnings: mentions of cheating (not by main characters)

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Paying the cab driver, you sighed as you straightened up and turned to face the hotel. Tonight was the supernatural cast and crew Christmas party, but you were in no way feeling festive. Biting your lower lip, you prayed for the tears not to start, even though you’d cried so much the last 48 hours that you were sure your tear ducts must be drier then the Sahara desert now. Just as you were about to hail down another cab, head home and come up with some excuse, you heard someone saying your name from behind you.

“Y/N!” Slowly turning, you saw Jared and Genevieve walking towards you, hand in hand, both wearing festive headwear and looking as loved up as always.

“Hi hun!” Gen said as she got closer, letting go of her husband to pull you into a tight hug. You were always surprised how for such a teeny thing she could squish the life out of you.

“Hey.” You coughed, your voice scratchy from having barely been used the past couple of days.

“I wonder who’s put their card behind the bar this year.” Jared laughed as the three of you walked into the hotel, walking straight past the reception and heading towards the elevators that would take you to the restaurant/bar that had been booked for tonight.

“So long as it’s not you again for a long time, I’m not fussed!” came Gen’s reply. You manage a short laugh, but you knew that Gen had figured out something was up with you.

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Excuse me, sir, could you just not… 

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Please stop. 

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No! Just n o! 

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Why can’t you just stop?

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Why do you try to kill me?

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What did I ever do to you, sir?! 

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Ugh, have mercy! 

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Jared, I beg of you! 

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Please, let me live! 

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Why so pretty? 

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Why so handsome? 

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Why so cute?

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Why so sexy?

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Just why?

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I never asked for this.

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I don’t need this.

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Starting to feel how hot you are?

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This offends me.

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Are you done?

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Of course not…

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Oh, for fuck’s sake!

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Disclaimer: This post was not made by Jensen Ackles. 

I could’ve put this under a cut but I didn’t. Sue me. Everyone needs Jared Padalecki on their dash.

[Jensen version]


Later someone put the N in Dean back up but the A in Sam fell down.

This one is for Joan, of course. I love you and the sign was brilliant. 

(MinnCon X,X)

and i know the one gif looks different but i needed the whole thing so you could see Jensen’s little passing Jared something to hold move so Monica’s watermark is on that one. just fyi

hey you know that scene where jared’s like “hey evan wanna hang out this weekend; my parents are gone and their liquor cabinet hasn’t been used since like rosh hashanah 1994, so we can drink, like, whatever we want.” and he says it so nonchalantly. as though he and evan drink together all the time. i think about this a lot.

The fact that this fandom has completely managed to gloss over the actual story line and caused everyone outside of it to think it’s a story about a bunch of gay kids who hang out in trees is kind of starting to irk me.

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This is basically Jared’s entire interview with Jimmy Kimmel. It’s missing the beginning part where Kimmel introduces Jared and Jared walks out and waves at the fans and shakes Kimmel’s hand. Kimmel says to Jared he didn’t realize SPN has been on for 13 seasons. Jared says that tonight is the 13th season premiere, and the rest is on the video :) 


•Ramiel: Allies. Is that what you call three humans with one good liver between them and a busted up angel?
•Crowley: I admit, they don’t sound like much. But every Armageddon, every bloody “this is the end of all things,” a Winchester stopped it. Like it or not, they’re an asset we can’t afford to lose.

-Supernatural: 12x12 “Stuck in the middle (with you)”.