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have some soundtrack playlists. (download links available upon request!! i know 8tracks sucks lately.)

[’it’s all echo’ link HERE]

[’seething with light’ link HERE]

[‘silent and carnivorous’ link HERE]

['we are all trembling things’ link HERE]

['moon mix’ link HERE]

['the red planet’ link HERE]

['yet to bloom’ link HERE]

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I’ll start off with: this is an instrumental fanmix. I have another mix like this (dedicated to Rey) and after its success on 8tracks, I couldn’t not make one for Diana. I’ve spent a lot of time on this, trying to find the perfect music that suits every aspect of Wonder Woman: from her invincible courage to her pure and loving heart. There are two tracks from the film as well. There’s not one track that doesn’t suit Diana on this mix, so I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Note: Glimmer of Hope has been replaced with The Power of Will in the Spotify version, as Spotfiy doesn’t have the other song.



A group of preppy Slytherins gather in front of the fire, the girls sat at table, pet black cats on their laps, the boys lounging in green armchairs with their ties undone. They drink black coffee and eat jelly snakes. The prefects do not send them to bed when it gets late, they know they are studying for a potions test and let them work until the early hours, when they finally fall through their green bed curtains and into a deep, undisturbed sleep. 

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OLD ENOUGH TO READ FAIRY TALES AGAIN II  —  Instrumental playlist for fantasy worlds and magical lands you will love again.  (part 1)

01 Alice in Wonderland Vitaliy Zavadskyy | 02 Snow White James Newton Howard | 03 Across the Burren Michele McLaughlin | 04 Crosswords Alexandre Desplat | 05 Duet Philip Glass | 06 Come, Gentle Night Abel Korzeniowski | 07 Long, Long Time Ago Javier Navarrete | 08 La Valse de l'Amour Patrick Doyle | 09 Balck Swan Vitaliy Zavadskyy | 10 The Wardrobe Harry Gregson-Williams | 11 Jack’s Obsession Danny Elfman | 12 The King’s Speech Alexandre Desplat | 13 Sparrow Miika Mettiainen | 14 On the Nature of Daylight Max Richter | 15 Kristofferson’s Theme Alexandre Desplat | 16 Fairy Dance James Newton Howard | 17 Farewell Alan Menken | 18 A New Life Alexandre Desplat | 19 The Nursery Clint Mansell | 20 Stuff We Did Michael Giacchino

OLD ENOUGH TO READ FAIRY TALES AGAIN  —  Instrumental playlist for fantasy worlds and magical lands you will love again. 

01 A Narnia Lullaby Harry Gregson-Williams | 02 Arrival of the Birds & Transformation The Cinematic Orchestra | 03 Divenire Ludovico Einaudi | 04 Once there was a Hushpuppy Benth Zeitlin | 05 Davy Jones’ Theme Song Hans Zimmer | 06 Piano Duet Danny Elfman | 07 Once Upon a Dream Simon Rawlings | 08 Portuguese Love Theme Gabrielle | 09 Clara? Murray Gold | 10 Fireside Dance Danny Elfman | 11 Caresse sur l'Océan Bruno Coulais  | 12 Let it Go & Vivaldi’s Winter The Piano Guys | 13 I Giorni Daniel Hope | 14 The Origins of Time Johann Johannsson | 15 The Threat of War Alexandre Desplat | 16 The Deer Woodkid | 17 Summer ‘78 Yann Tiersen | 18 Photograph Arcade Fire | 19 Define Dancing Thomas Newman | 20 Once upon a December Emile Pandolfi | 21 How it Ends De Votch Ka 

Prompt - Comfort

We Move Lightly // Dustin O’Halloran
Flight From the City // Jóhann Jóhannsson
Evoke // Steve Gibbs
Hearing // Sleeping at Last
Love Theme // Fall on Your Sword
Noble // Amelia Warner
The Pull of Home // Michael Brook
A Distant Glow // Slow Meadow
Spiegel im Spiegel // Arvo Pärt
Vision // M83
On the Nature of Daylight // Max Richter 

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 B I T E

a jace x simon playlist


sir sly - inferno // bastille - (i just) died in your arms // funeral suits - we only attack ourselves // missio - can i exist // chvrches - zvvl // troye sivan - bite // the neighbourhood - the beach // arizona - let me touch your fire // years & years - foundation // verité - phase me out // glades - i want you so bad // two door cinema club - sun // the neighbourhood - cry baby // io echo - ministry of love // banners - start a riot



Calm and Soothing

A couple days ago, I was getting these weird stress headaches I get where there’s a lot of pressure in my head and my eyes ache and dry up and it helps to listen to something soft to calm down and relieve it. So i collected a few really soft, calm instrumental songs in a playlist for those times. They’re really very specifically geared towards my headaches/stress times, so it’s a really specific kind of calm music (there’s a lot of soothing happy music I like but it has too many high or sharp notes for those times). 

Anyway, thought I might as well share it! Mostly anime and video game tracks- I’ll be adding stuff to it on and off for the foreseeable future probably, so consider it eternally in a state of updating.

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“It’s a life form, an unknown type, 
some kind of alien organism. 
It’s extremely dangerous.” 

the beginning // this is ripley; sigourney weaver – flight recorder located // new order; elegia – welcome to sevastopol // detroit; disasterpeace  – explore the station // airlock; steven price 

encounters // lost and found; lost radiance – the alien // title; disasterpeace – hide // the way he looks at me; trent reznor & atticus ross the descent // to hourglass; survive – the trap // fall; daft punk 

desolation // sevastopol abandoned; alien isolation tomorrow, together // the two great lights; talvihorros – isolation // like home; trent reznor & atticus ross 

morpheus - a fanmix for looking into oneself, calming thoughts and sleeping. (listen)

01hope is coming - stan leonard
02comptine d'un autre été - rachit/yan tiersen
03poland- olafur arnalds
04solitude- ryuichi sakamoto
05dream of flying- brian crain
06solo- ludovico einaudi
07gnossienne no.3- erik satie
08clair de lune- paul crossley/debussy
09any other time- thomas newman
10having run- dexter britain
11nocturne no.5- maurizio pollini/chopin


Malec Fanmix 1 |  With a whisper we will tame the vicious seas / Like a feather bringing kingdoms to their knees

1// Say You Won’t Let Go-James Arthur 2// I Want to Love You-Lenachka 3// War of Heart -Ruelle 4// Fire Meet Gasoline-Sia 5// Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now-Starship 6// Turning Page-Sleeping At Last 7// Take Me Home-Jess Glynne 8// I Get to Love You-Ruelle 9// How long will I love you-Jon Boden 10// A thousand years-Christina Perri 11// I Was Made For Loving You-Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran 12// As Long as You Love Me-Sleeping At Last 13// Let Me Love You-Glee Cast 14// Come What May-Moulin Rouge

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A playlist of my favorite instrumental heroic themes. My rule for these was they had to be associated with one particular character or set of characters, rather than just being general battle music.

This contains themes from Mulan, Pacific Rim, Justice League Unlimited, Precure, Undertale, Ace Attorney, Death Note, ATLA, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Read or Die, Steven Universe the Superman movies, the Wonder Woman movie, Batman Beyond, Yona of the Dawn, Sailor Moon, PGSM, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, One Punch Man and Pokemon.

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Most of these can be found on the Instruments of Action playlist as well, though quite a few new songs are available on this one.

journey across the desert [a playlist for that long adventure across the sands  back home. inspired by the dornish landscape]


1. morning routines - Jess Stroup | 2. manohari (edit)  - revanth , mohana | 3. ragnar’s sail- - trevor morris | 4. raat ka nasha (edit) - anu malik  | 5. drowning of excalibur - mychael danna    | 6. azeem o shaan (edit) - a. r. rahman  | 7. lahu munh lag gaya - monty sharma | 8. huron beltane fire dance (live) - loreena mckennitt | 9. kaun hai voh - kailash kher | 10. starfall - two steps from hell | 11. caravanserai - loreena mckennitt