this is the inception of something beautiful

I claim to have standards w/ tv shows and that I, like, won’t watch things w/o a real plot and stuff, and partially that’s true. I genuinely don’t like sitcoms, at all

But honestly? Honestly??? I’m only in it for the romance. And I have high standards for romance. If they don’t have at least four years of development, aren’t gay, or like I just don’t think their dynamic is entertaining then I won’t like them

I hate myself for it but… it doesn’t matter how amazing the worldbuilding or non-romantic character writing or plotline of something is, if it doesn’t have a good romance I can’t get myself to care about it

When I watch Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed, award-winning science-fiction film Inception I’m always just like “wow, the romance between Cobb and Saito is beautiful”


The gospels taught me that to be receptive to god’s will, I must empty myself before the world entirely, as a container awaits its contents; its, and my, intent since inception was not to exist alone, as a lack, but to be filled, an excess. We use this language when we speak of women and of objects, the receptor’s capacity for emotional and physical burden, to hold so many worlds within your (smaller) self. To make yourself nothing, so as to hold the space for something (other) infinite. This emptiness is called kenosis, from the greek. I don’t know the totality of emptiness approaching nothing, but I know the beauty of the object that never contains, the acorn split open, the pomegranate, the tilled earth just before another seeding.

are people really disappointed with that MV?? like it was fucking beautiful, and it had a nice raw ending to the entire hyyh series. they all worked so hard, THEY GAVE US 3 MVS, LIKE WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING BC THEY DIDN’T DO IT THE WAY THAT YOU WANTED?? It’s a set of interpretive MVs, so fucking interpret it, like jesus. Why do some people have expectations for them to go to the moon and back to please us, like no. They didn’t even have to give us this MV, but they did, and I’m glad,  I thought it was beautiful, but it’s apparently it’s not good enough for some who wanted this to be the next fucking inception or something.