this is the hypest shit


This intro is still the hypest shit

the characters in the power rangers movies were well done, i liked them all.

rita was way more entertaining than i anticipated.  she really hammed it up.

the suits, the zords, the megazord and goldar all looked like crap.  i thought alpha 5′s design was good, but the character was not funny to me.  he fell into that ‘forced marvel humor’ mold for me.  my sister described his humor as being stuck in the 90s where he came from and its true.

zordon wasnt much of anything to me.

the 5 kids had a ton of chemistry together though.  i particularly enjoyed zack and trini’s interactions with each other and zack was probably my overall favorite character.

the choreography was pretty generic and there were a couple of spots where it veered into just flat out bad.

the final attack that won the fight for the megazord at the end WAS THE HYPEST SHIT THOUGH AND IS LITERALLY SOMETHING I WOULD HAVE WRITTEN.  ive been waiting to see a big screen, giant robot version of that forever.


A person on youtube has been placing little development teasers for the hypest shit ever. Ladies, Gentile men, and others I give you jpdoctor117’s preview video for Super Best Friends: The Video Game. Has sorta a JRPG look to it, very fitting for the crew. Coming out when the fuck it comes out! Stay tuned for more.